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11 October 2018
Issue 16
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College Deputy
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Brisbane Open House
College Art Show
FCIP End of Year Concert Series
Year 10 Digital Technologies
Spring Fashion Gala Saturday 27 October
La Cucina
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Quick Dates

Week 2, Term 4


Monday 15 October

3:30pm Rugby 7s Tournament (North Lakes College)


Tuesday 16 October

Co-Curricular Group Photos (formal uniform required)

Francis and Clare Study begins this week

2:00pm Year 7 Hip Hop (LG 4, 5 and 6)


Wednesday 17 October

Year 6 'Experience High School' Day

10:30am QATSIF Graduation, University of Queensland

2:00pm Year 10 Brainstorm


Thursday 18 October

Year 6 'Experience High School' Day


Friday 19 October

Year 6 'Experience High School' Day

6:00pm College Art Show (Ground Floor Laverna Building)



From the Desk of the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers, Staff and Students and Friends of Mount Alvernia College,


Thought for the week: 'Tell her every day she is smart and capable and lift her up...Don’t underestimate the power of day-to-day motivation and inspiration in a girl’s life.' — Michelle Obama


Today is the International Day of the Girl – a day set aside to celebrate the achievements of young women in countries across the world. Each day at the College I meet so many young women who are charting their way towards a brilliant future, all the while empowering other young people through their Outreach Programmes.

One such programme which is of real benefit to women is the Zonta Birthing Kits which our Z club creates. The Z Club, led by students, under the guidance of Ms Anita Goldie and Mrs Paulette Corkery, and with the support of the College community, puts together these kits to support women in developing countries deliver their babies in safe and hygienic conditions. I have included some information from the Z Club so as you can see what our girls are doing for others.


'What are birthing kits and why are they important?' Here are some videos from the Birthing Kits Foundation Australia

2 mins - quick overview shows the journey of the Birthing Kit, from its assembly in Australia to its overseas destination.

6 mins - features Joan, a 22 year old mother living in Uganda.  She tells the heart-breaking story of childbirth in Uganda and demonstrates the hope and empowerment that a Birthing Kit brings.


Today we welcomed back Sister Pauline Robinson mfic who is visiting us from Rome. We were fortunate to have her with us for our St Francis Liturgy. It was also good to welcome back from pilgrimage our FOTH teachers and students who have been travelling through Italy visiting sites of importance to Franciscans. This was the first time that our students  and staff had travelled with our Paduan friends and all report that it was a wonderful experience.

I hope your week goes well at the start of a very short but very busy term.


[email protected]




College Deputy

From the Desk of the College Deputy

It is good to be back at Mount Alvernia College after a wonderful break to visit family and do some sightseeing in England recently.  My wife and I visited our daughter who lives in London.  We were also able to take in some amazing sights.  We went off the recommendations of friends and locals and visited some places where we stood in awe at the age of the buildings and the beauty of gardens at historic homes.  When you walk in the footsteps of people who would have lived at Fountains Abbey, build in the early 1100s, you sense an amazing feeling of the history and life of such places. 


Another place recommended to us was Sissinghurst Gardens.  Vita Sackville-West, poet and gardening writer, and her husband, Harold Nicolson, author and diplomat, created the garden in the early 1930s. We drove down a very narrow road, which seems to go on for miles.  However, it was a place of great beauty ad peach in the middle of the countryside.  It reminded me of Mount Alvernia and the peace of our gardens.


Annual Awards Night

A major event coming up soon is our annual Awards Night.  The Awards Night is a significant event in the life of the College.  This year, it is on Tuesday 30 October at 7:00 pm in the San Damiano Centre.


The purpose of the evening is to celebrate the achievements of our students in academic, cultural, leadership, and sporting endeavours, and to showcase the talents of some of our gifted students.  As it is a community night, we encourage all students to attend, even if they are not personally receiving an award.  Parents, relatives, and friends are welcome to attend to recognise and celebrate student achievement.


We will publish the names of the recipients of Mount Alvernian and Academic Awards in the next couple of weeks.  Students will be reminded of this and need to check the lists to find out if they are receiving an award.  We ask that all those receiving an award attend the Awards Night so we can all acknowledge their success.


As events like this require a great deal of organisation to run smoothly, we need your cooperation and assistance with a number of procedures.  We would be grateful if you would reinforce these with your daughter.

  • Award recipients must register by 6:40 pm on the night or their names will not be read out.  This is to save embarrassment if a student is not able to be present for any reason.
  • Award recipients are to sit in the seats allocated to them.
  • Other students are to sit with their parents.  Ushers will direct you to the general seating area.
  • Please do not leave before the function is finished.  This will be approximately 9:30 pm.
  • All students are to wear full school uniform.  In order that uniforms can be fresh for the evening, students may wear sports uniform to school during the day.
  • Student behaviour must be of the highest standard, with clapping being the only appropriate way to acknowledge award recipients.

I know that this event will be a great celebration of learning and involvement in College life, and I encourage you to attend.

Michael McDonald

Deputy Principal
Student Development

Personal Development Program Term 4

Most year levels have completed the Love Bites program and the general consensus is the program has been very worthwhile.


The program for Term 4 will cover the following:-

Year 7 - Puberty and adolescence

Body changes; male and female anatomy and changes during puberty; menstruation; hygiene and skin and hair.

Year 8 - Gratitude

Exploration of the link between showing gratitude and its impact on our happiness; writing letters of gratitude to loved ones; an act of kindness to others.

Year 9 - Inspire and Uplift

Students select a topic in which they are interested, research this topic, and present it to the class in a creative way.

Year 10 - Big sister/Little Sister (Mentoring program)

Students will learn skills to support Year 7 students in the transition to high school in 2019

Year 11 - Getting to Know Yourself

Body image exploration; students will complete the Myers- Briggs personality test

Year 12 - Beyond School

Exploration of transition challenges for school leavers; staying safe


If you have any questions or concerns about the above lesson content, please do not hesitate to contact Tania Henry or Liz Marlay on [email protected] or on 3357 6000.

Annette Butterworth

Deputy Principal
Staff Development

From the Desk of the Deputy Principal - Staff Development

It was such a delight to be back at Mount Alvernia this week after some long service leave towards the end of last term. As I walked in through the garden, being greeted by students and staff, I certainly felt the welcome of returning home. We are truly blessed by our learning environment.

This was reinforced during my time in Kuala Lumpur, where I was lecturing in a two-week course to arts educators from around Asia. As you would imagine, the conditions for learning are significantly different, and it was exciting to share the developments we do here at Mount Alvernia College, while also engaging in some robust pedagogical discussions around the educational developments and experiences that we share. Understanding the characteristics of the contemporary learner was the focus, with student engagement, empowerment, and feedback in an age of rapid change being hot topics.

Interestingly, these themes were consistent when I worked with a group of Australian teachers in Perth during the last week of the holidays. As the world grows ever smaller it highlights how much we share in common with one another. Both these experiences I have found enhanced my practice as an educator. I am confident this learning will impact the work I do here at the College significantly, and I am very excited to get back into the classroom and share with my students many of the new ideas I experienced. 
I would like to offer my sincere thank you to Mrs Kerry Jell who acted in my position while I was on leave. Her expertise in this area has enabled a smooth continuation of the work in the Staff Development portfolio and I am indebted to her for her work. Thank you, Mrs Jell.

As we begin Term 4, we welcome the following new staff members:
Ms Sarah Porchak, who will be commencing next week as our new Learning Area Advisor: English & Languages; and 
Ms Annalisa Dichiara, who is replacing Mrs Christina Pollicina, who recently had a little baby and will be on maternity leave for the year.

We welcome these new members to the team.

Daniel Crump

Assistant Principal
Student Learning

From the Desk of the Assistant Principal - Student Learning

I hope that all in our community have had a restful and rejuvenating holiday.  The September holidays are such a beautiful time of the year and, for those who have little to do, it is great to be able to enjoy the sunshine and take time to relax.  It is, however, a time when we have groups of students and teachers enjoying overseas adventures, pilgrimages, and other learning opportunities as well.


For those students who ventured to Japan, I trust you found the experience one that broadened your knowledge and understanding of other cultures and lifestyles, and provided you time to reflect upon and compare a different way of life to yours.  For our pilgrims who have experienced some time in Italy, following in Francis’s footsteps, I know that you will have been somewhat transformed.  I have been on two Pilgrimages to Italy, visiting the places of Francis and Clare – it is something that all Franciscans should do; it is life changing.  For others who have travelled, I hope that you too have learnt something by experiencing a new and unique culture, then have come home feeling blessed. The ability to be able to travel abroad, and then to come back to a country that is safe yet diverse, is a joy.  I know I appreciate and am grateful for all that I have here.


During the break, I was extremely privileged to be able to travel to Finland on a Study Tour.  Having read and heard much about the high quality Finnish education system, thanks to the Association of which I am President (Adolescent Success), I joined a group of seventeen other educators from around Australia and New Zealand to immerse myself into Finland’s schools, and to hear from Finnish principals, teachers, students, and other educators as to how they manage to develop young people who are totally focused on their own learning and success and as such, how they continue to perform so well on a global scale.  

For me, this tour was also transformational.


We can learn so much from this educational system. In a small country of 5.5 million people that became independent of Russia just 100 years ago, where there are few resources other than their people, where the temperatures are extreme – “they know how to live with winter and the midnight sun”- they excel in the health and education of their children.


Some stats:
Finland now - Nordic welfare society 
1. Is the most stable and safest country in the world 
2. Has the best governance in the world
3. Has the third least corruption in the world
4. Mothers' and children's well-being in Finland is the second best in the world
5. We borrow more books from library than anywhere else
6. We also have more saunas, drink more coffee and milk than any other nation
7. Finland has the best overall education system in the world

All from the following references:
1. Fragile States Index 2017 , World Economic Forum, The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017 
2. Legatum Institute, The Legatum Prosperity Index 2017: Finland 
3. Transparency International, Corruption Perceptions Index 2016 
4. Save the Children, State of the World´s Mothers 2015, 16th annual report 
6. International Coffee Organisation, Coffee Trade Statistics Dairy Nutrition Council, Milk consumption in the world in 2015 
7. World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2017


We learnt about the system itself. Preschools are organised around play-based learning only; children don’t begin grade 1 until they are seven; they then attend comprehensive school which is Grade 1 – 9; followed by Upper Secondary, either general or vocational school for Grade 10-12.   During comprehensive school a student’s curriculum is broad.  They all study Finnish, English, and Swedish, they do Maths, PE, Science, Crafts, Music, Art, Religion/Ethics, with school hours starting from 20 hours per week, to 24 hours. The national curriculum is child-centred, with a strong focus on well-being. Classes are 45 minutes in length, followed by a fifteen-minute break. This is the norm throughout the schools.

Upper Secondary schools are organised like universities.  Students choose their own schedules based on a number of compulsory courses and others they may undertake.  They must do 75 courses from the suite of courses offered. (A course is approximately seven weeks). A number of these compulsory courses are project-/phenomenon-based and focus on entrepreneurial skills. All study English and Finnish (mother tongue), and most study another language as well. 

Students can choose to go to a General Upper Secondary or Vocational school to ensure that they are able to transition into the most appropriate pathway for them on completion.  Learners at this level are highly independent, they take responsibility for their shortfalls, and strive to be successful as they progress. Parents play a minimal role in their child’s education at this stage of learning. The only high stakes tests that are undertaken are the matriculation exams that students choose to do on completion of their final year.  They can choose from four to seven exams, but some do more.  They have more than one opportunity to achieve in these.  

Teachers are highly trusted to be the experts, having total autonomy, developing programs of learning based on the national curriculum; they develop their own testing instruments and report results to parents regularly.  More importantly, they have their students reflect upon their work, providing regular feedback and having discussions about progress and learning.  


This is just a snapshot of what I saw and learnt.  We visited five different schools but, in all of them, the culture of learning was palpable, students were relaxed, yet engaged and focused.  


There were many aspects that I could relate to our college. We too are inclusive and believe in equality, with a strong focus on wellbeing. We too focus on the whole child.  We believe in a broad curriculum and encourage our students to be diverse.


There were many things I have taken away from this learning experience, and I am looking forward to exploring ways of working here with our girls.  Whilst much of the success of Finland is in the policies they have set, much too is in the modes of learning, their focus on creating independent and resilient learners by having a student-centred approach.  I have spoken about our systems here at Mt A, and feel very affirmed that we are doing the best for our girls.  I know too that we should always be learning, always be aiming for greater things, by learning and growing for the future – as our Learning and Teaching Framework explicitly states.  This learning experience will assist me to work in my role of Student Learning to continue to build the capacity of our girls.  I am excited to put some strategies into practice over the coming months.

Debra Evans


Careers News

Another fortnight, another Careers update!

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Melissa Loveday

Brisbane Open House

Mount Alvernia is pleased to open its doors...

this Sunday 14 October from 10am to 1pm

as part of Brisbane Open House. We will be showcasing our beautiful architecture to the wider community so please spread the word. Students will also be running a cafe and providing musical accompaniment to the festivities.


College Art Show

College Art Show - Friday 19 October

The annual Mount Alvernia College Art Show will be held on Friday 19 October from 6.00-8.00pm on the ground floor of the Laverna Building, where student artworks from 2018 will be displayed and celebrated at a gala event.  Works completed in both first and second semester, by art students in all year levels, will be on show. We also look forward to seeing all art students and families supporting this event.

We would also like to request your help in any of these two ways:

  • provide one (non-perishable) item suitable to complement the contents of a gourmet hamper that will be raffled on the night. Please send it to school with your daughter no later than Tuesday 16 October. Students can either bring the item to Student Services on Level 1, or give to the Art teacher. Suitable items for a gourmet hamper could be: fresh coffee, specialty teas, chocolates, jams, biscuits, water crackers, relishes, new tea towels, pretty napkins, designer coffee mugs, gift cards, and vouchers. ***Please do not send any alcohol for the hamper***
  • assist with the set-up of the display on any of the days prior to the Art Show or assist on the night. Please let us know by email if you can help. [email protected]

Ms Lorella Masci

Learning Area Advisor: The Arts

FCIP End of Year Concert Series

2018 End of Year Concert Series

Franciscan Colleges Instrumental Programme


2018 End of  Year Concert Series 


We would like to invite your family or friends to attend one or all of our End of  Year Concerts to share in the pleasure of music. 


Rock Symphony - 7:00pm, Mon 22nd October

Intermediate Showcase - 6:30pm, Mon 29th October

Senior Showcase - 7:00pm, Fri 2nd November

Junior Showcase - 6:30pm, Mon 5th November


Venue - San Damiano Centre (Mt Alvernia College) 


This is a wonderful set of events showcasing a variety of music  performed by over 400 talented musicians within the  Franciscan Colleges Instrumental Programme. 
****  Entry is by Donation  ****

All Donations contribute towards the purchase of New Specialist Instruments. 

Year 10 Digital Technologies

Thank You

to everyone who took the time to vote for their favourite t-shirt design, we received around 220 votes. The winners were Mikayla Prentice and her rose design and the class chose Emily Wilderbeek’s wolf. Thanks to The Print Bar in Teneriffe for making the t-shirts.

Linda Clark

Spring Fashion Gala
Saturday 27 October


La Cucina


Friday 12 October

Anna Pezzetta

Amanda Rackham


Monday 15 October

Emma Reid

Kate Wilson


Tuesday 16 October

Julie Ingle

Margaret Hutchins


Wednesday 17 October

Gianna Divirgilio

Amanda Rackham


Thursday 18 October

Amanda Russell

Liz Feltrin


Friday 19 October

Angela Bodman

Jan Nichols


Open from 7.15-9.30am & 10.30am-3.00pm (3.15pm Wednesday).   Staff, parents, and friends are very welcome to drop in for coffee—$3.50; $3 in own cup.


Please direct any enquiries to Cathy at College Reception, ph 3357 6000.

Community Notices

Sports Nutrition Seminar Sunday 14 October


Padua College Raceday Saturday 3 November

Tickets are limited and may be purchased via

All tickets purchased will be available for collection from Padua College Office

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