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26 October 2017
Term 4 Week 3 2017
From the Deputy Principal
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From the Narre Warren South Campus
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From the Deputy Principal

Personal Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a much talked about key to happiness and overall life enjoyment. In John 10:10 Jesus told us, "...I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” And in Matthew 6:33 we are told "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” With these assurances, we have to ask ourselves, “Why worry?” But of course, as humans and sinners, we do.


The October edition of Education Review talked about the UK New Economics Foundation’s research and development of a set of evidence-based actions to improve personal wellbeing.


The Five Ways to Wellbeing:


  1. Connect – with people around you; friends, family, colleagues and neighbours
  2. Be active – walk, run, go outside
  3. Take notice – be curious, catch sight of the beautiful (or as teachers have discussed in worship – look for the rainbows in our lives)
  4. Keep learning – try new things, engage in learning
  5. Give – do something nice for strangers (or as one of our PB4L values states – Service)

These are some great strategies for us to enact. The article goes on to suggest that we ‘devise our own wellbeing plan and identify supports and stress management strategies’. In doing so we may ‘recognise that wellbeing doesn’t just happen – an individual must put things in place, and cultivate healthy routines and habits.’


So much of what we do at Heritage College already revolves around these ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’. In what areas of your lives do you need to make changes to improve your personal and family wellbeing? Around your dinner table tonight, start a conversation about what you are doing well and what you might be able to do as a family to increase your wellbeing and sense of happiness.


Maybe it is necessary to devise a plan and be intentional about how you allocate your time. May be, it is as simple as seeking God’s kingdom first so that we may live an abundant life.


Roger Sevenhuysen​

Deputy Principal Primary

Dates to Remember


Friday, 27th October

Bus Fees Due

World Teachers Day


Sunday, 29th October

Pathfinder Fair Day Practice



Tuesday, 31st October

New Student Orientation Day

(excluding new Preps)


Wednesday, 1st November

VCE Exams Commence

Primary House Athletics Carnival


Thursday, 2nd November

SEISS Athletics Carnival

Primary Spelling Bee Competition


Monday, 6th November




Tuesday, 7th November

Melbourne Cup Day

No School


Thursday, 9th November

Years 7/8 SEISS Volleyball/Tennis


Friday, 10th November

AFL Sporting Schools Program

Years 4-6 / Periods 1-4


Saturday, 11th November

Remembrance Day


Sunday, 12th November

Joel's Piano Concert


Wednesday, 15th November

Prep Orientation Day 4 OC/NWS


Friday, 17th November

Reporting Editing Day

Student Free Day


Sunday, 19th November

Pathfinder Fair Day / Rally Day



Wednesday, 22nd November

Year 12 Formal


Thursday, 23rd November

Last Day Year 12


Friday, 24th November

VCE Exams Conclude

AFL Sporting Schools Program

Years 4-6 / Periods 1-4


Sunday, 26th November

Pathfinder Waterski Day (invite only)


Monday, 27th November

Library closed for the year


General Information

PB4L Value for Term 4

Prep/ 1W - Valerie

Year 2/3/4N - Jean-Pierre

Prep DH - Lavon-James

Year 1/2K - Hailey

Year 3C - Sienna

Year 4W - Jason

Year 4/5RC - Eric

Year 5/6E - Leah

Year 6MJ - Scarlett


Year 3C - Kena and Subodhi 

From the Secondary School Student Leadership Team

When we hear the word service, what immediately comes to mind is different ways that people around us have offered service. Whether it’s going overseas to help a country in need of aid or holding a big fundraising event for a particular cause, we usually think of an elaborate act of service.  One that takes a myriad of time, planning and effort. While these things are extremely helpful to the community, sometimes even on a global scale, quite often we do not have the capability to do it everyday.


With school, work and family occupying the majority of our daily life, we often forget that service does not have to be a big event that takes a long time to organise. Every single day we are given opportunities to offer service to others. It could be opening the door for someone, smiling at someone, offering a helping hand, or even affirmation for something they have done. No matter how small and ineffective one may perceive this act of service as, it will always brighten someone’s day. Sometimes the simplest things can make a world of a difference. So we encourage all of you, to go out and make service a part of your daily lives, not something that needs to be big or scheduled.


American educator Horace Mann once said “Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.”


Adam and Simridhi

Year 11 Students

Refer a Friend


From the Library

As most of you would have known, the College held a Scholastic Book Fair in August in conjunction with Book Week. 


The children had a wonderful time browsing and buying at the book fair. Many went home with smiling faces proudly showing off their purchases to their family.  It was a huge success this year. Approximately $1000 worth of books and novelty items were purchased. 


As a result of your support, Scholastic has rewarded us with a big box of books for the library.


We would like to thank all parents and students for your ongoing support and we look forward to doing it again next year.  

Mrs Penny Tan


eSmart Digital Safety Competition

First of all, I would like to express my excitement and pride in firstly the number of entrants into this years eSmart Digital Safety Competition and secondly for the sheer amazing quality each of the entrants were.  You should all be very proud of your efforts and the quality of your submissions, they were simply incredible. 


This amazing quality made the judging process quite a tricky one, as it was clear a lot of time and effort had been made by all. So it is without further ado, that I announce the winners of the 2017 eSmart Digital Safety Competition.


Congratulations to:


Mapalo (1W)


Brandon (1W)







Lincoln and Jeremiah (2/3/4N)


Ella (5/6E)

Google Slides Presentation


Eden (6MJ)

Google Slides Presentation


Phoebe (7B)


Elijah (7B)



Woyesso, Nagawo, Ryan and Caleb (8A)

Google Slides Presentation

I look forward to seeing what 2018 brings with new eSmart challenges, building on this year's success. 

Once again a huge congratulations and thank you to all entrants.  The success of this competition comes from all of your hard work and willingness to get involved!


Mrs Naomi Moss

eLearning & Curriculum Coordinator

ADRA Christmas Hamper Collection 2017


From the Narre Warren South Campus

NWS Campus Swimming Program



All Stars Concert

Last week, all the students displayed their amazing musical talents in a grand concert. Students performed a variety of individual, small group and class items.  We were treated to songs involving the recorder, drums, xylophone, percussion, guitar, ukelele and piano as well as singing and dancing.  Some performers even composed their own music. The concert was magnificently MC'd  by our school captains, Max and Eden. Congratulations to all performers. Your skills and love of music is evident.  Start practicing now for next year! 


Miss Nomi Jackson

Performing Arts

The All Stars Concert 2017 was held in the Chapel on Wednesday, 18th October. It was cool, mainly cool.  My favourite parts were when Jeremy played the drums and Ruvesh and Eric played piano. My favorite part about the drums was the beat of the song, although I didn't know it, and my favourite part of the piano was Ruvesh's. How amazing it was and it was a familiar song and Eric's  sounded so nice and the whole concert was amazing . Harrison 4/5 RC


The All Stars Concert was fun. We sang 'Late for School Blues'. It was so much fun. Kena 3CM

At the All Stars Concert there were lights, cameras, instruments and a whole lot of chatter and then the concert began. Backing tracks with singing and instruments playing having a lot of fun. See you all next concert.   Aishati 4W

My favourite part of the concert was 4W's 'Ukelele Bay' class item . I like their dance with the flower necklaces . I did four performances  but my favourite was the one with Kaitlyn, Dannica, Lulu and I. Our group name was Harmonies. We performed 10,000 Reasons/ Beautiful Name. Amelia 3J

Have Your Say! Primary Presentation Night

We are currently reviewing the start time for our Primary Presentation Night and would like to hear from you, our terrific parents.  We know how much you value your child’s learning, and the recognition we show of their achievements during our Presentation Night at the end of each year.  


Therefore, in an attempt to be as inclusive as possible, we are asking you to share with us your preferred time for starting this wonderful evening.  We have four options for you to choose from in our very simple survey; 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm.  All you have to do is visit http://bit.ly/PrimaryPres and complete the Google Form for your chance to have a say (only one response per family please).  This survey will close on Friday, 3rd November 2017.


It is our aim to make this evening a celebration of your children and their learning, with class displays, special items from each level group, awards and the graduation of our Year Six class for 2017.  We encourage you to participate and help us to make our Primary Presentation Night an enjoyable night for everyone.  


Thanking you in advance.


Mrs Jo Capon

Deputy Principal Primary

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