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27 June 2018
Issue Nine
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A Message from
the Principal

Purposeful Practice – the key to success

At our recent School Assembly we acknowledged the academic efforts and achievements of many of our students. I offer my sincere congratulations to all those who received awards and extend my gratitude to our academic staff whose dedicated efforts, support and inspiration have enabled our students to learn and develop.

Skills and natural talent alone are no guarantees for success.  I have seen many very talented people achieve little in life – it is those who show tenacity and drive – who are prepared to persevere – they are the ones who will conquer the challenges before them.
The American writer Dale Carnegie said: “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” 

The British writer and three times Commonwealth Table Tennis Champion Matthew Syed, undertook a study to see what makes people successful. He revealed his findings in the international best seller ‘Bounce’ – the Science of Success (2010).

We tend to assign words like ‘genius’, naturally gifted’ and ‘prodigy’ to people who achieve great success – yet Syed claims that excellence is primarily down to sustained ‘purposeful practice’. This cultural belief in giftedness creates problems at both ends of the scale:  1st the ‘gifted’ believe they therefore do not need to work hard at something and so squander their ability and 2nd ‘the non-gifted’, do not believe they have the talent and therefore do not bother to make the effort.  His book asserts that with effort comes excellence (and through excellence, often comes success).

Therefore we should praise effort – not talent. Syed’s research has revealed the key factors that drive success: 10,000 hours of purposeful practice. Syed supports Gladwell’s assertion that a major component of success is many hours of sustained practice (10,000 hours = 2.7 hours a day for 10 years).  However Syed insists it more then just hours – the practice itself needs to be ‘purposeful’ with high standards and quality feedback.

Another researcher by the name of Ericsson (’91) looked at violinists at the Music Academy in West Berlin. They were assessed into three groups (from able to least able). The only difference was the number of hours they practiced – 10,000; 8,000; and 6,000 hours – and the rule was unbroken – all 10,000 hour students were in the top category  (and nor were there any 6,000 hour students in this top category).

They concluded, “The difference between expert performers and normal adults reflect a life-long persistence of deliberate effort to improve performance”.

Another study of British musicians found that the high achievers learned no faster than others per hour – they merely did more hours.
This finding has been validated in many sports (e.g. Tennis – Agassi hit a million balls a year). Even so called child prodigies (such as Mozart) put in the hours  (he had clocked up 3,500 hours by the time he was 6 and had studied his art for 18 years before he wrote his Piano Concerto No 9 at the age of 21. Tigers Woods started when he was 2 years old. Serena Williams started playing at 3, and her sister Venus, at 4 years old.

Every now and then there is a new technique that dramatically lifts performance levels (eg - Fosbury flop in High Jump). But these are not sudden sparks of creative inspiration – they actually come from deep, sustained immersion in purposeful practice.

Artists such as Picasso, Michelangelo, and research amongst poets have all identified their creative inspiration came from hours upon hours of dedicated practice. Can I encourage you all to possess the courage and character to be the best you can be, to honour the gifts that you have been given and the future you deserve.

Have the courage to persevere. The determination not to give up when things are difficult.

Perseverance is one of the key qualities that you need to reach success. Persistence almost always leads to success. No matter what area or goals you are striving for, if you persevere you will succeed.

As Churchill reminds us:

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.”


Year 10 student, Holly Gutterson has been selected to represent Australia in the American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup, which is being held in Texas, America this week. Holly will be one of 180 competitors from 15 countries, and is one of nine students selected on the Australian team. We wish Holly every success while she competes at this elite level.


The Kinross Wolaroi Swim Club hosed the Mountains and Plains Winter Swimming Championships, recently. KWS had 37 swimmers attending and the team was determined to retain the championship point score trophy it had secured in 2017.

At the end of day 2 the team had pulled ahead of City of Orange and Glenbrook to take out the championship by over 600 points. Every member of the team contributed valuable points in their individual swims. Well done to Collette Lyons for winning her age group.

Congratulations to all team members, coaches and parents. Another success story for the Kinross Wolaroi family.


Performing Arts
Congratulations to all our students who performed recently at our Prep and Senior School Performing Arts Festivals. A marvellous show-case of the immense talent that we have at the school and a clear reflection of the hours of determination and purposeful practice undertaken by our students. Two wonderful evenings, thank you to all involved.


Dr Andrew Parry

A Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 2 Week 9

Thank you for your support of all the programs in the Prep School over the last term, be it in the academic, well-being or co-curricular areas.

Last week was evidence of this support at the Performing Arts Concert.  The students’ ability to sing, speak clearly, dance or play an instrument was of a high standard because of the work here at school and the practice at home.  The Concert demonstrated the full depth and breadth of our school program.  Our staff, under the guidance of Mrs Sinclair are to be congratulated for their contribution to the program.

The last two assemblies were co-ordinated by our Kindergarten children and to see their willingness and courage to stand in front of a 300 plus audience and speak so clearly is a real skill and further evidence of the expectations staff are seeking from our students.

Our Junior Band performed at a recent assembly under the directorship of Mr Annet and it was delightful to note their progress within the year. 

If you have been able to pop in to the school over the last 10 days you may have seen the work Year 3 have been doing in the undercover area.  In small groups they are constructing “Built Environments” which may be cities, farmlands or other forms using a wide range of materials.  The interaction amongst the students has required them to work together, make decisions as a group respecting other’s opinions, while at the same time paint, glue, fold, bend, cut and break all kinds of products for their task.  An excellent example of collaboration.

Our value of courage has been at the forefront of our discussions this week and the reaction has been very positive as we try to live our lives through the school’s values of Resilience, Courage, Respect, Inclusiveness and Commitment.  Signage is in all classrooms as well as exterior walls in the assembly area and outside KK and 5W to keep reminding us.

As you know Mrs Alicia Holmes (Maternity Leave), Mrs Sue Houston (Turkey) and Mr David Hazelton (Japan) are leaving us at the end of term.  We thank them for their valuable contribution to our school, whether it has been a short or lengthy stay.  Teaching overseas is a wonderful opportunity for Mrs Houston and Mr Hazelton which will greatly enhance their professional skills.  The students in these countries will be very fortunate to have these two fine teachers.  Meanwhile, Mrs Holmes is busy in preparation for her second child in August.  We wish Mrs Holmes and her family all the best for the birth and look forward to seeing the newborn during Term 3.

Reports have been emailed to all parents in readiness for the Parent Teacher Interviews this week.  The Term Planner will also be emailed home at the end of the week, with a copy placed on FROG.

Our Learning Management System will have more areas rolled out early next term.  Time will be made available for an information session so parents can easily access these.

Finally, a reminder that Vacation Care is available each normal school day over the holiday period.  They can be contacted on 0427 290 761 or [email protected] if you wish to make an appointment or booking.

Again, thank you for your support and on behalf of all the staff may I hope you are able to spend some quality time with your family over the break.

At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:

  • Courtesy Award –Week 8 – Aurora Everett
  • Citizenship Award – Week 8 – Grace Schaapveld
  • Principal’s Award – Week 8 –  David Rourke

Enjoy your week.


Mr Rob McLean

Head of the Preparatory School

A message from our Chaplains

Today’s entry is brought to you by the word ‘thankfulness’.

Jesus asked; “Who touched me?”…. The woman, knowing what had happened to her, came in fear and trembling, fell down before Jesus and told him the whole truth. He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease. (Mark 5: 33-34)

Jesus was on his way to Jairus’ home. Along the way he met a woman who had been issuing blood for 12 years. Being a woman it was unacceptable to approach a man who was not a relative. Being ritually unclean, she risked making all who touched her also ritually unclean. Setting out to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment required courage and conviction. Jesus knew this, and far from wanting to confront or condemn her, he looked her in the eyes and said; “go in peace, and be healed”.

I think Jesus simply wanted to look into her eyes. Jesus wanted to see a face full of hope and faith. I think he needed to be affirmed in his work. Immediately prior to this narrative, Jesus was on a boat with his disciples who were afraid of drowning. He said to them; “where is your faith?” Here we encounter faith.

Women in the time of Jesus got a raw deal … and in fact, times haven’t changed all that much. I’m saddened that the woman in this story wasn’t named. Not unlike the Syro-Phoenician woman at the well (Mark 7), or the woman who anointed Jesus at the house of Simon (Mark 14), or the widow of Nain whose faith resulted in Jesus’ restoring her son from death (Luke 7).

Unnamed women. Some of the majesty of their deeds are dimmed and diluted by men who couldn’t be bothered to write their names in the gospel narratives. These were women praised by Jesus, women held up as an example for others to follow and aspire to, women to be remembered and to be honoured.

We should be thankful for the women in our lives. And thankful for the efforts of all who continue to strive for equality between the genders.

Jesus liked the moment he shared with the woman. In her, Jesus saw true faith. He met a women who was prepared to take the risk to put her whole trust in him. It is my imagining that Jesus saw the God-light burning within her. “Live well, live blessed,” were his words of praise and encouragement.

At the time when the woman touched Jesus’ garment, Jesus was on his way to Jarius’ house to heal his daughter (a girl of no name). After speaking with the woman who was healed, Jesus hears a messenger bearing the news that Jairus’s daughter has sadly died. Jesus interrupts the shock and grief of Jarius to say; ‘Don’t be afraid. Have faith.’ I like to think that Jesus’ hope was renewed by the faith of the un-named woman. Jesus must have been thankful.

Being thankful requires interaction, response and a willingness to see the goodness in others like Jesus did in what’s-her-name, that woman from Mark 5. It is good to imitate the woman who is thankful for healing and blessing, it is good to imitate Jesus in receiving gratitude, it is good to let others know that we are thankful for their very being in our lives.


Phil Worrad


From the Director
of Staff Development

Partnerships in learning

Teacher professional learning and teacher development are now recognised as a vital component of school policies to enhance the quality of teaching and learning within a school. The recent release of the Gonski Report Through Growth to Achievement: Report of the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools has again referred to the significant role teacher professional learning contributes to student learning and wellbeing.

The report also refers to effective school-community partnerships. These can take many forms and draw on a range of outside expertise and organisations. Since 2016 teachers at KWS have been in partnership with a number of Universities. The aim of these partnerships has been to build teacher capabilities, tailor teaching to maximise impact, support teacher life-long learning and for KWS staff to contribute meaningfully to current educational research.  


Collaborative approaches to programming and teaching primary school science:
​Opportunities and Impacts.

KWS and Charles Stuart University (CSU), Bathurst. This school based research has been presented at a number of conferences including AIS Educational Research Symposium; AIS Capabilities Future-Proofing Learners K-12 today and in July CONASTA (National Science Education Conference of the Australian Science Teachers Association.


Seeking to highlight the role of Mathematics in Society as motivation to engage our students in mathematical activities.

KWS and University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Both teacher and student research data has been presented at the launch of the UTS STEM Education Futures Research Centre and the Maths Inside: Project Launching New Resources.


Promoting Deep Understanding in Geography through Fieldwork: evaluate the effectiveness of fieldwork upon a student’s knowledge and understanding using a 5 phase cycle of research, teacher professional learning, reflection and modification of practice.  

KWS and Macquarie University. This project involves seven staff from the Social Science Faculty and although in the early stages of the cycles, the research has already been presented at the GTANSW (Geography Teachers Association NSW) Conference.


I would invite you to view the following short video presentations providing further details of two projects.


Prep – Science Video

Maths Inside Video


In total these projects have involved over 40 teachers in embedded, sustained and research based professional learning. Our students are the beneficiaries of their dedication, commitment and willingness to reflect, learn and grow as professionals in the field of education.     


Susan M Cameron

Director of Staff Development

Student Awards

Merit Awards

KB:  Week 8 – Henry Sawtell, Grace Lowther, Disha Prasad.

KK: Week 8 – Alice Jones, Sebastian Marquez, Andie Zinga, Anna Kenny. 

KK: Week 9 - Harriett Johnston, Jack Caro, Alice Jones, Reginald Caskey, Mya McLachlan, Claire Harrison, Saxon Haynes.

1C: Week 8 – Chrysalide Frecklington.

1C: Week 9 – Mia Martin, Zaro Jalal.

IW: Week 8 – Andrew Bell, Nicholas Balcomb, Benjamin Knight, Ingrid West.

2E: Week 8 – Samuel Commins, Hannah Cunningham, Lily Dwyer, Aurora Everett, Max Kenny, Annabelle Maslin, Olivia McBeath, Daniel Rourke, Elliot Terrey, Alexandra Whitehead. 

2E: Week 9 – Arad Safeer, Jed Volkofsky, Xavier Zinga.

3R: Week 8 – Keeley O’Toole, Stella Madigan.

3S: Week 8 – Drew Carslake, Georgia Philippe, George Proudford-Nalder, Hamish Searle, Isabella Vangestel.

4F: Week 8 – Julia Bligh, Maddison Lawry, Daniel Lord, Samuel Martin, Olivia Wilson x 2. 

4F: Week 9 – Rose Hedley, Varnikaa Kannan, Lucinda Nash.

4P: Week 8 – Finn Dwyer x2, Olive Glover x 2, Thomas Goodsir, Poppy O’Hehir-Corones x 2, Caitlin Reid, James McRae, Alice Scholte, Jack Steventon, Lexi Wilkin, Spencer Williams.

5P: Week 5 – Isaac de Bruyn, Ava Buesnel, Jessica Thompson, Tessa Wong. 

5P: Week 9 – Maya Bracks, Ava Buesnel, Ruby de Vries, Philippa Martin, Isobella Montagliani, Charlie Poole, Harriet Stratton, Olivia Volkofsky.

6C: Week 8 – Sarah Choi, Lolli-Rose Pasquali, Elsie Sutherland, Elke Sweetapple, George Wakem.

6H: Week 8 – Emma Aldersey, Angus Croft, Mitchell Fuller, Charles Hansen, Abbygail Hunt, Neve Jansen, Simon Livermore, Oliver Roach, Madeline Sinclair, Lucia Varian, Daisy Wilson. 

6H: Week 9 –Angus McPhie, Mitchell Fuller.

Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners: Week 8 – Daniel Kerdic KB, Audrey Gaudin KK, Zaro Jalal 1C, Benjamin Knight 1W, Lily Dwyer 2E, Xavier Zinga 2E, Mitchell Perizzolo 2H, Timothy Edwards 2H, Harrison Chapman 2H, Grace Bylsma 4P, Lucinda Nash 4F, Scarlett MacKenzie 6H, Angus Croft 6H. 

Lovely Manners: Week 9 – Archi Bylsma KK, James Hulme 1C, Mia Martin, Charlie Haydon 1W, Cassandra Philippe 1W, Ingrid West 1W, Niamh Graham 3R, Annabelle Clinton 3S, Oliver Garard 3S, Matthew Roper 4F, Julia Bligh 4F, Alice Scholte 4P, Madeline Sinclair 6H, Charlie Gill 6H.

Lovely Greetings: Week 8 – James Hulme 1C, Cooper Martin 3R, Keeley O’Toole 3R, Jack Carslake 4P, Samuel Martin 4F, Grace Hansen 5W. 

Lovely Greetings: Week 9 – Samuel Marvasti 1C, Billy Roberts 3R, Charlie Kimmins 3R, Lily Moe 3R, Olive Quigley 4F, Olivia Watts 4P, Grace Hansen 5W.

Thinking of Others: Week 8 – Harry Oldroyd 1C, Maxwell Horne 3S, Rohan Kotasthane 3S, Hayden McKenzie 4F, Emma Northam 6C, Jack Tink 6C.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 8 – Harriett Johnston KK, Olivia Martin 5W, Andie Zinga KK, Maddison Lawry 4F, Harriett Sinclair 4F, Ava Buesnel 5P, Tessa Wong 5P, Olivia Martin 5W.

Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride: Week 8 – Chloe Caro 2H, Ava Buesnel 5P, Koby Bryan 5P, Samuel Fabar 6C, Ruby Coulton 6C. 

Wearing Uniform with Pride: Week 9 – Helen Suthers 6H.

Helpfulness: Week 8 – Reginald Caskey KK, Samuel Marvasti 1C, Jack Kenny 1C, Chrysalide Frecklington 1C, Louise Blyth 1C, Darcie Marshall 1W, Jazmin Marquez 2E, Samuel Commins 2E, Caitlin Reid 4P, Olivia Watts 4P, Madeline Sinclair 6H. 

Helpfulness: Week 9 – Claire Harrison KK, Jack Kenny 1C, Vivian Meates 1C, Vivaan Desai 2E, Lily Dwyer 2E, Samuel Commmins 2E, Jazmin Marquez 2E, Elliot Terrey 2E. Bianca Wong 4P, James McRae 4P, Lucia Varian 6H.

Initiative in the Classroom: Week 8 – Alby Kimmins 1C, Janette Proudford-Nalder 1C, Max Kenny 2E, Hannah Cunningham 2E, Jude Jansen 2E, Annabelle Maslin 2E, Jed Volkofsky 2E, Robert Harrison 5W, Aiden Button 5W, Charles Hansen 6H. 

Initiative in the Classroom: Week 9 – Robert Harrison 5W, Aiden Button 5W.

Role Model: Week 8 - Disha Prasad KB, Georgia Philippe 3S, Charles Hail 3S, Rosie Hedley 4F, Olivia Wilson 4F, Lachlan de Vries 5, Olivia Volkofsky 5P, Tessa Wong 5P. 

Role Model: Week 9 – Hannah Birmili 3S, Georgia Philippe 3S, Luca Popa 4F, Mia Essex 5P, Maya Bracks 5P, Isaac de Bruyn 5P.

Being Kind:  Week 8 – Archie Bylsma KK, Angus Sawtell 2H, Madison Jones 3R, Stella Madigan 3R. 

Being Kind: Week 9 – Audrey Gaudin KK.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 9 – Grace Segger 1W, Aston Lett 1W.

The Regional Engagement Enterprise

TREE – ‘Rethinking Learning’

There has been a frenzied pace to TREE in the last few weeks of Term 2 with projects in Industrial Technology, Geography, Information Software Technology, Art, Year 3 and Year 5. To see and hear more, become a follower of our blog or follow us on Instagram (tree_kws).

Mount Canobolas ‘Then and Now’– Year 3

Year 3 spent Friday 1st June exploring the history and heritage of Mount Canobolas. They began the day at Borenore caves, investigating its indigenous heritage as a site of high cultural importance and the cave formation following the last volcanic eruption.

Following this they moved onto Swinging Bridge Vineyard, at which current parent Tom Ward taught the students about the move to viticulture related agri-tourism on the mountain. The students learnt about pruning, collected soil samples and calculated the mathematics involved in grape production.

From here they headed to Mandagery Creek Venison, where current parents Sophie and Tim Hansen educated the students about venison farming. The students observed deer in the yards, measured the heights of the unusually large fences and investigated the export market for venison. Tim was kind enough to give them all a piece of antler to take home!

Now back at school, the students are building replica models of Mount Canobolas as part of a STEM project to showcase its change of usage through the ages.

Year 3 Models of the Mountain

Year 3 have been busily creating their ‘Models of the Mountain’ following their exploratory visit to Mount Canobolas. Check out some of the (nearly) finished articles.


Paddock to Plate - Year 1

Year 1 spent Monday 4th June exploring the Paddock to Plate concept for Apple and Cherry Production.

They started the day with a visit to the Orange Regional Museum where students participated in activities identifying equipment and the stages involved in fruit production.

They then moved onto Balmoral Orchard where Mr and Mrs West spent time showing them what it takes to produce top quality apples. Students learned the reasons why apples are suited to our region and how apples are graded, packaged and where they finally end up (in more places than we thought!). Students left with apples in hand (and pockets) to continue their paddock to plate journey.

They then travelled to Caernarvon (Biteriot) where current parents Mr and Mrs Hall spent time showing the students their magnificent packing facility. They were introduced to new technology involving cameras that take 300 pictures of the fruit every second to decide where they will end up on the production chain. Students sampled cherry juice and learned about exports, packaging and how many people it takes to produce cherries from paddock to plate.

What a fantastic day and a great introduction to our journey of discovery into the food of our region. The students are now designing paddock to plate stories that will feature on a selection of Biteriot cherry boxes at christmas time.


Tom Riley

Director of TREE

Prep Performing Arts Press

Thank you

Thank you to all students and parents for your hard work and support of our Performing Arts program during Term 2. It’s been a busy but rewarding one. Next term is shaping up to be a very busy one indeed. Enjoy the holidays in advance of the craziness!

Dates for the Diary

Week 1 – All ensembles to resume rehearsals (apart from Koristers and Percussion).


AMEB Music exams:

6/7 August – Brass

7 August – Piano

14/15 August – Strings

Woodwind – TBC


Orange Eisteddfod:

School Choral Days - Thursday 30 and Friday 31 August

Band Day - Wednesday 5 September

Strings - Thursday 6 and Friday 7 September

Prep Performing Arts Assembly

What a wonderful evening this was and how lucky we are to have such talented students and incredible tutors and staff! Thank you to all who were involved in bringing this event together, including Brendan Curran who preps the DPA, our sound and lighting technician, all staff behind the scenes and our parent volunteers from Friends of Performing Arts that served hot soup before the concert. We have a wonderful array of photos that were taken on the evening and these will be uploaded to the KWS website in the coming weeks. 

Performing Arts Festival

Congratulations to Prep Strings and Koristers who performed in the high school’s Performing Arts Festival last week. The concert featured a wide variety of music from our childhood from The Jackson’s ABC to the incredible massed performance of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. Once again the talent of our students was undeniable and the commitment and enthusiasm of our staff and tutors was obvious through the integrity of each performance.

Year 3 Instrumental Program

We will finish try-outs this week and catch up with any students that may have been absent in previous sessions. Students will be notified about which program they will be involved in early next term.


Mrs K Sinclair
Prep Music Co-ordinator

Information and Communications Technology

FROG Tip for the Week

Accessing the FROG Menu from a Smartphone

To open a menu in FROG click the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right of the screen. 

To close the menu, simply click on the X to close/hide the menu.

Darryn Marjoram

Director of Information Services

Prep Sports News

CIS Cross Country Carnivals

Congratulations to our KWS students who represented HICES at the CIS Cross Country Championships last Thursday 14 June at Sydney’s Eastern Creek. Our students ran with great determination and effort within a very competitive field. They all represented HICES proudly. Our runners over results are below:

8/9 Years Boys - Ollie Garard 30th, William Karrasch 13th, Hugo O’Brien 51st.
10 Years Boys - Hayden McKenzie 49th, Spencer Johnston 27th.
10 Years Girls - Lucy Reidy 30th, Lexi Wilkin 58th.
11 Years Boys - Hugh Payne 24th.  
11 Years Girls - Sienna Wilkin 53rd, Pip Martin 23rd, Matilda Fabar 56th.
12 Years Boys - Sam Fabar 29th.        
12 Years Girls - Alice Waddell 36th, Lottie O’Hehir-Corones 39th.

WAS Athletics Carnival, Dubbo

Just a reminder that the KWS Athletics team will travel to Barden Park Athletics field, Dubbo on the first Wednesday back at school in Term 3. The bus will depart from school at 7.45am.

All information and permission notes need to be returned by Wednesday 27 June (before holidays) for students to compete at this carnival. Additional information can be found on the Frog page: Prep Sport / Athletics / Representative Athletics tab

Term 3 Sport

Just a reminder that all sports training will recommence on Wednesday 25 July. Hockey matches for the Open Primary competition will also start Wednesday 25 July.

Hockey: This will be round 8 for the Division 1 competition only (due to round change year 5 excursion).

Sporting Teams of the Week

Congratulations to the following teams for their nominations for Sporting Team of the Week last week. These teams were acknowledged during assembly.

Hockey: Yr 6 Brumbies, U12 Foxes.

Netball: U9 Doves, U10 Bluebirds, U11 Firebirds,

Football: U9 Thunder, U11 United.

Rugby: U12 Team.

Sport Dates for the Diary

27 July: NSWPSSA Cross Country, Eastern Creek

25 July: WAS Athletics, Dubbo

28 August: HICES Athletics, Sydney

28 August: NSWPSSA Rugby Championships

13 September: CIS Athletics, Sydney


Mrs Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator

Sports Reports

Rugby Reports

12’s - Vs MAGS and William Clarke College

Despite the worst day of the year in regards to the wet, cold and windy weather the boys turned on some hot running rugby to score. many tries over the two games.  One of the most pleasing aspects was the improvement in rucking and clearing out.  It is starting to click!  The backline was very strong spearheading many raids into the opposition half.  Well done boys.

Rob McLean


12’s Vs Emus

These games are becoming better and better each time we play.  We brought some of the skills gained from the previous week and forced a turnover a couple of time3s against the strong Emus pack.  Once we realised that quick recycling was the key the boys attack flourished scoring many tries.  Our defence was sound with George racking up an enormous number, mainly against the bigger boys.  This game was a great indicator of just how much we’ve improved.  Enjoy the break.

Rob McLean


Rugby Gala Days

It was a wet, windy & sleeting day for our rugby gala in Parkes.  First up we played Bathurst Blue where we came away with the win. Next Wellington proved to be our closet match of the day and although we played some great rugby, it ended in a draw. Our last match against Bathurst Gold, in the sleet and 2 degrees, was a real mud bath. End to end of the field we played and we scored some awesome tries to come away with the win. We played really well as a team this week and had a great day. Huge thanks to our coaches and all the parents who braved the weather.

Jack Dunworth


Kinross Blue Sunday the 17th of June

At Parkes. Best 3 games so far this season we think the boys might be mud runners.   Tough first game with a narrow win against Bathurst.  Second game was a draw against a very good Wellington team. Game three was a very good win against another Bathurst side. For the first time this year the boys played as a team and it showed. With this in mind the best in field was the whole Kinross Blue team. Two proud coaches.

James and Adam

Football Reports

U7 Leopards

The Under 7 Leopards braved chilly conditions to face CYMS Silver at Jack Brabham Park. The Leopards’ trademark energy was on display. Multiple goal scorers snuck past CYMS’ defence with grace and skill. Alby Kimmins earned himself Player of the Week with his untiring efforts in defence.


U11 Jets

The Under 11 Jets travelled to Blayney to face off against the Blayney Lions. KWS came back from being 2-Nil down at half time to even the score, with goals from Finn O’Toole and a talented young Blayney player who showed great sportsmanship by scoring a goal for KWS. Ollie Smith and Eli Cunningham were outstanding.


U7 Pumas

Under 7's Puma's played CYMS purple. A very close game with Charlie playing a very strong game. Puma's were beaten 2-1 with the only goal going to Chrysalide. There was strong attacking and defence well done to all players.
Chrysalide Frecklington


U9 Fury

Last Saturday’s “bracing” weather didn’t put a stop to the U9’s Fury who played very well, especially in the first half – perhaps the best they have played so far this season. There was some fantastic teamwork on display with great passing and kicking and tight defence. On the day, the CYMS Red were victorious, taking out 4 goals to the Fury’s 0. But everyone had a great time and there is no doubt the team is improving under the coaching skills of Mr Dunworth. Thank you to all the parents who braved the freezing temperatures to cheer us on!!

George Proudford-Nalder


U11 Jets

Last Saturday we played soccer against Ex-Services Panthers.  We lost 5-1.  Finn scored our one goal.  We didn’t play our positions that well.  Charlie Hall was goalie first half and Charlie Poole was goalie second half.  Mr Pritchard (our coach) was away that day, so I’d like to thank Mr Dunworth for stepping in as a replacement.

Roger Kircher

Netball Reports

U9 Doves

On Saturday the Doves played a fantastic game against the CYMS Sparkles. The Sparkles were a very tough team to play but we continued to improve. The Doves were excellent at passing the ball to one another and getting rebounds, and there were some great goals as well! Thank you to Mrs Essex's hard work at training, we are getting better and having lots of fun learning new skills.

Georgia Philippe


U10 Bluebirds

The sun was shining on Saturday 23 June when the U10 Bluebirds took on OPS Fireflies.  The team has really got it together since the beginning of the netball season.  Lots of great passing and defensive tactics by the Bluebirds led to our goal shooters making the most of the opportunity and scoring a massive 16 goals.  They hardly missed a beat!  The final score was 16-4 to the Bluebirds.

Julia Bligh


U11 Firebirds

Week 8 – It was a great game with our second win of the season winning 11 to 8. The girls spread out and defended, attacked and passed very well and most importantly we all had fun!

Lily McBeath


U12 Falcons

The Under 12 Falcons strode confidently onto the court to face the OPS Peppers on Saturday June 17th at 11am. We played hard and tried some clever manoeuvres but it wasn’t enough and we lost. At least, we all had smiles on our faces!

Sophie Smith


U12 Hawks

KWS U12 Hawks v CYMS All Stars 16/6/2018

On a bitterly cold morning KWS Hawks played the ladder leaders Cyms All Stars. Unfortunately, CYMS had an exceptionally tall player who dominated the game. Alice Waddell played very well against her given the height difference. As a team the HAWKS are gradually improving but still need to work on our footwork, balance and passing. It has been a very eventful first half of the season and we look forward to playing all the teams again.

Charlotte Jones


U12 Hawks

The KWS U12 Hawks played against the U12 Life Studio Wildcats. We played a good first and third quarter, but in the second and fourth quarter the passes were lacking and we got pulled up on obstruction. The girls had played them earlier in the term and only lost by one, but this time the score was 18-10 their way. The Hawks hope to play a tighter game next weekend.

Maddie Sinclair

Hockey Reports


Week 7 – We had an exciting game with the Gekoes.  Both teams played very well and scored 1 all.  Willa prevented goals getting to me.  Both teams had great sportsmanship.

Varnikaa Kannan



This week we played KWS Kookaburras.  It was an exciting game, where both teams drew 1 all!  Olive Glover scored our only goal in the second half. The forwards were on the attack, and the backs were helping the goalie keep all the balls out, that was why it was a low scoring game. Thank you Mrs. Burton for your words of support. It was a great game, and we play KWS Rhinos next week. Keep watch for the next update

William Karrasch


Vacation Care

Uniting Kinross Wolaroi Outside School Hours Care are happy to be offering vacation care for all three weeks of school holidays! There are many fun and engaging activities planned throughout the duration of the holidays such as a floral workshop, sports day, cooking, messy art and much more!

If your child has not attended after school care, along with the vacation care forms we will also need enrolment forms in order for your child to attend. Please feel free to contact the service if you are in need of more information and assistance to enrol your child(ren).

We are looking forward to new and returning families joining us!

Megan White – Uniting Kinross Wolaroi OSHC Coordinator

[email protected]

Service mobile - 0427 290 761


Dates for your Diary

24 July 2018 - Classes Commence

31 July 2018 - Assembly 6H

FoodCare Orange - Volunteers needed

FoodCare Orange is a community based social enterprise and registered charity that provides low cost and free food and groceries to families on low incomes. FoodCare Orange has been operating since 2013 out of the Glenroi Community Centre in Garema Road, Orange. The ‘shop’ is open two mornings a week and is managed entirely by volunteers.

The Management Committee are currently seeking volunteers to join their team. There are a number of roles and none of them require a huge commitment.

he roles include:

  • Collecting donated food from supermarkets on a regular basis - requires a truck/ute/large vehicle, mileage paid.
  • Working in the shop  - joining a team and working four hours every fortnight, Tuesday or Thursday.
  • Assisting with the delivery of stock on a Wednesday about 10/10.30am - commitment 2 hours maximum.
  • Joining the Committee - we have casual vacancies at the moment - join now and see what its all about - monthly meetings but requires ability to carry out small tasks between meetings.

This might not be you, but it may be someone you know!  

For more information contact Anne:

Mobile - 0447 577 884 

Email - [email protected]
Web -

Headspace Orange Holiday Program

Headspace Orange are running a range of school holiday workshops as part of their holiday program. For more detail, click on the flyer below:


Hockey NSW Under 12 School Holiday Clinic

Hockey NSW is running a school holiday clinic for children aged 8-12. Children don’t need to be hockey players or registered with Hockey NSW to attend. Equipment will also be provided, they will just need to bring a mouthguard and food.

It’s a fun day for kids in the school holidays and is a great way to keep them busy and active while their parents are at work. 

For more information click on the flyer or visit the Hockey NSW website:

Kate Pulbrook

Regional Coaching Coordinator – Western Region

Upcoming Events

Year 12 Exhibition

The Year 12 Visual Arts and Textiles Exhibition with Textiles Parade will be held in the Derek Pigot Auditorium on Friday 3 August 2018. All welcome to attend. Please click on the flyer below for more information.


KWS Prep School Fortnightly Bulletin
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