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06 September 2019
Issue Three

Respect      Responsibility      Integrity      Personal Best 

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Principal's Report


Term 3 has developed into another rewarding term with much activity taking place within the school, both at an academic and co-curricular level. The preparation for the student courses in 2020 has commenced and it was fantastic to see so many parents at our Year 12 Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) Information Evening and the Year 12 Parent Teacher interviews. Similarly our Careers and Pathways Expo evening was well attended by our Dromana College community. The  pathways structure and subject choices for students from Years 9 to 12 can be complex, and I would encourage all students and their families to get fully involved in this process and utilise our pathways staff and information evenings.

As has become our tradition at Dromana College, we commenced this term with a Whole School Assembly. The focus was on acknowledging student success and participation. In particular, we would like to congratulate  the Dromana College Aerobics Teams who made it to Nationals where all 7 teams competed, 5 teams having podium placements. Our own Dromana College coaches also received a Coaches award. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Karate Champion

Congratulations to Bonnie Salt from Year 8. She won two gold medals at the National Karate Championships in Launceston, Tasmania last month. Bonnie has trained with the Victorian State Karate Team for the last three years as well as with her dojo at Peter Hollowood Martial Arts in Mornington. Her hard work, determination and good sportsmanship has paid off. Bonnie won her individual division in the 12/13-year-old girls, and the team event in her age group. Congratulations Bonnie! A fantastic achievement.


Rising Star

Dromana College student  Tulliah Goldsworthy

was one of five finalists in the JJJ Unearthed High songwriting and vocal competition.

Since falling in love with songwriting at age 15 Tulliah has been working ambitiously towards a career in music from her family’s farm on the Mornington Peninsula.


This year, a record 1500 songs were uploaded to triplejunearthed.com for Unearthed High. Over six weeks, teen songwriters from all across the country came out of the woodwork and onto the website, impressing JJJ with their dedication and craft. "Getting from 1500 entrants down to just five finalists has been like pulling teeth; such is the quality of music being released by young Australians in 2019."

Tulliahs debut track ‘Company’ introduces us to her powerful  voice, and in the hands of Tulliah it’s one that awakens the soul. Congratulations Tulliah, we at Dromana College are very proud of your amazing achievement.


School Review

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank, students, parents, staff and the wider Dromana College  learning community for their participation in a highly successful and Independent whole school review.

This review will be used as the bedrock on which to build our next School Strategic Plan for 2020 – 2024. This Strategic Plan will set out the goals, strategies and targets for the College to ensure we continue to deliver excellent academic outcomes for all our students.


Bushfire Preparedness

Dromana College BAL (Bushfire Attack Level), has been lowered which means we will most likely only close on code red days.  Works to create fire breaks in the bushland areas surrounding the college have now been completed adding an additional layer of protection to the students, staff and visitors of the college on high risk fire days.










 Assistant Principals' Report

Simon Jones

Assistant Principal

Years 10 - 12

The very important subject selection process for current years 9, 10 and 11 students for 2019 is underway. The Career Expo and Information Nights for our current year 9 and 10 students was held recently and was well supported by our families. It is most important that both students and their parents/guardians take advantage of this opportunity so that they are fully informed when it comes to making important decisions about subjects for next year and future pathways. Current Year 10 students will be making a very important decision about their pathway for the remaining 2 years of their school lives, whether it be the VCE or VCAL pathway, and as such students are encouraged to be diligent and proactive in this process.

The course selection information is now available on the College website (click on ‘Curriculum’ tab and select the relevant section), and is another invaluable resource in helping navigate through this process. Following the Information Evenings, students have scheduled individual course counselling sessions prior to making their final choices and submitting their selections online.

 Parents are encouraged to take an active interest in this process and to contact the College if there are any questions or concerns in relation to the subject selection process. It is very important that due thought and consideration is taken when making selections as it can be difficult and disruptive to make later changes to programs, and in some cases this is not possible. It is also worth noting that whilst all students are required to make selections for next year, promotion to the next year level of schooling is entirely dependent upon effort and results in their current year and each student’s progress will be reviewed at the year’s end.

Andrew Wynne                                                   Assistant Principal 

Years 7-9

As we head towards the end of term with the days slowly getting warmer and longer, it is worth reflecting on the achievements of our junior students over the last few months.

The Year 9 students are now in the process of choosing their future pathways through the subject selection process. This is an important stage in their lives, pointing our young people towards their future. I am pleased that so many are opting to choose VCE subjects as part of their course, giving them challenges and preparing them for the rigours of Year 11 and 12. I am extremely proud of the Year 9 students, they are a fine group of young people and it has been a privilege to work with them over the last three years.

The Year 7 students have now really settled in and are embracing the values and programs of our college. They have participated in the school production, dance and music soirees,  and a myriad of sporting and cultural events. They are developing into a cohesive and high performing group and they will continue the fine tradition of our college developing fine young people.

Most pleasing this term however, has been the attitude and hard work of all our students. While such special events are the “icing on the cake”, the core purpose of our college is for students to

strive for their individual best and become great citizens.

Well done to all!








Steph Pearce

Acting Assistant Principal

Learning and Teaching

In the first week of Term 3, we welcomed many students and their families to the college for the Senior Careers Expo. It was a well-attended evening that provided student’s with knowledge about their pathway options and the many opportunities available to them as they begin their journey into the senior school. It was great to see that students had invested so much time and thought into their subject choices for 2020. Thank you again to all of the staff who attended the Expo, it was a fantastic display of the broad and exciting curriculum program we offer here at Dromana College. 

Our Classroom Voice Surveys were rolled out across all subjects in Year 7 earlier in the term. These surveys aim to provide students with an additional platform to give feedback about their classroom experience. Our teachers are then encouraged to reflect on this feedback to further improve the quality of our teaching and learning programs. So far these surveys have been a great success, with lots of insightful conversations taking place between teachers and students.

On Tuesday 30th July we hosted the LEAP Information Evening for Year 7 2020 students.  LEAP is the Learning Enhancement Acceleration Program, a program specifically designed to address the needs of academically gifted students who share a love of learning. The LEAP curriculum has been developed to challenge and engage these students across a range of learning areas, with a focus on developing higher order thinking skills. If you are interested in being part of our Year 7 2021 LEAP cohort, please see the Dromana College website for further details.



English News


As part of their studies of ‘Night’, Year 10 students were given the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Museum in Elsternwick.  This was an introduction to the history of the Holocaust, looking at its causes and consequences.  While there, students were also given the opportunity to hear the firsthand account of a Holocaust Survivor, detailing their life during the Holocaust and how they survived.  They reflect on the time and their circumstances, and remind students of the lessons of history they should apply today.   This is an amazing learning opportunity for students, offering them a chance to form a fuller picture of the era and the situation captured by the autobiography ‘Night’.




Earlier this month, performers from the well-respected Complete Works Theatre Company visited the school to bring to life sections of the set texts for students preparing for their Comparative SAC.  The performance explored the differences and similarities between ‘The Crucible’ and ‘Year of Wonders’, dramatizing key scenes from each text.  It brought to life the sections to be compared in an engaging performance that gave students a great opportunity to view their comparative texts in a different light. 



Senior Literature and Drama students were given the opportunity to see the Melbourne Theatre Company’s performance of ‘Shakespeare in Love’, a key text of the Literature Course and an entertaining and lively stage production.  The school received generous and much appreciated support from the Melbourne Theatre Company in the form of heavily discounted tickets and a grant to pay for bus travel to the city.  This generosity encouraged students to attend the live theatre event, and they were treated to an excellent performance which both supported their studies and provided an engaging theatre experience.  



Language News

Japanese Cultural Tour

A number of our Dromana College language students experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity by visiting Japan on a cultural tour.


On the 26th of June, nine Dromana  College students accompanied by two teachers travelled to Japan for two weeks of educational and cultural learning.

For six nights, we were able to experience the Japanese lifestyle while staying with our host families. From trying to figure out how the high-tech toilets were operated, to attempting to communicate with our host buddies,there was never a dull moment.

A standard Japanese school day ran from 9:00am to 5:00pm, with after-school clubs running til 6:00pm. This left us all tired at the end of each day we attended school.

After leaving our host families we visited many destinations of cultural significance, including the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, numerous castles and temples, and traditional restaurants. The cuisine ranged from the delicious to a more acquired taste. In contrast to these traditional wonders, Japan’s culture is intertwined with cutting-edge technology. Racing in a Bullet Train at 320km/h was like travelling to the future, with its sleek design seamlessly gliding across the rails. Even the most basic of amenities such as a toilet, incorporated no less than 32 buttons – which is 30 more than we’re used to.

All in all, the trip to Japan offered the students of Dromana  College an unforgettable cultural experience that is highly recommended.

By Liam Hanson Year 10



Indonesian Cultural Tour

The Indonesian trip was a once in a lifetime experience. We did heaps of sight-seeing not only of the typical tourist areas, but mostly of the more traditional aspects of Indonesia.

We spent five days in Yogyakarta where we shopped at traditional markets, visited villages and did language classes.

Then we travelled to Bali where we stayed the rest of the time, in which we shopped at local markets and got a chance to practice bartering.

The highlight of the trip for me was visiting the volcano in Yogyakarta where we drove up the volcano in jeeps. This experience was lots of fun. Another highlight of the trip was getting to experience the range of traditional foods and getting to make them with the people that lived in the villages. 

This trip was not only fun because of all the experiences, but because of all the new friends and groups of people I met and shared it with. I also got to practice my Indonesian language skills.

By Trilby Oakes



Japanese Visitors

In early August we had a small group of Japanese students visiting from Namegata, Japan. The students were hosted by Dromana College families. They attended classes with their hosts and visited many of the attractions the Mornington Peninsula has to offer. It was a fantastic opportunity for our Japanese students to practice their language skills and to make international connections and friendships.  A HUGE THANK YOU to all the host families for opening up your homes.



Year 7 Japanese Hiragana Competition

Our Year 7 Japanese students spent first semester learning the Japanese alphabet: Hiragana. All students competed in an online proficiency game to help them revise.  Bella, Nathan and Ben were the three fastest students to complete the online quiz, and they battled against each other in a lunchtime Grand Final to find the ultimate winner. Nathan claimed victory in an astounding time of 55 seconds and then Bella and Ben weren’t far behind. Each student was awarded some Japanese goodies, from the iconic store, DAISO. If you would like to challenge yourself and play the game, here is the link: 



Year 8 Indonesian Family Trees

Our Year 8 students have been learning how to introduce their families. They have created some amazing family trees to showcase their knowledge. Some of the best can be viewed in the language centre. Thank you to Miss Love and Miss Jones for their creativity and ingenuity when putting the display together.


Junior Japanese Classes

Whilst studying the topic of animals, the junior Japanese classes have been creating comic strips, playing animal dominoes, making LOST posters and playing card games.



Maths News

Australian Mathematics Competition

On August 1st over 45 students across all year levels, voluntarily participated in The Australian Mathematics Competition that is coordinated by Australian Maths Trust. This competition is held in over 30 countries and has had more than 15 million entries since it’s beginning in 1978.

The competition paper that each student received was targeted at their year level, with Year 7 & 8 doing the Junior level, Year 9 & 10 doing the Intermediate level and Year 11 & 12 completing the Senior level. For the first time this year, our students completed the competition online. As students progressed through the competition, the problems become more challenging so students of all levels are challenged and inspired.

All students who participated are to be congratulated on their efforts. Well done.



Debating News


The Debating team have been very busy this term. Students in Year 8 and 9 have been working hard and competing against other schools, debating topics such as “That we should abolish standardised testing (e.g. NAPLAN)”, and “That refugees should have full access to the Australian welfare system”. Both of our debating teams have been very successful and were excellent representatives of the school. Of our two teams that we entered, one team finished second in our region, and the other team finished first in our region.


The team that finished first (pictured) have progressed to the elimination finals! Well done!


Art News

Junior School Visual Arts


In Visual Arts at Dromana College we get to learn so many things about art including one-point perspectives, and we have learned all the different art elements. We even get to use our creativity to write different words using everyday objects around us, turning this into an observational drawing. Visual Arts is so much fun. I personally would say it’s my favourite.


Chloe Hildebrand, 7TH


Performing Arts-Dance News

 Semester 1 Dance News

What an exciting and busy year we have had so far at Dromana College.


We have had classes running where students have elected Dance from Year 9 through to Year 12. We have also had Dance Club running each Tuesday morning before school and Thursday afternoon after school.

We have introduced Dance Captains this year, and congratulate Kate Strickland and Megan Honnery who have taken on these roles.


The year began with an excursion to Top Class, a performance of some of the highest grading VCE Dance solos from the previous year, attended by Semester 2’s year 10 Dance class along with the year 11 and Year 12 VCE Dance classes.

In Term 2 we had many of our dance students performing in our acclaimed school musical “Barnum” in May, followed by our end of semester dance evening later that month. This saw Dance Club perform 3 items, one of these was the year 7 dance co choreographed by our dance captains. Our Year 9 and the VCE Dance classes performed their Learnt (class) dances and their own choreography.


During jump start (the end of term 2) we were privileged to yet again have workshops run by professional dancer Luke Alleva. This was a very exciting day when all year levels studying dance as well as dance club had a session with Luke learning a range of different styles and dances and developing choreographic skills. Our students were again very inspired and enthused by all they learnt from Luke.


Coming up for Semester 2:

  • Dance excursion to “100 Years of Dance History” at Cube 37 in Frankston on August 29th.
  • Year 12 Dance students perform on September 16th.
  • End of Semester 2 Dance Evening / assessment night Friday, October 18th. This involves all classes studying dance in Semester 2, along with Dance club.
  • Celebration Evening, many dance students will be performing on this evening.



Sport News


Dromana College hosted the Victorian Schools

Mountain Bike Championships on June 23rd.

The results are as follows;


Dromana Cycling Academy - Year 9

Zak Williams Year 9 - 1st place                             

Jenkin Currie  Year 9 - 2nd place             

Beau Grey Year 9 - 1st place                         

Scarlett Baker Year 9 - 1st place

Luca De Basista Year 9 - 7th place         

Jasper Sheppard Year 9 (injury) assisted

Lailah Baker Year 11  (coach)   1st place

Fletcher Holzer   Year 10    assisted

Max Royle    Year 10     assisted


Dromana College Enhancement - Year 7

Lily Easy   Year 8  -    1st place                        

Harry Doye  Year 7-    1st place

Oliver Hutchinson Year  7-  1st place       

Ava Notman Year 7 -  3rd place

Oliver Sawyer Year 7  -   4th place

Rye Carlon Year 7 (Injury)   assisted

Ashtyn Williams Year 7 -  3rd place



State Cross Country

Dromana College  had 6 students represent the school on  July 18th in the State Cross Country Championships. We congratulate every one of them as they all ran exceptionally well. Even just making it to the State Championships is  a huge achievement.

Results are below:

Imogen Baker - 3rd with  the bronze medal and qualified for the National championships.  Imogen will compete for Team Victoria.

Charlie Kyberd - 7th

Lawson Duff - 6th

Jamie Hale - 20th

Lailah Baker - 49th

Zac Dyer - 16th



Congratulations to the Intermediate boys baseball team who have now taken home the gold medal for the Southern Metropolitan Regional Championship 3 years in a row - Undefeated in their time at Dromana College. Well Done boys, amazing effort!! Good luck at the State championships on the 29th May.



Dromana College Aerobics

Dromana College Aerobics team went to Chandler, Brisbane for the National Aerobics Competition held at the Sleemans Sporting complex. 

We are happy to announce the amazing results below and also a big thank you to our coaches who won an award as well.


In the elementary Phase 1 Individual section:

1st place -  Megan Honnery

2nd place -  Millie Spargo


In the elementary Phase 1 Pairs section:

1st place -  Millie Spargo and Ruby Armstrong


In the elementary Phase 1 Small Group section:

2nd place; Dromana Dynamite- Isabelle O’Neil, Imogen Baker, Olivia Siddons

3rd place;  Dromana Diamonds- Tahlia Knaggs, Arki Hyett, Summer King, Madison Bentley- Brown


In the School Stream Pre Choreographed large group section:

6th Place - Dromana Destiny- Miah ARGENT, Lailah BAKER, Scarlett BAKER, Hannah BLUFF, Riley HELLYER, Megan HONNERY, Phoenix MIDLOVETS

7th place;  Dromana Dazzling Stars- Imogen BAKER, Arki HYETT, Summer KING, Isabelle O'NEILL, Olivia SIDDONS


Major FISAF Coaches award:

Most Improved School, Encouragement Award- Brittany Felsinger Hayley  Silvester  from Dromana College




Karate Champion

Congratulations to Bonnie Salt from Year 8. She won two gold medals at the National Karate Championships in Launceston, Tasmania last month. Bonnie has trained with the Victorian State Karate Team for the last three years as well as with her dojo at Peter Hollowood Martial Arts in Mornington. Her hard work, determination and good sportsmanship has paid off. Bonnie won her individual division in the 12/13-year-old girls, and the team event in her age group. Congratulations Bonnie! A fantastic achievement.



 VCAL  News

VCAL Studio Art

Semester 1 saw the VCAL Studio Art students being very industrious in producing drawings using a Cubist flair. Students were required to draw a number of kitchen utensils from observation, select their best couple of drawings, photocopy these and then cut them up. The students then had to select sections and create a range of compositions and experiment with different mediums.



Pictured are some of the drawings that were used as back up for the compositions.

Lino Printing

The next task that the VCAL Studio Arts students pursued was Lino Printing. Students had to design an interior, starting with research first and then incorporate some of their own ideas in their design. The students were then required to experiment with overlapping of colours along with taking sections away from the lino plate. Here are just some of the students final prints.



3D Art

The VCAL class are now currently producing a 3D model. The Year 11’s are working in clay and have been looking at medieval structures while the Year 12’s have been studying the figure, using a range of moulds to create their model. The works are in progress and here are some of the students in the process of making their artworks.



VCAL Design and Technology

VCAL Design and Technology – Community Projects

As part of the Design Technology Course the senior VCAL students design and construct projects that will benefit the community.

Recently finished projects have been a memorial seat for St Andrews Beach Recreation Club and some picnic tables for Red Hill Consolidated School.


Year 11 VCAL Semester 1 Report 2019  


Currently, we are working on a Bullying Prevention Task.

Our teacher asked us to form groups and each group was required to come up with some ideas to raise awareness of bullying and how we can go  about preventing it.


Our class has a variety of tasks that will be completed across the school over the next 10 weeks.

  • Year 7’s – Pastoral lesson
  • Year 8’s – Survey
  • Year 10’s – Pastoral Lesson about the long term effects of bullying
  • Years 7-12 – Casual Dress Day “Wear Blue”

We are most excited around this task as we believe that when the activities are coming from students, the information will be taken on board and the more that we can become aware of treating everyone with respect then the happier our school community will be.


Lets be Bully Free:


Treat Everyone with Respect

Nobody should be mean to others.

  • Stop and think before you say or do something that could hurt someone.
  • If you feel like being mean to someone, find something else to do. Play a game, watch TV, or talk to a friend.
  • Talk to an adult you trust. They can help you find ways to be nicer to others.
  • Keep in mind that everyone is different. Not better or worse, just different.  
  • If you think you have bullied someone in the past, apologize. Everyone feels better.

What to Do If You’re Bullied

There are things you can do if you are being bullied:

  • Look at the kid bullying you and tell him or her to stop in a calm, clear voice. You can also try to laugh it off. This works best if joking is easy for you. It could catch the kid bullying you off guard.
  • If speaking up seems too hard or not safe, walk away and stay away. Don’t fight back. Find an adult to stop the bullying on the spot.

There are things you can do to stay safe in the future, too.

  • Talk to an adult you trust. Don’t keep your feelings inside. Telling someone can help you feel less alone. They can help you make a plan to stop the bullying.
  • Stay away from places where bullying happens.
  • Stay near adults and other kids. Most bullying happens when adults aren’t around.

Remember to be kind to everyone

- Smile at a stranger

- Speak respectfully

- Use your manners

- Be mindful because everyone is going through something you don’t know about

- Be nice to your family & friends

- Have respect for your school teachers

- Hug your friends

- Give compliments

- Help at home, do your chores without being asked

- Give your time to people when they need it

- Say “I love you” more often to your family

- Make a donation if you can


Money Raised for the Good Friday Appeal.

Thank you to all the staff and students that supported our BBQ at the Athletics Carnival.

On the 23rd March the VCAL year 11 students  participated in a BBQ athletics day event to help raise a donation for the Good Friday appeal. We raised over $3000.


We sold a variety of items that included:

  • soft drink cans
  • water
  • lollies
  • salad rolls
  • juice
  • chips
  • hash browns
  • doughnuts
  • sausages
  • veggie burgers


Written By Kodi, Faith and Bonnie – AMBK Year 11 VCAL Class 2019



Green Team News

War on Waste

The Green Team has always had a focus on sustainability including the effects of rubbish in our environment.  With so much of our rubbish going to landfill it has been great to get involved with setting up bins to distribute our many different kinds of waste. We have now implemented bins for co-mingled recyclables, soft plastics, recyclable hard plastics, organic food waste, e- waste and phones/batteries within our school. Dromana College can now wage its own war on OUR waste. Not only are we taking responsibility for our waste, a percentage of the plastic collected (such as bottle caps/milk cartons etc) will be able to be processed on site and reused in Design and Technology subjects.


At our recent school assembly this new process was presented to the school by the Green Team. We encourage all our families in the Dromana College community to bring in bottle caps, and old batteries/phones for our bins which can be found at the front office and at central locations within the school, and to not put these items into landfill. If you have any more questions in regards to this new initiative please contact Jamie Russell-Mudge at the College.


By Bonnie Salt





The Working Bee

During 3rd period on the 26th of July the Green Team undertook a working bee. During that period, we all worked hard around the garden. Jobs included pruning the fruit trees, watering the garden with a mixture of worm juice and water and adding comfrey to the compost. Thanks to all  the students who were involved.


By Katie Vervoorst



Lemons, lemons and more lemons! It took a whole remarkable wheelbarrow filled with lemons from the school garden to make jugs of lemonade for the Green Teams lemonade stand.

It was Thursday when the green team set off to the food rooms to squeeze lemons and oranges and create the perfect formula for the perfect lemonade. The green team states that the process was; “Long, it hurt my muscles” -Taulani

The Green Team were thrilled to get so many happy customers and very pleased to give away the lemonade for free to anyone that brought their own cup.


By Bonnie Salt



Central Australia Camp

Central Australia Camp

As part of the educational program for 2019, Year 9 and 10 students at Dromana College ventured off on a 9 day camp to Central Australia.  This  unique opportunity was designed to provide students with the chance to experience parts of Australia that they may not be able to visit, as well as develop a further understanding and empathy for our indigenous cultures of Australia. Students travelled by 5 star coach to the Northern Territory and returned by flights through Qantas. Dormitories and tents were used for their accommodation which was an exciting and  fun experience. 


The camp package included highlights such as:
- Coober Pedy: opal mining and underground living in a mining    township.
- Uluru: natural wonder of the world, an educational and culturally enriching experience.
- Kings Canyon: experiencing the natural wonder of our top end. 
- Alice Springs: camel ride en route from Kings Canyon, visiting  the Desert and Royal Flying Doctor Service
- MacDonnell Ranges - Ormiston Gorge, Standley Chasm and Simpson Gap.




Indonesian Camp

Indonesian Camp

At Dromana College, we believe that it is very important for students who undertake the study of Languages to be given the opportunity to experience the language and culture first hand, in an immersive and authentic environment. 

Year 10, 11 and 12 students studying Indonesian ventured off on a 12-day study tour to Indonesia, accompanied by Dromana College teachers  in the July school holidays. 


The Indonesian Tour included highlights such as;


*Borobudur Temple Tour

*Candirejo Village Life Experience

 -Horse carriage ride around village

-Traditional simple lunch

-Farming museum & rice field

-Cultivation by buffalo

-Bike touring around village

*Prambanan temple tour

*Coffee Plantation

Ubud Monkey Forest

* Tanalot Temple 



Pathways News

From the Pathways Office


Dromana College is committed to the pathways of your child. It is an open and fully dedicated Careers resource centre where students can get advice and assistance about their pathway through and beyond secondary school.

It is not a resource centre just for senior students (though year 12 students will be prioritised) it is a resource centre for all students, in all year levels as well as for parents/guardians, 5 days a week, 8 – 4pm.

If you would like to study at university in 2020 the only way you will be considered for courses is by creating a VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) account, listing your preferred courses, supplying any relevant and required information then wait for the OFFER rounds.

Timely application fee is $39 – this fee applies if you create an account and add at least one course between the OPEN date: 5th August and the CLOSE date: 30 September.

Accounts can be created after the CLOSE date but incur a higher application fee up to $148 for very late applications.

www.vtac.edu.au for full information about applications and deadline dates.

Each lunchtime from 5th August until the end of term 3, the Pathways office will be available for VTAC help sessions. Just come in, no need to book.

Now is also the time to apply for scholarships offered by various institutions

Each year all types of institutions: university, TAFES, private providers, industry, NGO’s and Governments offer $1,000’s worth of scholarships. Some scholarships can be applied through VTAC but each institution also provides scholarships not available through VTAC. In this instance you must check each institutions website.


TAFE Free courses:
If it is TAFE you are thinking of enrolling into in 2020 , there are several FREE TAFE courses available.


Free TAFE for Priority Courses will reduce the financial barrier for students wanting to train in courses that lead to jobs in demand.
Free TAFE for Priority Courses covers tuition fees for priority courses for students who are eligible for government subsidised training. This includes: 30 non apprenticeship courses and 20 Victorian Pre Apprenticeship courses.

For a full list of FREE TAFE courses: https://w.www.vic.gov.au/freetafe/free-tafe.html




Course counselling has now concluded for 2019. If your child has not selected their subjects for 2020 please contact your child’s year level coordinator.

If your child is undertaking the VCAL program in Year 11 or 12 in 2020, they must complete a Certificate course (VETis) as part of the successful completion of VCAL, these formal qualification certificates are called VETis subjects.

VETis subjects are Australian Certificates usually at Certificate II or III level covering a wide range of industries. For example: Building and Construction / Plumbing / Beauty /Salon Assistant / Hospitality / Electrical / Automotive / Drafting / Allied Health / Community Services / Music / Animal Studies / Equine to name a few!

If your child selected a Dromana College VET subject (Hospitality, Sport and Recreation, Small Business) or OTHER on their subject selection submission OR your child is undertaking VCAL in 2020 they MUST come to the Pathways office for the second part of the enrolment process. PLEASE NOTE: Entering subjects DOES NOT enrol your student into a VET Certificate in 2020.

Please note also: If your child is undertaking the SECOND year of their VET subject there is NO AUTOMATIC enrolment. Your child must still come to the Pathways office for further enrolment information.



Students undertaking Year 11 or 12 VCAL also have the opportunity to start a paid Australian Traineeship or Australian Apprenticeship while they are completing Years 11 and 12 VCAL.

SBATS allow students to combine their VCAL school work with 7 hours a week paid part time work on a Wednesday or Friday in their chosen industry, while completing their relevant industry Certificate (Wednesday or Friday).

SBAT traineeships (12month completion) available in:
Education Support / Allied Health / Fitness / Business / I.T.

SBAT Apprenticeships (4 years Australian Apprenticeship) are available in:

Building and Construction



Scholarships are available for students from most Universities and State Schools. The types of scholarships are wide and varied and can accommodate every year level. Please visit the Victorian Education website for each individual scholarship. Applications from students in Years 4 - 11 and tertiary institutions will re-open in October 2019. Applications from current Year 12 students will re-open in August 2019.  Link below. Please be aware of the open dates and cut off dates for all scholarships. 




See the Pathways office for more information about SBATS

Derry Caulfield – Careers
Jackie Douglas -  VET, SWL, Wk Exp
Megan Rogers – VASS, VET, SWL

Information for Parents

After school homework and study sessions.

Homework Help

Wednesdays and Thursdays: 3.20pm - 4.20pm

Help with homework is available in the library after school every Wednesday and Thursday.  All students are welcome. 

Assistance is available in our quiet and well-resourced library for homework-tasks, general study, assignments, test preparation, essays and improving organisational skills.

Accident Insurance Cover for Students

Some school activities and physical education, particularly contact sports, carry inherent risks of injury. Parents are advised that the Department of Education and Training does not have Student Accident Insurance cover for students. Therefore, if your child is injured at school as a result of an accident or incident, all costs associated with the injury, including medical costs, are the responsibility of the child, parent or caregiver. Some incidental medical costs may be covered by Medicare. If parents have private health insurance, some costs may also be covered through your private health insurance. Any other costs would be borne by the parents. Student Accident Insurance is an insurance policy that pays certain benefits should your child have an accident. It is a personal decision for parents which type and level of private insurance they purchase. An approved insurance broker should be contacted if you have any questions about insurance cover.

Personal Goods 

Personal property is often brought to school by students, staff and visitors. This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises. The Department of Education and Training does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property.

Car Park

Please be very mindful when entering the College carpark that you do not use the bus lane. If you drop students off please use the middle car park, gravel car park or the prefered drop-off at Harrisons Road. The carpark is closed between 2.50 p.m. and 3.10 p.m. each day.

School Events on Compass

Parents are reminded when receiving Compass notifications regarding school excursions and activities, to grant permission and make payments promptly.  The College needs to arrange transport and entry into events and often needs to adhere to booking deadlines, so it is important that student numbers are confirmed in a timely manner.  Please make note of cut-off dates on school events and respond to SMS and email reminders that are sent out.  These dates are set in place so that we can confirm numbers with our outside providers.

We would appreciate your support in this matter, to avoid any disappointment a student may experience when they may not be able to participate due to late consent or payment.

Family Holidays

If your student is going to be on holidays within the school term you will need to apply for an approved absence at least two weeks prior to the leave. Please address your letter or email to Mr Alan Marr, College Principal.


Students who arrive late to school must sign in at Reception in the Administration Office.

Students who intend to leave school at any time during the day must have a note from their parents which is given to their teacher and then must be met at Reception, to be signed out, by the parent who is picking them up. 


Parents are reminded to phone the College Absent Line if their child will be absent to school for any reason (holidays, appointments, sick). A note must also be written. Parents can phone the College Absent Line directly on 5984 7177 available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and leave a message.  An SMS text message will be sent out to parents if the College is not notified of your child’s absence.

HANDY TIP: Please save this phone number to your mobile 5984 7177- Absent Line

2019 Term Dates

Term 1:  29 January - 5 April

Term 2:  23 April - 28 June

Term 3:  15 July - 20 September

Term 4:   7 October - 20 December

Student Free Days;

14th June 2019

4th November 2019

22nd November 2019


Remember you can view all Dromana College important dates and events on Compass and the College calendar at https://dsc.vic.edu.au/

News and Events-Events-Month.

School Fees


As a College, we are very conscious of the cost of living pressures on families and endeavour to minimise fees and levies charged. It is however a fact that all government schools depend upon parent contributions to broaden and extend College programs. We are very proud of the breadth and depth of program offered across our College and enrich student learning by providing all students with a wide range of curricula and co-curricular programs. These programs enhance and extend student engagement and learning and are an important component of the comprehensive education for all students attending Dromana College.  It is these additional programs that set us apart from other schools.  Many of these programs are provided by external organisations and require additional resourcing. Some examples include; subsidising guest speakers and presenters for pastoral lessons and subjects including English (authors and experts), extra-curricular programs such as HPV, debating, State School Spectacular, Wakikiri Dance, sports equipment and uniforms, school mini buses, science and technology equipment, improvements and maintenance to College facilities and grounds.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all families who have contributed to the provision of College programs, resources and facilities by the timely payment of school fees and levies. We understand that some families face financial pressure and that the timing of payment either at the end of or beginning of a school year can be difficult for some families. As such we would like to inform all families that ongoing periodic instalments can be paid fortnightly, monthly or quarterly to make contributions more manageable. Parents interested in discussing these payment options are encouraged to contact the office on 5987 2805.


Bus Information

Please note the College bus policy - NO BUS PASSES are issued for students going to friends, after school employment or sport. Please do not send your child to the office for a bus pass as a refusal may offend.

Uniform Shop

Trading Hours

Tuesday ;   8:30am - 12:00pm

Thursday ; 12:00pm - 3:30pm 

Telephone: (03) 5984 7143


For assistance outside these hours, please contact Noone Imagewear Beaconsfield.

Telephone (03) 9769 9093




Scholarships are available for students from many different Universities and State Schools. The types of scholarships are wide and varied and can accommodate every year level. Please visit the Victorian Education website for each individual scholarship. Applications from students in Years 4 - 11 and tertiary institutions will re-open in October 2019. Applications from current Year 12 students will re-open in August 2019.  Link below. Please be aware of the open dates and cut off dates for all scholarships. 





Parent Liaison Report

Dromana College 2019 Fashion and Art  Exhibition


Second Hand Uniforms Wanted

Have you got good quality uniforms just lying around? 

If so, feel free to send them along and allow me to re-use them.

I am most in need of the following;

Jackets, Rugby jumpers, Long sleeved polo’s, Winter skirts, Dresses, Summer Skirts and Blouses. Thank you. 

Theresa Stelling Parent Liaison Officer

Information for Parents


Dromana College had the pleasure of hosting 17 students and 3 staff from Namegata City  in Japan. The students spent 5 nights with host families who  made their stay very memorable .
Our special visitors arrived on Friday 2nd August and stayed until Wednesday 7th August. Friday and Monday were spent at Dromana College participating in school life and Tuesday at Dromana Primary School and Red Hill Primary School where they participated in a Japanese day and joined in Japanese classes.

Although the weather was very cold the Japanese students still managed to get out and about and had an amazing time.

We would like to thank all the host  families for opening their homes and hearts to these lovely students and look forward to your continuing support in hosting again.




The Parents and Friends Association meet the first Wednesday of each month at 7.00pm in the Administration Building. Parents, Guardians, Grandparents and students are welcome.



Due to changes with the Working with Children Act on 1st August 2017, we would like to remind all parents willing to assist the College that you need to apply for a Working with Children Card by going to the following site;

http://www.working withchildren.vic.gov.au/home/

If you already have a Working with Children card but are new to Dromana College, please go on this site and add Dromana College to your card. The card is free for volunteers and you will need to supply a passport photo.



We urgently need volunteers for the Dromana College Breakfast Club program. Our Breakfast Club has a wonderful group of Parents, Grandparents and Students getting together every Wednesday morning to provide breakfast for our students. Any time you can give would be much appreciated.

The Breakfast Club runs from 7.30am to 9.00am every Wednesday, serving hot Milo and toast with jam, Vegemite or honey. If you are keen to help please contact me at the College, or if you would like to donate any of the following items please leave at the front office. The items we use are long life milk, margarine, jam, Vegemite, Milo, hot chocolate, napkins and disposable gloves. Make sure you leave your details so we can thank you or the company who made the donation. We have a letter at the College to ask for donations if you require one.




Please support this business as loyally as they support us. They donate all the bread we use for Breakfast Club every week.

If you shop at Bakers Delight Dromana or Somerville please mention you are from Dromana College to link a 5% annual donation from all your purchases. This will be donated to the schools fundraising team at the end of the year.




Theresa Stelling

Parent Liaison Officer

0419 502 081



Community News

The Briars- Spring Program


Moonlit Sanctuary


Red Hill Opportunity Shop



Red Hill Op Shop is looking for volunteers to join the group of wonderful men and women who support our organization.

The commitment is just one morning or afternoon once a month and you’ll meet some lovely people at the same time.

If you would prefer not to serve at the counter, there’s lots of other roles you could fill in such as: sorting, helping the area managers display their stock, admin, etc.

We’d love to hear from you, so please contact us to find out more!

Email: redhillopshop@gmail.com or

message us at www.facebook.com/redhillopshop.

Financial Help


New Players Wanted for Rye Netball Club

Players for age groups

13/U (born 2006/2007)

15/U (born 2004/2005)

Season commences March 16

For more information


0417 388 460

Red Hill Basketball Club



If your child is interested in playing basketball in the Summer season, beginning in Term 4, please email your interest to basketballredhill@gmail.com. We will be running training sessions for new players during Term 3 to prepare for the upcoming season. 



We are desperately looking for second-hand uniforms. We have plenty of new players wanting to buy second hand uniforms. If you have any that you are not using, please drop them to the office at Red Hill Consolidated School as soon as possible with your contact details. Any queries, please contact Belinda Hannemann on 0421 054 209 or email basketballredhill@gmail.com


If you are interested in joining the committee in any way, please email us at basketballredhill@gmail.com – we would appreciate any time you could give.


Mornington Youth and Citizens Band


Dromana College Newsletter
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2019 June Exam exams navigator.docx
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