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05 September 2018
Issue Thirteen
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A Message from
the Principal

'We all deserve at a bare minimum - a little RESPECT' (Aretha Franklin)

From time to time issues arise in society which captivate the attention of our young people on which they form strong views. In itself, this is good as we want our students to be socially engaged, to be thinkers and to contribute to the good of society. It is best that they do this in a spirit of humility, knowing that we all learn from others.

In a democracy that cherishes freedom of speech, people have the right to express a point of view without condemnation or harassment. Any disagreement should be conducted respectfully, rationally and reasonably. History provided us with a multitude of lessons where people have had to courage to speak up for the rights of others only to be persecuted or imprisoned for their efforts. Civil rights leaders such as Nelson Mandella, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Junior readily spring to mind.

I have been greatly impressed by the energy and commitment of our new Student Representative Council who are demonstrating great initiative in designing strategies to tackle a number of issues that will improve our School. We now allocate time at each School Assembly for our SRC to speak to the student body and to gather support for causes the students feel strongly about. Student voice is an important aspect within any school for if positive change to attitude and practice is to be made, the students must have ownership in the process.

In a democratic society – ideas will be contested and universal agreement is rare. This insight is particularly important for young people who bring to their opinions the passion, exuberance and idealism of youth, not always tempered by much life experience. What is important, particularly in a school setting, is that our discussions are always respectful, measured and reasonable.

I congratulate our SRC for their initiative, courage and commitment to express their desire to make KWS a finer place and for the mature and respectful manner in which they are clearly expressing their view. Well done!

The world recently lost a woman who used her marvellous talents as a singer and performer as a platform to combat injustice and disrespect in society.

During our recent School Assembly, I took a moment to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin, the great African American singer who has passed away at the age of 76. For more than half a century, her music etched itself into popular culture and her talent and omnipresence earned her the title ‘The Queen of Soul’.
In the hours following her death, Presidents rushed to praise Aretha’s contribution.

But Aretha Franklin was far more than a singer. She used her magnificent voice and the platform it provided for advancing feminism and the civil rights. She was a powerful advocate for the black community and black women in particular. Aretha did not walk the middle line in an effort not to offend white sensibilities - she comfortably embraced her authentic blackness in both her music and activism. Her song choice strongly reflected this sensibility and this was at a time in 1960’s and 1970’s where women and African American people experienced great oppression and inequality.

Former American President, Barack Obama captured Aretha Franklin’s significance when he said:

“American history wells up when Aretha sings. Nobody embodies more fully the connection between the African American Spiritual, the Blues, R&B, Rock and Roll – the way that hardship and sorrow were transformed into something full of beauty and vitality and hope.”

Franklin’s first great hit RESPECT was released in 1967 and it became an instant classic. It was not the first version of the song which was originally sung by a man. She took the song and made it her own, altering some of the words and while maintaining the theme of respect shifted the focus from a woman showing respect to her man, to the respect we should all give to women.

During her life, Aretha demonstrated an unapologetic and fierce commitment to the cause of social justice in all its forms and fought for the rights of black women. She defended the oppressed and imprisoned at a time when it was dangerous to do so.

Aretha powerfully demonstrated the values that we strive to live at Kinross Wolaroi. She was a woman of courage and resilience, who valued respect and inclusiveness and displayed a commitment to the creation of a just and fair society.

Franklin’s songs were a testament to the struggles of black woman and as such were deeply political.
She will be remembered not only for her majestic voice and the power of her music but also for her shrewd political courage.

Koristers perform with Opera Australia in ‘Madame Butterfly’, by Puccini

On Tuesday 28th selected students from the KWS Koristers performed with Opera Australia in their National tour of Madame Butterfly by Puccini. The students were invited to be part of the production through the Regional Children’s Chorus program for Opera Australia. This is the third time that the Koristers have been invited to form the Opera Chorus for the Regional Tour. Our students are very fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with professional cast, orchestra and crew members in a professional opera production.

The Koristers sang as part of the wedding scene and the humming chorus, and were on stage for a number of other scenes. William McPhee was chosen to play the role of ‘Sorrow’, which he played convincingly. All of the students were dressed in beautiful traditional Japanese costumes.

Our students sang beautifully on the night and were fortunate to perform to a sold-out audience. Thank you to Mrs Kate Edwards for preparing the students so well, and for her organisation of the event. Thank you also to Mr Bruce Paine, and Mrs Katie Sinclair who assisted backstage.

New Leadership Positions

Boarding House Captains:  Jema O’Neill and Fletcher Taylor

Captain of Music: Oscar Tierney and the Vice  Captain of Music is Olivia Small

Cadets:  the SUO is Olivia Hilder and the 2IC is Isaac Prince. The RSM is Katie Coleman


Julia Stuart - Junior Barbarian Polocrosse Team – success in South Africa

One of our Year 10 students, Julia Stuart was selected to play in the Barbarian Polocrosse Team made up of riders under 16 years, from Zambia, NZ, UK and Australia. Competitors played in the local Paddock Tournament before travelling north to Shongweni Polocrosse Club to compete in three days of Test matches. The Under 16’s Barbarian Team defeated South Africa 3-0; Julia won Best Overall Goal Shooter and also the Best Female Barbarian player. The horse that Julia rode was also awarded Overall Champion Horse. Congratulations, Julia!


NSW Swimming Short Course Championships

KWS students recently competed in the NSW Short Course Swimming Championships, placing 18th in the point score. An improvement on our 35th placing, last year! The team came away with 4 golds medals, 4 Silver Medals, and 14 top ten finishes. Collette Lyon’s results were as impressive winning Gold in the 200m IM, 400m IM, 100m Breast Stroke and 200m Fly, Silver in the 200m Breast Stroke and 50 Freestyle and 4th in the 100m Butterfly. Other Medal winners were Ethan Crisp who won a Silver Medal in 400m Freestyle; Mercede Cornelius-Feltus won a Silver in 200m Butterfly and Oliver McLaughlin winning Bronze in 100m Back Stroke. Really outstanding results, team. Well done and Congratulations!


Holly Gutterson – International Camp Draft Competition  (USA)

Holly Gutterson, Year 10, was recently selected as the youngest member of five in the Australian Team to compete in the American Quarter Horse Association’s Youth World Cup. Holly competed on an ‘unfamiliar’ horse chosen by ballot, in Cutting, Hunt Seat Equitation, Hunter under Saddle and Showmanship, receiving two positions in finals, an 8th and a 9th position. Holly was also awarded the Coaches Award at the Event Presentation, and is reported to have had ‘the most amazing experience’ at the event. Well done, Holly.

Dr Andrew Parry

A Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 3 Week 7

Over the past week the students have achieved great success across the sporting and performing arts areas.

Our 3 choirs were all entered into the Orange Eisteddfod with our Year 5/6 choir winning their section singing beautifully.

This week our Bands and String groups compete in their relevant sections. We wish them every success.

As well as the school groups many individuals have achieved tremendous results across speech & drama, vocals, dance and instrumentals. Some supplied results are included in the bulletin.

Oliver Roach (Year 6) was a member of the Combined Independent Schools rugby team which won the State Championships at Coffs Harbour last week. Oliver’s team won all matches, winning the final 20 – 0. Congratulations.

Our HICES Athletics team competed in Sydney last week finishing 4th in Division 1 which is a fine result.

Many of our students achieved personal bests and 8 will now go on to represent HICES at the CIS

(Combined Independent Schools) carnival later this term. Congratulations to Liam McKenzie, Hugh Payne, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Angus Croft, Lachlan de Vries, Olive Glover, Finn O’Toole, Zac Shannon. A full report is in the Sport section of the bulletin.

Parent Teacher Interviews will take place next week on Monday and Thursday evenings. A reminder that they are to be booked with further details in the bulletin.

Our musical/drama productions are now in rehearsals with 3 shows being performed. K-2 is performing ‘Bedtime Stories – All Shook Up’ with script written by Mrs Key, a 3/4 show which will be a collaborative effort from the students and staff focusing on a theme and work-shopping it for 4 days then perform while the 5/6 show is ‘Best Shot in the West’ written by Mr Hordynsky.

These shows are always a highlight of the year and information regarding show times and tickets will be available shortly.

In the media there has been comment regarding NAPLAN results. We, as schools, are yet to receive any results and therefore are unable to pass on any information. You can be assured as soon as the information does become available you will be notified.

With holidays coming up at the end of the month Vacation Care, through United Care will again be available for our students. If you wish to book in your child or seek further information, please contact them Uniting Out of School Hours Care on 0427290761.                 

At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:

  • Week 6
    Commitment - Xavier Zinga
    Inclusiveness - Emma Northam
    Inclusiveness - Charlotte O’Hehir-Corones
  • Week 7
    Commitment - Harriett Johnston
    Inclusiveness - Disha Prasad
    Inclusiveness - Cassandra Philippe

Enjoy your week.


Mr Rob McLean
Head of Preparatory School

A message from our Chaplains

Defy Gravity

“I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.   And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees” (Ezekiel 36:27)

If you enjoy watching professional contemporary dance then Youtube, ‘Lost in Motion Guillaume Cote’. Guillaume is the Principal Dancer of the Canadian National Ballet.  The short Youtube clip begins with his walking nonchalantly onto a stage. He then reveals an extraordinary expression of life, agility and grace.  When I first watched it, I thought I heard God’s voice in the distance saying; ‘that’s what I was talking about!’

Guillaume seems to defy gravity. By contrast, at times I carry my body through the day. I suspect that this is not an uncommon experience. There are expressions enough to suggest as much: life is a drag; the weight of the world; life’s a burden. For as long as we fight the feeling of life being a burden, it will remain a burden. Put another way, sometimes we worry, I know I worry and that I ought not to worry but because I can’t help but worry, I worry because I worry. You can replace “worry” with ‘hurt’. Sometimes we are burdened by external factors: another cloudless sky, a certain work colleague or joyless routine. It weighs us down and it has the potential to turn our very hearts to stone.

Know this: constricted life of existence is not life as God intends for you. God gave humanity dance and song and heart. Life has been given to humanity in such abundance that we can transcend life itself. How? At risk of sounding ‘new age’, step outside, stand still and watch. Just watch. Observe. Do not process with questions of why. Do not ‘pathologise’ what you feel. Do not label, judge or evaluate. Just watch. Allow your spirit the chance to catch up with your body.

At work, perhaps you can watch what you are doing by way of reaction to others. Watch. Why do you feel so heavy? In reality, all that you see out in front of you is inside your head. Watch and your own nature will begin to take care of itself. You will feel your body letting go and a weight lifting from within.

The Prophet Ezekiel realised this in his own way. He said ‘let God remove your hearts of stone and replace them with hearts of flesh’.  People with hearts of flesh see the Divine within the mundane, they watch His grace at work in creation, they recognise the trogs in life for who they are, they watch with hearts that see. They do not allow things to weigh them down.

Let’s be thankful for the Guillaume’s of the world who remind us to defy gravity.


Phil Worrad


What makes a good friend?

In my role I am fortunate enough to teach in both the Preparatory and Senior Schools; on a Monday I can co-teach Year 1 before lunch and then after lunch delve into the complexities of senior Biology with my Year 11 class. You would be forgiven in thinking that the social problems the students in each class are facing are very different, and indeed they are, but a universal issue that I deal with in my wellbeing role is the problem of friendships, or more specifically the toxic nature of friendships.

Having good friends who love and support you for who you are is really important to your happiness, no matter what age. Research has shown that the better the quality of your relationships, the more likely you are to be happy. So, being a great friend to someone and having friends support your back is good for your wellbeing. When I meet with students we often talk about what a good friend looks like and universally the students at school will tell me that a friend is there for you, no matter what; doesn’t judge you; doesn’t put you down or deliberately hurt your feelings; is kind and respectful to you; laughs with you and makes you smile.

Part of growing up is finding your place in social networks or your ‘tribe’. Children’s peers become incredibly important and there is less focus on parents and significant adults. As a result, impressing and belonging become very important. Traditionally boys jostle their way through friendship issues with physical strength and humour, whilst girls are much better at using their communication and interpersonal skills. Dealing with a toxic friendship is hard for students, no one likes the idea of losing a friend and some people deserve a second chance. As parents, dealing with your son’s/daughters toxic friendships can be even harder! However, there are things that we as parents can do.

  1. Make friendship cool. Talk about the great qualities of your friends to your kids or comment on the great qualities of your child’s friends.
  2. Explicitly teach kindness, compassion and empathy. Ensure that your child knows the importance of these traits in friendships.
  3. Explicitly teach emotional intelligence. Help children recognise who is loyal and who is safe.
  4. Teach your children to be up ‘Upstanders’, someone who will stand up to bullying or unkind behaviour.
  5. Carefully manage online activity. A lot of friendship issues happen out of school hours, in cyberspace. Kids need a break from their friendship groups.
  6. Create opportunities for children to meet lots of new people outside of school and get to know them well.

Finally, sometimes students need help to navigate the difficulties of friendships. If this is the case then speak to your child’s classroom teacher, Tutor or Head Tutor for some advice.


Mrs Emma Bylsma
Head of Student Wellbeing

Information and Communications Technology

Frog on a Smartphone

Frog does work fine on a Smart phone browser (without an App).

… and yes there is an App (called MyFrog) from the Apple Store for iOS and Play Store for Android. 

Some people prefer to use Frog on their Smartphone browser rather than the MyFrog App.

The App askes for School URL =

And then the normal KWS Frog UserID and password

Health effects of Wi-Fi EME (Electromagnetic Energy)

The EME emitted from Wi-Fi is far less than the EME generated by mobile phones.

Please check the link below for reassurance from ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency). 

“There is no established scientific evidence that the low exposure to RF EME from wi-fi adversely effects the health of children or the general population​”

ARPANSA – 26 Apr 17 5 Wi-fi and health


Darryn Marjoram
Director of Information Services

Assembly Awards

Merit Awards

KB: Week 6 – William O’Connell, Prayan Dulal, Arden Rowe, Oscar Pigot.
KB: Week 7 – Disha Prasad, Daniel Kerdic, Grace Lowther. d

KK: Week 6 – Georgiana Saran, Alice Jones, Audrey Gaudin, Anna Kenny.
KK: Week 7 – Saxon Haynes, Jack Caro, Georgiana Saran.

1C: Week 6 – Janette Proudford-Nalder.
1C: Week 7- James Hulme, Mia Martin, Vivian Meates, Samuel Marvasti, Harry Oldroyd, Alby Kimmins, James Jones, Jack Kenny.

1W:  Week 6 – Nicholas Balcomb, Andrew Bell, Meckenzie Flowers, Charlie Haydon, Luca Kotasthane. 1W: Week 7 – Meckenzie Flowers, Aston Lett, Darcie Marshall, Cassandra Philippe, Ingrid West x 2.

2E: Week 6 – Aurora Everett, Nicolette Saran, Elliot Terrey, Annabelle Maslin, Zoe Freeman, Jed Volkofsky, Max Kenny, Jude Jansen, Zavier Zinga.

2E: Week 7- Lily Dwyer, Jazmin Marquez, Hannah Cunningham, Alexandra Whitehead.

2H: Week 6 – Ella Kerdic, Mitchell Perizzolo, Pixie Harmer, Sophie Caro x 2, Anoushka de Brito, George Nash, Angus Sawtell, Alannah Bryan, Charlotte Williams, Chloe Caro, Eliza Lord.
2H: Week 7 – Lucas Choi, Chloe Caro, Timothy Edwards, George Nash, Grace Schaapveld.

3R:  Week 6 – Thomas O’Connell.

3S:  Week 6 – Trevelyan Andrew, Hannah Birmili, Drew Carslake, Andrew Caskey, Annabel Clinton, Joe Dunworth, Oliver Garard, Charles Hail, Maxwell Horne, Floriana Jackson- Le Couteur, Rohan Kotasthane, Matthew Lowther, Percy Meates x 2, Willa Paix x 3, Georgia Philippe, George Proudford-Nalder, Isabella Vangestel, Oscar Zielinski.
3S: Week 7 – Audrey Blyth, Charles Hail, Hamish Searle, Isabella Vangestel, Oscar Zielinski.  

4F: Week 6 – Julia Bligh, Toby Gee, Varnikaa Kannan x 2, Lachlan Knight, Lucinda Nash, Luca Popa x 2, Thomas Robson.
4F: Week 7 – Julia Bligh, Ava Healey x 2, Fin Price, Austin Schaapveld, Harriett Sinclair.

4P: Week 6 – Samuel Balcomb, Grace Bylsma, Zoe Harmer, Phoebe Hunter, James McRae, Lucinda Reidy, Jack Steventon, Olivia Watts, Lexi Wilkin x 2, Bianca Wong.
4P: Week 7 - Samuel Balcomb, Caitlin Reid, Lexi Wilkin.

5M: Week 6 – Aimee Anders, Isabelle Johnson, Nancy Straw.
5P: Week 6 – Olivia Volkofsky, Isaac de Bruyn, Maya Bracks, Alice Hansen, Philippa Martin.
5P: Week 7 – Ava Buesnel x 2, Isaac de Bruyn, Ruby de Vries, Dominic Segger, Isobella Montagliani, Jessica Thompson, Olivia Volkofsky, Tessa Wong, Hugh Payne, Harriet Stratton.

5W: Week 6 – Seamus Dwyer, Pranav Srikanth, Matilda Fabar, Grace Hansen, Robert Harrison, Isabella Lloyd-George.
5W: Week 7 – Charlotte Buckley, Lillian Pearce, Alice Commins, Sienna Wilkin, Seamus Dwyer, Isabella Lloyd-George, Bonnie McPhee.

6C: Week 6 – Oliver Chandler-Sullivan, Ruby Coulton, Amelia Hill, Jack Tink, Lara Wheelhouse.
6C: Week 7 – Amelia Hill, Lolli-Rose Pasquali, Elke Sweetapple, Ava Tucker, George Wakem.

6H: Week 6 – Emma Aldersey, Julian Connan, Camilla Crossing, Cameron Hoskin, Abbygail Hunt, Oliver Mendham, Lucia Varian.
6H: Week 7 – Charles Gill, Charlotte Jones x 2, Scarlett MacKenzie, Charlotte O’Hehir-Corones x 2, Matilda Quigley, Helen Suthers.

Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners: Week 6 – Isobella Montagliani, Jack Paix, Timothy Edwards, Anoushka de Brito, Kaydn McLachlan, Reginald Caskey, Alice Jones, Lucinda Nash, Alexandra Whitehead, Xavier Zinga, Jack Kenny, Vivian Meates, Alice Scholte, Matilda Quigley, Charli Greatbatch, Cassandra Philippe, Elizabeth Croft. Lovely Manners: Week 7 - Archie Bylsma, Trevelyan Andrew, Oscar Zielinski, Billy Roberts, Stella Madigan, Ruby Coulton, Jack Tink, Nixie Widauer, Prayan Dulal, Oliver Roach, Maddison Lawry, Angus Sawtell, Harrison Chapman, Harry Price, Zoe Harmer.

Lovely Greetings: Week 6 – Archie Bylsma, Niamh Graham, Mia Martin, Matilda Fabar, Finn Dwyer.

Lovely Greetings: Week 7 - Cameron Hoskin, Cassandra Philippe, Benjamin Knight, Alannah Bryan, Mia Martin, Olive Glover, Lillian Pearce.

Thinking of Others: Week 6 – Matthew Roper, Elizabeth Harmer, Sophie Smith, Oliver Chandler-Sullivan.

Thinking of Others: Week 7 - Audrey Blyth, Angelina McRae, Lachlan Knight.

Excellent Behaviour:  Week 6 – Seamus Dwyer.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 7 - Saxon Haynes, Grace Hansen.

School Values: Week 6 – Samuel Martin.

School Values: Week 7 - Olivia Wilson, Jack Paix, Olivia Volkofsky.

Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride: Week 6 – Philippa Martin, Charlotte Williams, Matthew Lowther, Neve Jansen.

Wearing Uniform with Pride: Week 7 - Hannah Goodsir, Grace Schaapveld, Tessa Wong, Ava Buesnel,

Sportsmanship:  Week 6 – Kaydn McLachlan, Percy Meates, Bianca Wong, Olivia Wilson, Willa Paix, Varnikaa Kannan, Maddison Lawry.

Helpfulness: Week 6 – Angelina McRae, Emma Northam, William Steventon, Jude Jansen, Zoe Freeman, Samuel Commins, Annabelle Maslin, Arad Safeer, Louis Blyth, Chrysalide Frecklington, Krishan Kandeepan, Bridget Horne, Samuel Hughes, Zoe Harmer, Aston Lett, Darcie Marshall.
Helpfulness: Week 7 - Claire Harrison, Aurora Everett, Lily Dwyer, Daniel Rourke, Nicolette Saran, Xavier Zinga, Elsie Sutherland, Molly Slack-Smith, Chloe Caro, Jack Kenny, Janette Proudford-Nalder, Spencer Johnston, James McRae, Matilda Fabar, Aiden Button.

Initiative in the Classroom: Week 6 – Austin Cutter, Mitchell Fuller.  

Role Model: Week 6 – Julia Bligh.

Being Kind: Week 6 – George Nash, Oscar Zielinski, Jack Caro, Lachie Healey.

Being Kind: Week 7 – Jack Caro, Charlotte Jones, Grace Segger, Luca Kotasthane, Maya McFarlane.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 6 – Rose Hedley.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 7 – Daniel Lord.

School Values: Week 6 – Dominic Segger, Charles Hail, David King, Georgiana Saran, Olivia McBeath, Hannah Cunningham, Harry Price.

School Values: Week 7 – Max Kenny, Zoe Freeman, Keeley O’Toole, Izaac Lenon, Elliot Terrey, Janette Proudford-Nalder, Vivian Meates, Harry Price.

The Regional Engagement Enterprise


Our second instalment of land management and regeneration with Year 10 Geography took place on a bitterly cold day in Blayney recently. The students braved the cold, thanks to a number of fire bins, as they investigated significant gully erosion at our Blayney property, Leurella. David McKenzie, David Mitchell and David Harbison all kindly donated their time to give informative talks on soils, soil testing and agronomy respectively. Unlike the other half of the year who visited in Term 1, this cohort did not camp out and so on day 2 they visited our new farm Windermere. Here they conducted water testing, soil testing for salinity and revegetation plans. 



TREEnglish continues with students having visits from their local mentors. Sophie Hansen ( gave a brilliant lesson on how to use Instagram to promote local produce to our paddock to plate cohort. Additionally, Kate Bracks visited to compare the quality of local produce with large scale supermarket produce. In our Orange 360 group, CEO Caddie Thomas visited to explain the reasoning behind the recent rebrand from Brand Orange whilst James Robson of Ross Hills wine is scheduled to visit this week to help develop the projects of our viticulture cohort. 


Our Year 8 5.3 Mathematics class has begun their amazing farm race. During their visit to the farm they worked with local surveyors Matt Forsyth and Pete Willis to understand how theodolites and GPS trackers work. They compared measurements taken with these devices to ones collected first hand and those derived from analysing Avenza maps.



Our inaugural Wether team did fantastically well at their final competition in Dubbo. Despite the cold weather we have had, they managed to place 6th in National competition for meat. Additionally, Charlie Coddington blitzed the junior judging competition in coming 3rd (only beaten by two jackaroos in their 20s).



Our cattle team had a fantastic day at the Parkes show in their lead up to the Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza in Scone. Taylah Hobbs won champion junior parader and Lachlan Ferguson placed second in the U15 paraders.


Gourmet Burger Comp

Boarding students from the Wolaroi and PLC sites recently participated in a burger competition as a Friday night activity. The students had a variety of local produce to choose from to make their creations. Stay tuned for our cooking 101 workshop in a few weeks!



Our Year 7 unit on local, healthy eating has begun in PDHPE. This year, the students began by planting vegetable beds in the Wolaroi agriculture plot that we will harvest and cook in Term 4. Shortly, they will study the 100-mile diet, the issue of food miles and the need to support local producers before creating a meal sourced entirely within a 100km radius.

Soil testing with Year 3

Year 3 recently visited the science labs to test the soil they collected while on their excursion to various locations on Mount Canobolas. The students learnt how to use universal indicator and barium sulphate to measure the pH of each of the 3-locations. It was pleasing to see such good quality soils from our Kinross parents of Swinging Bridge wines and Mandagery Creek Venison!


Internships and co-curricular TREE

Year 10 students have the opportunity to apply for 8 industry internships beginning in Term 4 this year. Applications are open on FROG and due by Monday 10th September. To apply, students must write a cover letter or video themselves explaining what they are passionate about, how they have demonstrated commitment and what they hope to achieve whilst on internship.


Additionally, applications are open for students to be involved in co-curricular TREE. 20 places are available for students from Years 8-11 to form our Farmers Market Team. Interested candidates should speak with Ms Toni Bilton.


Mr Tom Riley
Director of TREE

Prep Performing Arts Press

Dates for your Diary

Week 7 – City of Orange Eisteddfod

Band Day - Wed 5 Sept (Prep Band, Six Strings, Prep Percussion – session begins at 9.30)

Strings - Fri 7 Sept (Prep Strings - session begins at 1pm)

Week 9 – Last co-curricular rehearsal for Term 3

Week 9/10

Thursday Sept 20 – 3-4 Show 5.30pm DPA

Monday Sept 24 – K-2 Show 5.30pm DPA

Wednesday Sept 26 – 5-6 Show 7.30pm Orange Civic Theatre (tickets available online through Ticketek)

Eisteddfod News

Congratulations to all our stage Choirs who participated in the Orange Eisteddfod last Friday. They all sang beautifully, watched carefully and performed with enthusiasm.

1-2 Choir – received a Highly Commended with comments from the adjudicator about their good intonation, enthusiastic actions and disciplined performance,

3-4 Choir – received a Highly Commended with comments on their excellent intonation, well-projected parts, good articulation and dynamic contrasts.

5-6 – received First Place with comments on their excellent intonation, clear diction, musical expression and committed and enthusiastic performances. A very well-deserved result for all the 120 students who crammed on stage!

Vocal / Instrumental Sessions – Eisteddfod

Prep Band, Prep Strings, Prep Percussion and Six Strings all take to the stage at the Function Centre this week. All the very best to those involved and we look forward to hearing about your performances.

Koristers and Madame Butterfly

Congratulations to our members of Koristers who gave an exceptional performance with Opera Australia at last week’s performance of Madame Butterfly. They worked incredibly hard with Mrs Edwards preparing for the performance and had several long and intensive rehearsals leading up to the event. They sang beautifully and focused extremely well during the 7 hours they were at the Civic Theatre on the Tuesday, finishing the evening with a flawless and passionate performance! Well done to all involved and thank you to Mrs Edwards for providing this wonderful opportunity for our young singers. What a treat to perform on stage with some of Australia’s leading opera stars. There will be a selection of photos from the rehearsals and performance posted on the Performing Arts FROG page later this week.

String Concert
Thursday 6 September 5.30pm DPA Chapel

As a celebration of all the achievements of our strings players from K-12 this year so far and to farewell our Year 12 string players, Mrs Moxey will be hosting a string concert evening on Thursday September 6 in the DPA Chapel from 5.30-6.30pm. This will involve ALL string ensembles from Junior Strings through to Chamber Strings and finish with a light supper. This is always a lovely evening packed full of fabulous music and talent. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Orange Eisteddfod Results

Alice Scholte’s results from the Orange Eisteddfod.

Speech & Drama

  • Highly Commended – 10yrs & Under Reading at Sight Solo
  • Highly Commended - 10yrs & Under Prepared Reading Solo
  • Very Highly Commended - 10yrs & Under Australiana Solo
  • 3rd – 10yrs & Under Humorous Solo
  • 3rd - 10yrs & Under Prepared Bible Reading
  • 2nd - 10yrs & Under Picture Description Solo
  • 1st – 10yrs & Under Australian Verse Solo
  • 1st - 10yrs & Under Sacred or Inspirational Solo
  • 1st - 10yrs & Under Dramatic Monologue Solo
  • Awarded 10 years & Under Point-Score Trophy
  • 1st - 12 years & under Reading at Sight Solo
  • 1st – 12 years & Under Prepared Speech Solo   (I Wish I’d Never…)


  • Highly Commended: 10 yrs & under – Waltz Tap
  • Highly Commended: 10 yrs & under – Demi-Character
  • Highly Commended: 10 yrs & under –Demi-Character Improvisation
  • Highly Commended: 10 yrs & under – Ballet Improvisation
  • Results supplied by Ann O’Neill.

Mrs K Sinclair
Prep Music Co-ordinator

Prep Sports News

HICES Athletics Carnival, Sydney Olympic Park

Congratulations to the KWS Athletics team consisting of 42 students from year 3 to year 6 who travelled to Sydney last Monday to compete at the HICES Athletics Carnival held at Olympic Park Athletics Centre. Over 17 schools will be competing throughout the day in both track and field events. The KWS Athletics Team competed extremely well with PB’s and placed attained. We finished 4th overall in Division 1. A wonderful result for KWS Prep (especially as we are one of the smaller schools competing in this Division).

Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected into the HICES team to compete at NSWCIS Athletics Carnival next Thursday 13 September. Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Angus Croft, Lachlan de Vries, Olive Glover, Liam McKenzie, Finn O’Toole, Hugh Payne, Zac Shannon. We wish them the best of luck.

Oliver Roach – CIS Rugby

Congratulations to Oliver Roach who was a member of the CIS Primary Rugby Union team that competed at the NSWPSSA Rugby Championships Coffs Harbour last week. Oliver played 5 matches (and had training sessions) over the 4 days with the CIS Team winning the entire tournament, making Ollie a NSW State Champion! Well done.

Summer Sport Selections

All parents have received emails asking for student selections for Summer sport. These are due in THIS Thursday 6th September. A separate form will need to be completed for each child. Summer sport is only offered to students in years 3-6 with a variety of sports and competitions offered. If your child is currently enrolled in the KWS Swim School squad program attending more than 2 sessions per week, this can be used as your child’s Summer Sport. There will be a separate tick a box for this selection.

Sporting teams of the week

Congratulations to all of our Winter teams on their hard work and efforts throughout the season. We have 4 teams that are currently competing in semi-finals and finals for their sports. We wish the following teams all the best for their finals matches.

Netball: U10 Bluebirds

Hockey: Scorpions, Rhinos, Foxes

Sport Dates for the Diary

13 September -  CIS Athletics, Sydney

Mrs Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator

Sports Reports


U9 Fury –  Game played Saturday 1 September

It was a good match. We lost 1 to 11. We all played a really good game. We kept our positions. Our team showed lots of courage as the others team were strong tacklers. We also showed commitment by never giving up when we lost the ball. We showed resilience because we played better in the second half of the game. The goalies showed lots of courage. When the ball went high they tried to grab it even though it could hurt them.
Hamish Buckley


U10 Bluebirds

Congratulations to the U10 Bluebird Netball team who won their semi-final convincingly on Saturday September 1st. The win earns them the right to play in the preliminary finals on Saturday 7th September. Good luck girls.
Lisa Pengilly



Last Wednesday the KWS Kookaburras versed the team on top of the leader board. We played as hard as we could. Kayden scored the only goal. Willa played great in defence, Olivier and Kayden were great in attack. I saved a couple of goals but a lot got in.      
Percy Meates



The mighty Scorpions displayed excellent teamwork and sportsmanship. We have improved so much over the season and are playing well as a team and passing the ball to each other. The Scorpions managed a win which has given us a place in the semi-finals. We won our game 4 - 0. Thank you very much Mrs Coote for helping us to improve our skills. For some of us it was the first time playing hockey and the season is great fun.

Hugo O’Brien


The Scorpions played Canobolas Lightning in their minor semi-final on Wednesday night.

The Scorpions got off to a hot start, scoring 3 goals in the first 20 minutes. We added another 2 in the second half to win 5-0.

Great passing set up the opportunities and Will (2), Spencer (2) and Hugo (1) scrambled brilliantly on the pads to slot the goals.

The whole team is playing great hockey and we have improved so much over the season.

We now get to play KWS Rhino’s in the Final which will be lots of fun. The winner will play Confederates in the Grand Final.

Phoebe Hunter



Geckos Last Stand - In our final game of the season Lexi played brilliantly, intercepting and passing. Keeley was amazing hitting big, long, hard passes. Charlie played well with great power and speed. Belle was fast and stealthy. Will was a great goalie saving many attempts with his quick feet. We missed Olive Q's skills, as she was out with a broken finger. Although we lost the game 5-1, we tried, played hard and passed the ball around the team. It was a fun game to finish the season. A big thank you to Miss Burton for being there for us every game!
Olive Glover



The under 12 Foxes played a very committed game on Monday evening this week. Unfortunately, they lost 6-0 against CYMS. Sienna was goalie and stopped many more goals from going in against us. Elke showed a lot of resilience when it came down to being the last defender. Tessa also played extremely well in centre-mid by defending and attacking with the ball. Overall the Foxes played very hard in the semi-final and will be playing again next Wednesday.
Lucinda Clinton & Isabella Lloyd-George


Parent Teacher Interviews On-Line (PTO)

Parent Teacher On-line was opened to parents on August 27 and will remain open until 8 am on Monday 10 September 2018.  Parent Teacher interviews will take place on Monday 10 and Thursday 13 September and bookings can be made for a 10-minute time slot between 3:30 – 6:45pm on either of the days, but not both.

Steps to Log in for PTO:

  1. From FROG Home Tab, select Parent Teacher Online (PTO)
  2. Use your surname and password to log in.  If you have trouble logging in, click on ‘Obtain PIN/Password’ and enter mothers email address (unless father’s address is to be used) to obtain a pin.
  3. Once logged into PTO simply select the times that suit you or available to you.
  4. If you have any further issues, please don’t hesitate to contact he Preparatory Office on 6392 0316.

Gail Kennewell

Tickets on Sale - Best Shot in the West

Tickets are now on sale through Ticketek for performances of the Year 5/6 drama production of Best Shot in the West.
Tickets can be purchased for the evening Performance on Wednesday 26 September 7:30pm (always a sell out so advised to get them early)

For any attendances at the matinees please ring and book with Mrs Gail Kennewell in the Prep School office 6392 0316. Once booked the payment for these performances will be completed with Mrs Lisa Miller in  the KWS Accounts Department.
Matinee -  Tuesday 25 September  11:30am
Matinee – Wednesday 26 September 10:30am

Romko Hordynsky

The Willows Donations

The Willows Preschool is on a mission to learn about recycling.  They are collecting milk bottle tops (and orange juice, moove etc) to reuse them in a mosaic pathway in our playground, and need your help. They need around 30,000!  your donations will help us achieve our goal by December, and save a lot of plastic from landfill.

A bucket will be put outside Mrs Seedsman's classroom for collection, and will be emptied regularly.
Thank you for your help.

Anna Caskey

SRC News

Asian Special Lunch

The SRC have been working closely with the Mrs Horan to organise a special lunch day through the Canteen. Tuesday 11th September will be an Asian banquet.

What: Asian lunch special


  • Juice
  • Spring Rolls
  • Honey Soy chicken & vegies
  • Fried Rice
  • Fortune Cookie

Bargain Price: $8.00

When: Orders are open through Flexi schools’ website today.  Orders will close Monday 10th September

Make sure you get your order in today.

If you are a vegetarian and would like to participate, please contact Mrs Horan in the canteen on 63920 300. Do this promptly so she can discuss some alternatives with you.

We hope you enjoy the Asian banquet this term.

Mrs Essex and the Prep School SRC


Over the last couple of weeks, the SRC have been organising 3 rounds of multi-sports. Games included have been, soccer, netball and touch football.

Thank you to all the students who signed up to participate in these fun Friday games. The SRC have enjoyed organising games for you to join in.

If you played a game you can go to the SRC FROG page to tell us about the game you enjoyed.

The Prep School SRC


Year 4 Geology Excursion

On Monday, Year 4 went on a Geography Excursion to Mt Canobolas.

Here are some pictures from their trip...


Dates for your Diary

11 September – Assembly 4P, Term 4 House Awards
10 & 13 September – Parent Teacher Interviews
12 September – Year 5 Excursion
17 – 24 September – K-2 Show commitments
24 September – Performance of K-2 Production
17 – 26 September – 5/6 Drama commitments
25 September – Matinee 5/6 Production
26 September – Matinee and Evening Performance of 5/6 Production
27 September  - Term 3 concludes
28 September – Pupil Free Day

Gail Kennewell

Upcoming Events

String Concert


Industrial Technology Exhibition


Spring Soiree


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