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21 September 2017
Issue Fifteen
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Important Dates


22nd September: Term 3 Ends


9th October:  Term 4 Begins

25th October: Valedictory Dinner

26th and 27th October: Dance Night



Principal's Report 

Space Camp

Wendy and Tony Keen, Emily Rochette and nineteen of our STEAM-ready girls headed off to the US on Saturday 16th September. The girls are looking forward to attending the NASA program in Huntsville, Alabama but the excitement of Disney World and the Epcot Centre were also central to the many smiling faces near the departure lounge.



Chinese Teacher Day Celebrations

On Friday 8th September Ms PingPing Elliott, our Confucius Classroom Leader and I attended the Chinese Teacher Day Celebrations hosted in the Chinese Consulate, Toorak. It was a privilege to be asked to speak about the work we have done with Bastow and DET in the Leading Asia Capable Schools Program, our Confucius Classroom programs, expert teaching of Chinese and the International Student Program. All Melbourne Girls’ College work in these areas is to ensure our students are Asia-ready, global citizens.


As the Asia Education Foundation highlights, in 2018 the OECD will assess ‘Global Competence’ for the first time as part of PISA.


“Global competence is defined as the capacity to analyse global and intercultural issues from multiple perspectives, to understand how differences effect perceptions of self and others and to engage in open and effective interactions with others from different backgrounds in a shared respect for human dignity. This is timely. Never before has our student’s success been so dependent on what happens globally – work is being transformed by new technologies, by global markets and culturally diverse workforces. Of pressing concern, our students will inherit complex global challenges requiring deeper international collaboration to resolve: our environment is at risk, more people are crossing borders and global conflict is on the rise. A new world order is also emerging. China and India are fast becoming the world’s superpowers and Australia’s engagement with Asia continues to grow at a rate much faster than our engagement with the rest of the world. As a consequence, school leaders across Victoria are being challenged to rethink the knowledge, skills and values that students need to be active and informed global citizens equipped to thrive in the diverse and interdependent world that defines the 21st century.”



Australian Centre for Educational Research (ACER) Principal for a Day (PFAD)

On 7th September Melbourne Girls’ College to host Ms. Pam Rebecca Chief of Retail & Digital, World Vision Australia. Pam visited classrooms, met with students, parents, staff and shared her insights on leading a large portfolio utilising her information technology and change management skills. Pam is an example of women leading in STEAM and is happy to bring the world of ICT and philanthropy to MGC in future.

Parents' Association Morning Tea

Also on 7th September the Parents’ Association hosted a morning tea for parents who may be interested in joining their Executive. Pam Rebecca and I enjoyed meeting a number of new parents who are interested in contributing to the organisation of our PA’s key events and programs. Our PA Presidents Gailean and Sallie are always keen to hear from anyone who is willing to contribute in any way, no matter how large or small, just contact the front office if you are interested.


In closing thank you to our many parents who attended the interviews on Tuesday 19th September with their daughters and please enjoy a safe, relaxing term break with your girls. We look forward to working with you in term 4 which includes the excitement of final days of secondary school for our Year 12s and continued planning for a successful 2018.


Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Karen Money

Year 7 News

Design and Technology in Year 7

Design Technology is a much-enjoyed subject of the Year Seven students here at MGC. It encompasses a vast array of enjoyable crafts such as making soft toys, salad servers, bag tags and wooden boxes. The special thing about design technology is that we have the flexibility to choose different designs and colours that suit our individual style, or the style of the person we are making it for, as a lot of our projects make great gifts!


Before actually starting to make the item, we go through a lengthy design process that all comes together in a design folio. We get images from the internet that we annotate to get inspiration and an idea of what can be achieved. The next stage is to write up a design brief that describes our client’s likes and dislikes, so we can get an idea of what types of designs would suit them. We start to think about beginning our design for the item and we draw lots of ‘thumbnail’ sketches to experiment with different styles, colours and shapes. Next, we choose two of our best designs and draw them up to full size - we also refine and improve the designs as we draw them. As we reach the end of the design process, we complete a preferred option evaluation to decide on a final design. We document a series of questions and score each design a mark out of 5. We then select the highest scoring design as our final choice. Sometimes, if we are unsure on which design would be best we ask our classmates to vote on the two designs to help us decide. And then, finally, we hand up our folio and it is time for the fun part – bringing our design to life!


Design technology stands out from all the other subjects because we learn so many new skills. For example, this year so far we have learnt to use a piercing saw, sandpaper, files and clamps. We have also learnt many different types of stitches such as the blanket stitch, satin stich, and my favourite – the lazy daisy stitch!


Design technology is such an indispensable subject because there is a great sense of fulfilment about crafting something that is normally manufactured, not only by hand but also by yourself.


By Ellie Bellsmith




Ancient Civilizations Day

On Aug 15th, MGC celebrated ‘Ancient Civilisations Day’. To mark this day, all year 7 students presented their role plays and research on their allocated ancient civilisation adding their creative flavours. Maris represented ancient Egypt, while Chisolm had ancient China. Melba were researching ancient Greece and Lyons did a great job representing ancient Rome.


To prepare for the day, we started by dressing in our costumes, and putting on our makeup to complete the ancient look. Then we had a couple of last run-throughs with our groups before it officially started.



A teacher informed us about the rules, and then another class was brought in. We showed them our presentation and they had to write down information as they witnessed our performance. After Round One and a break, it was our turn to go to the other classes.


We had loads of fun playing the informative games and eating the delicious prizes! One thing that went well was that we all got to learn new things about other civilisations and visualize the creative perspectives of various groups on different aspects of ancient civilizations, which helped with our essays. For me personally, I think that our group could have been better rehearsed.


The colourful costumes and the spirited girls made the day truly a ‘melting pot of civilisations’


We appreciate the commendable efforts from all teachers who made the day even more splendid!


By Smriti Soni 




Performing Arts News 

Year 12 Music Evening

Congratulations to our Year 12 Music girls who performed a selection from their programs on Tuesday, 5th September as they prepare for their end of year performance exam in October, worth 50% of their overall mark. Thank you to Wen Chin for accompanying, to Ellyce Calder, our voice teacher for preparing the girls, Lindy Mumme for videoing and Dave Crosby for accompanying our finale number.


We look forward to their upcoming lunchtime farewell concerts in Term 4 when they will be presenting their recital program in full.


Good luck girls!




75th Anniversary Babi Yar Commemorative Concert

On Sunday the 17th of September students from MGC were invited  to go see the 75th Anniversary Babi Yar commemorative concert at Hamer Hall. I’d like to thank Dr George Deutsch for allowing students from MGC to go experience what I found an amazing opportunity. It was such an enjoyable way to see Hamer Hall and to experience a Symphony. We all had a fascinating time and got to experience a brilliant performance on the horrible incident at Babi Yar. Thank you very much for this opportunity, we enjoyed the day very much and loved experiencing it. A beautiful symphony, amazing talents and story told.


Thank you on behalf of the students who attended.


Jo Vossos

Year 8​


Year 10 Music Students

Thank you to the following Year 10 Music students who performed for two VCAA assessors as part of the State Assessment for Excellence in the Arts on Wednesday, 6th September:


Marissa Di Marzio, Layla Enriquez Tsilfidis, Portia Frayne, Jamila Jalloh, Panny Miltsos, Miranda Moloney, Eva Palamara, Ella Paull, Jessie Radda, Lucca Randazzo, Kate Thompson, Isabella Tuccio, Chantel Wong and Lucy Xu.


Your time and efforts were very much appreciated girls!


State School Spectacular


Congratulations to the following students who were involved in the 2017 State School Spectacular on Saturday, 16th September:


Varaidzo Chipuza (Principal Vocalist)

Jamila Jalloh (Ensemble Vocalist)

Miranda Moloney (Alto Saxophone) Vicki Liang (Clarinet) and Jessica Liu (Violin)

Georgia Clarke (VSS CHoir)


You showed that “anything is possible” indeed!



Dance News

Dance Night In Term 4

Dance Night preparation is well underway for performances in term 4 on the 26th and 27th October from 6pm in the MGC Auditorium. Students from all year levels will be performing their own choreography as well as learnt dance works in a variety of different genres.  Tickets will be on sale this week and can be purchased online via Trybooking - Please note that tickets are not available at the door and must be purchased prior to the event.  Year 7 and 8 students are reminded to check their schedules on Compass for afterschool classes scheduled in term 4. 



Other Dance News

Congratulations to ex-MGC Dance student, Pia Lauritz who is currently studying Dance at VCA and has collaboratively choreographed two short dance works.  The performances will be held between from the 21st-23rd September at Studio 221, Victorian College of the Arts, Southbank and is free admission.  For more details please go to  Well done Pia.



Marine Biology Camp 2017

Attention Year 9 Marine Biologists of 2017

The camp is now open for bookings!


Each year students who completed Marine Biology in either semester one or two are invited to attend a three day study camp from the 6th- 8th of December in Queenscliff on the sunny Belarine Peninsula.


Activities include snorkelling, Boating, Canoeing and eating Fish and Chips on the beach. Places are limited to a maximum of 32 students and only students who are enrolled or have completed year 9 Marine Biology can attend.


To secure your place, fill out the attached form and return to the office before the 20th of October.




Art and Design News

VCE Art and Design Exhibition



Rotary News

District Debaters Dazzle the judges in Canberra

Congratulations to Year 11 student Lillian Gonzalez who represented Richmond Rotary Club as a part of their Model United Nations Assembly team and wowed the judges at the National Assembly held recently in Canberra.


Finishing a close second to the team representing Japan, speakers Catherine Zhou, Lachlan Pham and Lillian Gonzales represented Iran and performed very strongly. Lillian was in fact selected to summarise the day at the formal dinner on Saturday night.


Richmond Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Richmond’s ‘Motto’ stall will be held in the Lyceum on Saturday 14th October.

All sample garments $10 or $20, or current range, $50 will be available.. Huge range to choose from.  All sizes available.


School News

MGC Homework Club

Come one, come all!!


Students are invited to join the MGC Homework Club.


When?  3:30-4:30 Mondays and Thursday

Where?  Room 112


See you there!!

Ms Hajzler


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