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21 September 2017
Issue Five
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Road Safety on Caroline Street
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Principal's Report

Social Justice Sunday - 24 September

Social Justice Sunday takes place on the first weekend of the school holidays under the theme  “Everyone’s Business - Developing an inclusive and sustainable economy”. As Archbishop Hart reflected on this week's Gospel, Jesus tells the parable of the workers in the vineyard where all become active contributors and are recognised for their human dignity.


Inspired by this, the statement calls us to build an economy founded on true solidarity with those who are most vulnerable. Justice  must be built into the very foundations of our community, and business can work for everybody’s benefit, not just for shareholders. The excluded and vulnerable must have a voice in decision-making.

A Prayer for Eradicating Poverty 

Creator God,


Your image is alive in every human person
giving to each of us an inviolable dignity.
Create in us a desire to act in solidarity, the ability to work together,
and a willingness to share with others
our time, our energy, our skills and talents and our wealth.


As we share and enjoy the fruits of your creation,
restore in us your vision of a world made whole,
and inspire us to commit ourselves to the common good.
Gracious God, give us ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts to love,
so that we reflect you in our way of life,
and in our choices, words and actions.
Jesus is the good news to the poor.
As his followers, may we recognise the call to be the same.

Parent Teacher Interviews

The end of term provides an opportunity to review students' progress and growth. I encourage all parents to come along with your sons and daughters  to the interviews held this week on Thursday and Friday in the Br Leo Scollen Stadium.


From mid-year reports, students with their teachers would have set goals in relation to their application, attitude and levels of achievement. Now is a good time to check in and see how they are progressing.

Year 12 Students - CLC Open These School Holidays

Our Year 12 students will be undertaking their important trial exams over the holiday period. We wish them well as they move into the final month of studies for the year.


In order to assist them in their preparation, the Contemporary Learning Centre will remain open from 9am untill 3.30pm  throughout the school holidays except for the public holiday prior to the Grand Final weekend.

VCAL at Work

Last week our VCAL students  completed a community service activity at Wellsprings in Dandenong. This was part of their curriculum program which focuses on Personal Development  and Work Related skills.


Wellsprings for Women provides a unique opportunity for people from around the world to discover pathways to empowerment and learning opportunities to help them live their lives more fully. 


Our students under the guidance of Ms Leana Bailey assisted the women in the development of a Community Garden. This garden will provide numerous opportunities to educate and help women get ready for work , support and provide for families as well encourage time together for social interaction and relaxation.

PreCAL Program - Work Placements

Our Year 10 students completing the PreCAL program had the enjoyable but challenging experience of a work placement. These placements were taken in a range of settings including  Retail, Construction, Food Services and Education over the last week.


Students who do the PreCAL program are more likely to be interested in going on to training at TAFE, doing an apprenticeship, or getting a job after completing the Year 11 and 12 VCAL Pathway Program. Students who take up the VCAL certificate have the unique opportunity to develop work related skills, experience and personal development in a workplace setting whilst contintuin studies at school.


What many parents may not realise is students completing the VCAL program still also have the opportunity to transition to University after completing an accredited TAFE course which will provide the pathway into higher studies at University.


I express my thanks to Mr Bruce Topham - Career Pathways Coordinator, the Yr 10 PreCAL teachers, Learning Support staff and St Mary’s staff, who helped visit and contact the PreCAL students on their work placement.

Principal's Recommendation Program

The Australian Catholic University is once again offering the Principal's Recommendation Program (PRP) to students from St John’s Regional College.


The PRP provides additional consideration by eligible students for entry to ACU in 2018. This presents as a pathway into University for currently enrolled Year 12 students who have experienced educational disadvantage, such as financial, health or family challenges.


Access to this program requires a letter of recommendation from the Principal which is issued once an application has been reviewed by the Deputy Principals and relevant House Coordinator. Students considering applying for this program should send an outline of how they meet the criteria by email to the Principal no later than Friday 6 October.


Note the online application process outlined below closes on Wednesday 18 October.


The online application process is available at

The application requires:

  1. Year 12 student details
  2. School details
  3. Applicant's ACU course preference(s)
  4. Letter of recommendation from the School Principal

Offers to successful PRP applicants will be made through the VTAC process. It is most important that the PRP student’s ACU preferences are listed in their VTAC application.

School Holidays

After a cold and dark winter term I am sure all are looking for a much needed holiday break.


I pray everyone has a safe and happy holiday,  particularly our travellers to Central Australia who head off in the first week of the school holidays. I look forward to and pray for everybody's safe return in Term 3.


Tim Hogan, Principal

Road Safety on Caroline Street

Dear Parents and Families,


Road safety for students and vehicles at the College

Student Safety is our most important priority, at school and travelling to and from school.


The College Board has raised concerns that the pedestrian and vehicle movement on Caroline Street (main College entrance) is not safe and poses a grave risk of serious injury or death to our students, parent drivers, bus drivers and other vehicle drivers.


The key concerns are:

  • Unpredictable and unsafe student-pedestrian crossing over Caroline Street. Often from between parked buses and cars, in front of approaching traffic, this reduces driver visibility of pedestrians and increases their risk of being struck by a vehicle
  • Unpredictable and unsafe parent car movement, including:
    • parking in NO STANDING areas
    • double-parking
    • cars pulling out from the kerb as pedestrians cross in front of them
    • cars pulling out from the kerb directly in front of approaching traffic
    • cars pulling out from the kerb straight into a U-Turn across Caroline St

 College Leadership has developed a three-part strategy, approved by the Board, to address this:


Students and Parents are to receive this information and advice about:

  • required pedestrian exit from Caroline Street
  • recommended parent drop-off and pick-up locations
  • banned crossing locations

The attached map shows where student-pedestrians are to walk when exiting/entering the College, and where they should cross the road. It also shows drop-off and pick-up locations.


We do NOT support parents dropping-off or picking-up their students in Caroline St at peak movement times. We ask all parents to use the recommended locations on the map.


We will educate students about safe pedestrian movement in the streets around the College. Students will be told that we will not accept any crossing over Caroline Street, except at the Power St intersection.There will be consequences at school for students who do not follow this direction.


The College will petition Council for a Supervised School Crossing on Caroline St.


We will also petition Council for all of Caroline St to be made a NO STANDING zone during drop-off and pick-up times. We will produce a template letter and invite parents to join us in this campaigning of council.


The College is going to request Police and Council to be a presence at the College during drop-off and pick-up times. 


The College will send Police and Council a copy of this letter and ask for their help to improve this road safety situation. Parents are advised that there are significant fines for parking in NO STANDING zones, or for some of the driving behaviours described above.


The College Board and the College Leadership emphasise that our primary consideration is the safety of your children and yourselves. 

We ask for your assistance in improving the road safety situation for pedestrians and vehicles in Caroline St and surrounding streets at the start and end of school days.


Please contact us here at the College if you have any questions or concerns.



College News

Welcome to the new St John's Mobile App

The new St John’s Regional College Mobile App is now available free on the App store (for both iOS and Android phones).


This App ensures that students, parents and staff stay up to date with the latest school information via their smartphones.


Notifications via our App


One of the key features of the App is the ability to receive notifications from St John’s on your smartphone in real time. It may be a reminder of an event that is on at the school, an update on an excursion/camp that your child is attending or a message from the Principal.


Families select the level of notifications they wish to receive by simply going in to the settings function and opting in or opting out of different year levels.


For example if your family has current students in Year 7 and 10 you should ‘opt in’ to notifications for Year 7 and 10 and whole school only and opt out for other year levels.


College Tuition Fees 2017

Families will be receiving their College Fee Statement during the holidays.  This is a reminder all College fees need to be paid by the end of November, unless other arrangements have previously been made with the College. 


For any enquiries regarding family accounts, please call the Finance Office on 9791 3366.  Payment methods include Direct Debit, Bpay, EFT, and Cash/Cheque which can be paid over the holidays, as the Administration Office is open both weeks.


Please contact the Office if any students are not returning in 2018.


Janet Stefancik, Finance Manager

Cambodia Immersion Trivia Night

On Friday 8 September, the annual Cambodia Immersion Trivia Night was held in the new Contemporary Learning Centre.


The 16 members travelling to Cambodia in November and December rounded up their teams to contest to become Trivia Champions. Also joining us on the night was a staff table and a table of our 2016 Cambodia Immersion participants.


The night consisted of six rounds; Pop Culture, Sport, Music, Movies, Famous Faces/Logos and School Subjects. The movie round was conducted as a Kahoot which was a new way of presenting.


We successfully raised $1900 on the night, this came through ticket sales, games such as heads or tails and our silent auction. This money goes directly to the School in which the students will spend six days teaching English to the local children. It helps to get quality teacher training for the staff and assists with the general running costs of a school.


We would like to recognise the following business and companies who so kindly donated prizes and money to our Silent Auction; Lamont Books, Images of India, Cadbury, Mars, Arctic Foods, AMP Elite and Shinners Plumbing.


We would also like to recognise the support of Ms Janine Misso who so kindly coordinates many of these donations and Mr Quentin Smith for being such a humorous and spirited host!


Congratulations to Adrianna Grech and her table who were crowned 2017 Trivia Champions!


Ashleigh Holly, Learning Area Leader - Health and Physical Education 

Cubing Competition

This weekend is the annual Australian Nationals for Cubing in which Andrei Kabigting​ ​and​ ​I​ ​will​ ​be​ ​competing​. ​​Andrei​ ​will​ ​be​ ​competing​ ​in​ ​the​ ​traditional 3x3,​ ​2x2,​ ​3x3​ ​one​ ​handed​ ​and​ ​Pyraminx.​ ​I​ ​will​ ​be​ ​competing​ ​in​ ​3x3,​ ​2x2,​ ​4x4,​ ​3x3​ ​one​ ​handed, Skewb​ ​and​ ​Pyraminx.​ ​We​ ​both​ ​average​ ​approximately​ ​20​ ​seconds​ ​on​ ​the​ ​3x3.​


​We​ ​both​ ​started​ ​speedcubing around​ ​April​ ​this​ ​year,​ ​although​ ​we​ ​knew​ ​how​ ​to​ ​solve​ ​the​ ​cube​ ​at​ ​the​ ​age​ ​of​ ​9.​ ​My cousin​ ​had​ ​bought​ ​some​ ​speedcubes​ ​and​ ​I​ ​decided​ ​to​ ​try​ ​it​ ​out.​ ​Andrei​ ​on​ ​the​ ​other​ ​hand,​ ​saw​ ​a video​ ​of​ ​Feliks​ ​Zemdegs,​ ​a​ ​professional​ ​speedcuber​ ​who​ ​lives​ ​in​ ​Melbourne. ​This​ ​persuaded​ ​us to​ ​get​ ​into​ ​speedcubing​ ​and​ ​has​ ​brought​ ​us​ ​to​ ​where​ ​we​ ​are​ ​now.​ ​


​We’re​ ​both extremely​ ​excited​ ​for​ ​the​ ​competition​ ​and​ ​what​ ​is​ ​to​ ​come​ ​in​ ​the​ ​future.​ ​We​ ​hope​ ​this​ ​can​ ​inspire others​ ​to​ ​live​ ​up​ ​to​ ​their​ ​full​ ​potential​ ​and​ ​do​ ​the​ ​best​ ​they​ ​can.


Lennon​ ​Hughes (CO6)​ ​and​ ​Andrei​ ​Kabigting (PH 7)

Medieval Castle Creation

Year 8 History students were given an assignment to create their own Medieval Castle. Students had to consider what parts to include in the castle and answers topical questions.


The goal was to present a poster and castle model to the ‘King’ to persuade him we were worthy of creating his next castle. In the castle model students included sources of defence and protection, living areas and battle grounds. Groups merged two different structures and made it one. This was done as it highlighted the most effective and safe elements of a castle.


The making process included a lot of  trial and error, but in the end it turned out how we planned. There was a lot of hard work and effort put into it but we were all very proud of ourselves.

Throughout this experience, we learnt that it takes a lot of effort, hard work and creativity to pull off something like this.


Donita Lacomel (AQ8), Samantha Mohun (PH4), Rita Kazona (MO8)

Ecocomp 2017

During Term 3, a number of Year 10 students participated in the 2017 ECOCOMP. During this six week competition, students learnt fundamental Economics concepts in a collaborative and enjoyable space, using modern e-learning techniques.


The final week consisted of a 25 multiple-choice question quiz, with the winners receiving gift cards of their choice. First prize this year was shared by Renee Taylor and Monica Opiew with the highest score and Kathaleeya Ros obtained the second highest score and was awarded third place. All three girls can be seen in the photo below.

All students who participated showed enormous commitment to their learning, choosing to stay back after school and participate in this program. Many showed excellent time-management skills, having to juggle family, work and College Musical commitments to participate and should be congratulated for their enthusiasm to learn and effort.


Participating students were: Ace Mehegan, Anthony Phillips, Dylan Morris, Ishmeet Singh, Izabel Nalbandian, Kathaleeya Ros, Lucy Doherty, Michael Almeida, Monica Opiew, Roni Wani, Renee Taylor, Robert Adam, Ryan Owen and Selina Lee.


David Graham, Learning Area Leader - Humanities

Student Wellbeing

R U OK? Day

On Thursday 14 September was R U OK? Day. The St John's Wellbeing team organised various activities to help raise awareness  and support this great initiative.  


Parents and Friends Association

As we come to the end of another term and say goodbye to the long, wet winter months we can look back and know we have once again seen wonderful results from good team work.


The 2017 Year 11 Presentation Ball on Friday 12 August

A beautiful evening enjoyed by over 200 guests. Ten stunning Debutantes with glorious dresses and fabulous hair were partnered by very handsome and suave gentlemen who wowed us with their amazing dance routines. The venue which was The Grand on Princes was glamorous, the food and service sensational and all the families had a very special night celebrating this lovely milestone.


We would like to thank all the participants and their guests, Mr Tim Hogan, Mr Stephen Bourbon, Dr Janine Biggin and Mr Quentin Smith for officiating and our wonderful dance instructors Gayle and Andrew Sharpe. Also a special mention to Katrina Blick for producing the very elegant programs and tickets.


Thank you to all the  PFA members for their help and support throughout the year to make this wonderful night happen especially those ladies on the Ball committee who manage to do such an amazing job in organising everything, supervising the rehearsals and making sure the night runs smoothly.


Our Annual General Meeting will be held next PFA Meeting Tuesday 17 October at 7.30pm in the Contempoary Learning Centre, all parents are invited. We welcome new members and meetings usually only take one hour. We will be discussing the 2018 Presenation Ball, the College Uniform and upcoming events. We would really love to see a lot of new faces so please come along.


Julia Taylor, PFA President 

Career Pathways

This week in Career Pathways we have updates from Monash, Deakin, La Trobe, William Angliss and RMIT Universities. As well, there is information about a great Robotics workshop and also about automotive apprenticeships. There is also information about many excellent workshops over the coming September school holidays. 


  • VTAC Applications are open for Year 12; timely applications close 28 September
  • SEAS applications close for Year 12’s on  10 October (5pm)
  • Dookie Open Day 18 October
  • VCE HHD and Psychology Revision Lectures at Monash – When: HHD, Tues 26 Sept; Psychology: Wed 27 Sept; See: 
  • William Angliss- workshops in the holidays. Hospitality – 25 Sept; Tourism & Travel – 27 Sept; Cookery – 28 Sept. Info: visit

Year 12 News

Apply with Victorian Tertiary Admissons Centre (VTAC)

Don’t forget to complete your application for courses for 2018 ( if you haven’t already done so. Remember, you can change your application as much as you wish at no extra cost ($35.00) so long as you apply by 28 Sept. After that it will cost you $103.00. You can also change your application once you have your ATAR in December, and between offers of places.


Do  You Want To Defer Your Study in 2018?

Most university courses allow deferral for up to 12 months, so even if you plan a break from study in 2018, you are still encouraged to apply in 2017. Institutions have different deferment policies. For the deferment policies of the various institutions see:  




Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS)                                                  


Don’t forget to organise your SEAS application if you are eligible. Category 1 simply requires you to click the YES box and also to indicate whether you are the first in your family to attend university. All other categories (2 – 4) require you to supply extra information or evidence. If you need assistance from school staff, get it soon. Applications close 5pm, 10 October. See: Don’t leave it until the last minute to apply as it can take some time to organise some aspects of the application.






Most institutions have scholarships available to applicants to ensure equitable access to education and to reward academic excellence. Some scholarships require applications to be made directly to the institution. For all other scholarships, applicants should use the VTAC scholarship application




ACU offers scholarships recognising everything from rewarding academic achievement to supporting equity with nearly 400 scholarships – some are a one-off payment, while others provide support for each year of a student’s degree. Eg you could apply for the $5,000 ACU Law Equity Scholarship which lends a hand to students from low socio-economic backgrounds.


La Trobe offers scholarships for a range of criteria, including academic achievement, along with scholarships for those having disadvantage. Students can search the newly updated website to find appropriate scholarships and read about requirements. 


You are advised to check out all university scholarships. NOTE: Some universities offer scholarships to second and third year students, so keep an eye on university websites. 


Nao Robot Coding Masterclass

Victoria Polytechnic one-day workshop; Term 3 holidays; Register/Information

For more details of this September-October holiday program see:

or email:  [email protected]

Are You Applying For A Teacher Education Course for 2018

Remember that most universities require you to take the CASPer assessment. CASPer can only be taken online on specific dates between September and January, however for guaranteed consideration for courses commencing in 2018, tests must be sat prior to:

  • 10 November 2017 for international Year 12 undergraduate offers
  • 30 November 2017 for undergraduate and graduate-entry teaching Round 1 offers.

Results from tests taken after these dates may be considered in subsequent rounds, depending on course availability. See for details and technical requirements.

Free VCE Revision Lectures at Monash

Monash University is offering free VCE revision lectures in both Biology and Chemistry.


When: Biology – 1pm-3.30pm, 27 September; Chemistry – 1pm-3.30pm, 28 September; Where: Parkville campus;


William Angliss Institute News

William Angliss Institute is offering workshops for school students in the holidays.

When: Hospitality – 25 Sept; Tourism & Travel – 27 Sept; Cookery – 28 Sept.


William Angliss is also holding a Course Information Evening for all courses. When: 6.00pm-7.15pm, Thurs 21 Sept, 555 La Trobe St, Melbourne.

Deakin University Update

More news regarding opportunities at Deakin:


Step Up on Campus 

Take a personalised tour with a current Deakin student and learn more about Deakin’ study areas, campus life and how to make the best transition into university; When: 10.00am, 12.00 noon and 3.00pm of every Monday and Thursday of the coming school holidays (tours are 45 minutes); Where: Burwood, Geelong Waurn Ponds, Geelong Waterfront, and Warrnambool campuses; Register:




Bachelor of Business

The Bachelor of Business replaces the Bachelor of Management in 2018. This course is designed to encourage students to learn through real experiences, which help integrate knowledge, consolidate skills, tackle real problems, and reflect on the experience to develop a professional identity. Specialisations include: event management, film and television, people management, property and real estate, retail management.



Bachelor of Criminology / Cyber Security 

From 2018 students enrolled in the Bachelor of Cyber Security or the Bachelor of Criminology/ Bachelor of Cyber Security will benefit from a compulsory industry-based placement. Students complete a minimum 100-hour placement with an approved organisation, ensuring that graduates have relevant industry experience.



Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)

Students will now be required to complete a minimum of 60 days with an approved organisation so as to provide them with increased opportunities to apply and consolidate their knowledge and build professional networks prior to graduation.







Bachelor of Computer Science

The Bachelor of Computer Science will from 2018 have 17 core units including a compulsory industry-based placement unit and six general electives. Students will be equipped with the skills and competencies needed to design and develop data-driven computing solutions to existing and emerging problems in areas like data analytics, robotics, intelligent systems, and so on.


Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

From 2018, the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science will have a new structure and redeveloped subjects to meet the new Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA) national standards. All graduates will be eligible for accreditation with ESSA as an Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES).


All students will be able to choose at least one of five majors to complement their degree – applied sport science, exercise physiology, physical activity and exercise for health, sport coaching, and strength and conditioning. Other majors are available such as sports nutrition and psychology. 



  • The Diploma of Justice will not be offered by RMIT in 2018, partly due to the funding changes imposed by the government at the end of last year impacting on the accessibility of the course for students. The course requires students to pay the full tuition fee. Alternative pathways into the Bachelor of Criminal Justice include the Diploma of Youth Work, the Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs, and the Diploma of Community Services.
  • RMIT is taking scholarship applications for students wanting to commence study at RMIT in 2018. Information about how to apply can be found here:


  •  For more information email [email protected].
  • Science in the City Lab Tour – you are invited to visit RMIT’s state-of-the-art learning laboratories to learn more about the science courses on offer and the research and training facilities available. You are encouraged to attend if you are interested in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, environmental science, food science, nanotechnology or physics. When: 11am-2pm, 28 Sept; See:
  • Spring Science Lectures – RMIT is holding a series of talks from leading experts to address some current topics about how science can positively impact the problems in industry and everyday life. Still to come: The Precision Revolution in Satellite Navigation Technology (6.30-7.30pm, 18 Sept) and Migrating to the Digital World, are you ready? (6.30pm-7.30pm, 25 Sept).  Lectures are free and there is no need to book. More Info:



Looking For An Automotive Apprenticeship

Vantage Automotive P/L is a major provider of Government funded vocational learning and outsourced services to major vehicle manufacturers (eg Jaguar, VW, Volvo).


Applications are being sought from students interested in a career in the automotive industry as an Automotive Technician or Parts Interpreter. Those selected will be offered full time employment at a dealer close to their home and flown to Sydney for block training.


Find out more: or email [email protected].


If interested, look at the manufacturers and dealerships listed on the website under the ‘Apply Now’ area and choose the manufacturer and dealership to which you wish to apply. NOTE: Group Training Companies are located throughout the State. Search Group Training if you are looking for an apprenticeship.


Bruce Topham, Career Pathways Coordinator


Term Three Holidays

The College Administration Office and Contemporary Learning Centre will be open during the term break (excluding the public holiday).


Nic Salvatore, Business Manager

College Uniform Shop

The College Uniform Shop will no longer operate from its present site/position from the end of this term.


Commencing 2 October parents will be able to purchase our uniform from Academy Uniforms.


Academy Uniforms is one of the leading school uniform suppliers in Victoria. With over 30 years experience in the school and college wear industry, they manufacture uniforms for over 250 schools Australia-wide.


The move to Academy Uniforms will provide parents with a wider range of shopping hours and a competitive pricing structure that will match and in the most part be better than our current pricing.

Some of the additional benefits will include on-line and phone ordering.  Lay by, credit card and EFTPOS facilities will be available.


Academy Uniforms are located at Shop 2 810-818 Princes Hwy, Springvale VIC 3171

(12 minutes from St John’s)


Phone: +61 3 9574 1314


Opening Hours: Tues – Thurs 10am-5pm, Saturday 9am-12pm


Extended January Hours Mon – Fri 10am-5pm, Saturday 9am-12pm


Pushit! Lab: Hip Hop
School Registration Term 3

Want to make hip-hop music but don’t know where to start? Already making hip-hop music but need guidance? Want a place to cypher? Record? Produce? Perform? Learn hip-hop vocals & production and more at PushIt! Lab!


PushIt! Lab is a FREE weekly hip-hop school for young people aged between 16 and 21 years old with an interest in hip-hop music.

As places are limited, successful applicants must be able to commit to an 8-week program. 

Participants must be aged between 16-21 years.

The program runs from Tuesday 10 October to Tuesday 28 November from 5.00pm to 7.00pm at: The Push, Brunswick Town Hall.

Open for anybody interested in making hip-hop at any level. Whether you haven't started yet, just getting started or been going for a little bit but need some guidance and a space to collaborate and share. Register below to attend. Capacity each week is absolute maximum of 15 participants. We will advise of any free spots when they are available.

Applications close 5pm Tuesday 3 October.


Click on the link:

Volunteers Under 14's National Basketball

Dandenong Basketball Association is proud to be hosting the Under 14 Australian Championships from 2- 7 October 2017 here at Dandenong Stadium.


As such we are looking for volunteers for this exciting sporting event, we would like to see if you know any suitable students studying or have an interest in the events or sports industry. They will be involved in all aspects of the running of this event such as Information desk attendants, court announcers, catering assistants, court supervisors, media writers, customer service, media assistance and floor sweeps (required to be over 12 years) and other things on the day.


If any students would like to volunteer for this sporting event, please get them to contact us on [email protected] or 9794 7192.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected] if you require any more information.


We would be happy to come out and have a meeting you’re your earliest convinenance to discuss this opportunity if required.



Important Dates


Monday 18 - Thursday 21 September

Year 9 Immersion

Thursday 21 September

Classes Conclude at 2.30pm

Year 7-11 PST Interviews (3.30pm - 8.30pm)

Friday 22 September

Student Free Day

Term 3 Concludes

Year 7-11 PST Interviews (10am - 2.30pm)

Saturday 23 September - Sunday 1 October

Central Australia Trip

Friday 22 September - Sunday 8 October

Term Break


Monday 9 October

Term 4 Commences

Thursday 12 October 

SIS Debating Finals

Monday 23 October 

Year 12 Farewell Assembly

Tuesday 24 October

Year 12 Celebration Day

Year 7 Immunisations

Wednesday 25 October 

Awards Evening

Monday 30 - Tuesday 31 October 

Year 7-9 Exams