09 June 2017
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From the Principal

Birth Of The Church

Last Sunday we celebrated Pentecost - the birth of the Catholic Church. It is the day for opening doors. The Risen Jesus comes and stands in the midst of his disciples and bestows upon them the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is given to arouse the Easter faith in the disciples. The Church is born.


In today's troubled times we need leaders of hope. It has been gratifying reading and watching stories of heroism and hope subsequent to recent acts of terrorism in England. We pray for the guidance and wisdom of leaders throughout the world. May they be inspired by the Gospel example of Jesus and the early disciples as they instituted the birth of the Church

A Celebration Of Leadership

On a recent weekend I attended a celebration of the handover of the Loreto Province Leadership from Sr Margaret Mary Flynn ibvm to Sr Wendy Hildebrand ibvm. It was an important celebration attended by representatives from Loreto ministries throughout the province. Our position is unique amongst Loreto schools given we are co-educational and we are also a Jesuit Companion School.


 One of the attendees at the function, Tori Anderson, is a board member of Mary Ward International. She is also a former John XXIII College student (class of 1999). It is always fascinating to meet former students and learn of their interest and obvious passion for their alma mater. I had a similar conversation recently upon meeting two young teachers from St Paul's Primary School in Karratha. They were both keen for news of the College and their former teachers whom they mentioned with fondness. It is wonderful to learn of former students and their growth on leaving school. The development of men and women for others is certainly an aspiration of a John XXIII College education.


The changing face of education was very evident during my short visit to Karratha. I attended a Chinese class which was being conducted by a dynamic young teacher from Beijing. The students were learning via Skype with the Australian classroom teacher a facilitator and guide in the process and the expertise being provided from China. It was a sensible and creative solution to a language teacher shortage in the north west of our state and the students were fully engaged in the process. It is certainly a challenge of our current strategic visioning process to look beyond our traditional educational frontiers.


Together, let us seek justice.


Yours sincerely


Robert Henderson


Around The Primary

Dear Parents


Yesterday  Joel Margaria, Evelyn Arundell, Joanna Negus and Harry Court from Year 6 attended the official launch of LifeLink Day. Our students had the privilege of meeting Most Rev Timothy Costelloe Archbishop of Perth, Most Rev Donald Sproxton Auxiliary Bishop of Perth and Dr Tim McDonald Director of Catholic Education in WA.
All Catholic Primary schools this year have been asked to support the “Open Your Hearts to People in Need” campaign. Every student was given a paper heart and encouraged to write a personal message, a prayer or a picture for people in need. At this launch, all the individual ‘LifeLink Day Hearts’ which all the schools had produced were displayed in one gigantic heart on the oval at Newman College - a powerful visual representation of how we work together, as one Catholic family, to reach out to those in need.


Our school enthusiastically supported this project and the students from Kindy to Year 6 had a lot of fun doing so. Later in the term we will have a fundraising event to support LifeLink agencies.


Next week I will be enjoying a week’s Long Service Leave. Please contact the Primary Assistant Principals, Ms Allen or Miss Joyce if you have any concerns.


All parents are welcome to come along to the Year One Assembly on Friday 16 June commencing at 9am in Roncalli Hall.


Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary


A big thank you to the parent community for providing the delicious morning tea today.

This lovely gesture was greatly appreciated by the staff.



Dates to Remember:


Tuesday 13 and Thursday 15 June             Cross Country Training 7:25am
Friday 16 June                                                   1B/1G Assembly 9am


World Environment Day

To celebrate World Environment Day, John XXIII students

Kieran Rakich, Xavier Dillon, Darcy O’Meara (Year 7); Ella Naismith, Cheynne Cusma and Emma Scalise gave up their lunch time on Friday  2 June to plant two beautiful Silver Princess Eucalyptus in the Pre-Primary courtyard.  The students did a wonderful job following the instructions given by John XXIII College’s chief gardener, Peter Worthy.

We hope the trees will flourish in the winter rains and bring joy and wonder to many in the years to come.


Dr Margaret Yoon



Fujimi High School Exchange: Please consider becoming a host family

Thank you to the many families that have so generously offered to host so far. We are still looking for a number of host families, so please consider hosting a Japanese girl early next term for only two weeks.


We have a wonderful group of 29 fifteen year old girls from Fujimi High School coming to John XXIII College. The exchange students will arrive on Sunday 30 July and leave on Saturday 12 August. Your son or daughter does not have to be a student of Japanese as the exchange students are here to experience home life in Australia and practice their English speaking skills.

Many past host families have written to express their appreciation for this program as it has, not only been fun, but led to life-long friendships and a deeper respect and understanding of another culture. Sharing our homes with a person from another race, culture and ethnicity expands our minds and offers the entire family an opportunity to be adaptive to unusual, funny and engaging intercultural interactions. It can be wonderful opportunity to learn more about Japan and the world without leaving home.


Please read the attached letter for more details, then complete the form and paste images on the photo page, before returning it via email to


The Japanese exchange students always greatly appreciate the kindness of all of our families for sharing their Perth/Aussie/JTC lifestyle.


Many thanks for your consideration.


Shane Glass and Glen James

Head of Languages (Languages) and Fujimi Coordinator


Study Tour To France 2017

Planning for the Study Tour to France at the end of this year have commenced for our Year 10 and Year 11 students of French.

We would like to congratulate Ms Janine O’Grady and Ms Louise Hoy on being selected to assist in the organisation and accompany the French Study Tour Team in December 2017. Their expertise will be invaluable to all.


Ms Carmelina Grassi

French Study Tour Co-ordinator


House Theatre Sports

Congratulations and well done to the 41 Year 7, 8 and 9 students who participated in the inaugural Junior House Theatre Sports competition.


The results were:

Loreto – first

Loyola – second

Kooly and Ward – third

Campion and St Louis - fourth

Thank you, as always, to the technical crew and Jeff Jansen and thank you to Sam Moloney and Alice Chaney for judging.


Coming Soon


Auditions for this year’s 8/9 production Holes will be held next week.


Senior House Theatre Sports competition is on Tuesday in the GBLT at 7:00pm.


George Tsakisiris

Head of Drama

Music - Week 17

Music Eisteddfod

The annual Music Eisteddfod returns next week, on Sunday, 18 June and Monday, 19 June. We have received a staggering 423 entries this year, making for an exciting few days of music performances throughout the College! Expert adjudicators in each instrumental and vocal category will be allocating house points, with medals and trophies ready to be engraved with sectional winners! Please see below for section times and locations across the two days.


For students with multiple entries who note clashes between sessions, please advise the session’s scribe that you will need to perform at the beginning, so that you can make both sessions. Please note that, with the exception of these cases, parents and students are expected to stay for the entirety of their session in courtesy of other performers. Tea and coffee is available for audience members, outside the Performing Arts Centre.


For students who require complimentary piano accompaniment, please book times with Mr Dockery (voice and senior winds) or Mr Johnston (strings) through the Music Office. Please note that the Eisteddfod Winner’s Concert, where medals and trophies will be presented, is to be held on Sunday, 25 June at 5:30pm in the GBLT, see the attached schedule for times.


We are looking forward to next weekend immensely, and hope to see as many friends and family in support of all performers as possible!


St George's Cathedral Lunchtime Concert

All families are invited to attend the annual lunchtime concert at St George’s Cathedral, located in the heart of Perth city. This concert features small ensembles – vocal and instrumental – in the beautiful surrounds and acoustics of the cathedral, and is scheduled for 1:00pm on Wednesday, 21 June. Entry is free to all members of the public.

Music Camp

Please note that the annual Music Camp is scheduled, for eligible secondary students in ensembles, for Friday, 21 July to Sunday, 23 July in New Norcia. Ensembles in attendance include Treble Choir, Chamber Choir, Senior Guitar Ensemble, Swing Band, Concert and Wind Bands and Chamber Orchestra and small ensembles derived from the larger.


Parents and friends are invited to join the musicians for Mass on the Sunday morning, and a community concert on Sunday afternoon. Further details about Music Camp are scheduled to be emailed to parents and students in the coming weeks.

Music Badges

New badges for all auditioned ensembles at the College have arrived! Each ensemble member is eligible to receive a badge, based on their attendance and participation in rehearsals. Due to the new format of the badges, there is a necessary replacement cost, should students misplace their badge in the future. Replacement badges can be obtained through the Music Department at the cost of $12.00.

Applications For Instrumental Lessons

There are still a limited number of placements available for instrumental and vocal lessons in Semester 2.  Forms are available online and from the Music Office.   Contact with any queries.


James Kros

Director of Music

Pathways and Transition




For all Alumni enquiries, to RSVP for any of the events or leave an expression of interest, please contact:

Anna Gingell

Alumni Development
Phone: (08) 9383 0520 | Email: 

Or refer to the College Website.



Teenagers And Sleep

Sleep research suggests that a teenager needs between nine and 10 hours of sleep every night. Yet most adolescents only get about seven or eight hours. Some get less.

Regularly not getting enough sleep leads to chronic sleep deprivation. This can have dramatic effects on a teenager’s life, including reduced academic performance at school.

Causes of sleep deprivation

  • Hormonal time shift – puberty hormones shift the teenager’s body clock forward by about one or two hours, making them sleepier one to two hours later. Yet, while the teenager falls asleep later, early school starts don’t allow them to sleep in. This nightly ‘sleep debt’ leads to chronic sleep deprivation.
  • Hectic after-school schedule –homework, sport, part-time work and social commitments can cut into a teenager’s sleeping time.
  • Leisure activities –the lure of stimulating entertainment such as television, the internet and computer gaming can keep a teenager out of bed.
  • Light exposure – light cues the brain to stay awake. In the evening, lights from television, mobile phones and computers can prevent adequate production of melatonin, the brain chemical  (neurotransmitter) responsible for sleep.
  • Vicious circle – insufficient sleep causes a teenager’s brain to become more active. An over-aroused brain is less able to fall asleep.
  • Social attitude – in Western culture, keeping active is valued more than sleep.
  • Sleep disorders – sleep disorders, such as restless legs syndrome or sleep apnoea, can affect how much sleep a teenager gets.
  • Some effects of sleep deprivation:  concentration difficulties, mentally ‘drifting off ‘ in class, shortened attention span, lack of enthusiasm, moodiness and aggression, depression, slower physical reflexes, reduced sporting performance, reduced academic performance, increased number of ‘sick days’ from school because of tiredness.

Preventing sleep deprivation

Some suggestions include:

  • choose a relaxing bedtime routine; for example, have a bath and a hot milky drink before bed.
  • Avoid using mobile phone, computer, loud music, homework, or any other activity that gets your mind racing for about an hour before bedtime.
  • Keep your room dark at night. The brain’s sleep-wake cycle is largely set by light received through the eyes. In the morning, expose your eyes to lots of light to help wake up your brain.
  • Avoid having any food or drink that contains caffeine after dinnertime. This includes coffee, tea, cola drinks and chocolate.
  • Avoid recreational drugs (including alcohol, tobacco and cannabis) as they can cause you to have broken and poor quality sleep.
  • Do the same bedtime routine every night for at least four weeks to make your brain associate this routine with going to sleep.
  • Avoid staying up late on the weekends. Late nights will undo your hard work.
  • Remember that even 30 minutes of extra sleep each night on a regular basis makes a big difference.
  • See your doctor if self-help techniques don’t increase your nightly sleep quota.


For further information go to:



Jenny Hill

College Nurse

Reference: Department of Health WA




If a student has placed a lunch order, but is not at school that day or has gone home early,  the order can be cancelled before 9:30am.  Failing which a sibling may collect the lunch order.  


We will not give lunch orders to friends unless a parent has contacted the canteen, to let us know who will be collecting it.


Dianne Combrink


Parent Association



The next PA meeting will be in Term Three on Monday 14 August 2017 at 7:00pm in the Thomas More Exhibition Centre.  All John XXIII parents and guardians are welcome to attend.  Funding proposals must be submitted by Friday 28 July to be considered at this meeting.  If you have any questions, please email  


Upcoming Inspire Events

  • 1 August, 2017 Healthy Body Image. For parents and children in Years 7 – 12. (Speaker: Professor Sue Byrne)
  • 12 September, 2017 Loneliness, Bullying and Pressure to Succeed Issues (Speaker: Karen Martin)

Men Of John XXIII

We Want Dads!

Are you interested in becoming more involved as a father? The Men of John XXIII College (MOJTC) are here to support you with get socials and events, advocating the benefits of becoming a better dad.


We are looking for dads who would like to:


1.      Join the MOJTC committee.  Just come along and help to guide our future direction.

2.      Become a Year group representative.  Join with other dads in your child’s year and run an event, which gives you all more time with your kids.

3.      Have an idea for an event?  Go for it!  The committee has funds to assist and the MOJTC will work with the College to help make it happen.


If you are keen to help, simply email:


Need an idea for an event?  Look here for some great ideas:


If nothing else, check out The Fathering Project website:


Be involved.


Community Notices

Save The Date

Loreto Federation 2018


Loreto Normanhurst NSW is the proud host of Loreto Federation 2018.  We extend a warm welcome to all of the Loreto and John XXIII College Community to join us for a weekend of vision, inspiration and action.


Come, Be the Change.

Loreto Federation Committee 2018 

Click here for the invitation.

Registration and details will be available from Mary Nicholls in Perth after  November  08 9386 1175


University of Notre Dame Holiday Events

A Day in the Life of a Uni Student

Come to Notre Dame in Fremantle and get a taste of what uni life is like in Freo’s West End.
You can take part in lectures and activities (without the assessments!), join a campus tour, and meet current students and academics. Year 12s can participate in an optional application session.


A Day in the Life of a Uni Student

Friday 14 July, 9:30am-2pm

Drill Hall (ND25), corner Mouat and Cliff Street, Fremantle


To register, visit or contact the Prospective Students Office on 9433 0533


Course Advice Sessions

Students seeking course advice are invited to book a one-on-one appointment with a Prospective Students Advisor during the July holidays. This is a chance to go over Notre Dame’s undergraduate course options and the application process in depth.


Course Advice Sessions

Monday 3 July-Wednesday 12 July, by appointment

Prospective Students Office, 23 High Street, Fremantle


To register, visit or contact the Prospective Students Office on 9433 0533


ATAR Express Workshops

Year 11 students, learn how to ace your ATAR subjects with tips for excelling in your studies. These two-day courses are designed to prepare students for concepts that will be introduced in the second part of Year 11 through a combination of revision of semester one content and introduction of semester two content.


Subjects covered: Mathematics Methods, English, Human Biology and Chemistry

PLUS Study Skills for Year 11 and Year 12


ATAR Express Workshops

Monday 3-Friday 14 July, days vary per workshop

The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Campus


To register, visit or contact the Academic Enabling & Support Centre on 9433 0950


Uniform Shop


The Uniform Shop will be closed on Monday 12 June for mid-year stocktake.  The shop will open again on Wednesday 14 June.

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