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21 December 2017
Issue Thirteen
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Principal's Post 

From the Principal

Another school year draws to a close and as always there is much to celebrate.




2017 Results

Once again, we can be delighted with the successes of our students and these were heartily celebrated at our presentation evening on Tuesday. The efforts of so many are reflected in these results, reported in this edition of our newsletter. Judging by the varied achievements of our students across curricular and co-curricular fields and student attitudes more broadly, there is a vibrant school spirit growing in tandem with the school culture. I would particularly like to congratulate our VCE Dux Rebecca Hall on her outstanding year.

The class of 2017 has tackled the considerable challenge of the VCE with as much energy, passion and commitment as every other year 12 class during my twenty years as principal. They have been rewarded for their hard work in a variety of ways. Some are disappointed, most are delighted, some are ecstatic. That is how it always is. 

At the 2017 VCE examinations, Ringwood Secondary College students have maintained our tradition of academic excellence. Many students attained ATAR scores in the 90s and 80s, but there are equally stories of those who overcame significant challenges including health issues and personal hardship to achieve at high levels. They are equally celebrated.


Current Student Numbers


Currently we have nearly 1600 students enrolled for 2018, including 282 students who will be commencing with us in Year 7.

These students enjoyed a highly successful orientation day using all of our new facilities that will prove to be an excellent learning environment for them all into the future.



At this time of year, we traditionally say farewell to a range of staff who are either moving on to opportunities in other schools, concluding replacement contracts, going on extended leave or retiring. This year I particularly would like to thank and acknowledge the contribution to the College of Mr Peter Crawford who arrived as a young teacher at Ringwood at the start of 1981.  Some 37 years later he is now moving into retirement and has been a terrific teacher of PE, colleague and friend of so many within our community. Thank-you Peter all for your contributions and I wish you the very best in wherever your next journey takes you.


Others leaving us are Marie Maloney who is also retiring, Jonathon Rogers Assistant Principal at Emerald SC, Shane Asbury Head of Sport at Luther College, Michael Kent Head of Drama at Brighton Grammar, Kate Tanner and Emma Ford, Korowa Anglican Girls School, Paul Taylor Hazelglen College, Lisa Waingarten Monash Children’s Hospital School,  Pru Bon and Renee Douglass whose contracts are finishing.

We thank each person for their contribution to Ringwood  and wish them well in their future positions.

Other staff on leave in 2018 are Elise Gardiner, Gaynor Borlase, Louise Copeman and Sarah Catton. We look forward to their return in 2019.


We will introduce our new staff at the commencement of term 1 2018.


Start Up Arrangements for 2018

Year 12 commences with a 2 day symposium at Box Hill Institute’s Lilydale Campus on Tuesday January 30. Year 7 and Year 9 also commence on the same day. Students in Years 8,10 and 11 commence on Wednesday January 31, 2018. The College office will be open for business from Monday January 29, 2018 and student ipad training sessions for incoming year 7 students will be conducted from January 22, in the upstairs RT common.


We are building an even better school and the realisation of our revamped library facility and new Junior School facility this year has been the result of much planning and hard work by so many.  We are now just awaiting the final sign off for funds to allow for the planning for a new senior school, Science Technology Engineering and Maths centre, student services and canteen. This will be another significant undertaking for our College community, commencing in 2018.


I would like to extend best wishes for Christmas and New Year and a happy summer holiday season to all members of our College community and I look forward to an exciting and productive year in 2018.


Michael Phillips



Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

The Year 7 Business and Economics unit was a great success with students

working collaboratively to further their understanding in the Impact of Gambling project.


While the end results are to be seen elsewhere in this newsletter, I found the process through which the students gained and displayed their understanding fascinating.


One of students’ tasks in the last week was to develop a pitch for their idea of a public holiday, replacing the Melbourne Cup holiday. I sat in with each group of students and listened to their discussions:

Oh I know!

I am going to write down in Notes how our pitch will run.

The first 15 seconds have to be serious.

We have to come up with a good opening.

It doesn’t have to be perfect- it’s a story board.

No not that. I think we should do it like this.

That’s not going to look good, guys.

If people don’t do it properly, we can get someone else.

I reckon we should at least try it out.

It will be a waste of time.

How did you get that?

Yeah, I already wrote that down.

What are we actually going to do instead of that?

What are the festivals in Melbourne?

Yeah, well like, we can raise more money.

So, like, how would we film it?

Do you want to start it with like, a green screen?

Why, how is it weird?

How do you want it to come across?

We are kind of having an argument.

We have different ideas.

We are going to do a survey monkey and survey people and abide by their decisions.

Why isn’t there a Tim Tam day?

There is no echidna day! Like that could work!

I think pink would be a better.

Which one do you prefer out of these two?

Do we make the acronym thicker?

Let’s go into Photoshop.


Congratulations to all students and staff involved in the unit. It was a terrific learning experience, emphasising the skills of deep learning: critical thinking and knowledge construction, creativity, collaboration, citizenship, communication and character.

To all the members of the Ringwood Secondary College community, it has been a joy to work with you in 2017.

I wish everyone a happy and safe festive period and I hope you enjoy the holiday season with family and friends.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

From Mr Barut



Our Year 12 students received their results earlier in the week and there were some excellent outcomes amongst this year’s class of 2017. All of the awards were presented at last night’s College Presentation Night and it was a fitting end to what has been another, amazing successful year at RSC. Congratulations to Bec Hall, our dux and congratulations to Ariel Parker and Dean Stevens (Year 11) for achieving a perfect study score of 50 in English and Further Maths respectively.


The College would also like to acknowledge the efforts of all the students who put in their personal best. Pathways and a new horizons will open up for all of them. For all our students it was always about the journey. The class of 2017 will be remembered fondly for their warmth, good humour and service to others. The ‘soft’ skills of emotional intelligence, positive relationships, teamwork and connectedness was a highlight of their character.


We would also like to thank and acknowledge the hard work of all our teachers for their input in guiding our Year 12s over their secondary schooling.


To our Year 12 cohort of 2017, the journey awaits……


To all our students from Years 7-11, well done in all your personal achievements - the summer break will give you all the opportunity to reflect on things you did well and opportunities to reflect on improving your learning journey. A growth mindset and practice, practice and more practice is the message for all our students.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


James Barut

Assistant Principal

From Mrs Allison

I cannot believe that this is the end of another school year!  With Christmas upon us all it is timely to reflect on the past year. Ringwood Secondary College has progressed in so many ways, from the built environment with the new Junior School building, to classroom learning initiatives, supported by the increased focus positive wellbeing for our students, staff and parents.


This past week focussed on professional learning for our staff, aiming to improve positive relationships with each other and students, as well as to improve our classroom practices.


David Bott (Associate Director of the Institute of Positive Education, Geelong Grammar School) delivered an energising session on ‘Positive Teaching Practices’ to our staff this week. The Institute of Positive Education is a pioneering training and research organisation with the aim of improving student and staff wellbeing, dedicated to promoting the science of wellbeing in an educational context at GGS, throughout Australia and beyond.


Ringwood Secondary College implemented positive education several years ago and has been instrumental in delivering a comprehensive explicit program (Bounce) to all our students. The information David introduced to our staff, further supported the work they are currently doing through using implicit strategies in a collaborative manner with all our students.


In 2018, RSC aims is to introduce practical positive psychology to parents, together with our educators and external organisations, so that they can learn, live and embed the evidence based strategies for flourishing. So watch this space!

I wish you a very safe and happy holiday full of love and joy. Enjoy this special time with your family and friends and focus on the positives of life. See you next year, bright and shiny for the future!


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

Presentation Night 2017

Successful Evening

A wonderful evening celebrating the success of so many students.

Enjoy the Photos

Sports Awards

Years 7- 11

Year 7: 

Luke Anderson, Mia Busch, Cade Cavanagh, Thomas Dellow, Lucy Fairhurst, Sienna Koh, Tegan McInerney, Lachlan Newey, Angus Norman, Tyrese Pomponio, Jemima Wilson

Year 8:  

James Allsop, Judson Clarke, Charlie Collins, Scarlett Cuthbert, Nick Day, Sam Fitzgerald, Olivia Henry, Soraya Maclean, Chloe Olsen, Julia Rooney-Watson, Lachlan Sanchez-Legg,

Keeley Sherar

Year 9: 

Eliza Bentley, Tarni Cavanagh, Caitlin Dellow, Charlie Martin, William McHardy

Year 10: 

Jacob Allison, Declan Lamb, Madison Mauchline, Harry Norman, Amber Shearn,

Lachlan Shield, Olivia Smart

Year 11: 

Lee Fletcher, Robbie Kataiwai, Ciara Lumsden, Jonathan Murphy, Samantha Olsen,

Sarah Snary

State Finalists

State Medal winners: 

Sophie Caldwell, Caitlin Dellows, Ciara Lumsden, Tarni Cavanagh, Angus Norman, Lachlan Newey, Thomas Dellow, Harry Norman, Ben Hickleton, Jasmine Hass, Olivia Henry


SSV Academic and Sporting Medal: 

Harry Norman


Pierre de Coubertin Award

Sophie Caldwell, Year 12

This is an annual award made available to many schools by the O.C.V.   It honours the founder of the modern Olympic Games. The criteria for the Award include outstanding sporting skills and attitudes.

Hazel Hirons Memorial Prize

Samantha Middlemast, Year 12

This award is presented each year in the memory of a past Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Hazel Hirons, who sadly lost her battle with cancer in 1991. The winner is a student whose sporting excellence the College wishes to encourage.

Creative Arts Awards Years 7-11

Year 7:    

Margaret Anderson, Kaila Bergmann, Mylee James, Aidan Maher, Hannah Walne

Year 8:    

Sophie Duffus, Charlie Lodge, Zac McCallum, Julia Rooney-Watson, Za Bet Thang Thlaceu

Year 9:    

Cooper Bonetti, Catherine Buckingham, Niamh Mebalds, Sara Tabikh, Ryley Young

Year 10:  

Michael Noble-Saroto, Emily Standfield, Lara Stretton, Michael Syme, Charlie Wakeham

Year 11:  

James Cormack-Brown, Ben Holland, Si Yu Hong, Priya Manders, Tyler-Rose Shattock



The Potten Family Scholarships

Natalie Buultjens Year 10 & Shining Po Year 10

Annual Art and encouragement scholarships donated by the Potten Family

and presented to two outstanding Year 10 students.


Science Award of Excellence

Year 7 :            Shion Kim

Year 8 :            Shijie Huang

Year 9 :            Elise Bergmann

Year 10:           Richard Evans


Science Competition

Year 7:     Cade Cavanagh, Elley Steenhuizen

Year 8:     Cameron Whitehead, Shijie Huang,

                Megan Rennick

Year 10:   Christopher Swindells

Trajan Scientific & Medical Awards for Science & Technology

Emma Van Dijk Year 10 & Mark Reynolds, Year 10

Australian Mathematics Competition 2017

Year 7 :            Thomas Jackson

Year 8 :            Cameron Whitehead

Year 9 :            Jack Downard

Year 10:           Mark Reynolds

Year 11 :          Dean Stevens

Year 12:           Jiayu Li


Awards presented at Valedictory Evening

Caltex Allrounder Award

Didier Iriarte Fattel Year 12


The Deakin Shield Award

Ariel Parker Year 12

PCTA Award

Leah Nichol Year 12


Fiddes Family Award

Aimee Platts Year 12


ADF Long Tan Leadership Award

Maddison Lacy Year 12


House Co-ordinator Awards Year 7-11

Year 7:   

Jett Baron, Mylee James, Olivia Slade, Annabelle Veenman

Year 8:   

Samuel Kirchner, Aaron McBride, Erin Wynne, Emilie Young        

Year 9:  

Mackenzie Burton, Caitlin Dellow, Kiara Dowling, April O’Neill  

Year 10: 

Piper Copeland, Madison Mauchline, Phoebe Roach, Michael Syme

Year 11: 

James Cormack-Brown, Lily Joslin-Boyle, Samantha Olsen, Chelsea Weatherill


The R.S.L. Scholarships

Shannon Roadnight Year 8 & Damon Delaney Year 10

Two annual scholarships, for Middle School awarded to assist outstanding

Students. The scholarships are provided by the Ringwood branch of the R.S.L.


Australian Defence Force Award

Phoebe Roach Year 10

These awards recognize students who demonstrate leadership & teamwork

both in the College and the community


Heritage & Alumni Scholarships

Jessica Framic Year 11 & Lal Nunsangi Hualngo Year 11

Established by the Heritage and Alumni group, a scholarship fund provides a monetary award to support selected students in furthering their education at the College, in VCE.


Mazda Student Leadership Award

Ciara Lumsden Year 11



Georgia Read Year 11


The Hocking Family Award

Dylan Smith  Year 11

Annually donated by a former college family for an outstanding Year 11 student.


The Deakin Shield Award

Chloe Hazeldene Year 11 & Moksh Dave Year 10

An annual award presented by Michael Sukkar MHR Deakin in recognition of outstanding community service, excellence in Performing Arts or Academic Excellence.


Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program

Akanksha Singh Year 10         

The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program is named in honor of the eminent scholar, educationalist and former Vice Chancellor

of the University of Melbourne, Professor Kwong Lee Dow.


Year 11 — VCE Units 3 & 4 Subject Award

Dean Stevens  -  Further Maths


Ringwood Training Excellence Award

Zoe Van Vegten                      VET Engineering

Declan Lavery-Bennett           Automotive


The Joan Mentz Award

Kate Jones Year 12

This award is provided in recognition of the memory of a past senior teacher of
Ringwood High School, as the college was then known, Joan Mentz. This is awarded
to a student who has demonstrated environmental leadership and excellence in
Geography and/or English.


VCE Baccalaureate

Anna Aye, Yuanying Chen, Lu Chen, Zaynab El Emary, Zhi Foo, Hanah Bawi Tha Hnem, Didier Iriarte Fattel, Kefei Li, Jiayu Li, Sarah Rem Chin Sung, Tianruo Sun, Kieran Volbrecht, Weihan Yang,

Huijing Zhu

This award provides recognition for those students who have chosen to undertake studying both a higher level mathematics (Maths Methods and/or Specialist Maths) and a language in their VCE program of study.


VCAL Award of Excellence

Jemma Bravery-Van Praet


Ringwood Training Excellence Award

 Zachary Bailey 


High Achievers VCE 2017

Ben Brearley, Jianyu Chen, Zaynab El Emary, Zhi Foo, Rebecca Hall, Jake Herring, Holly Hey, Didier Iriarte Fattel, Connor Jackson, Whitnie Jeeves, Meaghan Kooy, Jiayu Li, Shuang Lin, Lily Liu, Zoe Mullenger, Ariel Parker, Isaac Parlas, Hannah Prescott, Rachael Sheridan, Ryan Sim, Tianruo Sun, Rory Tattersall, Zoe Van Vegten


Academic Awards

Year 7: 

Nathan Agache, Margaret Anderson, Nicola Bailey,Kaila Bergmann, Lachlan Bosomworth, Kimberly Bracher, Mia Busch, Hayley Butler, Natalie Chan, Xiaoyi Chen, Holly Cvetovac, Caitlin Dowding, Lucy Fairhurst, Johanna Feeney, Alexandra Gibson, Emma Hanly, Jessica Hindmarsh, Brooke Humphreys, Charlotte Jackson, Thomas Jackson, Ebony Kelly, Isabel Kenworthy, Shion Kim, Sienna Koh, Kumsol Lee, Maeve Leonard, Abby Lymn, Aidan Maher, Eve Maskell, Tegan McInerney, Ella Ogden, Shehani Paliyaralalage Don, Brigid Parkinson, Jamie Pether, Skye Purcell, Abigail Roberts, Lacey Shattock, Sienna Sleigh, Jessica Suares, Erin Timmer, Ava Traplin, Tayna Tsuboko, Cherry Tsui, Annabelle Veenman, Ella Weir, Amelie Williamson

Year 8: 

James Allsop, Shaeden Bakker, Zali Beck, Stevie-Rose Bell, Taylor Boyles, Alanah Brewster, Hayley Brown, Mia Brown, Holli Budd, Htoo Pway Doe Soe Bwint, Darcy Bystersky, Gemma Caldecoat, Joshua Clements, Flynn Commins, Summer Croft, Abby Curtain, Scarlett Cuthbert, Ruby D'Arcy, Audrey Goodman, Caitlin Graham, Vithara Gunawardena, Mieke Hansen, Olivia Henry, Abbey Hepworth, Shijie Huang, Isuri Jayasinghe, Tamara Johnson, Holly Manuel, Tara McPherson, Emily Nancarrow, Parnian Nejatbakhsh, Lachlan O'Donnell, Tia Olsen, Kate O'Meara, Eloise Orgill, Brooklyn Owen, Hannah Peake, Lucy Philp, Charlotte Pratley, Megan Rennick, Samuel Rhodes, Julia Rooney-Watson, Kate Rotow, Leigh Smith, Jennifer Sobierajski, Gabrielle Thatcher, Mikayla Whitten, Erin Wynne, Emilie Young, Honey Zaathang

Year 9: 

Richa Aji, Nikki Anderson, Tahlia Antrobus, Kiarna Aronleigh, Devesh Bahuguna, Elise Bergmann, Adara Cervi, Tara Clare, Jack Downard, Alisha Fitzgerald, Sarah Flanagan, Tahlia Fraser, Jamie Garcia, Madison Groves-Berry, Kate Hine, Peri Hine, Eh Doh Doh Htoo, Wenny Huang, Charli Krenn, Jasmine Lacy, Rhian Lumsden, Charlie Martin, Charlotte Mclean, Niamh Mebalds, Mia Millar, Caitlin Moore, Eliana Mueller, Abigail Ngo, Abbey Prescott, Ellie Preston, Alana Purcell, Keyna Smith, Jordyn Sullivan, Sara Tabikh, Martina Tan, Emily Vains, Grace Veenman, Shan Wang, Felicity Watts, Jackson Weatherill

Year 10: 

Ashleigh Barber, Cameron Brown, Hoo Fai Cai, Jaimee Campbell, Georgi Clarke, Alice D'Arcy, Moksh Dave, Damon Delaney, Amy Ditchfield, Nicole Dykes, Jasmine Eales, Richard Evans, Nanda Gopakumar, Astrid Hickey, Jay Huttig, Alexander Jackson, Joshua Joyce, Dylan Kane, Paige Kelly, Lana Lee, Ryan Lexa, Lorenzo Louw, Jia Luo, Timothy McGrath, Campbell McNamara, Stella Parkinson, Amelia Phillips, Samuel Philp, Majeed Rahman, Ankit Rawat, Mark Reynolds, Amber Shearn, Angie Symon, Georgia Tan, Holly Thatcher, Emma Van Dijk, Ianthe Volbrecht, Charlie Wakeham, Lachlan Watson, Yu Xia

Year 11: 

Jessica Bowers, Lauren Clements, Cayla Colston, Lesley Convery, Samuel Duguid, Madelyn Evans, Kasy Fennell, Keely Finnerty, Caitlin Grimmett, Kasey Harward, Renee Haw, Indigo Higgins, Ben Holland, Riley Honey, Si Yu Hong, Kayla Horton, Abby James, Borui Li, Ciara Lumsden, Jamie Maartensz, Eve Maartensz, Priya Manders, Lanjia Meng, Matilda Miles, Wan Ching Pak, Alexandra Rogers, Joshua Searle, Hannah Smyth, Dean Stevens, Hoang Lan Trinh, Christy Tsui, Swetha Vasudevan, Chelsea Weatherill, Bryce Young


Dux  2017

Year 7:    Shion Kim          

Year 8:   Holli Budd           

Year 9:   Jasmine Lacy


10             Moksh Dave

11             Wan Ching Pak

12             Rebecca Hall


Guest Speech

Craig Guscott, College Council President, announced that in recognition of the outstanding leadership and service to Ringwood Secondary College by the Principal Michael Phillips, the College Council agreed unanimously that the new Junior School Building will be named in his honour, the 'Michael Phillips Learning Centre.'


Introducing the Head Prefects for 2018

Ben Holland and Ciara Lumsden


Musical Item - Junior Production Cast

‘I’m a Believer’

 from ‘Shrek The Musical Jr’


From the Office


Please read the latest newsletter


From the Chaplain

Presents. Family. Food. Holidays. Shopping. Busyness. Wrapping. Jesus' birth. Celebration. Loneliness. 


Christmas means different things to all of us. Watching the excitement in my own kids as they wake up at ridiculous hours of the morning to see what gifts might be there takes me back to my own childhood. I remember nights of looking outside into the stars hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa, and filling the car washing bucket with water for the reindeers and making sure we had left enough room for them to land. Now it feels more like an event to survive rather than one to anticipate.


Einstein challenged this attitude stating, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead —his eyes are closed."


There is so much more to Christmas than what we can sometimes let it become. If you, like me, have lost some of the wonder then take some time to reflect on the mysteries of Christmas and re-embrace the wonder it can provide.

Happy and safe holidays, see you all next year!!


Adam Bryant

College Chaplain

Eastern Regional Libraries

Find attached a flyer for Eastern Regional Libraries   "Summer Read!" program which will be running at all our libraries, including Croydon and Ringwood (Realm) this Summer.

This program is a great way to encourage children, aged 4 - 18 years  to continue reading over the holidays. It started on 1 December and ends on Friday 19 January.

It is free to enter, lots of fun and there are some great prizes  ( 3 iPads and 3 Puffing Billy Family passes) that will be presented at the Summer Read! Celebration on Wednesday 24 January  at Ferntree Gully Library.


From the Victorian Police

Wishing your school community a happy and healthy Christmas Season.

Be safe on the roads and look out for one another,


From your local Proactive Unit,


Noel Jones Ringwood loyalty Program

In order to better support the local community, Noel Jones Ringwood is offering a loyalty program to all families of Ringwood Secondary College.

If you, or someone you know is thinking of making a move, please complete the below referral form and return to the contact details below.

Should the home owner appoint us to sell their home, then upon successful sale of their home we will pay $500 to the person making the referral, and $500 to Ringwood Secondary College.

Note: Only one referral can be accepted per property.


Around the School

Year 7 English

Earlier this term in Year 7 English students were required to interview somebody who they considered to be a good leader. Somebody who they valued as making a difference in the world.


Students submitted a magazine article about this person and all of the Year 7 English teachers were impressed with the high quality of student work. Each teacher however, was required to submit their top two submissions from each class. From there, all of the Year 7 English teachers met together, read through all of the work and voted for the top three across the year level. It was a very hard task. We did not necessarily choose the submissions that achieved a High Distinction. The criteria we used to measure student work against was the following:


·         Interesting to read – submission showed evidence of human appeal

·         Visual appeal – submission included photos, colour, headings and a magazine style layout

·         Quality and control of writing

·         Flow of narrative

·         Selection of interviewee – the selected person is an impressive leader and contributor to society


It is with great excitement that we announce the top 3 winners and award them with an iTunes voucher each.


First place – Aidan Maher 7I

Aidan interviewed one of his primary school teachers Sheryl Taylor who commits to charity work in Tanzania. Aidan’s submission caught our eye as it was very well presented and looked as if it had come straight from a magazine!


Second place – Mylee James 7B


Mylee interviewed James Clarke who led the ‘Up The Gut’s Tour’ a music festival inspiring young people. We were impressed by Mylee’s ability to integrate into her presentation the key character strengths needed to make a difference on others.


 Third place – Lachlan Moroney 7A

Lachlan interviewed his mother who is an oncologist working with cancer patients in Ringwood. The Year 7 English teachers were blown away by Lachlan’s level of detail included in his presentation and the sophisticated vocabulary that he used!


Congratulations to our winners! We would like to also acknowledge the hard work that each and every student put towards this task. Well done!


Jessica Lundie

Year 7 English Teacher


2018 VCE Season of Excellence

It is with great pride that we announce Elysia Bovill’s print Media product, a magazine titled Inflorescence, has been selected for display at the prestigious 2018 VCE Season of Excellence Top Designs exhibition. The VCE Season of Excellence board receives over 1500 applications each year, of which only a handful of works make the final selection.


Elysia, who studied Units 3 and 4 Media as a Year 11 student in 2017, created a 12-page magazine featuring a collection of poetic musings, original sketches and photography. We are very proud of Elysia’s determination to achieve at the highest possible level, and see her selection in Top Designs as recognition of her diligent work.


Top Designs 2018 will take place at the Melbourne Museum between Saturday 17 March and Sunday 15 July 2018. Entry to Top Designs is free with museum entry, and students can enter the museum for free. For further information, please go to:


Samantha Asbury

Ringwood Training

Christmas decorating activity with Technology staff.


Bont Pops in for a Visit

It WAS a normal Friday afternoon. The year 8’s were gathered in the new junior school building, some not even knowing what was going on. One girl asked me if I knew why they were there. I told her there was a guest speaker coming. But as the minutes ticked on, there was still no guest speaker. The audience waited in anticipation as to who the ‘mystery’ guest speaker would be. I’m sure that none of them would have guessed it.


It was finally announced that he had arrived, and as he walked into the room, an entire year level was sent into a state of excitement and disbelief. The guest speaker was none other than Western Bulldogs star Marcus Bontempelli.


I’ve always dreamed of interviewing an AFL footballer, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview the man known as “The Bont” in person last Friday.


He began by talking a little bit about himself, explaining how he had grown up in Eltham playing football and basketball. He talked about how having a cousin (Nick Dal Santo) already playing AFL helped him to realise his dream and motivate him to become just like his cousin. He moved on to answering some questions, and there was certainly no shortage of questions from the audience.


When asked by an audience member what his favourite nickname is, Bontempelli said it was “an honour” to have ‘the’ in front of his nickname.


He spoke about the importance of being organised, balancing time and commitments and having a clear goal about what you want to achieve. Bontempelli also discussed some thorny issues such as the implications of being a role model for young people, and of having you work constantly scrutinised by many who know little about your work. However, he also spoke about the extraordinary privilege of being able to play in a highly motivated premiership team.


One of the main things that Bontempelli said he had learnt so far throughout his life was that you only get back what you put in, and that hard workers are the ones who put in the extra effort away from the spotlight.


One quality that he said he values the most is resilience. Talking about the Bulldogs’ failure to make finals this year after their grand final triumph in 2016, he said resilience is one of the main things that won them a premiership, and one of the things that is going to get them back to their best.


Mr Rogers asked an interesting question about how Bontempelli would control himself from retaliating if a player were to lash out at him. He said “You just have to think to yourself–what am I achieving by retaliating?” Bontempelli then went on to talk about the importance of personal leadership and control and those being two things that will get you to where you want to be.


Bontempelli was also asked about his coach at the Western Bulldogs, Luke Beveridge, and how he contributed to their premiership win. He replied saying that ‘Bevo’ is always trying to help you develop as person, not just as a player.


Bontempelli said one of the toughest things for an AFL footballer is training in the off-season. “It can be hard to find motivation when all you have to look at is the grass in front of you.”


One of the most relatable things about Bontempelli for students that he spoke about is he only graduated year 12 a few years ago. He certainly hasn’t been out of school long, but he has certainly made a name for himself as one of the best players in the AFL.



Careers News

Please read:

Helen Doherty


Sub Schools

Junior School

Tuesday the 12th of December was an exciting time for Junior School with us welcoming an enigmatic group of 283 grade six students who will be joining us in 2018. With the opening of our new building, what better way to use our fantastic new space then letting our newest members of the College explore, play and become acquainted to their new facilities that will become such an integral part of their high school journey.


The day began with a warm welcome from both our Junior School leader, Jonathon Rogers and our College Principal, Michael Phillips who both spoke to the students about the expectations that RSC holds for its class of 2023 and the elation we, as a College have in welcoming our new cohort.


With the formalities out of way, it was time for the fun and games of meeting our new classmates and enjoying the exhilarating activities the students had ahead of them for the day. All of our students greeted this fresh opportunity with open arms and the day’s proceedings moved by without a hitch.


We are very much looking forward to 2018 and would like to send our sincere and warm wishes to all families over the holiday period. We appreciate all of the support we have received from the RSC community in 2017 and look forward to an even more prosperous 2018.


Happy Holidays


Junior School

Middle School

Term 4

2017 has been another busy year for Ringwood Secondary College students and their families!  I congratulate many students on their efforts and achievements throughout the year, and wish the Year 10 students luck, as they embark on their VCE journey entering Senior School in 2018.  I would like to wish everybody well over the Christmas and holiday season. Have an enjoyable and restful break and I look forward to seeing students refreshed, excited and ready to commence school early in 2018.


Matthew Tucker

Middle School Leader


School for Student Leadership

On Friday 8th December, Year 9 students Tarni Cavanagh and Jackson Mangold, presented their community learning project to their peers, teachers and school liaison teacher at the Gnurad-Gundidj campus of the School for Student Leadership in Colac, Victoria.

The students had a great time living onsite for 9 weeks, learning leadership, outdoor and life skills, while also creating a community learning project called the Ringwood Water Warriors. The project is based on providing the less confident swimmers of year 7 a chance to learn basic water skills so that they can have fun and stay safe in the water.


Benn Jamieson

Freeman House Coordinator

(Middle School)



On Tuesday 21st November, the year 9 students held a Business Fair for InterGREAT. There were a great variety of stalls, with students coming up with some creative and eye-catching businesses. Some of the stalls included – tie-dye tops and socks, bath bombs, lips gloss, home-made goods, foods and drinks, slime, a BBQ, various fun arcade games and lots more. There was certainly something for everyone! It was great to see the school community come together to support this event and fantastic to see the entrepreneurial skills that the year 9 students have developed.


To top it off, as the theme of InterGREAT is ‘Making a Difference’ the year 9’s raised nearly $2000! We have donated this money to Opportunity International, who are helping families living in poverty start their own business to create a regular income. With a regular income, families in developing countries can afford food, shelter, medicine and education.


The following week we had Ben and Justin from Stuze speak to the students about following their dreams. Ben is an ex-student of Ringwood Secondary College and he and Justin have a vision to motivate, influence and encourage people to find their passion and to work hard to reach their goals. Their clothing range embodies these philosophies. 


They awarded prizes to the three most profitable businesses from the Business Fair. Congratulations to all of the students involved, and in particular, the ‘To Dye For’ ‘Spiders and Sweets’ and ‘Handmade Goodness’ stalls.


Virginia Watson

InterGREAT Coordinator


Bike Tour

A wonderful time was had riding the 210km’s that are covered in 3 days on what can never be described as a boring trip.

A couple of spills on gravel on the first day from Melbourne to Braybrook as we took in the sights along the Eastern Fwy trail, Capital City Trail, Merri Crk and Maribrynong trails. Riding around the back of the city down to Docklands gave particularly scenic views.

The weather was warm enough to brave the pool once we arrived at camp, but the water was freezing. Good thing the showers were nice and hot. Many of the not so seasoned riders found they had pain in areas that caused a little concern, but we just assured them they’d get used to it. Watching Mr Vlahos and Mr Ingleton put their tent up was the height of amusement for any who watched. They are not so seasoned campers! After a massive pizza dinner, it was time for an early night, 6am wake up in the morning. Fun!

A cruise through to Spotswood to catch the Yarra Punt and then late pizza leftover breakfast at Sandridge Surf Life Saving Club was how we began the long 2nd day. A chain needed fixing and thanks to Jacob and Dylan, Chris was soon back on his bike. Less gears available, but still pedalling. The long stretch riding took its toll on a few weary riders, but the long lunch by the bay in Mordialloc had them ready to charge onward towards Frankston. It was hot, windy and hard work, but we were very proud of the group’s effort. 34 students all aiming to achieve the 70km goal of day 2.

A relaxed afternoon by the pool for some. A few very tired staff and students looked forward to the chicken and chips dinner that took until 7.30 to be ready, but boy was it worth it. So much food! Even earlier to bed as the final day was going to be 37 degrees, so a 5am wake up was decided. Ouch, but well worth it in the end. The last day had its ups and downs with terrain as well as moods, but given the heat it was well completed and many personal limits were surpassed.

We are sure that once the tired bodies and sore legs and bottoms recover there will be a great sense of achievement felt by all who accomplished the Tour and its 210kms of fun/challenge.


Well done! Thanks to the awesome staff who have ably assisted, Mr Crawford (his last official tour before retirement), Mr Vlahos, Mr Ingleton, Adam Bryant, Tim McNiel, Mr Godfrey, Ms Usher and Ms Benson.


Hope a few of you might like to join us next year!

Claudia Aveling

Performing Arts

Chicago Takes out the Lyrebirds!

A small cohort of staff and students were very excited to attend the Lyrebird Awards on Sunday 10th December.

The ensemble performed 'Good to Mama' on stage in full costume to an audience as part of the Awards afternoon.

We received 16 nominations, and took home 6 Lyrebirds during the afternoon

Best Commedic Performance - Angus Delaney

Best Ensemble

Best Direction - Karl McNamara

Best Choreography - Gaynor Borlase, Jessikah Jemmeson and Kate Tanner

Best Musical Direction - Kevin Bonnett and Stephen Amos

Production of the Year


Shrek Crossroads Event

Some of our Shrek Cast joined  former student Michael Dalton who's alter ego Dolly Diamond is performing as part of the Ringwood Spiegeltent, dressed as Princess Fiona  at Eastland.


For more information please visit :


Shrek Jnr

On Monday the curtains closed on another great Junior Production. 

The students did a fabulous job entertaining 100's of audience members through the run.

Enjoy the Photos!



Announcing Senior Production 2018 - The Addams Family

The big announcement was made after the Junior School Production concluded on Monday.

They’re creepy and they’re kooky and they are coming to RSC in 2018! We are happier than cousin IT to announce “The Addams Family” as our 2018 full school production! Who is excited?

Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts


“Change your thoughts and you change your world”.

Norman Vincent Peale 

Dealing with challenging news headlines

Hearing about difficult news can be overwhelming and distressing, particularly for young people. In a digital world where escaping the news can be tricky, it’s important to have strategies to keep stress levels in check. Students and staff alike are exposed to new events on a weekly or daily basis. Follow these easy tips to help you and your students better manage these situations. 



How to Check-in

Finding the right words to say can be tricky when you know someone is struggling. beyondblue’s new Check-in app provides young people with advice on how to approach a friend and what sort of questions to ask. The app helps them plan the conversation and find out information about how they can support their friend. Share with your students and see how your class can benefit from the app’s practical tips.


Hungry for Success

Hungry for Success is a wraparound program designed to give the participants the confidence, skills and attributes to assist them to pathway into paid
employment in the Hospitality Industry. The program offers pre - accredited training, practical experience & youth services support. We have just completed our third program.


Summer Camp


Together with Safe Futures Foundation, Uniting Wesley is hosting a summer camp over 15th-17th of January.


The camp is aimed at young males aimed 13-16 years old who have experienced family violence or homelessness.


The camp is FREE, all meals are provided as well as transport to and from the camp, if required. All that Campers need to bring in a sleeping bag and a pillow.



I have attached our flyer. Please don’t hesitate to call be on 8870 4044 to discuss possible referrals.

Skills First Reconnect 


Interchange Outer East

Interchange Outer East (IOE) supports families that have children with disabilities in a variety of ways, one of them being through camps and recreational activities in weekends and school holidays.  IOE is an inclusive community where the importance of family wellbeing, social connection and the freedom of choice is at the core of supporting people with a disability. We strive to achieve this vision by strongly valuing our youth volunteers, host volunteers, and volunteer carers.

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