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22 August 2019
Issue Twenty-six
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Dates & Stars of the Week


PLEASE NOTE:  NEW DAY AND TIME ~ Fridays at 9:00am

Assemblies are held in the Fr Lou Heriot Hall

All parents are warmly invited to attend our weekly assemblies.  Please arrive on time to avoid disappointment.

A coffee van will be on site from 8:15am every Friday.  


Friday 16th August - School Closure Day

Friday 30th August - Year 1M

Friday 6th September - Year 5L

Friday 13th September - Prep K

Friday 20th September - End of Term Mass

***Stars of the Week***

'Stars of the Week' will be presented with a 'gift' at assembly on Friday 30th August.   All parents are warmly invited to attend.

Prep K ~ Daniel B              Prep Z ~ Lacey M

Year 1A ~ Angus H             Year 1M ~ Savannah G

Year 2G ~ Angelica C        Year 2H ~ Chiara Z

Year 3A ~ Issie M                Year 3I ~  Ava C-C

Year 4B ~ Isabella M        Year 4J ~ Freya B 

Year 5D ~ Ava J                  Year 5L ~ Mali D

Year 6C ~ Archer M           Year 6M ~ Emma S

Term 3 Events:


Thur 22  Sexuality Puberty Education Program

                  Session 1 - 6pm - 7pm

                  Session 2 - 7:15pm - 8:15pm

Fri 23      Italian Day Incursion

                 Italian Day Special Lunch Order

Fri 30      Father’s Day Breakfast and Stall


Sun 1    Father’s Day

Thu 5    Sustainability Festival

Fri 6       Division Athletics

Sat 7     P&F Comedy for a Cause Fundraiser Night

Sun 8    Year 5 Class Family Mass

Fri 20    End of Term Mass

               Last Day of Term 1.50pm finish

Term 4 Events:


Mon 7   Year 3 Depart for Mt Evelyn Camp

Tue 8    Year 3 Return from Mt Evelyn Camp

Fri 11    Start of Term Mass

Wed 16 First Eucharist Family Faith Night

Sun 20   Prep Class Family Mass

Tue 22   First Eucharist Mass

Thur 24  First Eucharist Mass


Fri 1        School Closure

Mon 4     School Closure

Tue 5      Melbourne Cup Holiday

Sun 10    Year 2 Class Family Mass

sun 17    Year 3 Class Family Mass

Tue 19    Board AGM - 7pm

Tue 26    P & F AGM - 7pm

Fri 29      Whole School Swimming Carnival  


Wed 4     Carols Night - 6:30pm

Mon 9      'Up' Day

Thu 12     Year 6 Graduation Mass and Dinner  

Fri 13        Year 6 Big Day Out

Wed 18    End of Term Mass

                    Last Day of Term 1.50pm finish                

Thu 19     School Closure - Teacher Day

Fri 20        School Closure - Teacher Day



​Term Dates 2019

Term 3 - 10 weeks

Monday 15th July - Friday 20th September

Term 4 - 11 weeks

Monday 7th October - Wednesday 18th December

Principal's Report

Furniture Survey Results

Thank you to the many people who completed the Classroom furniture survey.  I have included the results below as well as some photos of the staff collating their ideas on the perfect classroom.  We are well on track to getting a furniture order in before the end of this term.  As you can see there are a lot of different opinions in regards to furniture!  My thanks to the school staff for collating all of the valuable information together.


Book Week activities

Thanks to Mrs Irene Greenway (Junior Literacy Leader), Mrs Margy D'Rozario (Senior Literacy Leader), Mrs Lena Sirianni (Italian Leader) and Mrs Liz Drinan (Librarian) for all of the organising that has gone into our book week this year.  



On behalf of the St. Finbar's community we wish to pass on our sincere condolences to the Cowling family on the passing of James, who has been fighting Motor Neurone Disease.  Please keep Melissa and Angelica - 2G in your prayers through this difficult time with their family and friends.  Melissa has reqested that in lieu of flowers, families can donate to the FightMND cause.

May he rest in Peace.


Please note: James' funeral will be held in St Finbar's church on Wednesday 28th August at 2pm.

Reminder: Book Parade - Tomorrow

Our very popular book character parade is tomorrow, Friday 23rd August in the hall from 9am.  All students are encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character. Please remember that dress up costumes must be a character from a book and it would be fabulous if the students know a bit about their character and the book so that when the roving reporters ask them at the parade who they are dressed up as, they can share with everyone!

Family Maths evening

Miss Hill our Deputy Principal and Maths leader is once again organising a Family maths evening for Children and Parents.  Can I please encourage all of you to attend this very worthwhile professional development which enables  parents to see how we teach Maths at St. Finbar's School

Please see the link HERE for more information.


Thanks to one of the St. Finbar's Parents who shared this wonderful photo of our playground with me earlier this week.  I don't think Winter is done with us just yet!


God Bless,

Pat Berlingeri


Deputy Principals' Report

Dear Parents and Friends,

On Tuesday night, I finally got to hear Susan McLean speak, someone that I have been keen to hear for many years.  Susan (an ex-police officer) is widely regarded as Australia's leading expert on cyber safety.


Whilst issues such as online grooming, sharing of inappropriate photos etc might be seen as more of an issue for secondary schools, Susan shared many case-studies of incidents involving children as young as 8, and she said that cases involving children of this age are rising rapidly.  


Some of the key messages that Susan shared included:

 * no social media apps for children younger than 13.  She reminded everyone that ALL social media platforms have 13 as their minimum age.

* If/when children do have social media accounts, regularly check their friends' lists and ensure that only people that they know in real life are there (vague descriptions of  'friends of friends' are not okay).  

* absolutely no devices allowed unsupervised in bedrooms or bathrooms. 

* regularly check any group chats that your children are involved in, because these have the potential to cause a lot of problems and police will take action against all members of a group chat if legal issues arise. 

* Learn about and use parental controls for any device that children are using. 


Susan recommends that parents explore the resources on the Parents/Carers page of the eSafety website.  She also recommends that parents watch the show The Hunting currently being shown on SBS (can be accessed through SBS OnDemand) as she says that this has been very well researched and is scarily accurate (Note - this is an adults-only program, not to be watched by primary aged students). 


Our eLearning Leader Mr Callery has organised our own Cyber Safety evening on Tuesday 10th September, which will be presented by the Allanah and Madeline Foundation.  Please put this date in your diary. 

Engagement Congratulations

A big congratulations to Tessa Bell (Year 4B teacher), who got engaged last weekend.  We wish her and her new fiance Jeromy all the best as they plan their wedding. 


Peaceful kids



Family Maths Events

We now have 53 families attending the Family Maths Event next Tuesday 27th August. Once again, we will have an afternoon session at 4 pm and an evening session at 6:30pm.  Each session will begin with a short information session outlining some of the ways that we teach mathematics at St Finbar's,  followed by a range of hands-on tasks to explore together.  Please complete the link registration below if you plan on attending this night.

Family Maths Night Attendance  

Is it Bullying?

Next  week, each class will receive a copy of Is it bullying  ? 

We invite you to discuss this with your children to support the Wellbeing- Social and Emotional learning in the classroom. It is important we all have a shared understanding of definitions and the language used from Prep to Year 6 at St Finbar's. 

We are also hoping to invite parents to participate in our Social and Emotional Learning on Monday afternoons in week 2 of Term 4 - Monday 14th October. Stay tuned for more information.



Cathy Ferrari and Michelle Hill

Deputy Principals

Religious Education

St Finbar's Prayer

The Social Justice Leaders; Claudia, Tom C, Luke and Lucas D are planning to consult with the SJLs from Prep to Year 6 to create our own unique St Finbar's prayer.  We are hoping to share the prayer with the community at our feast day Mass on Wednesday 18th September.  This prayer will encapsulate 2019, and will be shared at assembly and in classroom prayer for the rest of the year. 

Thank you Year 6 SJLs for your hard work.

Choir - Susan Williams

We are very fortunate to have Mrs Williams working with our students and staff in Performing Arts.  Work with the Choir has begun on Tuesday and Wednesday during snack time.  We would love to invite students from Years 3 to 6 to join. The Choir will be singing at many upcoming events later this term and in Term 4.  Please let myself or Mrs Williams know if you are keen to join. 

As we gather as a Catholic community, central to our beliefs is that God is with us always.  May this prayer give each of us strength.

Book Reviews ~ Year 6's

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief By Rick Riordan 
Recommended by Ronny S

Hey you! Have you finished your book but you don’t have anything else to read?  

Well I have a book just for you! 

This is a book in the genre of adventure and fiction. It’s called Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief By Rick Riordan. It’s all our lucky day because the intended audience is from ages 9 and over. If you like these books, then you can read the other 4 books in the series. So how needs to read some strong vocabulary books?

Well these books have very strong vocabulary. Also Percy Jackson is so intriguing that it makes me keep on reading. So if you need a book, read Percy Jackson.

His Name was Walter
By Emily Rodda
Recommended by Emma S

His name was Walter has been given the  children’s book council award for 2019. It is rated 5/5 stars. It is recommended for ages 8+ and grades 3- 8.  The book is about some children who go on a trip somewhere, when their bus breaks down. They walk to a house. In a desk they find a book, and they read it to the very end…

This book can never be put down!! It is an amazing book! You will never read a book like this.

The Explorer
By Katherine Rundell.
Recommended by Alexandra S.

An action-packed and thrilling novel, a book for all ages,the characters are extremely interesting making  an exciting book and a brilliant read!


 I have found myself so engrossed in this book that I have been unable to draw myself away, and at times for hours! I hope you obtain as much enjoyment out of it as I have had so many happy memories with this book. A real treasure.

spine tingling is only one way to describe this fascinating piece of text.

Percy Jackon and the Lightning Thief
By Rick Riordan
Recommended by Lucas D

To read Percy Jackson you have to come prepared, this book is action packed. This is the first in the series by Rick Riordan.

In this book Percy is supposedly a normal kid with learning disabilities, he has a great mum, a not so great step dad and he thought his life was normal, but no he is half god or demigod ( Like Hercules who was born to a mortal mother and a godly dad), but he doesn't know which god, he learns that people aren’t always as they appear, after a gruelling journey to the place known as camp half blood a sanctuary/training camp for demigods as it is too difficult to survive in the outside world. He is given a quest to retrieve a certain something that belongs to the king of the gods Zeus himself and it has been stolen and Zeus has wrongly accused Percy’s  godly father, so Percy is sent out on a quest with two other people (Grover who is half goat and Annabeth the daughter of the goddess Athena) to retrieve and return Zeus’ item to Zeus. Percy and his companions face many gruelling fights with legends of the greek world which includes gods and monsters alike.


Age recommendation  11- 16 years. It is a big read with a lot going on and a lot of big vocab and there is some darker stuff thrown in as well as it is a mythology people believe in so it wasn’t exactly made for kids but rick riordan found an incredible solution having it explained from the perspective of a 12 year Percy so it makes it more enjoyable and quite comedic.   it is a great story full of action and learning about another world.

My opinion: it is action packed and a great read for anyone who loves Greek gods and/or mythology.  Rating: 10/10

The School For Good and Evil: A Crystal of Time
By Soman Chainani
Recommended by Dewi M

In the fifth sequel of the series, Agatha, Sophie and Tedros continue their quests; but something is different. An impostor king, Rhian, has convinced the woods that Agatha and Tedros are rebels, and he deserves to be king alongside his unwilling queen, Sophie. While planning Tedros’ execution, Rhian and his men reveal to Sophie that they had been working alongside the Snake all along, and that the snake was actually Rhian’s twin Japeth. Agatha, who luckily escaped, is finding ways to save Tedros and friends.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves rebellious and fantasy books. I recommend it to ages 11 and up. This is a humorous read, with romance, drama, and lots of bad guys. Happy reading!

The Girl Who Rode the Wind
By Stacy Gregg
Recommended by Juliet O

Lola is a girl who dreams of taking part in the ‘Il Palio’ with her beloved horse ‘Nico’. Lola has come to stay with her grandma Lorreta, in Siena, Italy.

People in Siena think Lola is a ghost because she has the same appearance as her grandma when she was younger. When it’s time for the ‘Il Palio’ to take place, Lola thinks ‘Nico’ can take the prize!


I recommend this book for people who love horses and adventure.

I would rate this 5/5 because it is very hard to put down.

By Alan Gratz
Recommended by James M

Grenade is an adventurous book. It takes place at the end of World War II when the Americans invaded a small island off the coast of japan called Okinawa. The two main characters Hideki and Ray both have one goal: survive.

Hideki is a middle schooler that lives a peaceful life in Okinawa with his family, but when the Americans invade their island Hideki and his fellow classmates are drafted into the blood and iron student corps camp to fight in the war for their home.


Ray who is a 16 year old living in Nebraska, America signs up to be in the Marines to fight in the war, but when they arrive on the shores of Okinawa Ray realises that this is his first battle and all he knows is that the enemy is everywhere.

Hideki and Ray both experience dangerous attacks and near death clashes, but when the two of them collide in the middle of the battlefield, the choices they make will change the book dramatically.

This book is recommended for people aged 12+ and also people who like action and adventure books. I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

5 Feet Apart
By Stella Grant
Recommended by Jazzy F

Stella Grant used to live her life normally until she got Cystic Fibrosis (CF) then her life changed forever. All of a sudden she was on medications and in the hospital for 90% of her time. Along the way she meets Will Newman who also suffers from CF. Stella wants her lungs to just work normally, when Will just wants freedom to leave the hospital whenever he wants.


I recommend this book to ages 12 up. This is a romantic movie that does have it’s sad parts, but it is a good book and movie to watch.

Lion A Long Way Home
Saroo Brierley
Recommended by James L

This book is about a kid called Saroo and he gets lost and can't find his way home, and he gets adopted to a tasmanian couple and they take good care of him,  they end up adopting another kid and he is really sad that he is away from his mother. Will he ever find his way home. I recommended this book to both gender and that the person who reads it can put up with a sad book.

The Amulet
By Kazu Kibuishi
Recommended by Ryan W


The Amulet is a series of eight books and is a graphic novel. I recommend age 9 to 14. It has a 4 out of 5 star rating and starts off with a tragic event and is action,jaw gripping and heart taking book.


I loved this book on first 5 pages it was gripping me to read more and finish the series.

By Angie Thomas
Recommended by Helena P

The hate you give is a mournful, content, powerful story about a young teen named Starr’s life. Starr grows up in a predominantly black community, many of her community are being discriminated for the colour of their skin. Recently her best friend Khali got shot because the officer thought that Khali was pulling out a gun but it was actually a hairbrush, Khali was shot by the officer and ever since then Starr has been determined to get the officer in jail and get justice for Khali. I would recommend this book for young adult readers also for people who enjoy powerful books about standing up for what they believe in. 

Anaconda Ambush
By Justin D’ath
Recommended by Roy M

Sam Fox goes on a field trip in the Amazon Rainforest with his uncle, when his canoe gets tipped over. Now he is lost in the depths of the Amazon rainforest where he will have to overcome many obstacles if he wants to survive.

I would recommend this book to everyone, especially people who like action and adventure.

I would rate this book 4 ½ stars and for people who are 8+.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events
By Lemony Snicket
Reviewed by James B

A series of unfortunate events is about three kids whose parents were very wealthy but they lost their parents were lost in a fire so they are forced to live with their long lost family member who is evil his name is Count Olaf. Count Olaf wants to take their family's fortune and then kill the kids the kids names are Klaus Baudelaire, Violet Baudelaire who is the eldest and finally Sunny who is an infant. They are trying to break away from Count Olaf’s clutches and trying to tell Mr Poe the bank person who is incharge of were the kids go. The Author of the book is  Lemony Snicket.

I give this book 4.5 stars I would recommend this series to all ages.

Front Runner
By Jane Carroll
Reviewed by Tom C

This book is about a boy named Robbie how love to race. But While he is running, Robbie doesn’t have to remember the accident.  While he is running he feel strong and happy. But as he is practicing for state champion his friend gets bitten by a Rattlesnake. Can Robbie save his friend.


If you like racing this is the right book for you. I recommend this book for people year 4 to 6.

Saving Abbie
By Allan Baillie
Reviewed by Joseph E


I am enjoying Saving Abbie so far  because it is an interesting story.


This story has a number of characters.

Students in Year 5 and 6 will enjoy this interesting novel.

Review score 4/5

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
By Shannon and Dean Hale
Reviewed by Ruby R

I recommend this book for ages 10 - 15. If you like mysteries and people saving the world this is the book for you. Now a little bit about the book

I have recently just started it but so far it talks about that Dorreen the main character is unusual compared to other people. She can understand squirrels and she has a tail. Nobody understands her because they don't know that she has  powers of a squirrel. She has superhuman strength and agility allowing her to leap to different places as well as enhanced senses of smell. She also has knuckle spikes that measure up to 2-3 inches they help her slice wood and are used for sharp claws that help with her climbing.

This book so far to me is a 4/5.

By Lisa Heathfield
Reviewed by Sophia H

Fifteen year old Pearl has lived all her life at Seed, a nature-worshipping cult led by cruel Papa S. Pearl is happy, she loves nature. Contact with the outside world is forbidden no one is even aloud to go up to the gate, those that live at Seed know very little other than what they are told by Papa S. The young people aren’t even allowed to know who their real mothers are. A new family come from the outside with a teen boy who knows something is up, makes Pearl realise life in the cult may not be the paradise she thought. There is a darkness which she must escape before it is too late! The story told by Pearl in the present tense, this is a convincing and disturbing portrayal of life in an oppressive, controlling society, and will make you think about self-determination, and women’s rights

I think this book would be recommended for age fourteen and over. If you want something that will make you scream in your sleep, cry while reading, make you hate cults and keep on reading about cults and horrify you than this is the book for you.

Five Feet Apart
By Racheal Lippincott, Tobias laconis, Mikki Daughtry
Reviewed by Dimity W

I finished reading this book, and I have constantly re read it since then. This is a heartwarming story about 2 people with Cystic Fibrosis, who have fallen in love but can’t be together. The rule is 6 feet apart at ALL times, but they are willing to take a risk. They decide to go 5 feet instead of 6 feet. Will they last? Read to find out more. I really love this book because it puts everyone to realise that people can’t always get what they want and that there are many struggles in life. I would recommend this book for people who are looking for a struggling relationship type books. This book is VERY heartbreaking and I cried while reading the book. With all the characters who are all friends and the kindness they give, it’s amazing. The authors are Racheal Lippincott, Tobias laconis, Mikki Daughtry and they did an amazing job in showing the perspective and the emotions the characters.


My review for this book is out of 5 it would be a 5.

The reason I give so high ratings for this book is because it was always like “ I want to read more!”. This book is the reason I want to read everyday! I have read it many times because of the amazing job the people have done. I love this book!

By Morris Gleitzman
Reviewed by Nina R

Once is about a boy named Felix and Felix is a Jew. He lives in an orphanage and he’s been there for 3 years and 8 months. He decided to escape and find his parents. Along the way he finds a girl named Zelda she’s also a Jew. Felix and Zelda start heading towards the city and while they’re walking they find a big crowd heading towards the city so they join them. But what they didn’t realise is that the big crowd was heading towards a concentration camp. Read the book to find out what happens next!!!

Once is the first book of a series the next books in order are Then, Now, After, Soon and Maybe.
I think that younger kids wouldn’t understand what this book is about and that this acctually happened to children so I recommend this book for ages 11+ 

I honestly think this is the best book I've ever read because it always left me on a cliffhanger, there always were exciting moments and mysterious scenes and it was my favourite genre. I really enjoyed this book. That’s why I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars!  

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You?
By Matthew Inman
Reviewed by Liam L

This book is for people with a good sense of humour at times it can be very funny and it has little strips of comics of cats at the workplace. Some of the lines are : kneading on you while your sleeping = this is not a sign of affection they are looking for weakness if your organs. I recommend this book for readers around 12 and over because it needs people with a certain sense of humour for this book it has a variety of funny stories. Like if humans switched bodies with cats for a day. In the workspace comic strip it takes place from the start of the week to the end of the week. It is really funny what the author has thought of during this book everytime I read it, it make laugh. In my opinion it was one of the funniest books I ever read, it was really creative and if you enjoyed that book there are plenty more by this author.

The Program
By Suzanne Young
Reviewed by Sasha M

This book is about a future world that we all couldn't imagine. The two main characters are a girl called Sloane and a boy called James Murphy. I would recommend this book to people 12 and up. Here is a blurb of the book Sloane lives in a world where teen suicide is a world wide epidemic. She must put on a brave face and knows better than to cry in front of anyone or show any signs of depression. After losing her brother to suicide, her boyfriend James was the only person she could be open to with her emotions.

Adventure Time Encyclopedia 
By Martin Olson
Reviewed by Oscar N

The Adventure time encyclopedia is about the Tv show, Adventure Time. Before I talk about the show the author of this book is Martin Olson but the person who created the whole thing was  Pendleton Ward. The show is about a human who is called Finn and a dog that is called Jake, they go on 1 adventure during each episode. There is also more charters along the way, but Finn and Jake are the main characters. The book shows you all of the seen charters in the series, It also has a little description on them. The series is set in a lot of different places, it also shows what the places look like in the book. There are alot of places but the whole land is called the land of OOO. I would recommend this book to ages over 8 because some of the words in this book are challenging so I feel like that would be a perfect fit.      

By Michael Grant
Recommended by Archer M

This is a really interesting book because everyone over the age of fifteen just disappears suddenly. A big barrier just appears and there's no way over or under, and some people have powers that are stronger than others. If you do something wrong by Caine, (who is the one who thinks he owns everyone)  and Drake (who is really strong and scary and allowed to use guns) bad things will happen.


I recommend this book for Years 5 to 8 and people who like to read Sci-Fi Thriller books.

Sport News

Well done to our Athletics Team

Congratulations to our 77 Athletics team members for their best efforts on Monday at the Dendy District Athletics Carnival.  The weather thankfully held out until the 2pm finish after a tumultuous forecast was given out by EVERY weather meteorologist the night prior!  All team members competed in one or two individual events over the day, with each age group then having four sprinters compete in the 4x100m relays to finish the carnival.


A massive thank you to all the parents who gave support helping run an event - Craig Furber, Catherine Wensley, Ewa Williams, Ashley Simmons & Adam Henry.  Your time and efforts were much appreciated by all schools. Thank you also to our supporting staff; Cathy Ferrari, Matt Callery, Kate Johnston & Sue Humble.


Congratulations goes to these 13 students who came overall 1st or 2nd in their event and will now compete at the Beachside Division Athletics Carnival on Friday 6th September at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park:

9/10y age group

Zach S (4J):  200m - 2nd

James L (4B): Triple Jump - 1st

Tom R (3I): Discus - 1st

11y age group

Evie T (5L): Long Jump - 1st

William S (5L): 200m - 2nd

Vegas H (5D): 80m Hurdles - 1st  & 200m - 2nd

Pepper W (5L): Shot Put - 1st


12/13y age group

Luca Frazer (6M): Triple Jump - 2nd

Jessica Fellini (6C): Triple Jump - 2nd, 4x100m relay - 1st

Isabelle F (6C): Discus - 1st (record: 25.82m) & 80m Hurdles - 1st & 4x100m relay - 1st

Sidney ZD (6C): Shotput - 2nd

Ebony D (6M): 4x100m relay - 1st

Imogen J-S (6C): 4x100m relay - 1st



Outside School Hours Care

Bookings Information

Casual Bookings/Cancellations/Adjustments please call 9592 0994 directly.   Email: [email protected]


EMAIL TO BE USED for changing permanent bookings, making advanced bookings/cancellations  (ie holiday program, school closure days), account queries, addressing special needs, incidents that need clarification, and the like. Emails are not checked prior to a session as administrative duties are addressed off site and away from the service as our priority lies with the active supervision of children, their development and wellbeing.

Having said all of the above, if children ever find themselves confused, not knowing where they're supposed to be, please have a "back up plan" by stating they can always go to after care and together we can resolve their situation. This is an important aspect of children’s “belonging, being and becoming” which involves them learning independence, coping skills and OSHC Educators available  to children for support and to provide a secure base for children as needed. (NQS 5 Circle of security)

St Finbar’s September /October Holiday Program

The Holiday Program is now out. Holiday program ACTIVITIES whilst planned are flexible with consideration for active and passive time and seasonal changes. We aim to provide opportunities for children to relax as well as continue their learning journey through varied and interesting interactions with each other and community partners.

Hope to see you there!

September / October Holiday Program link


Helpful Hints for Holiday Program

Bookings-Please email  [email protected]

Open 8am-6pm

BYO HEALTHY LUNCH, SNACKS (extra snacks) AND DRINK BOTTLE WITH WATER:  where food is brought from home, the service encourages families to provide food that is consistent with the: Australian Government guidelines Get Up & Grow: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Early Childhood, and/or Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia. We encourage parents to provide extra fruit and vegetables for afternoon snack and “sometimes foods” to be kept to a minimum. Store lunches in our fridge (chilled water is always available @ the service) Snack time 10.15am – Lunch 12.15pm.

Please note that the service aspires to be a nut and egg  free environment.

Anaphylaxis: Under regulations children who have been prescribed an adrenaline auto-injection device such as an EpiPen® must bring it to the service. Please note that the school office will be closed during the school closure days and as such OSHC staff cannot access the first aid room.

To ensure parents/guardians of the child/ren diagnosed at risk of anaphylaxis are provided with a copy of the policy (r. 20(2A)), the service has now posted  the policy on the school website. (Community tab; OSHC; Anaphylaxis policy)

Thunderstorm Asthma

Actions required by parents or guardians:  If a child is diagnosed with asthma all medication and asthma action plan must accompany the child to the service. It’s important to note that the school is a separate entity and as such permission by the parent must be given for the child to bring their medication from the office to the After care.

Asthma medication must be provided during Holiday Program.

Clothing and footwear; comfortable and protective

Behaviour- Children are expected to follow the rules and practice positive behaviour, where a mutual respect between staff and children shall be fostered. If a child/rens behaviour is deemed unsatisfactory, behaviour management action will take place to positively change the behaviour (redirect to quieter activities) if unsatisfactory behaviour persists, then an incident record will be completed and parents/guardians notified. The Directress reserves the right to exclude the child/ren from participating in the program.

Electronic games are welcome although items bought from home are the children’s responsibility. St Finbar’s OSHC will not take responsibility for lost or broken games.

Kids on wheels- bring anything with wheels and a helmet for safety.

Excursions- Children must be @ the centre by 9am. A cut lunch and snacks must be provided. ALL who wish to book for excursions, including the movies, MUST email [email protected] . A confirmation email by Melissa needs to be made so that the excursion booking is valid.

The excursion fee is then paid via direct transfer and an excursion form signed.

Duration of excursions 9am-4pm     

Incursions: Special events are organised by the service and everyone booked in for the day are expected to participate. The cost of the incursion will be added to each families invoice as an adhoc billing procedure.

Child Care Subsidy: Please note: Families must be registered with the DHS and have a current assessment and enrolled with Child Care Subsidy in order to claim a rebate.

Information can be sort by using your Centrelink online account or through the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app. 
This is important, because if you don’t do your assessment, you may not receive any subsidy.
Please do this as soon as possible. To find out more, visit

Holiday Program 8-6


After 50%rebate $19

Holiday program ½ day

Any 5 hours of the day


After 50%Rebate $9.50

*There is no difference between casual and regular booking fees

* Late fee: $1 minute does not attract CCS

Parents & Friends

Friday 30th August

Come and celebrate Father’s Day with a delicious breakfast with your Dad or special person on Friday 30th August. 

Breakfast will be available from 7:00am until 8:35am on the Thomas Sherry playground in front of the school hall.  

Place your order by 23th August choosing from the breakfast options below at:

Father's Day Brekkie Orders

Egg & Bacon Roll $4.50
Croissant (with jam) $3.00
Coffee  $4.00
Hot Chocolate $4.00
Tea $2.00


  • Orders close 23 August (11:00pm).
  • Mums – We’d love your help serving brekkie!  You can register to volunteer when booking. Remember a Working with Children Check is essential (apply online if you don’t have one already).
  • All food must be pre-ordered as only limited extra supplies will be available on the day. Additional hot drinks can be purchased at the registration table on the day (not at the coffee vans).
  • This is a P&F event and children will need to be supervised by a parent or guardian until 8:35am (or arrange before school care).

IMPORTANT: Printed ticket(s) MUST be brought along on the day

to redeem your ordered items.

Simply hand your printed tickets to the food table / coffee cart to collect your breakfast on the day.  Thank you.

Father's Day Stall

St Finbar's P&F Comedy Night
Saturday 7th September


Don't miss out as tickets are selling fast. For friends and families who can donate please go to the Parents & Friends page for further information.  This is promising to be a great night.

Entertainment Book 2019/2020

SUPPORT US NOW - All office Books are SOLD OUT but you can still order a book and have it delivered directly to you or purchase the digital version.  Thank you.

If you are thinking of ordering the 2019 | 2020 Entertainment™ Book, now there’s even more reason to do so, as 20% of proceeds from your purchase will go to St Finbar’s Primary fundraising for Literacy resources.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is open every:

Monday - 8:30am - 9am, Wednesday - 8:30am - 9am and Friday - 3:00pm - 4:00pm


Reminder – order forms are available from the office or log on to CDFpay and place your order online.  Online orders close every Tuesday at 4pm with uniforms delivered to the eldest child's classroom on Wednesdays. 

 CDFpay Online Orders

Orders can be left at the office or emailed directly to [email protected]

Orders will be filled and returned to the eldest child’s classroom via the office bags.

Healthy Hut


The Healthy Hut is open every:


The Healthy Hut Menu           


Please note that ALL orders must be made online for ease of catering purposes.  Orders CLOSE at 8:15am every morning for that day, but orders can be accepted up to 20 days in advance.  Thank you.

School is an important place where children learn and develop regular, healthy eating and physical activity routines.

Anna runs the school canteen at St Finbar’s with a team of helpers and it is her aim to introduce a variety of healthy options.  Food at the canteen will be mostly homemade and carefully selected.

Community Interests

St James College Open Morning


Bentleigh West Kindergarten Enrolments Open Now


Parish News

Lectors for Weekend Masses

Volunteer lectors are needed for the reading roster for the Sat 6pm and Sun 5pm Masses. Please phone the parish office on  9593 2122 if you can assist.

Parish Bulletin


St Finbar's Newsletter  
As we gather as a Catholic community, let us all remember that God is with us always.
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