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20 October 2017
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Principals News:
From Mr Phillips

Today marks the last day of schooling for our Year 12 students, a journey that commenced way back in 2005.


The completion of Year 12 is a very significant milestone and one that provides all of our young people with enhanced life opportunities. The Ringwood community send all our positive thoughts and best wishes to those students completing their final assessments, in their VCAA examinations and looks forward to celebrating your achievements in December. More important than any ATAR score that is achieved, I am proud of the fine young adults that you have become.


A highly successful Exchange trip to our sister school, Sekolah Tunas Unggul, in Bandung Indonesia, was held at the end of last term. Their school community proved to be great hosts and strong links have been forged, together with building intercultural understandings. Thank you to our Head of Languages Ms Jess Lundie for organising this opportunity and for the support provided by Mr Jamieson.


The Year 10 Central Australia Camp gave over 140 of our students the opportunity to experience the delights of our outback and more broadly the beauty of some of our unique natural landscapes. Mr Ricci supported by a large team of staff did a great job in organizing this experience for our students.


Ringwood Secondary College’s acclaimed production of Chicago has received multiple nominations for this year’s Youth Production Lyrebird awards. The ceremony will be staged at Karralyka on December 10. Apart from a raft of individual nominations, it is exciting to be nominated for Best Youth Production and Best Ensemble. Congratulations to all members of the production family.

Further it was exciting to announce the cast for this year’s Junior Production of Shrek, to be staged in December. Updated information can be found at


Congratulations are extended to Mr Jonathan Rogers on the confirmation of his successful appointment to the position of Assistant Principal at Emerald Secondary College for 2018. The College has advertised for a replacement Junior School Leader.


Our building project is now in the final working days of completion and an official opening followed by an “Open House” is scheduled for the afternoon of November 17. Final landscaping, fencing, defects and painting is currently being finalised and I look forward to sharing with you the excitement of providing our students with some fantastic new facilities that will create a significantly enhanced learning environment.

Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

It was a week of finals, following the biggest of them all outside the educational arena with the Richmond Football Club taking out the Premiership flag in the AFL.

Sport can teach us some useful lessons that we can apply to other areas in life and in this instance the team work and an agreed process were part of the success of the Tigers.

In education, we have policies and processes in place to enable our students to succeed. This was most evident with our Year 12 students having their final lessons and revision sessions this week, as they played their final down ball games, bought their final hash brown from the canteen and enjoyed a celebratory breakfast with parents and staff. From today our Year 12 students will be focusing their efforts on curriculum matters as they prepare for their upcoming exams. The behaviors, skills, habits, attitudes will see them through these next few weeks and we wish them the very best over this course of time and for their futures.

It is a timely reminder to the rest of the college that lessons continue and that there is an expectation that students’ learning behaviours are positive. Parents will be informed of the reporting process in an upcoming newsletter.


A number of opportunities to see the productive collaborations between staff and students are coming up with the Art and Technology Exhibition and the Band Tour Homecoming concert.

Stay in tune for some great times!


From Mr Barut

During the week we farewelled the Year 12 class of 2017.


As you read this wonderful newsletter, the students have just returned from a day of fun and socialising with their peers at Funfields.

This day was an opportunity for our students to unwind and relax before they start their SwotVac and VCAA exams.


Having said that, some exams have already happened and the students that have attended these exams, felt relieved and quite comfortable about their achievements.


Dear parents, you, too, have a role in supporting your son/daughter during the revision period. Be a presence and ask gentle questions about how they’re travelling, can you do anything for them, give them a break from chores and always have the kettle on, ready for a cuppa – even a hug if need be!! This is an important revision time that cannot be underestimated.


The College will make available its full facilities in playing its role. The Study Centre will be open each day until 5.00pm and teachers will be contactable every day.


Exams do have a high level of pressure on everybody, but this pressure can be a positive one if the head remains clear and calm and the three Rs are followed – revision, revision, revision.

We wish the class of 2017 all the best of luck – I’m sure they’ll do us, and themselves proud.


For the rest of the students in Years 7-11, status is as-you-were. Classes are running as normal, there is quite a bit of teaching and learning and assessing to go before this year draws to a close.

From Mrs Allison

Heritage and Alumni Perpetual Scholarship

Heritage and Alumni are offering a perpetual scholarship to all current and potential VCE students. The aim of the scholarship is to support a selected student who faces some form of hardship, to undertake the VCE (Years 11 & 12). The scholarship will assist the student with study requisites, recognise persistence and effort, credit resilience and endeavour and encourage learning and opportunity. The closing date is October 30th with interviews held in mid-November. Students are required to submit an application form available from Mrs Maria Allison [email protected]


Art and Technology Exhibition

Ringwood Secondary College encourages you to view and acknowledge our talented students and their work in our annual Art and Technology Exhibition that will showcase student’s skills and talents from a wide range of the Arts and Technology subjects such as: Art, Studio Arts, Visual Communication, Media, Photography, Textiles, Wood, Food Technology, Materials, CAD and Digitech.


The Opening Night will be held on Tuesday the 24th of October at 7pm in the RT building (upstairs space) at the College. We are fortunate to have Mr. Richard Holt, the Public Art Officer from Maroondah City Council, as our guest speaker. Entry to the opening night is by gold coin donation and light refreshments will be served on that evening. The exhibition will also be open for viewing on Wednesday the 25th and Thursday the 26th of October from 9am to 4:30pm on both days.


Wellbeing Focus for this week…

Wellbeing Element: Strengths and emotions

Character Strength: Bravery

Wellbeing Fitness Challenge: Looking forward and reducing tension

There will be times in all students’ school life where they experience stress and tense feelings. Recognising early warning signals enables parents and teachers to intervene to support them. Conversations around creating and actioning positive coping strategies to reduce anxiety are effective reducers. Suggesting things, they could start doing for their signature and top supporting strengths is a proactive approach.

Triggers which may become stressors include heavy study, learning workload and lacking organisational skills; overly high expectations of themselves and from others; striving to be “too” perfect and obsessed with detail; peer group/family issues and social networking harassment. While these situations are undesirable, the reality is that they will occur from time to time. The key is not letting them intensify into stronger emotions and more serious mental health issues. The most effective way to build students’ social-emotional resilience is to teach them how to develop their own positive self-calming strategies.

  • Find an activity that reduces tension or stress such as being mindful, playing sport, reading a book, walking the dog, gardening. Exercise!
  • Improve time management by prioritising events or work.
  • Eat well, fresh vegetables and fruit, eat breakfast.
  • Go to bed early, phone off by 9, 8 hours of sleep.
  • Celebrate positive achievements and increase contact with others.


From the Office


We are very excited to give you the opportunity to view and acknowledge our talented students and their work in our annual Art and Technology Exhibition.


The Opening Night will be held on Tuesday 24th, October at 7pm at the College in the Ringwood Training (RT) building (upstairs space) located in Hill St.


We are fortunate to have Mr. Richard Holt, the Public Art Officer from Maroondah City Council as our guest speaker.


The exhibition will also be open for viewing on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th, October from 9am to 4:30pm.


Students from all year levels will be presented with awards on the opening night and there will also be an opportunity for you to vote for the “Peoples Choice Award”.


The exhibition will showcase student’s skills and talents from a wide range of the Arts and Technology subjects such as: Art, Studio Arts, Visual Communication, Media, Photography, Textiles, Wood, Food Technology, Materials, CAD and Digitech.


All of the Art and Technology staff members have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this event a success.


The exhibition is open to everyone, so invite your family and friends; come along and enjoy what will be an amazing school and community event.


Entry to the opening night is by gold coin donation and light refreshments will be served on that evening.


We look forward to seeing you on the Opening Night of the 2017 Art and Technology Exhibition.


Dina Mihailidis

Head of Visual Arts


Every Day Counts

Attending school every day is vital for students of all ages to fully achieve.

We all want our students to get a great education, and the building blocks for a great education begin with students coming to school each and every day.

Missing school can have a major impact on a child’s future – a student missing one day a fortnight will miss four full weeks by the end of the year. By Year 10 they’ll have missed more than a year of school. Please read the attached PDF document for further information.


New Staff:
Shayne van der Heide 
Ringwood Training
Centre Manager

My name is Shayne van der Heide and I believe in the power of education to transform lives by providing life-long learning and transferable skills.


I myself, have experienced the transformative effect of education.  Many years ago I started my working life in Engineering as an apprentice Fitter & Turner and later becoming dual trade qualified as a Boilermaker/Welder. 


After many years “on the tools” I decided to re-skill and devote myself to a career in education, specifically the Vocational Education Training (VET) Sector, teaching budding engineers and apprentices of all ages the trade skills needed to be successful. 


I have experienced a varied and broad VET career.  Apart from teaching I have also held roles as a trainer, workplace trainer & RPL assessor.  I then moved into leadership roles at a number of VET providers, including Swinburne University, Chisholm Institute and then senior management roles at Spectra Training and now Ringwood Training. 


My career progression was supported by my ongoing commitment to professional development and re-skilling.  To keep pace with an ever changing work environment we need to be constantly developing our skills and work methods. As you can see education transformed my life. 


One of the things that I have valued most from my career in education has been the positive impact I have had on the lives of students and fellow teachers, the relationships I have formed with colleagues and the  teaching & learning innovation projects I have been involved in.  Some of these projects have transformed teaching practice and I am proud to be on the forefront of this change.


I believe that we should all give something back to our community, that is why I am a proud and active volunteer, trainer and leader with Victorian State Emergency Service; St John Ambulance NSW; NSW Volunteer Rescue Association and AS Victoria Support group. 


It would be remiss of me not to mention that I am a passionate and proud member and support of the Melbourne Storm.   



Shayne van der Heide 

Centre Manager 

Ringwood Training

School Council News

September Meeting News

  • It’s been a really engaged & exciting term at RSC for students, teachers, parents and councillors, with so many projects, events and school business, bringing great results and many coming to their completion. 
  • Our fabulous students have been challenged and engaged in many exciting events recently, including, Yr 10 Central Australia trip, Yr 9 City Experience, School Production, Victorian Schools Music Festival, Royal South St Competition, State Schools Spectacular and District Athletics (where RSC defended their title). The talent and effort from participating students in all of the above events (and the staff & parents who support them) has been outstanding and we warmly congratulate and thank them all. 
  • Building Program: Final handover is expected by October 20, having incurred a few minor delays (mainly due to weather). Our new building opening is scheduled for Monday November 20 (TBC).
  • Some recent school council business has included the endorsement of the new girl’s summer uniform. A recent poll of students and staff supported the choice of the grey dress with the burgundy piping, which looks very crisp and sharp. School Council have also been very busy revising school policies, ensuring that they remain relevant and appropriate for our evolving school. This is an ongoing and important role of School Council, in particular, the Policy & Education sub-committee. At our last meeting (on Sep 20), eight revised school policies were accepted and approved. Parents are always welcome to access these school policies or ask any questions.
  • School cleaning services: In 2018, there will be a new centrally administrated model for the cleaning of schools, introduced by DET. The aim is to provide higher standards in cleaning. More info to follow.
  • Staffing and student changes: In 2018, our student enrolment will sit at approx 1585 - comprising 75 overseas students in Yrs 10 - 12 and 265 new Yr 7’s joining our innovative and outstanding school campus. Staffing changes will be announced in Term 4, with 6 teaching positions to be advertised for the coming year.
  • Ringwood Training: is going from strength to strength, following on from the legacy built by Joe and now capably continued under the leadership of Shane. A new laser cutter is due to be installed in December, which will provide even greater opportunities for training and learning. 


In conclusion, an outstanding term and year so far at RSC, with results and achievements of which we should all be extremely proud. 


Sharon Rogers

School Councillor


October Meeting News

School council met on Wednesday 18th October and it was a thriving agenda.


Firstly Anna Benson on behalf on the Respectful Relationships Professional Learning Team offered a number of proposals including amending the Vison and Values statement, replacing the Respect Diagram with a Virtues Diagram; adding a respectful relationships angle to the Visions and Values statement and proposing a Virtual Totem pole exhibit on the college grounds as a visual reminder about living and working respectfully. In principle Council was in support of the PLT’s direction and asked Anna and the PLT to make further clarifications to the proposals.


The college is a good financial position and able to authorise payments to pay for big ticket item such as the Laser cutter and the air conditioning for the new Junior School.


The council also endorsed a proposal by Noel Jones Real Estate to support the college with such things as advertising boards for one year pending a further discussion.


Finally Jessica Lundie reported on the recent successful Indonesian language and cultural trip to our sister school in Bandung, Indonesia. Jess showed a video of the trip and thanked council members for the opportunity to extend the students’ language learning, intercultural knowledge and developing relationships with other students.

There will be a reciprocal visit by Indonesian students from our sister school in the future.

The council congratulated Jonathon Rogers on his position as Assistant Principal at Emerald Secondary College.


Eleni Stathatos

From the Chaplain

Just a bit of sunshine and it's big smiles, Havaiana's and Spring cleaning.  Hard rubbish collection piles keep appearing as I drive around the streets. Gym memberships also start to get a dust off. People seem to prepare for the warmer part of the year and are more motivated in general. 

Not a bad time to do a bit of an internal Spring clean too. Think back to January, what were those resolutions you made and how have you gone so far? What can you do to tweak them and to finish well this year?  


Speaking of finishing well, I wish the year 12's all the best as they prepare for the coming weeks of exams. Remember it is not just about one day or individual exams. Your work throughout the year has led to this. Have a goal but keep perspective as there are many different pathways to choose as you pursue your goals. 


Be proud of all you have done as we are so proud of you too.


Adam Bryant

College Chaplain

Building Project


An exciting program over the recent school holidays has seen terrific progress in several key College projects.

For the Junior School development, we have recently commissioned the solar roof system, installed recycled water and completed most of the roofing of locker bays.


The building interior is looking sensational and it will be very exciting for students to see it firsthand.  

The College has committed additional funds to improving the onsite civil works/infrastructure, including major works to the East side of the library. New larger storm water pipes and pits were installed, new sewer pipes, upgraded communication fibre cables were installed and new pits and concrete to tidy up what was a very messy entrance to the school.

The staff recreation area is also nearing completion and will be a long-term asset for the College.

Don’t forget the upcoming Facilities meeting on Thursday November 2nd in the main admin building. All parents are welcome!

Other key works:

Painting of external 500s walls

Painting of rooms 6, 7 and 8

Trimming of trees

Testing of electrical equipment

Installation of machinery in RT



Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Around the School

Bounce Year 7 - 10

This term’s focus for Bounce Year 7-10 is Empathy – basically seeing things from the perspective of others and creating a culture of kindness and understanding.

Every time you do something kind for someone else, your brain releases oxytocin.

Oxytocin leads to:

  • increased self esteem / confidence
  • increased energy
  • increased levels of happiness
  • increased levels of positivity

The activities that students will be involved in include random and deliberate acts of kindness, role plays from different viewpoints and characters.


The Year 11 classes will be preparing for Year 12 and the Year 12’s will be reflecting on their secondary school journey and accomplishments. 


So next time you are feeling down, do something kind for someone else and see how it makes you feel! It can be as simple as holding a door open for someone or cooking a meal.

Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

Congratulations to Maddison Lacy for successfully completing her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.  Maddison enrolled in the Duke of Ed elective in year 9 (2014) where she obtained her Bronze Award.

After completing a year in the Outdoor Education course, she was inspired to go further and enrol in the Silver Award at the start of her year 10, completing this award in just over a year. Maddison worked tirelessly during year 11 and year 12, to complete the many hours that each component requires to successfully gain her Gold accreditation. 

Maddison’s hard work, dedication, commitment and perseverance are an inspiration to us all.


Well done Maddi.

Careers News

Current information on Upcoming Careers News:


Indonesia Study Tour


In the last week of Term 3 and the first week of the school holidays 15 students, 1 parent and 2 staff members departed for Bandung in West Java, Indonesia. The aim of this tour was to strengthen our reciprocal sister school relationship with Sekolah Tunas Unggul. Students participated in a homestay with local Indonesian families and attended Indonesian school for much of the trip where they participated in traditional art, music, cooking and of course language classes. In our down time we visited Tangkuban Perahu an active volcano, the local mosque, Gedung Sate -  a historical Dutch site as well as Trans Studio Indoor Theme Park! Students enjoyed the intensity and challenges that this tour presented and were able to use their Indonesian skills in an authentic environment. Overall the trip was a major success and we look forward to planning the next one!


 Here’s what some of the students had to say:

I really enjoyed the Indonesian Study Tour because I liked the different food, culture and the great experience I got out of it. Some of my favourite parts of the trip was the homestay because it gave me a new experience of how they live in Indonesia and it taught me so much. I enjoyed going to school and making new friends with all the kids there and teaching them football and cricket, but them also teaching us many lessons about the Indonesian culture. Overall I enjoyed the trip and I am forever grateful for the amazing opportunity that I had. I’m so thankful for all the wonderful friendships that I have made!

Beth Martin

Year 10

I am so grateful for this trip. My favourite thing over all would have to be the amazing friendships I made with not only everyone who went on the trip but for all the students I met at our school. The host family component was such an amazing experience and I learnt so much from them. Because of this trip I feel so much more independent. I feel like I’ve not only learnt about Indonesia and strengthened my knowledge in this area but I have also learnt more about myself. This trip has been amazing and I truly did enjoy myself! 

Steph Henry

Year 10

I cannot put into words how incredible the Indonesian Study Tour was, it was so beneficial for me. We all got to learn so much about the culture and how things work over there. We went to a volcano, watched traditional performances, went to a mosque, did shopping and we also visited our sister school. The highlight of the trip for me was the homestay as it was so much fun and I was able to speak Indonesian the whole time. I feel as though I am so lucky because I have made lifelong friendships and I felt as though I was a true part of their family. I am beyond grateful for this experience and I can’t wait to get back to Indonesia one day!

Fraya Jordan

Year 10

I really enjoyed the Bandung Study Tour because it was so different from anything I've ever done before. I got to see amazing sights, meet amazing people, try incredible traditional Indonesian foods and so much more. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and that just made it so much easier to settle in. It was so cool to see what the students did at their school and see the similarities and differences between us. It was also really great to see in action the relationship we at Ringwood Secondary College have built with Indonesia.

Rhian Lumsden

Year 9



I enjoyed the Indonesian trip because of the different culture, food, weather and the overall experience. My favourite parts of the trip was all of it, but if I had to pick the top 3 things it would firstly be the home stay because it really helped speaking Indonesian around the house to teach me new words. I also really enjoyed the school and teaching all the kids about Australia and the culture that we have here. Lastly I was very interested by the traffic and also the distances the Indonesian people would go for you just to put a smile on your face. This trip meant a lot to me because it made me so much more independent and being able to teach people new things has really helped me mature. The next time I travel I will have a lot more experience and expertise and know exactly what I need to do because of this trip with school. The best part was the people I went with; everybody was friendly and encouraging towards everyone even in our times of doubt. Thanks to everyone for a great trip!

Ben Wheeler

Year 9

The Indonesian trip was by far the best thing I have ever experienced. Everything about it was amazing. I'm so grateful for the opportunity that Bu Lundie and Mr Jamieson gave us. My favourite parts of the trip were going to our sister school and teaching the students just how us Australians do it. I also enjoyed the awesome bus rides with my friends and lastly the homestay was amazing and I really enjoyed communicating in Indonesian with Indonesian people. I would definitely do it all again!

Jack Convery

Year 8


Junior School

Term 4

Welcome back to Term 4 in Junior School. We hope that students had a relaxing holiday break and are ready to make another great start to the term. With the commencement of Term 4, we would like to remind all students that they are expected to wear their Summer school uniform. We also encourage students to be Sun Smart and wear the college hat and sunscreen at recess and lunchtimes. 


End of Term 3 Celebration

Year 8 students were able to celebrate their end of Term 3 achievements with an afternoon at the Cinemas. Students were excited to get out into the sunshine while walking to Eastland and share in laughter while watching the ‘The Emoji Movie.’ We encourage students to continue with their efforts into Term 4.


Brainstorm Theatre Productions

On Monday 16th of October, Year 8 students saw a performance of Brainstorm Production’s ‘Cyberia’ which addressed cyberbullying, digital citizenship and responsible use of technology. Students were provided with strategies for positive decision making about their use of social medial and digital technologies.


Junior School Building

The Junior School building is in its final stages and staff and students are excited to use this new and innovative space. While we have access to the surrounding area and new seating already, we are not expecting to move into the new classrooms until mid-November. We hope all junior classes will be able to spend some time in this space before the end of the year.


Faith Stepniewski

Junior School House Coordinator (Jackman)

Middle School

Term 4

Welcome to the beginning of the final Term for 2017!  The term is already well underway with students completing class work, assignments and assessment tasks.  Term 4 always seems to go very quickly, so it is really important that students keep up to date with all work and submit tasks in a timely manner to avoid falling behind in their studies.

I would like to take the chance to remind both students and parents that the summer uniform is now in place. With warmer weather approaching, students are also encouraged to wear the College hat during recess and lunch for sun protection.   


There are some upcoming events throughout the term. Please refer to the list below to ensure students and parents are aware of these and other important information.


Tues. 24th Oct.:                       Year 9 Bike Tour Information Night (7pm)

Mon. 20th – 24th Nov.:            Year 11 Exam Week

Mon. 27th – 1st Nov/Dec:       Year 10 Exam Week

Mon. 4th – 8th Dec.:                 Year 10 into 11 Transition Week

Fri. 8th Dec.:                            Final day of scheduled classes for Year 10 students

Mon. 11th – 13th Dec.:            Year 9 Bike Tour

Tues. 12th Dec.:                      Final day of scheduled classes for Year 9 students

Wed. 13th – 19th Dec.:            End of Year Program



Matthew Tucker

Middle School Leader



Year 10 Semester 2 Exams

The Semester Two exams will be commencing on Monday 27th November and finishing on Friday 1st December. There will be no timetabled classes on for Year 10 students during the exam period and students will not be required at school except for their timetabled exam. The exams have already been scheduled into student timetables, which can be viewed via Compass. Students will be told what equipment they will need by their teachers and if any student needs any Special Consideration for any reading, writing and/or extra time, please let Mr Jamieson know via email: ([email protected])


Benn Jamieson

Freeman House Coordinator

(Middle School)


Year 10 Central Australia Trip

On the 16th of September, a large group of Year 10 students woke up bright and early to start their unforgettable Year 10 Central Trip. We said our final goodbyes for 11 days, as we headed to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. All the excitement was building up as we arrived for our flight, via Sydney International Airport to arrive at Ayers Rock Airport. As soon as we stepped out from the plane all the jumpers came off. As we collected our luggage our had just journey begun!

We arrived at the sites of Ayers Rock campground, where we set up camp for 2 nights. We went for a hike at Kaka Juta Park, where we were treated with spectacular views through the cliffs and saw many native animals. We went back to camp, to rest up for big day tomorrow. Woke up the next morning and we were off to Uluru. We firstly visited the Uluru Kata Tjuta Culture Centre where we learnt about some of the aboriginal culture, then it was off to climb Uluru. Everyone had chosen whether to climb or not to climb. The students that decided to climb were in for a battle as the steep edges were quite daunting; the other students completed a base walk that was a great experience. The views from the top of the rock were breath taking and an experience I personally will never forget. We went for a walk to the Mutitjula Waterhole that we learnt about the rainbow serpent, which was interesting to learn about the dreamtime in aboriginal culture. We settled down as we watched the sunset go down at Uluru, which was a great opportunity for photos!

We departed from Ayers Rock for Kings Canyon the next morning. On the way to Kings Canyon we stopped off for a few hours to do a hike through the national park. This night we were lucky enough to be sleeping under the stars, which was great to have the stars, shine down upon us. The following day we climb the canyon and went down into the “Garden of Eden” which had a beautiful waterhole and was a great spot for photos and chilling out.

We departed for Alice Springs, which we relaxed in the pool that had a waterslide! Later that night we had a visit from Rex the Reptile Man, which was awesome.  He taught us a lot about the animals and we got to hold lizards and even massive snakes, where some students were able to overcome fears!


The next morning, we all woke up and went into the town of Alice Springs where we visited the Royal Flying Doctors Service and learnt about their story and how John Flynn brought the doctors to where they are today. Once we left from the doctors, some students volunteered to go to the Purple House, which is a support house for the aboriginal people. We learnt about their life stories and how the purple house affected everyone in a positive way. We learnt how to make bush medicine and were able to make some of our own, which we were able to bring home to fix an illness that we may have.

We woke up very early the next morning to set out for our long day ahead. We set out for Daly Waters. Along the way we had a brief stop at Devils Marbles. They are massive rocks all lined up which is amazing to look at, while also listening to the trees that drunk up the water from the ground. We stayed in Daly Waters that night, where we were able to listen to live music and have a swim in the pool. This was another night under the stars, which was great to sleep until we saw a small kangaroo jumping across everyone’s beds!


We hit the road again as we travelled towards Katherine, which we were lucky enough to go to the thermal hot springs which were so relaxing. Once we finished up at the springs, we were on route towards the National Park where we stayed at for the night. Everyone was enjoying the pool and the sport fanatics watching either the footy or the rugby. The next day we went for a boat ride that took us through Katherine Gorge, as we saw the sun rise over the edges. We saw aboriginal artwork that had been around for thousands of years. We arrived at Kakadu, where everyone had a swim and chilled out while the Richmond supporters went out and watched their team get into the Grand Final.

The next morning, we woke up early as we headed towards the Yellow Water Lagoon.  Here we were treated to a cruise and were able to see sun rise over the horizon. We saw native birds, horses and crocodiles on this cruise as its peaceful and quite that you could hear the birds chirp away. Some students chose to do a plane ride of the Kakadu landscape, which gave amazing views and showed the valleys, rivers and gorges which Kakadu had to offer. Later that night we travelled to Ubirr to climb up the rocks, which we were treated to a beautiful sunset.

We headed for Darwin the next morning while having a pit stop at the Jumping Crocodile Cruise, which was a major highlight of the trip as we were seeing 6-meter crocs jumping out of the water right next to us. We met Stumpy and Agro, the biggest crocodiles in the river, which were quite scary looking eye to eye. Once we had gotten to Darwin we went to a massive outdoor wave pool, which was great to have a swim around. For the rest for the night we were free to do shopping and go out for a meal of our choosing, as some even tried different types of food, they have never come across. It was the last night of the camp and everyone was starting to feel the end approaching but for the final time we were able to sleep under the stars which was a remarkable end to our trip.


For our last day, we headed to Litchfield National Park, which was home of the Wangi Falls. The falls were spectacular as water came rushing down the rocks. We had the opportunity to jump from the rock into the water below. We then all hopped onto the bus for the last time, as we headed to the airport. We said our goodbyes to all out chefs and bus drivers as we departed for Melbourne. The plane ride went very fast as everyone was very tired and exhausted by the end of our trip.


Year 10 Central was the greatest trip I had ever had and we are all very thankful for the opportunity to go on this camp. On behalf of all the students we thank the teachers for their hard work and dedication they put into the camp to make it the best possible experience for us Year 10’s.


Mitchell Hart





interGREAT News

Ringwood Secondary College is participating in the Stride the Divide charity walk. There will be games, food and prizes. The walk is raising money for Opportunity International. Opportunity International provides loans to families in developing countries to help them build businesses, earn regular incomes and leave poverty behind.

 Come along and join us by participating in the walk!


  • When: 29th October 9am – 11.30am (Registration is open from 9.00-9.30am)
  • Where: HE Parker Reserve, Heathmont


Link for registration:

Register for FREE using the code: RSC


Buy a t-shirt or dress up in Stride the Divide colours.

Come and join us and invite your friends and family too! This is a great opportunity to be involved in your community and to raise money for a good cause! 


Virginia Watson

interGREAT Coordinator




Year 9 City Experience

In week 10 of Term 3, all Year 9 students participated in the City Experience. Thanks to Martina Tan for her brief account of the week.

From Monday the 11th of September to the Friday 15th of September the year 9’s had city experience. It was an excursion that was implemented to help us learn about the city of Melbourne, how to get around the city and to learn to be independent.

Over the course of the 5 days we went to various places that included Science Works, The Shrine of Remembrance, Eureka Sky deck, Melbourne Museum, ACMI, the Old Melbourne Gaol and more fun activities. The highlights of our week were most definitely eating pizza at Il Gambero’s pizza shop and of course hanging out with friends around the city.

Overall it was a great experience that we learnt a lot from and will remember for years to come.


Martina Tan




Senior School

Year 12 VCAL

Well done to Joanna Yang, Iris Sein, Paw Paw Wah, Samantha Fowler, Hniang Te  from Yr 12 VCAL who created cushions for women suffering from the side effects of breast cancer treatment as part of their passion project to make a difference in the community. When undergoing radiation therapy, patients receive severe burns on the chest area. The cushions they have made will make it more comfortable for women lying on their side. The girls made and then delivered the cushions to the Ringwood Private Hospital- Breast Care Unit.

Thanks also to Robyn Flinn for helping the girls with this project. The girls have appreciated her valuable contribution.


Year 12’s Final Assembly

On Tuesday of this week, our year 12 students were farewelled! It is always a bitter sweet experience to say goodbye as well as wishing them a happy and successful future. 

Both our Head Prefects, Didier and Arielle, addressed the whole school, thanking our staff and inspiring our students to always strive to be challenged do their personal best. 

Thank you to the Prefects for supporting and guiding our year 12’s, thank you to all staff for the hours you put in to make this year productive and positive, and most importantly thank you to the parents for your love and support of your son/daughter!



2017 Region Athletics

Congratulations to all students that took part in the Eastern Metropolitan Region Athletics on Friday. Once again Ringwood put in strong performance coming in third on the day behind Balwyn and Brentwood. An amazing effort.


Well done to all those students who competed. Region is a tough competition, with lots of strong competitors and you all did very well. Special mention to all those that finished in the medals.






State Athetics is on the 23rd of October.

Best of luck to the following students that will be competing on the day.


Ben Hickleton  – Discus

Harry Norman – 800m and 1500m

Imogen Hansen -  Discus

Thomas Dellow – 1500m

Jordan Ross –  400m

Olivia Henry – Javelin

Jasmine Hass – 1500m walk


Roi Boutsikakis

Director of Sport

Performing Arts and Music

Gala Evening

 2018 ensembles commenced this week and judging from rehearsals just this week, we will be enjoying some exciting performances in the near future. All ensembles are looking very positive and exciting. Any year sevens and eights who missed joining the music program at the beginning of the year are most welcome to start learning a musical instrument now.


Please come and see us in the PAC office or alternatively send us an email. Please contact our Performing Arts Secretary, Rae Sedergreen on [email protected]


Thank you to everyone for their wonderful support of the Gala concert. The whole concert went extremely well with each ensemble really showcasing what they have achieved throughout the year. The concert was also the final farewell to our year 12 music students. We wish them well with their upcoming exams and sincerely thank them for all their wonderful work over the past six years.

Band Tour is progressing very well and we are looking forward to our first concert for local primary schools next week before we depart for Portland the following Monday, 30 October. We are totally booked out for all our concerts and are looking forward to one of our best tours. Don’t miss our Homecoming Concert on the school oval, weather permitting, Friday 3 November. Concert starts at 7pm.


Again, thank you to everyone for such a smooth start to our new ensembles and we look forward to another exciting year of Music at Ringwood.


Ms Janine Pero

Director of Music

Junior Production SHREK

We are pleased to announce the cast of SHREK JR.

Meg                   ANDERSON              Ensemble

Madilyn            BAILEY                       Dancer

Alanah              BREWSTER               Dancer

Elizabeth          BROOKS                   Ensemble

Holli                   BUDD                         Ensemble

Mackenzie      BURTON                     Ensemble

Mia                    BUSCH                        Ensemble

Benjamin         CAME                          Ensemble

Riley                  CHILCUTT                 Pinocchio

                                                                   Young Shrek

Caleb                 COWELL                      Ensemble

Summer           CROFT                         Mama Ogre

Sahana             DANA                          Gingy/Plum Fairy

Alexia                DAVIE                          Ensemble

Mali                   DAVIES                       Mama Bear

Nicholas           DELAHUNTY              Ensemble

Meg                   DITCHFIELD               Snow White

Kiara                  DOWLING                  Ensemble

Sophie              DUFFUS                      Puss in Boots

Lucy                   FAIRHURST               Ensemble

William             FISHER                        Pig 2

Natasha           GASPARI                    Ensemble

Damon             GERVASONI              Cap OTG 1

Emma               HANLY                         Ensemble

Amber              HART                           Ensemble

Tahli                   HENNING                  Dancer

Kate                   HINE                            Ensemble

Brooke             HUMPHREYS            Teen Fiona


Charlotte         JACKSON                   Ugly Step Sister 2

Mylee               JAMES                         Dancer

Charlie              LODGE                        Bishop

Rachael            LUCKHURST              Dancer

Alisha                LUCKHURST              Dancer

Rhian                 LUMSDEN                  Sorceress

Holly                  MANUEL                    Ensemble

Charlie              MARTIN                     Ensemble

Eve                     MASKELL                    Ensemble

Brian                  MATANISIGA           Ensemble

Zac                     MCCALLUM              Papa Ogre

Madelyn          MCKENZIE                 Witch

Tara                   MCPHERSON            Peter pan

Niamh               MEBALDS                   Princess Fiona

Mia                    MILLAR                       Repunzel

Teah                  MONRO                     Ugly Step Sister 3

Olivia                 MOONEY                   Dancer

Sophie              MORGAN                  Ensemble

Heath                MURPHY                    Storyteller   

                                                                   Mad Hatter

Benjamin         NOBLE-SAROTO      Papa Bear

Isabella             NORMAN                  Ensemble

Molly                 PAUL                           Ensemble

Hannah            PEAKE                         Storyteller/Elf

Nyapar             POUK                          Ugly Step Sister 1

Abbey               PRESCOTT                  Donkey

Indiana             RANCIE                       Ugly Duckling

Callum              RIGG                            Shrek

Lacey                 SHATTOCK                 Storyteller

                                                                     Red Riding Hood

Olivia                 SLADE                          Young Fiona

Taylah               SMITH                         Dragon

Tia                      SOLDATOS                 Dancer

Elley                   STEENHUIZEN          Ensemble

Jessica              SUARES                      Pig 3

Maximillian     TAYLOR                       Ensemble

Ava                    TRAPLIN                     Dancer

Will                     VANDERMEER         Dwarf

Shayden          VARON                       Ensemble

Hannah            WALNE                       Ensemble

Daniel               WATSON                    Cap OTG 2

Benjamin         WHEELER                   Wolf

Charlotte         WHELAN                    Ensemble

Will                     WHITING                   Pig 1

Mikayla            WHITTEN                   Dancer

Cassidy             WORK                         Baby Bear

Larissa               WRIGLEY                    Ensemble

Ryley                 YOUNG                       Lord Farquaad


Tickets will go on sale shortly, please keep an eye on the production site for details:


Karl McNamara

Performing Arts Director


“We have  to dare to be ourselves however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”
May Sarton (1912-1995) American Writer.

Upcoming Courses:


We have two upcoming programs at headspace Knoxin partnership with the EACHIntegrated Therapeutic Communityin term 4.

SPARK!is a group designed to help young people learn about themselves, explore values, manage life’s ups and downs, and develop a meaningful direction, in a fun and interactive way. SPARK! uses a range of experiential activities, including art and games, to provide skills and learning. It’s an 8 week program running from Tuesday the 17th of October to Tuesday the 5th of December from 1:30pm - 3:30pm


For more information contact me on [email protected] or Cathy Mason on [email protected]


Wise Mindsis a  six week program drawing from Acceptant and Commitment Therapy (ACT), that provides an opportunity to develop tools to challenge unhelpful thoughts and difficult emotions, using mindfulness practice in such a way that promotes a better quality of life.upcoming Wise Minds is starting on Thursday 26th October.


For more information please contact Lauren Nelson on [email protected] or Samuel Wrigley on [email protected]  


Both groups are closed therapeutic groups so interested young people will be assessed for suitability and required to attend the entirety of the program. Both programs are open to 16- 25 year olds



Cinematic Film Festival 

Cinematic Film Festival Council is holdng a short film competition for young people aged 12 – 25. Selected films will be screened on Friday 24 November at Aquanation, Ringwood. Flyer and application form attached


Girls in STEM Event

This FREE event presented by the Capital City Local Learning and Employment Network is aimed at secondary school girls (parents/guardians/teachers welcomed), is about celebrating the achievements of Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to inspire the next generation. With a long way to go until we bridge the gap between the numbers of women in some STEM fields, the event aims to raise awareness of the champions that already exist and the pathways they've taken.



Wednesday 25th October – 5:45pm – 8:30pm


Engineers Australia - Level 31, 600 Bourke Street, Melbourne


Register by 18 October via Eventbrite:


For more information please contact: Celia Tran, Capital City LLEN; [email protected] or ph. 03 9600 3638


This is a free event.

Migrant Information Centre

The  Migrant information Centre MIC  Youth Team are running an 8 week beach volleyball program (female) and indoor soccer program (male) for MIC Youth at Ringwood Action Indoor Sports Centre, Tuesdays after school, 4-6pm.

Commencing Tuesday 17th October and will continue to run the program after school hours (4-6pm) until Tuesday 12 December 2017 (not running on the Cup Public Holiday). Its a great opportunity for newer arrived youth to connect with peers and join friendly competition and do exercise!

Information also on our website through


Thank you!


Jessica Thompson

Youth Settlement Worker

Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne) Suite 2, 27 Bank Street, Box Hill VIC 3128

Box Hill: 9275 6949              Mobile: 0457 597 043


Community News

Croydon Primary School

Come along and support the local primary school fete


Christian Dance Activity

Come along and join with us in a praise dance activity on 21/10/17 at 9.45-11.45 under The Hub in the Canteen Area.


RSC News
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