10 December 2018
Issue Twenty
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Upcoming Dates

10th December- Country Orientation Day

11th December- Statewide Orientation Day- Only 2018 Year 7's and 2019 Year 7's required to attend.

12th to 13th December- Open Water Academy Camp

14th December- Jnr Final Assembly

14th December- Last Day of classes

17th December- Snr Final Assembly

17th to 20th December- End of Year Program 

Principal's Report

With two days in a row of plus 35 degree weather, it certainly feels as if summer is here now.  Several students have started to count down till the end of the school year – now less than ten days away.  Despite nearing the end of another year, I’ve been impressed with the energy that I’ve witnessed in classrooms over the past few days.  Exams may have finished, but there is still learning to be done and it’s good to see many students and teachers squeezing every last gram of learning out of the 2018 school year.


At this time of the year, many students will start to suggest at home that school isn’t their highest priority and that perhaps they should be allowed to finish the school year early.  I can assure you that all year 7-10 classes will be running at Warrnambool College through till the end of Friday 14th December and I would hope that all students would be attending classes up until that time.  When the conversation comes up at home and your child is claiming that classes aren’t happening or ‘everyone else is staying home’, please make sure they are coming to school as we expect and want them to be here.


In addition, as per department requirements, we will be offering a learning program that all students can engage in during the last week of the school year (from 17th December).  Traditionally not many students attend this program, but those that do attest to the engagement and learning that they engage with and our staff do put a lot of energy into designing this learning program across all learning areas in the school.  I would encourage you to consider sending your child along to this program after the final assemblies are finished.


Speaking of final assemblies, I hope to see many of you there and together celebrate in all the achievements of Warrnambool College students this year.  If I don’t see you before the end of the school year though, I wish you and your family a joyous and hopeful Christmas season.


Kind Regards,


Dave Clift


Assistant Principal's Report

Building Works

Our new toilet block is almost complete. We are also almost finished renovating the old administration area into a new library space, and work on the B-Wing (Science/Childers) is ongoing.

On the weekend of December 15th and 16th there will also be significant works taking place including Independent Class A asbestos removers removing asbestos from the B-Wing. Therefore, there is to be no access to the College for the entirety of the weekend. Occupational Hygienists will issue a clearance certificate (including air clearance monitoring) to ensure that the school will be safe for students and staff to return Monday morning.
Please be mindful that anyone that enters the College grounds this weekend will be asked to leave immediately.
Splash Factory swimmers can access the pool but cannot park on school grounds.



Please ensure all students have cleaned out their locker before Friday 14th December. There will be valuable calculators, textbooks, writing materials and stationary left behind without names on them which may end up being thrown out if they are left behind.



Booklists for year 7-9 have been removed to save costs for families. All families will need to buy their own blank writing books, folders and stationary, as well as their iPad. The school has purchased class sets of textbooks.

Senior Booklists were due on the 5/12/18. Anyone that has not returned this yet will need to take it directly to Warrnambool Books.


The Bus Exchange

Please do not drive around the bus exchange roundabout either before or after school for school pick up or drop off. Warrnambool Bus Lines are very concerned about the safety of parents using this loop. This is not a Warrnambool College facility, it is owned by Warrnambool Council.

If you would like a quick drop off/pick up you could arrange a meeting point at a nearby sporting facility such as The Mac Oval, The Walter Oval or the Reid Oval and students could walk directly through Albert Park to school.


Important Dates

11th December- Statewide Orientation Day- Only 2018 and 2019 Year 7's required to attend.

14th Dec – Junior Final Assembly in the Hall 2:00pm – 3:30pm

14th Dec – Official classes finish for Yr 7 -10

17th Dec – Senior Final Assembly @ Lighthouse Theatre

17th-19th Dec – End of year program for Yr 7-9

23rd Jan - Book Collection from the new school Library (former administration area)

31st Jan – Tutor interviews

Feb 1st – First day of 2019 classes

House Reports


The end of the year in Childers has marked a time of change, adapting and looking forward to an exciting future ahead in 2019!


The year 12s have finished their exams and were farewelled at Graduation night with a rousing rendition of “A Million Dreams” from the ‘Greatest Showman’ performed by Dave Clift, Emma Miller (past Childerians), Wendy Makenzie and Arwen Bounds (present Childerians!). Also, huge congratulations to Caleb Stewart who won the prestigious Jenny Ponting Real Life Award. We wish the Graduating class all the best for what the future holds – remember to approach the challenges ahead with ‘Courage, Compassion and Commitment to Community!’


Our new leadership team has already been hard at work preparing for next year while at Leadership Camp, and played a huge role in the organisation of our Childers House Celebration day! The 2019 Childers Leadership Team includes: Captains – Meg Reuel and Mitch Colson. Senior School – Ali Rowe, Ellen Holdway, Jake Mathews, Samara Howie and Sophie O’Brien. Middle School – Cassidy Jamieson, Charles Patterson, Hollie Burgess, Jaxon Halliday, Sam Cargeeg and Tess O’Connor. Junior School – Arwen Bounds, Brady Keegan, Olivia Holdway, Laura Lee and Taz Reuel.


The Childers Celebration activities were awaited with much mystery and anticipation! Finally – all was revealed and the staff and students alike enjoyed an amazing afternoon! We played fun games, such as the Christmas themed chocolate game and capture the flag. We enjoyed a delicious BBQ and soft drinks. We then made our way to the oval for what can only be described as “KAOS”! An amazing activity full of challenges involving team work – such as “Giant Cheer Pong”, “Tunnel Ball”, “Egg Toss”, Tongue twisters and more! The end objective was then to cover your entire team in shaving cream! The year 8 boys were this year’s winners – but I think some of the staff deserve an honourable mention as well! Sprinklers then provided the shower we needed before getting changed and winding up the day with some awards.


Caleb Stewart received the Leadership Award.

Sarah Wallace received the Spirit Award.

Meg Reuel received the Citizenship Award.

Congratulations to all on a fantastic year! 


7B Humanities

We learnt about Mina Guli and that she ran marathons to raise awareness about countries not having clean water and we also learnt about waterborne diseases and how they affect you. Our group used Google Docs and that helped us work when we were away. 

The best thing about belfast this year was that the teachers were nice and encouraging and the students are nice and not mean.

By Josh and Jacob


Water rap reflection.
In the the making of our water rap we had to figure out what we wanted the lyrics to be and how we were going to make them up. It was a long process to finish it. We had to make sure you could hear us and there wasn’t to much wind and that the lyrics made sense and rhymed. It was a team effort to make the lyrics and the beat, and made sure we were happy with our end result. Whilst planning the rap we had to research parts of our raps such as, Mina Guli, a disease, water cycle and what we use water for. It was a tough challenge but in the end it furthered our knowledge. In our group we had Elli Peake, Akira Earnshaw and Bella McKendry. We all brought something to the table to make our rap the best it could be.
What we all love about belfast is the fun activities we get to participate in, in our tutes like games, videos, activities and more.

 By Akira,Bella and Elli



Water Rap reflection - This task taught us to work in teams and create content that we were proud of. During the time given, we had to research about water, plan our lyrics, storyboard and film the video. This challenged our teamwork and our ability to communicate with each other. It tested our knowledge of editing and persistence. We really enjoyed this activity and we thought it was challenging.

We liked Belfast this year because all the people that are in Belfast plus all the students and teachers that support us in what we do. We also like all the activities that we have done.

Izzy Lenehan, Janaya Van Andel, Emily Huismann and Sophie Sully


In Humanities for Term 4, we have been learning about water and everything to do with it. For our main task surrounding water we had to present a rap which incorporated everything we had learnt throughout the term. The process we undertook to develop the rap started with creating the lyrics for the song, making a beat from scratch, creating a storyboard for the scenes we would film, filming the rap and finally editing to create the final product. Through this task we extended upon and built skills such as teamwork, adapting to change, how to create a song with a video clip as well as learning how to actually rap. We learnt about waterborne diseases and how they affect certain communities in foreign countries, we also learnt about people such as Mina Guli who are doing their best to improve water in developing countries. Through working as a team which included Shaun Sun, Luca, Prannoy and Blair, we learnt many skills and also learnt a lot about the topic.

Blair, Luca, Shaun and Prannoy




Our water rap includes many processes, we all believe that we learnt many new things about rapping, editing, filming and that you need high communication to succeed. We started with writing our rap which went through many editing processes and always changing for it to be better. We then created a storyboard to show what scene is what and where and what we will be saying. After was time to rap, we filmed in many places around the school, then was the hardest part, editing. We worked as a team pretty well, even with people missing most of the time. Mina Guli was something/someone who we had to include in our rap, she is a very inspirational personal, if you didn’t know she runs for her campaign Thirst, Mina ran for 42 days straight to raise money.
The best thing about Belfast this year was the Belfast celebration day because we just had a boundary at Lake Pertobe that we had to stay within but other than that we could just roam around and do all different activities there was no reason to be bored.
By Halle, Meg and Jorja



We learnt a few skills while making this water rap. We learnt how to rap, how to edit and how to film properly. The process was pretty simple process but it took a while to complete. First we completed a script then we did our storyboard. After our storyboard was complete we started to film our amazing water rap. After our water rap was filmed we edited our rap together. Then after that our rap was finished all we needed to do was present our inspiring water rap. In our rap we had to include; a water borne disease, Mr Finn, Mina Guli and everyone in our group. We had to stay positive and we had to communicate. We think that we did pretty good.
Arjay Iggy and nick



During the process of making our water rap we learnt lots about water and how it affects our body. We learnt about Mina Guli who runs for water and about how she has a campaign about water. We have learnt rapping skills and how it’s good to communicate with others. We have enjoyed creating a water rap because we feel we have developed our skills as we now know that diseases don’t just come and go. You to take care of you body. Rapping has been a struggle in our group but having each others support has had a positive outcome because we have a new experience that we can rap a little bit better then when we started.

The best thing about Belfast this year was all the activities we got involved in with all the other students in Belfast.

Alice, Lacey, Ruby and Izzy.D

Hands on Learning


With the Hands on Learning year quickly coming to a close, we have been able to reflect on what we have achieved throughout the year as a group and as individuals.  It is always great to see our students hit some great milestones and grow in areas of self-confidence, leadership, team work and life skills.

Our students were also able to present their completed picnic tables and chairs this term to Tower Hill / Worn Gundidj Aboriginal Co-operative.  It was a fantastic project for our students to be involved in and it was generously funded through a grant provided by South West Community Foundation.  So next time you visit Tower Hill, make sure you check out our finished products located at the Visitor Centre as they look terrific.

Over the last few weeks we have been able to celebrate our achievements with an end of year excursion to the Breakwater to enjoy some fishing.  Some of us were even lucky enough to catch some fish!  We then went on to enjoy some lunch at Kebabs on Kepler and finished the day off doing a workshop at Food Share which we all enjoyed. 

This year Hands on Learning students have enjoyed a year full of achievements.  Some of these include:

  • Painting and refurbishing trolleys for Warrnambool Food Share 
  • Constructing tables and seats for Tower Hill - Worn Gundidj Aboriginal Co-operative Ltd through a grant from the South West Community Foundation 
  • Assisting East Warrnambool Primary School prepare a space for their kitchen garden program 
  • Assisting food drop for Bushfire relief at Cobden community 
  • Removing cabinets and carpet in old staffroom 
  • Establishing the aquaponics system 
  • Bunnings BBQ in March raising significant funds 
  • Growing vegetables, plants and succulents for the Warrnambool College community 
  • Fixing chairs in the Warrnambool College library 
  • Repairing Warrnambool College mountain bikes
  • Working on individual projects such as pallet chairs, pencil boxes, dog kennels & cat scratching posts.
  • Building a display trolley to sell goods made by Hands on Learning students.
  • Constructing a new gutter garden from recyclable materials.

As this will be our last newsletter entry for 2018, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you firstly to our wonderful students for all their hard work and the fun we have all had together throughout the year.  Secondly a very big thank you to the parents, Warrnambool College staff and the wider Warrnambool College community for your support and encouragement.

Our year also wouldn’t have been the success it has been without the wonderful support of our sponsors who have very generously donated to our program.  These organisations include Woolworths Central, Bunnings Warehouse, Wannon Water and South West Community Foundation.

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Leon and Kym.


Art News

Today we had a presentation from years 7B, 7F and 7H to the Warrnambool Police Station representatives, Acting Senior Sargent David McDonald and Lucinda Priestley of an artwork created by the students of those classes.

Tahlee Dannatt, Jaylah Farey-Williams and Ireland Pickett spoke about the process that the students went through from the initial idea.

Warrnambool College Art department received a request from Ms. Priestley at the Warrnambool Police station to create a large Merry Christmas painting, for their social club, with a middle island back drop (Oddball’s island) with a holden, driven by Santa, driving off with a divvy van chasing it.

Ms. Knight’s year 7 classes,  (75 students in total) began an initial brainstorming of ideas writing them up on the board.

Students then began drawing the ideas into their visual diaries.

Ms. Knight then combined all of their images into a collage. 

Each class shuffled, added or subtracted images until we had the final plan in place.

Students began drawing a grid onto the canvas. 

Once the grid was drawn, they worked on transferring all the drawings onto the canvas.

As the drawing came to an end the painting began.  The painting process took 2 weeks.

The canvas is 2 metres by 2 metres, painted with acrylic paints and finished with a coat of varnish.

Mr Matheson spoke about the importance of connecting with community and commended the students for their collaboration and achievement.

Acting Senior Sargent David McDonald thanked the students and school, on behalf of the Warrnambool Police Social Club that provided the funds for the materials for the project.  They are still finalising the location within the station where the work will hang and invited the students down to see once it is in place.

SPP Fed Uni Trip

On Wednesday nearly 100 SPP athletes and mentors travelled to Federation University in Ballarat to complete their post testing. Students are currently analysing their results, but at a quick glance it is evident that the Strength and Conditioning and Cardio Enhancement sessions have enabled our SPP athletes to improve out of sight. All athletes also participated in a sport specific coaching session;

  • Golf – Driving range with a highly accredited coach providing biomechanical feedback on their swing technique
  • Netball – coaching session conducted at Llanberis Indoor Netball Stadium (home of the Ballarat State League team) conducted by Hampden Premiership Netball coach
  • Swimmers – cool down session in Federation University Indoor pool
  • AFL – coaching session and tour of the AFL accredited Mars Stadium and skills session with Greater Western Victoria Rebels coaching staff
  • Basketball – Miner Dome Ballarat – coaching session taken by the Ballarat Miners assistant coach and development officer
  • Cricket – Indoor cricket coaching session focusing on technique
  • Tennis – professional tennis coach focusing on all round skill technique and game sense strategy

At the completion of the day, all SPP athletes and mentors attended an awards ceremony at La Porchetta Ballarat where a recovery meal was had by all and our 2018 SPP Major Awards were presented. These awards recognised two students per SPP group that have achieved a high level of Attitude and Effort in not only all SPP sessions, but all subjects (this is a major focus of the Sporting Pathway Program – using the passion of sport to ensure all students are engaged with their learning and achieving the highest level of attitude and effort possible in ALL subjects.).

The award winners were:

7S- Will Colla and Layla Watson

7P- Seth Wallace and Charlotte Van Der Starre

8- Patrick Hewson and Tahni Porter

9- Shaw McLeod and Alana Bellman

10/11- Bailey Philp and Ashlea Ferguson


A huge thanks to Liam Stow and Adam Dowie for the massive effort in organising this wonderful opportunity for all SPP athletes.


School News

Discounted Uniform

There is discounted uniform available at the main office.

White, Navy and Grey socks- $5

Navy Polos- $20

Grey Shorts- $25

Community Notices

Holiday Actors