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20 February 2020
Issue Two
Important Dates
Principal's Report
MGC Pedal Power Cinema 2020
Year 7 Camp 2020!!!
House Swimming Carnival 2020
Sports Report
AAFC Promotion Courses – January 2020
Philanthropy News
MGC’S 2020 Musical Production -“Annie” Audition
Performing Arts News
MGC Parents  - We Thank you!
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MGC Homework Club
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Important Dates

February/March 2020

  • 27th Feb - School Photo Catchup
  • 28th Feb - Pedal Power Cinema
  • 9th March - Labour Day
  • 16th March - Year 8 Immunisations
  • 18th March - Harmony Day Assembly 

To purchase tickets to the Pedal Cinema 2020, please click here.

Principal's Report

Many thanks to our hardworking staff who have given up personal and professional time to facilitate the Year 12 Camp, Year 7 Camp, the aerobics and rowing programs, Years 8-11 and Cadets Information Nights, Year 7 Welcome Night, Chinese New Year, swimming sports, school photographs, planning for International Women’s Day and the Pedal Cinema! Amazing!


Year 7 Parent Welcome

On Tuesday 18 February we warmly welcomed our Year 7 parents in true MGC style whilst overlooking the Yarra River. Thank you to our team who provided the refreshments and camaraderie for everyone involved. Our Year 7 parents shared stories about reports from Year 7 Camp and their daughters’ first weeks. It was a pleasure to meet you all.


School Council Information

25 February will see the final School Council meeting for Gary Funston who has been a School Councillor at MGC for over nine years in various roles including President and Treasurer. Previously Gary was on the primary school Council attended by his three daughters, Grace, Eliza and Meg. Gary brought a wealth of financial knowledge as a partner in Deloitte, robust financial questioning and attention to detail to Council business.

The meeting will also be the last for another wonderful contributor 2019 Year 12 parent, Tracie Winch. Sincere gratitude to Gary and Tracie.


As parent nominations matched the available vacancies there was no need to hold a ballot for the new School Council which begins on Tuesday 17 March, 2020. It is a pleasure to announce the following parents as our School Council parent representatives:

Emmy Andriotis parent of Nicky in Year 7

Steve Baile parent of Sara in Year 7 and Sienna in Year 11

Adam Berin, parent of Aleyna in Year 7

Raechel Forster, parent of Abigail in Year 9

Heather Pritchard, parent of Elizabeth in Year 10


A ballot will open on 20 February and close at 4pm 28 February for the student representative vacancy.


Performing Arts Centre planning is complete and the tender processes are underway. The new VCE study centre and main building refurbishment are completed and being used to great effect by our students and staff. These refurbishments will facilitate the smooth running of the school whilst the Performing Arts Centre is being constructed.


International Women’s Day (IWD) Celebrations

We are excited about welcoming Professor Fabienne Mackay as the speaker at our IWD celebration on 3 March at 6pm in The Gillard Centre. Professor Fabienne Mackay, PhD, FAHMS is Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, The University of Melbourne.

Professor Mackay will speak about her passion for making a difference to peoples' lives through Biomedicine. Her own journey has been from childhood illness to health thanks to therapies developed by medical researchers. Professor Mackay became a biomedical scientist herself and has played a key role in developing the first new treatment of the debilitating autoimmune disease Lupus in over 50 years. Professor Mackay leads the study of the human body and advancing human health through innovation and excellence. The University has nearly 100 research groups pushing the boundaries of knowledge across several disciplines, including that of Nobel Laureate, Professor Peter Doherty.  Professor Mackay is passionate about educating the next generation of health professionals and medical researchers.

The importance of the vision and values of excellent parents, Melbourne Girls’ and IWD were shown to effect in the stand Coco Smith and Eartha Hewitt (class of 2019) made against misogyny and the objectification of women in both letters to “The Age” and on the “4 Corners” program aired on 17 February. Please see below a community message which reflects many messages of support received on 17-18 February.


Good morning,

I’m sure you’ve been inundated with messages today following last night’s 4 Corners. I feel compelled to follow suit.

But for our primary school being in a position to see several girls each year go to MGC my family has no formal connection to your school, but the bravery and intelligence displayed by your two former students on last night’s program was noteworthy.

If these are the values being entrenched and this is the capacity that your girls have to verbalise those values in such challenging circumstances, then your school is not only successful, but important.

Please pass on my thanks to your educators and encourage those kids in there to stay strong and principled.

All the best,


Thank you for your support in all aspects of learning and preparing our students for the world beyond MGC.

Kind regards,



MGC Pedal Power Cinema 2020

Come along to the annual pedal powered cinema on the 28th Feb on the picturesque banks of the Birrarung. Gates open at 5pm, film is the Lorax. Renewable energy and pedal powered rises, raffles, food and information stalls. Prizes for best dressed character representing a character from Dr Seuss.

BYO picnic and meet some more MGC families while supporting our quest to be a carbon neutral school!

All proceeds go towards expanding our solar array and moving closer to be 100% carbon neutral.

If you would be interested in donating a prize for the raffle, costume competition or choc toss, then please contact Ms Samone Hosking:

This event is organized by staff, students, friend and parents of the MGC Sustainability collective. We meet once a term to plan and discuss sustainability initiatives at MGC. We are always interested to have new members- you don’t need to be an expert, just have an interest. For more information, please contact Mr Andrew Vance, Sustainability Coordinator.


1st meeting of the Sustainability collective is Tuesday 11th Feb 6-7.30pm in Lyceum room 5. All welcome!

Human Powered Pedal Cinema 2020

MGC’s very own carbon neutral outdoor cinema experience is returning for our 10th anniversary!

MGC’s Human Powered Pedal Cinema is on the lookout for fabulous prize donations from businesses, families and friends to contribute to the raffle and to award our best ‘pedalers’. If your family knows of a business that might like to donate, please take a flyer from the Science Staffroom and have a chat with them. Lots of local businesses are keen to donate prizes to school fetes and the like. Contact Ms Hosking ( if you have any questions, information or prizes to drop off.

We also invite families to bring in chocolate and lolly donations for everyone’s favourite side show….. the CHOC TOSS! Grab some choccies and deliver them to Ms Hosking in the Science Staffroom. If you can’t come on the night this is a great way to help support this fantastic event.  We encourage everyone to assess the packaging of the chocolate and lollies (and all your other packaging for that matter!). Is the packaging plastic free? There are lots of scoop and weigh choc and lolly stations in supermarkets and delis now.

We are looking forward to a fantastic night of sustainable education, activities and the classic movie ‘THE LORAX’. Don't forget that children 10 and under are free and there are plenty of family friendly sideshow attractions running from 5pm until the movie begins at 8.30pm!

Year 7 Camp 2020!!!

Year 7 camp was amazing. It began with a crazy bus ride filled with singing, yelling and chatting. Excited gasps flew from everyone’s mouths when we turned the corner and saw the Arrabri Lodge sign. The grounds of the camp were extremely pretty, with bright, tall, green trees all over the border of the lodge. First up was meeting the wonderful staff and being introduced to 18 year old Gus- a blind and deaf Jack Russel who lives at the camp. After a quick introduction, the fun began. Once we were told our cabin number, we all rushed off to set our rooms up. Twenty minutes later we were at our first activity.

The activities included: A giant swing, a zipline, a pool, a low ropes course, a games room, playing in a freezing river, playing mini golf and doing archery. The   giant swing was like nothing else. The exhilarating feeling when you fell the first time was so incredible. Your heart leapt when you were soaring down and leapt again when you were flying back up. The zipline was really fun. Sitting on the seat and then swishing down past the teacher as they threw lollies at you. In the pool we played volleyball and did Zoomba like maniacs. It was really enjoyable and really helped everyone feel at home with each other. The low ropes course was a great bonding experience. Supporting your partner as they made their way through the course, was really fun and a great way to make new friends. The games room was a really fun relaxing activity. Inside the room was an air hockey table, where everyone got really excited when they discovered how to turn it on.

There were 2 Foosball tables that were heaps of fun especially when you won! Table tennis had everyone chasing after little balls and running all over the place because it was so tricky to hit them properly! The river was a really… well… cold activity! We all loved splashing each other and swimming with the current, it brought out a whole new side of everyone in your group. Mini golf was also a very relaxing activity, in a shady bushy area, where we all had a great time chatting and playing golf. And last, but certainly not least, archery. Archery was quite a satisfying activity. We all lined up and shot at the same time and shot, desperate to either pop a balloon, or shoot the yellow center. It was such a great sound when the balloon popped or when the arrow got wedged in the yellow center.

The camp was a different place at night. The first night we did bush dancing, which was super fun. Learning the dances was a totally new experience for all of us. We were all in fits of laughter dancing around and getting all hot and sweaty. After the dancing we headed out into the night. We went for a walk in pitch darkness with only a single torch to guide us, and even though we had been told that it wasn’t a race, everyone raced anyway.

We all had a great time collecting the letters to spell out the word puzzle. (ANSWER: Arrabri Lodge nocturnal walk.) Again, it wasn’t a race, but we raced anyway. The next night activity was the famous MGC activity Red Faces!!!! But before red faces we had to do the house challenge, which involved quiz questions and some interesting eating methods. Red faces showed us heaps of amazing talent. Congratulations to Meera from Maris and Issy from Chisholm for their great wins! Overall camp was incredible. Thank so much to the teachers and staff of Arrabri Lodge for this amazing experience.

By Sunday Bickford 7M1. 


House Swimming Carnival 2020

The school year kicked off in style with our House Swimming Carnival being held 2 weeks ago. With the excitement of the new venue, teachers, students and sports captains arrived in their best Hollywood Themed costumes ready for a day of fun, cheering and competition.

The competition for the overall points trophy was a two horse race all day, with Chisholm leading Maris by only a handful of points through all the individual and novelty events. The depth of talent of Maris became evident in the relays as they managed to storm home to a 60 point win by the time all the events were over.

I would like to personally thank all the work done by the House Captains and the Staff in the lead up to and on the day. The move to MSAC was overall a positive one but it did require some extra work behind the scenes to make sure the transition was as smooth and possible.

The strongest swimmers of the day have been selected to represent the MGC Swimming Team at their Division Carnival on Wed March 4th. These students have been emailed, so if you have not checked your emails in a while and you are a swimmer, please do so asap.

Andrew Fero-Kovassy



Sports Report


Introduction to Interschool Sport 

Term 1 Information 

Welcome to another exciting year of MGC sport – we are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible involved in interschool sport throughout the year, and in particular want to invite our new students (Year 7 and above) to get involved! 

Interschool sport is optional, and we compete with other schools in our Division and beyond through School Sport Victoria pathway ( During Terms 1-3, four team sports are offered, and year levels are allocated a day on which teams from all the schools in the Division meet up for some friendly and competitive interschool competition. Winners from those days progress to Regional finals, and if successful on to the State Finals. 

Melbourne Girls’ College has a proud history of success in a range of sports across all year levels, and are fortunate to have a large population of talented students who represent us. Our primary objective however is to encourage involvement amongst ALL students regardless of ability level, and as such commit to supporting as many students who wish to participate as possible. Trials for our representative teams are advertised via email for Years 9-12, and via a sign up sheet at the PE office for Years 7 and 8 after Week 3. Students will be notified through EMAILS when trials will be beginning for a particular sport, so keep and eye out for it and if you love a particular sport come and have a go! 


Term 1 Sports and Key Dates 

Volleyball, Cricket, Softball and Tennis. 

Intermediate (Yr 9 and 10) - Tuesday Feb 25th 

Swimming Division Carnival – Wed March 6th  

Year 8 - Friday March 6th  

Year 7 - Thursday March 19th  

Swimming Regional Carnival – Wed March 25th  


Any other questions please don’t hesitate to check the SSV website, or contact Mr. Andrew Fero-Kovassy (Head of Sport) or Mr Mario La Marca (Sport Assistant) via email or phone. We look forward to another fantastic year of sport at MGC! 


Andrew Fero-Kovassy 

AAFC Promotion Courses – January 2020

Over the holidays several school community members attended the Australian Air Force Cadet Promotion Courses from 2-19 January at RAAF Base Williams. 2 members attended the Cadet under Officer Course, 1 Cadet Warrant Officer Course and 2 attended the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SGT) courses. S well we had five staff members present, including FLTLT(AAFC) Trevor Howlett as Detachment Commander (The Boss). The courses challenged the individual to reach the required standard and each individual demonstrated personal growth as well as increased their knowledge in Drill, Fieldcraft, Leadership, Service Knowledge and Teamwork to achieve their goals. Congratulations to all.


Philanthropy News

The Philanthropy Team 2020 is up and running at full speed!  We have one of our biggest events for the year, the World’s Greatest Shave (WGS) on the 20th of March, where we will raise crucial funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.

 It’s hard to imagine that 41 Australians are diagnosed with a blood cancer every day and we have a number of MGC students choosing to shave their hair in order to raise as much money as possible to battle this cause. Our goal is to raise $10,000!!



The Philanthropy Team have created a team page, where you can donate to: or you may prefer to sponsor an individual MGC student.


Either way, the money raised will assist families and patients and facilitate further ground breaking research. For example, $53 helps grow blood cancer cells necessary for vital research for cures and treatment.  $560 provides accommodation for a patient and their family to be close to the hospital and $33 enables blood cancer support teams to visit families to support them from the point of diagnosis and during treatment.


Please considering supporting Team MGC or a specific member of our team and come along on the 20th to cheer our brave students on!


 Considering being part of the WGS at MGC?  Please sign up at:


Any questions or interested in becoming involved? We would love to see you at Philanthropy meetings.


We meet every Friday in Library B.  Bring a friend, bring your lunch and bring your ideas.


It’s a fun and great way to meet new people across different year levels.  We have a lot of charitable events and initiatives planned for this year and would greatly welcome new ideas and new members!


We hope to see you there! 


Your Philanthropy Captains 2020


Scarlett, Saskia, Jay and Darby   

MGC’S 2020 Musical Production -“Annie” Audition

Auditions for “Annie” began this week, with VCE students auditioning on Tuesday, and Year 9 & 10 students on Thursday, 22nd February.


Year 7 Auditions will be next Tuesday, 25th February, from 2.30pm in the Auditorium.

Year 8 Auditions will be next Thursday, 27th February, from 3.30pm in the Auditorium.


Missed your audition? Just slot in to another year level’s time.


Non Singing Roles Auditions: Friday, 21st Feb @ lunchtime in the Auditorium with Ms Mumme.

Performance Dates Reminder


Due to the building of our new Performing Arts Center, we will be at a new venue:

The Renaissance Theatre at Kew High School.

We will be doing 4 evening performances, beginning at 7.30pm, in Term 3, Week 5.


Wednesday 12th August (Cast 1)

Thursday 13th August (Cast 2)

Friday 14th August (Cast 1)

Saturday 15th August (Cast 2)

Put these dates in your calendar and on your fridge!




Anne Corry

Musical Productions :)

Performing Arts News

2020 Music Camp- 17th-19th April

2020 Music Camp- 17th-19th April

Music Camp is running again at Urban Camp in Parkville this year, in Term 2, first weekend back.

We will be leaving Period 4, Friday, 17th April and spend the weekend rehearsing, culminating in a concert for family and friends on Sunday, 19th April at noon.

All student involved in the Instrumental Music Program and ensembles such as Choir, A’capella Choir, Band and String Ensemble are encouraged to attend.

The camp forms and payment need to be returned to the General Office by Friday, 13th March for the camp to go ahead.


Please direct any questions to Wen Chin,

We look forward to sharing a weekend of beautiful music making with you!


MGC Parents  - We Thank you!

It’s not often that parents get properly thanked and acknowledged for the work they do. I’ve recently been given 3 handmade, pure cotton washing up cloths from a fantastic ethical and sustainable small Australian business, Trueharvest. They can be reused again and again and you just throw them in the wash! Trueharvest have seen the work MGC is doing on reducing our waste to landfill and they wanted to show their support and gratitude. I use their products daily and they’re great.

I’d like to give these washing up cloths away to MGC families who are following or start to follow @zerowasteschoolsaustralia. I reckon our parents deserve it. So many of you have got on board with what we are trying to do at MGC. Reduce our carbon emissions through reducing the waste we send to landfill. This is our way of saying thank you for your support and a little recognition for the part you play in creating those wonderful zero waste lunches.

If you are following already, be one of the first three people to email me with your daughter/s name/s to to receive one of these washing up cloths. The lucky winners will be contacted on February 28th and I will send the gift home with your daughter/s.


Good luck and keep those zero waste lunches coming!


Paula McIntosh.


International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On Tuesday 11th of February, 20 MGC students attended an event at RMIT to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The event was organised by the office of the Lead Scientist of Victoria, Dr Amanda Caples. The event was hosted by Dr Jacqueline Tate.

Our students got to listen to some amazing women scientists and engineers as they shared their pathways to their chosen careers and gave us some great advice. After a morning tea, we then participated in Scientist “speed dating” where our groups were visited by different scientists who we could ask questions of.

Two pieces of great advice were “make lots of mistakes” and “don’t try to be perfect” – lessons learned as our speakers worked towards their goals.

CLICK HERE for a news article about the event


Inspiring STEM+ Welcome Breakfast

On Monday 17th of February, MGC in collaboration with Laing O’Rourke kicked-off the Inspiring STEM+ event. The 50 Year 9 students heard about the construction industry and why Laing O’Rourke are committed to getting more female students into engineering fields. The students got to speak to the young engineers who are leading the program and ask lots of questions.

The first module for the program will be held on Tuesday 10th of March and students will be participating in a site visit to the Kooyong level crossing removal project on the 19th of March. There will be 8 modules over the next 2 years, with the company also offering access to work experience, mentors and internships once students enter VCE and tertiary levels.



We have kicked off the STEAM room for 2020 with everyone building robots. We encourage all students who might be interested in coding, building, playing or computers to come along on Monday or Thursday lunchtimes to room 332.

IN 2020, our STEAM Captains are Eleanor Eyers and Rachel Chiu(VC) at the senior levels and Maya Garrett and Nandini Vyas (VC) in the middle school. These girls have lots of ideas and we are hoping to make them happen. If you want to help, please come along!


How can you get involved?

Each year we participate in lots of events and competitions – maybe one or more of these might interest you?

Robotics and Coding – we participate in Robocup, FIRST Lego League and Everybody Dance Nao competitions.

App Design and Entrepreneurship – The “I’m a tech girl superhero” app design competition is a great team event – come up with a good idea, develop it and make an app to use it.

Problem solving – The BEBRAS computational thinking challenge is a great one to test your brain

Space Camp 2020

Space Camp 2020 departs Melbourne on Tuesday 24th of March. There will be an information evening on Tuesday 25th February in the College Library at 6pm. There will be lots of information about packing tips, meeting times, camp rules and keeping in touch with family.


Library News

New Library Books



MGC Homework Club

Come and join us Monday and Thursday afternoons for Homework Club.



The Library




Hope to see you there!

Ms Hajzler

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Dr Jacqueline Tate with Mrs Keen and Melbourne Girls College students.
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