29 June 2017
Issue Two
Kew High School
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East Kew, Vic, 3102


The Joy of Learning Through Experience

All that we do at Kew is centred on creating a positive learning environment for our students, a world where they have a sense of purpose and an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships.  We know that for anyone to learn, engagement and relevance are critical components.

The end of semester Winter Solstice of Music saw 198 students and 16 music staff involved in a myriad of ways, but mostly performing. There were students at all levels of proficiency being availed of the opportunity to be on stage in a variety of bands and ensembles. Such a show is the end product of countless hours of practising and innumerable interactions and through this students learn valuable and transferable life skills. To achieve success as a musician here you have to cooperate with others, be determined and patient, accept feedback and be organised. At the conclusion, students had a sense of accomplishment and pride as the audience acknowledged their efforts.

Earlier in the term, I sat in the Renaissance Theatre and watched spellbound as the VCE students performed Alice in Wonderland. Generally each member of the class had input into more than one role. They elected to work back stage or on lighting and sound, on the sets or costumes or as directors. They were perfectly cast and they entertained with their masterful performances. As the curtain closed on the second night, they had all accumulated their unique lifetime memories.

Other activities outside the classroom include: the Victorian  Schools’ Cup and Beach volleyball,  interschool sport, a range of year level and Outdoor Education camps with bushwalking, sailing and snorkelling, the VCE  Biology camp , snow trips, excursions,  involvement in Stem, the Tournament of the Minds, debating, public speaking, the United Nation Convention, SRC led activities, cultural diversity week, the Q9 cross curricular project, work experience  and World Challenge. In these, students are able to challenge themselves, work in teams and discover the joy of learning through experience.


Clare Entwisle


House Cross - country was a huge success, with many students from each year level competing and earning respected house points

Funds were also raised by individual sponsorship for the cross- country Fun Run event. The highest individual fundraising amount was by Dior Meaney-Liu, who raised a huge $700! Cotham finished in first place with 805 points, followed by Boroondara second, Barker third and Wilsmere fourth.

Oliver McMahon and Julia Halaseh-Russo

Sports Captains

Division Cross-Country

Many students excelled and went through to the division stage for Cross-country. There were some outstanding results, including Aston Key who won the Under17-20 event, Marlee Lange Pirrie who came second in the Under 15 girls and Lewis Mossman who came third in the Under 16 boys. Finlay Gough finished third in the Under 13 boys. Kew High School had nine students who finished in the top 10 in the division cross - country race and earned their spot in the Eastern Metropolitan Regionals race. Huge congratulations to the students for their efforts.


Oliver McMahon and Julia Haleseh-Russo

Sports Captains


A Blast of a Day

The day started off quite cold and wet but once the sun dried up the track, Kew High School students were in for a blast of a day! The events were run well by staff, and students performed to their best. There was an outstanding number of students participating throughout the day, and you could see the sea of red, yellow, blue and green spread around the track, embracing the house spirit. A number of students broke some previous school athletics records throughout the day. Boroondara were the overall winners on the day, tallying up 1316 points, followed by Cotham in second place, Barker in third and Wilsmere in fourth .


Oliver McMahon and Julia Halaseh-Russo

Sports Captains



The 25th of April marks an incredibly significant moment in the lives of all Australians.

It marks the day thousands of men and women sacrificed their lives for the future generations, our generation, to live free lives. On this day, we came together as a school community and remembered all those who had fallen and served for our country. 

Kew High School was privileged to have many distinguished guests commemorate and join our school memorial service. We would like to thank Tim Smith and Judith Voce, who spoke to our students about the importance of the memorial day, and what it means for us. We would also like to acknowledge the representatives from the Rotary Club of Yarra Bend, Kew and Kew East Community Bank, The School Council, School Chaplaincy Committee, QNetwork and parents who also attended the assembly. We would also like to thank the students who spoke and our school band for their performance. 

Alongside the Kew High School assembly, many students also represented the school in an ANZAC Day march on Sunday the 23rd at Kew Junction. This march is an annual event where all of the schools and scouts in the area are invited to attend and march alongside some of the families and war veterans. Kew High School is very well known for their large body of student participation at the march and they were definitely not disappointed this year. We are so thankful to all those students who came and marched for our school and paid their respects. 

Lest we forget.

Tom Williams and Amy Farrawell 

School Captains



Our Music students and staff were involved in many performances and events during Term 2.

These included:

  • Eastern region annual music concert with  Dancebeat at Hamer Hall, The Jazz Band and The Advanced Guitar Group
  • Mid-Year concert involving all Music ensembles
  • Stage Band at the General Assembly on June 8
  • Lunchtime concerts
  • The Music Camp
  • The Royal Melbourne Hospital Well Being Festival, with performances by The Advanced Guitars, The String Orchestra and The Chinese Music Ensemble
  • Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre where The Advanced Guitar group played.
  • The annual Chaplaincy Dinner that was entertained by The Jazz Band
  • Rotary Function at Amora Hotel, Richmond

Thanks to everyone involved and for the continued high standard of performances.

Judy Bartosy

Director of Music


An Awesome Week

Semester 1 Music Camp took place from Monday 1 to  Wednesday 3 May.

All instrumental students were able to come to school in free dress and spent the days with their ensemble, which was a fantastic opportunity to work on their pieces for the upcoming Mid-year Concert.

The week was finished off with a lunch time concert on the Friday which saw an awesome turnout from all year levels. The bands were super entertaining and did a great job of ending music week!


Izzy Roberts,

Music Captain


Don’t Fret (Kew Guitar Ensemble) performed at Hamer Hall as part of the NEVR annual youth concert.

The theme for the night was Dancebeat. In keeping with this theme, Don’t Fret performed their rendition of the classic Inspiration by the Gipsy Kings.


The group practised and rehearsed tirelessly in preparation for the event. Their efforts enabled them to give a fantastic performance in front of a very large audience. The group was thrilled to perform at one of the most prestigious venues in the state. It was an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Well done team!


Harry Arvanitis

Head of Guitar


Photo: Cooper Smith

On Monday 8 May, the Year 10 Media Photography class went on an excursion to Melbourne City.

The students photographed their chosen theme in their chosen locations. Some of themes included, ‘Melbourne Luxury’, ‘Street Wear and Style’, ‘Landscapes’, ‘Nature’, ‘Melbourne Landmarks’, and ‘City in Black and White’.


Despite the rain and cold weather, the students were able to explore a range of different locations and took some wonderful photographs. The students were able to practise their camera techniques as well as their presentation and compositional skills.


Sophie Richards

10 Media Photography Teacher


Some of the highlights of the day included:


-Photographing in the Crown Casino lobby and the Crown Casino rooftop that lights up.


-Photographing the street art and graffiti in Degraves Street and Hosier Lane.


-Enjoying the freedom of photographing their own theme and choosing their own locations to shoot.


-Photographing the cityscape from the top of the Eureka Tower.


-Photographing in so many locations in one day including the Shrine of Remembrance, Queen Victoria Market, The Arts Centre, Federation Square, St Pauls Cathedral, Melbourne Museum, Parliament House, Southbank, and Train Stations.


10 Media Photography Class.


Photo Credits: Aaron Korczak-Krzeczowski, Alicia Patsavouras, Camelia Horner, Daniel Chen, Max Neveskiotis, Hamish Peele, Henry Manthorpe, Finn Von Bibra, Mitchell Bell, Samantha Zee, Tom Hakins, and Zach Douvos.


May the Fourth be with you!

Cast your mind back to 1977, when a revolutionary new movie hit the scene. Imagine walking into the cinema not knowing what to expect and walking out amazed. Over the years, Star Wars has captured millions of fans around the world and we wanted to have a Star Wars Day, to commemorate the films that revolutionized modern cinema.


As you may remember, the fourth of May was Star Wars Day. The day went off perfectly, with A New Hope shown at lunchtime in the library. Year Eights also enjoyed a specially made Kahoot and the traditional ring of the bell, was replaced with fantastic and iconic themes such as the Imperial March; played to warn students of their imminent deaths and oppression under the Galactic Empire.


Will Stevens and Archie Vickers

Year 8



This term, the Year 11 English students were treated to a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, by The Complete Works Theatre Company. It is essential to watch a live production of the play, as the Bard intended, to fully appreciate the intricacies of the plot, character development and imagery. Students were thoroughly entertained by this professional and skilled group of actors as they brought one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies to life. Students’ preparations for the related SAC were assisted by an exhaustive question and answer session run by the performers. 

Edward Scissorhands

This term the Year 7 students were introduced to their first film study in English classes, focusing on Edward Scissorhands. As a way into the text and the new challenge of film analysis, students were taken to ACMI for a special viewing of the film followed by an in depth lecture delivered by one of their resident experts. Students were offered an insight into the wonderfully imaginative worlds created by director Tim Burton. It was followed by a guided tour through a series of key scenes to examine aspects of the film such as camera shots and angles, music, lighting and costume. Although in its twenty-seventh year, Edward Scissorhands proves to be a favourite with Year 7 students as it explores relevant issues around conformity and acceptance, utilising Burton’s signature quirky humour, before leaving the audience with a positive and uplifting message.


As Year 10 English students are well versed in film analysis, it has been the job of English teachers to extend their knowledge and further develop their essay writing skills this term. Gattaca is presented at ACMI as a VCE text study and as we are preparing the Year 10 students for a successful start to their VCE studies we signed them up. The film lecture was met with mature enthusiasm and many thoughtful questions for the ACMI lecturer. Additionally, the lecturer gave the students an insight into university style lectures and tips on successful note taking. Gattaca has proven to be a captivating film to study as it allows students to engage with complex issues around the ethics of genetic manipulation and humanity’s indomitable desire to exceed imposed limitations. Through the protagonist’s journey students were able to understand that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


Victoria Brahmin

English Coordinator


Camp was a fun, amazing experience, even though the weather was very cold!

The most fun activities that we did were the ‘leap of faith’ and the ‘hunger games’. In the ‘leap of faith’, we climbed up a wooden pole and jumped off when we reached the top. For the ‘hunger games’ we worked in our teams to try and complete the games then nominated a tribute to compete in the final challenges.


We also enjoyed sitting next to the campfire and listening to others tell stories while eating roasted marshmallows and we also enjoyed  staying in a cabin with friends.


Looking back, the camp was great and we developed our leadership skills, teamwork, and became closer with friends. It was also good to bring home new friendships and amazing memories.


Mimi Hoang and Julia Nguyen




On Friday 19 May, over 100 students participated in this year's 3in6 Film Competition.

There were a few new additions to this year’s competition. We had two new judges, both from the library: Ms.Sue De Leon and Mr.Kevin Whitney. There were also three new awards: Best Actor, Best Editor/Cinematographer and Best New Talent.


Like last year, the judges made a film with the two secrets. Our friendly librarian Mr.Whitney was the star of the film. In the film he was faced with some unfortunate FAKE NEWS.  He also discovered a lost book about coins GOLD COIN! Once, the clues were revealed and the rules were explained, the students began working on making their films.


There was some leniency in regard to a three minute film made in six hours, but by the end of the day, a total of 25 films were submitted. This was a record for Kew High School.


Thank you to all of the students who participated. It was a wonderful day and some great films were produced. Thank you also to the judges: Ms Sue De Leon, Mr Kevin Whitney, Mr  Huu Tran, Mr Daryl Bennett, Mr Frank Ferretti and Mr Danny Gesundheit. Finally, a big thanks must go to the principal, Ms Clare Entwisle for continuing to support the competition.


Danny Gesundheit

Media Coordinator

The winners of this year’s competition were:


Junior Secondary WINNERS

Year 8 – Kristiana Gjorgiev, Bishaaro Faarax, Georgia Lindemans


Middle Secondary WINNERS

Year 9 ABDUCTION – Jack Chenoweth, Elton Paraha, Marko Babusku, Chris Misarvidis-Tyshing


Senior Secondary WINNERS

Year 12 TOASTIE - Matt Kaal, Alex Constantinidis AND Samuel Edvardsson


Best Actor

Henry Nguyen


Best Editor/Cinematographer

Howard Aitken


Best Direction

Lingjun Chen



Year 12 – MISDIRECTION  - Alex Siderov, Fabrice Wong Kwok, Ferris Hansen, Lukas Matovinovic


Year 12 – SPYBOYZ4EVA  - Eddy McQueen, Pat Farrawell, Marc Scollo, Todd Dhima


Year 12 – FOUND FOOTAGE -  Sam Wakelam, Lachlan Peele



On Thursday 28 March, 65 Unit 1 Biology students and eight staff went to Queenscliff for an overnight camp focussed on a range of activities coordinated by the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre. This education facility is an initiative of Fisheries Victoria and provides a range of tailored programs beyond the scope of the regular classroom. Specifically, the camp enabled students to meaningfully fulfil the field-work component of their course, and in so doing, add valuable data to the centre’s longitudinal study of population changes in the marine ecosystem of Swan Bay.


On arrival at the centre, students rotated through three laboratory activities focussed on deepening their understanding of the range of plant and animal adaptations seen in a marine environment. Students completed a fish dissection, microscope based analysis of structural adaptations and then  had an opportunity to handle a number of organisms in the touch tank.

For the field-work component of the camp students at the beach used specialised equipment and the expertise of the instructors, and  carried out a variety of sampling techniques aimed at collecting data on plant and animal distribution. Students could then appreciate first-hand, how the complex  adaptations seen in the morning’s activities enable survival in this harsh marine environment.

Next morning students had the choice of a snorkelling trip or a marine studies cruise. The snorkelling group went out to Pope's Eye, a unique and protected area in the Marine National Park that offers a rich community of plant and animal life. The marine studies cruise travelled out to observe a colony of Australian Fur Seals and a colony of Australasian Gannets. Along the way a small sledge was deployed which sampled material from the bottom of the bay enabling students to observe a range of bottom dwellings organisms like crabs, sea-stars, seahorses, sponges, some fish as well as lots of seaweeds.

On return to school, students analysed their data and in conjunction with further research presented their findings as a poster. They selected one organism viewed over the two days, identified a range of its adaptations and linked these adaptations to the organism’s survival in its habitat.


The Unit 1 Biology teachers (Jory Clark, Mark Rickard and Di Keage) along with the students would like to thank all the staff who came along to ensure the success of the camp by driving the buses, general supervision, organising the allocation of rooms, and getting breakfast on the table: Penelope Cleghorn, Susan de Leon, Tom Williams, Judy Finger and Dawn Morrissey. There are two special thank-yous: Mark Brentnall, although now retired from Kew for two years, came back to drive one of the buses and Mark Rickard who’d only just been appointed to Kew and his first day at Kew High School was the camp. Great effort.

Di Keage

Unit 1 Biology teacher

Reflections from two of our International students:

It was a sunny day and we were heading towards Queenscliff.  Around 11:30 we arrived at our first destination – the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre. In the display centre, we saw a lot of incredible marine animals such as chubby globefishes which can inflate themselves when threatened and some fluffy seaweed. After that, led by a fishery expert, we dissected some marine fish. They were stinky, but it was a lot of fun. The fish we dissected were not wasted, instead they went to the dinner table and were effectively recycled.


In the late afternoon, we arrived at a beach and investigated a lot of small creatures that we had never noticed before. We learned about where they live, what they eat and how they produce offspring. We also classified those creatures into different species.


The next day was a wonderful boat cruise on Port Philip Bay. Okay, it was wonderful to me, not to the fellows who got a bit seasick! We headed back to school at 12 o'clock. The camp was short but interesting. Anyway, we had a great time learning and playing at the same time.

Chengkun Zhou

Year 11

 We observed so many organisms in the laboratory and also touched some of them. We studied the internal structure of a fish, which was very interesting. After that we went to a beach and found some species by ourselves and recorded their adaptations. Although it was cold that day, we still very much enjoyed that place. On the second day, we took the boat and saw seals in the sea. They were all very cute. We found some sea snails and sea horses in the algae as well.


Overall, it was a fantastic  camp, I also made some new friends with other students.

Iris Zhang

Year 11


Making Water Clean

Running taps, working toilets, and clean, safe drinking water. In Australia, they’re things people take for granted, yet around the world, 900 million people do not have access to clean, safe drinking water.


This problem was put forward to all Year 7 Science classes and in response every student participated in groups to produce a working model of a water filtration system. To promote their water purification system and build confidence in recycled water, students designed a company name, logo and an advertising campaign that included a television commercial.


One television commercial and one water purification system was put forward by each class to compete against the rest of the Year 7 classes in a competition on Friday 26 May. A panel of judges watched every television commercial and judged  elements such as film quality, creativity and ability to sell their product.  Each water unit spent the morning filtering water, and judges looked at the clarity of water, attractiveness of the system and the amount of clean water produced.


This project enabled students to participate in a STEM themed project and provided the opportunity  to further develop their 21st Century skills such as Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Innovation.


Thank you to our Year 7 students for their creative efforts, our Year 7 Science teachers for their hard work and our panel of judges Ms Sitlington, Ms Dunstall, Mr Bennett, Mr Chrisafis and our STEM captain, Sam Wakelam, for deciding on the following winners:

Water Purification System: 7I – Hydration Better

Water Television Commercial: 7D – Dumbledore’s Army


Lyndsey Thickins

STEM teacher



Student Bake Sale

On Monday 22 May, Kew High held the Biggest Morning Tea. As part of this, the Year 12 Leadership Team held a bake sale to raise funds for the Cancer Council. Many students and teachers contributed a plate of delicious homemade baked goods to the bake sale. With music in the air, the sweet smell of delicate treats, and lots of sugary smiles, the morning tea was a huge success! There were many excited students lining up to see what was being sold. It was a successful event and we were able to raise just over $400, which is an outstanding effort. Thank you to all the students and teachers who contributed to the bake sale, we really appreciate your efforts!


Emma Batty

Media/Drama Captain


Victoria Grey and Lukas Matovinovic

Social Justice Captains

Staff Morning tea

Kew High’s tradition of holding the Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser for the Cancer Council of Victoria continued this year. The generosity of the staff in attending, donating or supplying food realised a wonderful contribution of almost  $1200. Kew High has been touched by cancer so this was a great day which brought everyone together to help a cause close to our hearts.


Judy Finger, Dawn Morrissey, Marilyn Ross and Veronica Brunton



Working Towards Careers in STEM

Five Kew High School girls made their way to Quantum Victoria to participate in a Year 9 – 12 statewide Women in STEM event on Monday 29 May. Celebrating women in the area of STEM, our girls listened to the pathway of Kristin Lyons, a prominent female role model. She spoke of her role as Chief Information Security Officer at Australia Post and her involvement with Cyber Security.


For the remainder of the day, students participated in five themed activities: Coding and Arduinos, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Advanced Materials, Robotics and Engineering and Cyber Security. The girls were engaged in all activities and are working towards careers in STEM for the future.


Lyndsey Thickins

STEM teacher


Educating and Entertaining

On 29 May, the year 10s had a presentation on Alcohol awareness. A man called Xavier Diaz, from Warner Youth Education presented an intriguing and informative presentation educating the year level on the use of alcohol.  


Xavier discussed drinking responsibly, knowing our limits and life decisions, all the while creating an entertaining and engaging atmosphere. During the presentation he retold and shared his life stories and experiences in regards to alcohol consumption, which was both educating and entertaining. The entire year level has taken something positive away from the presentation and will be sure to implement it in their own lives. ​


Aaron Korczak-Krzeczowski

Year 10


Fun, Loud and Educational

This term, the year nine girls had the unique opportunity to participate in a self-defence program. We were led by a martial arts instructor, Adrian, in a series of trust and getting to know each other exercises. After a few rounds of Giants Treasure and Knee Tag, the gloves went on. We were put in pairs and then taught how to correctly attack one another. It was fun, loud and educational, all in one! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience and  we look forward to more events like this one.


Lana Blackwell (9D), Sarah Christopoulos (9D) and Lily Massey (9C)



Greetings from the School Chaplain

Term 2 has been a full on 11 weeks and there have been a wide variety of programs for students.  These have included Year 7 Peer Support, Positive Thinking Day and ANZAC day services.


The Year 7 Peer Support Program came to a close for another year this term.  Over Semester 1 the 42 peer support leaders worked hard to help integrate the year 7 students into high school life.  It has been a great two terms filled with fun and friendship.  

Chaplaincy Fundraising Dinner – Thank you to everyone who supported the Annual Chaplaincy Dinner held on Friday 26 May.  The dinner was held in the school VCE centre, an excellent location for a night of fun and celebration.  On the night we were entertained by the Kew High School Musicians and served by students and SRC leaders.  The dinner was generously supported by the local businesses in Kew who donated thousands of dollars worth of prizes for the auction and raffle.  Thank you again to everyone who helped make the dinner a huge success. Special thanks to the Chaplaincy Committee, and Helen Hendley and her team who organised the hospitality for the evening.  The Dinner definitely is a wonderful evening full of music, food and community -  watch out for the event next year.


Kew High  remembers the ANZACS – As the chaplain I had the privilege this year to work with the year 12 leaders to organise the KHS Anzac Commemorations.  It was wonderful to see a large group of SRC leaders involved in the Kew RSL Anzac march on Sunday 23April.  The school service, held on Friday 21 April, was led by School Captains Amy Farawell and Tom Williams.  The service was attended by special guests, Tim Smith, State Member for Kew, Yarra Bend Rotary Club, School Council, Q Network and the Chaplaincy Committee.


Theatre productions are a great way to learn. This term we had the opportunity to have a number of great productions at the school.  Cyberia for the year 8 students focused on cyber bullying and Wired for the year 11 students focused on stress and mental illness.  Verbal Combat for year 7 had a focus on bullying and Show Some Respect for year 9 had a focus on Respectful Relationships.  Students love the experience of learning in this creative way.

New  Shade Sails . Thanks to the School Shade Grant Program two new shade sails have been installed at the school. One is at the entrance of the gym where students wait at the beginning of classes.  The second is on the grassed area outside the VCE centre.  Please have a look at these excellent new structures around the school.


If you would like to find out more about school chaplaincy or are willing to become involved with the chaplaincy committee or as a volunteer in the Second-hand Uniform and Book Shop please contact the school chaplain.


Rosemary Carter

 School Chaplain


Victorian Schools Cup

The  Victorian Schools Cup tournament was held at the end of May and was a great tournament to introduce our new Year 7s to Volleyball. A number of our students also completed the Volleyball Refereeing course the week prior, and were then given the opportunity to put their new refereeing and volleyball skills to the test. As usual, the one-day tournament’s draw was jam-packed to give students plenty of opportunity to play schools from all over Victoria. Some of our teams played seven games on the day. Overall, it was a very successful event with our most notable results below.


Year 8 Girls Maroon - BRONZE

Year 9 Boys Maroon - BRONZE

Year 9 Girls Gold - BRONZE

Year 9 Girls Maroon - SILVER

Senior Boys Gold - GOLD

Senior Boys Maroon - SILVER

Senior Girls Maroon - BRONZE

Louise Bates

Sports Coordinator


A Perfect Score in HHD

There is no i in team, but there is one in champion and we can find two in Olivia and I would like to congratulate this champion on achieving a perfect score in Health and Human Development (HHD) in 2016.


Olivia stuck to her study routine, she asked questions in class to clarify her understanding, she applied the knowledge given to her in class in her own time, she used all the resources available and she worked hard to become one of the top five students who achieved a perfect score in the state in HHD.  


Well done Olivia! We wish you all the best in your future studies and look forward to seeing what your bright future brings.  I’m sure you will amaze all at Monash whilst completing your Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Finance. You are also a well deserving recipient of the Monash Business School Scholars Scholarship!


Dan Norton

Leader of Pedagogy and Curriculum


VET 1 & 2 Outdoor Recreation

I enjoyed this camp because of all the great memories that I made with such great people. The canoeing was just one of the things that I thought that I couldn't have wished for a better group of people to go with. The activities that we took part in on this camp were sometimes a bit challenging, but more often than not were really good experiences. When Isabella took the photo above, we had all just paddled under a small bridge and we were waiting for everyone else to catch up so that we could keep going. I learnt from this that although sometimes things aren't always in your comfort zone, they usually make the best experiences and best memories.


Talya Callahan

Year 10


One aspect of the camp that I found challenging was the bike riding because I'm not the strongest rider, but it was something that after we finished, I felt like I had accomplished something great. Although it was challenging I also found it a lot of fun! This photo above, sums up my feelings


Victoria Carver

Year 10


Photo: Jeff Busby

Picture a theatre full of students, a dark stage lit just by a blue light above. An elevated platform made out to be Flagstaff Station, complete with benches and yellow lines. You are now picturing the performance of 'Melbourne Talam'.

As Kew High School students, we travelled via tram to see  a play by Rashma N. Kalsie. We arrived just before 1 o’clock in the afternoon and shortly we, along with many other students and a few members of the public, were moved into one of the rooms at Southbank Theatre, The Lawler. We were among (mostly) VCE students as the Melbourne Theatre Company were putting on the play. It was my first time in this theatre and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I thought the exterior and interior of the theatre were very trendy and well put together. The staff were polite and added to the overall experience.


Melbourne Talam told the story of three Indians living in Melbourne. Their stories crossed paths on Flagstaff station as they waited for their trains and thought about their homes: Punjab, Delhi and Hyderabad. The characters are attempting to find their talam after moving to Australia. Talam is a term used in Indian music. In this play it referred to the rhythm of Melbourne. The characters, Jasminder Singh, Sonali Chugh and Poornachandra Rao, just could not seem to get Melbourne’s talam. As the play tells the story of the three people, a dramatic event changes all of them and their futures in Australia.


The play was easy to follow from my perspective having read the script prior to seeing it and I presume most people, having read the script or not, would find it easy to follow. The actors used freezes and slow motion movements, as well as stage lighting, to help you understand when there were flashbacks. However, most of the scenes were in chronological order.


Melbourne Talam explored many themes including identity and belonging, relationships and a character’s thoughts and feelings. Inner thoughts and feelings was one theme that I feel was explored really well, but at the same time, it was a bit overused. The characters talked to the audience a lot during the play and at times, it got repetitive. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the play. After reading the script, I wasn’t expecting much but the actors brought life and energy to the story line.


Having a train platform as the base of a stage is hard to pull off. ’The stage design was exceptional. Moving chairs made the stage easy to change between scenes and it helped the actors with seamless transitions from character to character. The excavators on the front and back of the set made movements interesting and added to how realistic the play looked. It also helped with scene changes and character changes. The acting was very strong. The three actors used props, voices and body posture to change characters and I thought this was effective. I felt that all three characters were equally engaging.


Lighting and sound were one of my favourite parts of the play. The sound and lights could intimate a train without us seeing a train; they could change the mood of a scene in an instant. Out of everything in the play, the set design and lighting was a standout for me.


Overall, I thought it was a well planned and delivered  a story line that was engaging. I thought the acting was exceptional, but having every character talking to the audience got a little boring. I rate it 3 and a half stars out of 5.


Anna Williams

Year 9




Year 12 Theatre Studies

On the 6th and 7th of June, the year 12 Theatre Studies class performed Alice in Wonderland. It was a night full of magical creatures and an adventure for all who were involved. The class put in an unbelievable amount of work and what was achieved was beyond belief. Every aspect of the show was created entirely by the class, including special effects, sound, lighting, and set design - just to name a few!


We  are very proud of every little thing we accomplished and it wouldn't have been possible without the incredible talent and support of Mr. (Michael) Brandt. 


Thank you to everyone who supported us and those involved, it was a magical adventure indeed!


Emma Batty

Media/Drama Captain


On Thursday 8 June, students from the year 10 Media – Film class spent the day at La Trobe University participating in a workshop called,MAKING THE NEWS.

In the morning, the class was split up into four groups. Each group was given a scenario in which they had to write and film a short news story. The scenarios were: Doors, The Basement, Strange Addiction and The Vending Machines. The groups filmed and then edited their sequences.


In the afternoon, the class went to the television studio at La Trobe. Each student was given a specific role such as, news presenter, camera operator, director, sound, auto-cue, weatherman, floor manager, sports reader, editor. Each of their roles were explained by staff members from the Media Department. Then an actual live news broadcast was filmed with the news readers, news stories, commercials and two of the news items the groups filmed. This was a fantastic learning experience for the students and one that they all enjoyed.

Danny Gesundheit

10 Media Film Teacher




All HAPE classrooms in Term 2 have provided students with positive learning experiences.

The focus in Year 7 Physical Education (PE) has been on Fundamental Motor Skills where the students have filmed themselves and a partner performing these skills and then analysing their performance. The Year 8 and Year 9 PE students have been exploring the tactics and strategies involved with Invasion Games, whilst the Year 10 PE students have been exploring recreational activities both inside and outside the school as part of the Live Long, Life Long program.


Anti-Bullying has been the focus for our Year 7 Health students, with each of them creating an anti-bullying campaign. Our Year 8 Health students have been looking at Mental Health and understanding more about the two most common mental health illnesses for adolescents, which are anxiety and depression. The Year 9 Health students have been partaking in the Sexual Assault Prevention Program for Secondary Schools (SAPPSS) learning more about respectful behaviour with their peers.


Penelope Cleghorn

Health and PE Coordinator

An Anti-Bullying Poem - Friends

Being yourself is easy, is it really that hard?

When others spit poison, does it affect you or not?

You hear them speak, but you can’t see them talk.

Has this person ever, been this rude before?

You’ve known them for years and years,

But never have they made you cry tears upon tears.

You feel the hate in the air, never have you tasted such despair.

You jump and run, trying to escape their grasps,

But what’s the use? All you can do is scream and gasp.

Their strings wrap around you, controlling you like a puppet.

Tight, and stinging your skin with burns.

You ask for help, from family, from teachers.

Always with a face, stern.

They ask you questions, if you are alright.

“Don’t worry! They’re all bark, No bite!”

So you take their advice, but still search for extra.

On sites like http://www.bullyingnoway.gov.au/ or http://au.reachout.com/Search?s=bullying

So you continue on with life, until they confront you once more.

You hang your head down, and look towards the floor.

You ignore them, sure that’ll work!

But it does! But you walk away scared for next time.

The next day, they’re back. Persistent, too much.

Until you burst into screams, you’ve had enough!

You refuse to have your youth so rough!

They pull back for a swing, as you ask questions why!

Until they hit you to the ground, but you laugh it off. You agree with their jokes, try to merge to their thinking.

Then you run off crying, rumbling to a teacher.

It’s done.

They stop.

Teachers tell you what others have said, a person came earlier to say that they were done.

In standing around, watching from afar.

And now you have a new friend, and

a new scar.

Amira Pancharoen  7D


Challenging, Fun and Amazing

On Thursday 1 June, members of the Kew High School Book Club (Maddie Swan, Tara Pringle, Rachel Nankin, Eunice Sheng, Sophia Cleaver, Giorgia Benini, and Michelle Nguyen) had the chance to participate in the inaugural Melbourne Round of the World Scholar’s Cup, a competition including over 3000 students in 50 countries. We took part in four main events: writing, debating, a multiple choice test and trivia. We had so much fun throughout these activities, even though the whole day was 13 hours long! As well as the writing and speeches, we all got to take home plush alpacas, which only added to the crazy fun. At the end of the day, our points were tallied up and two of the three Kew High teams have been invited to the next round! Overall, it was a challenging fun amazing experience for all of us involved.


Tara Pringle

Year 11


Trans-Tasman Battle

Recently year 7 and 8 students from Kew High School went head to head against Wellington’s Samuel Marsden College in a battle of smarts and physics.  Each school developed their own device to protect their egg from a series of drops from varying heights.  Under the careful tutelage of our STEM Captain, Samuel Wakelam, each team considered various approaches to their task.  Teams were supported by our STEM coordinator Bernie McGrath, our Enrichment coordinator Katy Tucker, and senior science teacher Lyndsey Thickins.


Our year 7 team (Tarsh Rigg, Jane Whittle, Isabella Adduci, and Isabella Parker) and our year 8 team (Georgia Lindemans, Hannah Baird, Laura Cuthbert, and Zara Davis) were successful in all attempts.  Each team’s precious egg escaped unscathed from the day’s experiments.


The competition ended in a tie with Samuel Marsden College, as all their egg drops were also successful.  Congratulations to all the participants for a great job!


Katy Tucker

Enrichment Coordinator



UN Conference

On Monday 22 May, Kew High School participated in the United Nations Conference held at Our Lady of Mercy College. This was a huge annual event where twenty other teams from local schools participated.  Kew High School year 12 students including, Lukas Matovinovic, Ferris Hansen and Finn Byrne, debated and proposed amendments on the resolution of asylum seekers.


The team successfully had their amendments adopted and added new amendments. This involved debating, speeches, and negotiating. The students gained a deeper understanding of world perspectives on asylum seekers and the constraints on countries in aiding them.


Overall, it was a fantastic day spent amongst future international diplomats.


Elaine Doyle

Public Speaking Coordinator


The first dodgeball tournament of 2017 was held this term.

Many students participated from all year levels. The week started off with the year 11 and 12 students who fought it out against each other. On Tuesday it was the junior school students followed by Wednesday with the middle school students. On Friday the teachers battled it out against the year 12 students and the year 12s were the overall champions. This is the first of many more dodgeball tournaments to come.  Thank you to those who put a team together and to the year 12 leaders who helped out throughout the week.


Oliver McMahon and Julia Halaseh-Russo

Sports Captains