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10 October 2017
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Principal's Report


As the building works begin on our STEAM lab and we think about exciting STEAM learning opportunities for our students in 2018, it is important to stop and think about why learning in the lab will be so important for our students.


Building the STEAM Lab means more to us than just developing student capacity in science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths. It is about engaging, inspiring and transforming the way our students connect with their learning. We want them to be able to think scientifically, take risks, learn from and embrace failure and collaborate with each other to explore problems, find solutions and express themselves creatively.


In all science, error precedes the truth, and it is better it should go first than last.

-Hugh Walpole


The STEAM lab will be a place where students are able to build things, take things apart, tinker with things, plan and perform experiments and apply and learn concepts through hands-on activities. Whilst some activities require the use of coding and technology, plenty of other will rely on recycled materials, cardboard or lego.


Encouraging students to take risks, be creative and accept mistakes as part of the learning/creative process can also transform the way they work in other subject areas back in the classroom. For example, when writing, we want students to develop an understanding that writing, re-writing and re-writing again is essential to the creative process.


At this stage we are well on track to have the Lab ready to use for the beginning of 2018. All teaching staff will be involved in a whole day Professional Development session on STEAM Learning on the first day that teachers return next year (29th January, student free day). This PD will take place in our lab and be taken by Swinburne University. We will then continue to build staff capacity throughout the year with regular Professional Development.

Music at Marlborough

At the end of last term we advertised for a Music Teacher position for 2018. We are currently going through the recruitment process to select the best teacher for this position. It is very exciting to be able to add this area to our curriculum in 2018. As with the other Specialist areas, each class will have a one-hour music lesson each week.


As we saw with our African Drumming concert last term, students performing together is highly engaging and a great learning experience. Music has been shown to have a huge impact on both academic performance as well as well-being.

Dates to remember


Tuesday 10th

  • School Council Meeting

Wednesday 11th

  • Triple R Parent Information session  (for those involved in the Triple R program)
  • 2018 Prep Transition - 11.30am to 1.00pm

Thursday 12th

  • Divisional Athletics (selected students)
  • Triple R Program - Session 1
  • STEAM Rollercoaster Challenge Event 

Sunday 15th

  • Car Boot Sale

Wednesday 18th

  • Fire Education - Preps

Thursday 19th

  • Triple R Program - Session 2
  • Grade 4 Buddies at Heathmont Kinder

Friday 20th

  • Whole school Walkathon

Tuesday 24th

  • Icy pole fundraiser for Grade 6 Graduation
  • Music Soiree - 7.00pm

Wednesday 25th

  • PA Meeting

Thursday 26th

  • Triple R Program - Session 3
  • 2018 Prep Transition - 9.30am to 11.00am

Friday 27th

  • Walkathon money due back today


Thursday 2nd

  • Tastepoint Meat Tasting Fundraiser - Grade 6 Graduation
  • Triple R Program - Session 4

Wednesday 8th

  • 2018 Prep Transition - 9.30am to 11.00am

Thursday 9th

  • Triple R Program - Session 5

Wednesday 15th 

  • Grade 5/6 Sovereign Hill Camp (until Friday 17th)

Monday 20th

  • Grade 1/2 Melbourne Zoo Excursion

School Council

Creating a better environment

Back in 2015, the School Council received a Threatened Species Protection grant from the Victorian Government. In total, we received $21,745 to assist in providing improved habitat for the Powerful Owl - a threatened species which includes Heathmont as part of its home range.


With the assistance of this grant, we have been able to implement a number of actions throughout the school that are creating a better natural environment and improved learning opportunities for students. This is helping deliver on one of the Council's strategic focus areas - environmental sustainability. These actions have included fencing, landscaping and rock walling the area between the basketball courts and the oval and fencing the natural bush along Hardy Crs in preparation for further indigenous planting. Work still to come includes installing owl nesting boxes that hopefully will be occupied by the species at some stage in the future, and which will provide a great learning opportunity for students.


One of the current actions underway is removing weeds along Hardy Crescent and getting the site ready for planting with several hundred locally indigenous plants this spring.


I would like to thank Mel Beanland for all her hard work in securing the original grant and Dave Callow, in particular, for his project management and seeing the various actions through to delivery.


James Todd

President MPS Council

Pupils of the Week

These students will be awarded their certificates at the following assemblies:

Monday 16th October

Amber L (PA) - For the wonderful effort she has been putting into her reading.  I am so proud of how well you are doing.  Keep up the super work!

William  A (PB) - For his fantastic start to term 4!  You have shown Mutual Respect and Attentive Listening from the start of term.  Well done, Will!

Mia S (PB) - For the amazing effort she has been putting into her reading and learning her sight words!  You're a star, Mia!

Cooper F (12A) - For always doing his Personal Best in maths.  Cooper takes on challenges with enthusiasm and never gives up.  You're a star, Cooper!

Florence B (12B) - For showing wonderful Attentive Listening in Term 4.  It has been great seeing how focused you have been in class.

Tahlia R (12C) - For always showing Mutual Respect to your peers and teachers.  Keep up the great work!

Emmalea H(34A) - For having the class wondering what was in the box!  Thank you for bringing in your blue tongued lizard and speaking so well in front of your peers.  Emmalea is quite comfortable speaking in front of an audience.

Oscar C (34B) - For showing fantastic INITIATIVE around the classroom by helping with handing out books and tidying up the room.  Thank you and well done!

Dakota S (34C) - For a fantastic start to Term 4.  Dakota is excited about our new inquiry topic - Creative Composers.  She brings a wonderful energy to our grade.  I can't wait to see what music you create this term!

Harry P (56A) - For overcoming many challenges and working on ways to stay committed to his learning tasks.  Keep up the good work!

Chloe V (56B) - For her hard work and concentration doing the decimals work.  Chloe tried her best adding decimals together and got them all correct.  Fantastic!

Monday 23rd October

Lilly D (PA) - For being a super awesome classmate.  She is always looking out for her friends and making sure they are ok.  Keep it up, Lilly!

Jade S (PB) - For improving her comprehension skills during reading sessions.  Jade always gives her Personal Best!  Way to go, Jade!

Sakura F (12A) - For doing her Personal Best during reading sessions to include the important details of a story in her summary.  Well done, Sakura!

Mason B(12B) - For showing Personal Best in maths.  I've been very impressed by all your work in multiplication.  Keep up the great learning!

Scarlett B (12C) - For trying your Personal Best with all of our new division work.  It's always a pleasure working with you.

Alex B (34A) - For trying his Personal Best with tasks and seeking help more often when unsure.  Alex is becoming more confident in himself and speaking up to help understand and consolidate concepts.  Well done, Alex!

Jamieson T (34C) - For her beautiful handwriting.  Jamie is working hard towards her goal of achieving her pen licence.  She is always trying her Personal Best.  Keep it up, Jamie!

Laila L (34B) - For putting in a wonderful effort and trying her Personal Best with her puppetry performance.  Well done, Laila!

Madison M (56A) - For her fantastic efforts with her team's rollercoaster STEAM project.   Madison really enjoyed the challenge of designing a rollercoaster and will exhibit it at the Cluster school expo.

Olivia A (56B) - For her talented contribution to the Gifted and Talented art projects with Mrs Seregin.  The art pieces look amazing hanging in the office.  Well done!


School News

'Sounds of Africa' Drumming Performance


New artwork for the School Office!

Grade 5/6 students worked as part of a Gifted and Talented Art Group with Mrs Seregin during Term 3. We were inspired by the abstract art and collages of Rex Ray.

We printed a variety of textured papers using Gelli printing plates, cut out different shapes from these papers and glued them down onto the painted canvases.


Artists: Kallarney, Olivia, Sasha, James, Harua, Evie, Lewis, Kaela V, Teig, Paislee, Ava, Siobhan




Annual Soiree

This will be held in the MPS Early Learning Centre on Tuesday 24th October commencing at 7.00pm.

Parents, grandparents and friends are most welcome to attend.  Please bring a plate of supper to share.

Look forward to seeing you there!



Art Room Request

We are on the lookout for a few items to help with some upcoming Art projects. If anyone is able to donate/collect and send in the following items, it would be greatly appreciated:-

  • Plastic tops and lids from bottles and containers
  • Plastic bottles (preferably 1.25 litre or larger, rinsed)
  • Old sheet music that is no longer needed (for collage work)
  • Small children’s and babies’ gumboots that have been outgrown – pairs or single boots (sometimes you lose one!!)
  • Clock parts, unwanted or broken jewellery pieces, zippers, old keys or padlocks

Items can be left at the Office or brought to the Art Room.


Don’t forget to check the Art Room Blog for updates on all our projects.

Thank you in advance!


Jenelle Seregin

Art Specialist

Netball Program

The netball program (run by Kylie Claringbold from Netball Victoria) consisted of 4 sessions for the Grade 3-6s.  Students learnt the basic rules and positions on the court and skills such as how to attack and defend and culminated in game play in the final session.  Bring on the Interschool Netball Competition!!

Anyone interested in playing netball should contact Netball Victoria.


Bonny Chisholm 

PE Specialist


Bendigo Bank School Banking

Just a reminder that School Banking is every Thursday.

If you would like an information pack/application form please collect one from the school office.


Parent's Association

Dear MPS Families,


With our Car Boot / Craft Market fast approaching -  this Sunday 15th October, the Parents Association will is seeking your skills in baking for our Cake Stall. 


Today every family will be sent home an explanation letter and plate to be filled with baked goods.  Please have a think about what you can donate - we will be selling pieces / slices as well as whole cakes. 

This stall usually brings in a great deal of much needed funds for our school - if you can help out, it would be greatly appreciated.



 If you can help in any way on the day, please contact Gloria / Dora or Beck B or give your details to the office and we shall contact you. 


Many thanks,



Calling all green thumbs.....

MPS Parents Association will be holding a plant stall at the car boot sale and 100% of money raised will go to our school.

Fancy yourself as a green thumb and like to help??

Any donations of cuttings, grown plants (indoor or out door), plastic pots or bags of soil would be gratefully accepted. Or if you knows anyone in the industry that would be willing to donate some plants - fantastic!

Our small collection so far includes, various cactus, butterfly plants, and herbs.

Donations can be left at the chook shed (back of 3/4 building) or let me know and I'll organise another time to meet up with you!



Simone 0412 113 116

Movie Tickets

Discount Movie tickets are now available online!!  No need to fill out forms or wait for your tickets to be printed  - you can go straight the website and get your tickets instantly (and our school still receives the commission!).



Login: MarlboroughPS

Password: MarlboroughPS




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