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15 June 2018
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Principal Report

Principal News


With just two weeks before the end of Term 2 it is ‘foot to the floor’ here at the College. As you will see in this edition of the Newsletter we have had many standout moments with excursions, incursions, the Year 7 Camp and a series of student led activities to raise money for important causes. Student leadership is at the heart of our work and we are seeing students lead the way in so many important areas; from running events to having input into teacher planning through our project based learning.


At this time of year we are also busy finalising Semester Reports and making changes to staffing. The Semester will culminate in a celebratory Whole-College assembly and the BestFest on Thursday 28th June – I look forward to meeting you there.


Staffing changes

At the end of this Semester we say goodbye to primary teachers Catherine Gatt and Vanessa Taylor. Catherine has accepted a post at another school and we wish her all the best in her new post. Vanessa is now on leave and look forward to her return next year.


We are excited to welcome to the College for Semester two the following primary teachers;

  • Josephine Selle
  • Elin Vandenberg
  • Lauren Gledhill and,
  • Chantel Borg.


Parking and Traffic Management

As I noted in the last Parent Newsletter parking and traffic management around the College precinct is a matter of concern for some parents.

This week I met with Kerry Walton and Mia Lobe from Melton City Council. As a result of our very constructive discussions the Council will be carrying out an audit of traffic flows in the College precinct. It is intended that the audit will be completed in the coming weeks. The audit will support the Council’s work with key local stakeholders and road users; including of course the College community.

There is of course no new space available for traffic so the challenge is to find more sustainable and clever use of the existing space.



It is fitting that following National Reconciliation Week the College is being recognised for its work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. With the support of Michelle Marion (Koori Engagement Support Officer) we have been making significant progress in recognising and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students including Koori.


The next step in celebrating community and culture is the painting of a large ‘Wominjeka’ in the front lobby of the College. Wominjeka means welcome in the Woiwurung Language of the Wurundjeri people. Alongside the welcome we are creating an information board connecting the College to culture and community.


We sometimes forget that long before Caroline Springs was planned and settled there had been community, culture and learning taking place here on the land of the Kulin Nation.


Student School Council Members

As part of a new DET initiative all schools with secondary aged students are required to have up to 2 formally elected students on the School Council.


At Brookside we have had students attending Council to give voice to specific issues but this new initiative will take that work a step further.

Bec Lucas, our Student Leadership Coordinator, and I are working with our students and we currently have 16 students who are interested in the role. The 16 students have been invited to attend the next College Council meeting as observers – if that experience proves positive they will be asked to formally nominate.


Nominating students will prepare a campaign video and a ballot of the secondary students will take place in the last week of Term Two. I look forward to announcing the successful nominees at our Assembly on June 28th.


Youtube Room Tours

The Internet and social media are powerful tools that most of us would struggle without now. For young people the digital world offers friendship, fun and new opportunities to learn and be creative. As parents and educators we are also aware of the potential downsides to the digital world and as a College we are educating our youngsters to be safe online.


There is a current trend on social media for children to create tours of their houses, including bedrooms, and post these on social media sites including Youtube. In some instances the video tours have included information that may enable the child to be identified and/or located within a small geographical area, and this could present a safety issue.


As parents and carers we have a duty to ensure our children are safe online. I am sure that you already monitor your child’s online activities and talk to them about being safe online. If your child has age appropriate access to Youtube or other sharing sites you may wish to speak to them about what information should be shared safely. It is a message we will continue to reinforce at the College.


For more information on safety you may find the following site helpful;

For more specific support for your child please do not hesitate to contact the College.

Prep - 2 Sector


This term the Preps have been busy little bees learning, developing and continuing to build upon their friendships.


In reading, students have been making personal connections to different texts and explaining what those connections are. LEM continues to be a focus this term with a revision of all the alphabet letters and their sounds. Each week new ‘Wow’ words are added to the ‘Vinnie Vocab’ wall. These words have been supported and practised at home as ‘Star words’.


In writing, students have been continuing their development of writing skills through play based learning and through a thematic approach in Poetry. Each week a theme is focused on which is incorporated into the play based learning and then students are given the opportunity to write a poem based on the theme of the week.


In maths, students have been focusing on modelling, drawing and writing numbers up to 20 and beyond. Students have explored using counters and tens frames to demonstrate their understanding of numbers. Students have also been presented with maths stories to model and solve.


In History, students continue with the exploration of their family and the special events that are celebrated. In Health, students continue to learn about special members of our community who help us. Recently we had the Caroline Springs Police come out to visit to talk about safety and how the Police keep us safe. The students thoroughly enjoyed their visit which was filled with lots of questions being asked, a ride on a pretend Police motorbike and the most exciting part…an opportunity to sit in the Police car.


Next week, the Prep students will be visited yet again by another member of our community who help us…the SES. This will be another fantastic incursion which the Preps are looking forward to.

Year 1

During Term 2 the year 1 students have been learning about History. They looked at some of the differences between the past and present. We visited Sovereign Hill and the students had an exciting and educational day filled with lots of fun and hands-on learning experiences.


The students got dressed up in olden day clothes and pretended they were school children writing on black boards. They saw inside old cottages and buildings and played some old-fashioned games. The best part was down by the river, where we met David who taught us how to pan for gold.


Although it was a tiring day, the students enjoyed every minute of it and were able to share their new found knowledge.



Year 2 News


Students in Year 2 have been problem solving. They have been using a range of materials to show their thinking. Students have worked in pairs, small groups and on their own to interpret and solve a range of different types of problems.






The year 2 students are learning how to infer when reading.

We want students to know that:

  • Meaning, emotion and actions are not always directly stated. 
  • Text can have hidden clues. 
  • They can use their background knowledge to determine hidden clues/messages 
  • Inferences can be individualised 
  • Illustrations can give further detail about inferences 

We want students to be able to:

  • Use picture and word clues to infer characters feelings and motivations through reading their dialogue 
  • Support all inferences with evidence from the text 
  • Infer setting, characters' traits and feelings, and plot from the illustrations in graphic texts. 

Here are some of our prompts.



Year 2 Achievements

On the 5th of June,  Brookside students Katie and Wyatt received their Joey scout Promise Challenge certificates as part of the 1st Caroline Springs Joey Scout Mob.  To achieve this award, participants must complete some form of community service.  Katie collected lots of games, books and pencils for school children in Papua New Guinea, whilst Wyatt collected over 100 towels for  cats and dogs at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.  Well done!


Year 3-6 Sector

I hope that you are all enjoying the new look newsletter! It provides us with a great platform to share all the exciting things that are occurring at Brookside College.

This year in the Year 3-6 Sector we are learning some of our content through Project Based Learning. If you would like to learn more about this approach you can follow this link.


This term the whole Sector has been learning about the concept of Sustainability. The Year 3s and 4s have been learning about endangered species in particular the Growling Grass Frog. They have some great plans on how we can save it! The Year 5s and 6s have been learning about different countries and will be trying to persuade people to visit their chosen country in the upcoming Travel Expo. My apologies if they are currently trying to persuade you of the need for a European holiday. We are looking forward to the Public Products that will be presented over the coming fortnight.


Recently we had the re-scheduled Year 3-6 Athletics Day. The weather was much kinder to us and it was a beautiful, sunny day. A big thank you to all the students and staff for making the day such a success. The students’ sportsmanship and encouragement towards each other was a major highlight!  It was also great to see parents out there supporting their children. Congratulations to the students who will now be representing the College at the next stage.  We know you will do us all proud.


Have fun,

Adam Bright

Assistant Principal Year 3-6

Year 3

On Tuesday the Grade 3’s went for a long walk to try and find the endangered Growling Grass Frog of Caroline Springs. The students have been doing lots of research throughout their PBL unit this term and were super excited to see if they could spot one in the wild.


The students gathered their worksheet, notepads and a pencil and were eager to head off. All of the grade 3 teachers went along with the awesome Mr Bright.


The students completed their first part of the worksheet at the first stop and we got to collect our first water sample, then we all kept walking. Each class was able to measure the salt levels of the lake at the first stop, which was something new for the students… and teachers.


“When we got to the first stop we were able to measure the salt in the water of the lake. It was a new experience and really cool. The salt level for the lake was at 1.53."

 Maxen Camenzuli 3C


We then continued on our long walk to stop number 2. On the way we saw lots of ducks and swans playing about in the water. Once we got to our second stop we took another water sample and tested the salt of that lake.


“The bad thing was, we saw plastic bottles everywhere and rubbish in the water. This is why we need to help! We need to start recycling.” Chloe Dabandan 3C


We then headed back to school which concluded our amazing excursion. A massive thank you to our amazing staff that attended. Although we did not see the Growling Grass Frog the Grade 3’s had an amazing time.


“Our first stop of the trip was at the lake, we drew the habitat and saw a lot of rubbish in their home and we wanted to pick it up but we could not reach it.”

Amelie Best 3C


Some students will claim they saw the Frog though.

Year 4

On Wednesday 6th June the Year 4 students set off on an adventure to visit the lakes of Caroline Springs. This Term we have been studying the local endangered species called the Growling Grass Frog. This frog has become endangered because of humans and their pollution caused to the water. While on the walk we saw lots of birds enjoying the lake, but unfortunately the lake didn’t look that clean. Ways we can try to protect these lakes and make it more sustainable would be to stop using plastic bags and bottles, and try reusable ones. Also, we need to not build so many houses and man made things in these areas.  

Here are some comments and pictures from the students while on our walk.


“I liked the walk, it took us a while to get around, we got to look at all the pretty lakes.”

Megan 4E


“I enjoyed it because I got to see their natural habitat, but we didn’t see any frogs around the lake”

Emilia 4E


“On the excursion we got to see the frogs habitat and there was some pollution in the water, I saw a plastic bottle and an empty can of coke"

Alexis 4E

Year 5 

Welcome to another edition of Year Five News, can you believe that it’s almost the end of Term Three. Recently, we’ve all participated in the Classic Cup round robin tournament in Sports (in either Netball, T-Ball, Soccer or AFL). Many students received awards for sportsmanship, best and fairest and highest scorer of each match. Teachers would like to congratulate all students once again.



In Maths, we’ve started looking at whole number place value and will then be moving into decimals. We have looked at representing a range of numbers using MAB blocks and understanding the ten makes one rule. We will then move into ordering whole numbers and rounding. Once we’re confident with whole numbers, we are looking forward to being challenged by decimals. Decimals are smaller parts of whole numbers and can be linked to fractions and percentages. We look forward to sharing all our knowledge with you in the upcoming weeks.



For the remainder of term, we will be continuing to work on our Travel Expo projects in Humanities and English. In Humanities we will continue to work on the production of the stand and influencing products, in English we will be finalising our travel guides.


The Year Five Travel Expo will be held on June 26th, from 11.45am – 1.45pm – all parents, carers and other family members are invited to help us celebrate our learning and achievements.

Year 7 - 9 Sector

Thank you for taking the time to read the college newsletter and I hope you are enjoying the new format. Please let me know if there are particular areas within the secondary area that you would like to hear about in the future.


A few things to look out for in the secondary sector area requiring expressions of interest;


- ‘Go Girl, Go for IT’, which focuses on inspiring students with fantastic role model speakers, showcasing technology of the future and challenging any preconceptions of what a career in IT might look like. This program is open to female students in years 7 & 8.


- ‘Hands On Learning Semester Two’, for students wishing to partake in either the Café or Trade HOL programs. The programs have specific focuses but generally are focused on providing students with real world opportunities and providing students an chance to achieve success.


- ‘Year 8 Camp’, historically we have not held a year 8 camp, however due to feedback from school council representatives we are looking to add in a coastal camp within year 8. Once expression of interests are returned we will then take the proposal to school council for ratification.  


Students are vigorously preparing for the examination period next week, the focus and purpose of exams is teaching students about appropriate study techniques including retrieval and spaced practice. Along with teaching students that practices such as cramming will not improve results. Although exams in years 7-9 are not a vital assessment item, the efficient study practices and techniques learned during this time support students through VCE and University. To support students through this process they have been completing preparation sessions within the KLA areas, as well as optional lunchtime and afterschool study clubs.


Michael Heyne

Assistant Principal

Year 7-9 Sector

Year 7 News

You Yangs Excursion

On Thursday the 7th of June 2018, the Year 7 cohort went on a field trip excursion to the You Yangs National Park to study natural landscapes for our upcoming Geography ILT.  The You Yangs is a mountain range located near Little River in Victoria, with walking tracks running across the landscape.  


Our job was to analyse the landscape and its features, to discuss the numerous different types of erosion we saw as well as evidence of human impacts and preservation techniques used. We were split up into two groups, for different hiking abilities.

The two choices of trails were an easy hiking track which didn’t go up the mountain, and a more difficult, uphill track, that lead towards the highest peak of the mountain.


During the walks, we saw features both man-made and natural features scattered across the area. These features included large, eroded rocks and boulders, eucalyptus trees, bird life and a few rock wallabies, as well as park benches, preserved paths, notice boards and bushfire damage.



All of these observations are going to help us write a Fieldwork Report on the You Yangs to end the Term.     


Written by Shenora Jayasinghe (7A) and Alanah Keosuriya (7C).

Year 7 Camp

On the 23rd – 25th of May, the year 7 students went to the YMCA Lake Dewar lodge for camp. Everyone had loads of fun participating in all the adventure activities available to us, and we wish we were back there!

After a short forty-minute drive, admiring the views of the countryside, we reached camp Lake Dewar. As we stepped off the bus we all took a gasp, it was stunning. Despite the cold weather, we were all really excitement to be on camp. We gathered up in the conference centre and the camp staff began to inform us of the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’. Then came the time we had been waiting for… finding out our cabins and activity groups!


Once we were assigned our rooms, we settled in and got straight into the activities. The activities on offer were mountain bike riding with a gorge walk trek, canoeing, geocaching, a flying fox, survivor challenge, adventure tunnelling, kick biking and team-building challenges.

The adventure tunnelling was pirate-themed so we all had loads of fun trying to find the fountain of youth with the help of Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean himself! The mountain bike riding track was 6km long, and the gorge trek was another 2km hike, so altogether we did an 8km ride/walk in about 2 hours! The flying fox was dual, so 2 people could be going down at once. The flying fox was about 800m long. It was huge!


The only tiring part of that was that we had to walk the length of the flying fox to get back to ride it again!  The kick bikes were bikes that had the seat and part of the frame removed so it looked like an off-road scooter! There were 3 challenges along the way which were a timed, team based challenges, including a ropes course and a challenge which involved pieces of pipe and a ball which had to make it to a bucket on the other end. And geocaching is basically a fancy word for scavenger hunting with the help of technology. Armed with only a GPS, an impounding time limit and our wits upon us, we had to find as many of the 16 containers hidden on the property! 



I think we can all admit that the activities tested our ability to solve problems while working together, and also challenged our limits and fears. The skills we adapted in the three days varied between teamwork, communication, time-management, and also leadership. But most importantly helped us get to know each other and our teachers.

Whenever we weren’t doing our activities, it was always another opportunity to get social and meet new people. We could either play ping-pong, foosball, or even go outside and play on the playground or courts. The fun never stopped!


After a full-on day with 4 activity rotations, and after dinner (delicious meals of pasta, burgers and deserts!), the activities kept going with night time activities led by the teachers. The first night we played Red Faces, which was a ball!  The teachers starred as judges, with Miss Karras, Miss Geary, Miss Jones, Mr Ryan, Miss Rapley, Miss Spain and Miss Bloom as the host. Mr Ryan was especially hard to please, but they were all very funny! On the second night we had a pyjama party and camped out to watch Jumanji.  Everyone shared their left over lollies and the teachers threw chocolates and sour snakes out into the crowd to keep us laughing and having fun.  Everyone had a really good time and loved the movie!


We were all sad to have to come home considering how much fun we all had together. But it was good to come home and see family too! 

A big thank you to all of our teachers who made the camp amazingly fun and exciting, and to Mr Hermansson for organising such a fun camp!


When can we go again?


Written by members of the digital publishers group:  Lyla Hargrave (7F), Ryan Martinovic (7A) & Lilly Davidson (7A).

Year 8 News

On the 30th of May the year 8 cohort went to the MCG to learn more about the history of sport and how the technology used in sports has advanced. On the excursion, we toured the museum, players’ change rooms, broadcasting room, interactive games area and went on the boundaries of the ground. In the museum, there were replicas of objects used in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics and genuine Olympic torches from nearly all the Olympic Games on display. In the other section of the museum displayed the history of how the MCG was built and all the technological developments within the MCG. When we went on the boundaries of the G, we saw that they used UV Lights on the parts of the grass that did not receive much sunlight which ensures the grass is kept throughout the year. In the interactive games area there were archery, soccer, football, netball, cycling and cricket simulators that tested the students’ reaction time, accuracy and strength.


Year 9 News

The year 9 students have been very busy preparing for their upcoming exams. The students will be sitting end of semester exams for English, Maths, Science and Humanities, which will test their knowledge and understanding of content from term 1 and term 2. Students will be given lessons and resources to serve as exam revision, while finishing off their final assessment tasks for the term. We encourage students find the balance between work and rest. It is of utmost importance that students are getting enough sleep, a healthy diet and plenty of down time to accompany their studies. Student exam results will be published on Compass at the beginning of term 3.

Last week the year 9 student leaders and school captains helped facilitate the World’s Greatest Shave, while school captains Mia and Decklyn represented Brookside College at a Respectful Relationships forum, discussing with their audience the importance of this program and its benefit for all students. They will then apply this work into the classroom and the school yard, with the support of Student Leadership.


We also have plenty of events coming up in year 9! Next week alone we have a boys netball team out representing the school, year 9 leaders and students out supporting and celebrating refugees at a Melton Council run event, Cross Country division to be run and, finally, on Friday of next week the science team are taking the year 9s out on an excursion to the Melbourne Museum to coincide with their curriculum regarding food webs.


Term 2 will conclude with Ms Fehmi’s Hospitality elective class running our first ‘Winter Festival’ after school on Thursday the 28th of June. The students have been busy promoting the event by making posters, pamphlets and T-shirts. The festival will take place right after our whole school assembly, hosted by our school captains.


We wish all the year 9 students the very best for their upcoming exams, followed by a restful holiday.


Grant Puxley, Rebecca Lucas and the Year 9 team.         

Year 9 Elective

This Semester Year 9 students in the Hospitality & Events Elective have been busy planning this year's Winter Best Fest!


It’s time to celebrate a successful semester and come together as a whole school community! It is going to be a great way to end a long term and an opportunity to have some fun before a well-deserved break for allFestivals are back at Brookside – It’s time to CELEBRATE!


We are look forward to seeing all our students and families there!




P-4 Art

Visual Arts

The Visual Art program at Brookside College is designed to encourage and challenge students to achieve their artistic potential in an enjoyable and supportive environment. Students develop their creativity and imagination as well as refining their practical and fine motor skills. They learn to make choices when experimenting with materials, tools and techniques.



Throughout their time at our school students will get the opportunity to explore a wide variety of different art mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, clay, sculpture, construction and textiles. Students learn to communicate through their art, respond to the

artworks of others and gain appreciation from well-known artists.




This term students were introduced to various cultures around the world.  Preps made African necklaces, Year 1’s drew and decorated Dutch Hexagon Rotational Designs year 2’s created amazing Greek vases and year 3’s designed fabulous henna hands.




With coming close to end of Semester 1- 2018, Brookside College P-9 is proud to say that we have helped enrich in our early year’s students the concept of Visual Arts awareness and its importance to build skills and gain confidence.

Looking forward to work as a community and build on healthy learning relations with our lovely young leaners.

Cheers and take care

Cynthia Jose.


Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden News

It is always a pleasure when we have past Brookside students coming back as young adults to volunteer and share their knowledge. When our focus was on nutrition, Zoe Mathes who attended Brookside College when it first opened came in to cook and chatted to our students about what she knows. Zoe is currently in her last semester at La Trobe University as a Dietetics Graduate. We hope she comes back to visit again soon and wish her all the best in her future career.



Our investigation into different types of rice continued during weeks 7&8. We made risottos so students can learn about the absorption process during cooking. Pumpkin is in season so that was our star ingredient and of course we harvested the last batch of silverbeet to make ricotta rolls. See recipes below:


Pumpkin Risotto

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 400g pumpkin, peeled and diced into 2cm pieces
  • 1 medium brown onion, finely diced
  • 2 stalks of celery, diced
  • 1 and 1/2  cups Arborio rice
  • 4 cups chicken liquid stock
  • 1/2 cup frozen peas (optional)
  • 1/4 cup fresh herbs, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon butter



Step 1

Heat oil in large saucepan over medium heat. Cook pumpkin, stirring, for 5 minutes or until golden and almost tender.

Step 2

Add onion and celery to pan. Cook, stirring, for 5 minutes or until onion and celery has softened.

Step 3

Add rice. Stir to coat for about 5 minutes.

Step 4

Add half the stock. Bring to the boil. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 7 minutes or until stock has absorbed. Add remaining stock. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 8 to 10 minutes or until liquid has absorbed.

Step 5

Stir in peas. Cook for 5 minutes or until peas are heated through.

Step 6

Stir in herbs and butter. Serve.­­­




Ricotta, Peas and Silverbeet Rolls



1 tbsp olive oil

1 small red onion diced

6 large silverbeet leaves, stem removed, chopped

1 cup green peas, finely mashed with a fork

250 grams ricotta

2 sheets puff pastry

Salt and pepper to taste

2 tbsp milk for brushing pastry



  1. Preheat oven 200 degree Celsius
  2. Heat oil in frypan and cook onion until soft
  3. Add silverbeet and cook until wilted, turn off the heat and let cool completely
  4. Place ricotta, mashed peas, silverbeet and onion in a large mixing bowl, season with salt and pepper stir to combine
  5. Place one sheet of puff pastry onto a chopping board and cut in half horizontally
  6. Place ¼ of ricotta mixture down the middle lengthwise on pastry and carefully roll, making sure the edges overlap
  7. Cut each roll into 8 pieces and place on baking tray lined with baking paper
  8. Repeat with the rest of pastry
  9. Brush the top of pastry with a little milk and bake for about 20 minutes


Suggestion: Substitute 3 spring onions instead of brown onion.



Until next time, happy cooking!


Health Centre News

Prep health assessments


The Victorian School Nursing Program is a free health assessment offered to all children during their first year of primary school. The Primary School nurse will soon be assessing all Prep children in your child's grade.


The Primary School Nurse Program gives parents/carers, teachers and nurses the opportunity to work together to promote health and wellbeing to children in their first year at school. Recently a School Entrant Health Questionnaire ( SEHQ ) was sent home for you to complete and it has not been returned as yet. Please complete the SEHQ as soon as possible and send it to the school.


If you  DO wish your child to participate in the Primary School Nursing Programme, please indicate this by ticking the YES consent box and signing the SEHQ on page 3.


If you DO NOT want wish for your child to participate indicate this by ticking the NO box on page 3.


If parents need help in filling in the questionnaire please come to health centre and we will assist you. ALL questionnaires need to be returned. Thank you to all parents who have done this already. For  those parents who have not yet returned the questionnaire please do so at your earliest convenience please.


Kind regards


Maria Appiah

First Aid Coordinator


9:00-3:30 PM



Fact Sheets


Student Wellbeing 

Teenage Parties and Alcohol



Alcohol is a common part of Australian culture. Many of us drink when we get together with friends, to celebrate weddings, birthdays and other big occasions and to unwind after work. As drinking is widely promoted as being fun and glamorous, it should come as no surprise that teenagers want to join in. But alcohol and adolescence are a risky and unhealthy mix.

While it is not likely that many Year 8 and 9 children are attending parties with alcohol without their parents or carers, it is a good idea to start thinking about how you will manage and react to these occasions when they do occur.  And they will occur at some point! Year 8 students have just had some ‘Party Safe’ sessions at school. Try asking them about what they learned!


Everyone has different ideas. Some parents may see underage drinking as part of growing up, or even think it makes them cool to let their teenagers drink. They may think they are keeping teenagers ‘safe’ by letting them drink at home, where they are with family, or they know where they are, but the reality is that drinking alcohol is harmful to teenage brain development in so many ways.


What's the evidence that alcohol is harmful to teenagers? 

Teenagers can be more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol is because the developing brain in children and adolescents is much more sensitive to its damaging effects.

Research so far shows that:

  • Alcohol use affects developing brains and can lead to long-term learning difficulties and memory problems.
  • The earlier teenagers start drinking, the more likely they are to drink at higher levels during adolescence - and this may increase the risk of getting into trouble with alcohol in later adolescence and as adults.
  • While teenagers are more vulnerable than adults to the effects of alcohol on learning, memory and judgment, they also seem to be less easily sedated by alcohol and their co-ordination is less affected. This means they can stay awake and drink for longer than adults - which may partly explain why some adolescents binge drink.
  • The risks of accidents, injuries, violence and self-harm are high among drinkers aged under 18.
  • Drinking in adolescence is linked to risky sexual behaviour.
  • Drinking in teenage years is linked to higher risks of alcohol dependence in young adulthood, even when drinking at low-risk levels.

So for all the reasons above experts suggest that young people under 18 years of age should avoid alcohol completely.   Here are some tips that may help:


Having family conversations about delaying drinking alcohol is a very positive step, as is role modelling responsible alcohol use at home, like drinking safely, and getting your own drinks rather than asking a teenager to fetch one for you. 

Talk to your teenager about alcohol. Explain the risks and the harms associated with drinking at a young age. Be firm, confident, clear and consistent.

Keep the lines of communication open, so your teenager can feel comfortable talking to you about the things that concern him or her.

Let them know they can come to you if something does go wrong or they are in an unsafe situation.

Remember, you are not alone. Other parents of teenagers are most likely facing the same issues. Share your concerns as well as what has worked for you when dealing with teenagers and alcohol. Seek professional help if you need it. If you are hosting a party with teenagers under the age of 18 in Victoria, it is illegal (and therefore very expensive) to supply alcohol to those children without specific consent from their parent/carer.


Parents can protect themselves and their teenagers by following these guidelines when hosting parties for their children:

  • Host safe, alcohol-free activities
  • Refuse to supply alcohol to children or allow drinking in your home or on your property
  • Be at home and visible when your teenager has a party or gathering
  • Make sure your teenager’s friends do not bring alcohol into your home (it can be very common at parties for some teenage guests to hide alcohol)
  • Talk to other parents about what you are doing
  • Provide non-alcoholic beverages and food!
  • One entrance to the party
  • Invitations only – refuse gate-crashers

Be safe out there!


Link to more information from Better Health Channel:

Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset - Which does your child have?

At Brookside we want to foster a growth mindset in all our students! We know there is a large body of research that suggests that when students have a growth mindset they learn better and become more resilient!

As partners with us in your child education we know that learning is always taking place and when parents and teachers have a shared language and approach the impacts are much greater.



Please view this short clip that talks about the Power of Yet by Carol Dweck and support your child to think differently about their abilities and how to confront challenges!  We promise you will not be disappointed!


Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships Community Forum

Last Monday week we held our Community Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (RRRR) Forum at Lakeview Auditorium in Caroline Springs. The night was both informative and powerful as we heard from Mr Simon Sherlock, four students and two parents who spoke about their own passion for the RR initiative and the RRRR curriculum. Professor Helen Cahill (now Dean of Education at Uni of Melb) provided an overview of the RRRR, including why it’s so important for schools to explicitly teach the program and for schools to prioritise it in their timetables, giving it a home among curriculum leaders in schools.


Thank you to all who attended this evening. It was fantastic to see the support from our neighbouring schools and Bronwen Heathfield (Area Director for Brimbank Melton). Bronwen leads a strong commitment to RR and RRRR in schools in our Area.


Moving forward, our Year 9 student leaders will be embarking on student surveys to gather important data on student safety, inclusion and attitudes towards violence and gender equality with our year 5 students assisting in this journey.


School Leadership Program

Student Leadership Update


We have recently welcomed our grade 3 – 6 student leaders into our meetings, who have already shown great enthusiasm and shared some amazing ideas for the year to come. At the moment, the 3-6 student leaders working on organising clubs, events and awareness campaigns that they believe represent the views of their cohort. The students are currently learning how to write formal proposals and will start to facilitate their planned activities around the school as the year goes on.


The 7-9 leaders, meanwhile, were busy organising the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave, which took place on Friday the 8th of June.



 The Year 7s made advertising posters and went around to classes all over the school to spruke the event, while the 7-9 leaders helped run the entire day, decorating the Agora, planning time frames and music for the event, collecting donations and colouring students’ hair. The junior year levels, proved most organised and most generous on this day, bringing in their signed permission forms and their donations. We had two students, Keyara in Grade 5 and Ranya in year 8 cut their hair off, donating it to cancer victims as wigs. We also had 4 students shave their hair entirely!

Thank you to all staff, students and parents that helped out with the event – we are pleased to announce that we raised close to $1000 for the foundation! We hope that next year we can raise even more!


We would also like to say a big thank you to Nathan from 6D for raising over  $120 on his own!


The School Captains are currently working alongside their peers and their teachers to help organise the end of term whole school assembly, where they will run the entire event, speaking in front of 1200 people. They did an amazing job for the end of term 1 assembly, and we expect that this upcoming one will be just as good. It will be held on Thursday the 28th of June and is open to all parents to attend.



Finally, we are very excited by the latest possibility of hearing and celebrating student voice, by allowing two members of the 7-9 student body to sit on school council. This opportunity to open to ANY 7-9 student who wants to be a part of a decision making team for the college. To apply, students need to create a 1-2 minute video presentation appealing to their voting audience (their peers) about why they should get onto council and how they will best represent the views of all the students. Videos are to be saved to the share-drive by Friday the 22nd of June, for the voting process to take place in the last week of term. Elected students will be announced at the assembly on Thursday the 28th.

We are very pleased with the students’ efforts, attitudes and leadership skills shown so far this semester and look forward to seeing what the student leaders are capable of doing next.


Rebecca Lucas and Shey Obremski

(Student Leadership Coordinators, 2018)












The HoL Café students have had an amazing term! From staring out with beverages and treats for teachers, they have now moved onto hot lunches and catering for special events. Students are super excited about their next catering job! They will be cooking a traditional lasagne with béchamel sauce and a range of other goodies for the upcoming school council meeting. 


Students are so proud of how far their business has come and are looking  forward to opening up their café to our entire school community at our Winter Festival at the end  of this term. So please come and try our amazing range of treats and beverages on offer at Brookside’s Winter Best Fest!


We have also been extremely lucky to have Sonia Martinovic, one of our wonderful parent volunteers, come in on Tuesday and take photos of the café in operation. Sonia has  put together a short clip showcasing the students learning and busy at work. The HoL Café students and I would like to thank Sonia for her time and for putting this together for us to share with our school community.



Junior HOL update

HOL Juniors started this year with a Mosaic Project.  Each student was assigned a letter to form in their mosaic A4 size box. The project is in its final stage before being displayed in front of the HOL Building, and will read ‘Hands on Learning’. The mosaics display varied art work coming from the juniors’ which is quite surprising – considering their young minds and little hands. Junior HOL students are definitely showing their artistic prowess and the HOL program is going to attempt to tap into this and develop their creativity  even further. As soon as the mosaic have been treated, they will be displayed in front of the HOL building for everyone to appreciate.

Term 2 will be a promising term for the Juniors’ as they will be working on their Personal Projects.  Each student will plan out their own personal project such as toys, school equipment and the most useful utensil in the kitchen – a chopping board.  Most students have finished planning and are in the process of putting together their projects. Here are some of the projects completed by the HOL Junior students.


Health & P.E

Primary Sport News

Cross Country

During April, Brookside sent 37 students to represent the school at the Primary District Cross Country carnival at More Park in Ardeer. All students displayed excellent sportsmanship and competed to the best of their ability on the day on a tough course.


Congratulations to the following students for their effort at Districts:
Ryder G(3A), Mylee (3A), Amelie (3C), Ryder J (3C), Oliver (3D), Emily (3E), Omer (4A), Kaitlyn (4A), Tayla (4E), Ava-Rose (5A), Archer (5A), Cooper (5A), Jo (5A), Cassisus (5A), Shelby (5B), Steven (5C), Jett (5C), Jeffrey (5C), Teodor (5C), Ruhaani (5C), Chelsea (5D), Connor (6A), Ben (6A), Olivia (6A), Nana (6B), Ethan (6B), Isabella (6C), Omer (6C), William (6C), Jack, (6C), Darcy (6D), Katheryn (6D)


From Districts, only 5 of our students progressed to the next round. Shane (3C), George (5C), Jacob (5C), Keyara (5B) and Elayne (6A) recently competed at the Keilor Division Carnival out at Brimbank Park. Again, all students displayed outstanding sportsmanship and competed extremely well in a tough competition against various students across the Keilor Division.


Congratulations to Elayne Dsouza who placed 9th overall and is continuing on to the Western Metropolitan Region finals to represent Brookside again at Brimbank Park next week!








Athletics Carnival
On Friday 1st of June we held our Primary Athletics Carnival out at Keilor Little Athletics Centre. After having to postpone the event from its original date due to rain/thunderstorms, we were so fortunate to receive clear and warm weather for the day!
Students participated in a range of athletics and fun events throughout the day and it was great to see the enthusiasm displayed by all students. After all points were tallied, Blue House managed to accumulate the most on the day with all other houses separated by only a few points.
A big thank you to all parents who came along to cheer on students as they competed throughout the day.
District Athletics will be held in Term 3. Students will be notified towards the end of the term if they have progressed to the next round.


Music Update!

As is always the case, the end of a semester is a hectic time in the music department. Many students are putting time in outside of class to perfect their skills in order to share their learning at the upcoming Winter Best Fest. Students drawn from primary classes will be forming large ensembles to perform the songs they’ve learnt over the first two terms. Developing skills on musical instruments is a slow process, but many of our students have been putting extra time into their music during lunchtime music clubs, and outside of school, and are therefore ready to hit the stage! The primary years will be performing 4 songs, including a soul classic, an R’n’B infused pop hit, and two other recent popular numbers.


Our older students have spent much of Term 2 exploring composition, and there have been some outstanding products generated. The Winter Best Fest will allow some of these to be showcased in performances. In addition, it will provide a forum for our Young Warriors groups to show what weekly rehearsals have produced. Weather permitting, we’ll have two stages set up- one larger stage in the gym for primary performances and larger ensembles, and one smaller stage next to the café for smaller acts. Both stages will have DJ sets in between live acts, allowing those older students who have chosen electronic music production as their self-directed study topic to chare their development.


 Week look forward to seeing you all at Winter Best Fest!


Brookside’s Musical Futures Team!

Parents and Friends

Brookside Recipe Book. Submit your recipes now so you don't miss out!

Calling all Brookside staff, students and families.

We would love your favourite family recipes!

Please Submit by the end of term, Friday June 29th.


To submit your recipes go to then select 'Brookside P-9 College' and follow the prompts.


Just take a photo and email to the team or write it out and drop it at the office...too easy!!


Thank you for your help!

We look forward to receiving your tasty recipes.


Brookside Recipe Book Competition 

Imagine your design on the front or back cover of our very own Brookside College recipe book. 

We need art work for the front cover, back cover and every page in between! 



There are some great prizes to be won including: 

Vouchers for Hogs Breath Cafe

Pancake Parlour

and Bakers Delight.


Send in your drawings, paintings, photographs or collages of food to


Pass them onto your classroom teacher or Main Office.

(Please don't forget to include your name and contact details).


Please support this great initiative to support our college and showcase our diverse community!


Entries must be submitted by Friday 29th June


Next Parents and Friends Committee meeting:

Friday July 20th after School Drop off

College Staff Room.     

All welcome!

Fathers Day stall

Coming Soon. Watch this space.

College Communications

Office Hours


8:15am - 4:00pm

(Closed during school holidays)

Telephone: 7379 1555


Camp, Excursion & Incursion Payments

We are continually trying to improve the way we organise and communicate events to the Brookside community. Part of this process is to ensure that Parents/Carers are given sufficient time to provide payment and consent for upcoming excursions and incursions. To support this process we ask that parents;

  • Always provide electronic consent. If this is an issue for you please contact the administration team who will support you through this process as handwritten notes or verbal consent can not be accepted.  
  • Log onto compass regularly to ensure you do not miss the closing dates for upcoming events as late payment and/or consent will not be accepted under any circumstances.

The safety of our students is paramount and having these processes in place helps ensure that we have all of our bases covered when students leave the College under our care.

Visitors to the College

A reminder that all visitors to the College (including Parent Helpers) must report to Reception prior to signing into the visitor register. In 2018, all Parent Helpers must complete a volunteer induction program and have a valid Working With Children card prior to being allowed to assist in the classroom.  For further information on what this involves, please contact the General Office or Mrs Seral Fehmi.

Health Centre

The College's Health Centre is manned Monday - Friday from 9:00am to 3:30pm. All students not feeling well should report to sickbay.

Updating contact details

Have your family circumstances changed? Mobile phone and email addresses can be updated on compass. For all other changes, please notify the General Office either in person or via email at

Camps Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)

A reminder that applications can still be submittted for Camps, Sports and Excursions funding for 2018 (last day for applications is Friday, 29th June, 2018).  Families that received the funding in 2017 are not required to resubmit a form UNLESS there has been a change in circumstances or an additional child has commenced at the college. To be eligible, applicants must have a valid health care card at 29th January, 2018.  Forms are available at the general office or can be printed off (attached).


Attendance Office

Direct line: 7379 1556

Did you know that absences can be entered directly into Compass by Parents/Carers? This is our preferred method of communication, however Parents/Carers can also call our direct line to discuss attendance issues or report a student absence (preferably before 8.50am).


Students arriving LATE or DEPARTING early must report to the Attendance Office.


Canteen Information

Parents can easily order lunch for their children via the Qkr App. Please see the attachments below.


Camp Australia News

Bookings are now open for the July School Holidays.  If you also require care on our next Curriculum Day (Monday 13th August), please ensure that you book by Monday the 6th of August as this session will only run should sufficient numbers be achieved.  Information on how to book can be found in the attached flyers  or by contacting Camp Australia on 0434 422 302 or 


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How to order lunch orders via QKR.pdf
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