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30 November 2018
Issue Twenty
Leadership Report
Important Dates
Community News
Years F-2: Celebrations from the Early Years
Years 5-6: News & Celebrations from the Senior School
Student Wellbeing and Engagement
Visual Arts & Performing Arts: News & Celebrations
Library News
Physical Education
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Newlands Parents for Climate Change
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Leadership Report

What's been Happening

Last week we ran interviews for additional teachers and also for teachers to replace several teachers who will not be returning next year. This year we also ran pupil panels as part of the selection process, this was a great opportunity for us to listen to the students and their thoughts around teaching. The pupil panels interviewed each of the applicants under supervision of Luke, and asked two main questions. The students then met with adult panel to provide their observations and recommendations. Their observations were thoughtful, incisive and mature. It was a privilege to work with them and I congratulate them for their dedication to the task.


At this point I need to advise the community that Bianca R, Mulynda and Viqui will not be returning in 2019. They will be pursuing their teaching careers in other schools and directions. We of course wish them all the best in 2019 and will be formally acknowledging their successes closer to the end of the year.


We are also appointing teachers to new positions: part-time physical education teacher, part-time performing arts teachers and part-time generalist classroom teacher. 


Due to the fact that the selection process requires we follow merit and equity requirements I cannot disclose who the successful candidates are for two weeks.


2019 Grade/Teacher Structure

We are very excited to inform the school community of our new school /teacher structure for 2019.

F/1: Mark, Luisa, Cass & Jose

2/3: Cristina, Rae (.5) & To be advised (.5) & Brenna

4/5/6: Graeme, Max, Laura (Spanish) & another Spanish teacher- we are in the process of completing this process.

F-6 Support & Student Wellbeing: Sonya, Visual Arts: Bianca, Music & Performing Arts: David, P.E: TBA and Performing Arts: TBA

I realise that this is situation is not ideal, but I must follow DET guidelines regarding Merit & Equity.


Student Reports

Currently teachers are working at compiling student end of year reports. Parents will be notified as to when the reports will be released on Sentral as they were at the mid-year.


Big Thanks

Last Saturday the PFA operated a fundraising sausage sizzle and cake and second hand book stalls to raise valuable funds to support the school. A big thank you to the parents and kids who braved the weather. I believe they raised around $1500 on the day.


Values Forum

Thank you to all who attended the forum on Wednesday evening. The evening was led by the ‘Values Ambassadors’ the students. The students did a fabulous job, again with maturity and eloquence. It was great evening where both teachers and parents discussed with students our educational values for the future. The outcome of the forum will be to establish our educational values in 2019 to support the schools new Strategic Plan. I would like to acknowledge Sonya's role in not only organising the forum, but all her pre-forum work; surveys, student, staff and parent forums.


Prep Transition

Last night we had our 2019 Prep parent transition evening, which was well attended by the 2019 parents. Mark, Luisa, Cass and Jose presented a fabulous presentation, which was well received by the parents.


2019 School Day Structure.

The school day structure will be changed for 2019 to reflect parent, and staff feedback regarding the 2018 structure. We are returning to a structure we had place sometime ago which we felt was a successful structure for the day. One difference for 2019 is the children will go outside to play for the first 45 minutes then at 11.45  later they will come inside to have their main lunch. The intention behind this is to provide the children with a time of calmness to eat quietly in readiness for the next session.


8.50-9.00 Be at school

9.00-11.00 Classroom learning

11.00-11.45 Lunchtime-Children will go out to play first. They can take fruit out at this time as well.

11.45-12.00 Lunch eating time in the classroom

12.00-2.00 Classroom learning

2.00-2.30 Recess - Children will go outside to play and may take fruit snack as well.

2.30-3.30 Classroom learning time


We hope these changes will alleviate parent concerns around eating at both the lunch and recess breaks.

Important Dates

Hang on, there's not much here...

Well, it's now the business end of the year and this is the penultimate (a great word) edition of our here's a a few and in the next edition we will throw in some 2019 dates as a bonus.


Friday 7th December:  5/6 

Thursday 13th December: Grade 5/6 Graduation

Friday 21st December: Final Day of School 2018

Community News


The Missing Bike

As mentioned recently, here is a picture of the bike that went missing from our recent Bike Education program. If you've seen it, please contact the office. Thanking you.


Years F-2: Celebrations from the Early Years

Barry Beckett Kinder Visit

This week the Foundation students enjoyed a visit from the Barry Beckett Kindergarten students. We began the session by reading 'Where is the Green Sheep?' by Mem Fox.  Students then used green crepe paper to create green sheep. The Foundation students enjoyed introducing themselves and helping their kinder buddy work through the activity.


We're Nearly There

It is more than halfway through term! Grade 1/2 Students have been sharing their knowledge with teachers as final assessments are completed.  Teachers are working hard to show case student learning in our final student reports. We continue to focus our learning this term on Community. This week students have investigated how places physically change over time. A date will be confirmed in the coming weeks to invite families to see our inquiry learning from this term.  


Grade 1/2 student learning in Number continues with money. Students have created their own money books displaying Australia coins and value of each coin. It is wonderful to see students demonstrate and share their addition skills when making $1 with a collection of silver coins. Students in Measurement and Geometry have been exploring one step transformation with slide, flip and turn. They have created stop motion clips to demonstrate their understanding. Have a look at the video for an example of technology in action!  See the videos in the next column!


Walk, Ride, Scoot to School

As we were participated in the walk to school survey the student were rewarded with a bag and stickers. The survey collected information about how students traveled to school. It started with our crazy shoes day. It was great to see so many family participate.

Stop Motion Vids!


Years 5-6: News & Celebrations from the Senior School

Puberty Education 

This week we started out puberty education program. We learnt the correct terminology for all of our body parts on the inside and outside of our bodies. We also learnt about some of the changes we can expect to go through when we go through puberty. This is a really important part in our learning for us to be able to respect ourselves and those of our peers and develop positive relationships.

Puberty lessons will continue until week 10 of this term. We encourage all parents to talk with their children about the lessons, and maybe some of your own personal experiences. We all want to feel as though we are ready for the changes ahead and know who we can speak to and the places we can find more information. 

House of Representatives 

This term our Inquiry topic has focused on Civics and Citizenship. We have been role-playing scenarios within the House of Representatives. As we learn how bills are passed in our country, we tried to pass a few of our own bills in our class parliament. Students have also looked at the recent Victorian elections, analysing a range of data from the polls and created graphs in Excel that represented the number of seats each party has won. 

Student Wellbeing and Engagement

School Values Forum

What a wonderful night it was. A huge thank you to all families who gave up their time to participate in this event. Feedback from the night has been positive and indicated that those who attended  have an understanding our school guiding vision and keystones. We concluded the night with discussions around our school values and decision making on which previously identified values best support our school guiding vision and keystones.

A highlight of the night was the participation of our students who volunteered to be forum ambassadors.

Thank you: Grace, Scarlett, Blake, Beatrix ,Frieda ,Zach, AJ, Louis and Skye.



Newlands Primary School Guiding Vision

We collaboratively build our understanding in a safe, supportive learning community.

We make meaning and explore connections with the world through our love of language and arts, becoming the authors of our learning.


Our Keystones

At Newlands, we create:

Collaborators      Learners        Communicators     Inquirers


Colaboradores    Estudiantes    Comunicadores  Investigadores


Our School Values

The journey towards community collaboration of our school values has given every member of our community an opportunity to participate in the process. We held forums for parents, students and teachers, created an online survey and concluded the process with at our School Values Forum.

A collaborative decision has been made and we are pleased to present our new school values.

They are:





School Holiday Programs

Moreland Council operates a school holiday program for primary school children aged between 5 and 12 years old whose parents live, work or study in Moreland.

The program offers a variety of in-house activities, including games, crafts and sports, and excursions.

Moreland Council's primary school holiday program operates under the Commonwealth Government's Child Care

The January 2019 Primary School Holiday Program will operate from  3 venues from Monday 7 January to Friday 25 January 2019.

3 venues where the program operates:

Darebin Council also run holiday programs.

Here are the details for two of these:

Reservoir West Primary School
Address: Carrington Rd, Reservoir
Ph: 9478 5238 

Darebin Community Sports Stadium
Address: 857 Plenty Rd, Reservoir
Ph: 9471 4935

Visual Arts & Performing Arts: News & Celebrations

What's been happening in Visual Arts? 

It's been another fun fortnight in the Art room!


The Foundation students had an awesome time using their imagination and problem-solving skills to create something of their choice from the humble paper plate! Who knew you could do so much with a paper plate?!?!

The Grade 1/2 students had a similar task this week - to make something using a cardboard tube with a little help from the scrap box and inspiration from Pinterest! So many interesting ideas come out of challenges like this and I really enjoy seeing students working out ways they can use the materials provided! 

The grade 3/4 students focused on surrealism last week and started making these awesome surrealist collages using magazine images. The students loved this task - a big thank you to the families who have donated magazines we can use in the art room for this purpose. 


The 5/6 students are still working on their sewing project -  Quirky Creatures! Some many great characters are emerging! I'm impressed with their patience and persistence during this tasks! Great results the kids are really proud of! 



It has been great to work with the 3/4s on recorder in Music classes this year. There will be more news about recorder in 2019 as we finalise a number of details over the next few weeks. In the meantime, you may be interested to read about the recorder's history as a teaching instrument in Australian schools since the 1930s - have a read of this article:

Year 5/6 VCASS excursion

A reminder to our 5/6 families that next Friday 5th December is our trip to the city to see the talented high school performers at the VCA Secondary School in Southgate. These kids really know how to put on an entertaining show. Please ensure that you have submitted your permission form for this one (on Sentral)!

Library News

Election Day Book Sale Success

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Election Day Book Sale! We raised a lot of money, moved a lot of books and encouraged reading in the community - a triple success!

Return your books

As the end of year approaches, please return all library books.

Notes listing the books your child has on loan will be distributed on 5 December.

All books should be returned to the library by 10 December and there will be no borrowing after this date.

Beyond Sparkles and SUPERHEROS

Discovering picture books that promote gender equality and celebrate children's individuality.

Ada Twist, Scientist

by Andrea Beaty

Be who you are

by Todd Parr

Bold Australian Girl

by Jess Black

I could be. You could be

by Karen Owen

Made by Raffi

by Craig Pomranz

One busy day

by Lola Schaefer

Some girls

by Nelly Thomas

Some boys

by Nelly Thomas

Tough guys (have feelings too)

by Keith Negley

Two Mates

by Melanie Prewett

For more books, see the list here.

Physical Education


Our Bike Education program has come to an end. All students were fantastic and the feedback from Cycling Australia about our school has been incredibly positive. All students have received a Bike Pack and received a free 3 month membership to any Cycling Australia Venue. Thank you so much to Alan who ran such a great program and to all the parents in ensuring that our students had their bikes at school. We encourage students to ride to school everyday, but just a reminder to please take bikes home, as there are some still on the oval waiting to go home.  A family has told informed us that their bike has been taken, so can you please check to make sure you have the right helmet and bike at home! Please come and see me if you have any further information.


We have just kick started our final sport for the year, Softball. Students will be developing their throwing, catching, batting and fielding skills over the next three weeks through a series of individual activities, group tasks and game situations. The students played kickball this week to build their understanding of the rules and strategies associated with the game.

Have a great weekend!

Photo: Rhonda practices some calligraphy skills on the closest student.

Before and Afters

Photo: Rhonda practices some calligraphy skills on the closest student.


PLEASE REMEMBER OR TIMETABLE AND MENU ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO CHILD RATIO/NUMBERS STAFFING AND DIETARY REQUIREMENTS.                                                                                          All activities are optional and children may choose what they engage with at After Care.



Snacks: : Pasta w/ sauce & cheese

Activity:  Mushroom tiggy                                                                                                                                                                    WEEK 9, TERM 4


Snacks: Cruskits w/ cream cheese

Activity: Painted Christmas Decorations


Snacks: Sakatas w/ dip / hummus & carrot sticks

Activity: NEW Puzzle


Snacks: Pasta w/ sauce & cheese

Activity: Gods eyes (wool craft)


Snacks: sandwiches w/ Vegemite & Butter 

Activity: Dream Catchers


Snacks: Savoys w/ cheese

Activity: Mushroom Tiggy

WEEK 10 , TERM 4


Snacks: Saladas w/ vegemite/dip

Activity: Painting


Snacks: Cruskits w/ butter & Vegemite

Activity: Mandalas 


snacks: Pasta w/ sauce & cheese \

Activity: Dream Catchers 


Snacks: Sandwiches w/ Vegemite & Butter

Activity: Block Mania

Newlands Parents for Climate Change

A very late contribution! Thanks Nina for sending images from today's Climate Change rally in the city. A further report in the next edition.


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