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28 May 2018
Issue Five
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From the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends

So much has happened since the last edition of the newsletter, engaging our students in an extraordinary range of learning activities.  I am indebted to our staff who not only provide challenging learning activities in the classroom but also are devoted to giving to our students beyond the classroom walls in order for them to thrive.        



FAME is a story of young people discovering who they are, whilst overcoming challenges, giving their best always to develop their talents to an exceptional level.  This is what our actors, dancers, singers, backstage team, and student musicians did to an exceptional level and, as a result, they were living their dream through this amazing season of performances.  Such show- stopping performances are a tribute to our staff who have inspired our young people to be the best they can be.  We are indebted to our co-directors, Ms Brie Gibson and Ms Alarna Summers, our producer, Mr Travis De Valle, our extraordinary musical directors, Ms Sally Bredin and Ms Peta Laughlin, the talented choreographer Ms Taylor Burchett and our own great tapper, Ms Ebonie Burns.  Thanks also to the many other staff who played significant roles in this incredible production.  Parents, students, staff and friends in the audiences have inspired our students to believe in themselves; that they can overcome challenges and achieve great things in life.  In excess of 100 students were involved in FAME, reporting that they felt a part of one big happy family where they felt accepted for who they are.  Such an experience has helped engender a strong feeling of belonging to a school where our students feel safe and valued, thus providing the perfect environment in which to flourish.  



Regular training of our Aerobics teams had them blitz the competition at a recent event in Langwarrin.  Five teams competed bringing home two gold medals, two silver medals and a bronze. 

A huge thank you to Ms Genevieve Donovan and Ms Jemma Pawley for spending countless hours coaching our Aerobics teams to such a high standard.  The girls are certainly learning about the rewards of working hard and cooperatively as a team; attributes that are essential for success throughout life.  We are all in awe of Ms Donovan’s dedication since she works at home to make the sensational costumes, whilst also having to look after a young daughter.  This is just one example of many that tells you that teaching is way more than just a 9 to 5 job.



Our stage bands were a highlight of the Frankston Musical Festival recently.  These highly acclaimed bands had the audience singing their praises.  The following weekend they participated in the Mount Gambier Jazz Festival.  This is a national event with bands from all over Australia competing.  Our bands were placed fourth, and sixth in their divisions with a smaller ensemble achieving fourth place.  Such success tells us that our bands are up there with the best in Australia, with such success being a real tribute to our devoted and highly talented team of instrumental music teachers.  Furthermore, let us not forget that these teachers sacrificed two consecutive weekends away from family and friends to allow our students to have this special learning opportunity.    



Another group of teachers devoted the entire weekend to allow two teams to compete against teams from across Victoria in a recent Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) competition.  Thanks to Ms Libby Nicol,  Mr Mick Andrews and Mr Ross Towers who gave of their expertise and encouragement resulting in our teams being placed an incredible third and fifth after many hair- raising spills, with one boy being taken to hospital.  Now Lachlan Gourley (Year 9) is sporting a moon boot, but remains forever keen to recover and participate in this thrilling competition.  A huge shout out to eager parents who were enthusiastic time keepers and mechanics on the day. 



We had record numbers of prospective parents and students attend our tours over the last three weeks.  The feedback from parents was, as usual, overwhelmingly positive with a bombardment of questions about how can they get their children into Frankston High School. Many parents indicated that they have purchased in the zone deliberately to have their children attend our great school.  Also parents have reported that they are choosing Frankston High School over the private sector.  With waiting lists at every year level, I am sure we all feel grateful being part of such an exceptional school.  Our students express their gratitude by making the most of their time at Frankston High School, because they know this will allow them to become the best they can be.  



On a recent weekend we had thousands of people attend the Japanese Festival held at our senior campus.  This was a fun day where locals were immersed in the Japanese culture as we celebrated the sister city relationship between Frankston and Susono.  From participating in a tea ceremony, to being blown away with the Japanese drumming, it was all happening.  Thanks to the many students, staff and parents who were active throughout the day to ensure everyone had a great time.  It was a great opportunity to showcase our magnificent school to thousands of visitors. 



On yet another Saturday our dedicated staff (Mrs Chloe Stevens, Mrs Carly Douglas, Mr Mal Burt and Mr Simon Ross) gave of their time and expertise to support our students to compete in the road relays at Albert Park.  To top this day off the unbelievable was achieved with our U16 boys becoming state champions, winning against elite private schools.

U14 girls came 5th with U18 girls placed 4th.  Furthermore, at the recent District Cross Country competition all teams won the District Cross Country last week with only one age level not represented.  We wish these teams the very best at Regional finals.


See, I wasn’t wrong when I told you so much has happened in the last few weeks.  If you have read my entire report you need to be congratulated.  I haven’t communicated everything, but I am sure you will read about our very well-presented Debutantes and their partners at the recent ball, and you will certainly read how proud we are of two graduate students who have been honoured with prestigious Premier’s awards.  Just quickly, thanks to our mums and grandmums for making our High Tea such a huge success, with over $6,000 being raised for Chaplaincy.


As winter is upon us, I hope everyone is keeping warm and active and enjoying life, as we are, at our ‘non stop get the most out of learning and life’ school.

Mr John Albiston


Senior School News


Each year students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) are recognized at the Premier’s VCE Awards.  The award ceremony was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 15 May.  Fiona Yu and Sehra Aladin were presented with their awards by the Minister of Education, the Hon James Merlino, MP. 

These are prestigious awards and to achieve at this level, Fiona and Sehra have performed at the very top of the state.  Fiona received her award for her outstanding achievement in Maths Methods and Sehra for her outstanding achievement in Business Management.  Both students received a perfect study score of 50.

It was a pleasure for Mr Andrew Watson, Ms Andrea Carron and myself to attend the Premier’s Awards to see Fiona and Sehra receive this prestigious award.  Both girls have our sincere congratulations on this outstanding achievement and our best wishes for their university studies this year – Fiona in the science area and Sehra in Law.



On Monday 14 May, Frankston High School was invited to send a student representative to the unveiling of a new ‘Landmark Initiative’ at Melbourne University.  Frankston High School was represented by one of our high-achieving Year 11 students, Matthew Van Wijk.

Melbourne University’s announcement was the building of a new student residence, and a scholarship program for students for the next 40 years, funded by a $30 million donation from Paul Little and Jane Hanson.  Thank you to Acting Year 11 Coordinator Mr Aaron Elias for recommending Matthew and attending this event.



Congratulations and a huge thank you to our Careers Practitioner, Mrs Carolyn Walsh, for organising a very successful Tertiary Expo on Tuesday 1 May.  Mrs Walsh successfully secured an array of tertiary institutions to attend including:  University of MelbourneMonash University, Australian Catholic University, RMIT University, Chisholm Institute,  Deakin University,  JMC Academy,  La Trobe University,  Swinburne University, and Victoria University.  This important event enabled students and families to meet with representatives from the institutions and gain valuable information on tertiary courses and pathways post Year 12.  The positive feedback received from students and parents highlights the success of this afternoon.



Congratulations to all who attended the Debutante Ball on Friday 11 May.  Paul Edbrooke MP, Member for Frankston, and Karen McCallum, Electorate Officer, received our Debutantes on the night and complimented our students on their beautiful presentation and behaviour.

Our students were a credit to the school and their behaviour was exemplary.  It was wonderful to see so many parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents and friends dancing the night away with our Year 11 students.

Congratulations and thank you to Ms Mindy Fischer for the organisation of the Deb Ball.  Thank you also to the staff who supervised dance practice and assisted on the day/night, for their contribution to the Ball’s success.  A special thank you to Mr Aaron Elias and Ms Clare Challenger  who introduced the students on the night.

I would like to thank the management and staff of the Brighton International for providing such a wonderful venue for our Debutante Ball.  For many of our students, the Debutante Ball is one of the highlights of their time at Frankston High School. 



Year 10 students who are interested in applying for the Monash Scholars Program should see me for further details.  Applications are based on students’ academic ability, leadership qualities and contribution to school and community life.  All applications must have a school endorsement.  The benefits of the Monash Scholars Program include: enhanced learning, exploring career ambitions, defining personal aspirations, preparation for university life and building networks with other high-achieving students.  Applications opened on Tuesday 1 May and close on Monday 28 May.



I would like to remind parents and students of the attendance policy in the senior school.  Seven unexcused absences in a study and/or fifteen absences in a study results in an N result for that study.  Students must ensure all absences are annotated by the Coordinators or office staff on the absence card in their diary.  Students must also ensure this is shown to all of their classroom teachers.  In order for the absence to be excused, parents/guardians must provide a note with a specific reason for the absence:  illness, funeral, etc.



A reminder to students and parents that the end of semester is Friday 8 June.  All Year 11 and Year 12 studies will have an end of semester examination.  Timetables will be distributed shortly. 

The Year 11 examination period is from 12 June to 22 June.

The Year 12 examination period is from 12  June to 22 June and the Year 12 exams will be held outside of class time.

Students must have a study/revision timetable in place and consistently review their class notes in preparation for these examinations.  Any students who would like assistance with study skills are most welcome to contact one of the Year Level Coordinators, Ms Kirsten Bakker, or myself for assistance. 

All students who are studying a Unit 3 and 4 (Year 12) subject are required to sit the General Achievement Test (GAT) on Wednesday 13 June.  There will be no timetabled Year 11 and Year 12 classes on this day.

I wish students all the best with their examinations.



Year 12 students:

Tuesday 12 June – Friday 22 June

Year 12 exams (outside of classtime)


Tuesday 12 June – Monday 18 June

There will be no Year 12 classes


Tuesday 19 June

Classes resume


Tuesday 19 June – Friday 22 June

Year 12 exams will be held after school


Friday 8 June

The last day for students to submit work for Unit 3


Wednesday 13 June

General Achievement Test (GAT)

There will be no formal Year 12 classes on this day


Thursday 14 June

Report Writing Day


Tuesday 19 June

Unit 4 commences


Year 11 students:

Tuesday 12 June – Friday 22 June

Year 11 examination period

There will be no Year 11 classes


Wednesday 13 June

General Achievement Test (GAT)

All students undertaking a Unit 3 and 4 study (Year 12 study) are required to sit the GAT

There are no formal Year 11 classes on this day.


Friday 8 June

The last day for students to submit work for Unit 1


Monday 25 June

Unit 2 commences



Year 12 Formal Information

Ms Helen Wilson

Senior School Principal

Important Dates and Notices

Important Dates


Finance Office Hours

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

8.00am - 4.00pm



8.00am - 11.00am

11.00am - 1.00pm (CLOSED)

1.00pm - 4.00pm

Uniform Shop Hours


Sarah Smith & Sara Dawson

Telephone 9784 9080





12.30pm - 1.30pm

3.00pm - 4.00pm

7.30pm to 8.30pm


10.00am - 12.00noon





The Uniform Shop is going "bag free", in line with popular supermarkets, with immediate effect



Either Summer or Winter uniform (but not a combination) can be worn during Term 2 until Queen's Birthday.

Winter uniform must be worn from thereafter until the end of Term 3.

Junior Resource Centre & Homework Club


Breakfast Club


If any parents are available and able to assist (must have current WWCC) or should you know of a local business that would like to donate to our Breakfast Club,  please contact Sam or Stav on 9783 7955

Casual Dress Day
Friday 1 June

This terms charity for our Casual Dress Day on Friday 1 June is JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Now, some of you may be thinking what is diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is a life-long autoimmune disease that usually occurs in childhood but can be diagnosed at any age. Type 1 diabetes alone, affects over 120,000 people in just Australia, and including the two other types of diabetes Type 2 and Gestational diabetes, it affects 1.7 million people in Australia, nearly 1 in 10 adults.

Type 1 diabetes is caused by the immune system mistakenly turning on itself, destroying the cells it needs inside the pancreas and therefore removing the body's ability to produce insulin. And to those who don’t know what insulin is, it's very important. Insulin is what allows the body to process sugar to create energy, so without insulin the body would starve itself as it cannot process food.

So, to make sure they can process food, diabetics have to supply themselves with insulin by either injection (usually 2 times a day, but can be 3) or by using a insulin pump, which pumps insulin in when needed. Diabetics also have to pick their fingers on a regular basis each day, to make sure there blood glucose levels are between 4 and 8.  If they are too high, a diabetic may need some insulin and if they are too low, they make need to have some sugar to make sure they go back to the normal levels.

Now, although there is no cure for Type 1 diabetes at the moment, by donating your $2 coin on Casual Dress Day, the money will go into the research to try and discover a cure and help millions of people, not only in Australia, but all around the world.


The activities we will be running are:

- A “guess how many lollies in the jar”, as a theme for diabetes.

- A bake sale

- Drama activites

- And sport events

More information to come.


Also a reminder that it is not compulsory to wear casual dress on this day. You are welcome to wear your school uniform, but any donation to this important cause is greatly appreciated.

Kirralee Hancock

Year 11 SLC member

Year 12 Formal


School Council Open Meeting 19 June 

RSVP by 12 June

[email protected]

Please see attachment for further information


MEGAR Week 2018
25 - 29 JUNE

In the last week of Term 2 (25-29 June), Year 9 students will be participating in MEGAR week. Throughout the week,  Year 9 students will participate in a range of fun activities that aim to build students’ skills in:




Acceptance and



The activities are intended to promote mental health and wellbeing, all while having a bit of a break from regular classes and stepping out of your comfort zone!  Some activities to look forward to include: various workshops, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, a fitness session, a motivational speaker, a visit to Monash University and Chisolm TAFE, and much more!


For more information about the week, please contact Ms Emma Manks, Ms Paige Jessulat, and Ms April Ewing.


Click on the link below to watch a video of students from MEGAR week 2017 enjoying and reflecting on their experience and to get a sneak-peek of some of the awesome activities to look forward to!  

French Host Information

The emphasis of the French Exchange Host Program is for our French visitors to experience our culture, our food and our language and in return enjoy a rewarding cultural exchange.


The 10 French students aged 16-17 years old will arrive at Tullamarine Airport on Sunday 15 July at 5.35am (last Sunday of the school holidays).  They depart on Tuesday 21 August at 9.15pm.  There will be two host block dates to choose from:


Sunday 15 July - Friday 3 August

(19 days)


Friday 3 August - Tuesday 21 August

(18 days)







Out and About

Year 12 Excursion to the Yakult factory

On Monday 23 April, the four Year 12 Business Management classes went on an excursion to the Yakult factory in Dandenong.  Yakult is a fermented milk drink containing beneficial probiotic bacteria, and it originated in Japan.  We were given a tour of the factory and observed how it conducts its operations, to help us learn about our new area of study ‘Operations Management’. 

It was really interesting to view how a business operates in a real life situation to produce a product from start to finish - involving various inputs, processes and outputs.  At the end of the tour, we were all given a bottle of Yakult to taste, as well as an information pack to help us relate the operation strategies we saw at Yakult to the content learnt in class.  Many of the students asked their own questions about Yakult’s manufacturing process, and overall it was a great morning.  Many thanks to the teachers who organised this excursion.

Chloe Chiappa

Year 12 Business Management student

International Students on Excursion

Frankston High School's English Language Centre students spent a day putting their recent PE, Health and Environmental studies into action hiking in the peninsula's stunning national parks. They saw some native wildlife, walked into Bushrangers Bay and to Cape Schanck Lighthouse. For the majority of the 19 students, this was their first ever experience at a surf beach or any beach in Australia.

Ms Emma Manks

Health/EAL/PE Teacher

International Student Forum

On 3 May, three Year 12 students attended the International Student Forum in the city.  Chanel Le Roux, Hiromi Ikegami and Yande Fu represented our school and showed great leadership attributes throughout the day.  They worked with other schools to develop a plan to increase Global Citizenship and jointly presented this to a Forum of over 800 people.

Their ideas included doing a democratic vote in assembly to help students feel more welcome, helping with the Buddy program, a fun day on the weekend and better communication with all the International students.

Both Chanel Le Roux and Hiromi Ikegami have been invited to have a meeting with the Director of Internationalisation and the Deputy of Education to discuss Globalisation.  This is an honour as only 10 students from around Victoria have been selected.

Thank you to these students who took time from their Year 12 studies to attend this day.

Mrs Sharon Koning

International Student Coordinator

Models United Nations Assembly (MUNA)

On 19 May, I drove down to Phillip Island Adventure Resort to attend MUNA camp. My partner and I had decided to represent the Indian Delegation.  Unfortunately, she couldn't make it as she was ill. Nevertheless, everyone there was so supportive and extremely friendly.  With the assistance of a counsellor, I represented the viewpoints of the Indian government on issues including the situation in Myanmar and prevention of violence against women and girls. 

My partner and I spent weeks of research and preparing speeches on each resolution.  There was a variety of different students, from schools all over Victoria, with up to 30 delegations.  It seemed like I was sitting in Parliament because it was so formal.  It made me feel confident and the support I got from everyone there was incredible. 


Four resolutions were presented on Saturday including amazing debates and extraordinary speeches.  Sunday included two resolutions and ended with a bang.  I enjoyed meeting new people and engaging in conversation with them.  I had planned on not attending due to the absence of my partner. However, by being influenced by my peers and an amazing teacher, I decided to go and I'm so happy that I did.  

Representing and observing countries viewpoint were both challenging, but left me feeling like I accomplished something and boosted my confidence and my ability to speak publicly.  I highly suggest that students in Years 9 and 10 go next year.  You really don't want to miss it. 


Thank you to the Rotary Club of Frankston for sponsoring us and especially Mr David Cross for his support.

Anna Paulson

Year 11 SLC Member

On 18 May myself and 2 other class mates were given the opportunity to attend MUNA camp at Phillip Island.  My partner and I decided to represent Syria which was a very tough delegation.  We had to represent the viewpoints of the Syrian government (on issues like refugees and climate change) and given current time this was a challenge for us.  However, after countless days of research and writing speeches on each resolution we headed down to Phillip Island. There were many people from different schools, with up to 30 delegations. Friday night was an introductory session where we decided how the next few days were going to be planned.  Saturday and Sunday were days of the debates.  Overall this experience was amazing. Representing another counties viewpoint was challenging yet rewarding and now I have a sound knowledge on international affairs. 

We would like to thank Frankston Sunrise for this wonderful opportunity by sponsoring us.  We would also like to thank Mrs Sarah Bahramis for her help in organising us to attend.

Anzali Nedumaran and Liya Jose

Year 11 SLC Members

Youth Summit for Human Rights

The 2018 LEAD Class and I travelled to the Youth Summit for Human Rights which was held at ACMI in Federation Square, Melbourne.

We listened to numerous young leaders inspire us and inform us how to improve as young leaders ourselves. All the speakers wanted to impact the world in a positive way.

We learnt how to effectively communicate in groups, where we were discussing how we could convince the Australian Government and the Australian public that Sudanese Refugees should be allowed to move into our country. Everyone in my group shared their ideas, which were all very interesting, and I enjoyed getting to know the other students from different schools. This challenge proved that participating in a team together is important, and no idea is a bad idea. The LEAD Class also learnt how art and technology can unite people and change people's lives. 'The Future is Now' was my favourite, and the whole class had an excellent time of 'Pixelator' where we spelt out 'FHS' in large red font. Overall, the whole class obtained many more leadership skills, and we had an inspiring, and joyful experience. 

Matthew Gilbert

Year 9

On Friday 4 May our class attended the Youth Summit for Human Rights at ACMI. I participated in the 'UN Youth Cabinet Crisis' and 'The Future Is Now'. In the Un Youth Cabinet Crisis I learnt that thinking of the idea can be hard because challenges can arise at any moment to change how you can go about things. For example, I was in the Australian government, we were in the middle of creating our first plan of attack when the lady came up and told us that the current refugee camps have been filled out to the maximum, so we needed to look at short term ideas. In The Future Is Now I learnt that when you work as a team you can create anything. For example, all the students from Frankston High School tried to write 'FHS' all together on the pixel website where everyone can work on one plain white document, and it worked.

Aleisha Walters

Year 9

On Friday 4 May, the LEAD class of 2018 went to the Youth Summit for Human Rights.  By the end of the summit, I had learnt many things about refugees, the government, aboriginals and more. I learnt how hard it could be being a refugee, how you could have been taken, lost someone along the way or miss home. I learnt how the government deal with crisis all the time. I learnt about art and aboriginal settlement and how artists spread these messages through their work. It was all very empowering, and I am grateful that I live in a lovely place called Australia. 

Amelia Tobin

Year 9

Senior Girls Netball

Two teams represented Frankston High School in the Senior Girls Netball on 3 May.   Both teams displayed various excellent passages of play throughout the day.  The A-Team was flawless, winning every game by 10 goals or more. Ruby, Abbey and Molly were consistently accurate when it counted. Kiera, Charlie and Taylor had an excellent ability to read the play and take various thrilling intercepts and rebounds. Ebony took charge in the mid-court and worked seamlessly with Paris and Amy to bring the ball to the goalers.

The B-Team also had a great day out.  They had multiple girls that were brand new to the sport and proved they were definitely all up for the challenge.  They successfully over-ran multiple A-Teams throughout the day. Unfortunately, they went down to a very strong Carrum Downs side in their B-Pool final. 

Thanks to Miss Libby Nicol for coaching the team, her experience and knowledge throughout the day really helped. Well done everyone on a great day out.

Charlie Boswell

Year 11

Boys Netball

Frankston High School took six teams to the Interschool Boys Netball tournament on 14 May. Two Junior, two Intermediate and two Senior teams, a total of 65 players, umpires and coaches.  All students represented the school with pride, they played with great sportsmanship and intensity.  The Junior’s got stronger as the day went on, taking care with their passing and contesting hard in defense.  The Senior team won six out of seven games, they unfortunately went down to a competitive Elisabeth Murdoch College (EMC) team in the first round.  They learnt from their mistakes and went through the rest of the day undefeated, finishing the day in second place.

It was the intermediate team that stole the show. Winning their grand final against EMC by one in the last ten second of the game.  It was the hard work by Aiden at GA, allowing his partner Kobe in GS to finish off and secure the win for the team. 

Thanks to the coaches Miss Libby Nicol, Mr Chris Sutcliffe and Miss Nicole Dickinson as well as student coaches Charlie, Imogen and Chelsea for their hard work throughout the day and in the lead up.  Also, a huge thank you to Mrs Kylie Grech for convening the day, overall there was seven schools with 30 teams and the day ran extremely smoothly.


May has been a very busy month for the Music Department.



Congratulations to our guitar group who performed at the Frankston Special Development School on Tuesday 1 May.  Lu Yang (Year 8), Karu Handoyo (Year 11), Shaun Nichols (Year 8), Nathan Walker (Year 11) and Paul Keane (Year 11), led by Mr Bob Wijnschenk, gave such a fantastic performance that, at one stage, the whole audience was up and dancing.



Congratulations to our flute choir who performed at the Frankston Susono Friendship Society’s Japanese Fair which was held on the Senior Campus on Sunday 6 May.  Led by Mrs Pauline Coates, Sophie Richardson (Year 11), Alicia Zhang (Year 9), Chloe Chiappa (Year 12), Chloe Chia (Year 10) and Bethany Yeuong (Year 8) gave a lovely half hour performance to a large and appreciative crowd.



On the weekend of Friday-Sunday 4–6 May our Senior and Intermediate Stage Bands went to Mount Gambier to attend the Generations in Jazz National Stage Band Awards.  Attended by 5,100 students and over 600 teachers, this competition is now one of the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere, the focus being jazz in its many forms.

Both our bands gave great performances and did really well in the competitions.  Our Senior Concert Band, who were in Division 2 (there were five divisions for stage bands) came sixth overall and our Intermediate Stage Band came fourth in Division 4, receiving an honourable mention.  Four boys, Matthew Coulter (Year 12), Whitley Gerlach (Year 12), Josh Burt (Year 12) and Prosha Veresov (Year 10) entered themselves in the ‘small combo’ section and came fourth, a remarkable achievement as this was entirely their own work with no teacher input.  Matthew Coulter, our music captain, was selected to perform with the Division 2 super band on trumpet, a great achievement.


More than just a competition, the students also attended workshops and listened to performances from professional musicians such as James Morrison and Patti Austin, one of the leading jazz vocalists in America today.  On Saturday night they had a full concert from Cat Empire, which practically turned into a dance party.  It is interesting to note that of the six performers in Cat Empire, five attended Generations in Jazz with their school bands, including the bass player, Ryan Munroe, who is a past Frankston High School student.


As an aggregate this is the best we have ever done at Mount Gambier, and I would like to congratulate the students in each band.


In the SENIOR STAGE BAND we have:

Year 12 students-

Ellison Baumann,

Josh Burt, Beth Byrnes,

Matthew Coulter,

Ivana Deam,

Whitley Gerlach,

Linus Maxwell-Gould,

Fern Nicholls,

Alex Pixton,

Year 11 students-

Jerry Cheng,

Karu Handoyo,

Victoria Middlebrook,

Melanie Tiong,

Liam Wilkinson,

Year 10 students-

Maya Rich-Danks

Lachlan Hayes,

Maksim Kuzminykh,

Ryan Pfleger,    

Prosha Veresov.



Year 11 students-

James Kim,

Brigid Newton,

Year 10 students-

Serge Dinkha,

Branden Green,

Abinu Lal,

Jackie Mandarino,

Hayden Richardson,

Daniel Rogozinski,

Year 9 students-

Matthew Baumann,

Nissi Cai,

Abigail Ermel,

Finn Hester,

Finn McTaggart,

Malena Rudolph,

Matt Tang,

Arthur Watson,

Year 8 students-

Laura Brumbaugh,

Otis Antreou

Shaun Nichols.


A big thank you and congratulations to Mr Bob Braithwaite who did all the work with the bands, and a big thank you to Mrs Sally Bredin and Mr Rob Mattessi for helping out with the trip.



The Music Department has two vacancies for beginner guitar.  If you are interested in learning to play guitar please come and see Mr Sharp anytime in the Music Centre.





Tuesday 19 June

Our Senior Concert Band will be joining McKinnon Secondary College and Bentleigh Secondary College for a combined concert.

The Resilience Project

Spotlight on:

What is emotional literacy?


Emotional Literacy is our ability to label our emotions as we experience them.  It is also our ability to see and empathise with other people’s emotions.  The ability to effectively communicate our emotions allows us to make informed choices or express them to another who can help us, such as a Teacher!




Promoting Emotional Literacy

In this TEDx Talk, Ronan Habib explains the power of developing emotional intelligence in our students and the wonderful academic outcomes that can follow.

Spotlight on:

What is empathy?


Empathy is our ability to share and understand the feelings and experiences of others. A great way to begin exploring empathy is by being kind to others.




Cultivating Empathy

Walking a mile in someone else's shoes,  this clip provides some wonderful ideas on teaching empathy to children.

Chaplaincy High Tea

Women from the Frankston High School community were treated to a special Mother’s Day High Tea, overlooking our stunning bay on Saturday 12 May.  Our champagne glasses were full and our spirits high as we ate our way through a delicious assortment of sweets and savouries, organised by the wonderful Chaplaincy Committee at Frankston High School.  Many thanks to Ms Clare Challenger who spoke to us about her inspiring adventures, walking along the Camino de Santiago.  With almost 100 women – parents, staff and community members - in attendance on the day, we raised over $6000 to support our Chaplaincy program.  Stay tuned for next year’s High Tea as this has turned into a much-loved annual event!  Special thanks to the members of the Chaplaincy Committee who worked tirelessly to organise such a wonderful event, to our students who helped to serve food, and to Mr John Albiston and his team of bar and wait staff!


The Frankston High School Chaplaincy Committee gratefully acknowledges the following sponsors of the Chaplaincy High Tea:

  • Ad Hoc Cafe Mount Eliza
  • Rosie’s Kitchen Pantry
  • Core 24 Health Club
  • Miss Velvet
  • Deep Blue Florist
  • Siam Remedial and Thai Massage
  • Moonlit Sanctuary
  • Peninsula Dry Cleaning
  • Enchanted Adventure Garden
  • Art of Balance Yoga Studio
  • All U Beauty
  • Botanix Nursery Somerville
  • Trudy Poole
  • Samantha Smith
  • Christine Dawe
  • Debbie Albiston
  • Cheryl Cantlie
  • Wise Choice Catering
  • Dava Thai Restaurant Towerhill
  • Pharmacy Neo Towerhill
  • Stem by Stem Flowers and Gifts
  • Towerhill Tattslotto
  • La Porchetta Frankston
  • Barbara Bradey
  • Melissa King
  • Peninsula Cookie House
  • Robyn Cross

Snowy River School for Student Leadership

Community Learning Project


Hello, my name is Tess and I am from Frankston High School, though currently attending the Snowy River School for Student Leadership.  I applied to attend Snowy River as it was an amazing opportunity to develop my leadership and an overall life-changing experience.  My highlight of Snowy so far has been working closely with my Expo group during classes, including bridge building, social awareness, surfing and cultural diversity.  These classes have helped me learn more about why effective communication is so important in a team, and how to do this.  I have also enjoyed snorkelling with a group of students outside of my Expo group.


School for Student Leadership (SSL) is all about developing your leadership while living in a community of students like yourself.  Living in a community like this leads to having more responsibilities including duties like cleaning up, taking care of the chickens, kitchen duty and living with a roommate.


At SSL, you have three classes throughout the day that go for around two hours each; morning, afternoon and evening class.  Classes can be taught in your Expo group, Community Learning Project (CLP) group or whole school community. There are typically two different classes, more indoor or outdoor classes.  For example, yesterday my morning class was a half day bike ride, and my afternoon class was self-awareness and management.  I really love all of the classes here, and all of the valuable lessons that are taught.


The six Year 9 students from Frankston High School, Lucy Philpott, Matt Debenham, Jack Westley,  Alex Hayes, Amelie Rule and myself, are all currently working on our CLP, which asks you to create a project that will positively affect and bring together your community.  Our CLP focuses on making children’s hospital experiences more positive.  We plan to visit the Monash Children’s Hospital and involve kids in fun, rewarding activities that can make their day a little bit better.


Overall, I have thoroughly been enjoying my time here at Snowy, and would highly recommend it to those who are thinking of applying.  Snowy has already been so rewarding to me and it is only the beginning.

Tess Rogers

Year 9


Hello, my name is Jack and I’m a Year 9 student from Frankston High School, currently at the Snowy River Campus of the School for Student Leadership.  I wanted to attend the Snowy River School because I wanted to improve my leadership skills and to do something different that will change my life.  My highlights have been the amazing activities and classes with my Expo group, which includes Bridge Building, Surfing, Decision Making, Self/ Social Awareness and a Half Day Bike Ride.  I have also enjoyed being the student leader (and will continue to), to improve on my public speaking and speech making.  In these classes I’ve learnt the importance of being a good communicator and cooperative team member in order to be a great leader.  The classes are all equally important as they are all meant to improve on your leadership for your future.


At the School for Student Leadership (SSL), you learn to become a great leader for a period of ten weeks instead of the subjects from normal schools like Maths, English or Science.  You also live in a community of a variety of different students from different schools, which comes with responsibilities like doing duties.  The duties include setting and packing up meals, cleaning bathrooms, looking after the chickens and cleaning your room, which is shared with another student that you don’t know.  A normal day at SSL would be divided into three different classes, a morning, afternoon and evening class, which go for two hours each.  We get breaks after each class for meals and we also have rest days on Saturday where we can choose what we would like to do.


The other Frankston High students at the SSL are Lucy Philpott, Matt Debenham, Amelie Rule, Tess Rogers and Alex Hayes.  We are currently planning our Community Learning Project (CLP), in which we plan to visit the patients at Monash Children’s Hospital and make their day by getting them involved in some exciting activities. The reason we are doing this is to give our community a positive effect and to bring it closer together.


In the time I’ve been at SSL I have done so many exciting and educational activities that have certainly improved my leadership skills.  I would highly encourage anyone who might be interested to attend the Snowy River Campus, as it is worth going.  I have learnt and improved so much on leadership and it is just the beginning of a long and exciting journey.     

Jack Westley

Year 9


Hello, my name is Matthew and I am currently attending Frankston High School. Late last year, an amazing opportunity came up to participate in the School for Student Leadership (SSL) up at the Snowy River Campus.  I had to hand in an application and have a meeting.  I was so pleased once I found out that I had been successful and been chosen to attend SSL.  It was the most excitement I had felt for a long time! I have come to SSL because I really want to mature and build on my current leadership skills.  For the time I am here, I would love to make some great friendships that will last forever!


At School for Student Leadership (SSL), you have three classes a day at around two hours each. Those classes can either be outside or inside lessons. You can have classes in your expo teams, Community Learning Project (CLP) groups or the whole community which is 45 people!

Whilst we are now living in a community, we have to take on a few responsibilities.  Those responsibilities include cleaning up, taking care of the chickens, working in the kitchen and living with a roommate!


From Frankston High School, there have been six lucky students able to attend the Snowy River Campus!  They are Jack Westley, Amelie Rule, Lucy Philpott, Tess Rogers, Alex Hayes and myself.


Our Community Learning Project is an activity that positively affects and brings your community together.  We have planned to either visit the Royal Children’s Hospital or the Monash Children’s Hospital.  We will go down to the kids' rooms and play lots of games and activities with the sick children to make their day!


Overall, I have been really enjoying the time I am spending at Snowy and have been making some great friendships.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of applying.

Matthew Debenham

Year 9

Human Powered Vehicles  2018

On Saturday 28 April, Frankston High School’s Human Powered Teams (HPV) went to the Knox Grand Prix.  The race was at the State Basketball Stadium in Knox.  The trike ‘Spitfire’ came 28th and ‘Double Trouble’ came 45th out of 70 trikes. They each placed 3rd and 5th out of 12 in the Middle School division.  The team consisted of seven riders in ‘Spitfire’, eight riders in ‘Double Trouble’, four staff members and many parents who ran the repairs and timing station.  Mathew Jurinec got the fastest time in the team - 01:53.75, which was a fantastic effort.  A big thank you to Miss Libby Nicol, Mr Mick Andrews, Mr Ross Towers and Mr John Albiston for making the Frankston High School HPV event possible, as well as all the team members parents.  Thank you to our sponsors Core Fitness Frankston and Signarama Frankston. It was a fun and successful day all round.

Jack Poole

Year 9

“And they're off!”  Yells a commentator.

The race commenced and the HPVs fly past creating a fast wind. I look at the first couple of HPVs and see the speed they are racing at, immediately my nerves kick in. I take a deep breath and get ready for the adventure awaiting me.

On 29 April, the Frankston High School HPV team went to the Knox Racing Track to compete. There were two teams, ‘Spitfire’ and ‘Double Trouble’. We raced for six hours straight and each team completed over 100 laps.

We arrived early in the morning to set up and to look at the track. It consisted of sharp corners, big hills and even a famous ‘crash corner’, where the vehicles came downhill, followed by a sharp turn. I remember arriving, my nerves racking my brain and the cold making my teeth chatter.  The HPVs were looking even more spectacular than the last time I saw them and there were heaps of people helping to get them ready for the race. The team arrived, and we talked about the upcoming hour and how we were feeling. I remember being so nervous I couldn’t eat!

Soon after we took photos and got everything ready, we heard the call for the HPVs to start to line up. I remember taking ‘Double Trouble’ and ‘Spitfire’ to the grid. I wished my teammates good luck and before I knew it they were off. The race had officially started. I sat, twisting my hands, my helmet tight on my head and my water bottle clutched in my sweaty hands. As ‘Double Trouble’ pulled into our pit I stood up shakily and put on my racing glasses. I got in, clicked my cleats into the pedals and my team mates helped me buckle up. I looked up and Ms Nicol was smiling and giving me advice and tactics. Everyone wished me good luck and, being so nervous, I just smiled in return. The top closed and I started to pedal out of the pit and onto the race track, I took a long deep breath and told myself, I could do it. As I entered the race, adrenaline coursed through me. I raced up the hill as fast as I could and took care on the corners.  I was having so much fun! It was the one of best things I’d ever done. As I entered my seventh lap, I was now familiar with the track; it was my first time ever racing in a HPV and I thought I was doing really well. I wasn’t even nervous anymore. I came down the hill at top speed, slowed into the corner safely, went around ‘crash corner’ smoothly and then entered the pit lane. I reached my pit and jumped out. I grinned widely and couldn’t wait for my second go!

It’s an experience I will never forget! In the end we all did extremely well and, of course, we all had fun. We raced, talked, ate and laughed. 'Spitfire' came third in our age category and 'Double Trouble' came fifth.  I was super proud of everyone and myself. I can’t wait for next time! 

 Lillian Karthigesu

Year 7

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