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14 September 2018
Issue Nine
Principals Report
Assistant Principal Report 
Assistant Principal Report
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Principals Report

News from the Principal
- Mr. Tristan Lanarus


Dear Westall Secondary College Community,


In Term 4 this year, we undertake our 4 year strategic review and planning process. Our last 4 years have been highly successful with most key targets successfully achieved.


I am pleased to share with you that across the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan period, we have:

  1. Increased enrolments from 410 to 590 students, surpassing our target of 572.
  2. Improved our VCE median score from 26.84 in 2015, to 27.18 in 2016, to 27.37 in 2017. Our target is 28 by the end of 2018, so the final result for this measure is to be confirmed in December this year.
  3. Attendance and exit destination data has gone from below State average to above State average.
  4. NAPLAN % below National Minimum Standard (NMS) has improved across all dimensions at Year 9.

Lower figure = improved result

% Below NMS at Year 9         2015                       2018

Writing                                          41.8                        28.0

Reading                                         15.6                        8.6

Spelling                                         19.4                        14.0

Grammar and Punctuation  29.9                        11.8

Numeracy                                       3.0                          1.1


Some very pleasing results that we should all be proud of.


A special thank you to all parents who recently completed the Parent Opinion Survey. On top of that and as part of the review process, on Tuesday 18th September during PT Interviews, we will attempt to get your responses to these three questions:


What you would like the school to:


1. Keep doing / you like / it is working

2. Stop doing / you dislike / it is not working

3 Start doing / new ideas / improvements


Please note that for Parent Teacher Interviews on 18th September, and the last day of term on 21st September, students will be dismissed at 2.30pm.


Make sure you come along to our School Production, “The Addams Family”, at Keysborough College Theatre, at 7.30pm on the 19th, 20th and 21st September.


Until next time!

Mr. Tristan Lanarus

Assistant Principal Report 

Assistant Principal -
Mr. Mark HendersonAssistant Principal
- Mrs. Sue Simadri


Term 3 Progress Reports and Parent-Teacher Interviews

Progress reports provide parents and guardians with a brief snapshot of how your child is progressing during the second semester. Progress reports cover the areas of effort, behaviour, use of classtime, ability to meet deadlines and, homework & preparation for class. Progress reports are now available for parents to view on Compass.


Parent-Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Tuesday 18th September from 3 to 6pm. The interviews provide an important opportunity for you and your child to discuss his/her progress and to build communication between parents and the College. It is expected that students accompany their parents to the interviews and participate in the discussion of their progress and areas for improvement. The online booking portal is now open on Compass. Parents can access the online booking system using your Compass Username and Password. For assistance with bookings, please contact the office on 9546 3233.

This is what you look for on Compass:

You can make bookings by clicking the 'Book Parent Teacher Interviews' button available next to your child's photo on the Compass homepage, or by clicking the Dashboard Alert at the top of your News Feed.


Interpreters can be requested by selecting a language from the drop-down menu on the booking sheet. For a language not on the list, please contact your child's coordinator, or the school.

Coffee on Cue

To thank you for taking the time to come to the school to keep your appointments, we have organised for a mobile coffee cart from 3:30-6:00pm on Tuesday, 18th September. Each family will be able to get a free coffee/tea/hot chocolate when you present your booking sheet with signatures from at least 3 teachers that you have seen at the PT event. Alternatively, families can collect a Allocation of Rooms for Parent Teacher Interview sheet from Balook prior to your first interview session, and have teachers sign on the sheet, and take this to the coffee cart to get your free coffee/tea/hot chocolate.

All interviews will be conducted in Balook and the coffee cart will be set up outside the area.

Summer Uniform

End of Term 3 is rapidly approaching. Students and families are reminded that all students should be in full summer uniform on the first day of Term 4. This means, summer dress for girls, no tights or stockings. Students participating in PE and sport classes, are expected to wear a school cap when outside.


Thank you to all families for your continued support of the college uniform policy.

Making the most of your parent-teacher interview

A relevant article from Michael Grose leading into next week's Parent-Teacher Interview event:


Assistant Principal Report

Assistant Principal -
Mr. Mark Henderson


College promotion update

In Term 4, we will be unveiling our new look College website, along with a promotional video. The school photographer and I are working hard at editing this, but in the meantime, enjoy some more preview shots:


Junior School Social

I just wanted to acknowledge the hard work of Miss Paget, Miss Vass, Miss P, Ms Reia and team for organising a great night for our Junior School students. It was a fun night and one which the students will remember for a long time. 


Thanks to Miss Dewhurst, Miss Evans and Miss Zeng for giving up their evening for our Junior School students.

We had fun too:


Mental Health Week - Term 4, Week 1


Brainteaser from last week

Here is the solution from last week’s brain teaser:


This week’s brainteaser:

Try your Maths brain out on this teaser. Come to show me the solution and you could be in for prize…


Parent Teacher Interviews

I would like to personally encourage all Junior and Middle school parents to attend the parent teacher interviews on Tuesday 18 September (next week) in Balook.


This is a great opportunity to get to know your son or daughter’s teachers and discuss valuable feedback on their learning.


Interpreters and refreshments available, so please come along. I’ll see you there!!

Senior School Report

Message from the Acting Director of Learning
- Mr. Jarrod Johnstone

Progress reports are now on Compass for you to see. Make sure you view this report and use it to start a conversation with your child about their progress. Students in Years 7-10 have upcoming parent-teacher interviews next week. Senior students had their interviews earlier in the term, so please contact your child’s Year Level Coordinator directly if you wish to speak about their progress.


Elevate Education

Students in Year 11 and 12 took part in Elevate Education workshops in late August. These workshops have been tailored for our students, with Year 12 students focusing on their final period of study and revision before exams, and Year 11 students focusing on time management strategies.


Holiday Revision & Practice Exams program

All students who study a Unit 3-4 subject are expected to attend practice exams in the second week of the upcoming school holidays. These practice exams, which are offered for all Unit 3-4 subject, will provide students with a real experience of what they will be faced with in the Oct/Nov VCAA examinations. Teachers will provide feedback to students in Week 1 of Term 4. One of the strategies to gain a great study score is to complete as many practice exams as possible in each subject. Students can access past exam papers on the VCAA website; others will be made available in Compass School Documentation. 

Some teachers are also offering revision classes in the first week of holidays, which students would benefit from attending. Students have been given a timetable for this, which is attached below.

Many universities and other providers are also offering revision programs. Students are highly recommended to attend these, in particular at our partner universities, Monash & ACU. Students have been given information for these and can speak with Miss Geraldine, Miss Kerwick or Mr Johnstone for further information.



Unit 3-4 students will shortly be entering the exam period, 31st October until 21st November. This is a highly stressful time for many students and your support at home will help them greatly. Be sure to ask them regularly how they are going and ask if they would like your support with anything. As much as possible, try to create a calm and organised space at home for students to study. If you have any concerns about your child, please feel free to contact the school.

2018 September Year 12 Revision Program


First Aid Training

On the 18th and 25th of July, 19 enthusiastic Year 12 students undertook a First Aid training session. They learnt the basics of offering first aid, which included learning the CPR technique.  It was an informative session and the students were very engaged in the learning program. They received a certificate after the training.


Ms.  Smrithi Buyya

Maths/Science Teacher

Middle School Report

Message from the Director of Learning
- Mr. Tom Tahos

Year 9 and 10 students have been involved in various learning programs in and outside their classroom. We are very proud of how the middle school students conduct themselves at various programs run by external providers. We have received positive feedback about our students. Well done!!


Keep checking compass for upcoming events and news feeds. This is the main means of communication within our school community.  


Students, please continue to be vigilant with your learning. This means your attendance needs to be over 90%. Be organised (bring correct equipment), be punctual and engage with all your class tasks. 


All students should be clear about the school’s expectation regarding school uniform. Students should be in their summer school uniform in Term 4.

Monash University - 'Access Champions Leaders' Program

Select Year 9 and Year 10 students have been working with Monash University Mentors throughout the year, in designing and implementing a program to support students at Westall Secondary College with their learning and pathways.


The student leaders began their journey by attending a leadership-training day, which was followed by fortnightly meetings with their mentors, to further develop their programs.


The Monash Access Leaders then ran their programs to target groups within our school.


The final part of the program was to present their experiences and outcomes at Monash University, to all the participating schools and mentors involved. Our students were outstanding and demonstrated great leadership and teamwork attributes throughout the program.

Sports Ambassadors Program

The Sports Academy Elective class was involved in the Kingston Youth Services ‘Sports Ambassadors’ program. This program is looking at key aspects of being a leader, such as communication, empathy and teamwork. The program also focuses on cultural inclusion, cultural understanding, as well as critical and creative thinking.


At each session, students were involved in icebreaker activities and brainstorming sessions based on traits of an effective leader, and how we can be inclusive. There were further activities which were designed to develop and highlight these skills. These sessions also looked at how sport is an ideal way of promoting inclusion and acceptance.


Our students are currently working in groups to deliver a leadership session.


The Ambassadors program will continue in Term 4, where the group will work with the National Rugby League, to implement and get involved in a touch rugby tournament focusing on cultural inclusion.

Westall Primary School Visit

Westall Primary School Year 5 and 6 students have been working together with our Year 9/10 Literacy Intervention class in the kitchen cooking pizza, damper and some other healthy treats. Our students guide the primary school students through safe food preparation and are developing relationships for the future, when the primary students will join us here. Next term, we will be making chicken nuggets – the healthy way - and some other exciting dishes.


Ms. Julie Armstrong

Year 9 Coordinator/Arts & Tech Coordinator

Financial Literacy Excursion - 3rd September

The Financial Literacy students recently visited the Parliament of Victoria, the State Library and were lucky enough to view several court cases held in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.


The students had a very interesting tour of Parliament House where they could sit in both the Legislative Assembly and Council. They were reminded of the importance to vote, and were informed of a Victorian election coming up in November. 


We also visited the State Library of Victoria, where some of us saw Ned Kelly's armour, as well as an amazing view from the 6th level, looking down on the old reading room. The students were certainly impressed by this building.


After some lunch in Melbourne Central where we were lucky enough to see the famous clock chiming midday, we all went to the Melbourne Magistrates Court to observe some courtrooms. It is possible to move in and out of the courts to observe different cases and the students very quickly learnt about the correct etiquette of bowing to the Magistrate as they arrived and left the courtroom. They also observed a fairly intensive cross examination of a witness via video link, regarding the defendant who was sitting in the courtroom. It was hands on learning at its best!


Some of the students remarked:

“I have learnt that Parliament may look easy but it needs a lot of hard work and we need to look at all points of view in order to make a new law.”


“Each courtroom had a different story and victim, it was great to explore each one and see how the system works”


“The architecture of the Parliament was very unique and one of its kind”


Ms. Sue Stenning

Humanities Coordinator

‘My Vote, My Voice’ excursion on female leadership

Speaking on the floor of Victoria’s Legislative Council was an inspiring experience for two of our Year 10 students, on Friday the 31st of August. Yvonne Hoang and Gloria Mautairi spoke passionately about the importance of diversity as part of the National Council of Women Victoria’s annual speech day at Victoria’s Parliament House.

In the lead up to the event, our students conducted research on the topic of diversity in community organisations. Students Arnetta Wijaya, Jenny Gu, Yiting Zhong, Kaylar Imaitum, along with Gloria Mautairi, Yvonne Hoang and Monique Rima, chose two organisations to study – the Cook Island Oz Tag Association and our school. They conducted interviews with leaders, including Ms Simadri, to discover more about the levels of diversity within these organisations and why this is important for decision-making and representation.

We heard from speakers at fifteen different schools on a range of topics related to diversity, from interviews with political and business leaders to statistics about the nature of leaders within Australia. The most powerful were personal stories about experiences of discrimination and advocacy.

A panel of prominent female leaders - comprised of Barbara Abley AM, past Mayor of Geelong Council, Cuc Lam, Mayor of Maribyrnong, and the Honourable Samantha Dunn, MLC Eastern Metropolitan Region – provided feedback to the speakers. Their public speaking advice included the need to use humour, vary tone and pitch and end a speech with a strong point.

Our students commented:

  • “It was a good learning experience, as diversity is a broad topic and we got to hear really different perspectives on it,” (Kaylar).
  • “Interviewing Ms Simadri taught us about the skills of leadership and her own personal experiences” (Jenny).
  • “It was a good opportunity to practice my public speaking and receive feedback to improve in the future,” (Yvonne).

It was a great day and we were very thankful to the National Council of Women Victoria for organising this opportunity, as well as Ms Simadri for giving up her time for an interview. I commend our students on their enthusiastic participation, articulate speeches and high-quality research.  


Ms Good

Global Literacy Teacher

Junior School Report

Message from the Director of Learning
- Ms. Alice Paget

Term 3 has flown by for the Year 7 and 8 students. There have been some exciting events and programs, including the Cyberia workshop on cyber safety, Australian Mathematics and ICAS Mathematics Competition, School Athletics Carnival, Weekly Sport, Girls Talk Club and the School Musical rehearsals.  


Progress reports have now become available on Compass. The focus of the progress reports is on the students learning behaviours, including their effort, behaviour, using class time effectively and meeting deadlines. Please take the time to discuss your child’s progress report with them; what are they doing well, and what are the key areas for improvement? A three-way partnership (student-parent-teacher) can bring out the best possible outcomes for your child. We have Parent-Teacher Interviews coming up on Tuesday 18th September. The school encourages you to make booking online using the Compass portal. Looking forward to seeing you all there.


Have a safe and relaxing holiday and I look forward to what will be jam-packed Term 4!

Junior School Social

On the 11th September, the Junior School Social was held for all Year 7 and 8 students and teachers. It was a great opportunity for the students to let their hair down and dance the night away! The students had a great time using the photo booth, dancing to the tunes of the DJ, playing ‘minute to win it’ game, and creating many lasting memories!


Grade 5 Taster Day

On the 5th September, we held the first Westall Way Taster Day for Grade 5 students from our local Primary Schools. Thank you to Westall, Clayton South, St Peter’s, Clarinda and Springvale Rise Primary Schools for taking the time out of their busy schedules to take part in the day!


The Westall Way Taster Day involved a range of workshops and lessons that showcased the Westall Way of learning and the amazing programs on offer at our College, including our iCreate and Aim High programs. The Grade 5 students were also exposed to our Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) model through a Literacy and Numeracy workshop. EDI increases engagement in the classroom, ensuring all students are involved for the learning, with teachers checking for understanding along the way.


WELC Report

Message from the WELC Coordinator
Ms. Carmela Santucci

Numeracy and Literacy Week

WELC students celebrated Literacy and Numeracy Week in August, with group activities.

Each group was given a problem to solve. The initial activity was for the group to read and understand the language used in posing the problem. Collectively each group then proceeded to solve their respective problem. It was great to see the many strategies students employed and the cheers of success once the task was completed. Well done to all!


City Experience

On Monday 10th September, WELC students visited Old Melbourne Gaol. In class, students had studied the history of the gaol, and on the day of the excursion, they were required to take notes and complete an activity. Listening to the guide's many stories about the gaol and why people went to gaol in Melbourne’s early history was fascinating. Students had the opportunity to practise their English skills as they asked many follow-up questions.

Students also visited Hosier Lane. As one of Melbourne’s most popular tourist attractions, Hosier Lane did not disappoint with the bold and expressive art work on display.


Reading Program

To assist students with reading, WELC runs a Top Up Reading Program before school. Students attend three times each week and read with the support of the MEAs. Students’ progress is monitored and they are encouraged to continue their reading and to practise their vocabulary for homework.

Compass User Information

How to recover your Compass Account Details


How to Access Your Child's Report


Parent Information

Payment Information

Payments can be made via credit card, BPay or Eftpos.  Please contact our office on 9546 3233 for further details.

Updating Your Contact, Custody and Medical Information

Have you moved house or changed phone numbers?


If so, please remember to fill in a ‘Change of Details’ form (attached below). The form can also be collected from the General Office. Please return this form as soon as possible. It is important that we have your most current details for general purposes and in the case of an emergency. It is also important that you keep your mobile phone and email address details up to date on Compass. This is to ensure you do not miss out on vital information, including student attendance alerts, student report information, curriculum days, etc.

Similarly, with emergency contact details, any custody arrangements and medical details, please ensure these are current. 


Westall SC Homework Club

All students are welcome to attend our 



When:  Every Thursday

  • Where:  ALC

What time:  3.30-4.30pm


Snacks provided!


Monash University students and Westall SC teachers are present to help!

Westall SC Breakfast Club


Homestay Providers


Westall SC College Blazer $110.00
- Buy direct from the General Office


English Classes




Tristar Aviation


Westall SC proudly presents 
​"The Addams Family"

Tickets available online or at the General Office.


Westall SC Canteen News

Hi  Westall Secondary College,


Bellbrook Catering would like to wish all students, staff and families a safe and happy holiday break and notify you that your last canteen day for term 3 is Friday 21st September (inclusive) and your first canteen day for term 4 is Monday 8th October. 


Kind regards

Bellbrook Catering


Westall SC
Mental Health Week


Community News

The Music Box - Kingston Youth Services

Love music?

Interested in creating it?


The Music Box is a program that teaches recording, mixing & music production skills including:

  • How to set up
  • How to run recording sessions with microphones & instruments
  • How to create your own songs
  • Mixing & music production techniques

The Music Box is for young people aged 12-25 years and is FREE. Download the Music Box Flyer for all the details.


The Music Box is facilitated by professional sound engineer Leo Damiani – who has more than 25 years’ experience. Staff from Kingston Youth Services also supervise the program. Places are limited and will be taken up fast. To attend you must have a parent/guardian sign and return the Program Participation and Consent Form. If you have any questions please call Bec at Kingston Youth Services on 1300 369 436.

Create an Epic Short Film!

Wellington Tennis Club


English and Computer Classes for Rohingya and Burmese Speakers



Tamil Language Lessons


Settlement Services


City of Dandenong Youth and Family Services


Free Holiday Camp


Enhancing Mental Health Support in Schools


Dates to Remember 

Term 3

18 Sept          Junior and Middle School Parent Teacher Interviews 3-6pm

19 Sept           I-create Sport Excursion

19-21 Sept     Westall SC Musical Production - "The Addams Family" 

21 Sept           Last day of Term 3

Term 4


8 Oct               First day of Term 4.  School starts at 8.55am

8 Oct               Year 12 Physics Excursion

8-12 Oct         Westall SC Mental Health Week

8-26 Oct          Year 12 Performance & LOTE Oral Exams

15 Oct              Year 11 VCAL Numeracy Excursion

15-19 Oct        "Yishu" Arts Week

16 Oct               Years 9-10 Forensic Science Excursion

17 Oct               School Council Meeting at 4.30pm

18 Oct               Last day of Year 12 classes

19 Oct               Year 12 Celebration Day

22 Oct               Year 12 SWOTVAC begins

22 Oct               Year 11 Physics Excursion

24 Oct               Year 7-10 Touch Rugby Gala Day

24-25 Oct         Year 10 Tafe Visit

25 Oct               VET Hospitality Excursion

31 Oct                   I-Create Westall Cafe 

31 Oct-23 Nov   Year 12 Written Exams

1 Nov                    Year 7 Global Literacy Excursion

2 Nov                     VCAL Sport Coaching Excursion 7.15-9.45pm

6 Nov                     Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

13-15 Nov            I-Create Outdoor Education Camp

14 Nov                  School Council Meeting at 4.30pm

14 Nov                  Year 11 Chemistry Excursion

16 Nov                  Middle School Social

19 Nov                  Last day of Year 11 classes

19 Nov                  Year 9 Werribee Zoo Excursion

20 Nov                   Curriculum Day - Student Free Day

21-29 Nov             Year 11 Exams

28-29 Nov             Year 10 Exams

30 Nov                   WSC Awards Assembly

3-7 Dec                  2019 Year 8-12 Headstart Program

4 Dec                      2019 Year 7 Parent Information Night

10-14 Dec             2019 Year 8-10 Headstart Program continues

11 Dec                   2019 Grade 7 Orientation Day

12 Dec                    Last School Council Meeting at 4.30pm

17-21 Dec              Activities Week

21 Dec                    Last day of Term 4


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