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31 May 2019
Issue Eight
Principals Report
Shepparton Education Plan
Logo Competition
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Principals Report

Dear Parents and Friends,

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing that it is stupid.” - Albert Einstein.


Over the last week’s students in the SEAL program have been engaged in a fabulous enquiry learning project based around the problem “How do I keep my cool?” – led by our SEAL Leader, Sam Sharpe, students from Year seven to nine have come up with some projects in response to the question including making videos, creating a computer game, creating an electronic air conditioner, finding uses for plastic bottles to ‘cool’ the Earth and creating public addresses to save the planet from Global Warming – is has been exciting to see the student’s progress and their enthusiasm for this work. 



Teaching staff across the College are busy completing assessments for the first Semester of learning.  Reports are due to be distributed to parents by the end of the first week of Term 3.


We know assessment has a powerful effect on student learning. Our assessment methods are selected on the basis of their impact on desired student learning, behaviour and outcomes, their feasibility, validity and reliability.

In the lead up to preparing mid-year reports:

• Teachers use a variety of formative assessment methods to monitor student on-going progress and cater for all students at their point of need.

• Teachers use a range of agreed summative assessments to evaluate student learning, skill acquisition and academic achievement.

• Teachers all follow VCAA marking criteria and procedures for Student Assessed Coursework (SACs) at VCE level and review regularly in accordance with updated policies.

• Teachers follow the prescribed VCAL curriculum and design consistent projects and tasks which promote applied learning.

• Teachers use student samples of work collected throughout the Semester alongside other formal data such as school-based assessments, On Demand, PAT testing, and e-write to plan for next steps.

We look forward to sharing your student’s progress with you.

Have a great week!


Kind regards 

Claire Kelly


Important Dates – Term 2

  • Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday: 10th June
  • GAT Test: 12th June
  • School Council Meeting: 13th June
  • Debutante Ball: 14th June
  • Year 12 Camp: 26th June – 28th June

Term 3

  • Student Free Day - Monday 15th July (Staff Professional Development)

Year 7 2020 (Update)

Additional tours of the McGuire Campus will be offered each Monday morning for the remainder of Term 2, commencing at 9:30am.

Please contact the office to book your place on 5858 9800.


Shepparton Education Plan


Shepparton’s four secondary schools merge as of January next year to create the Greater Shepparton College (interim name). I’m the Executive Principal, and I want to keep you updated about how we are preparing for that. The merger will be staged over two years. We have created a School Council Advisory Group to assist the four existing school councils and school community with that upcoming transition.


What is a School Council Advisory Group?

This group represents the school community (school staff, students, parents and community) with 18 representatives. 

Who is involved?

  • One parent/community representative from each of the current four secondary school councils
  • Four principals (one from each of the existing secondary schools)
  • One Department of Education & Training (DET) staff member from each of the current four secondary schools
  • Four student representatives, one from each of the four secondary schools
  • Executive Principal
  • DET Senior Education Improvement Leader

What do they do?

  • Contribute to designing the new school uniform and branding
  • Propose the make-up of the interim school council which will operate in 2020
  • Assist with the process of naming the new school
  • Help develop the new school’s vision and values
  • Work with existing secondary school councils to plan how to honour their schools’ histories
  • Communicate back to each of the four current school councils regarding the merger process

How often are their meetings?

We will meet every four to six weeks.


Who makes the final decisions?

The school council advisory group provides advice and recommendations to the existing four school councils, who make the final decisions.

When will this group start?

Our first meeting was held in April 2019 and will continue until the end of the year when the new interim school council starts operating.


Financial Support for new school uniform

Minister for Education James Merlino visited Mooroopna Secondary College on 16 May 2019 to announce a one-off only payment for students enrolled with Greater Shepparton College (interim name) in 2020, to assist with the cost of a new school uniform.

All government school students enrolled at Greater Shepparton College (interim name) will be provided with a $200 voucher to be redeemed at local uniform suppliers, so that all students can be wearing a consistent school uniform from the start of next year as we progress with our single school model. This voucher will provide each student with a uniform package consisting of two sets of summer uniform and one set of summer sports uniform.

Parents and students from the four current secondary schools are undertaking a joint process to design the new school uniform. Families will receive their uniform vouchers during Term 4 this year.


Next Round of Information Sessions

Greater Shepparton College’s (interim name) vision is to give students the knowledge and skills to thrive throughout their lives.

As a school, we recognise that each student has different strengths, interests and ways of learning and to support these different styles we have developed a broad-based curriculum that will cater to all students. Our focus must be aspirational, for all of our young people and with a strong health and wellbeing focus.

We held Year 7 information sessions during May 2019 at McGuire College which appeared to go very well. Our next round of information sessions will be oriented towards Year 8-9 students in 2020, and then Year 10-12 students in 2020.

Come and hear about our programs for next year. Dates and locations follow.


Day & Date


2020 Year Levels



Wednesday 12th June 2019


Years 8 and 9


Shepparton High School

31-71 Hawdon Street, Shepparton


Thursday 13th june 2019


Years 8 and 9


Mooroopna Secondary College

Echuca Road, Mooroopna


Monday 24th june 2019


Years 10, 11 and 12


Wanganui Park Secondary College

Parkside Drive, Shepparton


Tuesday 25th June 2019


Years 10, 11 and 12


McGuire College

92-100 Wilmot Road, Shepparton


The school leaders and I look forward to meeting you.




Genevieve Simson

Executive Principal, Greater Shepparton College (interim name)



Logo Competition


Do you like design? Do you have ideas about what may be the symbol to represent our new school?

Greater Shepparton College (interim name) is looking for student input into what the logo may be that represents our vision of a school that inspires all students to learn and achieve the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be a life-long learner and to shape the world around them.

The logo needs to:

-          Incorporate the school colours – charcoal, white and teal

-          Be a modern, clear, reproducible design

-          Represent the vision of the school

 Students can submit their design to their school’s main office by 3.30pm 24th June 2019.



Congratulations to the following 67 students (an increase of 40 from SPA 1) who received an average of 4.5 or above for their second SPA. They will be rewarded with a pizza lunch on Friday June 7th in the Presentation Room.


Year 7A: Kelisha Charles 4.5, Samantha Comline 4.7, Zanthe Newham 4.7, Sophie Dougherty 4.7, Jackyln Crowhurst 4.8

Year 7C: Nadia Mohammadi 4.6

Year 7D: Zabihullah Haidari 4.5, Amirah Ahmet 4.6, Belinda Eddy 4.6

Year 7S: Ellee Pleming 4.5, Jack Ferguson 4.6, Matilda Henderson 4.6, Hawraa Alderawy 4.6, Natalie Downie 4.6, Ella Sutherland 4.7, Trinity Drain 4.7, Juna Crozier 4.9, Madeline Judd 4.9

Year 8B: Lexi Fallon 4.5, Drew Piastri 4.5, Marwan Ahmed 4.6, Ali Alsaber 4.6, Paris Clarke 4.6

Year 8C:  Bayan Awija 4.5, Huda Abdelahadi 4.5, Dakoda Joch 4.5,

Mustafa Akbari 4.6

Year 8E: Chloe Charles 4.5

Year 8S:  Vanessa Asante 4.5, Eliza Bester 4.5, Cameron Blight 4.5, Gemma Moulsdale 4.5, Brianna Pleming 4.5, Anais De Waal 4.6,

Callum Ferrier 4.6, Sarah Singline 4.6, Zarah Zanders 4.6,

Hannah D’Andrea 4.7

Year 9A: Maria Kacavenda 4.5, Hamidullah Haidari 4.7, Zaylee Newham 4.5, Kade Hardy 4.6, Dylan Stevens 4.6, Brianna Nimla-Or 4.7,

Kaitlyn Crowhurst 4.7, Georgia Comline 4.8, Olivia Judd 4.8,

Angelina Mason 4.8

Year 10A: Ali Al-Hussani 4.6

Year 10B: Setara Akbari 4.5, Brody Corish 4.6

Year 10C: Kelsey Wesley-Harvey 4.5, Yusra Sysamuri 4.7, Ben Okely 4.8, Asmaa Sukirman 4.8

Year 10D: Elizabeth Vincetic 4.5

Year 11A: Sarah Miller 4.5

Year 11C: Alyssa Manzone 4.5, Summer Keane 4.6, Mimi Mohd Sazali 4.6

Year 11Z: Mustafa Akbari 4.5, Joel Bilney 4.6

Year 12A: Zahra Alkarawi 4.7

Year 12B: Daemonette Curran 4.5, Saad Jasim 4.5, Matthew McMellon 4.7

Year 12C: Jasmine Bou 4.5 



Vince Branigan



PBIS Awards Week 5 & 6



McGuire Cross Country

1st – Teal

2nd  – Heron

3rd – Swan

4th – Crane

Age Champions

13 Year – Matilda Henderson & Mark Brown

14 Year – Hannah D’Andrea & Hassan Alhilfi

15 Year – Olive McKenzie & Sar Al-Zuhairi

16 Year – Jade Chalmers & Alex Stewart

17-20 Year – Jessie James & Jonathan Safari

Congratulations to Teal House and to all our age champions.

Goulburn Murray District Cross Country event is on today Friday, 31st May at Princess Park. Good luck to all of our competing students.


Senior and Junior Winter Sport

Over the past week our students have competed in the Goulburn Murray winter sport. Senior and Intermediate sport took place on Thursday, 23rd May with Junior Sport taking place on Tuesday, 28th May.


Despite the chilly and wet conditions our students displayed fantastic sportsmanship and endeavor throughout the day's competition. There were some tremendous individual and team performances recorded by our students. A special mention to Zaylee Newham for winning the intermediate girls tenpin bowling competition and the Year 8 boys soccer team who won their division and now progress to the Hume Region finals.


James Griffin

Sports Coordinator

Around the School


Year 12 VCAL students spent Monday learning how to make coffee as part of their VCAL learning.

Thanks Debbie and Cameron - Coffee School Bus for coming up from Melbourne to teach us.

We had a great day!!!



Sorry Day

On Monday 27th May, a small group from Year 7 to 11 represented McGuire College at the Sorry Day Commemoration service at Monash Park. Shaelyn Crowhurst and Nick Brereton gave the Bridge Walk Reflection speech. We then walked down to the Murals at GV Water to hear about local Indigenous leaders and their impact on our and the Australian community.



Ceramic work of the week:


Year 7 "Creative Clay" Gnome 

By: Fatma Alhamzah

Health & Community

Health Growth & Development


Nurturing Happy Girls



The Sapphires

25 Music students had a great outing last Wednesday to see a performance of The Sapphires at Eastbank. The performance was presented concert style due to the illness of the singer playing Gail, the main character.

However, we heard some great singing and our students were very interested in the Q and A with the cast at the end of the show.

Jazz Ensemble

Thank you to the Jazz Ensemble for playing at the Year 7 Transition Night last Wednesday.

The jazz players have two important gigs coming up . The first is the McGuire - Shepp High school Deb. Ball on June 14. We will be playing at about 7 – 7 pm.

The second is the School concert on Wednesday, June 19 at McGuire at 6  - 7 pm.

We have started playing some great new charts, so Jazz players need to ensure they attend all rehearsals. This week was a bad one with lots of absences due to Sports Day and an Outdoor Ed Camp. Players need to apologise to Ms Ryan BEFORE they miss a rehearsal, not after!!



Marimbas also entertained on the Transition Week for Year 6 families. They had a very long day playing from 10 a m till 5.30 p m – with breaks in between! They created a friendly ambience for families visiting the school to look at Year 7 opportunities next year.

Marimbas have been invited to open Refugee Week for the Greater Shepparton Shire on Monday, June 17th. This will be held at African House at 3 pm.

Marimba rehearsals are on Mondays at lunchtime.


Semester Concert

The Music Department are presenting Concert on Wednesday, June 19 from 6 to 7 pm in E Wing at the College. All students will be performing in an Instrumental Ensemble and joining together to play as a Concert Band.

All Instrumental Music students are expected to attend and perform – it is a pleasant way to receive a school report!! Families and friends save the date!


Festivals and Concerts

This year is the year of Festivals for our musicians. Jazz Ensemble are entered in the Vic School Music Festival Jazz Ensemble Festival in August in Melbourne. Singers will be performing in the Boite Schools Chorus, also in Melbourne in August.

Marimbas are off to a Marimba Muster later in the year, as will be our Concert Band.

So keep up the practice!!


Rehearsals Reminder


TUES          LUNCH    -   SINGERS





Save the Date





Best wishes from the Music Department.

Play well!


Ms Ryan. Mr Arnold.

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