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26 May 2017
Issue Eight
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Principal's Report

It's 'Hump' week!

This week is officially the middle of Term 2!!  And the second half of term is looking as action packed as the first...

  • Over the next few weeks teachers will be finalising their assessments and completing report writing for all students.  As a parent I always loved receiving my chid's report at the end of a semester and reading about the progress they had made.  This year all school's across the state have moved to the new Victorian Curriculum.  This means that there will be some small changes to our reports this semester - more information will be provided in the coming weeks.
  • Mrs George, Mrs Blackburn, Miss May and myself have been participating in a Department of Education course on Leading Curriculum and Assessment and will be working with our staff on improving the design and implementation of learning program.  We are already very proud of the great learning opportunities we provide students here at KPS and the outcomes our students achieve, we are looking forward to further refining these in the upcoming Professional Learning Day (June 13th) and Curriculum Design week with staff.
  • Our senior students continue to represent our school with respect and pride as they participate in the Interschool Sport program.   Each week we hear of great sportsmanship and participation from our students... Last week (after a heavy loss) it was great to see Mr Roscoe and the Boys Football team spending recess debriefing the match and planning improvements for their next match - that's the great positive attitude we love to see here at KPS!

Staff on Leave

Mrs Kate Thomson will be taking leave for the rest of the term.  If you have any queries or concerns regarding your child's wellbeing or had a meeting planned with Mrs Thomson.  Please contact the office and they will direct you to the appropriate staff member to assist you.


Next week we welcome back Ms Wendy Turner.  Wendy has been undertaking a placement as a part of her studies and we look forward to having Wendy return to KPS.  Wendy will be working within the Middle School team.

National Reconciliation Week

Each year National Reconciliation Week (NRW) celebrates and builds on the respectful relationships shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians.

The dates that bookend the week are significant milestones in the reconciliation journey.


May 27—Marks the anniversary of Australia’s most successful referendum and a defining event in our nation’s history. The 1967 referendum saw over 90 per cent of Australians vote to give the Commonwealth the power to make laws for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and recognise them in the national census.


3 June—Commemorates the High Court of Australia’s landmark Mabo decision in 1992, which legally recognised that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a special relationship to the land—a relationship that existed prior to colonalisation and still exists today. This recognition paved the way for land rights or Native Title.


The theme for 2017 National Reconciliation week is 'Let's take the next steps'.  We are finalising the organisation of our school's involvement in this important week and what our 'next steps' might be  in building intercultral understanding and strengthening positive relationships.

Thumbs up to...

...   Max W (MDC) who shared with me a letter he received this week from the Minister for Housing.  Max had taken it upon himself to email the Minister with some ideas for supporting Melbourne's homeless, and the Minister replied outlining some of the actions the government taking - some of which look suspciously like the ideas Max had shared with them.  Great Job Max!   I love your proactive approach and willingness to make your voice heard.

... our Senior Students, Mrs Sceberras and visiting science guru Michael who all explored the wonders of oobleck this week.  So great to see your engagement, curiosity and participation in our Science Program.

... Mrs Molnar who has been hot on the trail of some Footy goal posts for our oval.  They should be here in the next week or two!!!




Have a great weekend!


What's Happening @ KPS

Calendar of Events




29th              ICAS-Science exam

30th              District Cross Country-Lilydale Lake 9am-12noon



2nd               Interschool Sport- Away vs Oxley

7th                Middle-Excursion to Elizabeth Reserve

9th                Interschool Sport- Home vs Lilydale

                       ICAS- Writing exam

12th             Queens Birthday-Public Holiday

13th             Curriculm Day-student free            

14th             ICAS-Spelling exam

                       iddle - Excursion to Elizabeth Reserve

16th             Interschool Sport-Away vs Chirnside Park

23rd             KPS Disco

30th             Last day Term 2- 2.30pm dismissal



17th           Term 3 commences

24th            Senior- street Art excursion

28th            Basketball clinic-whole school

31st             Curriculum Day-student free



1st               ICAS English exam

2nd             Family Life-Senior-Parent Infomation 7-8pm

4th              Junior-Hooptime

Notices sent home this fortnight


Click on the link below to download copies of the notices:


Curriculum Day-Change

Auditions for Production-Seniors

Elizabeth Bridge Reserve-Middle

Student Leaders Day-Yarra Hills Secondary


Kids Club


From the Office

Direct Deposit details:

Payments can be made via internet banking directly into the schools Bank account.


Acc Name:  Kilsyth Primary School Council

             BSB: 313 140 
             Account Number: 23183981
             Reference: (Family Surname)

Please also send an email to the school  notifying us that you have made the payment, and to which program/event it should be allocated. The email confirms your payment and states:



Child’s name, 

Amount paid

What the payment is for eg: Level 3 camp


Monday- Friday:  8.30am -4.00pm

Absences -Tiqbiz:

Please notify the office of your child's absence using the Tiqbiz app.



Download the app:

  • Apple App Store (iOS - iPhone or iPad)
  • Google Play (android phone or tablet
  • Windows (Phone or Tablet)
  • Mac or PC


Please note that if you have ordered Subway and your child is absent on Friday, please organise to come and collect it from the office at 12.30pm. Unfortunately we are unable to cancel your order.

The office is unable to provide change, and please hand orders into the class at 9am.

  • Subway Order form


Foundation News

Turning it Up!

It's been a very impressive week from our group of students! They have certainly turned it up a notch with the growth they are showing in their learning.  I've written many certificates this week with students making progress with their Magic 100 Words.  Well done with all the wonderful home learning and word games I'm hearing about.  Teachers are beginning the report writing phase and with that comes the many assessments. Various assessments includes not only Magic Words but reading conferences, spelling and phonological knowledge assessments so I thank you for your patience and understanding. Once students have progressed it's always beneficial to revisit previous words with the tricky ones such as one, two, our, out, who, were , new and now.  Ask students to identify vowels in words and see if they can notice if there are more than one vowel.  

Our reading strategy we are exploring is Questioning - looking at ways to create curious readers and wonderings about characters and events. Here are some ideas for you at home when spending time with your child.

Book talk is an important part of reading. Chat about the book before, during and after reading and really encourage your child to talk about their ideas and ask questions about the book.
Here are some questions you can ask at different times before, during and after reading the book:
* What would you like to read about?
* Would you like to choose a book you know?
* Look at the cover – what do you think this book is about?
* What is happening in the pictures?
* How could we work out these tricky words?
* What do you think is going to happen next?
* What was your favourite part of the book?
* Who was your favourite character in the story? Why did you like
that character?
* If you could change the ending of this book, what would it be?



You can access your child's learning tasks through the app or website called 'Seesaw'.  I am sending notices home about this on Friday which will help you to be able to log in and view the work.  This is a fantastic opportunity to view work and listen to the student voice.  There will be work uploaded at random times throughout the term.  I hope to get tasks up within a fortnight! This is an online portfolio so it's not going to be weekly work or take away from the purpose of Tiqbiz or the newsletter.  As the students become more familiar with how to navigate the iPad and the application they will be able to independently do this but we find this happens more towards the end of Junior School.  Of course it depends on the student!  Happy Seesaw-ing!



For those of you who have 4 year olds currently in kinder who are transitioning to school next year, or you know of a friend who is undecided, please put this date in your diary!

WEDNESDAY 7th JUNE is our first Transition session for the year! I'm very excited! It's a Fun & Fitness session with Mrs.Molnar.  Be sure to spread the word - 2.30pm meet us at the front office!


Resilience & Cooperative Play

We have begun ways to develop emotional intelligence within our class.  This week the students have made resilience bugs with their big buddy.  They have come up with words and language to use when someone is 'bugging them!' Resilience is such an important skill to promote and encourage among young people.  My phrase is consistent and persistent!  Equipping them with the right language and words to use in situations is so important.  

We are going to dive further into role plays and cooperative play scenarios with our resilience work.  We are coming up with a word bank (vocabulary) of what we can say when we are in situations where the student or other students have made not a great choice. For example, someone has pushed in front in the line or someone feels upset so they push another student. We have an exercise book where we will keep track of our learning and even show you via Seesaw! It would be great if you could use this language with them too, such as "what words could you use to tell them you're unhappy?" "What words could you say so you can try again?" "What words could your brain think about before we get upset?" Onwards and upwards to resilient kids! 


Thank you!

Thanks for all your boxes! Keep them coming for our shapes creation! A huge appreciation to Sam Robinson (Riley's mum) for providing us with some stylus pens which greatly assist students fine motor skills when using iPads - THANK YOU, SAM!

Thank you to our CRT (Casual Relief Teacher) Meridith Day who came up with creative learning tasks outside of our classroom! We love a good green thumb! 


Don't forget.......Curriculum Day - TUESDAY 13th JUNE

Have a great weekend everyone!

Junior School News

What's been happening in Junior 

Wow! Half way through term 2! Can you believe it? 

The Juniors have had a great first half of term 2. They have been working hard on learning new things. We have just started new areas of learning in the Junior school. In reading we have started a topic on Questioning when reading. Students have been looking at how to ask 'I wonder' questions when they are reading to enhance their understanding and comprehension of their books. In writing we are looking at Informational writing and explaining how or why things happen. 

Maths we have started our second topic on Addition and students have been improving their skills in adding doubles and near doubles. 


Previously in maths students have been working with money. It is encouraged that you let your child continue to handle money especially coins  and count money to continue to enhance their skills. 


All students have now been given their own individual goals for reading and writing. Each students will have their individual goal uploaded on SeeSaw.  If you would like a new QR code so you are able to access your childs account please come and see Karen Black, Shannen May or Sara-Jane Vaughan. 



For our History unit Juniors were lucky enough to go to the Museum. Students had a wonderful time exploring the different exhibitions and participating in the hands on activity 'My Grandmothers Toy Box'. 



Cross Country

All Juniors should be proud of their achievements during the cross country. It was a lovely day for all involved. 



Our Year 1's love buddy time each fortnight where they are able to go and visit their buddies and complete different activities together. They have enjoyed reading to their Year 6 buddies and using Book Creator to create different interactive  stories. 


Curriculum Day

The Curriculum day is the 13th of June which is the Tuesday after the long weekend. 

Senior School News

Senior Camp

The students from senior school (and their teachers) had an amazing time last week at Camp Coolamatong. We have many, many photos that we are still attempting to organise. Here is a small selection that capture some of the fun. 




We are looking forward to our District Cross Country next Tuesday morning at Lilydale Lake.  If you would like to come and watch you are more than welcome.  We will be at the lake from 9.30am-12.30pm.


Bean bags, bean bag everywhere.  The foundation students have been learning to throw at a target.  We have been learning to step forward with the opposite foot to our throwing arm.   We have started our PMP sessions on Thursday afternoon. We have been focusing on our fine motor skills. Some idea to practice at home could be threading beads, using pegs and pegging things on the line.  Playing with play dough making letters, rolling snakes, rolling balls.  

Junior School

Our Junior School has been very lucky and they have had a basketball clinic in from Kilsyth Basketball Stadium.  It has been lots of fun learning to dribble with our right and left hand.  Performing a cross over.  Learning to shoot.  It has been great to see each week the students improving their skills. 

Middle School

Netball, Basketball, AFL, Soccer balls have been used in our Invasion games unit.  The students have learnt about creating space in games situations and have improved their passing.  Students have also learnt to dodge and move their feet during games and activities. 

Senior School

Our Senior school finished our volleyball sessions learning to set, serve, dig and block.  It was great to see some students excel in this sport.  They have also shown great skill level at Inter-school sport.  

Student Awards

Friday 12th May

Foundation           Tayla

Have you seen this girls writing? Well you should! It’s so impressive. We are proud of your effort to write your letters correctly, Tayla. Keep up the great work!


Junior A               Carissa

What an entertaining author you are Carissa. We love listening to your stories. You hook the audience in with your choice of words. Keep writing!


Junior C                Lallie

Lallie, you have been making great predictions in class this week. You have really demonstrated how to use both your schema and evidence when making and changing your predictions. Keep up the great work!


Middle A       Kristy

Well done on all your NAPLAN tests this week Kristy. You have shown great focus and determination. You came to each test prepared and ready. Well done and keep up all the hard work!

I just love the way that you’re using the iPad to write your persuasive text! You’ve used the technology well to get your ideas organised and written. You’ve certainly convinced me that we need a pool here at school. Congratulations on finding great new ways to learn.



Congratulation Levi on your increasing knowledge about reading. You are reading smoothly and can easily answer questions about a text. I’m very proud of all the effort you are putting in to all of your learning. Well done!


Middle B        Courtney

Well done on all your NAPLAN tests this week Courtney. You have shown great focus and determination. Well done and keep up all the hard work!


Middle C          Jackson

Jackson, you are a subtraction superstar! I love the enthusiasm you always bring to maths and how you are happy to help other people when they need it. You are an awesome, caring classmate and we are so lucky to have you in Middle C!


Senior A          Amos

Amos, it has been fabulous to see you participating so much in class discussions. You are also taking the initiative and showing yourself as a leader amongst your peers. This is fantastic to see, keep it up!


Senior B                 Ryan

You showed some great thinking in solving questions relating to elapsed time. You took the time to show your thinking and present your work in a clear format. Well Done!


Senior C                   Chelsea

Chelsea, you have made huge efforts with your work this week. I'm very impressed with how well you are going. Keep it up!



Alysha, you did an amazing job with your time problems this week! I really appreciate the extra effort you make with everything - keep it up!


Science                        Matthew S

What a super scientist you are Matthew. We love the way you are sharing your thinking and working so well with your lab group.



Friday 19th May

Foundation            Tyson

Tyson, your writing has improved so much! It's great to see you concentrating and thinking about the letters of the alphabet. Well done!



What a turnaround you've made! This week you have shown an excellent quality of work that you can produce when you think about what your learning looks like. Well done on your achievement!


Junior A             Payton B

You are really growing as a learner, Payton. You are willing to be challenged in your thinking and practise new skills. Well Done!


Junior B               Ashlie

What a super week you have had Ashlie. You continue to try your very best in all areas of your learning, never giving up! You should be proud of your new abilities to add different Australian coins together. Keep up the great work!     


Junior C                Matthew

Matthew, I am so proud of how hard you have been working this term. You have been improving in all areas of your school work. Keep up the awesome work!


Middle A                Stephanie

Hearty congratulations to Stephanie for her clear understanding of persuasive writing! You really understood the techniques and applied all that you had learned to write a very convincing letter to have more playground equipment at school. A fantastic effort!     



Well done to Talia on your commitment to learning in Maths. You’ve really done your best in learning about subtraction and all the different ways we can solve problems. Congratulations on your fantastic attitude to learning!


Middle B            Ben

Congratulations on your fantastic effort in Maths this week Ben. Your motivation and determination is so evident. You have demonstrated great skills with vertical subtraction. Keep up the hard work!



Olivia, you have progressed so far with your persuasive writing in just 1 year! Your improvements in spelling, content and sentence structure are amazing! Keep up the hard work! Well Done.


Middle C                Kayleigh

For your participation and determination in soccer this week during three/four sport. You were a good sport and a great team member who gave the game your best shot. You should be proud of yourself! Well done Kayleigh!






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