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07 August 2018
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From the Principal

Welcome back!


Welcome back to all families after the Term 2 break. To celebrate student achievement from semester one, student assemblies were held for all year levels with certificates presented for Academic Achievement and Effort. Students were also recognised for their contribution and achievement in a range of co-curricular programs. Congratulations to all students.

The start to the term has again provided opportunities for students to showcase their talents with our VET Hospitality and VCE Food Studies students demonstrating their skills creating and preparing a range of menus for lunchtime functions. VET Hospitality students are required to design, prepare, implement and evaluate a restaurant service period, (function) for their Portfolio assessment with staff and invited guests invited to sample delicious meals based on a theme created by teams of students.

Students are also busy rehearsing for the College Production “A Geek Through Time” which will be held in the E.D. Daniel Hall at the school next week. We encourage all families to come along with performances on Tuesday and Thursday evening.  We also have the Music Gala coming up on September 5 which is a celebration of the Performing Arts at Pascoe Vale Girls College.

Planning for 2019 is well underway with course counselling programs commencing next week. Students in Years 8 and 9 will be selecting their electives and Year 10 and 11 students selecting courses of study in the VCE, VCE Options or VCAL programs offered at the college. At Pascoe Vale Girls College we are committed to providing students with every opportunity to succeed in their learning with the following taking place for 2019: the number of electives that Year 9 students can study has been increased, Year 10 students will be able to accelerate their studies with an even wider range of VCE subjects on offer and we have also increased the range of external VET programs on offer to students in the VCE Options and VCAL programs to enhance pathways.

This week staff were involved in a Curriculum day with sessions covering Wellbeing and the creation of a positive learning environment, Statistical moderation in the VCE and Moderation in Learning Areas. We will continue our work in these areas over the course of this year and into 2019 to build on the Department of Education and Training Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) at the college. The FISO Improvement Model provides a common language for school improvement and is structured around four state-wide priorities that are proven to have a strong bearing on the effectiveness of a school:

  1. Excellence in teaching and learning

  2. Professional leadership

  3. Positive climate for learning

  4. Community engagement in learning

The first Progress Reports for semester 2 will be published on Friday 24 August via Compass and Parent Teacher interviews are scheduled for Tuesday 4 September. Parents will be provided with information regarding bookings for interviews closer to the date. I encourage parents to contact your child’s year level coordinator if you wish to discuss progress at any stage of the year.

Health and PE Week

Happy and Healthy!



PVGC enjoyed Health and PE Week from the 23rd to 27th of July. The combined Physical Education and Health, Food and Hospitality Learning Areas ran activities to showcase offerings from their various subjects and promote good physical, emotional, mental and social health and wellbeing. The importance of physical activity, food and service skills, good nutrition and effective social communication, being the focus.


Monday recess saw the first of three Coffee Shop openings for the week, run by Ms. Barbazza and the Year 12 Hospitality students. They demonstrated their finest Barista and service skills to both students and staff.

At lunchtime, junior students had the opportunity to reinforce the good nutrition message by participating in the ‘Healthy Snacks’ practical activity with Ms. Hernon. Led by Year 11 Food Studies students, Sonia Sunny and Mariama Sesay, students had an introduction to the Food Technology Kitchen making easy and nutritious snacks - ‘Pretzel Butterflies’ and ‘Strawberry Gnomes’.


At lunchtime the Senior Girls netball team played the staff in front of a packed stadium. In high standard game, played with excellent intensity the staff team managed to go into the 3 ¼ time break with a healthy 4 goal lead. In the final quarter however the senior girls worked hard to get within one goal before the staff fought off the comeback to win by 13 -11.


On Tuesday, students of all ages under the guidance of Ms. Barbazza, had the opportunity to participate in a competition for ‘the most creative open sandwich’. Imaginations ran wild and students produced all manner of animals, faces, scenes and flowers, using available sandwich ingredients.  Final products were judged by illustrious adjudicator, Ms Bleazby and the winners included Dilara Kisa 10C Hala Khalid Abdelwahab 7B, Mariama Sesay 11G and Ayana Lokhandwala 11E .

In a new idea for 2018 the PE learning area conducted a Ninja Warrior competition inspired by the TV show. Using an obstacle course in the gym students signed up to be the fastest competitor through the course. Obstacles included balance beams, jumping vaults, climbing over a gymnastics ladder, swinging across a rope obstacle and performing an army crawl. Cheered on by a good crowd in the ED Daniel hall it was great to see all year levels represented in the competition. Congratulations to Nibel El Hassan of year 7D for being awarded the PVGC Ninja Warrior Champion.  


Top Five Results

Nibel El Hassan 7D (28.50 secs)

Alma Biesalski 12B (31.53 secs)

Summer Simpson 7G (34.12 secs)

Phoebe Wallace 9A (34.59 secs)

Chantel Low 9C (36.44 secs)


On Wednesday the Circuit Training Room was made available for students to use at their leisure. On Thursday lunchtime is was great to see mixed age groups of students join together to play in a futsal competition. The first knock out round took place in front of a good gymnasium crowd. Both games were exciting to watch with some talented players on display. Well done to all players! The two winning teams played off on Friday Aug 3. Congratulations to the BLUE SHARKS



Wednesday saw a shift in focus to ‘once in a while foods’ and an opportunity to participate in a cake decorating masterclass, to produce a ‘Unicorn Cupcake’. Students of all ages were led by Ms Randello and Year 11 Food Studies students; Gayanthi Udawattage Don, Mariama Sesay and Monica Rahme to make a multi-coloured buttercream and fondant unicorn cupcake.


Marshmallow Challenge

On Friday, students came to Pascoes Café to take the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’ and build the tallest freestanding tower by using just 20 sticks of spaghetti, sticky tape, string and one marshmallow. Lots of great ingenuity, teamwork and communication was employed to build gravity defying towers - some more optimistic than others! Judge, Mrs. Rodda carefully scrutinised final results to announce team of four – Dilara Kisa 10C, Zahraa Alhamzah 10D, Batoul Jabbour 10B and Greta Mc Clatchie-Grove  9G the winners!


Throughout the week there was also a Nutrition Quiz each day, where students could submit their answers online to win a prize. Congratulations to Alisha Sharma 10C, Esma Makera 10F, Milly Combridge 10E, Ashlee Borg 9A and Belinda Tran 12H who demonstrated a fantastic nutrient knowledge. Thank you to all the students who took part and congratulations to all our winners.


A great week was had by all involved. A very special thank you to the combined Physical Education and Health, Food and Hospitality staff for their tireless efforts to make the week a great success.


Mr A. Freeman P.E. Learning Area Leader

Ms A. Myers H.F.H. Learning Area Leader

Looking Ahead 



Tuesday 7th (evening), Thursday 9th ( evening and matinee) 

College Production 


Wednesday 8th August

Year 11 (2019) Parent and Students Course Information and Subject Expo


Wednesday 15th August

Year 9 (Year 10, 2019) Parents and Students Course Information, 7pm

Thursday 16th August

Year 11 (2019) Course  Counselling Interviews


Friday 24th August

Progress Reports Published


Tuesday 7th September

Parent/Teacher Interviews


Wednesday 5th September

Gala Music Concert: ED Daniel Hall, 7pm


Saturday 8th September - Tuesday 18th September

Visit to Toyota-Higashi Sister School


Monday 10th September - Friday 21st September

City Experience: Forms to be advised


Thursday 20th September - Friday 28th September

Year 12 Practice Exams


Friday 21st September

End of Term 3







School Production: A Geek Through Time 


Sara is a 21st century geek who inexplicably finds herself whisked into an 18th century fairytale. Complete with not one, but four fairytale princesses – Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood and Snow White, all of whom are competing for the affections of not four, but one Prince Charming!

Adding to Sara’s confusion is the fact that all the princesses bear a striking resemblance to the four girls who make her life miserable in her 21st century school.  

And then there is Jack.  In 2018, he is the boy she has a crush on.  In 1788, he is the younger brother of Prince Charming!

Add in a wizard, a dragon and a broken hearted suitor, not to mention a dangerous quest and Sara’s life is thrown into utter chaos and excitement!

Show dates: Tuesday 7 August and Thursday 8 August 7.00pm

Matinee: Thursday 9 August 1:30pm

Location: E.D. Daniel Hall

Tickets: Available from General Office week 1 term 3

Things to know at PVGC

Prize Winning Student 


A dozen school age students participated in a Teenage Festival on Sunday night 29th July at the Elsternwick Sports Club. This exciting event was organised by the community TV station Channel 31. Our student, Sevim Sevk (Year 9), presented some lovely solo singing consisting of a Turkish song and “Never Enough” from the big hit musical The Greatest Showman. Sevim was given great praise and was presented with an encouragement award. The concert was filmed and will be shown on the TV program “Teen Talk” at a later date.



Ms Watkins

Music Teacher

Ms Watkins

Singing, Woodwind & Piano Teacher


Junior School Football Team 

On Monday 30 July, the PVGC Year 7&8 AFL team competed in the NMR inter-school competition against Viewbank Secondary College, Whittlesea Secondary College and Gladstone Park Secondary College. PVGC played a tough, high-pressure brand of football and gave 100% commitment to the team for the duration of the day. They proudly represented the college and have built the foundations of a great team that will succeed in coming years. Most importantly, it was fantastic to see the students playing our great game with such passion and enjoyment. Thanks to all of those involved.


Language Perfect World Championships

From 21st to 31st May the World language championship was held online.

There were over 1,000 schools and 300,000 students participated in language division around the world. Japanese students from Pascoe Vale Girls College entered this championship. The following students made a great effort to receive the certificates.


Emerald medallist
   MaryamKamar Eddine   5,062 

Gold medallists

   JennyChen    3,338
   CeydaKaraata   3,005

Silver medallists

   LoganYoung   2,772
   Ann MariaSarish   2,316
   IsabeliCastro Sanchez   2,145

Bronze medallists

   ElifAkyildirim  1,752
   TamaraAfaneh  1,746
   GenevieveBriggs  1,702
   SarahAdam  1,515
   AlexandraRidgeway  1,172

Credit Certificates

   JenniferFrey   680
   EsmaMakara   625
   AmyWilliams   541
   Summer LeeSimpson   519 


Language Perfect helps students understand various languages from around the world, providing questions, challenges and a helping hand with languages. My experience in the language competition was so much fun and I'd do it again. I loved achieving up to new levels, and in the end getting a Gold award. My favourite part was getting to choose whatever topic I wanted such as sports, food ect.. I enjoyed this soooo much and it was amazing! I would love to participate again in the future because it was very enjoyable and fun! I think Language Perfect is perfect!


By Ceyda Karaata 8H






On 31 July the SG badminton team travelled to Darebin Sport and Recreation Centre in Reservoir to take Part in the Northern Metro Finals. PVGC was required to play 3 schools on the day to advance to the next round. Each round comprised of 4 singles matches and two doubles matches. The PVGC team were fantastic representatives of our college. They played a high standard of badminton winning two of their 3 rounds and showed excellent sportsmanship throughout day. Well done done girls on your effort and performance. Also great to see a good number of girls trying out for the team during lunchtimes in lead up to the day.


Anthony Freeman (Coach)


















PVGC 6 - MillPark 0

PVGC 3 - Gladstone Park 3 (PVGC won on total points count back (117-109)

PVGC 2 - View Bank 4

Intermediate Netball


The Intermediate Netball team won their way through the first round in Term 2, coming back from being down by four goals, to win the final by 1 goal.


On Tuesday 24th July, the team played in the Northern Metro Region Finals.  Although we didn’t make the finals, every player represented the school professionally.  They played together as a team and were very supportive of each other and tried their hardest to succeed.



Intermediate Netball Team: BACK -Montana Condo, Rebecca McConnell, Ebony Bennett, Loretta-Grace Nasalio, Kya Hearty, Bella Rowland, Holly Hamilton, Georgia Marriage

FRONT - Yasmine Ben-Romdhane, Maheda Al-Tamimi, Milly Combridge

Ina Papil & Lilly Turner


St. John Ambulance 

Last term in St John Ambulance was FANTASTIC.


The last week of term two was dedicated to celebrating the birthdays and successes of ex PVGC students who have been involved in our division of St John Ambulance for nearly 10 years!!





Anastasia, Zoe and Renee as well as Gabby, have dedicated a lot of time and effort towards managing our St John Ambulance division. All of the girls have competed at least once in the St John Ambulance Annual State Competition, with Zoe and Gabby even qualifying for Nationals!


Even after graduating from our college they have continued to be the backbone of the division, organising and teaching classes every week alongside studying at university. They are all currently undergoing a degree in science. Anastasia is studying paramedicine and nursing, Zoe is completing paramedicine, Renee is undertaking a health science degree and Gabby is in her first year of University in order to complete a nursing degree.


Also a big thank you to Neseryn in year 10 for organising  ‘First Aid charades’, a very creative activity during the last week of term. All members had heaps of fun contributing to the game and we all can’t wait to play it again soon!


The first Aid handbook has been completed, and Cadets are on their way to getting their uniform and their First Aid name tags to wear on duties.


Well done everyone for a great term and we cannot wait for the term ahead!


Nawal Hussein and Eliza Davies

Acting Youth Corporals

Anaphylaxis Information

The safety and wellbeing of your child is of paramount importance to us, including where your child is diagnosed at risk of a severe allergic reaction..  It is important that parents notify the school if their child has an allergy.


Anaphylaxis is a severe and sometimes sudden allergic reaction that is potentially life-threatening and always requires an emergency response. As with other serious health conditions, schools put in place strategies to support students at risk of anaphylaxis at school or while they are engaged in school related activities.


Additional measures to support students at risk of anaphylaxis are in place.

These measures include updated procedures and information about precautions schools can take to minimise the risk of exposure to allergens and training requirements for staff, regardless of whether or not there is a student with anaphylaxis at school.


For further information:


Anaphylaxis resources - including action plans and instructional videos



Secondary School

Slide set secondary schools - are you allergy aware?

pdfAllergy Aware presentation secondary school699.66 KB


Kind regards,


Diana Di Lisio


College Nurse


Senior School Report

A message from the Senior School


Welcome back to Term 3!

This term will be extremely busy for students studying a Unit 4 subject. Teachers have 10 weeks to teach the content for this whole unit.

Practice exams will commence on Thursday 20th September and continue through the first week of the holidays until Thursday 27th.  The aim of these exams are to give students a final practice at attempting every subject exam before the final exam in November. They will imitate the final exam in timing, content and process.   It will allow students to make a judgement on what they already know and where further revision is needed. Teachers will use these exams to plan the final two weeks of revision here at school.


Hopefully parents and students have realised the change of date for Graduation day & evening.  It is now scheduled for Wednesday 24th October.


This term, a year level assembly has been held to celebrate successes from Term 2.

Students were recognised for academic excellence, outstanding effort and effort that resulted in improvement; as well as sporting, music & school production, public speaking & debating, student leadership, St John’s, STEM and several community achievements.  All students need to be commended for the successes they achieved!

Course Counselling is rapidly approaching in the Senior School.  Year 12’s will have an assembly on Friday 10th August to inform them about applying to universities and TAFEs through VTAC and completing a SEAS application.  SEAS stands for Special Entry Access Scheme and students who have experienced some sort of disadvantage throughout their schooling should apply for this. Disadvantage includes financial, illness, death in family, divorce/separation, where you live, course you are applying to, just to name a few.  

Year 11’s will have an assembly on Thursday 9th August informing them about choices for Year 12, followed by course counselling on Monday 20th August and Tuesday 21st August.

Victorian SRC Congress

From July 10-12,  three Year 11s were given the opportunity to wilfully abandon their leisurely holidays in order to attend the Vic SRC Congress 2018. Nawal Hussein, Anakha Panicker, and me, Skye Griffiths, attended the three day event located at Melbourne University’s Ormond College, as day delegates, representing PVGC’s own senior school executives as part of the wider Student Representative Council.


Organised and attended by student from metropolitan and regional Victoria, the 12th Annual Congress consists of interactive workshops and team & leadership building exercises focused on identifying and providing solutions to issues that affects young people in our schools the most. Our group chose to address the issue of Transparency in our Schools - particularly in regards to the new state legislature forcing school councils to include student members to their boards. From there, we cooperated with school kids of all ages and diversities to develop possible solutions and present our ideas to the Victorian Minister for Education James Merlino - who you will remember presented our school with $2.3 million earlier this year.

On top of attending nearly 10 hour work days, we were presented the opportunity to attend the Annual Congress Gala - a night of fun, excitement, and full stomachs. This year, the theme was ‘Four decades in One night’, in which we were encouraged to dress in costumes from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.


Overall, Congress 2018 has been incredibly eye-opening to the opportunities we are given as school leaders, and the overwhelming support we received from the staff and people there has inspired us to continue bringing change to our own learning environment.

Structured Workplace Learning


At Pascoe Vale Girls College our students have the opportunity to participate in the Structured Workplace Learning program through their studies in VCAL and VCE Options.  This program is a fabulous opportunity for students to immerse themselves in work that is often challenging and rewarding. Last semester all our VCAL students participated in the program. For example, Maddy Willis and Sharny Taylor both completed a placement in the local nursing home, Plumpton Villa Aged Care. The partnerships developed with these organisations have enormous benefits for both student and organization and is an integral part of the program.


Planet Ark Tree Planting Day


On Friday the 27th of July , the Year 11 VCAL class participated in a volunteer community project as part of Moreland City Council for Planet Ark Tree Planting day. It was an opportunity to do something positive for the local environment and community and to reconnect with nature. For the project, our class planted around 250 trees and native plants, near the KW Joyce Reserve that’s behind the school. It made us feel better about ourselves and also made us realise that our actions can have a big positive impact on the  environment that we live in. Participating in this project is a good connection to the subject Personal Development Skills, as it helped us see that the environment is a very important part of our personal lives, and also showed us that there are a lot of different volunteer projects that we can help in our own community. Overall, it was a very good day!




Planet Ark Tree Planting provides an opportunity for you to do something positive for your community and the environment by connecting with nature. Last friday (27th of july) the year 11 WPS class had the privilege to help plant 250 native plants back into KW Joyce Reserve as an attempt to restore the park back to its natural state after being used as a landfill lot, KW Joyce Reserve is located directly behind the school on Northumberland road. Being able to plant trees helps us develop our personal skills by showing the importance of nature and expanding our knowledge of the effects of urbanisation on the local riverways and plants. Being able to participate in the tree planting made us feel more connected to both the community and the natural environment.


Kajean Doski

Year 12 English Incursion 

On Monday the 30th of July, the Year 12 English and EAL students had the opportunity to attend a live theatre performance of our English texts, “The Crucible” and “Year of Wonders”. Talented theatre actors and actresses came into Pascoe Vale Girls College and brought the characters to life through their incredible performances. They enacted scenes and passages from both texts, making the comparison between them very clear. Not only was this event enjoyed by all, but it was also very educational as it deepened our understanding of both texts. Personally for me, this was an amazing experience as it helped me understand these texts in more depth, whilst simultaneously it reinforced my prior understanding of them.  This event was an engaging way of preparing for our upcoming School Assessed Coursework. Thank you to those who organised this event as well as the theatre performers for their wonderful work.


By Saheba Alam 12A EAL

Kind regards,


Diana Di Lisio


College Nurse


Brain Bee Challenge 2018


On Wednesday the 18th of July, 2018, six lovely students from Pascoe Vale Girls College attended the regional finals of the Australian Brain Bee Challenge at the Melbourne Brain Centre, University of Melbourne and competed against 40+ schools on behalf of their school. The students that were lucky enough to make it to the second round were Nabiha Tanveer 10E, Zuleyha Gurdag 10E, Ieesha Abdallah 10E, Thilini Perera 10E, Aysha Jabbar 10E and Nessryn Tabiaat 10C. On this day, the girls participated in two rounds; one individual round to determine the state champion and another group round to determine the school winner. It was very competitive and although our girls tried their best, we did not make it to the next round to participate in live questioning in order to determine the State champion.

The day, itself, was full of educational talks based on neuroscience research, including lab tours, demonstrations, DAX Gallery tour, and an opportunity to meet new lecturers and speak to researchers. In our opinion, winning was not the important aspect of this day. We gained a lot of knowledge about neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and much more. Learning in such detail about axon terminals and how neuronal cells exchange chemical messages in order to have us functioning is absolutely fascinating and very helpful for students studying VCE Psychology and even Biology. We may have not brought home the big brain trophy, but what we do have is powerful knowledge that has given us a better insight to our decisions in the future and has helped guide us to the right path. The Brain Bee was not just about winning; it has given us skills that will definitely assist us in the future.


Zuleyha Gurdag 10E


Big Science Competition


The Big Science Competition is a 50 minute, multiple choice competition testing critical thinking and problem solving skills in Science. Questions are set in real-life, contemporary contexts, making them relatable to students.


In Term 2, 103 students from years 7-10 at Pascoe Vale Girls College sat the Big Science Competition. All year 7SEAL and 8-10CAL students sat the competition as part of their enrichment as well as other students from years 7-10 who expressed interest in participating.


Results for the competition and award certificates have been given to the students at their year level assemblies at the beginning of this term.


Congratulations to all of our students who took part!


Their results are as follows:

  • HD = High Distinction

  • D = Distinction

  • C = Credit

  • P = Participation



Girls in Physics Competition

On Friday 20th July, ten year 9-10 students attended an all day program run by the University of Melbourne. The program was designed to give female secondary students the opportunity to hear about the latest developments in the field of Physics from top female Physicists. Students saw three lectures which were a short version of the "July Lectures in Physics 2018", which is held every Friday evening in July. The theme of the lectures centered around the 50th anniversary of the July Lectures and explores what Physics may be like 50 years into the future.


Thanks to Ms Ashlin for escorting our students to the event.


For more information on this and other public lectures offered by the University of Melbourne’s Physics department, please see this link.


Our students are also mentioned on the University of Melbourne’s Twitter page.

Grade 5 Science Taster


On Tuesday 24th July, 31 year 5 students from Westbreen Primary School visited Pascoe Vale Girls College for a taste of life at the College. As part of this experience, they participated in a Science lesson during periods 1-2. Our Science staff showed the year 5’s how to work out what coloured pigments are in their black markers by conducting experiments on Chromatography (colour sorting). Students also learnt how detergent breaks down milk by using coloured food dye to visualise the process of dishwashing, as well as making beautifully coloured milk.


Special thanks to our Science teachers Mr Cantelmi and Ms Andrews as well as our lab technician Ms O’Keeffe for their time on the day.

Year 11 Biology Excursion


In week 1 of Term 3, all year 11 Biology students attended an excursion to the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) in Parkville.


Students participated in the program entitled “Applying Genetic Knowledge in prenatal and predictive genetic testing”, which directly related to their studies of Unit 2 Biology.

The following activities were done by the students on their excursion:


  • Exploring chromosome abnormalities: Students modelled meiosis to explore gamete formation and non-disjunction for formation of gametes with incorrect chromosome numbers. They view the results of Fluorescence In Situ Hybridisation experiments to diagnose chromosome abnormalities.

  • Using DNA in genetic testing: Students performed a Guthrie test to diagnose patients with the Phenylketonuria (PKU) phenotype. They investigated the inheritance of this disease through examination of a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) that results in an allele of the Phenylalanine hydroxylase gene coding for a defective enzyme. Using models, students investigated the SNP in the mutant allele and find that it introduces a cutting site for a restriction enzyme. Students performed a DNA digest and gel electrophoresis to determine the PKU allele status for a family and use their results to construct a family tree. Students tested products for the presence of Phenylalanine to determine if they should be eliminated from the diet of a person with PKU.


For more information on GTAC, please see their website:

Careers News

Careers News



Open Day season has started! Victoria’s universities and many training colleges are opening their doors to the public this month. This provides secondary school students the opportunity to visit the campus, attend info sessions on courses of interest, speak to university staff and students and participate in activities. Students will get the ‘feel’ of the campus which is important when students are considering future options.


Sunday August 4 : LaTrobe University

                              RMIT University Bundoora campus

                              Monash University Caulfield and Clayton campuses


Sunday August 12: RMIT University Brunswick & City campuses

                               Australian Catholic University Melbourne campus

                               William Angliss Institute


Sunday August 19: University of Melbourne

                              Monash University Parkville campus

                              Deakin University Geelong campuses

                              Melbourne Polytechnic Preston campus

                              Victoria University Footscray campus


Sunday August 26 : Deakin University Burwood campus

                                Australian Catholic University Ballarat campus


Students in Year 10 - 12 are encouraged to visit Open days. See the university websites to check the program and plan your visit. Check Compass Newsfeed for the full list of Open days and links.


Subject selection for 2019 is completed during August. It is important that students select their subjects carefully to ensure that they keep their future options open. Research is necessary for students, and parents, to be informed and help make the decisions. Students are encouraged to visit the Careers Office to ask questions and discuss options, and parents are welcome to make an appointment if they have queries or would like to discuss options.


VTAC accounts open next Monday August 6 for Year 12 students to apply for 2019 tertiary courses. Students will be taken through the process step by step next Friday, and they can seek assistance from me if they have any difficulties setting up their account or making application. VTAC deadlines are strict and not negotiable, so Year 12 students must be organised and ensure they meet all relevant deadlines for their course preferences, SEAS and scholarship applications. It is an exciting time for the students to be choosing 2019 courses after 13 years of schooling.


Kerry Moloney

Vocation Education Coordinator


Middle School Report

Year 10 Cake Incursion 


Experience Arts



Interesting, entertaining, fascinating, unique and informative are some of the words our students used to describe the experience Melbourne University day. The prospective Bachelor of Arts students experienced life as a student in the morning, toured the campus and attended an interesting lecture in marketing high end coffee - did you know Melbourne has some of the worst coffee in the world?
They analysed 5,000 year old Syrian and Egyptian pottery in Archeology, and held a jar that contained the lunch of a slave the built the Pyramids at Giza. Students role played selling a business in Accounting Hunger Games and analysed art created in psychiatric units in psychology. Our students described the sessions as eye-opening, they saw what the subjects entailed at a university level and has helped them make more informed choices for the future. 
For lunch, student life includes pizza and relaxation on South Lawn, with the opportunity to engage with University students and ask them about study at Melbourne University.
Film, architecture and street law workshops followed in the afternoon. It was great to see PVGC students using conceptual and logical thinking to design a building, while taking into account the practical considerations such as cost to the customer. At the end of the day the message from the University students was hard, make the effort at school and Melbourne University is possible!

Ms Gregory

Community News 

Moreland City Library


Glenroy Cricket Club 


Pascoe Vale Girls College
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