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22 August 2018
Issue Thirteen
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Message from the Principal

ARETÉ ('αρετη): 
Our journey to be the very best we can be

Every one of us is filled with promise, and it is that single word which is the key to our future. When we talk about promise, we speak of potential, the person we can potentially be if we challenge our­selves to make the right choices, if we have the courage to make the necessary commitment to achieving our goals. We are greatly assisted in realising our potential if we are provided the right support by those around us, by our friends, our parents, our teachers and our community.

Here at KWS we have a dedicated and caring staff and offer a myriad of opportunities for our students to pursue and to challenge themselves. Experiences designed for them to enjoy and to assist their growth as people and citizens.

But we cannot alone bring their potential to fulfilment. A simple yet appropriate phrase that our students must adopt is “if it is to be, it is up to me”. As they grow in the School, the responsibility begins to shift- it has to be “up to you”.

The most articulated value in Ancient Greek culture is ‘Arete’. The word correctly means ‘virtue’, or being the best you can be, reaching your highest potential. Excellence is closely linked to fulfilment; the act of living up to what you are capable of becoming.

Arete is often associated with bravery, but more regularly it is linked to effectiveness. To be a person of the highest effectiveness, a person has to be able to use all of their faculties-their strength, their bravery, their wit, and intelli­gence. In Classical Greece, Arete was part of the traditional training of a boy in his preparation for manhood; this training included physi­cal training, mental training, spiritual training and training in the virtues of life.

We are a school which is unrepentant in focusing on all four aspects of life. We provide opportunities to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities; in the critical academic side, we challenge each student to ‘be the best that they can be’, extending all levels of ability, supporting areas of weakness as well as challenging the most able. We focus on the significance of virtues and values in our community and we explore our spiritual dimension to give to one’s life something larger than oneself. It is the greatest good for one to consider virtue every day, for as Socrates reminds us “the unexamined life is not worth living”.

I am very proud of the students of this school. Many understand the concept of Arete, they accept the school’s values, and strive towards the fulfilment of their potential, making the most of the opportunities here at Kinross Wolaroi.

We see this clearly expressed in so many domains of school life such as the wonderful charity initiatives driven by our students, the recent examples of our students’ determination to achieve excellence in their Visual Arts, Textile Design, Drama and Music performance, in Latin competitions, exploring the night skies, in the pool, the equestrian arena and on the sports field.

I encourage all to have courage to strive to be the very best you can be, to achieve your goals and to honour those special gifts that every one of you possess.

An evening under the Stars

Our wildly enthusiastic Year 11 Astronomers recently hosted an evening for staff to gaze upon the heavens. We have a passionate group of students who under the tutelage of Mr Rod Sommerville and members of our Science staff have formed ‘The Year 11 Astro Team’ who explore the universe locating and observing stars and constellations found in the night sky.

Even though we battled some cloud cover, the students were able to locate Mars, Jupitier and Saturn and shared their knowledge of these planets. Four very substantial telescopes were set up on the main oval, each directed towards particular celestial features. As I gazed upon Mars through the telescopic lens, a member of the team guided me to observe the redish tinge surrounding the planet and then infomed me that the colouring was due to the high presense of ferric oxide on the planet – very similar to what we find in central Australia. The enthusiasm demonstrated by the team was inspiring. Being part of the Astro Team not only broadens and deepens our students’ knowledge of science but also develops presentation skills and self confidence. This activity represents just one of the great many activities that are available for our students to explore and enjoy.

Last term, the Astro Team held a very successful evening guiding the boys of Trathen House around the night sky and sharing their knowledge with them; an activity enjoyed by the boys immensly.

The Astro Team will be holding a similar event for their families in the near future and late in the Term will be involved in a public evening organised by Charles Sturt University.

HSC Drama Showcase

Last Thursday evening I had the immense pleasure of being a member of the packed audience to see our Year 12 Drama students perform their Individual and Group Performances. The showcase featured 15 Individual Performances, 4 Group Performances and the display of a Costume Design. What a wonderful demonstration of our students’ talents and Ms Alex Dunkley’s skill and inspiration. We were treated to a complete spectrum of performance ranging from the hilarious to the dark and macabre. The standard of performance right across the board was outstanding and no doubt will delight their examiners. A very special night indeed. Congratulations Year 12 Drama and well done.

Senior Leaders 2018-2019

At our recent Assembly, the School’s Student Leaders for 2018 - 2019 were announced and we congratulate them on this honour and responsibility. Selection was based upon application, interview and student and staff vote.  I am delighted with the team that has been assembled and know they will make an outstanding contribution to the life of the School over the coming year.

Head Girl – Emer Spora                                            

Head Boy – Stirling Taylor

Deputy Head Girl – Jorja Griffiths                            

Deputy Head Boy – Ethan Buesnel

Girl Prefects – Mabel Brockmann, Charlotte Haling and Olivia Mirrington

Boy Prefects – Hugh Aldersley, Bradman Gavin and Benjamin Gillham

I am sure you will join with me in wishing them every success in their future roles.

2019 Student Representative Council

Congratulations to those students who have been elected to represent the SRC to give voice and leadership to the student body. We wish you well as you strive to make our School a finer place.

Year 7:  Ella Buesnel, Mack Johnston, Brydee Roll and Hugh Thompson

Year 8:  Chanel Knight, Cailin McKay, Matt Shepherd and Josh Sutherland

Year 9: Bethany Bell, Ziggy Jackson Le-Couteur, Lizzie Kwa  andJames Thompson

Year 10: Jetta Kennett, Jack Wakem, Henry Williams and Bridget Yeomans

Year 11: Bradman Gavin (Prefect), Ben Gilham, Charlotte Haling and Olivia Mirrington (Prefect)


Pip Mannix – Under 16 National Hockey Selection

Recently, Pip Mannix successfully represented NSW in the National Championships in Brisbane where the NSW team defeated Queensland in the final to claim the Gold Medal. Following Pip’s outstanding performance, she has been named in the Australian Team that will tour Europe next year. An outstanding achievement.


National Latin Exam success

Five KWS students have been awarded gold medals for their performance in the 2018 National Latin Exam (NLE). Over 131,000 students sat for the 2018 Exam from twenty-five countries around the world. At the Year 10 level, gold medals were awarded to Karrah Cisco, Luc Nelson, and Oliver Karaitis who all scored over 90 %. In Year 11, Molly Harris was also awarded gold and was closely followed by Ben Gillham and Ben Bellamy who received silver medals.

In Year 12, Jemima McPhee’s outstanding result and consistently high performance over the last four years have led to a scholarship offer from the NLE organisation towards the cost of tertiary studies.

These are excellent results and reflect the efforts and commitment to excellence shown by these students, and their talented and dedicated teachers, Mr Peter Stevens and Mrs Kate Edwards.


Dr Andrew Parry

Message from the
Head of Senior School

Term 3 Week 5

For virtually all of my life (and that’s now quite a long time!) I have lived out of town and on a property. I grew up in Hillston, 20 kms from the town, on a grazing property that my grandfather had been granted as a soldier settlement block after World War I. He had served at Gallipoli and on the Western Front; prior to that he had worked as a station hand on Oxley Station, so he knew the practicalities of living on the land. After my university studies and teaching for a few years I married an Orange orchardist, so was once again living on a property, albeit a much smaller one. It never occurred to me I would one day live within the confines of a ‘city boundary’. Nevertheless, as life has a way of doing to us, I found myself doing just that. I had feared that living on the Wolaroi site would be noisy and would lead to many interruptions of my ‘private time’ – weekends, evenings and so on. It has turned out to be a great and very positive experience and I’m grateful to have been able to live here for almost ten years now.

One of the things I have really appreciated is the opportunity to subscribe to a daily delivery of the Sydney Morning Herald – the real, paper copy comes to my door every morning, rain, hail or shine. It is such an incredible luxury to get up early and read most of the paper while I have my breakfast; I then head up to work and deal with all the ups and downs, joys and challenges of a school day. In the evening, it’s time to do the cryptic crossword as a way of unwinding. The SMH on Saturdays, however, is a particular pleasure, and chief amongst them is to read Richard Glover’s weekly contribution. One of his most recent columns really resonated with me.

The main theme of it was that we tend far too often to overestimate the bad; we are more willing to believe that things are worse than they actually are. Whatever the actual statistics are, we are more likely to think that crime is up, road accidents are more frequent, teenage pregnancies are on the increase, society is more violent etc than is actually the case. I am convinced that this approach is (sadly) often the case when it comes to teenagers. So often we hear that young people are disrespectful, unkind, bullying, lazy, too focused on their technology, not committed to their studies, unaware of what hard work really means and the like. It has become quite a chorus and is rarely questioned, either in the media or in educational circles. My experience does not bear this out, however.

I have worked with and had the pleasure of teaching what is now at least two generations of young people. They are, by and large, generous, thoughtful, respectful, hard-working, loyal and a load of fun. They see things as they are and are unafraid to ‘tell it like it is’. They are also vulnerable at times, hard on themselves, and sometimes unwilling to take risks – but how different is that from us adults? I urge you to appreciate your children for what they are and to encourage them to continue to be interested in the wider world as they grow through these (at times) turbulent years. Show them you have confidence in them while at the same time guiding their decision-making. Discourage them from taking the easy options, and, most importantly, lead by example: you are their most direct model of what it means to be an adult and a parent. And if you want a fantastic start to a weekend, read Richard Glover!

I wish you a great fortnight.


Bev West

Head of Senior School

Message from the Chaplain

The Drought

You would have to be living under a rock to not know that hundreds of farmers are battling the worst drought in 40 years. The drought is impacting almost all of NSW including the Central Tablelands, Central West and North West, New England, Cobar, Brewarrina, Broken Hill and Dubbo. Areas like Forbes have not properly recovered from being declared a natural disaster zone caused by ravaging floods in 2016 and now the same area is a dry, dusty bowl. The areas around Coolah have not received good rain since their devastating fire 18 months ago.

These are the home areas of about one quarter of our Secondary School students. One boarder from Parkes informs me that his Dad is sourcing feed from South Australia and Western Australia. He says that “they are lucky” because they can avoid the exorbitant cost associated with road freight. Our thoughts, our prayers and our assistance, are with all our farming families; you are not forgotten and you are not alone. The forecast suggests some rain is coming next week so let’s remain hopeful.

The Uniting Church in Australia (UCA), of which Kinross Wolaroi School is an agent, has responded to the drought. The Moderator* of the UCA, Rev Simon Hansford, has launched an appeal for four Presbyteries in drought affected areas across NSW and the ACT. Rev Hansford said: “The State and territory’s farmers and rural businesses are the life blood of our communities and they’re bracing themselves for devastating loss of livelihoods. I am seeing more distress in our communities every day. Many have begun the painful process of selling stock and others are incurring considerable debt as they keep their breeding stock for when the season finally turns. In the Central West and North West there has been an 80% reduction in winter crop sown this season.”

While the NSW Government’s drought relief package of over half a billion dollars allows one-off $50,000 loans that are interest free for seven years, from what I hear, it is difficult to access. For some, the exhaustion from the daily, physical effort of feeding stock, leaves them without the strength of effort to complete the overwhelming paperwork to apply for the loan.

Farmers need money for feed, water and transportation not to mention to allay the sacrifices to their personal living. Rev. Hansford recognises too that regional businesses affected by the drought do not receive any money in the government’s relief package. Contributing $90,000 from the Moderator’s appeal fund to the emergency relief, Rev. Hansford has approved that the funds be used at the discretion of each Presbytery, from petrol vouchers to food vouchers, where the communities need it most. He said, “This is the church saying that we are remembering these members of our community. These gifts are part of our prayers, our presence, our concern.”

Aside from financial assistance from the School, our students are responding in their own way. Students are running a lolly guessing jar, a cake stall, a mufti day, a coin trail and a recycle-clothing stall for girls at PLC. People are invited to donate non-perishable foods, toiletries and dog food. Any and all assistance offered to support the students’ initiatives are most welcome.

On another level, assistance for those who are feeling overwhelmed is also available. I can recommend to you Mindspot. The Mindspot Clinic is a free telephone and online service for Australian adults troubled by symptoms of anxiety or depression. They provide free online screening assessment to help you learn about your symptoms, free treatment courses to help you feel better, or they can help you find local services that can help. Also the Mental Health Hotline is 1800 011 511. This telephone service operates 24-hours 7 days a week and connects you to a trained mental health clinician.


* Moderator:        
The Moderator is elected by the Church for a three-year tenure to give spiritual, prophetic and pastoral leadership to the people and the congregations of the NSW & ACT Synod, by assisting and encouraging the expression of our hope in Jesus Christ, offering challenge because of that same hope, and by reminding the church of its call and of God who we ultimately serve.


Phil Worrad

Student Wellbeing

Why Wellbeing is core school business

These days ‘wellbeing’ is a bit of a buzz word, but it’s not one that should be taken lightly. Endeavouring to improve the wellbeing of your family is a worthwhile pursuit, as positive wellbeing can affect every aspect of your life. In the last issue of the Family Bulletin, I wrote about some of the practical ways that families can support children’s wellbeing. But what about schools, why should wellbeing be taught in schools?

Over the last 10 years there has been a huge growth of Wellbeing programs in schools in Australia. Schools will always be focused on academic learning, but overwhelmingly research suggests it is time to make wellbeing integral to learning and a regular part of teaching. At the heart of any school Wellbeing program is the desire to create an environment promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in students. When wellbeing is core school business it is threaded through everything that happens – everyday interactions, curriculum delivery, policies and expectations.  The challenge of course is how to achieve this.

As I wrote previously, the Wellbeing Teams in both the Prep and Senior Schools, are working towards 2019 and beyond. This week in the Senior School we have had a lot of discussion about what is currently working well and what is not; whilst consensus has not yet been reached the discussions have been very productive. However, the team is sure of one thing-

“If we get wellbeing right, then everything else gets easier.”


Mrs Emma Bylsma 
Head of Wellbeing 

Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning

The Importance of Parental Engagement & Home-School Communication

Decades of research have shown that parental engagement and involvement in their child’s education significantly impact positively on a student’s success. We know that there is a positive relationship between parental involvement and academic achievement, but beyond this, students with involved parents experience fewer behavioural problems; healthier social and emotional development, and higher quality student-teacher relationships.

A Home-School partnership is crucial in supporting students’ academic achievement and positive well-being. No two children are the same. Some are bubbly and confident and seem to breeze through school, taking everything in their stride. Others do not. Some thrive academically; some musically; some artistically. Some shine on the Sports Field. Some 21st century learners present as independent digital natives who neither need, nor want parental involvement in their learning. But there is one thing that they all have in common – whether or not they are explicitly aware of it – and that is the desire for a genuine interest in what they are doing at school. What are their strengths and successes? What are their passions and aspirations? With what do they struggle? What are their areas for development?

Chatting to your child about what they are doing and how they are travelling at school is invaluable – celebrating with them and praising them for every success; supporting and encouraging them through each challenge; reminding them that it is OK to make mistakes, as long as they learn from them.

This may be common sense but is not always that easy to engage and demonstrate genuine interest when you know little about the day to day life of your child at school. This is where the Home –School partnership becomes so important. In addition to reading the newsletters and bulletins, from this term, you will be able to access the Student Portals on the FROG Community Dashboard. From here you will be able to see exactly what it is, that your child is studying in all of his/her subjects; the dates and details of his/her assessments and excursions and other co-curricular activities. Knowing what is going on at school is a great conversation starter; knowing exactly when and where the year’s ‘pressure points’ are, means that you can offer the emotional support, encouragement and engagement that your child needs – even if they may not appear to ‘want’ it.

Parent-Teacher evenings are another important opportunity for you to demonstrate your involvement and engagement with your child’s learning. This is why we encourage you to bring your child with you – he/she is at the centre of their own learning and ultimately responsible for achieving his/her own potential. The three-way conversation between the teacher, the student and the parent/s is crucial in jointly celebrating and applauding success and ascertaining areas for development and supportive ways forward.

If your child achieves highly in something outside of school; contributes positively to the community or demonstrates behaviour that is worthy of celebration, let us know!

Unfortunately, there are times when students experience challenges. Keeping us informed about anything that may detrimentally impact on your child’s learning, and emotional and social development at school, will help us to support and nurture your child.

There is no doubt that when parents actively demonstrate an interest in their child’s learning and collaborate with teachers, the entire educational system benefits, from students to teachers to parents themselves. Positive Home-School communication enables this.


Serena Lewis

Head of Teaching and Learning

Message from the Acting Director of Co-curricular

Combined Schools Music Festival

I had the great pleasure of accompanying our Music students on their trip to Melbourne last week for the 2018 Combined Schools Music Festival, along with Annie McRae. This biennial festival involves KWS, Radford College, Canberra, St Johns Anglican College, Brisbane, St Leonards College, Brighton, and Scotch College, Adelaide. Unfortunately, Scotch College were unable to attend this year. Each of the schools take it in turns to host the festival, which involves students forming a Concert Band, Orchestra, Choir, and Big Band and undertaking intensive rehearsals with a guest conductor. The festival concludes with a concert which showcases all of these groups.

This year St Leonards College hosted the festival. There were around 90 students from the various schools involved, with 16 students from Years 7-11 representing KWS. We were hosted at a picturesque camp just outside of Daylesford for three days of rehearsals, and then headed to Melbourne to perform in a beautiful church in Brighton for the finale concert. Students in the concert band worked with leading wind band conductor Dr. John Lynch. They performed a variety of pieces, including a contemporary Australian work which told a dreamtime story, and featured a narrator, plenty of body percussion, and extended techniques.

The Orchestra were directed by Nicholas Bochner, who is a cellist with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. They performed some crowd favourites which included Finlandia by Sibelius, Selections from Carmen by Bizet, and Enigma Variations by Elgar. The Choir were conducted by Dr. Kathleen McGuire who is a well-known composer and conductor. They sang a variety of pieces covering different styles, including one of Kathleen’s own compositions. Two of our students were chosen to sing solo lines in ‘Bridge over troubled water’ in the concert, which was really special. The concert concluded with a massed orchestra and choir performing ‘Today is the Gift’. It was a really lovely way to end the concert, and conclude our time together.

Both Annie and I were very impressed with the way in which the KWS students represented our school and community. It was great to see students from all over the country coming together to participate in a non-competitive environment, and work towards the common goal of making wonderful music together. The students made friends with students of all ages, and from all of the various schools. Friendships that will hopefully continue well into the future. Musically, it was a real honour to work with conductors of such great calibre, and it was incredible to witness what was achieved in such a short time together.


Ms Heidi Anthony 
Acting Head of Co-curricular

Performing Arts Updates

HSC Drama Showcase

Congratulations to the Year 12 Drama class on their outstanding performances last Thursday evening at the HSC Drama Showcase. They performed their individual performances and group performances to a full audience who were thoroughly entertained. Well done and thank you to Ms Alex Dunkley who has provided so much support, encouragement and has prepared to students so well. Thank you also to Mrs Bec Choi and Mr Seb Key for their assistance on the night as well. We wish our Year 12 Drama class all the very best in the lead up to their HSC Drama performances on Wednesday 5th September.

HSC Music Recital Evening

Monday 3rd September 5:30pm​

We look forward to hearing our talented HSC Music 2 and extension, and Music 1 students at their HSC Music Recital evening which is on Monday 3rd September. We hope you can come along and appreciate the hard work, talent and dedication that goes into preparing their music programs.

String Concert

Thursday 6th September 5:30pm

Our annual String Concert will be held on Thursday 6 September 5.30pm - 6.30pm in the KWS Chapel.

All prep and secondary string ensembles will perform on the night and I encourage all string players to attend even if they are not currently in a KWS ensemble, as it will inspire musicians at every level!

Can I ask that parents please bring a small plate of food to contribute to a light supper at the end of the evening.

This is a special opportunity both to farewell and thank our Year 12 students for their valuable contribution to KWS music and also to recognise the wonderful commitment of all our string players. We look forward to seeing you there!

Koristers – Opera Australia Performance

Tuesday 28th August

Students in Koristers will be very busy preparing to perform in Madam Butterfly with the Australian Opera. They have a number of rehearsals happening over the weekend with the performance on Tuesday evening at the Orange Civic Theatre.

A reminder that students in the Secondary School have been asked to advise their coaches of any absences from sport.

If you are interested in attending the Opera, tickets are available through Ticketek. It is a beautiful opera with some truly exquisite moments.

Thank you to Mrs Kate Edwards for her incredible organisation and directing this group so well. We look forward to hearing and seeing Koristers on stage next week!

AMEB exams

Congratulations to all the prep and secondary students who have sat AMEB exams over the last 2 weeks. Thank you to the tutors for their support, preparation, time and dedication they give to their students and also thank you to the parents for your support in ensuring your children have this opportunity and a goal to work towards. I know many students have been rewarded by excellent results!

Speech and Drama Orange Eisteddfod Results

Congratulations to the following students who achieved outstanding results in Speech and Drama  at the Orange Eisteddfod:

Toby Gough

  • Won the 14 Yrs Highest Pointscore
  • Won the 14 Yrs Most Promising Performer
  • Toby also received the Highest Overall Pointscore across all sections.

Charles Tink                                             

  • Highly Commended Australian Verse 14

Harry Coady                                                     

  • 3rd - Australiana 14yrs & Under
  • 3rd - Prepared Reading 14yr & Under
  • Highly Commended - Monologue 14yrs
  • Highly Commended - Prepared Reading 14yrs
  • Won The Encouragement Award 14yrs

Luke Dominello & Harry Coady               

  • 1st in Duologue 14yrs & Under

Lucy Kirk                                                              

  • 2nd Australian Verse Open
  • 2nd Prose  Open
  • Highly Commended Prepared Reading
  • 1st Sight Reading Open
  • 2nd Public Speaking Open
  • Highly Commended Dramatic Mono Open
  •  2nd Australian Verse Open
  •  3rd Duologue Open
  •  3rd Australian Monologue Open
  •  2nd Storytelling Open
  •  1st News Reading Open
  •  Highly Commended Australiana Open

A sterling effort by all! Well done!                                

Please send Mrs McRae any achievements your child has achieved over the coming weeks in AMEB and Eisteddfods!

Dates for your Diaries:

Tuesday 28th August – Koristers perform with Opera Australia 7:30pm

Thursday 30th – Friday 31st August: Orange Eisteddfod – Choirs

Wednesday 5th September – Orange Eisteddfod – Band Day

Thursday 6th and Friday 7th September – Orange Eisteddfod – Strings

HSC Recital evening – Monday 3rd September 5:30pm

String Concert – Thursday 6th September

Tuesday 25th September – Winter Co-Curricular Assembly


Mrs Annie McRae
Acting Head of Performing Arts

The Regional Engagement Enterprise

Plenty of action this week in TREE across both the Prep and the Senior School

As always, check out our blog or our Instagram (tree_kws) to find out more.

Amazing Farm Race

Our 5.1 and 5.2 Year 8 Mathematics classes have spent the last two weeks participating in the ‘Amazing Farm Race’. Like the game show, the students receive an envelope each day with a series of mathematical challenges based on the information they gleaned from a visit to the school’s newest farm (Windermere) and from analysing the map on avenza maps. The students had to calculate rates, ratios, areas, perimeters and volumes before presenting to their peers on how best to stock the farm. The winning teams expertly argued for water troughs, diversified income streams (fruit and vegetables for the boarders) and reasoned stocking rates (of merino sheep and angus cattle).


Our Year 9 TREEnglish unit has begun with a bang. For the first 3-weeks of term the students analysed sustainability through different media (documentaries, ted-ED talks and magazines) before being introduced to the concept by co-founder of MSM Milling, Peter MacSmith. The students then self-elected a special interest group from viticulture, paddock to plate, regional wellbeing, Orange 360 and agri-innovation. Within these groups the students will analyse their role in cultural, social and environmental sustainability in the Central West. Week 4 consisted of a series of excursions for each group to Ross Hill Wines, The Regional Museum, Headspace, Cargo Road Winery, Agritechnology and Bralca. Stay tuned for our local mentor visits to school in Week 5!

Honey with Year 1

As part of their investigation into mini-beasts, Year 1 were visited by local company Australian Queen Bee Line. Charlie, Brenda and Sharon showed the students a full hive (without any bees) before cutting off the wax with a hot knife and extracting the honey in a centrifuge. The final testing got a big thumbs up from the students!

Archibull update

Our Archibull submission continues to grow as we head towards the deadline (20th September). Year 8 have been busy knitting, building the stage (catwalk) for the cow and learning about the impact of climate change, biosecurity and food security in the wool industry.

Filtration with Year 5

As part of our on-going unit on water Year 5 spent a double period last week investigating filtration. This continued from their research project on the issues surrounding unclean water sources. For their filtration investigation, the students investigated the efficacy of different filtration materials (chux, pebbles, sand, newspaper, cotton wool, gravel etc) before writing up their findings per the scientific method. They then had free rein to build their own filtration column using a mixture of media and the information they had gleaned from the primary investigation. The winners managed to filter water to almost drinking standard which is amazing given they are only household items!


Mr Tom Riley
Director of TREE

KWS Drought Support

KWS Drought Week 7

With the drought affecting so many of our families and communities it is time to give our support.

In Week 7 the following events have been planned by the Prefects and Student Leaders.

  • Monday 3rd September – Lolly Jar Guessing Competition (ongoing all week)
  • Tuesday 4th September – Coin Trail – Main Quad
  • Wednesday 5th September – Cake Stall – Main Quad
  • Thursday 6th September – Country Music on Main Oval and preparation for our School Line Dance Friday lunch.
  • Friday 7th September – Mufti Day – ‘Get your Country on’
  • Sunday 9th September – Recycled Ramble – Second Hand Clothing Pop up Shop PLC Gym 10am-1pm.

What can I do to help?

  • Save up your gold coins for the week
  • Girls – bring in any unwanted clothing for our second-hand stall. Boxes will be out the front of the Dining Room.
  • Donations of non-perishable foods, toiletries and dog food can be left in boxes outside the main office.
  • Year 10 Day students will be asked to bring in cakes/slices for our Cake Stall. Tutors will coordinate.
  • Money for the mufti day will start to be collected next week.

Accommodation Register

Can you help?

Do you have a spare room, residence or retreat?

The KWS Parents and Friends Association are launching an initiative to identify families who may have accommodation in Orange or the local district that can be made available to our boarding families when they have a need to visit the School.

Our entire school community is very aware of the difficult conditions being faced by many of our KWS families and wider communities throughout this period of drought.

An accommodation register will be formed; outlining available dates and conditions under which it may be available. KWS will coordinate the register on behalf of the P&F and match families who have a need, with families who have accommodation. 
If you would like more information on the initiative, please contact the School’s Business Manager.

If you would like to register accommodation that you would be happy to make available, please email [email protected] The School will then be in touch to obtain specific details from you.

Sports Updates

Hockey News

Congratulations to Pip Mannix who has won gold at Nationals and has been named in the Australian School Girl team.


Rugby Reports

KWS 1st XV v St. Gregory’s Campbelltown (11th August 2018)

KWS Won 31-26

Playing for the Reconciliation Shield is a highlight of the season and after surrendering the Shield to Greg’s last year the boys were determined to bring it home. The pre-match preparation saw The Great Gary Ella address both teams and remind the boys of the significance of reconciliation and what an important occasion this match represents. In addition, both teams entered the playing arena together after being piped across the walkway and then down the stairs to the sound of the digeridoo, an example to all about friendship, putting our differences aside and respect for each other.

As the whistle blew the intensity grew. The initial impacts were momentous and KWS found themselves camped in the Greg’s 22. KWS had multiple chances but the opposition was resilient to say the least. Lachlan Fisher broke the deadlock and scored under the posts and Rhys Draper added the extras. Greg’s hit back immediately and the pressure was back on KWS. Electing to run with the howling wind, in the first half, KWS knew they needed more points. Jock ‘The Marvellous’ Medway was rewarded for his tireless workload and scored a 5 pointer but again Greg’s were not to be outdone and at halftime the score was 12-12.

With the wind in their face, KWS produced arguably their best 15 minutes of football directly after halftime. Retaining possession, fast breakdowns and running with real purpose and passion saw tries to Ellis Hawker, Hamish Kidd and Aidan Kelso, the scoreboard tick over to 31-12, a commanding lead to say the least. Whilst you would think this would break the hearts of the Boys from Campbelltown, and they might be looking for the bus to take them home, the opposite occurred. Greg’s mounted one of the most inspiring comebacks, scoring 2 quick tries. The score put them in reach of retaining the Reconciliation Shield but as the sand ran out of the hour glass, so did their chance of winning and the KWS 1st XV ensured that the Reconciliation Shield would stay in Orange for the next 12 months.

Tries: Lachlan Fisher (Birthday Boy), Jock Medway, Ellis Hawker, Hamish Kidd, Aidan Kelso

Conversions: Rhys Draper 2, Brett Johnson

Points: 3 points Jock Medway; 2 points Jack Jones; 1 point Lachlan Fisher, Ellis Hawker.

Huon Barrett


KWS 1st XV v St Stanislaus College (18th August 2018)

Final Score : SSC 38-KWS 12​

The stage was set with both Stannies and KWS playing for runners up in the 2018 ISA competition. It was always going to be a massive game with the John O’ Neill Shield on offer as well. The game started well for KWS with plenty of possession and the backs through Lachie Fisher and Preston Simpson looking dangerous early with plenty of ball. Stannies defence was impressive with either team not taking a backward step. Stannies were first to score through some good phase play. KWS hit back shortly after with a great try to Ellis Hawker but the conversion was unsuccessful. Stannies dominated possession for the remainder of the half and scored to finish off the first half. SSC12 - KWS 5.

The second half saw the KWS men put together some excellent phases and continue with some fantastic defence. Jack Jones, Aidan Kelso, Hamish Kidd and William Smith line speed and commitment at the tackle was outstanding. Stannies we very patient and dominant at the breakdown and ran in three quick tries. The KWS men now had a real challenge and their never give up attitude saw a number of good line breaks and Henry Carter scored a great try. The score line was now getting closer. However, Stannies defence and composure saw them victorious on the day to secure the John O’ Neill Shield.

The KWS men should be proud of their efforts and the passion in which they played the game. It was a wonderful spectacle of country schoolboy rugby which made the coaches and KWS rugby community proud. A great season, well done.

Tries: Ellis Hawker, Henry Carter

Conversions: Rhys Draper

Points: 3 Lachie Fisher, 2 Ellis Hawker, 1 Aidan Kelso, Will Smith.

Liam Callaghan


KWS 2nd XV v SSC 2nd XV

Lost 15-24

The KWS 2nd XV endured the worst of the windy and wet conditions against the undefeated competition leaders. Stannies started well with two early tries as a result of KWS defensive lapses. Nic Booth then sparked a KWS come-back with a brutal 50m break before an intercept stifled a try. KWS managed to make a turnover soon after before Nic broke through again to score. Unfortunately the KWS defence went to sleep just before half time as Stannies scored to lead 17-5. The first half saw KWS smashed in the scrums losing all but one of their own feeds. In the second half KWS countered the strong Stannies scrum by getting the ball out quickly to win all but one scrum. This ability to maintain more possession saw KWS build pressure which resulted in tries to Hamish MacDougall and Nic Booth. Stannies proved too strong though and scored again to win the match 24-15. This was a great performance by the KWS 2nd XV who played excellent rugby against very good opposition. Best: 3 Nic Booth, 2 Will Smith, 1 Jack O’Brien.

Paul McRae


KWS 2nd XV v SGC 2nd XV

Won 24-15

The KWS 2nd XV started slowly against a tough St Greg’s team who scored within the first 20 seconds. This sparked KWS into action as they dominated possession with strong phase play. Ben Bellamy crossed for a try from a 5m scrum to level the scores before half time. The second half again saw Greg’s score quickly due to poor defending before KWS again hit back with a try to Jack O’Brien from an attacking lineout. Angus Andrews converted to put KWS in the lead. Tim Mutton then scored to stretch the lead to 7 points with 20 minutes to play. St Greg’s lifted in intensity and scored another try to trail by 2. KWS managed to maintain their composure and built pressure through outstanding phase play before Cameron Miller crashed over to again stretch the lead to 7. Mitch Strike sealed the win with the conversion to see the final score 24-15. This was a hard fought win against a tough opponent who refused to give in. Henry Carter (3 points) was outstanding in both attack and defence managing to shut down a dangerous opposition fullback on many occasions. Jack O’Brien (2 points) and Ben Bellamy (1 point) had excellent games with huge work rates.

Paul McRae


KWS 16As v St Greg’s

KWS won 62-0

The lads a had a day out against the Campbelltown crew, the scorers ran out of ink with ten individual try scorers. The ten individual try scorers highlighted what a team effort it was, the support play and hole running was a highlight of the day.

The first try come off a line out move which resulted in a tip on from Josh D to Nic Rasmussen who made a strong run and set up the attack structure for Josh D to score a few minutes later.

The boys showed good transition into our shape and the likes of Fletcher Ryan and Alex Brien recognised the space which resulted in points regularly.

 Some good charges by Harry May, Digby Cooper and Ed Taylor got us in advantageous position to attack the edges. Lew Connick, Josh Dominello and Lachlan Smith led the defence all game.

Thank you to the guys who played B’s who also had a good win and then backed up.

KWS 62 (Tries Josh Dominello, Hugh Aldersley, Ed Taylor, Fletcher Ryan, Lachlan Donnelly, Hugh McIntyre, Lachie Smith, Liam Choi, Alex Brien, Harry Kermode. Goals Lachlan Donelly 3 and Alex Brien 3) to St Greg’s 0.

Andrew Hillan


KWS 16As v Stannies (18th August 2018)

KWS won 26-10

The game was set up in the first half when our defence constantly repelled the Stannies attack. This defence was led by Lachie Smith, Josh Dominello, Lew Connick and Ed Taylor. We had less than 3 phases in attacking zone in the first half and a great ball from Lachie Donnelly put Hugh McIntyre over the line for a meat pie. We went into half time leading seven to nil.

After the break we open the shoulders and let the ball sing along the back line which saw Mr Speedy (Liam Choi) streak away for his customary five pointer. From the kick off we shifted again this saw Cody Kelso get one on one and beat about five would be tacklers to score a great try.

Mr versatile Nic Rasmussen who has played three different positions the last three weeks and has been outstanding at hooker, flanker and centre put on a great hit to save a certain try.

Some strong running yet again from Harry May, Digby Cooper, Jack Pengilly and Hugh Aldersley along with some sharp passes from Will Leulf set up some great space for the like of Fletcher Ryan and Alex Brien to carve through the defence which eventuated in a try to Lachie Donnelly.

A great way to finish the season, well done lads.

KWS 26 (Tries Lachlan Donnelly, Hugh McIntyre, Liam Choi, Cody Kelso. Goals Lachlan Donnelly 2 and Alex Brien 1) to Stannies 10.

Andrew Hillan


KWS 13As v St Gregorys Campbelltown

KWS won 27-10

The 13As played a very positive Rugby game on Saturday, coming out on top 27-10, despite the size and weight of the opposition. The 1st half saw KWS have plenty of chances, with the visitors just holding on. At 7-5 at oranges we were happy, but we would have like to be further ahead, as KWS had all the territory and ball. Unfortunately, Sam Deshon had a head clash, which lead to him being taken off for medical attention(scoring a try before heading to hospital), along with stand off, Hugh Thompson, with an ankle complaint. With the side reshuffled (thanks to Charlie Collins, Will Pearce and Jack Chamberlain) the boys played some really positive footy, to strike out to a commanding lead.

Fantastic tackling from, Luke Dominello, Ethan Shaw, Harry Nuthall and Tom Patton all allowed KWS to stay in the game. With the ball, KWS moved it around nicely, with Captain Jock Litchfield on the wing, scoring 3 tries in the 2nd half!! Carter finished a nice game with a meat pie also. Harry Priest distributed the ball nicely. Charlie Hall and Dudley kept their opposition players quiet with excellent defence, while Oscar and Lachie had power house running games. Will Fuller had a solid game at the back and congratulations to Zac on his debut in the A’s!

Well done Gents on an entertaining game, where everyone had to dig deep to get the win.

I will see you at training again this week.

Jason Smith


KWS 13As v Stannies
KWS Lost 55-7

Up against a much bigger side, the KWS team put up an admirable effort to tackle and aim up time after time in a one sided affair. Hugh Thompson, Carter Kirby, Luke Dominello and Charlie Hall led the way.

An intercept by Jock Litchfield was a highlight, but couldn’t spark a full revival. Harry Bylsma, Tom Patton and Dudley all gave 100% in difficult circumstances.

We are all looking forward to the Trathern V Daybug game… Go Trathen!!

Jason Smith


KWS 13Bs v Stannies 
KWS Lost 57-0

Up against a physically bigger side, the KWS team put up an admirable effort to tackle and aim up, time after time, in a one sided affair. Jack Chamberlain, Will Pearce and Max Bloomfield led the way. Many thanks to Max, who again backed up for the A’s and carried on with his awesome defence. Hugo Jansen had his best game for the year - tackling like a man possessed! KWS just couldn’t get the ball, which made for a tough game. Harry Bylsma, Kayden, Ned and Mack all gave 100% in difficult circumstances.

We are all looking forward to the Trathern V Daybug game… Go Trathen!!

Jason Smith

Football Reports

Week 3:


KWS Glory v Waratah Vikings lost 1-9

KWS Glory faced another gruelling double-header and the one constant throughout the day was the incessant wind. In the first match the wind travelled the length of the field making movement against it very hard. Fortunately we spent the first half with the wind at our backs and at half-time we were 1-2 down against the second-placed Vikings. In the second half our opposition went on a succession of raiding forays picking off goals with both flair and luck. Accidental fouls cost us dearly. Despite the scoreline our team played with plenty of spirit and a desire to be competitive. Our single goal had come from Zimmy finishing off a well-worked move from Abbey and Airlie, with a 'no hesitation' strike going past their goalkeeper. It was only at the end of the match that we realised that the wind was probably worth four goals to the team running with the wind.

Matthew Healey


KWS Glory v Ex Services Panthers won 2-1

KWS Glory started the second match well, with some serious intent to undertake fluent passing. The wind speed had picked up since the early match but was now mostly tracking across the field. At half-time we were two goals up, with Airlie and Will having capitalised on some sustained attacking pressure. In the second half we seemed to go into our shells and produced the most mediocre 20 minutes of football we have played this season. Passes were ill directed or poorly weighted and we seemed to be reluctant to tackle as Ex Services mounted a succession of attacking drives. Injuries appeared, tiredness set in but somehow we clung on in the final 10 minutes. Ex Services probably deserved a draw given their determination and control of possession. It was the fifth win for KWS, but it was far from pretty.

With only three of the sixteen matches to go it is hopeful that we can finish the season in style, playing some entertaining, expansive football, whatever the scoreline.

Matthew Healey


U13 Victory v CYMS Gold

The mid-week clash between Victory and CYMS Gold was tightly matched for the first 20 minutes. KWS controlled play for the majority of the half until CYMS cleaned up a loose ball in the goal mouth to lead 1-0 at half time. The second half saw a stronger attacking effort by KWS with solid runs down the sideline and multiple shots on goal, unfortunately Victory could not penetrate the goal keepers outstanding defence with the final result unchanged from half time at 1-0 to CYMS.

Nick Mastrangeli


U13 Victory v Waratah Braves

This Saturday saw KWS Victory take on top four leader board team Waratah Braves. An early goal by Braves shook KWS into gear who responded with strong attacks and a few near miss shots on goal. KWS’ persistence finally broke down the Braves defence trailing at half time by 2-1. Some great individual efforts and runs down the line could not match Waratah Braves high possession and control of the ball in the midfield with the final score at 4-1 to the Braves.

Nick Mastrangeli


U15 Jets

A busy round of away games has kept the Jets on their toes over the last few weekends. The team are to be congratulated on their teamwork and their support for their coach, who has been unable to make it to their games due to extenuating personal circumstances. Our thoughts and best wishes are with Gavin and his family during this time.

This uncertain ground has required the players to step up. I have been impressed by the strong leadership skills that many of the players have demonstrated, as well as the respect and maturity that they have developed as the season has progressed.

A particular thank you to Malcolm Robinson and Dave Cummings who gave up their time to coach the Jets during Weeks 3 and 4. We could not have done without you!


11th Aug Waratah Mariners v KWS Jets - Result: 3-0

12th Aug CYMS Green v KWS Jets - Result: 3-0

18th Aug U15 Jets v CYMS Gold - Result: 2-3

Annaliese Stammer



Round 16 was another exciting jam-packed soccer weekend with little success for the KWS U17 side. The Bathurst 75 side is the team to beat in the competition, and they proved this to be the case in a dominant performance against the away KWS side. KWS displayed quality defensive skills amongst the impressive offensive skills of the Bathurst side. Luc Nelson and Isaac Leisk showed huge amounts of discipline and determination to prevent scoring opportunities for the opponents. However, in the end, the Bathurst side proved too strong, and managed to place 5 goals in the back of the net.

The second game for the day was up against the Eglington side at Proctor park. Both teams were very hungry for a win. The game was a nail-biting, fast paced contest with several scoring opportunities for both teams. Some impressive shooting with seen from striker Euan Oliver who placed two early goals in the back of the net. The home side however proved just as effective with finishing their opportunities. The first half ended with the score being 4-2 to the home side. The second half was another exciting tussle, and KWS could only manage one more goal. The final score was 4-3. Despite KWS appearing like the stronger side, they couldn’t quite get the luck needed for the win. Another very enjoyable weekend of soccer.

Walter Prowse


Men’s First XI v Barnstoneworth United

Result: 2-3

The team have proven time and again over the course of the season that they can match it with any side in the A-Division competition. This game was no exception, as the scoreline and game statistics indicate. We certainly had our chances during the first half to take the lead, but lady luck didn’t shine on us, as the cracking shot from Ethan sailed well away from the grasp of the goalie, but narrowly over the bar. The positive aggression shown by all players in clutch situations was impressive, and perhaps the greatest improvement of our facets of play over the season. Communication between players remains our weakness, as the opposition were allowed to make two fast breaks and unfortunately for us capitalised on them. Thank you again to Ms Stammer and the dedicated group of parents who provide support, it means a lot. As the season winds down, there is no doubt we will put our best foot forward, with the success of the season measured by more than just results.

Paul Tierney


Week 4:


U13 Glory v Blayney Tigers

Result: 0-2

In bleak conditions Glory and Tigers played a competitive game with both teams having good scoring opportunities. The Blayney team was more able to adapt to the unusual bounces from the tufted grass and the swirling ball caused by strong horizontal winds. Dan made some fantastic saves as the 1st half goalkeeper although a loss of concentration in marking against a corner saw a loose opponent seize his gift. In the second half horizontal rain and sago snow arrived to make conditions very unpleasant. Our 2nd half goalkeeper Sophie had her work cut out trying to judge where the ball would be at any instant. Sophie did well to read the ball and was courageous in coming out of the box. Blayney scored their second goal, again from a corner, using the wind to advantage. I was impressed with the overall commitment and willingness of the team to run hard and close down the opposition. We had several chances to equalise but some stout defensive work from their goalkeeper put paid to our chances. Next week is our last match and a chance to experiment with players in unfamiliar positions.

Matthew Healey


U13 Victory v Ex-Services Panthers

Result: 0-5

I am very proud of the U13 KWS Victory team, who had 10 players for the whole match. Despite the loss, they played well as a team and gave it 100% right to the end. A special mention to James Noble in goals who was outstanding and was supported strongly by his backs. Well done to the whole team.

Nick Mastrangeli


U14 Strikers

The Strikers played a triple header this weekend, with three matches in less than 24 hours. They started out with a game on Friday afternoon, where they faced off against CYMS Green. The team worked hard, with numerous opportunities on the counter-attack. However, they were unable to keep out some of the more able forwards on the CYMS team.

After suffering a late loss to CYMS the day before (0-2), the Strikers were not going to be fooled twice. Bright and early on Saturday morning, KWS Strikers faced CYMS Green for a rematch. After a barrage of attack from the opposition that was handled comfortably by the defence and goalkeeper Ollie Charlton, some long balls provided opportunities for Luke Hunter, Ben Jones, Liam Bracks and Will Englund. Unfortunately the net could not be found but thankfully CYMS had the same problem and could not repeat their previous days performance. Given the prior day’s result, this was a satisfying finish to the season’s home games. Finally, well done to Harrison Sharpe who had his best game of the year.

The Strikers finished off their weekend with a game against Bathurst 75s at Proctor Park. The team faced some unbearably cold weather, with rain and sleet meeting them as they got off the bus. Each of the players worked tirelessly to try and keep 75s out. Honourable mention to Ollie Charlton for some adventurous runs out of goals, and to Ben Jones for an unexpected moment of glory in the nets (it still counts as a goal, right?). The team went down 0-3. Yet, in spite of the weather and the tiring weekend, the Strikers maintained high spirits, supporting each other with laughs and smiles (and maybe a few lollies on the bus).

I was so impressed by their dedication and was very proud to be a part of their last games of the season.

Ben Ronald & Annaliese Stammer


U15 Jets

See Week 3.



The KWS U17s played another double header this weekend. The first game was played on a rainy, cold afternoon in Bathurst against the formidable Collegians side. The opposition was highly capable, with many opportunities at goals presented to their strikers. Kinross ended the first half with a score of 4-0 in the opposition’s favour. With a quick motivational speech about making it back to defend and a confidence boost, the team took the field again. With Duncan Suthers up front, Kinross managed to score 2 goals in the second half. Jeremy L’Estrange worked hard to keep the Collegians’ attacks on goals out of the net. Ending the game with a final score of 6-2, Jeremy was awarded man of the match by the referee (who was actually the coach of the Collegians team – so very impressive).

The second game for U17s took place on the snowy Ex-Students field at KWS, taking on Waratah Wanderers. A number of students from the team turned up, and with a little help from some of the Ladies’ Firsts filling in, we were able to field a full squad. Special thanks to Pete Whiting for braving the cold weather and coaching the U17s through a tough game. Although the result was not in our favour, I’d like to thank each of these players for demonstrating commitment to their team and showing up with smiling faces to play the Sunday game.

Annaliese Stammer


Men’s First XI v Millthorpe

It was with excitement that the 1sts approached the game against Millthorpe on “The Flats”. Unfortunately there was a great deal of rain and hail prior to the game and it was almost cancelled due to a waterlogged referee. With a hot shower under his belt, the game kicked off and in moments the Lions had scored. An attempted deep cross held in the breeze and became a delightful chip to the front post which was nodded in.

The KWS team did not dwell on this and took the game to Millthorpe. The second half was controlled by KWS and numerous chances were created. The final ball was sometimes not on the money. Hamish McIntyre and Lochlan Birchall worked hard in midfield and Ed Dodds once again was solid in defence. A second goal to Millthorpe did not dampen the enthusiasm and KWS kept attacking.

If football was won on any statistic other than goals for, the KWS team would have won handsomely.

Matthew Smedley

Netball Reports

KWS Cross verses OHS Cavaliers (32/29)

Way to go!! Champs- KWS Cross, first win for the season. Nice to see the  netball skills consolidating superbly and the team now moving intuitively together as a unit.  An exciting game, with the score seesawing from quarter to quarter throughout; the end result could have gone either way.   Entering the last ¼, 3 goals down, the girls honed in, gave each other inspiring tips and tricks, and with a mountain of team spirit entering the court with energy and a strong focus.  The team worked unwavering, with minimal mistakes  Gun defence lineup, Caitlin Edmonston (GD, GK) and Adelaide Gavin (GK, GD), increasing in strength, created a formidable shield with opposition finding it difficult to penetrate to the goal post and then to shoot with accuracy.  Many deflections and many rebounds were seized to restore the ball in KWS Cross favour.  Caitlin, fast at marking her player, made many intercepts and Adelaide, quick off the centre line to assist to deliver ball to attacks.  Isabel Joseph (WD), getting her head around the game, is good at making herself available for the passes from defence to attack and keeping her feet firmly placed. Siobhan Finn (C, WA) and Emma Wright (C, GA) both travelled many kilometers up and down the court, finding gaps, added strength and speed to the centre game. Siobhan, very adept at coming out for centre passes, making the initial pass look very easy.  Emma, passing speedily in attack toward the goal, and with strength and accuracy in her overhead throws to shooters.  Ebony Fisher (WA), dropping back to take the second pass from the centre picked her gaps well, moved around the circle, and ready to pass ball to shooters.  Sophie Brunner, quick and reliable with her drive out of the goal circle to take the pass derailing her opposition nicely, to then, with confidence and strength, pass quickly to the shooter.  Nice goal Sophie!  Slick goal shooting from Erin Bracks, who scores goals with the utmost accuracy, and is able to dodge and weave around opposition, able to read the play to take the high passes and then take the low passes, and who in the last quarter scored her most goals with a 100% accuracy, to streak the team in front to take the game with a 3 goal lead.  Wow! what an amazing and exciting game.  Your skills have come a long way and it is great to see you rewarded by a win.  Great job.

Cathy Small


KWS Crows vs CYMS The Opposition

In artic conditions and a slight drizzle to dampen ambient air, the KWS Crows took the court.  Good news was with only 7 players there was no standing still bracing the freezing wind.  Thank you parents for braving the day and for giving moral support.  The CYMS Opposition were slick with their Netball and the Crows, unfortunately, did not provide much competition.  However, despite all of that, the Crows were determined in application, and gave the game their utmost.  Goals were scored (thanks Erin); fast positional driving to free court areas by GS and centre court (thanks Sophie, Emma, Siobhan and Isabel), and dynamic defense duo intercepting and deflected passes (thanks Adelaide and Caitlin).  However, highlight of the match was the last quarter.  All KWS position patches were tossed into the centre circle before the last ¼  siren, the girls planked it out around the outer circle and on the word GO, all leapt into centre circle to grab their prize position.  With Erin Bracks moving to centre pacing it out speedily, through defence, and then attack, as a great linker.  Sophie Brunner (WD), working hard at defying opposition for the centre passes and great defence for the next pass.  Adelaide Gavin (GS) and Caitlin Edmonstone (GA), dynamic shooting duo, really took to this change quite well, by drawing opposition out of goal circle to dart back under the post, to score 7 goals between them.  Isabel (WA), very smooth transition from defence to attack, fed into shooters circle smartly.  Emma Wright (GK) and Siobhan Finn (GD) gave the opposition a challenge in the defence circle with super stretching for the 3 feet defence, jumping high for the rebounds and marked players closely to make exceptional deflections.  Well done.  Thank you to Erin and Caitlin for umpiring the game beforehand.

Cathy Small


KWS Thunderbirds

The Thunderbirds have played three matches this fortnight. On the weekend they had a big win against RTEC 66-23. This was the girls biggest win of the season. They got into space, drove onto the ball and the shooters were at their best. The last quarter was one of our best which has seen a big improvement over the course of the season. We were lucky to have an indoor court so we weren’t affected by the hail. The weekend before the girls also had a good win, defeating Orange City Café Latte 46-24. The girls were dominant and played well. A big thankyou to all the parents who turned up for the match. We played a makeup match on Thursday night against Orange City which we lost but the girls really stepped up and played well against a solid team.

Kathryn Northam

Career News

Dates for the Diary

  • Friday 24th August – Early Entry UOW closes
  • Saturday 25th August – Open Days at ANU, Uni of Canberra, UNSW Canberra, ACU Canberra, University of Sydney, UTS, Notre Dame Sydney, University of Newcastle
  • Saturday 1st September – UNSW Open Day, ACU North Sydney
  • Tuesday 4th September – UNE visit Library Seminar Room Lunchtime
  • Thursday 6th September – Wayne Erickson – Principal St Andrew’s College, University of Sydney, Library Seminar Room Lunchtime      
  • Friday 28th September – UAC Early Bird Applications close/SRS closes

St Paul's College University of Sydney

For Year 12 students thinking of studying at Sydney University who wish to know more about living at St Paul’s two opportunities are coming up.

  1. The University of Sydney and College Open Day, Saturday 25th August, 10am-4pm
  2. The St Paul’s College Schools Dinners, starting at 6pm, Tuesday 4th September and Tuesday 2nd October.

Male students in Year 12 are invited to stay overnight at St Paul’s at either of the events mentioned with accommodation, dinner and breakfast provided free of charge.

RSVP [email protected]

2018 National Skills Week

National Skills Week is the focal point for the promotion of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training Sector (VET). Each year the week continues to celebrate and inform students and the wider public of the diversity and career pathways available through VET. The week communicates the emerging trends and new growth drivers connecting skills training with job outcomes.

Runs from 27th August to 2nd September. Visit the National Skills Week website to get involved and celebrate vocational education and training.

Apprenticeships - Motor Vehicles

Apprenticeship Are Us are the largest employer of automotive apprentices in NSW with over 550 apprentices currently employed at just over 200 workshops in NSW. They are currently calling for Expressions of Interest from HSC school students that would like to secure an automotive apprenticeship to commence in 2019. They do not require resumes or cover letters. HSC student need only complete an Expression of Interest Form and return it to them direct and they will have someone facilitate the access to an apprenticeship opportunity for the student.

Please note that they have access to over 250 x 1st year Automotive Apprenticeship opportunities in trades that will be filled prior to the end of December 2018. They are currently recruiting for automotive apprenticeship positions in automotive trade areas such as; Heavy Vehicle, Light Vehicle, Spray Painting, Parts Interpreting and Panel Beating. Below are links of some videos that students can watch to gain a better understanding of the automotive trades. These are:

Light Vehicle Mechanical Trade

Heavy Vehicle Mechanical Trade

Spray Painting Trade

Parts Interpreting Trade

Expression of interest


Auto Electrical Apprenticeship

ACEMEC Auto Electrical Orange is seeking applications from highly motivated and passionate candidates that are eager to commence an Automotive Electrical apprenticeship.

This apprenticeship offers both on the job and formal training where you will be able to complete a Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology over a 4 year term.

Applications close Friday August 31st.

See Mrs Jones for more information.

Apprenticeship and Traineeship Opportunities - Skillset

These roles are great opportunities for applicants to join well-known and prominent organisations whilst entering a full-time placement that will provide both on the job experience and study. You will be allocated a dedicated Skillset Workforce Consultant who will support you through the Apprenticeship or Traineeship and at the successful completion of the role you will graduate with a nationally recognised qualification.

To apply please go to and follow the links or to ask any questions please contact Skillset Workforce on 1300 853 525.

Charles Sturt University

CSU want to get students started. Start moving towards their ideal job; start living their best life.

That’s why they are offering students an opportunity to win a $4000 Career Starter Pack.

Career Starter Pack:

  • Career mentoring from CSU alumni working in their chosen career area
  • iPad Pro
  • LinkedIn premium membership for a year
  • Professional photoshoot
  • Myer clothing voucher
  • CSU goodies

The will contact the winner once the competition is drawn on 17 December 2018.
Information in link below.


2018 HSC Study Guide

Year 12 students were given a copy in Tutor but you can also view it online.

2018 HSC Study Guide

Honeywell Engineering Summer School 2018

Sunday 2nd Dec – Friday 7th Dec

Honeywell Engineering Summer School is an initiative organised by Engineers Australia, Sydney Division, ‘Engineering’ Universities and participating Rotary Clubs. The objective is to give high school students a better understanding of what engineering is and how it works in everyday life.

The Honeywell Engineering Summer School will bring together 100 Year 11 Students from Regional NSW and Sydney Metropolitan Area and who are facing choices which will influence their future careers.  It is a residential school with students accommodated on campus.

Throughout the program the students will meet and interact with professional engineers employed by government, private companies, researchers and academics in a wide range of engineering disciplines. The students will attend lectures/demonstrations at participating NSW universities, and participate in industrial visits, providing students with the opportunity to see the different engineering disciplines at work.

Registration now open.


Mrs Kimberley Jones
Year 12 Co-ordinator/Career Advisor

News & Notices

Yalari Fundraising at the KWS Rugby Indigenous Round

On Saturday 11 August 2018, Yalari, a non-profit organisation which provides boarding school scholarships to Indigenous students from remote and regional areas of Australia, held a raffle during the Indigenous Rugby Round.

The raffle was organised by Year 10 student Jade Jolliffe, a Yalari scholarship recipient. Jade was able to raise over $450 towards the scholarships of other Indigenous students like herself.

Jade and Yalari would like to thank all the students, families and staff who purchased tickets on the day. A special thank you to Anthony Begg, Indigenous Students Coordinator, for his assistance and support in the organising of the event and to local businesses Sportspower, The Dutch Embassy and Pick Me Flowers and Gifts who donated the raffle prizes.


Jessica Smith

KWS Yalari Student Support Officer

Cultural Immersion Tour:
East Arnhem Land 2019

After the success of the 2018 tour, KWS in partnership with Culture College will again take a group of students to East Arnhem Land to experience the world’s oldest living culture in one of its most unique environments. Arnhem Land is one of the most culturally intact and pristine regions left on Earth and is home to the Yolŋu people, they have been the traditional owners of their lands for over 50,000 years.


Tour Dates: 

Wednesday 10th April – Tuesday 16th April.


During the Cultural Immersion Program you will enjoy some of the following activities:

  • Yolŋu language, sign language and kinship structure lessons
  • Preparing dinner and making fire
  • Dreaming stories
  • Collection & preparation of pandanus leaves for basket weaving
  • Basket weaving
  • Bush tucker - gathering and preparation
  • Traditional Dancing
  • Fishing
  • Spear making
  • Yidaki (didgeridoo) finding and making
  • Making Jewellery        
  • Visit the Yirrkala Community School & Literature Production Centre and interact with local Yirrkala School students
  • Enjoy a visit to internationally renowned Buku-Larrnggay Mulka (Yirrkala Arts) Centre & Museum. See the historical artworks (including the Yirrkala Church Panels and learn the history of the bark petition)
  • Meet with the region’s famous artists
  • Make paint from clays and traditional painting brushes made from strands of hair and participate in art workshops.


$3600 – $4000 (This cost will vary dependent on tour numbers). The cost of touring to a remote location can be expensive and logistics including transport elevate this cost.


For Further Information please contact Tour Leader:

Mr Anthony Begg
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Headspace Orange

Headspace Orange are again running their toolkit sessions for young people, parents and carers.

If you feel like you need a bit of a boost but don't feel like you want to talk to someone then please read on. Also if you are on the waitlist to attend one of the sessions and want to get sorted sooner, then this might be of interest to you.
These monthly info sessions are on different topics that are super important for everyone's wellbeing. The sessions have been shown to make a really positive difference to how you feel.
These sessions are open for young people, parents or cares or even if you wanted to support a friend.

We kick off our first session with Understanding and Accepting Myself on Thursday 30th August - 5pm start.
This session will be followed by:

  • Understanding my Anger - 27th September
  • Understanding Mood and Anxiety - 25th October
  • Communicating with Confidence - 22nd November

Book into one or all of the sessions, its up to you!

To book please contact [email protected]


Sharna Lord

Headspace Community Engagement Officer

Science Experience of a lifetime!

The ConocoPhillips Science Experience is a fun 3 or 4 days of science activities for Year 9 and 10 students in 2018 program year.

Each program is designed to provide students who have an interest in science with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of fascinating science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their work.
The program takes place in over thirty-five universities and tertiary institutions, within many different laboratories and lecture theatres. Participants perform experiments in the laboratories, meet and hear senior lecturers in the lecture theatres, attend site visits and walk around and experience what it is like to be on the campus of a university or tertiary institution. More than 65,000 students have taken this rare opportunity, up to date.
The program also provides information about further studies in science, technology and engineering. It highlights the wide range of careers that allow students to pursue their interest and abilities in the sciences.
One aspect of the program often commented on by participants is the opportunity to meet and share ideas with students from different schools. Each program includes a BBQ or other social activity.
For links to programs go to Past and Future Programs

Any Year 9 and 10 student is welcome to attend any one of the programs listed on the Where and When page.


Visit the website to find out more about the program:

The application form can be found here:


Catherine Litchfield

2IC Science/Co-ordinator International Student Exchange

KWS Shop - Kilt Fittings

Current Year 10 Female students will require a Kilt for 2019.

Students are all welcome to visit the School Shop for a measure and Fitting.

Orders are to be in by Friday 7 September.


Sharron Ryan
KWS Shop Assistant

KWS Canteen

The KWS Canteen is going healthy and fresh...

Here is a glimpse of one of the new items on the menu - our roast pumpkin, beet and feta salad.


You can check out the new menu here:


Stephanie Horan
Canteen Manager

Upcoming Events

HSC Music Recital Evening


String Concert


Industrial Technology Exhibition


Spring Soiree


KWS Senior School Fortnightly Bulletin
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Canteen Menu - Term 3 2018.pdf
Canteen Menu - Term 3 2018.pdf