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29 November 2019
Issue Thirty-five

Integrity, Responsibility, Harmony, Respect,

Love of Learning. 


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From our School Leaders,

From our Principal.

Our most recent Prep transition event held this week was a huge success. We had many families join us and the shared student lunch was a big hit with our current and commencing Preps.


Our whole school transition is on Tuesday 10th December, 9.15 am until recess.  This coincides with the state wide transition in all state government schools.


This week, the  year 3/4 students attended a Melbourne Zoo excursion. They learned about the Zoo animals and the work of the animal keepers. All had a great day with a focus on animal enrichment and welfare.


At the School Council meeting held on Monday there were a number of items on the agenda. On e of the key issues discussed was the recent decision not to label the Grade 6 jackets with a personalised nickname or title. There has been a great deal of discussion and action regarding this around the school. This decision was based entirely on student safety and falls within the risk management issues we are asked to address almost everyday at CJC. The timing of this decision was not ideal and we are hoping to ensure these short timelines for these types of decisions are not repeated. A thankyou to all those families who visited, phoned or lobbied the Principal regarding this matter.


Grade 6 graduation is moving!! This year the celebration will be held in the BER on Wednesday December 11th commencing at 6.30 pm. There is an exciting new format and the opportunity for our families to say their farewells as they end their long association with the College.


End of year celebration for the school community is being prepared for. Friday afternoon December 13th. This is a great opportunity for families to catch up, enjoy the wonderful weather and share in the range of food available and the activities planned.


The last day of school for 2019 is Friday 20th December. School ends at 1.30 pm when the children will be dismissed from their classrooms on the final bell of the year. There will be a final assembly commencing at 1.00 pm on the day. Please adjust your schedules so we can have all students collected at this earlier finishing time.


On November 28, the 1st International Day of the French Teacher was celebrated. It was a day of promotion of the French language and culture in Melbourne at the Alliance Française in St Kilda. Thank you to the Association of French Teachers of Victoria and the Melbourne Honorary Consulate for organizing this festive event.


This week, Jacques and Anne from Books on Wheels visited out school to  share with our community the latest literary novelties in French. It is always a pleasure to welcome them here and we hope you had an opportunity to visit their book fair.


As we move towards the end of the year we are asking all the library books to be returned back to the shelves so we can complete the stocktake.


From our French Director.

Le Van du livre – Books on wheels

Cette semaine, Jacques et Anne, nos fidèles libraires, étaient de visite à Melbourne afin de faire profiter à notre communauté des dernières nouveautés littéraires en français. C’est toujours un plaisir de les accueillir dans notre établissement.


La journée internationale du professeur de français

Le 28 novembre, la 1ère journée internationale du professeur de français était célébrée. Tous les acteurs faisant la promotion de la langue et la culture française à Melbourne se sont retrouvés à l’Alliance Française de St Kilda. Un grand merci à l’AFTV et au consulat honoraire de Melbourne pour l’organisation de cet événement festif.


Artiste de Slam – Maras

Dans le cadre d’un des projets AEFE de la zone Asie-Pacifique "Des slams et des langues", Maras, artiste de Slam originaire de France, réalisera une incursion à l’école les 4 et 5 décembre prochains. Une superbe occasion pour nos élèves de découvrir un jeune artiste français.


Paris sur Seine


Venez découvrir l’exposition Paris Sur Seine exposée dans le bâtiment principal de l’école. Cette exposition est une donation de l’Alliance Française. Une belle occasion d’accéder à des moments importants de l’histoire de Paris.


Caroline Pommier

From our Students,

5/6 Sport

5/6 Sport has wrapped up for the year. The students enjoyed friendly matches against local schools in the area.


The girl’s softball team finished with a strong win today. Go girls!


Year 5 Glen Eira College Crepe Cooking


On Wednesday the 27th of November all the year 5s went to Glen Eira College to cook crepes. Not only were we going to cook but 3 year 7's were going to judge. (Which, interestingly, 2 of the judges were in CJC last year.) We got into 6 groups of 3 and 1 of 4, then we had 15 minutes to prepare. It was a very exhilarating (since none of my group had cooking experience) yet enjoyable experience.

 By Vivian Arieli


On Wednesday the 27th of November, all of the grade 5’s walked 2.5 kilometres to Glen Eira College, to have a 15 minute cooking competition. The 5’s were competing about making crepes. We had 3 judges and 2 of them had attended CJC in their past primary school years. We all had 15 minutes to create a thin, tasty, presentable crepe. There were luckily some people in each group who had cooking and cleaning experience. We had a great experience attending the local high school that some of us are attending for cooking lessons.  

By Logan Adams


On Wednesday the 27th of November the grade 5's went to Glen Eira College to make crepes. My group was going to take the tram but the tram was late so we walked to Glen Eira College. When we arrived we were instructed on what to do then the timer started. We had fifteen minutes to make crepes and then we were judged on taste presentation and texture. The prize we were in the running for was great, a kilogram of lollies. Surprisingly my group won with a score of 15 out of 15. Overall I had an amazing time and would love to do it again.

By Jemima 5/6b



Aboriginal for a day.


On Wednesday the 20th of November all the year fives and sixes took part in the Aboriginal for a Day incursion. We had three men from Margret River come and run the incursion. Throughout the day we took part in several activities. The first and my favourite was dancing. We had our faces painted and then a man called Azza taught us two Aboriginal dances, one for the girls and one for the boys. The girls learnt Bunjil the Eagle Dance. The boys learnt Waitch the Emu Dance.

The other two activities were traditional storytelling through drawings with a man nicknamed Pancakes where we learned what different symbols meant and a dreamtime story with Big Al. The whole day was really fun and we were very lucky to take part in it.

By Amy W


On the 20th of November three natives of Margaret River came to CJC to teach us dances and the meaning of aboriginal art for a day. Allen (one of five special elders in Margaret River also father to Azza and Christian) told us stories that are thousands of years old which have been passed on for many generations. Azza (son to Allen and also a professional aboriginal dancer) taught the girls: The dance of Banjil and the boys: The dance of Waitch. Last but definitely not least; Christian (the eldest son of Allen as well as a professional aboriginal artist), who taught us what all the different aboriginal art symbols mean and how to make a story using them.

Overall I had an amazing time with all three of them, they taught me a whole lot more about their culture then I knew. Not only did I learn I actually had heaps of fun!

-Eitan 5/6B


Last Wednesday three Aboriginal men came to our school to run a fun program with all of the year 5/6's. The men had amazing talents and they showed us the basics of their culture. The first program that included everyone was face painting. All the teachers did our faces and we learnt an animal dance. Our second activity was Aboriginal symbols where we all got to learn the symbols and make a story with them. The third activity was with an aboriginal elder, that told us about his birth place and he told us story about a kid that liked to show off. The last activity was dancing, and one of the aboriginals got into his tribes costume and did a dance with some of the students.

From Asher Levy



The Arts,

Performing Arts Program 2020

I am excited to announce that starting in 2020, the music program is seeing an enticing new upgrade by switching to a Performing Arts program. Students will explore music, drama and dance over a 2 year curriculum. This will include a term of drama, a term of dance and 6 terms of music. With the aim of increasing this ratio over the years two come. In drama, students will learn about mime, improvisation, scripted drama and the drama elements such as voice, tension, characterisation and roles and relationships. In dance, students will learn about safe dance practice, develop dance skills through dance performance, explore cultural dance and look at dance elements such as space, time, loco and non-locomotive movement. In Music, students will learn about music from other cultures, reflect and discuss music they listen too, learn to play and compose music on a variety of instruments such as percussion, keyboard, voice, guitar and ukulele, learn about musical elements such as beat, rhythm, texture, pitch, form, tonality etc. With the addition of ICT next year, students will also have the opportunity to use aps like garage band to create their own electronic music.


This will be a big change for CJC and an opportunity for all students to be able to succeed as performers and I look forward to experiencing this new journey with you all.


Sara-Jane Neep

Music/Drama/Dance teacher


From the Art Room.

The Emmy Monash Community Art Experience.

On Monday 25th November, students from Grade 5 visited the Emmy Monash Aged care facility to participate in a community art project.  The students were teamed up with a resident to paint a terracotta pot with the intention of continuing a planting project early next year.

The students had a lovely time getting to know the residents and sharing a new art experience


Daniela – I felt a bit nervous at first and then I met Lily and she was really nice.  One of the helpers told us that Lily was born in France so we had a conversation in French together.  It was really fun to talk with the residents and paint together.

Louise – I really liked working with the residents and painting with them even though the resident I was working with didn’t speak English.  This experience was really fun.

Laura – I was a little nervous at first but when we started talking about the colours and what we were going to paint she was really nice and neat like me so we got along well.

Nile – When we were leaving he shook my hand and made a joke by not letting go but when we were painting the helper told me he was a painter and he painted landscapes.  He was really nice.





And the winners are...


Messages from the Administration Team,


Please have all library books back to the library by Friday 6th December.


Term Dates.

2019 Victoria School Holidays and Term Dates

Term 1      1st February - 5th April (2.30pm finish)

Term 2      23rd April - 28th June (2.30pm finish)

Term 3      15th July - 20th September (2.30pm finish)

Term 4      7th October - 20th December (1.30pm finish)


SUNSMART - It's best to wear your hat mid August until the end of April the following year.


Assemblies are held each Monday at 9:00am on the basketball court (Unless otherwise advised). In case of extreme weather, we use the BER. (Senior Building)  Generally Term 2 and 3.


Please refer to COMPASS for your complete calendar.

  • Open in browser
  • Select the calendar icon at the top of the screen (next to home)

The calendar will then be displayed.

Sunsmart at CJC.



The newsletter is available via COMPASS each Friday and is also on our website.

  • Previous issues can be viewed by clicking on 'Menu' (left hand side of screen, while viewing the current newsletter.)  Select 'View Archive' and previous issues will be displayed.
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Understanding Anxiety and Stress.

The Anxiety Recovery Centre


We would like to say a big thank you to all the families, teachers and carers who attended the seminar run by the Anxiety Recovery Centre. There was a fantastic turn out and the feedback from the night has been overwhelmingly positive. The slide show presented on the night has been sent to all CJC families via Compass. I also added the ARC website link below as it is a valuable resource for everyone.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Shauna Sanderson                                 

Welfare Coordinator                           

Caulfield Junior College                       


About the ARC


The Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria (ARCVic) is a state-wide, specialist mental health organisation, providing support, recovery and educational services to people and families living with anxiety disorders. We aim to support and equip people with knowledge and skills that will build resilience and recovery and reduce the impact of anxiety disorders.

Community support and self-help services play a vital role in promoting the emotional, mental and social well-being of people living with anxiety disorders. Supporting people to learn and implement effective self-help and self management of their symptoms will contribute to their inner resilience, quality of life and recovery. Isolation and alienation from family, friends and the community militate against recovery. Regaining a sense of belonging and confidence with others is often most effectively achieved through connection with a community of people with common conditions and experiences. Partnerships between professionals and consumers, and support and clinical services, will ensure that the experience and knowledge of people with anxiety disorders will be valued and heeded, and contribute to the development of appropriate and effective services.


I highly recommend looking up the ARC online as it has some valuable information on programs they are running, links to resources and information  and phone numbers for those in need of further support.



Environmental Tip,

Environmental Tip.

At this time of the year, many organisations such as real estate agents, medical centres and political parties advertise their services by dropping leaflets into residential mailboxes. Often, they deliver large magnets presenting their contact details and a simple calendar for the following year. These magnets cannot currently be recycled, but we certainly don’t want to add more waste to landfill.

The students in 3C recommend drawing a picture on a piece of scrap paper and gluing it to the front of the magnet then popping it on your fridge. As you create more of these mini magnetic masterpieces, you will find you have your own personal art gallery!

From our Parents' Committee,

A word from your PC President.

On Wednesday we provided a sausage sizzle lunch for next year’s Preps and their parents after their prep information session. This was a great opportunity for our future Preps to experience “lunch at CJC” with a huge thank you to Mr Chant and Frank who took time out of their busy days to cook the BBQ and to Megan and Madame Pommier who helped me in serving all the smiling faces. It was a wonderful experience and we can’t wait to see the 2020 Preps again during the school wide transition day on Tuesday, December 10.


Speaking of December 10, that is the last day to buy your wristband for the End of School Year Party at the discounted price on Qkr. After that all wristbands will only be available at the gate on the day of our party and you wouldn’t want to miss out. Everyone must buy a wristband to join in the fun. There are only 15 more days until we can all celebrate ‘the year that was’ with our CJC friends, teachers and families.


There will be something for everyone, no matter your age - from 1 to 100 as well as dinner and snacks available to purchase in the Food Van Area so make sure you buy your All Access or Spectator Only Wristband today!


Katrina Goodrich



Don’t forget to buy your wristband!


Entry will be via wristband only with all gates to the school locked in the afternoon, for safety and security reasons, and every attendee must always wear a wristband. There will be one entry and exit gate which will be via the front of the school, between the main building and the carpark. Discounted wristbands are only available via the Qkr App before 3.30pm on Tuesday, December 10, so make sure you buy yours today!



Mango delivery and tray collection

The delivery date will be announced next week, so please keep a look out, as there will be only one date for the collection of your pre ordered trays. Collection will be immediately after school on that day.


In order to avoid some incidents that occurred last year we are asking that if anyone is unable to pick up their order personally that they please email ASAP with who you authorise to collect your tray on your behalf. Without this email we will not be able to release your ordered trays.



Let’s get ready for 2020 now!

Changes were made by the Dept of Education as to how memberships and school parent committee run. We had to adopt a Constitution and under this Constitution all members must be registered. This is done by simply signing a Registered Members Form. The signing of this form does not commit you to anything except being informed, first hand, of events and to attend upcoming meetings. It allows you to nominate for any PC Position at the AGM and gives you the right to vote, when necessary at any meetings. Most of all you get to become involved, have fun and partner with the school and the community to further enhance CJC for all our kids… and our kids love to see us involved!


At the end of every school year we lose members as they move on and historically we wait until the new year‘s AGM to fill these absences. Realistically, why wait until February? We always need motivated and enthusiastic parents willing to work together and support each other positively and we want YOU to join us now. Our hope for next year is to have every parent, carer or guardian of all our students join the PC and support CJC and you can join now. It is super easy to do - just complete the Members Registration Form, found on the last page of the PC Constitution (at the end of this section) and email it to or hand it into the front office so we can welcome you onto our team.



We need some more ideas

Do you have a fundraising event or activity suggestion for the 2020 school year? Planning is underway and we are trying to present our 2020 school calendar of PC Events to School Council for approval as all fundraising ideas/events needs to be pre-approved before we can do them. We are keen to try any new ideas that you may have seen, heard or know from other schools that work well and are easy to arrange and run, as we want to really refocus our efforts next year of raising as much funds as possible. Our school is growing and our amenities need to be upgraded but that will not happen without us - we need to raise the funds to make it happen. So if you have an idea please send it directly to with as much information as possible to get the ball rolling.



Second-hand Uniform Shop

The second-hand uniform shop will be open next Wednesday morning, December 4 from 8.45am until 9.45am if you require any items for the 2020 school year. The shop is dependent on stock availability so will remain open whilst there is stock available to sell. Please note that all sales are CASH ONLY as there is also limited sizes currently. The shop is located upstairs in the main building on the first landing to your right. l


All money raised by the Second-hand Uniform Shop is directed back to the school for purchases that are of benefit to all our children and if an item is not available all school uniform items can be purchased from the supplier PSW in North Road, Ormond and they are open all January. Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturdays 9am – 1pm.  In February, they will revert to normal times and will be closed on Mondays.



Last 2 weeks of Icy Poles for 2020

Icy poles are sold after school every Friday from 3.30pm until 3.45pm for $1 each from the following locations within the school playground:

  1. In front of the Grade 1/2 Classrooms, on the corner or near the Prep Building;
  2. In front of the PC Shed, on the corner near the Junior Playground; and
  3. In front of the stairs, on the corner outside the MPR (Music Room)

A total of 3 parent volunteers are needed December 6 from the combined classes of 1C & 1D to sell them so please let your class convenors know ASAP that you can help next week.

The last day of the term that we will be selling icy poles is on December 13 at the beginning of our End of School Year Party. On that day we will require 4 parent volunteers from the combined classes of 6E & 6F to sell them so please let your class convenors know next week that you can help at the party.


Make sure you join our closed FaceBook Group Caulfield Junior College (CJC) Parents It is a quick and easy way to be kept updated on upcoming events, see requests for volunteers, along with the sale of many second-hand uniform items throughout the year and because it is strictly monitored you are assured that all content relates to CJC and our school community only.




Community Notices,


Public notices or advertisements on our website and in the newsletter are  accepted in good faith but the school does not  necessarily endorse the content. A charge is made for commercial advertisement.

Supporting Asylum Seekers Children in Victoria.





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