Photo: EVERY PERSON FLOURISHING AND KNOWN. Respectfully acknowledging the original custodians of this land in the City of Greater Dandenong, The Wurundjeri people.

St. Anthony's School

28 June 2019
Issue Ten
Message from the Principal
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Photo: St Anthony’s Parish and St Anthony’s School hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as central and fundamental responsibilities of the Church. St Anthony’s is fully compliant with all policies in relation to Child Safety. These documents ensure compliance with the Victorian Government Child Safety Standards which took effect on 1 January 2017 and reflect our Parishes’ ongoing commitment to ensuring that all children are safe, happy and empowered.

Message from the Principal

Photo: St Anthony’s Parish and St Anthony’s School hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as central and fundamental responsibilities of the Church. St Anthony’s is fully compliant with all policies in relation to Child Safety. These documents ensure compliance with the Victorian Government Child Safety Standards which took effect on 1 January 2017 and reflect our Parishes’ ongoing commitment to ensuring that all children are safe, happy and empowered.

Congratulations to all members of St Anthony's. A happy and successful Semester One complete!

The unfolding of your word gives light.
Psalm 119: 130
‘Learning brings hope ... that is based on the certainty of God’s promise of his love and care for us’. (Horizons of Hope)


Welcome staff, parents, friends and students to our final week of Term 2 and the end of another term. And what a great term it has been!

As we come to the halfway mark it is timely to reflect on so many achievements in six months. The students have contributed to so many wonderful developments that are enhancing learning at St. Anthony's. Student voice can be heard through the SRC and House Spirit campaign, changes to playtime and lunchtime programs and times have settled behaviours and celebrated friendships. Changes to Assembly as Celebrations of Learning that celebrate learning and give all children a turn at the microphone. The students have had more voice in their Inquiry learning, starting to design their questions embracing challenges, being versatile, persevering and taking risks. They are also learning to become creative and critical thinkers.


New technology is enhancing learning choices, 3D printers allow us to create and make 3D objects and watch them print. New iPads allow lots more creativity across the school with robotics, Augmented Reality programs and fun stuff.


We have many new friends in 2019 at the Early Learning Centre and new learning opportunities as our pre-preps (who are all enrolled here for 2020) visit the library and playground for a go at big school.


All learning spaces enhance student movement and allow for working in small groups, big groups or all together. The students and staff are enjoying the freedom to be collaborative and experiment with flexible furniture. The concept of flexible spaces is always growing and evolving. Many new and provocative prayer spaces keep popping up sparking lots of questions and inviting lovely conversations and our St Anthony's Prayer garden shines in the morning sun. The Year 6’s have been working on their 'leave your mark' mosaics and parents are invited in to help finish these this week. We have the ZEN DEN space that works beautifully for many students who need a break or a transition into learning after play and our Art Therapy program is working wonders with enabling our students to connect with thought and feeling.


We look forward to the continued development of our major production of Alice in Wonderland Junior and all of the gifts and talents that are emerging along with this in staff and students. 


Congratulations to all of our parents for the great job you do in working so carefully with us to support the education of your children. Some of the main messages from our recent School Advisory Group meeting which reinforce our mantra of 'Every Person Flourishing and Known' are the continued enthusiasm and spirit of teachers and staff members - they are amazing and know our kids, feeling welcome anytime we step into the school yard or classrooms, the Catholic values being taught and represented in all we say and do, our children being exposed to a range of different cultures and religions, it feels like a COMMUNITY and the extent that our staff go to for our kids and our parents - highly appreciated. They love knowing what is going on through the new newsletters and Dojo and they love that children love coming to school here because they feel happy. 


We are very fortunate to be called to this community every day and to experience this level of feeling valued and welcome. Enjoy your holidays and we look forward to coming together in term three to continue the journey. Thank you to our educators and all staff for the passion and dedication you give to your jobs.


As always if you have any feedback, questions or ideas we’d love to hear about them.

God Bless,

Patrika Rowley

Important Term 3 Dates

Important Dates

Monday 15th July - First day of Term 3 


For all upcoming important dates/events click here


Please note that our Production day for Alice in Wonderland Junior is Friday September 13th with bump in day the day before, Thursday 12th


Please note that we have 2 closure days at the end of Term 3. This is for our biannual staff conference with our partner schools. Thursday September 19th and Friday September 20th. Please make arrangements for these 2 days. The after school care program will be available on these 2 days.


Important announcements

Thank you to our School Advisory Group

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank this wonderful group of parents who meet twice per term to discuss many things. Our Advisory group is composed of people who appreciate, value and share the educational mission and ethos of the Catholic Church.  The qualities and skills of benefit to the group in carrying out its functions are their commitment to education in the parish and school, their commitment to the vision and mission of the parish and school, their willingness to ask questions and seek clarification, their ability to think strategically and to support the contributions of other board members,  their capacity to listen in an active and meaningful way, their willingness to work co-cooperatively with others  and their commitment to maintaining confidentiality at all times.



Heating up student lunches at St Anthony's

Please be informed that we do not heat student lunches at school. Please send in food that is easy for children to open and eat. 

Can staff microwave any student food?
It is not recommended for staff to warm a student's food due to temperature
and safety issues.  If a parent sends food from home that needs to be
eaten warm, parents are strongly encouraged to heat the food at home and
send the food in a thermal container.  
Can foods brought from home be re‐heated in a microwave oven?
Not all schools have microwave ovens available for students. It is
recommended that foods prepared at home be transported in insulated containers so that they are ready to eat with no further heating or preparation needed. Staff are not able to re‐heat foods
brought from home in the school or staffroom. 

Reference: Occupational Health and Safety – Australia

Holiday blessings and Long Service Leave News

I will be taking 2 weeks Long Service Leave for the first 2 weeks of Term 3. During this time, Mr James Gow will be Acting Principal of St Anthony's and Mrs Glennis Kerr the Acting Deputy Principal. Our very capable leadership team work very closely together on all matters of importance related to school improvement, student wellbeing and day to day school issues.  If you have any concerns during this time please be reassured that the leaders of our school are very well prepared to manage anything that should arise and already support me in doing this on a daily basis. 


Ms Margarita Chatelier will also be taking a well earned break for the first 3 weeks of Term 3. All families in Ms Chatelier's class should have received a personal letter this week notifying them of the changes. Mr Timothy O'Mohoney will be working with 3/4CH. If you have any concerns please don't hesitate to see James or Glennis.


Staffing Update

We welcome an Occupational Therapist to our staff every second Thursday. Miss Sarah Boyle will join us and enable us to have on site advice and therapies related to School-based occupational therapy. This means meaningful activities (occupations) to help children and youth participate in what they need and/or want to do in order to promote physical and mental health and well-being. Occupational therapy addresses the physical, cognitive, psychosocial and sensory components of performance. In schools, occupational therapy practitioners focus on academics, play and leisure, social participation, self-care skills (ADLs or Activities of Daily Living), and transition/work skills. Occupational therapy’s expertise includes activity and environmental analysis and modification with a goal of reducing the barriers to participation.

Unexplained Absences

Please remember that attendance at school is a requirement. If your child is sick or unable to attend for any reason you need to call the school admin on 95460044 or email the school administration at:


Fees and Bus Payments


Please ensure that your school fee payments are up to date before the end of the term. Payments can be made via the office and direct debit can be set up for payment plans. Please remember that Catholic schools do not make a profit because we expect everyone to do their share. Payment of fees is a social justice issue. We keep our costs very low but rely of the payment of fees by all families to deliver a quality education to everyone. Thank you in advance for those who have paid their 2019 fees or have a direct debit set up. This helps us maintain the level of programs and support that we provide.

ChildSafe School

As a welcoming school community, St Anthony’s provides an inclusive and safe environment and is focused on each child’s wellbeing, achievement, challenge, creativity and enjoyment.

The child is at the centre of all learning arrangements at St Anthony’s. We are a Child safe school.

This means…

  • We hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as our central and fundamental responsibility.

  • This commitment is drawn from the teaching and mission of Jesus Christ, with love, justice and the sanctity of each human person at the heart of the Gospel.

  • St Anthony’s has a universal expectation for the protection of children. It is resolutely committed to ensuring that all those engaged in the school environment promote the inherent dignity of children and young people and their fundamental right to be respected and nurtured in a safe school.

St. Anthony’s Staff

Kids Helpline


CEM School Improvement Surveys 2019

Dear Students, Families and Staff,

Throughout each year, we pause to listen to our students, families and staff to gauge how our learning community is travelling. This feedback is invaluable to our progress as effective school communities and is backed by evidence-based research and best practices.

One of the more important formal ways we engage and gather data is through CEMSIS, the Catholic Education Melbourne School Improvement Surveys.

CEMSIS is a set of surveys that have been built specifically for Catholic Schools in Melbourne by Learning Services teams at Catholic Education Melbourne in partnership with researchers at Learning First and in wide consultation with Principals in our schools.

In 2019, students, families and staff are invited to participate in CEMSIS using our brand new, secure and purpose-built online platform. The online platform is where our school leaders will access the summary reports that visualise the results of the student, family and staff surveys.

The CEMSIS survey platform is operated by an independent supplier, ORIMA Research Pty Ltd. The platform meets with the very high security and privacy standards for handling student and school data. Participating schools are in the process of updating their privacy policy to ensure school communities are fully informed and protected. 

Students at our school will be provided with supervised sessions where teachers are on hand to help and answer any questions. Families and staff can complete the survey anytime over the three-week window via an emailed link and password. Feedback from last year’s pilot trials indicate many surveys were done across a range of mobile devices and different web browsers. Schools will be providing more information about CEMSIS throughout Term 2 and 3 via newsletters and social media.

Our community’s opinions are critical to understanding how our school is performing – CEMSIS is a key data source for guiding the ongoing work to improve our school.

All participation is invited, welcomed and 100% voluntary. The surveys are not a test; they are an inclusive way to feed the work we are already doing to improve our school. Everyone has the right to refuse to participate, or withdraw from the survey at any point before, during, or after completion of the survey. Please notify the school if your child does not wish to participate.

If you would like more information, please contact the school.

Yours sincerely

Patrika Rowley

Student Voice and Student Leadership News

Proudly displaying house spirit. Our student leaders ready for Athletics action!!!!


In praise of ...

In praise of

Our year 1 rocket readers who have rocketed upwards in their reading data over Semester 1. Our teaching staff have been taking part in a series of agile sprints around using the Levelled Literacy sets and guided reading prompts, implementing strong Oral Language learning and teaching and working as a strong team in small groups and with explicit instruction to enable full flourishing in reading.  86.79 % of our students in Year 1 have shown great growth in their reading data and as readers of texts.


Photo: Small, focused intentional group teaching, self directed people, learning what they need. People not data.

Learning and Teaching News

Photo: Small, focused intentional group teaching, self directed people, learning what they need. People not data.

Learning and Teaching News


It is now the end of Term 2 and what a fantastic term it has been! Our teachers have been preparing students for the Three Way Conversations and the students have had the opportunity to share with you their journey of learning and growth this Semester. It is celebration time and you must have experienced such pride when you heard your child reflect on the year so far and share with you their most memorable successes. They would have also shared with you their goals for their future learning and how they are on their way to becoming independent learners who are taking charge of their own learning journeys. 


I would like to celebrate by spot lighting our Grade 1 students this term. Below is a graph that shows their Reading data this year. The graph represents data from the PAT Early Years Reading Test. The blue bars are the students’ reading Scale Score from Term 1 and the red bars are the students’ Scale Score from Term 2. As you can see, 86.79% of our Year 1 students have showed improved outcomes in their Reading. Congratulations to all our Year 1 students and to their teachers who have been working so hard to explicitly teach reading skills.

It is with great pride that I would also like to celebrate the Year 1 Numeracy Outcomes of our students. 100% of our Year 1 students have improved in their Numeracy since they were in Prep in Term 4 of 2018. Their mid year 1 data shows how much growth has been achieved by all students over this Semester. Congratulations to our students and teachers! We are so proud to share these successes with you.

Have a safe and restful holiday! 


Glennis Kerr

Teaching and Learning Leader

Family Engagement in Learning

Family Engagement in Learning

Family Engagement in Learning


Family Week

It was a great pleasure for us to share Family Week with you all. We had some parents coming in to share family storytime with their child in the morning and join their child’s class for family activities in the afternoon session. We were so impressed with all the amazing and creative inspirational posters sent in to us from families. They reflected the love, hopes and dreams you have for your children. These posters are now proudly displayed around the school for everyone to admire. 

Bible and PJ Night

Congratulations to the Prep to 2 teachers for their wonderful planning of our annual Bible and Pyjama Night for 2019. It was a wonderful evening where students participated in prayerful activities with their families about Creation, The Last Supper and Global Citizenship. It was lovely to see families engaged in the activities and the discussion around the activities with their children as well as other families. On the night we had 52 students all up from Prep-2 as well as some older siblings etc that attended with their families.

Catholic Secondary School Expo Night

Our first ever Catholic Secondary School Expo Night went extremely well. We had over 20 families attend the evening as well as some families from Resurrection. We had 6 secondary schools from the area attend, setting up a stall with information and being available to answer any questions parents had. We thank all the principals, deputy principals, transition coordinators and school captains present on the night that made the evening such a success. 

Website- Learning at Home

Please make sure you check out the Learning at Home page on our school website where I regularly add new learning at home tasks for parents and families. I have recently sent out a Google Forms survey to collect some data around who is using this page and if you are finding it helpful. I would greatly appreciate any feedback from parents and families. Thank you to the families who have already filled in the survey.

Class Dojo

If there are any parents yet to sign up to ClassDojo I am more than happy to help you get connected. Please come to the front office and I can assist you to connect to St. Anthony’s P.S and your child’s class.

Kinder Visit Program

Our Kinder Visit Program is up and running for 2019. We have had some very excited Grade 5 students who have been visiting 2 of our local kindergartens and working with the students at the kinders. Our Grade 5 students have demonstrated wonderful leadership skills and shown great maturity in their interactions with the kindergarten students. They have received wonderful feedback from the kindergarten teachers on the initiative and the respect and kindness they have shown. These students should be extremely proud of the way they are representing our school in the community. I am looking forward to more kindergarten visits and for them to visit our school in Term 3.

If there are any students in Grade 5 who would like to be involved in this program please see me for more information.



Deana Portia

Photo: St Anthony's Catholic School in the Parish of St Anthony's Noble Park

Parish News

Photo: St Anthony's Catholic School in the Parish of St Anthony's Noble Park

From the Parish Team

“They all ate and were satisfied. And when the leftover fragments were picked up, they filled twelve wicker baskets.” (Luke 9:17) The story of the Loaves and Fishes shows us that when we share what we have, even if it doesn't seem like that much, miracles can happen! Do not think that your gift is too small or insignificant! God blesses all the gifts we offer and makes them wondrous.


Feast of Corpus Christi “The Body and Blood” of Jesus This weekend we celebrate the feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus. Over recent and coming weeks many of our young people will be receiving Eucharist for the first time. They have been preparing with their parents, supported by the parishes' religious education teams. It is a real blessing to see young people receive Eucharist for the first time. We, as a community, get to share in their excitement and joy on the occasion. Many of our children who have regularly attended Mass over many years have eagerly anticipated when they would join the community in sharing Eucharist. The feast of the Body and Blood celebrates our Church teaching that the Eucharist is “the source and summit” of our Christian Life. We also celebrate that, as we receive the Eucharist, we too are empowered to live as the Body of Christ. Just as we reverence Christ's body in the Eucharist, we recognize and reverence ourselves and others as the Body of Christ. Have a good week Brian, Martin, Vicki and Garry



Photo: ”Encourage one another and build one another up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ‘In a Catholic School young people are empowered to develop as optimistic global citizens capable of articulating their beliefs and worldview in light of the Catholic faith and tradition’. Horizons of Hope. Wellbeing in a Catholic School.

Religious Education News

Photo: ”Encourage one another and build one another up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ‘In a Catholic School young people are empowered to develop as optimistic global citizens capable of articulating their beliefs and worldview in light of the Catholic faith and tradition’. Horizons of Hope. Wellbeing in a Catholic School.

Sacrament Update


Sport News

Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to Nicholas House in the Athletics Carnival! Every student put in 100% and showed true sportsmanship! In term 3, we will be running a sports day for grades prep, one and two. Information to follow next term.


For the second half of this term, we have been learning about:

Prep: Catching and Gymnastics

One/Two: Catching and Forehand Strike (one handed)

Three/Four: Athletics

Five/Six: Athletics


I hope everyone has a lovely holiday and I look forward to seeing you again in term three!


Emily Prato

Physical Education Teacher 

St. Anthony's Catholic Primary School


Perfmorming Arts News

Performing Arts News

Term 2 has been a very exciting term in Performing Arts. All the children have been busy learning about the fantastic, classic story of Alice in Wonderland. The book was written by Lewis Carroll in 1865 and is one of the most adapted books of all time. It is the story of an independent and curious girl in search of adventure and wanting to know herself better. 

The students have been learning songs all term and will begin to learn dances next term as well as making/decorating costumes during Thursday afternoon Crafternoon sessions. Parents/carers are welcome to attend, please get in touch with your class teacher to see how you can get involved.


Please make sure that costume pieces are purchased during the holidays and named and labelled in a plastic bag and sent to school at the end of week 1 term 3.


The performance will be at Nazareth on Friday 13th September, times and other information will be announced soon.


Tickets will go on sale during term 3, so please keep an eye out for sales.


Ms Victoria Gelberg

Performing Arts Teacher and Director


Visual Arts News

Visual Arts News

Foundation Students have very enthusiastically engaged in studies about rainbows, colourful elephants such as Elmer and the most colourful of creatures, the butterfly! They even made a classroom mural of a mural decorated with their beautiful butterflies. These they used dispersing paper, so ask the children to talk about how the colour changed when they added water to these. Some of these pictures show their great excitement to have made their Mum's or other special person, a teddy for Mother's Day.

This term Level 2 went round the world with Colour Studies! The display in the Padua Building shows how we began in Aboriginal Australia with My Place Paintings, we went to India to look at Rangoli's, on to Africa to try and hide the secret ticket for the fabric design, in a colour, texture and pattern work of art, then over to America where the Pop Art Fad took over. 

Levels 5 and 6 have been working in parallel to each other this term, both designing and making 'Flourishing and Known' mosaic art pieces, except the Year 6s are working on their 'leave your mark' whilst Yr 5s will be taking their small mosaic home. These pictures show the process and the concept of making a mosaic, through the eyes of the students' designs and their safe use of the tools to break and reshape the tiles.

Year 6 students are looking forward to completing the mural this week! To assist with this, they are welcome to invite a family member or other close friend to come to school on Friday, to show them the tricks and techniques of working in this wonderful art medium. We are looking forward to opening the Art Room for this special day!


Japanese Culture News

Japanese Culture News

The Foundation students had their first Japanese lesson this term, and I'm very proud of all the talking in Japanese they have done!  We are confident greeting people and support our speaking with lots of gestures. We also have lots of fun developing our intercultural awareness by bowing when saying ありがとう (arigatou/thank you) and receiving our name tags with both hands at the start of each lesson.

The grade 1/2s made leaps and bounds in their speaking as they tackled a challenging script for a  Japanese folktale called, Momotaro. I am proud of the students helped each other read the script and remember their lines. In the last week of term, we made dango, a food that appeared in the story. It was the first time many of them got to try the classic flavours of matcha and red bean paste.

The grade 3/4s learned their numbers up to 99 this term, and I have been impressed with how they are growing as role models for they younger year levels through the enthusiasm, perseverance and kindness they show everyday. We have been learning our numbers through activities where we use our critical thinking to solve puzzles and estimate the cost of food. 

The students are always excited to learn about how Japanese people live, and I encourage them to watch some Japanese animated movies on SBS over the holidays. See you next term!


Photo: Alfred Street Early Learning @ St Anthony's

Alfred St ELC News

Photo: Alfred Street Early Learning @ St Anthony's

Alfred Street ELC Update


Community Announcements

Community Announcements


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