21 November 2019
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From the Principal

Dear Families,   

 Parents and Friends Disco - Thank you!

The children from Foundation to Year 6 enjoyed a fabulous night last Friday at our P&F Disco.  We thank all P&F members for preparing this fun night out for our children.
As highlighted in the photo’s below our Year 6 children particularly enjoyed their final night of Disco fun at St Andrew’s.  



2020 Staffing

As the term progresses we are finalising our staffing placements for the 2020 school year. 

We wish to advise parents that Mrs Jasminka Jalsovec will be taking a year of leave, returning to St Andrew’s for the 2021 school year.  

We wish Jasminka a most relaxing year as she spends time with her family.

2020 Staffing Appointments - Learning Outcome Leaders

There will be two new staff roles put in place for the 2020 School Year.  These 2 roles are that of ‘Learning Outcome Leaders’.   The Learning Outcome Leaders will support the Foundation to Year 2 team and the Year 3 to Year 6 team.  
Below is a precis of the role description for the two Learning Outcome Leaders: 

  • Play a key role in the implementation of the School’s Vision for learning.
  • Maintain knowledge of contemporary educational theory and practice and professionally challenge staff to adopt evidence based practices.
  • Foster a culture of high expectations, reflection, review and improvement ensuring a focus on student learning outcomes.
  • Monitor and evaluate teaching programs and practice in light of shared beliefs.
  • Collaborate with the Deputy Principal/ Teaching and Learning Leader and staff to build and maintain a school environment which is conducive to optimal learning outcomes.
  • Facilitate and support teaching staff in the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum.
  • Foster the development and implementation of evidence based assessment and reporting strategies and procedures.
  • Facilitate and support colleagues to build their analytical skills, in order to make effective, collaborative use of student achievement data and confirm evidence based teaching practices.
  • Encourage the collaborative development of learning and team/collegial teaching.
  • Monitor the implementation of school based curriculum programs, frameworks, curriculum organisers, assessment and reporting documents.
  • Model sound classroom teaching practice that reflects current pedagogy.
  • Actively and collaboratively encourage and support the professional learning of colleagues by acting as a mentor, coach, facilitator or manager to assist colleagues to improve teaching practice and enable a culture of strong performance and development.
  • Facilitate opportunities for all staff to learn through peer observation and feedback. 
  • Use team building strategies and protocols to promote collaborative improvement in teaching and learning among colleagues.
  • In consultation with Deputy Principal/Teaching and Learning Leader and staff, write and update appropriate components of the School Improvement Plan, Annual Action Plan and school policies to reflect current practice
  • Analysis of data, (including annual NAPLAN) and presentation of relevant information to teaching staff, leadership team, Education Board and parents where necessary
  • In consultation with Deputy Principal/Teaching and Learning Leader, and school leadership, facilitate implementation, analyse and use ICON e-learn to improve student outcomes
  • Attend regular external Professional Development and disseminate appropriate information to staff

We are delighted to appoint the following two staff for 2020 to lead these roles.
Nella LoPresti, currently Year 5/6 teacher, will lead the Middle and Senior teams and Mrs Emma Strom will lead the Foundation to Year 2 team.

We welcome Emma to our school community.    Emma is currently employed at St Augustine’s School, Frankston South as Literacy Leader, Literacy Intervention Teacher and Reading Recovery Teacher.  Emma is also employed at St John Vianney’s School, Parkdale for 1 day per week as Literacy Leader and Literacy Intervention Trainer.   Emma will remain working at St John Vianney’s throughout 2020.  Emma comes to us with a breadth of leadership experience, bringing with her experience in the leadership of learning, specifically with a history of leadership in literacy and strong classroom practice.   
We look forward to Nella and Emma adding an additional layer of support to staff, along with supporting children with their learning.  We look forward to welcoming Emma to our community.   

2020 Class Formation

After considered discussions with the school leadership team, along with the staff team, and presenting these structures to the Education Board we advise parents of new class groupings for the 2020 school year. 
2020 Enrolments per Level:



Year 1 59
Year 2 56
Year 3 54
Year  4 46
Year 5 50
Year 6 49

Class Structure for 2020


Foundation 19 19 19    
Year 1/2 22 22 23 23 23
Year 3/4 24 24 24 24  
Year 5/6 25 25 25 25  

2020 Canteen Planning

As parents have been informed throughout the school year we will be restructuring the services as provided to our children through the school canteen in 2020.  As a summary, lunches will be provided through an external company, Classroom Cuisine, and the canteen will be open for recess breaks on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.   In addition we will be looking to provide a new canteen menu with a focus on healthy food and regular options of varied home cooked/baked foods.  The restructure to the canteen has arisen from feedback from both parents and staff. 

Canteen Staff Appointment

We are delighted to advise parents that we have appointed Mrs Mina Spano as our Canteen coordinator for the 2020 school year.  Mina is well known to many of our families.  Mina is a regular volunteer at the canteen and is also currently the Parents and Friends Committee treasurer.   Mina brings with her some exciting plans for the New Year!

Thank You!

We take great delight in acknowledging the contributions to our community of both Helen Morris and Nancy Daidone, our long term Canteen employees.   Helen and Nancy have provided outstanding service to our children and community for a combined 30 years. Through working in a school context they have not only provided the basic context of providing our children with morning recess and lunch options but also have developed positive relationships, modelled and promoted expectations of behaviours and provided the opportunity for children to experience the exchange of money.  They have also provided families with an opportunity to become actively involved in the life of the school through volunteering in the canteen. 

Both Helen and Nancy have been witness to the many years of so many children, staff and 3 principals.  

We wish them every happiness in their respective journeys next year and for the future and hope that they can reflect back on their years at St Andrew’s with great fondness.   I’d encourage our children and families to pass by the canteen in the coming weeks to express their thanks to Helen and Nancy for their long term contributions to our school.   

Thank you Helen and Nancy. 


Year Foundation to Year 2 Swimming Program - Monday 25th November

Our Swimming Program commences on Monday 25th November for all Foundation to Year 2 children.  The program is a 9 day program and will   concludes on Thursday 5th December.  

Payment of the $110 swimming fee is appreciated before the program commences. This item appears on your statement.

Staffing Professional Development - Congratulations!

Throughout the year we have been hosting a number of Education Support Office (ESO) staff, from schools based around Southern and Eastern Melbourne, as participants in Certificate 4 in Education Support training.  On Tuesday 19th November all course attendees completed their final day of professional development. 
We congratulate St Andrew’s staff members Annette Prete, Mary Cerra and Violet Tripi for their completion of this course.   We are confident that the training undertaken by our team of LSO’s will make a positive impact on their work with our children.   Well done ladies! 

Family Partnerships - Student  Human Development Education Workshops

We are offering Human Development Workshops for families of Year 3 to 6 students on Monday 25th November.  

The workshops will be held for:
Year 3 & 4 - (6pm-7pm) and Year 5 & 6  (7.15pm-8.15pm) 
(St. Andrew's Primary School - Conference Room)
It is our aim to support families to provide an educational approach to family based discussions on Human Development Education.  We aim to:

  •  Supporting your child’s level of comfort in discussing ‘Human Development’ related content
  • Maintaining an open dialogue between school and parents about ‘Human Development’ education programs
  • Providing opportunities for positive and supportive learning conversations at home
  • Provide the opportunity for parents to bring into the conversation their own personal family perspective.  

Presentations are sensitive to and respectful of the values and beliefs of parents/carers and families and provide an excellent opportunity for family discussion about human sexuality and respectful relationships.
Parents of Year 3 to 6 students will have further details distributed to them via the CareMonkey App.
For further information on this session you can email our Student Wellbeing Leader Katherine Bedford at

Foundation 2020 Transition Session 4

The final Foundation Transition Sessions will be held Tuesday 26th  November, 9.00am-10.30am.  
We thank our four Year 6 students who shared their reflections of their journey through their years at St Andrew’s at yesterday’s third transition session.  Our Year 6 children were outstanding in the manner in which they presented themselves. 


We thank all parents who have supported their children through the Transition Program.   We look forward to our 2020 Foundation children joining us on Day 1 of 2020, Thursday 30th January.   

School Fee/Levy Payments

Final account reminders have gone home today. We request that any outstanding payments are made at your earliest convenience.  Your attention to this greatly assists with our accounting procedures at this busy time of year.

Library End of Year Audit

In the coming days we will begin the audit of the borrowing records for the library. Our records indicate that there are a number of children with a number of outstanding books. We are asking that you encourage your child to locate all library books and return them to the library. 

School Literacy/Numeracy Testing 

Parents please note that in the coming week’s staff will be released to work one to one with children to complete the necessary curriculum testing.  This testing fulfils the requirements for our data collection and for the end of year reporting process. This assessment data is also passed on to the 2020 teacher to inform their practice and provide a starting point to each child’s individual learning journey.

Family Carols Evening – Saturday 7th December -
BBQ/Food on Sale & 7.00pm Carols

We invite all families to join us for our end of year Family Carols evening on Saturday 7th December.  The night is a time for all Parish/School families to gather together to sing along to your favourite carols and catch up with friends.  The Parish and school choirs will lead us throughout the evening.  We invite parents to pack a picnic dinner or alternatively the parish will be cooking up a storm on the BBQ to sell! 
We will be encouraging students to dress up in the spirit of Christmas.  
Bring a blanket to sit on or bring fold up chairs; simply come along for a relaxed night to celebrate the years’ end along with a touch of Christmas spirit!

Students Departures/Future Numbers

If your children (Grade Prep-5) will not be returning to St Andrew’s in 2020 we ask that you notify us through the CareMonkey form as previously distributed. This information is essential as we plan for 2020 class structures.

CareMonkey Registration for New Families -

It is recommended that parents access the site .   By following the instructions you can create your own free CareMonkey account and control all data about your child/children. The CareMonkey system stores the information on your behalf and you will be able to grant (or deny) access to your data with our school. You are also able to share this data with any other group or individual you choose (eg. your child's grandparents, their child-minder, their sports club, etc).

From the schools perspective, this information will only be visible by the relevant staff for your child and will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Act.  

Skoolbag App - Download

To install the St. Andrew’s School App, just look for our school name "St Andrews Parish Primary School Clayton South" in the Apple App Store (iPhone Users) or Google Play Store (Android Users), and install it on your phone.  Alternatively, once in the App Store or Play Store search ‘skoolbag app st andrews’ .

Dates for Your Diary

2019 Key Dates 


Thurs 21

Year 5/6 Excursion Parent helpers briefing - 3.15pm
Sat 23 P & F Vision Portraits Fundraiser
Mon 25 Foundation - Year 2 Swimming Program commences

Lego & Docklands excursion - Year 5 & 6 Excursion

About Real Life - Year 3 & 4 - 6-7pm

About Real Life - Year 5 & 6 - 7.15-8.15pm

Tues 26

2020 Foundation Book Collection - 9-10.30am

2020 Foundation Session 4 Transition Morning

  Responsible Pet Ownership Incursion - Foundation

Thurs 28

Staff V Students Basketball Match - 1.30pm

Fri 29

St Andrew's Feast Day - Whole School Mass - 11.45am

School Assembly - 2.30pm

Sat 30 St Andrew's Feast Day Mass - 6.00pm
Mon 2 Foundation - Year 2 Swimming - Week 2
  Advent Prayer - Year 5/6 ~ HOPE
Wed 4 2020 Book collection in the Hall
Thur 5

Anointing of the Sick Mass - 5/6CM

Final day of F - Year 2 Swimming Program

Sat 7

St Andrew's Carols By Candlelight

Wed 11

Year 6 Graduation Excursion

Semester 2 Reports sent home

Thur 12 Year 6 Graduation Mass
Fri 13 Parents & Friends Morning Tea
Mon 16

Students in their 2020 Classes

Advent Prayer - Year 1/2 JOY

                              - Foundation LOVE

  End of Year Assembly - 2.30pm
Tues 17

End of School year Thanksgiving Mass - 9.15am

Final day of school for students - 3.15pm

Wed 18 Staff Professional Development Day
Thur 19 Staff Professional Development Day - First Aid 


Mr Paul Wakeling



Friendship School in the Philippines

Maghanoy Elementary School 

Kadasig established the Friendship School Program in 2008 in Cebu, Philippines. The Program enables Australian school students to connect with students in disadvantaged schools in the Philippines. This program is one of sharing, caring for others, and developing friendships.
St Andrew’s has partnered with Maghanoy Elementary school in the Philippines so that we can provide many basic resources for children at the school. 
Our Social Justice Actions for Term 4 are:

  1. To understand the issue of poverty and the rights of all people, and
  2. To share our resources with our friends in the Philippines at Maghanoy School

We are asking students to donate any of the stationery items listed below:

Grey lead pencils
Coloured pencils
Exercise books
Paper (white and coloured)

Pencil cases                            






Once we have collected everything to send to our Friendship School, we will order some balikbayan boxes. These boxes will then be packed by each class and sent to the Philippines. Donations must be in by no later than Tuesday 10th December, 2019. We will receive photos of our donations when they have arrived at the school.
Remember: each box costs $120 for shipment so monetary donations are greatly appreciated! 


Staff visit to the Philippines

We are also excited to announce that two staff members from St Andrew’s will have the opportunity to visit the Philippines next year in February, where they will learn more about our partnership with Maghanoy School and the work of Kadasig.
Callum Mills and Paddy Edwards will depart for the Philippines on Friday 21st February and arrive back in Melbourne on Friday 6th March. They will be travelling with staff from other schools who are also a part of the Friendship School Program.
Part of the trip will involve: a visit to the Kadasig office to learn more about the projects and programs that Kadasig run in Cebu, a visit to Friendship Schools, and opportunities to learn more about some of the communities in the Philippines and the work of Fr Shay.
We are asking for monetary donations so that Callum and Paddy have money available to support any immediate needs within the communities they visit.   Financial donations handed to the school office by Tuesday 10th December, 2019 please. 
Your support is greatly appreciated!

Around the Classrooms


Dear Parents,                                            
Once again this year, many (107) of our students took up the opportunity to enter the Dante Alighieri Poster Competition. There were over 1,000 entries from many schools across Victoria and I am delighted to tell you that six of our students were awarded prizes. They were invited to attend the award ceremony that took place at Melbourne University on Sunday afternoon. 
I am very proud of all our students and their efforts in completing the poster. They are all very deserving of the recognition that they have been given for their achievement.

You are invited to attend our Friday afternoon assembly on Friday  29th  November as your child will presented with his/her certificate.
As well, at that assembly, Foundation students will be singing a few songs they have learnt in Italian class.

As the end of the year is fast approaching, and Christmas is soon at our doorstep, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2020.
Hope to see you on the 29th of November.

Kind Regards,
Maria  White, Italian Teacher

Year 6 Reflections

Throughout my 4 years at St Andrews, this has been the best school ever. Our school is special in every way, because of the teachers and the students. The teachers want the students to have a bright future and the students strive to do their B.E.S.T. My favourite memory of St Andrews is when we had Year 4 and 6 camp because we all had fun times and we got to see the teachers in a different form. My favourite activity of year 4 camp was archery and from year 6, it was when we had a campfire. St Andrews has had prepared me a lot for the future. Literature Circles has been fantastic as it gives us the feeling of high school because of the homerooms and expert teachers. I want to thank all my teachers and friends who helped me get this far by helping me achieve my best and I hope they also have a bright and happy future.  - Simran

Throughout my years at St Andrews I have had so many teachers helping me from prep to year 6 because they want me to have a good future. I think the best thing about this school is that you make new friends and the teachers try to teach you how to be respectful to others. Also the teachers encourage us to strive to do our best. A quick thanks to the staff and the parents who supported us from prep to year 6. Also, thanks to the Parents and Friends for doing movie nights and the disco because you gave up on your time just so the students could have fun. I also want to thank the tuckshop because they give us food and they give up their time as well. My favourite memory at St Andrews would be year 4 camp and year 6 camp. Lastly I thank my teachers and friends and hope they have  an amazing future. - Charbel

In all my years of St. Andrews, I have had the greatest times in my life! I hung out with my BEST friends, learned great things that will help me throughout my life, and I had opportunities which I never thought I would do. This school has definitely been the best one yet! I had done many things that I thought I would never do. I did fun activities during play times, hung out with the coolest people I know, and did some competitions which is normally involved with art and music. I learnt many subjects which include my favourites! Mathematics, Literacy, Art, Music, Humanities and easy P.E. As you can tell, I never have been much of a sporty person.
I loved to play with my friends, and I would always have a great time with them. Of course, it wouldn’t have happened without St. Andrews, which is a loving community with great people. Plus, I have to thank the teachers at my school, who have taught me everything I needed to know to go to high school.
I would miss the awesome school next year and the following years.  


My time at ST Andrews was extraordinary! I had the best times ever, not just with my friends but with the teachers and the staff members as well. I’ve been at ST Andrews for seven years now and during that time I’ve learnt more than you could imagine, because the staff don't just focus on your education, they focus on different subjects as well as Sports, Art, Music and Italian. In year Six, I had the opportunity to be one of the house captains which was one of my favourite moments of being a year six at ST Andrews. ST Andrews has prepared me in many ways for the future, because the teachers taught us how to become the people that we are today which is Kind, Caring, Responsible and Smart people. I owe all of that to ST Andrews. ST Andrews is special because of the different cultures that we have in the school and the great facilities that us students get to use at snack and lunch. So that’s why I’m proud that I can say I went to ST ANDREWS!   Nicholas     

Learning by Doing Incursion 

The Year 1 and 2 students had a great day at our incursion experimenting with a range of materials.

We learnt how to use new and interesting tools to make a set design and we learned to listen to instructions as well. We also worked well together in a team and learned all about cooperation and sharing of materials.  


End of Year In the Library

Dear Parents and Guardians,
It’s that time of the year again when we need to start thinking about returning all our Library books before Christmas is upon us.

The last week of borrowing this year will be the week ending Friday 15th November.
It would be greatly appreciated if you would encourage and remind your children to place their library books in their library bag over the coming weeks, especially all Year 6 students and those not returning to St. Andrews next year.

After this time, I will be printing overdue notices and giving them to each child.  It would be greatly appreciated if all overdue books are returned as soon as possible and all lost books paid for.

Thank you and Happy Reading
Sonia Turco
In the Library

Swimming Timetable F- Yr 2

11.00 - 11.40am    FJ  & FA

11.40 - 12.20pm    FP & 1/2G
12.20 -  1.00pm    1/2DW & 1/2P
   1.00 - 1.40pm    1/2C & 1/2S

Advent Prayer - December

We will gather each Monday morning during the Season of Advent, in the hall at 8:45am, to reflect on this time of waiting and the coming of Christ at Christmas.
The Liturgies will be run by each year level as follows:
WEEK 1 (HOPE): Monday 2nd December - Year 5/6
WEEK 2 (PEACE): Monday 9th December - Year 3/4
WEEK 3 (JOY): Monday 16th December - Year 1/2
WEEK 4 (LOVE): Monday 16th December - Foundation (straight after the 1/2s)

Lost Property Cupboard

There is a lot of lost school clothing waiting for their owners to collect. 

Please check the cupboard if you have lost an article of clothing. 

For Sale - Sacred Heart College


Size 14 winter skirt (worn for one term only). $75

VCE Books: 

Further Maths VCE 3&4 (print & interactive)  $40
Analysing the Russian Revolution (3E)  Richard Malone $30
Analysing the American Revolution Toohey & Butcher $30
Books in excellent condition

Call Marie 0403 699 003


Maths Competition Results

Earlier in the year, we had 70 students challenge themselves and enter the Australian Mathematics Competition. As a school, we are proud of all students who challenge themselves with their learning. 
In the competition we had 22 students receive an award of ' Credit' and 4 receive a ' distinction', with certificates presented at the last assembly. Here the names of those who received a Credit or Distinction

ADITYA NAIR                                     TERENCE DENG 
LAUREN SOK                                    GEORGE THOMAS 
RUTH JOHNSILAS                          RIO D'ROZARIO 
ERIN CHAN-YAM                              GEORGIA KOUPOUZOS 
MARCUS RAMMAN                          MARK DE SILVA 
ALISSA PHON                                    ANGEL SHARMA             

CLARA DINH                                      MATTHEW RAMMAN 
LEO YANG                                         ROWAN D'ROZARIO

TOM NGUYEN                                CHLOE THOMPSON
ESTHER TANNEN                                TEANNA TRAN

A big congratulations to all participants in the competition. We look forward to entering again next year!


Here are the 4 Mathematicians that received the Distinction.


Many Thanks,

Michael McDonough
Maths Leader

Student Reports

Student Reports

Dear Parent,
This semester the student reports will again be distributed through the Nforma parent portal which was setup  in Semester One. Student reports are one of the valuable links between school and home to allow you to gain an insight of how your child is progressing with their learning at St Andrew’s.
The reports will be accessible from the Parent Portal from Wednesday December 11th at 4.00pm
The online portal has many advantages which include:
-    Easy access to your student’s archived reports from 2018
-    Accessible on multiple devices
-    Environmentally friendlier than printed reports
Forgotten passwords: If you have forgotten your password, please follow the 'forgotten password' link. Please note that your new password needs to be at least 7 characters long and must include at least one non alpha-numeric character, e.g. *, - / or similar. 

If you have requested a password reset and the email does not appear, please look in your junk/spam folder for an email from

If you still have trouble accessing your child’s report you are encouraged to contact one of the below staff for assistance:
Michael McDonough –
Callum Mills –

BEST Awards

Week 7


School Office News

Overdue Fees

Reminder accounts to finalise school fees and any arrears have been sent home today.  

Your attention to this greatly assists with our accounting procedures at this busy time of year.

Chinese School

The last lesson for 2019 will be on Monday 2nd December 2019

For Sale - Sacred Heart Girls College


Size 14 winter skirt (worn for one term only). $75

VCE Books:

Further Maths VCE 3&4 (print & interactive)  $40
Analysing the Russian Revolution (3E)  Richard Malone $30
Analysing the American Revolution Toohey & Butcher $30
Books in excellent condition


Call Marie 0403 699 003

Parents and Friends

Dear Families,

Last week’s disco was an overwhelming success. The amazing DJ we organised rocked the crowd with the latest mix of songs for our junior and senior children.

Thanks to Mina for securing a water dispenser donated from our community for the evening.

Many thanks across the P&F team and teachers who volunteered their generous time to prepare and deliver a great evening for our children.

At the disco it was encouraging to see lots of children bringing their labelled water bottles and our use of paper cups to reduce the use of plastics.

Going forward, the P & F will be reducing the use of plastic and encouraging the use of BYO water bottles at all our events as incremental steps towards embedding sustainable practices in our work. 


Vision portraits is on this weekend Saturday 23 Nov. There are still some opportunities left to book:


Leanne Ngo

P & F President

Term 4 Activities

  • Vision Portraits – Saturday November 23rd, St Andrew’s Primary School
  • Social Morning Tea – Friday December 13th 8:45am – 9:30pm, Staff room (We will be organising an afternoon tea soon. Dates TBC shortly and will be outside in the beautiful warmer weather!)

Vision Portraits - 
Saturday 23rd November 2019

Help St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South raise funds this year and book your $15 family photo today! Include your whole family or just the kids in the session. Book now to secure your place.

Your shoot will take place at St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South

Your $15 includes your photo session and a 10" x 13" portrait of your choice with frame. There is a $1 booking fee.

$15 of your booking fee is fundraised for St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South

Booking link:
Use the password fundraise2019 to gain access.

Once in the home page,  scroll down and select St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South  You will then be able to make your booking time.

School Tuckshop 

Tuckshop Roster

Fri  22 November Benilda 
Mon 25 November Volunteer Needed
Tue  26 November Volunteer Needed
Wed 27  November Volunteer Needed
Thur 28 November Volunteer Needed


Community News

Netball Players Wanted


FootballStarAcademy Term 4.pdf
NewsletterItem_St Andrew's.pdf
Week 6.pdf
Week 7.pdf
Registrations Flyer.pdf