30 March 2017
Issue One
Kew High School
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1393 Burke Road
East Kew, Vic, 3102


2017 has all the ingredients to enable another year of improvement in all aspects of life at Kew.


This is the first year of our new strategic plan. We have reiterated our focus on excellence in teaching and learning and providing a positive climate for our students. To this end, we continue to encourage students to be their best, to accept challenge, and to participate in all the programs on offer with the support of all the staff. We encourage students to concentrate on their learning and take responsibility for their outcomes, to be empowered, to be motivated and to find a genuine connection to their peers and to their school.


At the end of 2016 we farewelled Leigh Callender, Abby Montoro, Geraldine Latour-Akremi, Madeleine Griffeth and Lachlan Friend from our staff.


Ms Korakis who was with us from 1982, also took her leave. There are many in our community who have been fortunate enough to come in contact with her at Kew. Katy made a significant contribution to the school, firstly through the Greek Association, then as a Learning Area leader and as a caring and committed classroom teacher of Greek and English. She has offered a great deal to Kew High School but also to State Education through her work with VCAA. She is highly credentialed and well respected. On behalf of the many students she has supported, motivated and encouraged, and the staff with whom she has worked closely, we thank Katy for her expertise and positive input and wish her well in the future.


We welcome our new classroom teaching staff for 2017 including Kevin Tardif, Stuart Crawford, Jarrod Bye, Ireen Singh, Elisa Catanzariti, Kathryn Sturdy, Kristine Tang, Elaine Horton, Joanna Healy, Amelia Luscombe and for a short time, Jory Clark, Adele Macer and Lyri Alton. The support staff additions this year are Tanya Thompson and Cass Blake.


Clare Entwisle


Prior to the beginning of the school year, the Year 12 cohort spent two days in a study camp at school in which they received advice about their upcoming year. The first day consisted of listening to English speakers who gave information about the course. The Year 12s also attended a seminar run by Elevate where they gave tips on managing time well in VCE and effective study. A delicious lunch was provided that day by the wonderful senior co-ordinators. On the final day of study camp, students listened to more English lectures and former Kew High School students came and talked to the Year 12 cohort about their experiences during their final year of high school and what they have done since graduating. Overall, the study camp was an excellent experience that allowed the Year 12s to gain knowledge about the year to come.


Amy Ho

Year 12



Wednesday the first of February marked the first day for the 2017 Year 7 students.


On this day, the students took part in activities that encouraged them to make new friends, get to know each other, get to know the school, and their teachers. The Year 10 Peer Support leaders lead small groups of Year 7 students in fun games and activities that encouraged them to collaborate with one another and assisted the transition to High School.


Students from 7C recorded memories and first impressions from their first day.

On my first day of school I remember being dropped off by my mum and dad and then being welcomed by all the teachers. From the moment I walked in, I could feel that this was the school for me. I felt this because of the warm and welcoming environment and seeing how happy everyone was. (George Mcmullen)


My first experience of high school was amazing. Everyone was friendly and kind, and it was easy to settle in. (Mia Brown)


On the first day of school, I was excited and nervous. I went outside for recess and found friends to play with. The first day of school was so fun. (Andrew Zahariadis)


On the first day I was very open minded about making new friends. I had lots of thoughts going through my head about keeping my things organised. When I walked through the gates, I was relieved when I saw my friends. That day I met some new people who I am now enjoying spending time with in the new classrooms. (Caledonia Lastdrager)


I was surprised at the large population of the school. (Cherise Kipleel)


I had an amazing experience on my first day at Kew High School. We were extremely well taken care of and I loved seeing what High School was like. I made lots of new friends and had a really fun day. (Skye Quirke)


On my first day of High School, I was very nervous because I hadn’t met a lot of people in my class but now I have made amazing friends. (Ella Coventry)


On my first day of school I was very nervous and excited to make new friends, learn new things, and do different subjects. In our first English class I remember writing a mini narrative about sounds and themes. (Christian Asvestas)



A Bunch of Braided Seniors


On 17 February, a bunch of braided senior girls  went off to Myrtle Park to participate in the Interschool Senior Girls Softball round robin tournament.


The girls had a lot of fun, improved each game and encouraged and supported each other throughout the day. A special mention goes to Ash for pitching, Lulu for on field leadership and Zoe for taking on the role as catcher – she did an awesome job and helped to keep the other team’s score down. Well done girls!


Catherine Gayfer




Photo: Peer Support Leaders - 2017

Hello and welcome to all of the new students and families attending Kew High School in 2017. 

My name is Rosemary Carter and I am the Kew High School Chaplain.  As the chaplain I am involved in a range of programs in the school including CONNECT and year 7 Peer Support.  Students are welcome to come and see me in room 105 to discuss any issue or concern.

Wednesday 30 January marked the first day of school for the year 7 students.  It was also the first day of the Peer Support program for 2017.  40 newly trained year 10 students also attended school with the year 7 students for their first day as Peer Support Leaders.  The Peer Support program is aimed at helping year seven students transition into high school life.  A wide range of topics are covered over the semester including: finding and keeping friends, getting organised and working through hassles.  Welcome to the new year 7 students and congratulations to the year 10 Peer Support Leaders for 2017.

The Second-hand Uniform and Book Shop has again been busy with the volunteers running a highly successful end of year sale.  A big thank you to all of the volunteers for donating their time for this huge undertaking. Despite a major change in the school to digital books in years 7 – 10 the sales have still been very successful.  A special thank you to Ruth Woolvern who has passed on the batten of second-hand shop coordinator to Helen Hendley. Ruth has done a magnificent job coordinating the shop and all its parent volunteers for many years.  However we won’t be saying good bye to Ruth as she will continue to be involved in the Chaplaincy Committee. If you are interested in purchasing items from the shop, our regular opening time is Tuesday 12:20pm – 1:10pm and two Monday evenings per term.  Watch the Compass Newsfeed for advertisements of these evening opening times and dates.  New volunteers are encouraged and welcome to join our team in the second-hand shop or by attending the Chaplaincy Committee meetings twice per term.  For information on volunteering or to find out how to sell your own uniforms and books through the shop, please see the school webpage www.kew.vic.edu.au.


This year the Chaplain’s Assistance Fund has again aided many students and families with new and second-hand textbooks and uniforms.  We are very grateful for the support from the Rotary Club of Yarra Bend.  Without their generous support, the Chaplain’s Assistance Fund would be unable to continue to offer this assistance and support to Kew High School Students.


The Chaplaincy at Kew High School is supported by a Committee of parents, staff and community volunteers.  If you are interested in finding out more about the school chaplaincy you can access the school webpage or you contact the school chaplain [email protected]


Rosemary Carter

School Chaplain


Photo: Lucas Candido

On Tuesday 28 February, Kew High School had a Pancake Day.


It was a fun lunchtime full of pancakes, organised and cooked by our Year 11 and 12 Leadership team of 2017. It was a huge turn out and the pancakes were selling like crazy. A new addition to events were the House Jars, where tokens from each house were deposited into their respective jars. This helped everyone see which house had the most students buying pancakes. The winner for Pancake Day was Boroondara! The leadership team had a blast providing students from all year levels with beautiful golden pancakes!


Emma Batty

Media/Drama Captain




On Friday 10 February, Kew High School walked to Boroondara Sports Complex for our annual House Swimming Carnival. The weather was perfect and so was the atmosphere. It was great to see so many students getting involved and the House Captains and Unit 1&2 VET students did a great job of running a range of activities to coincide with the swimming events. Congratulations to those who participated and those who went onto represent the school at Division Swimming. Congratulations also to those who represented us at Regional Swimming late in Term 1 also.


When it comes to House points, Cotham continued its winning streak finishing ahead of Boroondara, Barker and Wilsmere.


Louise Bates

Sports Coordinator


Raising Awareness and Funds for the Leukaemia Foundation

On Friday 17 March, students from Kew High shaved their heads to raise awareness and funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. Participants raised more than $500. The money raised will be used for much needed research for the blood cancer, leukaemia. Students were able to get their hair spray-painted for $2, and there was also a sausage sizzle, which goes towards our school’s overall amount of raised money for the foundation. Overall, it was an entertaining day, full of laughs and smiling, bald, faces.  


Lana, Jamie and Lily

Publications Committee



A Wonderful and Colourful Experience

Monday 27 March was a big day for 7A, 7B, 7C and 7D. The four-hour trip to Charnwood in the beautiful Strathbogie ranges, felt sluggish as everyone anticipated having fun. Some children had been on camp several times in the past, and were looking forward to an exciting event. They participated in a range of adventurous activities such as abseiling, rock-climbing, canoeing, swimming, raft building, bike riding, hiking, camping, cooking and group activities. The camp concluded on March 1, but commenced for the other Year 7s who came home on Friday. The temperatures were high and the fun and action turned the trip into a wonderful and colourful experience.


Catherine Lawson

Year 7



An Empowering Experience

On the 8th of March, Kew High School welcomed Jules Allen to speak to the Year 9 and 10 girls. Everyone gathered in the library for music and an empowering speech that included five key points about living a happy and fulfilling life. Some of the topics included, exercising for physical health, meditation for mental health, and looking after emotional health.


We heard a Year 9 all-girl band perform the song ‘Mercy’ by Shawn Mendes. Afterwards, Jules Allen talked with those girls interested individually and even posed for some photos. It was an interesting and empowering experience and we would gladly do it again!


Sarah Christopoulos

Year 9




As part of the Kew Community Festival, Bird's Gallery in High Street Kew, in association with Millenium Aged Care, hosted an art exhibition profiling Kew's oldest residents through portraits. Portraits were painted by three VCE students from Kew High School - Giorgia Benini, Sophia Cleaver, and Ashlee Gowans as well as other teenage artists from local schools.


The Kew High students who participated have very proudly represented the school and have shown outstanding artistic abilities. Below, Sophia Cleaver reflected on her experience.

When I was told about Margaret Henderson, the centenarian whose portrait I was to paint, I was very excited and glad to meet her. I was informed of her life of achievement in medicine, and how as a woman, she’s broken barriers to get there.


Over the few times I got to meet Margaret, we got to know each other through conversation. I couldn’t ask as much as I would have liked, but even so I thoroughly enjoyed talking to her. I’ve never met a centenarian before; both of our age groups are highly separate, and unlikely to mingle. But really, it doesn’t have to be that way. I got along with Margaret, enjoyed talking to her, and was impressed with her wit.


As an artist, this piece has been great for me. It put me outside my comfort zone, in the sense of trying to paint a portrait that retains both characteristics of the muse, and the artist. It’s not something I would have done otherwise and it was a great opportunity to have my work exhibited in a gallery.


Sophia Cleaver

Year 11



On Friday 3 March, a large number of students across all year levels volunteered to help clean up the school in conjunction with Clean up Australia Day. The students paired up and cleaned a small section of the school - who would have thought that a thirty minute clean up could make such a difference!


A big thank you to Phillip Naughton the school groundsman for sparing his time to teach us everything we needed to know about separating rubbish. We hope to see many more students involved in future clean-up events this year.


Emily Nguyen

Environmental Captain



The Unit 1 & 2 VET Outdoor Recreation students headed to Queenscliff on Monday 6 March for a bay discovery session with See All Dolphin Charters. Students participated in snorkelling in three different  locations around the bay, viewing a variety of different marine life. Highlights included swimming with the seals at Chinaman’s Hut, searching for sea horses under Portsea Pier and fighting the current at Pope's Eye. All students attempted a roof jump  as well as practising their rope rescues whilst being dragged along behind the boat. This excursion was linked to the VET Snorkelling and Minimum Impact units.


Dan Norton

VET teacher



Photo: Artist: Maya Cohen-Miller

For this CAT, students had to respond to and interpret the works of the Surrealist and Steam Punk movement. They were to use a variety of mixed media and combine organic and non-organic objects to represent some kind of creature.


Maya Cohen-Miller makes use of machinery and chains to represent a part robot, part octopus and In Jung takes inspiration from Steam punk fashion to create a Victorian-looking cat woman.


Adele Macer

Art teacher


Come Down and Make Lego Creations


The reason I come to Games club is that I love puzzles, Lego and space. It has a very friendly communal air and has many activities. You can just chill out and relax too.

I look forward to Games Club all week.  They have sweets too!  I am pleased that this Club exists. I would like to get the game Risk.  I enjoyed working on the globe puzzle.  It took 6-7 weeks though.


Samuel Hinks 8B


I come to the Games Club because it helps to make friends and such. Games Club is open every Friday at lunch time so you can come down and make Lego creations, play games and make puzzles like the one in the picture. The puzzle took a while to build and the way we built it was by looking at the numbers on the inside. I look forward to having a game of Rumbucube.


Patrick (Patty) Galati  8D


All students in our Health and PE (HAPE) classrooms have had a busy start to the year.

Our Year 7 students have made a great transition into high school by developing their team work skills by playing lots of different Minor Games in PE and learning about their character strengths in Health. The Year 8 and Year 9 students are both exploring the tactics and strategies involved with Strike/Fielding sports, with the Year 9s enjoying two sessions of Golf at the Freeway Golf Course. The Year 8s are exploring their own values and how these values affect their own lives in Health, with the Year 9s understanding more about risk-taking behaviour, in particular Binge Drinking.


Our Year 10 students delivered a cultural game in pairs, which enabled them to develop their leadership skills by helping their peers to play a new and different sport. They are about to embark on their Live Long, Life Long sessions, where they partake in recreation activities designed to promote the importance of staying healthy and active outside of schooling life.


Well done to all students for participating well during all activities in our HAPE classrooms.


Penelope Cleghorn

Health and PE Coordinator


A Starting Note from Musicland


Term 1 has been a short but busy one for all who dwell in Musicland.


We have had new teachers join the Music Staff and we welcome Renee Freakley our piano teacher and Kylie Kollmorgen who is now back teaching flute and classroom Music. Both staff are involved with ensembles; Renee conducts the keyboard ensemble and Kylie the Training Orchestra.


The Music captains, Eddy McQueen and Isabelle Roberts organised a very entertaining lunch time concert towards the end of term as well as coordinating musical items for the general assemblies.


A number of students also performed at the Alphington Primary school fete and many of the year 12 students have performed in a variety of venues doing their own stuff with bands outside school.


Term 2 will have the Music students involved in Anzac day ceremonies, the Music Camp, excursions to various venues and finally the half time concert. I look forward to seeing you all there.


Judy Bartosy

Director of Music



The entire school celebrated Cultural Diversity week with a multitude of activities that ran at lunchtime, from 20-24 March.

On Monday, there was a screening of Asterix and Obelix in the library. Students sat and enjoyed watching the French film with their friends. On Tuesday, a flag hunt took place in which students went scavenging for flags from many nations, hidden around the school. Students then played international games, which included tug-a-war and bocce, on Wednesday, followed by an enthusiastic session of Zumba on Thursday. A free dress day was held on Friday, when students were encouraged to dress in their cultural garb or in colours coinciding with their national flag. At lunchtime, two food trucks of Indian and Cypriot cuisine came with delicious meals for the students to enjoy. Overall, cultural diversity week was great success, as students got the chance to explore many different cultures from their school.


Amy Ho

Year 12


(Photos by Aishabella, Jasmine and Amy - 

Publications Committee)



The STEM Room is operational.

While the room is small in stature, it provides a much needed space for students to create and explore. Throughout the junior years teachers are trialling a number of STEM related initiatives and enrichment activities are on offer to all year levels.


Female students in years 7 and 8 are currently participating a Trans-Tasman Egg Drop challenge, with the final to be held the last week of term. Programming club is running every Tuesday lunch in Room 11 and is open to students of all ages and abilities.


Next term students will have the opportunity to build and compete within a Blue Team environment and the school will commence the build of a smart weather station.


Our student STEM Captain, Sam Wakelam, and our Leading Teacher for e-Learning and Pedagogy, Lyndsey Thickins, featured in an article of the Australian Teacher Magazine. The article is available here: https://www.teachermagazine.com.au/article/stem-captain-leading-the-way.


Students who are interested in participating in STEM events should visit Mr McGrath in the STEM Staffroom between Rooms 11 and 12.


Bernie McGrath

STEM Coordinator



The Victorian Schools Cup Beach Volleyball competition is held over three days down at beautiful South Melbourne Beach.

The Year 8s kicked it off on Wednesday 15 March with probably the best conditions, albeit a little bit hot. The day was sunny and very calm, perfect for beach volleyball. This was their first real experience of playing beach volleyball and they played in teams of four. No medals won, but the teams improved throughout the day. Thursday was for the Year 9 and 10s. In typical Melbourne style, they experienced wind, rain, sunshine, cold and more wind. They still managed to conquer the conditions and won a couple of medals. Friday, and it was the turn of the Year 11 and 12s. It was quite chilly and windy, but sunny. Again our students showcased some amazing volleyball and also participated in the occasional volleyball-tennis with Cody Lawson being a part of Boys 4s who won gold. This being his fourth Gold Medal means Cody has won Gold every year he has participated.


With this volleyball taster, we are all looking forward to the One-Day Victorian Schools Cup tournament which will be the next challenge.


Louise Bates

Sports Coordinator



Debaters Association of Victoria (DAV)- Schools Contest is open for students of year 8 to year 11 to represent Kew High School in debates with schools in our region.

This year we have:

Four D grade teams (years 8 & 9)

One C grade team (year 10)

Two B grade teams (year 11)


Preparation for the first round starts early in Term one with the release of the first topic when a flurry of activity begins.  Teams form, lively discussion takes place, debate tactics and strategies are discussed to be the most persuasive. Students attend co-curricular Debating Skills Workshops and have the opportunity to put these skills into practice in the DAV contest.  Weekly lunch meetings are convened so the teams can gather, prepare and share insights in developing their persuasive speaking skills. 


The results for round one were:


Year 11 B grade 1 win 1 loss

Year 10 C grade 1 loss

Year 8 &9 D grade 2 wins, 1 loss, 1 bye


Elaine Doyle

Public Speaking Coordinator



Max Ross Glyde and Morgan Trencher (Class of 2016) were both successful in having their year 12 art works included in TOP ARTS 2017 at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) Federation Square.  The students were chosen from 2,650 applicants and were among the lucky 45 to have their work included for the Exhibition.


Morgan combined her love of science and art to create the biomorphic, abstract sculpture Specimen two. Upon receiving a scholarship, Morgan was given the opportunity to work with cadavers and examine the internal structures of the human body. This experience inspired her to work with non-traditional organic materials.


Max’s sculptural work Untitled 1 is the product of his keen interest in architecture and the minimalist works of American Sculptor Donald Judd. His work subscribes to the minimalist concept that the aesthetics and construction of a work of art should convey meaning to the observer.


We congratulate both students. It is a wonderful celebration of their efforts to be exhibited in the NGV.


Katherine Smith

Art teacher


The exhibition is open : 24 MAR 17 – 16 JUL 17.