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26 June 2019
Issue #10, 2019
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Principal News

Half way already 

As the chilly months are upon us, it reminds us that we are already half way through the year.  We have been celebrating a great number of achievements in both the Mid year reports and Parent conferences.  

With such, let's reflect.  Is there already half a year gone OR Is there still half a year to go?

The second question is more of a growth mindset, full of optimism and possibility.  I encourage families over the term break to discuss what has been and could still be achieved and more importantly, what vital experiences could be supported at home to complement school goals.

Always remember, your classroom teacher is the most important point of contact to work together on the achievements of your child.

Have a terrific break.

Monique Corcoran and Sally Herbert

Cranbourne South General Store

Just a few reminders to parents , students and community members per the expectations of the use of the General Store:

  • The store is a very busy place with a variety of different vehicles, some very large and dangerous.  It is preferred practice that families escort their child when visiting the store.  
  • Students are NOT permitted to go the store once they have arrived at school (by car, ride, scoot, walk).
  • Parents are encouraged to monitor the amount of sweets and high sugar/fatty foods purchased.
  • Parents should only park in designated car parks, as the shop is a place of business, not a carpark.

Urgent phone calls only

The number of phone calls requesting a personalised arrangement for school pick up or notification of change of circumstance has risen.

Passing on messages to the classroom is significantly disrupting vital teaching and learning time for students and staff.

Only urgent or messages deemed an emergency will be received and passed on, with Principal endorsement.

Students waiting to be picked up are to remain in the yard 3.30 - 3.45pm, where staff are on duty.  At 3.45pm, the bell will chime and remaining students are to go to the office where families will be phoned.   

Kindness in traffic

All schools are challenged with traffic flow during high movement times; CSPS is no exception.  Can we please abide by traffic rules such as only entering a roundabout if traffic flow is still possible.  We share the roads with the public who are having shared difficulty moving from A to B.

Child Safe Standard
New Enrolments

Are you looking to enrol your child at CSPS?  You may have a child beginning Foundation in 2020 or transferring from another school.  When selecting a school for your child it can be advisable to ask about CHILD SAFE. 

What is Child safe?  

All children have the right to feel safe and to be safe all of the time. An organisation or agency that provides a child safe environment is one that has a range of strategies and policies in place to ensure children are protected from harm and abuse.

Under the child safe standards schools must inform the school community about:

  • strategies to embed a culture of child safety at the school, and roles and responsibilities within the school for achieving these strategies

  • the school’s child safety policy or statement of commitment to child safety.

You could ask to see the school's:

  • code of conduct outlining clear expectations for appropriate behaviour by school staff with children (this must be publicly available)

  • strategies to promote child empowerment and participation, e.g. delivering appropriate education about standards of behaviour for students attending the school, healthy and respectful relationships (including sexuality), resilience and child abuse awareness and prevention.

  • procedures for reporting suspected child abuse.  

At CSPS you can view these expectations, strategies and code of conduct on our school website -  

Please refer to the CSPS Child Safe Standards Information Booklet for children and the community.

Toilet Blitz

Did you know that students are at school only 19% of their week.  Therefore 81% of their week is with families, parents, carers etc.  The most powerful means to extend a message is therefore through the home. 

We require strong family support in promoting positive and appropriate behaviour in the toilets.   Can all families please emphasise and prioritise PRIDE in our school, especially toilets.

At school, we continue to implement tighter monitoring of toilet behaviour (especially running, squealing and misuse of the hand dryers), maintenance of toilet needs and use or over use of products such as toilet paper and soap.  

Thank you for your support - together we can raise the standards of toilet behaviour and hygiene.

Sally Herbert

School Policies highlights

The Policy highlighted for this iNewsletter is the  Refunds Policy.  

The purpose of this policy is to set out the conditions under which the refund of the school fees may be granted, and will define how refunds will be administered.

Any questions, please contact the office.

Do you know where to access DET policies - SPAG

Do you know how to access CSPS localised policies - Link

Please remember that there is no more Flexibuzz after Friday, 28 June. All communications and absences will be done via Compass as of term 3. If you have any Compass questions or need help logging on for the first time, please contact the office.

2019 School Concert

This year’s school concert “Spellbound” will be held on Tuesday, September 3 from 7pm to 9pm at the Frankston Arts Centre.  All tickets are $21.50 each. Students performing do not need a ticket.


Ballot 1 is now open and closes on Wednesday, July 17.  Purchase your tickets via the TryBooking link on the CSPS website or click here

This year seating will be allocated using a ballot system. A ballot system provides a fair ticketing and seat allocation process for all families.  


More information will be sent home in due course, such as specific ticketing instructions, costumes requirements, DVD/USB ordering instructions, event day activities etc.

Upcoming Events

To further assist with smooth organisation of events, families are asked to adhere to all due dates of return slips and money.

No late payments will be accepted unless prior discussion with the Principal.


Requests for refunds must be given in writing and approved by the Principal. Refunds Policy

Concert Ticket Ballot 1 - Open

Jun 20 – Jul 16, 2019

Life Education visit

Jun 24 – 27, 2019

Term 2 School Holidays Start

Fri, Jun 28, 2019 - Early Dismissal 2.30pm

Term 3 Starts

Monday, Jul 15, 2019

Concert Ticket Ballot 1 - Closes at 6pm

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2019

Cadbury Chocolate Drive due back

Friday, Jul 19, 2019

Concert Ticket Ballot 2 - Open

Jul 24 – Aug 6, 2019

Australian Maths Competition (selected Yr3-6 students)

Thursday, Aug 1, 2019


School Banking - Every Tuesday

Nude Food - Every Tuesday

School Awards

School Values


Spotlight Awards



Week 8


Week 9



Jax S


Stella R



Sienna M


Polly Y



Summer W


Zachary C-S



Braxton D


Amelia C



Levi B


Kaycee R



Charlie G


Brody F



Jack H


Eboni W



Briannha D


Fletcher L



Elyce M


Adna S



Chelsea D


Jemma S



Shannan N


Jackson H



Lincoln B


Emily M



None Recorded


None Recorded



Jet V


Tamika C



Zoe V


James Q



Mackenzie P


Ella M



Overall Student of the Week



Week 8



Week 9



Charlie G



Jackson H


House and Lively Learning Celebrations






Week 8



Week 9



Lilly M



Lily A



Mackenzie V



Grace G



Class Award

5/6a & 5/ 6 c


The Art Show on Tuesday 18th June was a wonderful community night, show casing student art and community craft. We had very excited students who beamed with Pride showing their family what they have achieved. The Art Show had our own CSPS Talent show, where our musically talented students showcased their skills in keyboard, guitar and singing.

It was chilly wet night and the sausage sizzle went down a treat.


A very big congratulations to all the students for a tremendous effort in STEAM/Art this term.  Thank you to all our community that voted for the "Best in Show" winners.

Congratulations to all the "Best in Show" winners and the "Artists of the Term." These students are our winners:

FA Skye E

1A Mia H

2A Samara H

3/4A Lia D

4B Reanna K

5/6A Ella C, Indy O, Lauren P, Lauren E, Bree R


Congratulations to Reece Low for winning the Art Show door prize. A family dinner voucher is all yours. 


We have exemplary leadership potential in our Lively Learning Leaders. Thank you to Grace G, Cassie K, and Jacob S for your exemplary leadership skills in welcoming our community, counting votes and assembly awards. Well done!

Thank you to the awesome CSPS staff that put in some time to help out with organisation and the sausage sizzle.

The biggest SHOUT OUT goes to our fabulous parents who put in the hours to help mount and prepare student art work, set up the hallway gallery and set up the craft stall. Your help is greatly appreciated. 


Physical Vibe



Week 8



Week 9



Harmony B



Jacob S



Class Award

2A & FB 


On  Friday 14th June the CSPS  House Athletics Day was held on the oval. All students Foundation to Year 6 participated in a variety of track and field events. Many thanks to the parent helpers on the day. 


Region Cross Country Report

Even though the weather was wet and cold, it did not deter our students from accomplishing their best in the Sport Victoria Cranbourne South Regional Cross Country.   With 85 competitors in each category it was a tough competition but worth the experience! Well done to Jacob S. Beau S. and a special CONGRATULATIONS to Reanna K!  Even though she had taken a fall, due to the competitiveness of her rivals, she managed to pick herself up and show true perseverance and passion to come 10th place in the 9-10yr girls! She will now be representing, not just our School, or our District, or even our Division but our Region to go to State!  Good Luck Reanna we are all proud of you!


Harold visited Cranbourne South PS this week. Alongside Life Education, Healthy Harold has been visiting schools for 40 years.  Life Education's mission is to empower children and young people to make safer and healthier choices through education. Foundation to Year 6 students have taken part in programs that encompass information about healthy choices about food, our bodies, use of helpful drugs and other health messages. These programs provide the information, understanding, skills and strategies our children need to make safe decisions about their own health and well-being. Life Education is part of our Physical Vibe program.



Facilities Updates

Capital Works

Principal class attended Bricks and Mortar Capital Works training  - VSBA Planning Phase 1: Ed Direction Training on Friday May 31st at Dandenong.  This was followed by a visit from Kevin O’Rourke (Regional Services Advisor) and Wayne Perkins (Technical Leadership coach) to assist with the implementation of Phase 1 of the Capital works funding recently allocated to CSPS.  Phase 1 includes collection of data and completion of documents regarding our existing school buildings in preparation for a meeting with architects in Phase 2 of this project.  

We will keep you updated as information arises.

New slide

After enormous research and collaboration, we are pleased to announce that a long awaited slide is on its way to CSPS.  The students and community have been extremely patient.  We cannot wait to see the new playground addition during Term 3.

The Lookout 

Exciting news!  This weekend marks the commencement of Phase 1 of  the LOOKOUT play area project.  With the kind and generous assistance of Rotary, the site alongside the area between the staffroom and General store fence will be excavated and levelled in preparation for the installation of a new play area.  This will include the delivery of sand, rock and materials to build a nature play area for our students. 

Phase 2 and 3 of this project includes installation of play equipment and beautification of the area. 

Pedestrian access

Works will soon commence to install an improved concrete path from the Kiss n Go area into the school and across to the gallery entrance.  During the winter months, this area becomes quite wet and drainage is problematic.  The installation of these pedestrians paths will improve access into our school grounds.

Education News 


Reports are done and goals are set - what to do now?

What can you do to help your children now that they have received their report and have set learning goals in reading, writing and mathematics? Read these goals to your children and talk about what they  mean. Talk about what they need to do to work on their goals. For example if their goal is to chunk and blend sounds then, when reading stories you can model this strategy and they can do this too.  Mathematics goals are often about fluency or speed and accuracy with times table or fast facts. There are games and activities to practice these skills. Logging on the Mathletics or Reading Eggs/Express can also provide lots of activities to develop skills.  If you need the passwords for these programs please email your classroom teacher.



On Monday, the senior school opened their Museum of Australian history (1700-1900) to the Cranbourne South community. This showcase was the conclusion of the MAPPEN unit, Change: Museums in Motion.

Students portrayed important historical dates in creative dioramas; they portrayed events such as the landing of the First Fleet, the crossing of the Blue Mountains, the Gold Rush and many more.

The highlight of the event was dressing up as important historical figures and answering questions from the public about the importance of characters in the development of Australia. 

The Museums in Motion event was a fitting tribute to the Australia in which we now live and gave students a stronger perspective of key events in our past in order to understand how those events have shaped our present and perhaps our future.

Isea Icare

Hi everyone we have had a great semester learning about our local marine environment. Have a look at the Dolphin Research Institute Newsletter to see what we did on our last excursion!



Here’s eight free and fun things you can do with your kids during school holidays:

Have a pyjama day

This weather is the perfect time to have a pyjama day at home. Cook some popcorn, pick out your favorite movies, and settle in for a nice relaxing day. This is a great way to unwind after a long school term, not to mention great for spending some quality time together as a family.

Visit a local park with friends

Just because school’s out it doesn’t mean you can’t socialise. The best free activity you can organise this school holidays is a simple play in the park with friends. Ask along your child’s classmates and have a picnic lunch or early dinner together. You’ll be keeping active, enjoying the outdoors and being social too.

Visit local shopping centre activities

Check your local shopping centres to see if they are offering any school holiday activities. Often, you’ll be able to find art activities, shows or performances there that are all provided for free.

Go for a bike ride

It’s good to keep active during the school holidays. Dust off your bike and join the kids for a leisurely ride around your town. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, why not put the bikes in the car and drive to somewhere new. You can explore your surroundings while cycling around.

Have a board game competition

Reduce screen time and teach some important life skills by playing board games. It’s fun for kids and adults alike, and you can make a real competition out of it too. Teach the kids some card games, play some of their favorite board games, or even borrow games from friends. It’s sure to be a fun day.

Go to the library

Your local library is full of fun things to do that cost nothing. Borrow books, DVDs or CDs to entertain the kids during the school break. There’s sometimes special activities or events on at libraries during the school holidays too, so make sure you check what’s on at your local library.

Go for a nature walk

Explore the areas around your house and enjoy the health benefits of walking in nature. You could create a bingo game, play eye-spy or try to identify plant and bird species as you wander around.

Geocaching or orienteering

There’s plenty of free websites and apps to keep you entertained and outdoors these school holidays. Why not try geocaching? Download the app and it will lead you to containers of various sizes containing a log and sometimes small treasures too. Explore your local area and see what you can discover.

Whether you need to fill in two weeks or just a couple of days of the school holidays, you can have a lot of fun without having to spend any money at all. Try some of these ideas and see how much fun you have together.

Parents and Friends
Association (PFA)

Semester 1 Fundraising Efforts

The PFA have had a wonderful 1st semester and with the School Community's help, they have raised huge amounts for the school. Below are some of the totals raised:

  • Disco - $1455.16
  • Hamburger Special Lunch - $1058.63
  • Easter Raffle - $1335
  • Election BBQ - $1769.47
  • Sausage Sizzle Special Lunch - $711.33
  • Mother's Day Stall - $3384
  • Mother's Day Raffle - $995
  • Homemade & Homegrown Stall - TBA

WOW! What an awesome effort and we are only half way through the year! The money raised will be put towards new play spaces in the school grounds.  THANK YOU to everyone who supported these events.

Mondo Clothing Drive

The PFA and The Sustainability & Environment Team have organised a special recycling collection day on Thursday, 25 July, 2019.


Our school will be paid 0.10c per kilo for the items that will be sent for reuse and recycling. This  program  helps  raise  money  for  our  school,  reduces  waste  to landfill, creates  jobs and supports communities in developing countries at the same time.


All we ask is for households to have a clean out of their wardrobes, linen cupboards & toy boxes over the mid year holidays and bag any unwanted: clothes, shoes, linen (sheets, doona covers, towels, blankets), accessories (hats, scarves, gloves, belts, handbags) & toys.


On our collection day, or on the designated drop off days below, students & families can drop off their bags of unwanted items at the Early Learning Centre (old Multi-Purpose Room).


Drop off days & times are strictly between 8:30am - 9am and 3pm - 3:45pm on the following days:

  • Mon 22nd July
  • Tues 23rd July
  • Wed 24th July
  • Thurs 25th July (directly to the SCR group’s collection van)

Please note that items brought in prior to these dates will be sent home. We thank you for your assistance.

Cadbury Chocolate Drive

Cadbury Chocolate Boxes have now been sent home. Payment for the boxes will be due in Term 3 by Friday 19th July. We ask all families to adhere to this due date.


This year the office would also like to request your help by paying for the Cadbury boxes via QKR (which is our preferred option), EFT via the office, direct deposit into the schools bank account or please change
your coins for notes. Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Entertainment Books 19/20

This year we are raising money for our school through Entertainment Books. Please help us achieve our goal by purchasing you  your Entertainment Membership from us. Cranbourne South Primary School receives 20% from every Membership sold so tell your family and friends to support us as well.

The Entertainment Memberships are available as a book or a digital Membership App. Both are full of great value with plenty of offers and discounts. 


To purchase your Membership and learn more about their great offers, click here.

The Homemade & Homegrown Stall

The PFA would like to send a huge THANK YOU to all the businesses and families who helped put on an amazing night last Tuesday 18th June, at our first STEAM Art Show and Homemade & Homegrown Stall.


Please support the businesses below and let them know where you saw their details:

Also, THANK YOU to the following families, who donated beautiful items to the stall: Eas, Hartigan, Ward, Datson, McRae, Douglas, Jones/Henry, Bettess, Maxwell, Shaw, Scutt, Reardon &  the Haigh family.


Finally a huge THANK YOU to all the amazing volunteers who spent so much time helping with preparing & setting up the art show and stall and helping the whole event to run so wonderfully. We can't wait for the next one!

Earn & Learn Vouchers

The Woolworths Earn & Learn promotion finished yesterday, 25th June. Stickers must be sent in to the school no later than 9:30am on Friday 28th June so that they can be counted before the end of the term.


The more stickers we earn, the more we can redeem from a choice of over 10,000 educational resources including Mathematics and English resources, art & crafts materials and much, much more!

Fingers crossed we have beat our 2017 record of 20,574!

Stuck On You Fundraiser

The PFA are fundraising with 'Stuck On You'! Stuck On You supply a massive range of personalised products that can help families live a more organised life. From drink bottles, backpacks, lunchboxes, stationery and not to mention their enormous range of personalised name labels!


The school will receive a 20% commission on all orders that Stuck On You receive via our unique URL and 5% on all promotional products ordered. All orders are completed through the Stuck On You website and shipped directly to your address from their warehouse.


To explore their products and make purchases, please use the school's unique URL: 


Or you can use the school's fundraising code 'CSPS' at checkout.  Feel free to share this code or URL with family and friends.

First Aid


All Asthma and Allergy Action Plans need updating every 12 months with School Holidays here, now is a great time to get those plans renewed, if they are over due or up for renewel soon.

Don't forget that it is also a Department requirement that all students with Asthma and/or Allergies have an interview with the school once a year. 


Medications taken at school need a Medication Authority Form or in the case of Asthma and Allergies an Action Plan. This is to ensure that the student is given the right dose and the right medication and that all other students that may be allergic to the medication are protected. Please do not put medications in school bags, give them to the office and we will make sure the student has them when needed.

Parent and Community 

Sustainability and Environment Team

Have you made a Promise to the Environment?
Well done to Bliss Burr in 2A who takes her Sustainability and Environment role very seriously. Bliss has made a promise not to use plastic straws to help save our Marine life. Awesome work, Bliss!
Think about what you can do for the environment and let me know.  Our planet needs your help NOW!


How does Miss Watkins help save the planet?
She chooses to use sustainable cutlery instead of plastic when she is out. Great job Miss Watkins! What does your teacher do to help save the environment?

Nude Food

Congratulations to 2A who have won the Nude Food Award for Term 2, 95 - 100% of the class bring Nude Food on Tuesdays.


Did you know between 4.8 and 12.7 million piles of plastic are found in the ocean each year! Imagine what that does to the animals .About 100,000 marine animals die from plastic bags, since plastic takes so long to disintegrate there is about a 89% chance it will be eating by an animal. It is up to us whether we decide to change it or not and we can do that by bringing nude food to school. Having a compost bin at home and being creative like making a plastic bottle into something you can use everyday or better yet don't even use a plastic bottle buy a stainless steel drink bottle! these are all things you can do to save our environment.  

Kiera A Sustainability and Environment Team 5/6A

2019 School Concert

This year’s school concert “Spellbound” will be held on Tuesday, September 3 from 7pm to 9pm at the Frankston Arts Centre.  All tickets are $21.50 each. Students performing do not need a ticket.


Ballot 1 is now open and closes on Wednesday, July 17.  Purchase your tickets via the TryBooking link on the CSPS website or click here

This year seating will be allocated using a ballot system. A ballot system provides a fair ticketing and seat allocation process for all families. 


More information will be sent home in due course, such as specific ticketing instructions, costumes requirements, DVD/USB ordering instructions, event day activities etc.


Robot Song

“Looking for something to do with the kids these school holidays? Bunjil Place in Narre Warren have a fantastic show coming up in the July School Holidays – Robot Song – and would like to extend a special ticket offer to our school community! For more information and to access the offer, visit the Robot Song webpage on the Bunjil Place website,  click on ‘Book Now’ and enter the promo code ROBOT10 when purchasing tickets.”

Are You A Parent of a Child Aged 2 to 12?


The Parenting and Family Support Centre at the University of Queensland is conducting research into parents’ opinions about parenting and parenting programs. If you have a child between 2 and 12 years, we would love to hear your views on parenting and the services that are available to you as a parent. You will need to complete a short survey. To find out more or to participate please visit






Positive Parenting Telephone Service



See our school zone online

The Department has released a new website that helps parents identify their local public school online. launched on 24 April and shows every school zone across the state. The new website highlights the choice of public schools available to the Victorian community.


If your child is preparing to enter Year 7 and want to know more about the public secondary school options in our area, or you know someone who is interested in enrolling at our school, try today.


If you have a question about the website, contact the Victorian School building Authority Hotline on 1800 896 950 or email [email protected] 

           Lunch Orders

Only available on Thursdays & Fridays


Regular orders can be placed up to 9.30am on the same day.

Sushi orders must be placed by 5pm the day prior.

1. Login to your FlexiSchools account

2. Click 'Online Ordering' beside the student name

3. Past dates or dates where the services are not available will be greyed out

4. Select ‘Order Lunch’ on the future dates listed (you can place orders for future weeks)

5. A new window will open for allergies.  If there are no allergies, select no. If there are allergies, enter them into the field.  Click ‘Save and Continue’

6. The menu will display.  Note that each item has the Healthy Eating Advisory Service traffic light system.  Any unavailable items will be greyed out and cannot be selected.

7. Click ‘Add’ next to the item.  A new window will open if additional items/inclusions can be added to the order. For example, hamburger options:

8. Click ‘Save and Continue’. Repeat as necessary.

9. On completion, click ‘Next : Check’,  then 'Confirm/Place Order'

10. Repeat as necessary.

11. Select the payment option (top up account or pay for single order), and click continue.

12. Select the payment method and click continue.

13. Lunch will be delivered to the school at approximately 12.30pm and distributed to the classrooms.


For help or FAQ's, go to

Moral Purpose


CSPS endeavours to empower teachers, students and community members to embrace learning, achieve their personal best and strengthen emotional, social and physical wellbeing.


  • To provide all students with an education they can be proud of by exhibiting confidence and creativity in this complex and ever changing world.
  • To assist students in taking ownership of their learning; to grow into responsible, happy, resilient and socially fulfilled individuals.


  • Positivity - I look on the bright side.
  • Persistence - I am determined.
  • Pride - I stand tall.
  • Passion - I strive to achieve.

Democratic Principles


CSPS supports and promotes the principles and practices of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

a.   elected government; and

b.   the rule of law; and

c.    equal rights for all before the law; and

d.   freedom of religion; and

e.   freedom of speech and association; and

f.    the values of openness and tolerance.

Cranbourne South Primary School
Flexischools account set up