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25 July 2019
Issue Ten
Key Dates & Info
Principal's Report
Education in Faith
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     Wellbeing & Diversity 
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Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School
(03) 9699 2928
301 - 319 Bank Street
South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205

Key Dates & Info

Break Times

First Break - 11.00-11.40am

Second Break 1.50-2.30pm

It is preferred students leaving early are collected at the beginning or end of these breaks to minimise disruptions to classes.

Term Start/End Dates

Term 3  Monday July  15 - Friday September 20, 1.30pm

Term 4  Monday October 7 - Tuesday December 17, 1.30pm

Term 3


Sat 27 - Galilee Trivia Night

Tues 30 - Italian Day & Assembly 2.40pm


Fri 2 - Hoop Time Year 5/6

Wed 7 - Assembly Prep B

Fri 9 - Hoop Time Year 3/4

Wed 14 - Open Morning 

                - Assembly Year 5

Thurs 15 - Maths Parent Night

Mon 19-Fri 23 - Book Week

Mon 19 - Grandparents Day Mass 9am

Fri 23 - Book Week Parade (Dress up)

Tue 27 - SEB Meeting

Wed 28 - Father's Day Liturgy 2.30pm Prep

Fri 30 - Father's Day Breakfast 7.30am


Wed 4 - Assembly Year 3

Wed 11 - Assembly Year 1

Wed 18 - Assembly Visual Arts

Fri 20 - Jump Rope for Heart

            - Term 3 Finishes 1.30pm

School Closure Days

November 4

November 29

Sacrament Dates

November 23 - Confirmation OLMC, 6pm

November 24 - Confirmation SPP, 10am

Community Dates


Mon 19 - Grandparents morning Tea 11am - 11.40am

Fri 30 - Father’s Day Breakfast 7.30am


Mon 14 - Community Catchups 8.45am - 9.30am

Mon 14 - Prep Transition 2020

Mon 28 - Community Conversations 9am - 10am


Mon 11 - Prep Transition 2020

Wed 13 - Music Soiree 4.30pm - 8.00pm


Wed 4 - Carols Picnic 5-7pm

Assembly Presentation

Wednesdays 2.40pm

Tuesday July 30 - Italian

August 7 - Prep B

August 14 - Year 5

August 21 - NO ASSEMBLY

August 28 - Father's Day Liturgy Prep

September 4 - Year 3

September 11 - Year 1

September 18 - Visual Art

2019 Camp Calendar


Lunch Orders

Available to order Mondays and Fridays only


Medical Consent Form

Please use this form if your child needs to take any temporary medication at school (antibiotics/eye drops/ventolin/creams or lotions etc.).


School Uniform

Please read the policy below if you are unsure of the correct wearing of the Uniform. Students who are in incorrect shoes, with a note, must only be for a maximum of one week. Correct shoes are to be worn till the end of the school year (it is not acceptable to be in incorrect shoes to save purchasing of new shoes towards the end of the school year).

The wind breaker should ONLY be worn with the Sport Uniform OR over the jumper if extra warmth is required.

Boys should be wearing the striped navy blue sock (they are for Winter).

Galilee Uniform Policy:


PSW Uniform: 1/128 Bertie Street, Port Melbourne 9768 0385

Second Hand Uniform @ Galilee

Open: Friday morning 8.50-9.10am

Located in Prep Building

Donations of clean/well cared for uniform happily accepted.

Galilee Out of School Hours (GOSH)

To register and book for your child to attend before or after school care, please do so via this link:

Principal's Report

Dear Families,

This week I spent some time watching our Boys Soccer Team compete in the Beachside carnival. Our students displayed outstanding courage, spirit and sportsmanship. We were one of the smallest schools and played against entire teams who were experienced soccer players. Our team won all matches leading to the Grand Final due to a willingness to play as a team. They were expertly coached by James O'Carroll and the students competed enthusiastically in all matches. A number of parents came to watch and support them. Our students left a strong impression on everyone who played against them. The team definitely enhanced the reputation of Galilee. 

Reputation within a local community is important for the many reasons:

  • it means that students are being educated holistically;
  • partnerships are created with local organisations;
  • it helps everyone to feel more connected;
  • interest in enrolments is increased.

Our Parents Association members have been working hard to gather donations from local organisations for our upcoming Trivia Night. They have been receiving wonderful feedback about our students and families, recently from Woolworths.

While at the soccer, I met a principal from a nearby primary school and he shared with me some interesting statistics on Galilee. He analysed the NAPLAN (Years 3 & 5) data of seventeen other surrounding schools from 2017/18. He gathered the data from My School and looked at the performance compared to Like Schools. He interpreted that Galilee finished second highest out of the 18 schools. While I have not confirmed the data myself I do know that Galilee students perform favourably in comparison to other Like Schools. We are always exploring ways to improve the academic performance of our students.

Some of the new initiatives  are:

  • earlier start for Prep Transition;
  • School Readiness Program-Seeds & Sprouts;
  • PMP organised for Prep-Year Two;
  • NCCD data due to be submitted on August 2nd;
  • Initiated 2020 Italian Camp for Years 5/6;
  • Surf Life Saving booked for Years 2-6 for 2020;
  • Initial meetings with appointed architect with Building Committee;
  • Consultative sessions with school community to be booked with architects;
  • Outcomes of school uniform review.

Trivia Night

Our annual Galilee Trivia Night will be held this Saturday at Port Melbourne Town Hall, 6.00pm.


A number of parents have been working tirelessly throughout the year to prepare for the night. As this is our major fundraiser we are looking for all our families to support the event where they can. 


For those who are unable to make Saturday night, don’t forget to bid on the silent auction items.  Local businesses have supported our school by donating to our event.  There are vouchers for restaurants, cafes, health and beauty businesses, bookstores and more including items such as jewellery and even an Ipad.

Bid on these items now at


Thanks to the following businesses for supporting Galilee Trivia this year:


See you Saturday in your Touch of Silver!

School Uniform

Currently there is a School Uniform Committee who have been working with our supplier PSW to review and organise an updated school uniform. For those who have joined Galilee this year, it may seem like a recent initiative but below I will detail a timeline of events leading to this update.


School-wide updates of the uniform have occurred in 1994 when the school began, 1997, 2001 & 2008. All schools update and change their uniform at some stage and it last occurred 11 years ago at Galilee. Some of the reasons schools change uniforms are: 

  • quality issues with material;
  • uniform does not suit new initiatives in curriculum;
  • advancements in more suitable material or designs;
  • enhanced pride in school uniform;
  • schools change colours, designs or logos to be better connected to origin;
  • to differentiate between sport and summer/winter uniforms;
  • designs or colours become more modern to increase presence and appeal in local community, sometimes due to competition.

Changes to the current uniform were formally raised with the School Education Board prior to 2016 and in later years, due to a number of design, quality, appearance and comfort issues with the uniform.

A committee was soon formed to work with PSW that led to the following updates: new hat that reduced fading; new fit for wind-breaker, track pants and long pants; longer striped socks to allow shorts to be worn in Winter; and a rugby top introduced to increase warmth. Sport uniforms to be worn twice a week (increased from one). 


The Houses were also reviewed last year with each being named after a school of origin. A colour was associated with each House and decided upon: Green, Blue, White and Maroon. There was discussion at the time over the colour of the symbol of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Both Red and Maroon colours can be found but discussion was had over the possibility of a future change  to Red and the linking between House colours and the school uniform.


Parents were invited through the Newsletter to join a Uniform Committee who have met regularly with PSW. Decision making has been strongly represented by these parents with 30-40 students and approximately half of the staff consulted numerous times over proposed changes. Recently drafts have been on display with further feedback collected and some acted upon by the committee. 


In any discussion and decision about uniform change I am extremely conscious and considerate of the possible impact of these changes on families, especially in relation to family budgets. A long transition period will occur giving students time to change into the new uniform, potentially 2022 school year. Those going into Year 6 in 2022 will have an additional year in the current uniform.


This allows families time to transition to the new uniform with the possible availability of second-hand uniforms. 2020 Preps with siblings will have the choice of wearing the current or new uniform.  The current uniform will continue to be sold at PSW while stocks last. Families will be encouraged to donate second-hand uniforms in the new design when leaving Galilee. A full implementation plan including transition dates will be sent later this term.


Our uniform supplier has agreed to assist in sending leftover/second hand uniforms to schools (overseas) in need reducing any waste.


I would like to thank the work of the School Uniform Committee and SEB and the feedback that we have received from parents/carers.

Morning Tea

It was great to see parents and 2020 Prep parents enjoy the coffee and a catch-up on Monday morning. Thanks to Justin from The Little Coffee Van for once again making the coffees for us.

The Prep transition morning with current Prep staff ran smoothly with lots of happy faces participating in some craft activities after reading a story.

Assembly Change

Assembly will be on Tuesday 30th July next week as part of Italian Day  instead of Wednesday.

Achievements And Stories Of The Students

Over the holidays Nicholas in 4C competed in the Snow Racer at Mount Buller. The Snow Racer is a hard snowboarding competition for all ages. This is Nicholas’ 2nd year doing snowboarding but this was his 1st Snowboarding competition that he has ever done! He worked very hard and came 3rd with very tough competitors. He had to swerve through obstacles and get the fastest time. Nicholas achieved a time of 54.38 seconds. There was a good amount of competitors which made the race even more difficult. This was a big highlight in Nicholas’ holidays and he might do it again next year. 


On the 15th and 16th of July Sienna, Grace and Millie from 4G had a ballet exam. They all enjoyed it so much. They were judged on their Bar Work, their Centre Work and their Character Dance. Millie’s favourite style that they were getting graded on was Character Dance, Sienna’s favourite was everything and Grace’s favourite was also Character Dance. They will get their marks back in a few months. They were all awarded with a certificate and badge which was really great.


Orlando in 4G has been doing soccer for 6 years and was lucky enough to be given an award for it during the holidays. The award was for being the ‘Player of the Week’ because Orlando played the game the most skillfully out of everyone in his team. Orlando plays in the Middle Park Soccer Team and has always been doing so. 


Scarlett, in 4G competed in a basketball tournament on the 5th, 6th and 7th of July. This tournament was a Melbourne Tigers Tournament. Everyone got into teams and there were 5 teams (in Scarlett's division) that competed against each other. The Melbourne Tigers tournament was held at Dandenong Stadium. The competition was very intense but in the end Scarlett’s team was victorious. Scarlett won a trophy for being a very supportive team member and always having a good attitude. 


On the holidays, Luca in 4G participated in a Swimming Competition. He participated in 7 races and placed in 3. He was lucky enough to win 50 metres freestyle and backstroke. Then, he came 2nd in 50 metre butterfly. He competed in 50 and 100 metre races of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. The 50m backstroke was his favourite which he won. The 100 metre race Luca competed in was for 13 and under, then the 50 metres was separated into direct age groups. This was a really great effort by Luca and he should be very happy!


By Bridget and Ali

Italian Day

On Tuesday 30th July, students can come dressed in Italian colours or something to do with Italy. There will be an incursion, activities and an assembly (no assembly Wednesday 31st July). Those who have submitted their order will have a special pizza and gelato lunch.


Simon Millar

(Principal of Galilee)

Education in Faith

Beginning of Term Three Prayer

WE GO (Echo Prayer)


God of Light,

ALL: God of Light

Jesus calls us to let our lights shine.

ALL: Jesus calls us to let our lights shine.

We have lots of gifts and talents,

ALL: We have lots of gifts and talents,

Many we do not even know about yet.

ALL: Many we do not even know about yet.

May we remember to let our lights shine during this term in our words and action.

ALL: May we remember to let our lights shine during this term in our words and action.

May we encourage others to do the same.

ALL: May we encourage others to do the same.

May we have the most amazing term, as we learn and grow together in mutual respect.

ALL: May we have the most amazing term, as we learn and grow together in mutual respect.

We pause to make our own prayer requests before God. 

ALL: Lord hear our prayer.

We make our prayer through Jesus our brother and friend.

ALL: We make our prayer through Jesus our brother and friend.


All: Amen


Galilee Prayer Group

We had the meeting of our first Galilee Prayer Group last Friday before school. It was spirit filled and lovely. This will continue every Friday morning at 8:15am until 8:35am. All members of the Galilee school community are welcome. The objective of this Prayer Group is to pray for any needs of the school, the well-being of the students, staff and families and the parishes of Sts Peter and Paul and OLMC. It will be nurturing and loving. You don't need any qualifications or experience to attend. If you have a confidential prayer request, forms will be distributed at the beginning of  Week Four for you to fill in. Then please drop these into the box which will be in the Administration foyer. We look forward to The Galilee Friday Morning Prayer Group growing and flourishing.


Galilee Pet Drive

The Year 6 SJ school leaders Cody and Drew along with the other SJ leaders in the school promoted the Galilee Pet Drive. As a school we are very grateful to the families who generously donated dry and tinned pet food, pet treats, dog blanket, pet bed and other items to distribute to the homeless on our streets so they can look after their pets. These pets often provide the people who are homeless protection as well as good company. The Pet Drive was suggested by Cody and his father Trevor who works for The Sacred Heart Mission. We thank them for their inspiration, time and willingness to distribute these pet items through the Sacred Heart Mission.


Feast days of Saints Peter and Paul and OLMC

Sunday June 30th was the celebration of the Feast day of Saints Peter and Paul. A wonderful time was had by all commencing with Mass celebrated by Father Dean, followed by a sit-down delicious lunch in the parish hall. The anniversary cake was scrumptious. The participants were entertained with a duet as well as the splendiferous Galilee students singing as a choir, followed by the amazing solo singing by Maya in Year One and violin performance by Annabelle in Year Three.

Many children and adults enjoyed the animal patting zoo and the coffee van kept the adults happy too. We were  also blessed with lovely weather.


We also celebrated the feast Day of OLMC on Saturday July 20th.  It was a reverent celebration of the Mass with the main message reminding us to be people who are hospitable and generous. 


The Australian Catholic Bishops’ Social Justice statement for 2019

The Australian Catholic Bishops’ Social Justice statement for 2019-20120 is: Making it Real: genuine human encounter in our digital world. It shares Pope Francis’ challenge to us to ‘boldly become citizens of the digital world.’ It points out that we are called not just to be inhabitants of this world, but active citizens shaping it. Alongside all the amazing advances in modern communication technology, some serious challenges are presented. These include and are not limited to the harming of the vulnerable by online bullying and exploitation, the disadvantage of certain groups being unable to access the benefits of technology, fake news is promoted and people’s privacy has been undermined when personal data has been used for personal gain. Pope Francis calls us to not only love our neighbour, but bring the love of God to the global neighbourhood.

For further details about the Social Justice statement, visit the Office for Social Justice website (

Upcoming Masses and Liturgies

Term 3

15 August- Assumption Grade 4-OLMC-2:30pm (TBC)

19 August- Grandparent’s Mass- Grade 2-Sts PP-9am

28 August- Father’s Day Liturgy- Preps- Assembly time

20 September-Galilee Day-Grade 3-9:00am (TBC)

Religious Education-The use of Provocations

Many students are invited to study their new RE topic each term by partaking in a Provocation exercise. This Provocation may include a picture, painting, prayer, video, song...there are many possibilities. The aim of the Provocation is to 'provoke' the students' thoughts, feelings and attitudes toward the topic and its content being studied. You might like to ask your child about the provocation they studied as they begin their Term Three studies in Religious Education.

Learning and Teaching

ACARA Item Trial - testing NAPLAN questions

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is responsible for developing the questions (items) for the National Assessment Program, which includes NAPLAN.

Galilee has been selected to participate in this year's Item Trial.  

What is an Item Trial?

The point of the Item Trial is to evaluate potential questions (items) for use in future NAPLAN tests.

About the Item Trial

-Schools are carefully selected to ensure that a range of student backgrounds and abilities is represented.

-The Item Trial is being held in approximately 440 schools across Australia between Monday 29 July and Friday 16 August 2019.

-The Item Trial is about testing the questions, not about testing the students, or their ability.  No information that identifies the students will be collected and student results will not be reported.

-The students will sit two Item Trial tests. Year 5 will sit Reading and Conventions of Language on 7 August and Year 3 will sit Reading and Conventions of Language on 8 August.  Please note that only 30 students from each year level will participate.

-The tests will be administered at school by trained test supervisors.  Where tests are online, the students will use Chromebooks. 

-All selected students are expected to participate in the Item Trial, unless they have been exempted or withdrawn from NAPLAN tests this year.  If you have questions about your child's participation, please raise these with Danielle Gerecke [email protected]


Year 3

During our Writing classes in Year 3 we have been learning about the different types of poems. We have focused this week on acrostic poems and being able to identify the features of them. Using this knowledge, we have created our own acrostic poems about a topic of our choice. Reflecting on the rules of an acrostic poem we were able to compare and assess our own piece of writing to ensure we meet each of the rules. We cannot wait to continue learning and creating our own poems.


Beachside Soccer

Yesterday some of our students competed in the Beachside Division Soccer Tournament after qualifying in the Dendy competition last term.

We can happily report the boys were runners up overall. We are extremely proud of their efforts and team work.


The New SRC team begin!

Introducing the new SRC members for Semester Two. They are; Aleeya (6F), Lilian (6B), Patrick (5R), Chelsea (5B), Johnathan (4C), Sienna K (4G), Liam M (3L), Sebastian (3M), Lucinda (2C), Annabelle (2B) Molly (1C), Mason S (1F).


This term the SRC are planning to introduce some exciting new initiatives as well as continuing some from last semester. First we are starting with Nude Food and Line Up Legends. The SRC are promoting Nude Food. For those who have forgotten, Nude Food is when you bring your lunch to school without wrappers or in re-useable packaging. We do this because it makes the school a better place. We help the environment and animals which may be destroyed if we use food with lots of wrappers. Line up Legends is when we line up at school and whichever class lines up the best most often during the week wins an award.


This term we have already introduced better rewards for getting involved in Nude Food and Line Up Legends. Classes who win several times will have the opportunity to win prizes such as class parties and movies.


We are also very keen to receive your suggestions again so please make sure you place your ideas in the suggestion box in the library.


I think that the SRC this semester have got some great ideas and loads of enthusiasm. Stay tuned to find out how we will make our school even more awesome!


Sienna K (4G)

     Wellbeing & Diversity 

National Consistent Collection of Data

As you are aware, we are putting many new processes into place at Galilee this year, based on the principles of best practice and influenced by the new funding system implemented by the Federal Government, the National Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD).


In the past, children who have been diagnosed with additional learning needs were funded individually and supported accordingly. Within the new funding system, funding is allocated to the school for all of our children with additional needs. The school is responsible for allocating support based on the perceived or diagnosed needs of each child listed in the data. Children without official diagnoses are able to be funded through this new system.


Through the NCCD, some children are classified as requiring quality differentiated teaching practice (QDTP), whereby the teacher provides support within the classroom through specific modifications to programmes and adjustments to normal classroom practice.  No funding is allocated to children for whom such adjustments are made.


There are three levels of adjustment in the new system for which funding is provided through NCCD at varying levels to provide additional staffing support for children in need – Supplementary, Substantial and Extensive. Supplementary funding is provided for children requiring additional support in one or several areas of curriculum and daily school life for some of the time. Substantial funding is provided for children requiring support in several areas of curriculum and daily school life for much of the time. Extensive funding is provided for children requiring support in all areas of curriculum and daily school life all of the time.


All children receiving funded support (Supplementary, Substantial or Extensive) require a Personal Learning Plan outlining individual goals for each term, which will be sent home for parent perusal and input. The document must be signed by the parent and involved staff. Regular communication with the classroom teacher and/or Learning Diversity Leader regarding the PLP is recommended. Communication can be via email, phone or face-to-face and is always welcome. Goals are evaluated at the end of each term.


Under our new model, Programme Support Group meetings (PSGs) will be conducted for students requiring Substantial/Extensive support.  We are planning to hold formal PSG meetings twice yearly only, at the end of First and Third Terms. Updated goals/Personal Learning Plans for students will be sent home each term and parent involvement expected and welcomed in the co-construction of these. Ongoing communication will be maintained via email, phone and/or face-to-face conversations as required.


Children requiring Supplementary support will be provided with a Personal Learning Plan as outlined above, but individual PSG meetings will not be timetabled. Information sessions will be scheduled each term to discuss intervention goals and processes (Parents will be advised of dates/times of relevant meetings).  Parents are welcome to request a PSG meeting at any time.

I would appreciate any parental feedback about our new system, as we refine and improve it. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts and/or concerns at [email protected]

School NAIDOC Incursion

This week, Galilee celebrated NAIDOC week with a whole-school incursion facilitated by Yarn Bark Cultural Incursions.  NAIDOC Week celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  At the incursion, each group workshop began with a traditional cleansing ceremony and acknowledgement of country. The children then learned some traditional songs and dances, as you can see in the photo gallery below.  The incursion was a wonderful educational opportunity for all of the children and was enjoyed by children and staff alike. A very big thank you to Will and Clint from Yarn Bark for their engaging and enjoyable workshops!



School News & Information

Book Club


Issue 5 of Book Club is due Friday 2nd August.

Place your order via the Loop App (pictured).




Save the date!

DOGS camp will be held November 16th & 17th this year at YMCA Camp Wyuna (Queenscliff). 

Camp details will be sent out later when finalised. 

Tickets will go on sale in August (date to be confirmed).  

The camp is open to Galilee children of all year levels.

Running Group


GOSH Update

This and the next week GOSH will continue to make a display of the children's art work, we have already started and plan to fill in all the walls! 

Dear parents, please help us to encourage our talented bunnies to make it happen!


As usual, we are incredibly proud of our children, who keep on impressing us with their manners, behaviour, attitude, creativity and of course great social skills!

The biggest changes we've noticed in Sarah, Zoe, Jamie, Shaynee, Evie and Anabelle, Aiden, Oliver, Jay, Ishaan, Evelyn, Darcie, Jensen, Imogen and Elana.


Let's move in the same wonderful direction!


Book in your bunnies  at



Galilee Trivia Gala Night

The online silent auction site is up and running.  Start bidding now for over 100 amazing items.


 Auction closes at 9:45pm Saturday 27 July.  

Bid now at


Raffle Tickets were due back today, but still bring them in Friday at the latest! Drawn Saturday evening.


The Live Auction has 5 fantastic items this year:

- Two nights Luxury Blairgowrie Beach house accommodation for up to 11 people

- Signed and framed Collingwood Guernsey signed by the 2019 squad

- Surfboard - Stringers Arc Tail Quad Surfboard 

- Dustin Martin signed Richmond jumper 

- 4 seats in the Medallion Club at Marvel Stadium for a sporting event in 2019 (t&c)

See the email that was sent to all families today for further details and pictures!


Major Sponsors

Thank you to our amazing major sponsors of 2019! 



School Readiness Program


Local Connections

Local Community Links and Partnerships

South Melbourne Market have some fantastic initiatives that are happening.


At Galilee, it is important that we support our local community who support us.


Please see below some initiatives that you may want to take part in:

  • Free Monthly Bike Tune-ups: Takes place on the fourth Saturday of each month (next one is Saturday 27 July). The Market is well equipped with bike racks and are encouraging people to travel by bicycle in our local area. This is a CoPP initiative and the Back2Bikes team provide a free bike tune-up and free map of the local area.


  • Off Your Back Coat Drive: The market is currently collecting coats at the Market for this great local initiative to support those in need in our local community.


Carmen Carnovale

Community Partnerships and Marketing Leader


Salsa Classes



Simonds College


Artea Art School


Galilee Newsletter
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