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07 June 2019
Issue Eight
Dates to Remember for 2019
Principal's Report
Assistant Principals
Northern Territory Tour
Sports Excellence Program 2020
VCAL - Big Freeze
 Performing Arts
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Dates to Remember for 2019

Term 2

Monday 10

Uniform Shop Closed


Tuesday 11

Year 11 Exams


Wednesday 12

Year 7 Badminton, Girls Netball, 8/M AFL

Year 10 TAFE and University Visits

GAT, 9:00am

Parents Association Meeting 7.30pm


Thursday 13

Year 11 - Fit to Drive

Year 10 - Defence Force Excursion (optional) 


Friday 14

All Hockey

Assessment Day - Student Free Day


Monday 17

Knox Hockey


Tuesday 18

Cross Country EMR

Vocal Concert 1 with LYC


Wednesday 19

Vocal Concert 2 with MYC


Thursday 20

Senior Basketabll

Vocal Concert 3 with Vox Ens


Monday 24

Northern Territory Tour

Year 10 Work Experience


Tuesday 25

Northern Territory Tour

Year 10 Work Experience


Wednesday 26

Northern Territory Tour

Year 10 Work Experience


Thursday 27

Northern Territory Tour

Year 10 Work Experience


Friday 28

Northern Territory Tour

Year 10 Work Experience

Last day of Term 2


Term 3


Monday 15

Curriculum Day Student Free Day


Tuesday 16

First day of Term 3


Wednesday 17

Parents Association Meeting, 7.30pm


Wednesday 31

Year 11 Course Selection



Thursday 1

VCAL Interviews


Wednesday 7

Year 10 Course Selection

Normal Year 10 classes



Thursday 8



Friday 9



Tuesday 13

House Athletics


Wednesday 14


Parents Association Meeting, 7.30pm


Thursday 15



Friday 16



Monday 19

Year 7 Basketball


 Monday 26

Year 9 City Experience


Tuesday 27 

Year 9 City Experience


Wednesday 28

Year 9 City Experience

Thursday 29

Year 9 City Experience


Friday 30 

Year 9 City Experience


Thursday 3

Free Dress Day


Tuesday 10

Division Athletics


Wednesday 11

Parents Association Meeting, 7:30pm


Wednesday 18

GALA Concert 2019 Melbourne Recital Centre

Term 4

Monday 7

First day of Term 4


Friday 11

EMR Athletics


Monday 14

Year 12 Themed Dressed Day


Tuesday 15

Contemporary Band Program Showcase


Wednesday 16

Parents Association Meeting, 7:30pm


Thursday 17

VCE Dance Showcase

(Unit 2 & 4 Combined)


Monday 21

Art & Technology Showcase


Tuesday 22

Art & Technology Showcase


Thursday 24

Art & Technology Showcase


Friday 25

Art & Technology Showcase


Wednesday 30

VCAA/VCE Exams Start


Monday 11

Year 9 Camp


Tuesday 12

Year 9 Camp


Wednesday 13

Year 9 Camp

Parents Association Meeting, 7:30pm


Thursday 14

Year 9 Camp

Mini Orientation Day


Friday 15

Year 9 Camp


Tuesday 26

Year 9 Drama Performances L1


Thursday 28

Year 9 Drama Performances L1


Friday 6

Year 10 Formal


Monday 9

Orientations Evening


Tuesday 10

Year 7 Orientation Day


Wednesday 11

Parents Association Meeting, 7:30pm


Friday 20


End of Term 4

2019 Term date:

Term 1:

January 30  to 5 April


Term 2:

23 April to 28 June


Term 3:

15 July to 20 September


Term 4:

7 October to 20 December

Principal's Report


On behalf of our College community I would like to extend a warm welcome to Mr. Peter Cameron and Mr. Chris Young who will be joining us at the College next week. Peter will be taking on the role of our College Business Manager and Chris will be our new Facilities Manager. We look forward to welcoming them to the team and working with them to continue to provide the best opportunities for our students.

Literacy for Learning

Last week, our teachers and Education Support Staff completed their final professional learning module for Literacy for Learning. As you would be aware, improving the writing of our students has been one of our main goals from our AIP this year. Over several days throughout Semester 1, lunchtimes were shortened so that teachers could engage in the Literacy for Learning modules, developing their own understanding of how language works, the Register Continuum and further developing their own skills on how they can teach students to become better writers. We are very grateful for the support and understanding of our College Community during these restructured days as it has allowed our teachers to immerse themselves in developing a consistent understanding of the Literacy for Learning concepts and skills. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Literacy for Learning Tutors who took on the important role of teaching us all about Literacy for Learning through a range of engaging workshops. Thank you to Catherine Ford, Carrie Wallis, Debbie Mantzanidis, Mark Oudshoorn, Jacinta Gallagher and Geoff Shaw.


For Semester 2, our teachers will be working within their Professional Practice Teams to plan and implement some of the Literacy for Learning strategies within their classrooms. We look forward to the new learning opportunities that this will provide to our students and the impact that this will have on their writing.

Year 8 Challenge Week

From the 20th – 24th May, our inaugural Year 8 Challenge Week took place. This program was developed to support the Year 8 theme of ‘Challenging Yourself’ and encouraged students to challenge themselves physically, intellectually, creatively and socially. Students engaged in a range of activities that supported the development of their skills in team work, communication, problem solving and critical and creative thinking. Each day students went out of the College and took part in a range of activities that included bike riding, geocaching, canoeing, an Amazing Race challenge, an Escape Room, raft building, a team design challenge and a tree surfing experience! What a fantastic week! It was wonderful seeing our teachers and students out of the classroom and engaging in learning in a range of different environments. A massive congratulations needs to go to Darren Hoogkammer, Leader of the Middle Years, and Daniel Brooks, Year 8 Year Level Leader, for their development and organisation of this week long program.



2019 Performing Arts Showcase

The 2019 Performing Arts Showcase began this week with the Unit 3 Music Showcase on Monday night, followed by the Year 9 and 10 Dance Showcase on Wednesday night and the VCE Dance Showcase on Thursday night.


Watching these events is always such a wonderful experience as is highlights the many skills and talents of our students. The variety in the musical performances and dance styles that were presented during the evening performances allowed audiences to be captivated by not only the talent that was on display, but the storytelling and emotions that the performers communicated to their audience. Congratulations to all of the performing arts students and staff that have been involved. There are still more performances coming up over the next few weeks, so make sure that you grab some tickets to these wonderful events.



Shane Kruger

Acting Principal


Assistant Principals

Unscored VCE:  Myth Busting

Due to recent stories in the media about unscored VCE programs we have had a spate of inquiries from students and parents about this as an option for year 12.  With the course selection process coming up in term 3 it is important that students understand what is possible within the VCE and that we bust some of the myths and misunderstandings about completing an unscored VCE. 


Myth One:  An unscored VCE is an alternative course to a standard VCE. 


The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) offers two year 12 qualifications these are the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning. The VCAA does not recognise an unscored VCE as an alternative.  Teachers are required to submit a score for all School Based Assessments and School Based Tasks for all students enrolled in VCE Unit 3 and 4 subjects.  


Students who do not sit the November Unit 3/4 exams will not get an ATAR score from the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).  The ATAR score is a ranking that tells students where they finish in relation to all other students who undertook VCE in that year.  Students will still receive a study score (from VCAA) for each subject they complete.


Myth Two:  An unscored VCE means a student  does not do any school  assessments.


The study design for each subject identifies Learning Outcomes that students must be able to demonstrate by the end of the unit.  Depending on the subject, these learning outcomes will most likely cover knowledge, understanding and skills.  Teachers use a range of strategies to assess learning outcomes including:  class contributions, classwork activities, homework activities, school assessed coursework (SACs) and school assessed tasks (SATs).  The teacher needs to be able to authenticate the learning for the students.  This means the student needs to be able to demonstrate they have done the work independently.  In most cases the teacher will need to see the student complete the work before their eyes.  For this reason many SACs and complete under test conditions.

Within this structure teachers have the capacity to modify student assessments however teachers are still required to enter a score for all SACs for each student.  


Myth Three:  Students who are taking a gap year don't need an ATAR score.


Some students may choose to apply for university or TAFE and, after enrolment, opt to defer their place for 12 months.  This is known as a gap year.  In order to be offered the place in the first instance students need to have an ATAR score that meets the required limits for this course.


Sometimes students aren't clear about what they wish to do when they finish year 12 and take and extended break to 'find themselves" before committing to something.  Should they wish to apply for university or TAFE the following year they will still be required to have an ATAR score with the range for the nominated course.


Myth Four:  There are lots of courses that are accessible without an ATAR score.


It is true that there are some courses that do not have an ATAR score as an entry requirement.  These courses do, however, have other requirements for enrolment such as:

  • Interview panels
  • Portfolios and work samples
  • Entrance exams
  • Non government assisted fees

Students need to be aware that the range and number of course options is reduced dramatically for students who do not have an ATAR score.


Myth Five:  I don't need an ATAR score, I know the course I am doing and they will accept me.


Nobody has a place in a course until you have an offer in writing.  Courses change from year to year and a course that is available when a student is in Year 11 might not exist when they are in Year 12 or might have changed its requirements.


Additionally some courses are over subscribed.  When this is the case the educational organisation will require some form of system for working out who is in and who is out, this may include results from VCE.



Myth Six:  I don't need an ATAR score as I will apply as an adult at 21 years of age.


Some courses do have an adult entry that does not require an ATAR score, however they usually require the applicant to be able to demonstrate they have the capacity to undertake the course.  Sometimes this is attained through completion of a bridging course.


Again, the number of courses accessible without an ATAR score is reduced.


The Upshot

The advice from VCAA regarding this situation is that the exams uphold  the integrity of the VCE and  that students who do not wish to do them should be considering the VCAL as their alternative course.  However, we understand that there are some students who, for their own personal reasons, would like to complete VCE without exams.  Where this is the case we will be inviting the student and their parent to engage in Pathways discussion with Mr Phil Newnham and/or Mrs Dina Mingos to discuss the intended and unintended consequences of such a course prior to any final decision.


‘About You’ Survey!

What is ‘About You’?


‘About You’ is a survey of Victoria’s young people, conducted by Colmar Brunton on behalf of the Department of Education and Training. The About You survey takes place in Victorian schools and collects essential information on the health, wellbeing, learning and safety of young people aged 12 to 17.


Government schools with students in year 7, 8, 10 and 11 are being invited to participate in the survey in 2019. The information collected will assist in the development of programs, resources and services aimed at meeting the needs of young Victorians.

Who will participate?


All students in year 7, 8, 10 and 11 will be invited to participate in the survey from our school.


The Year 11 students will do the survey on Friday 21st June. Year 7, 8 and 10 students will do the survey in Term 3. More information about the date of this will be available early in Term 3.


It is up to you and your child as to whether they take part. An information letter explaining the background and content of the survey, along with a refusal-of-consent form will be sent to your email address. This will occur for parents of Year 11 students early next week. If you do not want your child to be included in the study you should return the refusal-of-consent form to the school. All responses are voluntary and students can opt out at any time.


For further information, please contact Gillian Davenport at the Department of Education and Training via


email [email protected] or Andrew Lewis at the College on[email protected]


Addams Family

The past couple of weeks have really showcased how talented everyone within the Addams Family cast is! 


Now that rehearsals have fully kicked off everyone has been getting involved. Whether it’s learning dances, blocking scenes, going over lines or simply helping out, everyone has been putting in an immense amount of hard work. 


On the 25th May, we had our first Saturday rehearsal which enabled us to begin running the show. We were able to put together the individual pieces that we had been working on. It was exciting to see the show evolving from its modest beginnings at Production Camp to now.  Not only were we running the show with new dances and songs but we were also seeing possibilities for costumes and lighting. This really livened up the atmosphere as we got a glimpse of how amazing the show is going to be.


Since then the dedication of our production family has not lessened. With every rehearsal we are improving and becoming increasingly ambitious as the opening night approaches! 


Please come and support the production family by purchasing tickets to the upcoming Alumni Show “You Can’t Sit With Us” 

Its going to be SO FETCH!

- Sammy Albach 


“Inspiring to witness people growing in confidence” - Kaiya Dod Yr 12


“My favourite part of production is meeting new people” - Nic Schulte Yr 7


Winter Uniform Blues

The mild weather lasted so long this year that when the cold snap came through over the last two weeks many of us were taken by surprise.  It seems we had forgotten how cold cold can be.


As a result of the cold weather we are seeing students trying to stretch the boundaries in relation to school uniform.  Since the year 10 exams we have seen a strong pattern of girls in the Later Years wearing track pants instead of school pants claiming that there are no school pants available.  Please be aware the the uniform shop has plenty of school pants in stock in the full range of sizes.  At $30 per pair, machine washable and in good quality warm fabric, they are the perfect option.


The new rugby jumper has been a big seller and looks terrific on the students.  It is certainly a warmer option than just wearing the spray jackets as some students are opting to do.  WE encourage students to layer up, with long sleeved t shirts, thermal singlets, rugby jumper and/or school jumper and school jacket.  Students may also wear a scarf in school uniform collars, navy blue, maroon or white.  Students using a lack of layers as an excuse to wear a hoodie has been a common sight, however there are ample warm options students can choose from in the range of uniform items available.


Teachers are persisting in monitoring school uniform through the distribution of uniform passes and demerit points but we need your support.  If we can work together to monitor what uniform (or non uniform) choices students are making then we are more likely to have success. 



Catherine Ford, Shane Kruger and

Andrew Lewis

Assistant Principals


Year 7 - Collaborative Paintings

Since the start of the term, 7E Art students have worked very hard on their collaborative paintings. Three groups of students had to re-create the Post-Impressionist painting style of the artist Vincent van Gogh, using the painting they were given. The paintings were "Sunflowers"; "Terrace of a café at night (Place du Forum)"; and "Road with cypress and star (also known as Country Road in Provence by Night)".


Each student had a section of the painting to produce. Groups had to make sure that their composition fit together evenly and also that they matched their paint colours with each other. The end results were fantastic! Students from 7E, Mr. Easton's Year 9 Visual Communication Design class, Mrs. Priest and Mr. Kruger all voted on which collaborative painting they liked best. 


The winners of the Freddos were the artists who painted... "Terrace of a café at night"!


Well done to 7E - you deserve to be very proud of your achievements!


Tina Fiorentino

Art and Drama Teacher




Year 8 - Challenge Week

Challenge week was a new idea this year, it was designed to challenge year 8 students and it achieved that goal very well. The challenges lasted all week and were available to the entire year 8 cohort. The main ones that people enjoyed were the trees adventure and the Escape room because these were those that scared and challenged people the most. There was also KIOSC where we were enlisted to develop a method with which to treat a disability. The only obvious solution make the dinosaur game on a micro bit! The bike ride was challenging, and the canoeing was rather fun, especially the game at the end. Overall, it was generally worth the completing and year 7 students should look forward to it next year!

- Tulio Iotti Tapper 8S


Challenge week was a group of activities that expanded over 5 days, these activities were chosen not only to be fun but to challenge us physically, Mentally and Socially. The activities we completed were Canoeing and Amazing Raze, Trees Adventure, Escape room and Raft building, geocaching and bike riding and finally a design challenge. Two of the things i enjoyed the most was how we had to work together and how we had lots of spare time to be with our friend. Overall, Challenge week was really fun and i recommend you to try these activities.

- Tom Edwards, 8E


Challenge week was a week filled with fun activities designed to challenge and put students out of their comfort zones. The activities included were bike rides, trees adventure, escape room, raft building, canoeing, amazing race and geocaching. All these activities have some element of challenge in them, whether that’s concurring a fear of heights or problem solving in the escape room. Some highlights from challenge week was seeing people do things that they normally wouldn’t do and seeing my home group work together as a team. It was great to see students bonding over the week and seeing everyone participating and encouraging each other in all of the activities. A challenge for me was the tree adventure because I have a fear of heights. It took me a lot of courage and perseverance to get over this fear. Many other people have a similar fear to me and challenge week would have helped them concur their fears as well.

- Chrystin Gosios, 8S




Darren Hoogkamer & Daniel Brooks

Middle Years

Year 9 - Textiles Young designers

During semester 1, Year 9 textiles students have created a range of products including shorts and hoodies. Students use pattern pieces to construct their garments and we are very proud of the outcomes. In addition, this term students have learnt how to illustrate their fashion ideas using croquis and applying their knowledge and understanding of proportion and size of the body. Some students have applied their Computer Aided Design skills and used the laser cutter to cut their design out of fabric. 



Vicky Rumble

Leading Teacher of Visual Arts and Technology

Northern Territory Tour

The time is nearly upon us! Students are gearing up for the trip to the NT! This is an exciting time for everyone involved and we are all looking forward to experiencing the culture and natural beauty of the Northern Territory. We would like to thank Tourism NT for graciously approving our grant application for the NT Learning Adventures school excursion program. We are very excited to be given this opportunity so students can experience the best the NT has to offer and learn skills along the way as well. Please wish us a safe and enjoyable trip. We look forward to bringing back fantastic memories of our time away.



Sports Excellence Program 2020

All prospective Year 9 students who are interested in applying for the 2020 Sports Excellence program are required to complete the following form below to express their interest.




Students are required to undertake fitness testing in week 9 of Term 2, as part of the application process.


Further information regarding fitness testing will be distributed to all Year 9 students on Compass in the coming days.

Course Description:

The aim of this year long elective is to engage and support high-level sports students in reaching their full sporting potential and who have ambitions to compete at a higher level. This exclusive program is aimed at students who are currently competing in competitive sport and want to improve their sports performance as part of their school program. Students will focus on one specific sport they currently compete in outside of school, and develop advanced skills, knowledge and understanding to enhance their performance. While the students will focus on a preferred sport, the program will have a holistic athletic development approach allowing students to transfer skills and knowledge into any sport. 


The Sport Excellence program will focus on a number of different sport science components, combining lectures, tutorials, labs and practical work. Some of the focus areas will be:


  • Training Program design and implementation
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Sports Psychology
  • Injury Prevention and Recovery / rehabilitation
  • Sport – Technique and Skill Development
  • Sport Nutrition and Hydration
  • Promote leadership opportunities through events, activities and goal setting


All the above topics will be undertaken by each student, and will be specific to the individuals sport. Students will be exposed to several programs throughout the year and undertake various incursions and excursions throughout the year at a cost of approximately $200, inclusive of receiving a sport excellence training singlet, water bottle, training towel and bag.


Places will be limited to 1 class.


  • Students must be competing in competitive sport on a regular basis and have ambitions to play at a higher level.
  • Students must complete and submit a written sport excellence application form by the due date

As part of the application, the following must be included:

  • A reference from your coach and /or trainer
  • Recommendation from two of your teachers
  • A copy of your recent interim and semester report
  • Top candidates based on submission of their written application and fitness testing results will be required to sit an interview. 


Students must demonstrate the following criteria to be eligible for the elective

  • Commitment to achieving academically and progressing across all subjects
    • Consistently achieving a satisfactory result across all subjects, in particular in Physical Education
    • Working at or above standard in Physical Education.
  • Demonstrates appropriate learning behaviours
    • Works towards achieving their full potential in both sport and studies.
    • Displays an appropriate attitude to learning and desire to achieve their personal best in both sport and studies
    • Ability to work well in a team
  • Demonstrate excellent sporting ability in their chosen sport
    • Student performs at a high level and /or representative level
    • Above average level of fitness on sport specific tests from the fitness testing day
    • Potential to play an elite level
    • Are coachable and have a high level of commitment to achieving their personal best in their chosen sport.

Conditions of Enrolment

By accepting an offer of a place in the sports excellence elective, all students must agree and adhere to the following expectations:


This will require students to:-

  • Meet academic expectations, in addition to maintaining all learning and behavioural expectations of the College
  • Demonstrate an ongoing commitment towards physical and mental preparation and achieving best possible performance
  • Comply and follow instructions with all training requirements as set by teachers or coaches.
  • Bring a positive attitude and strive for your personal best in all practical and theoretical based classes
  • Conduct yourself in a manner that meets with the expectations and values of the college
  • Maintain and model exemplary behaviour, attendance and effort across all subjects
  • Participate in all practical classes in full PE uniform, including the sports excellence training singlet.
  • Maintain personal habits of health that will contribute to sporting excellence
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship and fair play principles when competing and be a positive role model across the school community
  • Undertake various leadership opportunities across the school community.


David Black

Physical Education, Health & PE


Year 11 VCAL - Avalon Centre Charity

As part of our Personal Development project Year 11 VCAL class is running fundraiser to collect material goods for the Avalon Center Charity. Some of the materials we are collecting are men's clothing, bedding, backpacks and seasonal clothing. Tubs will be placed at the office to collect these items. Place items in your house team to win points! 


Thank you!



VCAL Information Night

The VCAL Team looks forward to welcoming you to an Information Evening to be held on Thursday 20th June from 7pm in the Science and Language Centre for parents and students. The session is aimed to support Year 10 families currently considering enrolment for 2020 and Year 9 families interested in investigating the program for the future. The evening will include an expert panel of VCAL teachers, as well as current and past students.

VCAL - Big Freeze

Congratulations to all as the Official Fight-MND 'Big Freeze 5' beanies are now sold out.  

Together we can Freeze MND!!!




To support this fundraiser Big Freeze beanies may be worn at school until the end of term 2.  Students are expected to take them off in class but may wear them around the yard.

 Performing Arts

Showcase Concert Series

Tickets are still available for our remaining Showcase Concerts. Get in fast to see these amazing events.

Book at trybooking – www.trybooking.com/BCPYU



Mother’s Day Raffle

Congratulations to Carolyn Allen who was this year’s winner of our wonderful Mother’s Day Hamper!  Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraiser.  We raised $216.50!


Kidman Kandles Drive

We are running a Kidman Kandle fundraising drive with three amazing products in three amazing scent choices, Si – the Giorgio Armani Perfume, Thai Lime & Mango, and French Pear:


Cube Melts 3 set

Only $5 set

Large Double Wick Candle          

Only $20


Order through Trybooking by Friday 21 June.


Items available for collection from the Music Office on Wed 17 July.


Simply go to our Facebook Page (Performing Arts at Wantirna College) find the competition post and answer the question! 

It’s easy!


Winner selected randomly. Winner announced on Friday 21 June.  Prize available from Wed 17 July and must be collected from Wantirna College. Photo Id may be required.



Want to help?

Volunteers are always welcome to attend meetings and/or assist with fundraising.  Please contact the music office if you’d like more information.  We meet monthly on a Tue evening at 7:30pm.  Feedback is always welcome.


Stay Tuned


Term 2

Kidman Kandle Drive


Showcase raffle & refreshments


Term 3

Father’s Day Hamper Raffle


Gala Concert Raffle


Term 4

Shopping Tour

Sun Oct 27


Christmas Raffle


Christmas Tarts



Next Meeting

Tue 23 July


Music office

All welcome


Career News




Phil Newnham

Careers Counsellor



CSEF forms are now available on Compass


Have you been looking for the CSEF forms and can not find them on our new website?  You will now find them on Compass.


Select the Community Icon

Select School Documentation

Select For Parents from the Document Tree


You will now find the following information on Compass. 





CSEF Application

Parents who received CSEF in 2018, are not required to complete an application form in 2019, providing there has been no change to their family circumstances.

New Families to Wantirna College

Any new families to Wantirna College will be required to fill out the application form attached.

CSEF Information

Financial Assistance Information for Parents 

Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF).


Every Victorian child should have access to the world of learning opportunities that exist beyond the classroom. The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund, will ensure that no student will miss out on the opportunity to join their classmates for important, educational and fun activities. School camps provide children with inspiring experiences in the great outdoors, excursions encourage a deeper understanding of how the world works and sports teach teamwork, discipline and leadership. All are part of a healthy curriculum. CSEF will be provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities.


If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. The allowance will be paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions, or sporting activities for the benefit of your child. The annual CSEF amount per student will be:


• $125 for primary school students

• $225 for secondary school students.


How to Apply:

You will need to provide a copy of your current Health Care Card with the application. 


For more information about the CSEF visit www.education.vic.gov.au/csef


Parent application close 21 June 2019



General Information

General Office

Office Hours:                  8:00am - 4:00pm

Telephone:                      9801 9700

Attendance Line:        9881 7111


Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.


Student absences should be reported to the school prior to 9am.  Please ring the Student absences number directly on 9881 7111.


If your child is in Year 10, 11 or 12 they will be required to supply an absence note when returning to school.  If your child has missed a SAC or been away for more than a couple of days, then they will be required to supply a doctor's certificate.


In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you of the school policy regarding late arrival to school. Students are expected to be at school at 8.40am.  Locker Bell rings at 8.44am and Home Group commences 8:54am.  If your child is late for any reason please contact the General Office on 9881 7111 or 9881 7131.

Library Hours

Monday to Thursday:

8:15am to 4:30



8:15am to 3.30pm

Collecting Your Child From School

If your child has an appointment and they are required to leave school early please complete the following:

  1. Write a note explaining why your child is required to leave school.  On this note please supply their name, home group, the reason why they are leaving and your name and phone number.
  2. Your child is required to drop the note off in the Early Leaver’s folder, which is situated in the main office.  If your child is required to leave the school prior to recess, please ask your child to request an Early Leavers pass from Debbie Hopper in the main office.  She will write one immediately.
  3. Your child will be required to sign out on the PINK sign out sheet at the main office, prior to leaving the school premises.

Please note that if your child does not have an Early Leavers pass from the main office, teachers will not allow your child to leave their class.  Also, your child is required to keep the Early Leavers pass so, if they are approached by a teacher outside the school, the student has confirmation they have permission to leave the school premises.


If you write a letter for your child to leave school early, you are NOT required to come in and sign your child out.  Also, your child’s attendance will be marked correctly.  If you need to collect your child unexpectedly, please contact the main office.  We will try our best to organise your child for collection prior to you arriving at school.

Arriving Late to School

If your child has an appointment and they are arriving late to school, please complete the following:


Write a note explaining why your child is arriving late to school.  On this note please supply their name, home group and the reason why they are arriving late.


Your child is required to sign in at the main office, so the attendance officer can make the appropriate changes to compass.

Emergency Pick Ups Only

In extreme circumstances you can ring the office to organise for your child to be collected early. It is extremely disruptive to the classrooms, therefore this procedure is for EMERGENCIES ONLY.

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop is open on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, and the first Saturday of the Term from 1 - 4pm. Prices and additional trading hours can be found on the College website.


Direct Phone:  9881 7168

Lost Property

Lost Uniforms are taken to the Maintenance Office, which is located near Health Centre.  There are two big draws just inside the door.  If you have lost any valuables, ie: phone, watch, etc... they are usually handed in to the main office.

Car Parking

New parents to the College are advised that the main car park on Harold Street is not a drop off or pick up point for students.  The car park is very busy and very tight at peak times.  It is not a safe place for students and waiting cars create congestion for people entering or leaving the car park.


The best drop off and pick up points for the school are:

  • Georgian Gardens (street opposite school crossing on Harold Street)
  • Amesbury Avenue (fenceline along the bottom oval)
  • Templeton Street (South of the roundabout)
  • Saxon Street (off Harold Street)

College Vision

Wantirna College is committed to educating our students to be inquiring learners with high levels of literacy and numeracy, prepared to be global, ethical citizens in the 21st Century, capable of showing resilience and flexibility of thinking, willing to show initiative and take on challenges throughout their lives.

Wantirna College


Kevin Murphy


Assistant Principals:

Catherine Ford, Andrew Lewis and Shane Kruger


College Council President:

Dr Joanne Challinor-Rogers


Sub School:

Dina Mingos (Later Years)

Darren Hoogkamer (Middle Years)


College Captains:


Tahlia UMI




Parents Association President:

Pam Wade


Parents of Performing Arts Chairperson

Stuart Broadley

Community News



Wantirna College Newsletter
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