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13 February 2017
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From the Principals' Desk 

Welcome to 2017

The year is already in full swing and we have had a very busy first few weeks and a very full term ahead. Term One is always quite hectic with many activities and events alongside the daily academic studies and the excitement and challenges of a new school, a new year, new subjects and new friends and teachers.


We began the year with the traditional Foundation Assembly where all 208 new Year 9 students, 6 new senior students and all new staff members were presented and acknowledged, alongside the Year 12 class of 2017. It was wonderful to witness the Year 12 students inducting the new students into the school and I thank them for mentoring and supporting them. For the first time since our inception Sir Gustav Nossal was unable to attend so Professor Leon Piterman (Monash University) delivered the keynote address and presentation duties – along with School Council President Mr. Kyle Hoppitt. Sir Gus is anxious to meet the new Nossalonians and will be in attendance at the high achievers assembly to address the whole school, welcome  back some of our top performing VCE students from the class of 2016 and sign autographs, shake hands and pose for selfies with the students. We are indeed fortunate to have a pre-eminent namesake who is not only an inspirational and world famous scientist but is an outstanding role model with a genuine interest in and passion for our school and students. We are both pleased that I can still (after Monday) state that every Nossal student and staff member since our inception in 2010 has been introduced to and welcomed by Sir Gus.



The new year 9 students have now completed their induction week program and I hear very good reports about their engagement and interest in what was being done. I commend Ms. Loel and our Year 9 team for this initiative as I think it an excellent introduction to Nossal culture and our structures and processes.


Ms. Harrap and I were pleased to join with them on the Icehouse Excursion where many braved a new challenge and got to know their peers and teachers in a less formal environment.


Their normal timetable has now resumed and they appear to have settled quickly into their new environment. If any of our new students (or parents) are feeling at all concerned about their transition to Nossal please contact us directly, or encourage your student to seek assistance from their peer mentors, tute teachers, house leaders or our student counsellors. If you have any concerns at all – no matter how small they may seem - please contact us. I am happy to receive phone calls or emails and meet with parents or students to ensure any issues are promptly and effectively addressed as soon as possible.


School Tours & 2018 Applications

The online application process opens this week for entry into Year 9 in 2018 and school tours will be taking place throughout Terms 1 and 2. Please inform potential applicants of this and refer them to a tour or the school or selective entry website for application details. (See links below) 


Any current parents (new or “old’) who would like to join one of the tours to see the school in operation and to gain a greater understanding of what your children experience each day are welcome (and encouraged) to join a tour, as long as you don’t embarrass your child when you see them at work in class!


Term 1 tours with the Principal will take place on the following dates at 9.30 am (and at other times by arrangement) 22 February; 9 March; 22 March. Please contact reception on 8762 4690 to book a place.


Testing for potential vacancies into Years 10 & 11 will take place in Term 2 and will be advertised in the newsletter once the date and times are confirmed.


NHS Enrolment Information:


Selective Entry High Schools Information:

VCE Results & University Offers

The class of 2016 performed very well as expected and achieved excellent results. 53% achieved an ATAR over 90 – the median ATAR for the cohort was 91. The Dux (Yong See Foo) achieved 99.9 and 5 other students achieved over 99. The median study score was 35 with 8 students achieving perfect study scores of 50.


50% of the cohort was offered their first preference when the first round university offers were made and all students have gained university placements across a wider range of universities this year (interstate and international) and it is nice to see Nossal alumni members assisting the establishment of support networks in diverse universities for the new graduates.

Sad News

We were deeply saddened to hear of the sudden death of one of our Crossing Supervisors (Kevin Anderson) just before Christmas. We have sent condolences to his family and the students will organize a tribute for him. He was well liked and will be greatly missed.

Road Safety and Changes to Give Way Signage and Berwick Station

Please be very conscious of the road rules within the Monash grounds and ensure that you understand and obey the signs and regulations. The area is under video surveillance and monitored by Monash Security and Victoria Police.  There will be a change to the “Give Way” signage at the T intersection adjacent to the school and cars approaching the T intersection along Sir Gustav Nossal Boulevard will now face a Give Way sign. (see diagram below) Please be aware that the two brick paved areas of the roadway (at the T intersection and opposite the Monash buildings) are shared pedestrian zones with a speed limit of 10 KPH where you must give way to any pedestrians wishing to cross. Please be conscious of the roundabout just inside the Monash entry and be ready to give way to traffic turning into the Monash carpark as you are departing. I remind students that, unlike at other intersections cars have the right of way over pedestrians on the roundabout so please be very careful when crossing there. I ask that students stick to the pathways through Monash and do not walk through the carparks, even if the footpath is crowded. Parents - are also reminded not to drop students off on the Monash Freeway exit lanes or anywhere on the freeway – this is illegal and highly dangerous.


I am pleased to report that we are receiving good feedback about our students from the Transit Police. Please ensure that you continue to obey the boom gates and signals at Berwick Station, and be conscious that others are also trying to get on and off trains amid the crowds of Nossal students. Also, please ensure that you leave space for and are aware of other train users, particularly the elderly, when there are large crowds of students coming on or off the platforms. Report any concerns to Mr. Page or Mr. Butler or the station if immediate action is required.


School Access Times

Students are under  supervision at the school from 8.15 am until 3.40 pm. I am happy for students to remain in the school and access and use the facilities outside these times with the following provisos – cleaners are at the school early in the morning and until late in the evening, but have no student supervisory role or responsibility. I am pleased that many students stay late to study – but require them to vacate the school by 5.30 pm so I can pack up and don’t get into trouble at home for being regularly late or absent from the dinner table.

Online Issues

I was unhappy to have had to address the whole school on our first assembly about a disturbing example of unacceptable online behavior that took place late last year. Some deliberate online bullying and disparaging of other students has been taking place and there have been some serious consequences for some of the perpetrators as a result. What most disturbed me was the number of other students who were actively encouraging or supporting and condoning this behavior by “liking” and/or further distributing the offensive postings. I expect better from Nossal students and expect them to know better and to actively discourage such behaviours in others, and of course to not enter into any form of offensive online behaviour themselves. Ignorance of the impact is not a defense, nor is the “just joking” or “banter” justification. I urge all members of the Nossal community to actively combat this behavior and never to be a bystander when this occurs. If you do so – you are encouraging it. I commend those who have taken a stand and positively addressed or highlighted the issue. I don’t want any Nossal students to be the victim or target of such behaviours.


To assist members of our community to take action and to not be bystanders, we have set up an anonymous link on NEO (“Report a Concern”) where you can safely and confidentially seek assistance for yourselves or your friends, or alert us to a problem or behaviours that are harmful or concerning. Please stand up and do so.

School Council Parent Representatives

Due to retirements and end of tenure we will have a number of parent vacancies to fill this year so will be calling for interested parents to nominate to take on this key role. Please consider this when nomination open.

Congratulations to …..

Olivia Nelson of Year 12 for receiving the Young Endeavour Medallion from the Order of Australia Association during the holidays. Olivia completed an 11 day voyage as part of a youth crew on the Young Endeavour tall ship – sailing from Tasmania to Melbourne – a great achievement and wonderful experience.

Samantha Choy of Year 11, and the Formation Team for the great (headline) article about student empowerment in the latest “Connect” magazine. 

Connect_223 - with Formation Article.pdf


Ryan Venpin of Year 10 who has been selected as one of the 7 member Under 19 Australian Badminton Team competing in the Oceania Championships in New Caledonia this week.


How impressive is this? Glen Warfe, the Development Manager of Badminton Australia sent this through to me, “It is a fantastic effort for Ryan to achieve this at such a young age. He is one of the most talented junior players in Australia and has the potential to one day represent Australia at senior level in events such as the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.” We wish him well.


Abdul Samad Mohammed of Year 11, who received the 2017 Australia Day Study Tour Award at the City of Casey Australia Day Awards. The City of Casey Australia Day Study Tour gives participating Year 11 students the opportunity to observe Local, State and Federal Government in Australia.  The tour is conducted over five days and features a three-day visit to Canberra where students meet Federal Members of Parliament, tour Parliament House, attend Question Time, and may even meet the Prime Minister.


Roger Page


General News

Assessment at Nossal High School

At Nossal High School we believe assessment is used for learning. 


There are two main forms of assessment we use; each has a purpose, and one is no more valuable than the other; both are important and valuable.


Formative assessment: This is assessment that happens on an ongoing basis.  It provides feedback to the teacher and to students about how students are coping with concepts and/or skills and allows the teacher to adjust their teaching to meet the needs of individual students.  This type of assessment is vitally important.  It is more like ‘responsive teaching’ than the traditional notion of assessment.  Some examples of formative assessment teachers will use, include:

  • Class and small group discussions
  • Questions at the beginning of class
  • Pre-tests: a test before you start a unit/topic
  • Practise or draft work that you submit to the teacher for comment eg. Essays or reports
  • Using a traffic light at the back of the diary to indicate the level of understanding (red: not going so well, yellow: OK but a little unsure, green: I understand/I can do it).
  • Providing only written comments on assessment tasks rather than a grade
  • Peer-assessment
  • Self-assessment
  • Mind or concept maps
  • Many other techniques

This sort of assessment shows the teacher how and what you are learning, and is more about the progress you make than your achievement or performance.


Summative Assessment: This is something like an end of unit/topic test, a written report, or a poster report.  It measures how much a student has learnt throughout a unit or topic.  It measures achievement.  Often these assessments will have marks on them, but teachers may also just provide comments only. 


The Level of Difficulty: Students expect high achievement in their studies throughout their time at Nossal High School. When they join us in Year 9 they are often accustomed to being the, or one of, the top performers in class.  All of the students at Nossal were top performers, so now that they are at Nossal it is impossible for everyone to be the top performer.  The assessment tasks at Nossal will generally be set with a greater level of difficulty than those at student’s previous schools.  We do this because it is important that we do not create an artificial ceiling on student performance.  We expect teachers at Nossal High School to set challenging tasks that aim to stretch students as far as possible. To stretch the performance of Nossal students, teachers will obviously need to set tasks at a higher standard than those in a mainstream school. 


Given this assessment regime, it is therefore difficult for all students to achieve full or very high marks.  Whilst we encourage students to strive to their highest limit and we are not discouraging them from setting challenging goals, they most certainly should not be upset when they do not achieve full marks. Their focus should be on their individual best and how far they have progressed.  Our grading system also makes it more difficult to achieve an A (84%) and an A+ (92%). This does not disadvantage our students in any way; it ensures they remain challenged and engaged.


Sue Harrap

Assistant Principal

Congratulations to Nossal's Fresh Words Winners!

Congratulations to Jennifer Nguyen who won both categories she entered in the Casey Fresh Words : Young Writers Competition 2016.


We are proud to say that Nossal was heavily represented in the list of finalists with Aedan Kertesi, Jenny Li, Chizirimuzo Ugo and Nithiya Pathmasiri all mentioned and having their work published in the awards booklet.


Well done to the above students and to all the Nossalonians that entered the competition.

Fresh Words - Young Writers Awards Booklet.pdf


School Photos

Please make a note that our annual school photos will be taken on Friday 24 February and all students are to wear full academic uniform on this day. Students with PE can bring their PE uniform and change before and after their class if necessary.


There will be a second 'catch-up' photo day on Tuesday 7 March for any students that are absent from school on 24 February.

Olivia Nelson on the Young Endeavour January 2017

On January 25, Class of 2017 student, Olivia Nelson completed an 11 day youth voyage on the Young Endeavour sailing ship at Cunningham Pier, Geelong. The voyage left Stanley, Tasmania on January 15 and comprised of 24 young Australian's aged 16-23.


The Young Endeavour voyages aim to increase self-awareness, develop teamwork and leadership skills and create a strong sense of community responsibility amongst members of the youth crew.


Upon completion of the voyage, Olivia was awarded the Young Endeavour Medallion from the Order of Australia Association (NSW branch), in recognition of her pursuit of excellence. She received the award from Richard Marles (MP for Corio and Shadow Minister for Defence).


Congratulations and well done Olivia!


Check out the Captain’s Log from the voyage:


Important dates


VCE Information Night

Tuesday February 14


House Swimming Carnival

Friday February 17


Terry Bennett Cup Presentation

Monday February 20


Sport: Inters Cricket, Volleyball & Tennis

Thursday February 23


Year 9 Parents Meet and Greet

Thursday February 23 - 6:30pm


School Photo Day

Friday February 24

All students to wear full academic uniform


Sport: Snr Volleyball, Tennis & boys Baseball

Monday February 27


School Council Meeting

Tuesday February 28

7:00pm - all parents welcome


PFA Meeting

Wednesday March 1

7:00pm - all parents welcome


Unit 1&2 Physical Education - Surf Camp

Wednesday March 1 - Friday March 3


School Tour

Monday March 6

Bookings essential - 8762 4600


School Photos Catch-up Day

Tuesday March 7


Sport:  Division Diving

Wednesday March 8


Year 9 Environmental Science excursion to Chelsea Beach

Wednesday March 8


Annual Pink Stumps Day Staff vs Student Cricket Match

Thursday March 9 & Friday March 10 TBC


Labour Day - Public Holiday

Monday March 13


Sport: Girls Softball

Wednesday March 15


School Tour

Wednesday March 15

Bookings essential - 8762 4600


School Tour

Monday March 20

Bookings essential - 8762 4600


Camps & Pathways Week

Tuesday March 21 - Friday March 24


Sport: Intermediate Boys Baseball

Tuesday March 21


Year 10 University Visits

Tuesday March 21


Yr 12 Asynchronous Digital Delivery Day

Tuesday March 21


Year 9 Camp - Roses Gap

Tuesday Mar 21 to Friday Mar 4


Year 12 Camp - Lord Somers

Wednesday Mar 22 to Friday Mar 24


Year 10 Morrisby Test

Wednesday March 22


Year 11 eduTest

Friday March 24


NHS House Cross Country

Tuesday March 28

Whole School Event


School Council Meeting

Tuesday February 28

7:00pm - all parents welcome


Unit 1&2 Biology excursion to  Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

Wednesday March 29 & Thursday March 30

Languages News

Melbourne University Extension Program – Japanese

Congratulations to Rona Goldman of Year 12 Garuda House, on being accepted into the Melbourne University Extension Program – Japanese.


Rona was successful in the Further Japanese 7 / 8 interview and written examination. This is quite an exceptional accomplishment.


We wish Rona well for her continued Japanese language acquisition in 2017.


Rohan Bramley

Teacher of Japanese and VSL Coordinator

Sporting News

Senior Boy’s Cricket report

On Tuesday February 7, the senior boys played the first round of cricket for 2017. In our first match we played Kambrya SC who got away to a good start and continued the momentum throughout their innings finally compiling a challenging total of 87 from the 15 overs bowled to them. Not many wickets were taken but it can be reported that Shivam Patel bowled tightly.


Damian Gamage got the batting off to a bright start with a quick 22, and this was supported by Shivam Patel who made a well compiled 33. We chased down the target with 8 balls remaining and thus went on to the next round against Berwick.


In the game against Berwick it was a different story. Damien Gamage dismissed Berwick’s best batsman in the very first over and from then on the wickets fell steadily. Ultimately, Berwick was only able to score 44 runs and were in fact dismissed in 13 overs. The fielding was outstanding and the bowlers had a great time with TJ taking 3/6 from his 3 overs, Jack Braddick 2/10 from 2.2 overs, Damien Gamage 2/7 from 3 overs and Maheesha 1/1 from 3 overs.


The batsmen made light work of the target, with Shivam Patel scoring 14n.o. and TK 20n.o. being notable contributors.


Once again the games were played in fantastic spirit and our students displayed great sportsmanship. At the time of writing we do not know who our next competitors will be but we are looking forward to the challenge.


Ian Pegram

Senior Boys Cricket Coach


Division, Region & State Results 2016


Division Swimming - 1st Place

Overall Nossal High placed first and we became the Casey North Division Swimming Champions for 2016! This is extremely impressive as we competed against schools who also had Year 7’s and 8’s. 


50 swimmers qualified to compete at the Division Swimming Carnival. Nossal also won 8 different relay races.


Congratulations to the following students who won Gold Medals at Division Swimming:

-David Buela (Year 9)

-Keisuke Nishimura (Year 9)

-Mulitha Dewasurendra (Year 10)

- Criselda (Aria) Sunga (Year 11)

- Thuy Vy Nguyen (Year 11)

- Yoshiro Nishimura (Year 12)

Region Swimming

On Thursday March 24 2016, was the Southern Metro Regional Swimming Championships. These were held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatics Centre and Nossal was well represented by 23 qualifying students after winning Division Swimming.


Top student performances included:

  • Mulitha Dewasurendra 2nd in the Boys 12-20 years Breastroke 100m
  • Mulitha Dewasurendra 2nd in the Boys 16 years Breastroke 50m
  • Aria Sunga 3rd in the Girls 17 years Breastroke 50m
  • David Buela 3rd in the Boys 14 years Butterfly 50m
  • Yoshi Nishimura 3rd in the Boys 18-20 years Freestyle 50m

Also a special mention to the fantastic team effort by all 8 relay teams. Well done to everyone involved on their team spirit and some excellent results overall.

Division Athletics - 2nd Place

Nossal’s Division Athletics team comprised of 80 students from years 9-12. On the September 5, we competed against the 11 other schools in the Casey North Division at Casey Fields Athletic Track.


Nossal finished 2nd overall, only narrowly behind Berwick SC (Yr 7-12 school) which is an amazing credit to our students efforts in training and preparation for their events.


Congratulations to the following student who were successful at qualifying for Region Athletics:


Region Athletics

Nineteen Nossal students attended Region Athletics in 2016. Although this team is one of our biggest so far it is quite small in comparison to many of the school in the Southern Metro Region. 


As a team Nossal finished 20th in total out of the 50 schools that qualified to be there on the day, which again is an amazing effort compared to the size of other schools competing on the day.


Congratulations to the following medal winners at Region:


State Athletics - October 2016

A massive congratulations to Teagan Peterson who was Nossal’s only student to qualify for the State Athletics in 2016 at Lakeside stadium in Albert Park.


She placed 3rd in the 100m Hurdles with a time of 18.93 seconds to receive her Bronze Medal!


Division Cross Country - 3rd Place

150 students qualified to run at the division cross country competition. Although it was a terrible, rainy winter’s day, Nossal High School finished 3rd overall.


We had several students finish within the top ten for their age groups which is an amazing effort:


Region & State Cross Country

As a result of their participation in the Division Cross Country comepetion, we had a further 27 students qualify to run at the regional competition. 


Nossal had one student who qualified to run at the State Cross Country competition. Gurkirt Singh competed at the Victorian Secondary School Cross Country competition at Bundoora Park, he was the only student to make it through from Nossal High School. He competed in the 15 year old age group and ran 3kms. Gurkirt ran an outstanding time of 10mins 09 seconds. Gurkirt placed 51st out 79 runners was extremely surprised with his results. Congratulations Gurkirt.


Ms Kutrolli & Ms Aarts

Nossal Sport Coordinators


Arts & Technology News

Top Designs

Four of Nossal's 2016 students - Ruwanpura Adeesha de Silva, Roshan Ramesh, Pradeepsundar Simini and Savith Suraweera - will have their work exhibited in this year’s Top Designs exhibition as part of the VCE Season of Excellence 2017.


Top Designs is an annual exhibition at Melbourne Museum presenting work created by students who completed VCE Media, Product Design and Technology, Food and Technology, Systems Engineering, Visual Communication Design and VCE VET Interactive Digital Media.


Exhibits include garments and articles using fibre, yarn and fabric, graphic and product design, short films (also shown in Top Screen), interactive media, print layout, photography, food product planning, mechanical and electronic projects. Works are accompanied by folios and design plans comprising work briefs, client feedback and evaluation.


Top Designs is part of the VCE Season of Excellence managed by Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. A number of associated education programs are offered in conjunction with exhibition viewing and screenings.


We encourage students and families to attend the exhibition to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of our Nossal finalists.


VCE Season of Excellence - Top DesignsTop Designs 2017 Exhibition dates


The Top Designs 2017 exhibition will be officially launched on Friday 17 March 2017 at the Melbourne Museum, Carlton. It opens to the public from Saturday 18 March and closes on Sunday 16 July 2017.

Top Designs Exhibitor List (docx - 158.72kb)



Parents & Friends Association News

2017 Off to a Great Start!

The PFA started the School Year with our first Meeting on Wednesday February 1, 2017.  We had a fantastic turnout of about 20 people, including our Principal, Roger Page and Vice Principal, Keith Butler, who have always been very supportive of the PFA. We also welcomed three new parents.


Some PFA Members had already started the school year by assisting the school in serving the Morning Tea after the Foundation Assembly  on Tuesday January 31.  It was a great time to meet and welcome the new parents of the Year 9s and we even saw some of these new parents turning up the next day for the PFA Meeting.


Years 11 and 12 students should consider purchasing a commemorative paver to leave a lasting impression in their School. Order forms can be found at the Reception or see the flyer on the NHS & Community Events page in this newsletter.


Our next major Event would be the Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings at Fountain Gate.  Please note the date : SATURDAY MAY 20, 2017.  We will appreciate help from as many parents as possible from our Community.  Apart from raising funds, it will be a great opportunity to meet and connect with other parents.


Our next PFA Meeting will be Wednesday March 1, at 7pm at the Jean Russell Centre.  We always love seeing new faces so do consider dropping by to join us !!!


Nellie Fung

PFA President


NHS & Community Events and News

Secondhand Uniform Shop Open - Monday March 6


Be remembered as a permanent fixure at Nossal


Bargain Book Sale - Friends of Cranbourne Libraries Inc.


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