Curriculum 2020

17 October 2019
Instrumental Music 2020
Music at Brunswick
Participation Requirements
Brunswick Secondary College
03 9387 6133
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Brunswick , Victoria, 3056

Music at Brunswick

Brunswick Secondary College offers an extensive Instrumental Music Program in addition to the Classroom Music Program.  The College has a number of specialist music teachers who come to the College each week to give lessons on the following instruments:

The Instrumental Music Program caters for students of all levels from beginners to advanced.  Students are encouraged to take external examinations, including A.M.E.B.  Each student receives one lesson per week during school hours.  Students are withdrawn from mainstream classes at times that rotate throughout the school day so the same mainstream class is not missed each week.  Where possible, VCE students will have their lesson during Private Study.  In line with other subjects, students’ work will be subject to reporting and assessment.

Performance & Ensembles

The College has a strong history of performance and students are given many opportunities to perform at the College and in the wider community.  Each instrumental music student is required to participate in an ensemble which rehearses weekly, usually out of school hours, and performs throughout the year.  It is expected that each student will perform at least once per year at concerts and/or soirees as arranged, either solo or as part of an ensemble or choir.  Students who learn privately outside school are also encouraged to participate in the Instrumental Music Ensemble Program.  Ensembles may include:




In order to enrol and participate in the Instrumental Music Program, students participating in the  program are required to complete an Instrumental Music Program Tuition Contract.

This contract specifies the responsibilities and expectations of students and the associated fees and charges.

  • To enrol, please complete and submit a Instrumental Music Program Tuition Contract.
  • To complete the Tuition Contract  online, please click HERE. Please submit one contract per student. 
  • If you prefer, download the Instrumental Music Tuition Contract below, complete and return it to the General Office with your tuition payment.
  • Enrolment  in the 2020 Instrumental Music Program is due Friday November 1 2019.


Opt-out Enrolment

Students who are enrolled in the Instrumental Music Program in the final term of the school year will be automatically re-enrolled for instrumental music lessons for the following year. 


Tuition charges for the following year will be automatically added to the student’s account in December of the current year, in order that families have timely notice of payments due at the beginning of the next school year.


Students who wish to discontinue lessons in the following school year are asked to provide written notice of this in order that tuition fees can be removed from their account. 


Progress is reported to parents through the Brunswick Secondary College reporting system - Interim Progress Reports and Semester Reports.  Students are given the opportunity to undertake external examinations and encouraged to participate in the Co-Curricular Program. 


Fee Structure

There is an annual, non-refundable charge of $450.  

Lessons will consist of up to 5 students, and be of 36 minutes in length.


Year 7 students may sign up for a single semester at $225 per semester (Note: orchestral string instruments must commence in Term 1).

Instrument Hire

Some instruments are available for hire by students from the College.  Instruments are subject to availability and the payment of the annual hire charge of $275 (pro-rata if taken for a shorter period). Instruments available for hire include flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, violin and cello.  

Students are encouraged to purchase their own instrument after their first year of hire.


Payment of Fees

Accounts will be charged for Instrumental Music Tuition fees,  and instrument hire if applicable, in December 2019 with fees due and payable no later than Friday 28 February 2020. 

The College reserves the right to refuse tuition to any student if fees are in arrears. 







Lessons commence at the beginning of the second week of Term 1 each year and in the first week of each term thereafter.  An even number of lessons are not always possible each term due to the differences in length of each term, public holidays and College activities.

Lessons will consist of up to 5 students, and be of 36 minutes in length.


Timetables appear on the students Compass schedule and are emailed to students at the commencement of each term. It is the responsibility of the students to note their weekly lesson times.


Student attendance and absences are recorded each week. In the event of absence please notify the school via Compass, or contact the office on 9387 6133 or email .

While every effort is made to provide replacement lessons  unfortunately this is not always possible due to teacher availability or clashes with College activities. Lessons will be made up at the discretion of the instrumental music teacher.

The fee structure takes into consideration that some lessons will be missed due to school activities, student or teacher illness, therefore no credits or refunds will be provided.

Cancellation of Tuition

The Performing Arts department requires written notification via email or letter from the parent/guardian for cancellation of lessons. It will be assumed that students will continue tuition from term to term, unless an email/letter is received.

Participation Requirements

Instrumental Music Tuition Contract

Students participating in the Instrumental Music Program are required to enter into an Instrumental Music Program Tuition Contract for 2020. The contract specifies the responsibilities and expectations of students and associated charges.

Responsibilities and Expectations

Continued participation in the Instrumental Music Program is conditional upon:

  • students (and parents/carers) adhering to the Instrumental Music Tuition Program Contract
  • students demonstrating a suitable level of commitment and progress (as determined by the Director of Music and the students’ Instrumental Music Teacher)
  • weekly attendance at lessons, ensemble practice and rehearsals
  • students are expected to practice on a regular basis
  • students are expected to bring their instrument, display folder and appropriate books/materials as required by the student’s teacher to each lesson.

Requirements for specific instruments

  • clarinet and saxophone students pay for their own reeds (available from the school office - $6 each)
  • brass students provide their own *valve oil/slide cream
  • guitar students must have their own guitar for home practice and must bring a *pick to each lesson•
  • bass guitar students must have their own bass guitar or a six-string acoustic guitar for home practice
  • drum students must have a *drum practice pad or drum kit at home and must bring their own *sticks to each lesson
  • string students are to provide their own *rosin, (also shoulder rest and replacement strings, if not a school instrument)

Note: Some instruments may require an instrumental technique book to be purchased.*Items available from music retailers. A list of suppliers can be provided on request.


For more information please contact Emily Palekis, Director of Music


Curriculum 2020
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