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21 December 2018
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From the Principal 

December 2018 

CESC is committed to the practices and values surrounding child safety. All procedures, measures and practices have been developed in accordance with Ministerial Order No 870 -Child Safe Standards- Managing the risk of child abuse in schools.


This is our final newsletter for 2018 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support this year as we continue to provide a high-quality education for all.  It has been a year full of growth and development for the college, as we have come to gain further recognition for our efforts.


It is my pleasure to announce the School Captains for 2019.  They are:

Grace Tibusious, Waad Salih and Connor Pennington - School Captains

Brittany Garvey, Poe Pouesi and Olympia Ward- Vice Captains

I am confident their leadership will inspire all of us to give our best, enabling our school to progress strongly.  


In Term 2 next year we will be in Review.  The school participates in a school review, which looks at the school’s performance and informs strategies for improvement. The pre-review self-evaluation and the school review inform the development of the school’s new four-year Strategic Plan, which is then operationalised through the AIPs.


During Term 1 we will be completing our self-evaluation in readiness for our review in term 2. Self-evaluation supports the ‘evaluate and diagnose’ phase of the Improvement Cycle process. School self-evaluation is an opportunity for the school to reflect on how it is tracking against the goals and targets established during the four-year SSP and annual AIP cycles. This assists the school to identify what is working well, what needs to continue and which areas of the school's work may need to be improved or further developed. It informs decisions relating to priority setting, initiatives, strategies and actions for improvement.

Self-evaluation involves schools collating data from a diverse range of sources to inform action for improving student outcomes.

The whole school community, including students, parents/carers and staff, reflect on the observed outcomes, acknowledge and celebrate achievements; and identify effective strategies and areas for improvement during the next planning period.

The community can do this by contributing to discussion about:

  • how well the school is meeting the community’s expectations
  • where the school could improve its performance
  • what the school’s priorities should be going forward.

We will be requesting parents and guardians, as well as students, to be involved in focus groups in Term 1.


This celebration of achievements  was well demonstrated on Tuesday at our Whole School Awards evening where just over one hundred of our outstanding young people were presented with awards in the various areas that reflect our values of Achievement, Growth, Responsibility and Respect. Our awards recognised the students for their hard work and dedication to their studies and the effort they applied to their learning in all areas of the curriculum. In addition, students were recognised for their contribution to the school in sport and for positively interacting with the community. Congratulations to all the students who won awards on the night and for their positive contribution to their studies and the College.


On Friday 14th December the VCE results were released and I am pleased to announce that the 2018 College Dux, who scored an ATAR of 89.4, is Binil Mathews. Congratulations to Binil and all the graduating class of 2018. 


We achieved a VCE median score of 29 and our average was 28.8. This is an improvement on last year’s median study score of 28. There were 9 scores of 40 or more and we had 7 students achieve an ATAR score in the 80’s.  Our VCAL and VET results are exceptional, and we can be well satisfied that our students are as prepared as they can be for their futures. This is a fantastic result and reflects the efforts of all teachers who have taught these students at the college.  Well done everyone this is an outstanding achievement.


Abbie Robilliard recently received the Electorate of Holt 2018 Community Spirit and Leadership Award from The Hon. Anthony Bryne MP. Congratulations Abbie well deserved.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge our team of high-quality teachers, education support staff and wellbeing team, who work together to create a safe and supportive learning environment for our students.

Our focus for 2019 will continue to be on providing a high quality pathway with a particular focus on improved literacy outcomes in writing. We will also continue to develop Student Leadership and Voice. This refers to the extent to which we involve our students in decisions made at the college and developing an understanding of different learning behaviours that support improvement in all areas of learning. This can include everything from working together on school pride through our uniform and representation of the school, to the opportunities we provide for them to engage with the curriculum.


Thank you once more for your continued support and engagement with the college, whether that is through attending events, supporting your children in participating in the many extra-curricular opportunities available, or simply staying in touch via Compass.


I wish you a safe and very happy holiday season and look forward to your continued support in 2019.

Best Wishes.



General Information

Key dates


Last day for Year 11 & 12

     - 14th

Last Day for Year 8 to 10

     - 21st, finish at 1:30


First day for 7 & 12

     - 30th

First day for 8 to 11

     - 31st


Activities Week

     - 17th - 19th

Enviro Days

     - 20th - 21st

2018 RGAR Awards Evening

This evening is about celebrating student achievement. Our awards are drawn from our school values of Respect, Growth, Achievement and Responsibility (RGAR).


Photographs were taken of all the award recipients, these can be requested at the front office in the new year.



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Semester 2 Reports

The Semester 2 Student Reports will be available via Compass from Monday 17th December. These reports indicate the overall student achievement for the semester against the Victorian Curriculum and/or the VCE Study Designs.


In Semester 2, teachers do not write reports for Year 12 subjects as the results will appear in the Statement of Results from VCAA.


In Years 7-10, the reports also display the Common Assessment Task assessments and Teacher Comments. Students and parents have already been able to access this assessment information through our Live Reporting processes on Compass, however this formal report brings these assessments together into one document.


If you have any queries about your child’s report, please contact the classroom teacher for further clarification before the end of the school year.


At CESC, we always strive to improve our processes and we welcome parent feedback to inform these changes. In the coming days, parents will be invited to complete a short survey regarding the reporting process at the College to allow them to provide thoughts and ideas to help us improve our practices.

Year 7/8 News 

Linda Buckeridge - Year 7 and 8 Assistant Principal

Who can believe it is already the end of the year?!


Personally my year has been full of change, inspiration, challenge and gratitude. I’m sure that students in both Year 7 and 8 in 2018 have experienced some, if not all of these at some stage throughout the year as well.



It has been an interesting fortnight with students experiencing life in their new year levels for 2019. They have been working through setting expectations as a year level and as a class in each subject. The change has proved challenging for some students, however it has been great to see those that have embraced the change and started their 2019 year in a positive and respectful way.


Step Up gives every student an opportunity to have clarity in regards to what their 2019 academic year will look like. This process is advantageous for all students as when they return next year, classes will commence immediately with learning tasks and activities, ensuring their time in class is used most effectively as quickly as possible.



I am very proud of the students in the junior school and look forward to seeing those that have really challenged themselves this year be rewarded for their efforts at our end of year whole school Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 18th December here at CESC. We have had many students achieve enormous growth both academically and socially and many of these students have already received their awards at year level assemblies, being awarded certificates for their efforts across a range of subject areas.



Below are some reflections from a few of our class captains of year 7 2018 on how they feel the first year of secondary school has been for them!


This was my first year of high school. At the start I was extremely nervous but as I got used to the new life I had just entered I fell in love with Year 7! I loved the new subjects, teachers, friends and I am truly grateful for everything I’ve been taught for education and life skills.               



Year 7 has been the greatest; socialising with new people, enjoying events and learning with our teachers. Being class captain was a privilege to meet and interact with the other class captains. The only downfall was that after 4 terms some teachers still had trouble saying my last name! I bet they needed Google translate!!                

Josh A


Year 7 was fun but I don’t think it will be my best year as it is only the first! All the teachers are understanding, all of them are kind and always ready to educate us. Our day is made when we know our teachers put in the effort to give us a good day. It wasn’t that different from primary school. Homework isn’t that hard but the consequences can be! My whole year was great.              




Have a very safe and happy holiday!

I look forward to seeing you all in 2019 refreshed and ready to go!!




On Tuesday the 11th of December, CESC hosted our State Wide Orientation day for the 2019 Yr.7 students.


The day began with excited students rushing into the school to find out which class they are in.

By 8.50am, all the nervous students, as well as the helpers, assembled in the theatre for a quick introduction assembly. After a brief assembly, all the Yr.7 classes were distributed to all of their period one classes; which was Homegroup.  During homegroup, students took part in a few “get to know you” activities. They asked each other questions such as “where are you from?” “what are your likes and dislikes?” and by the end of this period, some friendships were even formed.  After homegroup, each class moved on to different classes such as Food tech, Maths, English, Science, and PE. During these periods, the students got a feel of what 2019 will be like for them.  After the 1st two periods, the students had recess in gym, followed by the next two periods (periods 3 and 4). For lunch, everyone met in front of the canteen for a BBQ. There were sizzling sausages, veggie patties and drinks available. At the end of the day, everyone met at the theatre again for a conclusion to the day. By the end of it all, all the students felt comfortable with the big change into high school. There were many laughs and smiles through out the day, which were happy and positive signs.


A big thanks to all of the teachers for organising this amazing day and to all our student helpers for giving up their time to help with making this day smooth flowing.


All the very best to all our 2019 Yr.7 students and on behalf of CESC, I hope you have a wonderful year in 2019.



Sneha 9J


Saver Plus - ANZ Bank


Year 9/10

Lisa Monaghan - Year 9 and 10 Assistant Principal

What a busy way the Year 9s had to end the year! Having a Rewards Day to King Pin in Crown where they could play unlimited arcade games and have lunch in the city, proved to be a hit. Students were selected to attend this excursion based on their excellent behaviour / attendance / uniform / personal improvement throughout the year. At CESC, we find it important to value and celebrate the consistent and positive behaviours displayed by our students.

The day after this excursion, our school started Step Up! where they moved into Year 10. They’ve had a careers focus already in this time, where they’ve attended a presentation and had some class time, to start making phone calls to line up their work experience for 2019. Families, please check in with your child to see how they have gone with this, as we hope most have arranged theirs now.

As this was occurring, we welcomed our new Year 9 cohort (2018’s Year 8 students) to the orange building. They were also fortunate to have a careers focus as they visited Monash University (Peninsula Campus) to get an idea about Uni life and potential courses that may interest them in the future. Our new Year 9’s have started their first ever electives and are enjoying this opportunity.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Year 9 teachers, leaders and Educational Support Staff. Because of their dedication and strive for new events in Year 9 over this year, it has allowed for amazing camps, excursions, incursions and school/class opportunities and work programs to occur. 

I’d also like to congratulate our 2018 Year 9s (now Year 10s), for their enthusiasm, respect for our rules and expectations and strong work ethic, to do well for themselves and those around them. These positive and strong work commitments will see you go far.

GENERAL PARENT REMINDERS and TIPS for a Smooth Start into 2019 for your child



Please be reminded that as we approach the holidays, it is a very good time for you to support your child in being ready for the 2019 school year.

This includes:

·         Fixing your child’s computer, so it’s working and ready to be used at the start of next year

·         New uniform, including HARD LEATHER lace up shoes if it’s necessary.

·         Hem on dress is just above the knee.

·         PLAIN WHITE socks. Logo socks cannot be rolled down.

Exerscise books at the very least and a pencil case with multiple pens/pencils.





·         ONLY Year 7 and 12 students start back Wednesday 30th January.

·         All other year levels (Years 8, 9, 10, 11) all begin the day after, on Thursday 31st January.



There are students pursuing their sporting or academic opportunities or simply moving on in 2019. I know for some families, it was a difficult decision to make, but CESC would like to wish you all the best with your new chapters. To all students and families, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday break. We look forward to seeing our Year 9 and 10 students back to school and ready to learn on Thursday 31st January 2019.


Year 11/12

Message from the Assistant Principal

What a successful year we have had!


We achieved a VCE median score of 29 and our average was 28.8 -  an improvement on last year’s median study score of 28. There were 9 scores of 40 or more and we had 7 students achieve an ATAR score in the 80’s. Our VCAL and VET results were excellent and we can be well satisfied that our students are as prepared as they can be for their futures. This is a fantastic result and reflects the efforts of all teachers who have taught these students at the college. Well done everyone this is an outstanding achievement.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the senior school personnel for their passion, dedication, enthusiasm and hard work in providing each student the opportunity to achieve their goals. They always go above and beyond what is required and their commitment to our students is exceptional. I could not ask for a better of staff to work with.

Finally, I would like to thank the students, parents and the wider community for your support throughout the year.  I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and festive season, and I look forward to working with you again in 2019.


Penni Roe

Assistant Principal – Years 11 & 12

Year 11 news


End of Semester Awards

Throughout the year we have seen many students achieve outstanding results and go above and beyond our expectations. All their hard work and dedication paid off and students were recognised for all their achievements and efforts at our end of Year awards Assembly. We had multiple subject award winners showing excellence and effort as well as students who showed commitment to our school values- Achievement, Growth, Respect and Responsibility.

Well done to all the awards winners, a fantastic achievement!


Senior school key dates- Term 1 2019

Week One

Wednesday 30th January-Term 1 Starts: VCE Yr. 12

Wednesday 30th January- Verification Tests Commence

Thursday 31st January- Term 1 Starts: VCE Yr. 11

Thursday 31st January- Term 1 Starts: VCAL Yr. 11 and Yr. 12

Thursday 31st January –Friday 1st February- Year 12 Study Camp

Week Two

Wednesday 6th February- Verification Tests completed and marked

Week Three

Monday 11th February- School Photos

Monday 11th February- Year 12Career Action Plans Commence

Friday 15th February- Final day for Course Changes: Unit 3 & 4

Friday 15th February- Final day for Course Changes: Unit 1

Friday 15th February- Special Consideration Applications Due

Week Four

Tuesday 19th February- Year 11 Elevate- Study Sensei Period 1

Wednesday 20th February- Year 12 English incursion- Author visit- Period 4

Week Seven

Monday 11th March- Labour Day

Tuesday 12th March- Swimming Carnival

Week Ten

Thursday 4th April- Final Day for Yr. 12 Career Action Plans

Friday 5th April- Term 1 Ends


Going into 2019

Before the start of classes next year, here are a few friendly reminders related to IT that we would like to remind you about.

- If you haven't done so already, please invest in a laptop for your child as it is a requirement at our school. This would also be the ideal time for laptops to be sent in for repairs as we will be increasing the use of digital technology in our classes in 2019

- Please be aware that once again we will be sending out a mobile phone policy which needs to be discussed with your child before signing to bring it back to school. This will allow your child to use mobile phones in school for educational purposes

- Back up any documents and files either to a hard drive or to a Cloud system which only related to 2018 which leaves more storage for new activities in 2019

- Consider in the investment of peripherals to help your child (eg. USBs, mouse, laptop bag, laptop charger etc.)

- To have all laptops charged at home the night before as we do not permit the charging of laptops at school for OH&S reasons




We wish all our students and their families, a safe and relaxing break over the summer holidays.
And remember...It's the perfect time of year to sit back with a good book and escape into another world!

Best wishes for the New Year and see you in 2019 



School Clubs

Magic Club

As the year comes to a close we here at Magic Club would like to celebrate the many successes achieved this year. These include but are not restricted to:

- For the first time ever, being able to run a tournament in our club

- Running a total of three tournaments of different formats which taught students how to deck build and play in many different styles

- Student attendance being consistent whilst improving student relations with each other and with staff

- Increased communication with the local community and receiving donations from some card shops

- Implementing award ceremonies where prizes are given to students who demonstrate our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Achievement, and Growth in the club


Looking to 2019, here are some of the new goals that we hope to achieve:

- Organizing with other schools and card stores the running of interschool competitions

- The electing of a club president and committee to collaborate with staff when planning for events

- Running events which allow the club and game itself to be more accessible to newcomers such as Open House events


Student Voice





Congratulations to the 2018 Student Voice Leaders, Class Captains, Special Program Captains, Multi Reps Leaders and Hospitality Captains!!! Well Done!!

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Koorie school holiday program

The ‘Strong Culture, Good Health’ Koorie holiday program is funded to provide young Aboriginal people with the opportunity to participate in social and physical activities that are inclusive of culture.

please see attached for more details and how to book 

City of Casey- school holiday program 

Please see the attached for booking details 

Education assistance program 


Cranbourne information and support service, in conjunction with the Salvation Army Cranbourne Community Support Services, delivers a year long program to financially support families with the cost of education.This can consist of uniforms, books and other expenses.

The main time for this support is the end of the year and the start of the new school year, from November to February.

Financial support comes from the Salvation Army, R. E. Ross Trust and donations through CISS from various sources.

You may be eligible for the education assistance program if you are a low income earner with school aged children and you live in the City of Casey (south)Criteria apply.


Contact - Julie or Doug at CISS on 5996 3333 156 Sladen Street, Cranbourne

No interest loan scheme 


The No Interest Loans Scheme (NILS) is designed to help low-income earners (especially those on a Centrelink income) buy essential household goods such as – 

  • Fridges
  • Washing machines
  • Furniture
  • Computers
  • TVs
  • School books
  • Health Aids (like walking frames, glasses, or asthma pumps)

NILS cannot be used for cash, loan repayments, housing costs or car repairs.

The loan is for one item at a time, for a value of up to $1,000 and can be re-paid at an affordable rate. Borrowers can apply for further loans once the initial loan is re-paid. 


NILS applicants MUST have lived at their current address for at least six months, and provide evidence that they have the ability to re-pay the loan.


Please drop in to Cranbourne information and support service at 156 Sladen Street, Cranbourne  or phone on 5996 3333 to see if they can assist.

Saver plus 


Sporting change program 2019

More details to come in term 1 2019, this program is for year 9 and 10 students only. 



breaking the cycle of violence 



The has become available in the Southern Melbourne area from 1 September 2018.

The Southern Melbourne area covers the local government areas of:

  • Cardinia
  • Casey
  • Greater Dandenong

The ECEI partner for this area is Link Health and Community.

Latrobe Community Health Service (external) is our LAC partner in the region. The NDIS is for anyone who has a physical, mental health, cognitive or other disability that may effect in the long term or short term. 

Contact Us

1800 800 110 and request to speak to the City of Casey coordinator  to see if you are eligible 

Anglicare support - parenting support, family violence support


Support services 

Community Events & News



Casey Teenage School Holiday Program


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