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18 March 2017
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What have students been up to?

Year 11 Psychology Excursion


As we set off on our journey, we were filled with a rowdy sense of optimism that filled our entire souls, prepared for a lovely adventure in the world class city of Bendigo. The wonderful faculty of Latrobe university  greeted us with open arms and free drink bottles. We were given a short and enlightening tour of the university, and then we donned our lab coats and protective glasses and stepped into the fray. Our teachers were experts in their field and taught us the basics of brain structure, and how to chop it all up. After being presented with a sheep’s brain per pair, we began the dissection process. After one and a half bloody and fruitful hours of chopping, and an hour of food eating (fortunately no tofu at the canteen) we returned home to Castlemaine triumphant and full of knowledge.


Ben Marney and Georgia Edgar


SRC Fundraiser - BBQ Lunch

Students enjoyed some great entertainment and delicous food as our SRC whipped up a fab luntime activity as well as raise funds for their upcoming projects.



Catering by Kitchen Operations Students!


Students of VET Kitchen Operations have enjoyed cooking a range of summer dishes, including a delicious buffet menu for the Castlemaine Technical College Past Students Association on Sunday 19th February.  Students prepared cold meat platters, summer salads, fruit salads and a range of cakes and slices, and served 60 guests in the Music Centre at Etty Street.  Congratulations to all involved - this was a great start to the 2017 VET Kitchen Operations course.


Please contact the Kitchen Operations teacher, Caroline Cook, if you are interested in the students catering for your next event!


Caring for Youth Health at CSC

Castlemaine Secondary College Youth Clinic


At Castlemaine Secondary College we are not only passionate about the health and wellbeing of our students, but we are also very aware of the strong correlation between a young person’s physical and emotional health and their ability to enjoy a happy, healthy and successful life. With this in mind, we are really excited to introduce you to our Castlemaine Secondary College Youth Clinic.


The Youth Clinic, commencing the 4th of May, 2017 at the college, and being trialled for the remainder of the year, will be staffed by Castlemaine’s reputable Dr’s Louisa Hope and Richard Mayes. Both doctors have a special interest in the wellbeing and health of adolescence, and are dedicated to supporting the existing general practice clinics in the Castlemaine community.


The objectives of the clinic are to:

  • Ensure that all young people in our school community have access to health care
  • Provide a safe, confidential, and easily accessible environment
  • Encourage the development of health independence through the teen years
  • Provide assistance to our young people to identify and address any health problems early
  • Build a trust and a healthy relationship in the medical profession, that will continue for a lifetime
  • Complement the health promotion work of the School Nurse

PLEASE CLICK HERE for more information &  login as a GUEST


Between Life and Breath

A new secondary video resource on Asthma

A new video specifically for secondary students has been produced by Asthma Australia in collaboration with a focus group of teachers and students.  Between Life and Breath shows a series of incidents around an adolescent male student with asthma, some occurring at school. The seriousness of asthma is highlighted and decision making around medication management is explored.

Although there is a clear emphasis on asthma, the impacts explored in the video are applicable to chronic medical conditions generally. 


You can watch the new Between Life and Breath video on the Asthma Australia website. 




Come along to Open Morning 2017

All families are invited to attend Open Morning 2017 on Wednesday, 3rd May.  Starting in the Engineers’ Precinct at 9.30am, families will be escorted through the school by student tour guides.  Rather than the common monosyllabic answer to “How was school today?”, this is your chance to see our school and students in action!  Tours will be followed by morning tea and an opportunity to pose any questions you have to our teachers. 

Please RSVP to 5479 1111 or register online at  We hope to see you there.


Pride, Respect, Responsibility:  CSC Vales through our Uniform Policy

During the mentor day meetings held at the beginning of the year, both parents/carers and students are asked to agree to the conditions of CSC’s Uniform Policy and sign an acceptance form.  With the merger of the two campuses onto the Blakeley Road campus, School Council approved a two year transition period for senior students to adapt to wearing the uniform.  This year 11 and 12 students are not required to wear a uniform, but must adhere to a dress code developed in conjunction with the Student Representative Council (SRC).  Next year, only Year 12s will be out of uniform and the following year, 2019, all students will be uniform.

Thank you to the majority of CSC families who are supporting the uniform policy.  Unfortunately there are still a significant number of students who are regularly attending school out of uniform and we are asking for support from families to improve this practice.

In wearing our uniform, students actively demonstrate the CSC values of pride, respect and responsibility: pride in our school, respect for school policies and responsibility in adhering to them.  In not wearing the uniform, in the worst case (such as a lack of leather shoes in a technology class), this results in risk to student safety.


CSC assists families to ensure students are in uniform in the following ways:

  • Mentor teachers are reminding students to wear uniform and are providing an “Out of Uniform” pass to students who have an unavoidable obstacle in wearing uniform items that day. eg uniform not dry, left at mum/dad/carer’s house etc.
  • Mentor teachers will request students out of uniform to obtain loan uniform items from Reception.
  • For students who receive more than one “Out of Uniform” pass, the student’s mentor teacher will email families to notify them and ask for their support.
  • If the same students continue to be out of uniform, CSC’s Principal or Assistant Principal will contact families to discuss any issues and try to help to resolve them.
  • The Uniform Policy and Dress Code are available on CSC’s website in publications/school policies:
  • State School Relief funding is available to eligible families to cover the cost of uniform items.  Family Finance Manager Karen Burton is happy to help with eligibility and applications and can be contacted on 5479 1111.
  • Uniform items can be purchased from the Uniform Shop on Monday mornings from 8.30am to 10.00am, Thursday afternoons from 2.30pm to 4.00pm, or you can shop online at

Thank you for your support with this.  If you have any questions, please call me on 5479 1111.


With the Easter holidays almost upon us, enjoy the break and save travels.

Elissa O’Connor

School Council Message

With the resignation of Principal, Mary McPherson, comes the great responsibility of hiring a new Principal who will not only build on Mary's work, but stay true to the vision of the College. Council will have two representatives on the interview panel and will be looking out for the special qualities needed to head up the leadership team here at CSC.


We thank Mary for all she's done in the last  8 years, especially her drive and commitment to the building of the new school, and her working with the teaching staff to increase student engagement and academic results. The College community has a lot to be proud of, and as proud members of this College, we wish Mary well in her future endeavours.


We all want what is best for our children at this College - to enjoy their schooling lives, to engage with their studies, to participate, to aspire for great things, and to achieve what they want to achieve. I believe our kids can get to where they want to go if we believe in this school, and we all work hard as a community to believe in this school.


Best wishes


Making a splash! CSC Swimming

CSC Swimming Carnival

On Friday 17th February, an eager Castlemaine Secondary walked down to the Castlemaine Pool for the annual swimming carnival. They turned up by the masses as this was the first year the entire college years 7-12 attended. It was great to have all our senior students involved in the day.

It was a perfect sunny day which encouraged large amounts of students to be involved in the day, jumping in to cool off all while gaining points for their house.

Students who weren’t involved in swimming were cheering on their house. The constant echo of whistles throughout also added to the encouragement.

The day finished up with Kaweka winning the overall female aggregate, with Pennyweight winning the overall Boys aggregate. Overall Kaweka won the Shield due to their high participation rates.

It was great to have the Year 10 VET students helping throughout the day, along with the VCAL students who ran their famous barbeque to ensure no one went hungry. We would also like to thank all staff who assisted on the day, as it would not run as smoothly without their support.


Age Group Champions

13 Years Female: Rita Fortune

13 Years Male: TJ Russell

14 Years Female: Jemma Cole

14 Years Male: Tristin Parsons

15 Years Female: Karli Showell

15 Years Male: Hamish Freeman-Smith

16 Years Female: Roselin Parsons

16 Years Male: Luke Casley

17 Years Female: Sidney Showell

17 Years Male: Murray Hammersley

20 Year girls: Coco Moysey

20 Years Boys: Marlin Grupp



Sandhurst Swimming 

On Friday 3rd March, twenty swimmers and a team of student’s helpers went to the Sandhurst Inter School Swim Meet at the Bendigo Aquatic Centre. It was a fun day for all as we had students swim throughout the program and everyone supported each other. We started off with Breaststroke, then Butterfly, Backstroke and Freestyle. There were also Medley and Freestyle relays which always get the cheering going. Our small group did the school proud with around half the participants winning a top three place in at least one of their events. In the end, we ended up placing 4th out of 9 schools and we had the honour of coming 1st in the girl’s B division. Myself and Linc Boyack had the privilege of representing the school at the presentation ceremony. Thank you to Ms Squires, Mr White & Ms Wearne for taking us.

Sidney Showell Yr11


CSC featured at State Festival Opening Night

Students from Castlemaine Secondary College are in full swing rehearsing for the upcoming Opening Night Event for the Castlemaine State Festival, 'The Future of Things Past'.  The performance will be staged outside the Goods Shed on Kennedy Street on Friday the 17th March, to kick off another amazing program of cultural events for the Festival. 80 students from Castlemaine Secondary College are involved in the opening event, which has been curated by Castlemaine Circus' own Sam Thomas. Sam and festival director Martin Paton have liaised with British choreographer Robby Graham from SouthPaw Dance Company who, over the last decade, has been developing a distinctive and innovative dance vocabulary drawing on the relatively unexplored style of b-boying. Robby has created a style that crosses boundaries of what is defined as contemporary technique and hip hop movement.

Students have been rehearsing during their lunchtimes and after school in preparation for the opening night performance which has a Steampunk theme, a subgenre of science fiction that incorporates technology and aesthetic design inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Castlemaine Secondary College students spent the end of 2016 researching the design element of the costumes and went on an op-shopping spree to find clothes which could be upcycled into amazing costumes for the dancers to wear for the performance. Sam Thomas is excited by the prospect of the audience participating through creating their own Steampunk outfits to wear on the night.

Two members of the Australian National Academy of Music, Thea Roswell and Hamish Upton, have had a lot of fun working with 20 Castlemaine Secondary College students on creating a steampunk inspired percussion ensemble to accompany the dancers. The ensemble went on a treasure hunt to uncover objects found at the tip which make great sounds when hit with mallets. The students are in the process of creating a number of original music pieces which will intertwine with music created by David Thrussell, composer of a wide range of genres and founding member of Snog and Soma.


Castlemaine Secondary College and the Castlemaine State Festival have worked hand in hand over the last 4 festivals, delivering amazing projects which have included partnerships with Richard Gill-one of Australia's most loved and passionate conductors and music educators, Tamil Rogeon-electronic music composer and violinist, the Australian National Academy of Music, the Australian Youth Orchestra and El Son Entero-Cuban musicians.


Once again the Dominique Segan prize for an Outstanding Performer will be awarded to one of the students following discussions between the creative team. This is a generous cash prize funded by Berek Segan, founder of the Castlemaine State Festival, for a student to extend their creative endeavour in their chosen field such as music lessons, masterclasses, dance lessons, or to go to performances. Everyone involved in the upcoming ‘Future of Things Past' is excited to be part of such a creative and inclusive start to our 2017 festival.


(article on our night in the spotlight in the next issue)


Kirsten Boerema - Music


Farewell Ms McPherson



One question that I have been considering as I reflect on my time at the school is ‘What has changed?’.  There is always room for further improvement when looking at a school, however, since 2009 I believe I have delivered what our School Council has asked me to deliver. Our teaching and learning programs are now resulting in much stronger NAPLAN and VCE/VET results.  Castlemaine Secondary College is not part of the trend where regional students achieve less and our students are achieving more than many of the metropolitan schools.  This is an achievement for our students and the high quality of our teaching and support staff.


We have developed a Master Plan and completed 2 of the 4 buildings with the building of 2.5 to start early next term. Our school is the only one in the state to still be building a Master Plan which is an aspect I believe we should celebrate more. These achievements and the mammoth task of moving to one site are not mine alone. This reflects the work of the leadership and all the staff that have been part of the college during my time here.


One of the things I have enjoyed most about the school is the wonderful and talented students. Every student has skills and abilities and it is important that as a college we provide a way for them to find them.  I have really enjoyed being part of their educational journey and seeing students find their passion, develop their skills and then transition to a future where they are building on what they have learnt at the college. It has been a pleasure saying ‘hello’ in the corridor and students sharing what they have learnt or what they are going to learn. This reminds me that it is an honour to be part of these students’ lives and to have been Principal of the college.


I would like to thank parents for their support and for developing partnerships with us to assist our students’ journey here at CSC.  Being able to ring families knowing that each family wants the best for their child and is committed to working with us is something that I have really appreciated. In 2009, we had only one support group and now we have a variety of support groups. It is wonderful to have so many more parents actively engaged in the school and that this engagement is led by other parents or parents whose children have graduated or past students. The Mt. Alexander Community is a rich and diverse community and it is wonderful to regularly see students with their community mentors or eating breakfast in our canteen, supplied by our community partners.  I am pleased that we have had huge increase in community interaction with more to come with the sustainable garden. It ensures that our young people know that they are valued and part of the supportive community.


For the next phase of the school, it is likely that an Acting Principal will be appointed by the Regional Office while the Principal position is advertised. I feel confident that the Leadership Team and the staff will ensure that the school functions smoothly until a new Principal is appointed.


I would like to wish every student, staff member and family all of the best for the future and thank you for your support.


Mary McPherson



Did you know

School Production 2017-‘ Little Shop of Horrors’

There has been much excitement with the announcement of this year’s major production, ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. Auditions have been underway for the last few weeks, with parts being finalised and the casting announcement imminent!

The show will take place in late August, early September at the Castlemaine Town Hall, with rehearsals due to begin during term two.

Darren Lowe- Director


Year 12 Wilson’s Prom Camps:-

In early term 1, both the Yr. 12 VET Sport and Recreation and Outdoor and Environmental Studies classes have enjoyed 4 – days of practical learning in the Wilson’s Prom National Park. Students studied leadership, group management as well as the environmental and historical aspect of the park. The students enjoyed near perfect weather with hot and humid conditions for most of the week. On the final day both groups enjoyed a surf lesson with the famous instructor 'Bones'. The weather proved to be amazing and so were the staff and students. Great experience all round!

Camp Reminder:- VET REC 1 & 2/Yr 10 students as well as 9 Steiner Camp to Mt Kooyoora coming up. 29th - 31st of March.

Cole Waters
Outdoor Education Teacher


It’s been a busy start to the year in VCAL-land. In what was almost a ‘false-start’, students were given an opportunity on Day 1 to relocate the VCAL room from the dark and dingy upstairs in the Etty St Tech block to a more central, light-filled space formally known as ‘The Etty St Library’.

In doing so students were given a unique opportunity to re-design and co-design the space so VCAL students had some ownership over their ‘new home’. The library building is now home to FLO students and VCAL students. It has a student kitchen, lounge area, staff room, x2 functional learning areas, a chess corner, office for a guidance counsellor, data-projectors and photocopier, and plenty of pin-board to display student work.

Once we claimed our space our first group-task was to feed the masses at the swimming sports that saw planning, budgeting, preparation and peer reflection of everybody’s contribution to a highly successful BBQ.

Stage 2 of the Community Garden is well underway. Stage 1 was developed by VCAL students last year, and this year the project has taken on the brand of the CSC SUSTAINABILITY GROUP, with many different elements of the school becoming involved. This involves the SRC, teachers, parents, and community groups. The ashphalt has been removed and a masterplan has been developed, so over the next few weeks: Watch This Space!

As part of this project, VCAL students have visited the Community Garden at Taradale Primary School to get inspired for design ideas that contributed to the final masterplan.

The other project keeping us busy has been supporting the Harcourt Applefest. 16 students went out on the Friday before Applefest and worked until midday setting up the various stages and marquees required for the day. In all, we contributed 48 hours of volunteer labour, and on the day of the Applefest sold BBQ corn to help raise money for Friends of Lolotoe. Applefest is one of those places where you never know who you might bump into.


It’s been a busy start to the year, and everyone is looking forward to what else we can accomplish for 2017.

Steve Carroll


Watch the ball...

Intermediate Tennis Report

On Monday 27th February the Year Ten tennis team went to Bendigo to play in the Sandhurst Intermediate Tennis competition. We had to play six different schools throughout the day including BSE, Catholic College, Marist, Girton, Eaglehawk, and Crusoe College.

This year we had to play on the lawn tennis courts. This was different for us as we had never played on real grass before. The ball didn’t bounce as high and a lot more energy was used running on the thick grass. The tennis outcome wasn’t as good as previous years; we ended up coming home sixth.

This year’s tennis day was a good experience and it’s a great challenge playing lots of different schools.

The students who were involved included Declan Nendick, Arlo Johnston, Luca Tully, Charlie Bell-Wilcock, Leo Miles and Charlie Mitchell.


Written by Declan Nendick



Senior Boys Cricket

On the 20th February, ten of us headed up to Strathfieldsaye for the Senior Cricket. Our first game was against Catholic College who had a reputation in cricket. We batted first with Harley Brereton (12) and Riley Pedretti getting us off to a start before the confident Jackson Byrne came in to the crease. He took a liking to the spinners and in partnership with James Chaffey (24) made a strong 47 not out taking us to a score of 5/114 off the 20 overs. Unfortunately CCB had some bloke who plays in Melbourne and they made our score in 16 overs. Harley took 2/18 off his four overs and was on a hat trick, after a blinder off his own bowling.

After that loss we were keen to make amends and we did scoring 7/108 against Girton, with an easy 46 from Riley and 16 from Levi Chaffey. We then had Girton at 4/5 off eight overs with Heath Lawrence taking three and Levi taking one. There were a few dropped catches early as well so we could have had them all out for 20. Girton ended up 6/86.

Sammy Banko’s captaincy, Mr Lourey’s coaching and bus driving and Miss Squire’s scoring was all excellent.


Written by James Chaffey


Year 8 Badminton Sport Report

This term the Year 8 wellbeing class who do extra sport have been running a Badminton competition in class. We were all put into three teams.  When our team had the bye and we were not playing we were the duty team. We had to provide four scorers/umpires and a publicity officer. The coach would run a ten minute warm up session at the start of each round.

In the Grand final Team Two and Three played. Team two won three games to one. We all had a lot of fun and had to work together as a team.


Written by Steven Hull 8W





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