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02 May 2018
Issue Six
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Message from the Principal

Term 2 Week 1

Welcome to the new Term. It is a beautiful time of year in Orange as the majestic colours of Autumn brighten our spirits. I hope you all were able to enjoy some special time together over the break and it is heartening to see so many of our students return excited by the challenges and opportunities before them.

Last term concluded with a highly successful Camps Week where our students engaged in a plethora of different experiences including Camps in Music, Year 7 and Cadets, Year 12 retreat, Community Service and Work Experience. I received many positive reports from staff and members of the broader community regarding the success of the activities and the positive contribution made by a number of students. A senior citizen wrote of the care and compassion shown by one of our senior students describing them as kind and considerate and an outstanding ambassador for Kinross Wolaroi.

Camps and activities provide a marvellous opportunity for students to face challenge, demonstrate initiative, responsibility and trust, to build friendships and to show care for others. I am delighted to say the very great majority of students take full advantage of this opportunity, greatly enjoying the activities and contributing to the positive experience of others.

Over the holiday period Mr Begg, along with three other members of staff, Miss Stammer, Miss Moshkanbaryans and Mr Ryan, took a group of our students to Arnhem Land – a vast wilderness area situated in the northeast corner of the Northern Territory to visit Aboriginal communities. This immensely valuable experience enabled our students to learn about the lives and culture of our indigenous Australians and will contribute significantly to their overall world view and understanding of social and cultural differences. The journey was an outstanding success and I very much look forward to our students’ presentation at Assembly in the coming weeks.

Our camps and activities demand a great deal of effort from staff who put in a considerable amount of work to arrange, manage and support these experiences. I am most grateful for their dedication and willingness to undertake these responsibilities – thank you.
During the last week of the break, our nation commemorated ANZAC Day, a day dedicated to the acknowledgement of the great sacrifice made by so many Australians and New Zealanders who served their nations in times of conflict to protect the liberty we enjoy today. Nearly 200 of our students represented KWS at the Orange Commemoration and I thank them and our staff for the manner in which they represented the School.

Across the seas, upon the foreign fields where many young men lost their lives in times of war, similar commemorations were held at ANZAC Cove and in France at Villers – Bretonneux. On April 25 Australia’s newest museum, the Sir John Monash Centre – a tribute to the men and women of World War I was opened at Villers – Bretonneux by the Australian and French Prime Ministers.

Inspiration from Monash the man and Monash the place

If the opportunity arises, I am looking forward to visiting the Sir John Monash Centre which opened in Villers-Bretonneux. Why? Because it has been designed to respectfully engage with all, especially to younger audiences with no knowledge or comprehension of the horror of World War One’s Western Front. I understand that it is told with the laconic Australian wit through the eyes of the individuals who were there. Their own voices through letters, diaries and life-size images connect them with the places where they fought and died. It is done highly effectively using an array of technology and imagery. Here at Kinross Wolaroi we continually explore the most effective approaches to teaching and learning. That’s why we have engaged a highly regarded specialist, Mrs Serena Lewis in a newly created position since the start of the School year. It is important for all of our educators to be up to date with the best approaches to engage with children and youth and accordingly we invest in the continual professional development of all of our staff.

Another reason I’m interested is because of the qualities of the man himself. He was one of the principal organisers on our annual observance of ANZAC Day and is a truly great Australian. Monash was an unlikely hero: a middle aged German Jew who fought the German army. Additionally, he had battles within his own army, one made up of egalitarian Australian volunteers seeking opportunities to undermine him because of his European heritage. Instead his personal resilience and inclusiveness of British aristocracy gave him opportunities to exhibit his skills in military strategy. As commander of the Australia Corps he is credited with the plan that led to the eventual break-through on the Western Front leading to the conclusion of war on November 11, 1918. As a tribute to his achievements and tactical success he was knighted by King George V, our Queens’ father, as well as receiving high level recognition from the British, Belgians and Americans. He epitomises the values that this School strives to instil in its students and its staff; courage, commitment, inclusiveness, resilience and respect. A small demonstration of our commitment to such values was evidenced during the recent break where all our non-teaching staff were trained in resilience but of course there are many more examples.

When he returned to Australia, Lieutenant General Sir John Monash lived in Victoria where he led the restructure on the State's electricity system, founded the first Rotary Club, and was the Vice Chancellor of Melbourne University. A man of great character and an outstanding role model; little wonder nearly 300,000 people attended his funeral in 1931!

Fundraiser for Dr Steven Paterson – MAMIL

Thursday 17th May at 6.30pm 
Many of the School community will already know that Dr Peterson was recently critically injured after his bicycle was hit by a motor vehicle. Dr Peterson is the physician who has previously provided medical services to KWS Cadet activities. The community at large have joined together with a number of fundraising events and support groups set up to assist Steve and his young family. A movie fundraiser has been scheduled for Thursday 17th May at 6.30pm at Odean 5 in Orange. A link for tickets is below:


CIS Softball

Lochlan Birchall and Jack Besgrove recently represented CIS at the NSW Schools Championships in Sydney at the Blacktown International Sports Park. Part way through the first game against Combined High Schools Lochie was sent in to play at 1st base -a position he hadn’t played for 6 years.  Later in the game Lochie and Jack played alongside each other against a team entirely made up of either Australian or NSW Representative players. I am informed that KWS has never had boys represented in CIS Softball. What a fantastic achievement, boys! Congratulations. 


CIS and AICES Hockey

Congratulations to Philippa Mannix and Phoebe Litchfield who have been selected in the Girls U16 CIS and AICES Hockey teams, and also to Jemma Luelf for her selection in the AICES Hockey team. We look forward to hearing the results after their games are played in June.

Philippa Mannix recently represented the NSW Blues Team at the Under 18 National Championships, held in Tasmania earlier last month. This is an extraordinary achievement, given that Philippa is two years under age. Well done, Philippa!


NSW Representative Hockey and Cricket

Last week, Phoebe Litchfield had reason to celebrate another achievement. She was named the Co-Captain of the NSW Under 15 Girls Field State Team and then led the team to a Gold Medal victory over their rival Victorian team. Supporters enjoyed a nail-biting match which was played in the Illawarra Hockey Stadium, Wollongong. The game ended in a sudden death goal for the NSW team. Congratulations, Phoebe on such an outstanding achievement, particularly in light of her Cricket success earlier in the year where she was Captain of the Under 15’s NSW team. The team who also won Gold at the National Championships. Phoebe was named runner up Player of the Series and was also selected in the Australian Under 15s Cricket Squad!

At the recent Opens NSW School Cricket Championships, Phoebe was selected in the Open NSW Cricket Honours Team.  


2019 Term Dates


Staffing News

A message from Dr Parry regarding the retirement of Bev West, Head of Senior School


Term 2 Staffing Changes

Mrs Trin Graham – Long Service Leave

During Mrs Trin Graham’s Long Service Leave in Term 2, some variation to staff arrangements will take place. Mr Bruce Kerridge will be taking on the RE Coordinator position for Term 2.


Miss Alice Bowman – Long Service Leave cover

Miss Bowman will join the Kinross Wolaroi team in taking on the teaching of Mrs Graham’s classes. Miss Bowman was identified as a Targeted Graduate, and completed her Masters Practicum in English teaching at KWS in 2015. She was awarded a Masters of Education from the University of Sydney in 2015.


Miss Sophie Fardell – MIC Netball and Basketball and PDHPE Teacher

Miss Fardell has been appointed to the position of MIC of Netball and Basketball (boys and girls). She will also be teaching PDHPE. Miss Fardell has a Bachelor of Exercise Science and is about to complete her Bachelor of Teaching. Miss Fardell is accredited to teach PDHPE, Community and Family Studies (CAFS) and Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation (SLR) and brings a wealth of experience to her MIC positions, as a current 1st grade Netball player, coach of the KWS 1sts Netball side, former coach of the Orange State League Netball side, and a former Australian Schools Netball player.


Mrs Amy Laing – Maternity Leave – from Term 2

Mrs Amy Laing will be on Maternity Leave from Terms 2 to 4, 2018. Whilst on Maternity Leave, Mrs Laing’s classes will be taken by Mrs Emma le Couteur, who will also take Mrs McCalman’s Year 10 English class. We welcome back Mrs Le Couteur, who is well known to us as she has been involved in the KWS community for many years.


Mr Bryan Thomas – Long Service Leave

Mr Thomas will be taking Long Service Leave from 14th May to 16th June. Mr Hull will be taking Mr Thomas’s classes and fulfilling the role of Acting Head Tutor of Dean House.


Miss Edwina Bishop – Admissions Officer

Prior to commencing with KWS, Miss Bishop worked as a Personal Assistant at digital design company Rufus Leonard in London. She has extensive experience in Marketing and Engagement having worked as an Account Executive at Bang Public Relations and a Marketing Assistant at Pernod Ricard Australia. Miss Bishop holds a Bachelor of Communications and Business with a major in Public Relations from Bond University.


Mrs Angela Martin – Main Office Reception

Mrs Martin has been appointed to cover the Reception duties for Term 2. Mrs Martin and her family have recently relocated from Sydney and most recently worked as an Administration Assistant for Child First Therapy in Pymble. Prior to this she held various Personal Assistant roles at PWC and Consultation Firm Spencer Stuart.

Returning Staff

Graeme Walters – from LSL 

Mr Graeme Walters returns to us from Long Service Leave. Thanks to Ms Mel Schroeder for taking Mr Walters’ classes whilst he was on leave. Thank you also to Mr Paul Tierney for covering Mr Walters’ Timetable role during Term 1.


A very warm welcome to our new and returning staff.

Message from the
Head of Senior School

Term 2 Week 1

Firstly, welcome back to Term 2! The warm autumn weather continues despite our desperate need for rain. I wish those of you battling drought, hand-feeding animals, moving stock and downsizing herds all the very best. It is a worrying time for all of you and I understand how you and your children are affected by these conditions.

Term 1 finished with a week of camps and other activities. I was at Cadet Camp myself, cooking up a storm with spaghetti bolognese at base camp each night! It is such a wonderful opportunity to see students in another environment and to appreciate their resilience and good humour in what can be challenging conditions. It is also heart-warming to see good leadership being shown by older rank as they support and encourage their younger ‘troops’. Year 7 camp, work experience, volunteer service programs and the Year 12 Retreat were also a big success, as was the music camp which preceded the final camps week program. A huge thank-you to all the staff who gave of their time so generously to make these events happen.

Anzac Day was well marked by the school here in Orange. Thank you to those cadets and other students who represented us all in such a dignified way. I know many students also attended the march in their home communities.

An incident during the final night at cadet camp has caused me to speak with several parents and to reflect on what it means to be in a situation where direct staff supervision is ‘looser’ than it is while here at the school campus. This less structured environment usually brings out the best in young people – they show resilience, determination and an ability to face challenges with good humour and comradeship. Occasionally, however, it can lead to behaviour that is immature at best and very unkind, even harassing, at worst. It disappoints me to say that this seems to affect boys more than girls so I’d like to make a special call to the dads out there. Please think carefully before you brag about the pranks you used to play on others in your own glory days at school, especially if you went to a boys’ boarding school. Firstly, you put potentially dangerous ideas into your sons’ heads. Secondly, what seemed funny to you at the time was, with the benefit of hindsight, not a very good idea and had the potential to go horribly wrong. Thirdly, the world has changed. What is deemed acceptable behaviour sits at a much higher bar than twenty years ago: other parents, the school and potentially the courts, have much stricter views on what constitutes harassment or assault. I appeal to your good sense and influence on your boys, and ask you to help us develop them into fine young men. ‘Boys will be boys’ has no place as justification for boorish behaviour, especially once students are in the senior school.

Finally, if you are a family with a surplus of Lego that your children no longer play with, could you please consider passing it on to Year 3 in the Preparatory School. Mr Ryan and Mrs Seedsman are doing a STEM Built Environment unit of work this term and would be grateful for any donations of Lego.

 I wish you all a great week.

Bev West

Head of Senior School

Student Wellbeing

The Link between Wellbeing and Academic Success in Students

There is a growing body of research on the correlation between positive wellbeing and academic success in students. Recently I read an overview of a report released by PISA last year: Students’ Well-Being PISA Results 2015. This report is the first OECD PISA report that analysed students’ performance in school, their relationships with peers and teachers, their home life and how they spend their time outside of school. The report findings are based on a questionnaire that the approximately 540,000 students in 72 participating countries completed in addition to the main OECD PISA 2015 Survey on science, mathematics and reading.

For Australian students some of the key wellbeing related outcomes include:

  • 68% of Australian teenagers said they feel very anxious about tests even if they are well-prepared, compared with an average of 55.5% of students across OECD countries
  • nearly 47% of Australian students say they get very tense when they study, higher than the average of 37%
  • Girls were far more likely to experience anxiety, with nearly 74% saying they worry about getting poor grades, compared with 57% of boys.

These findings help demonstrate how important it is that schools, along with parents, help students to develop their wellbeing and resilience. Together teachers, schools and parents can make a real difference to children’s wellbeing.

However, as a parent and educator, I often find the plethora of information and resources simply overwhelming!! Below are links to three different organisations that have a range of simple to read, practical resources that may be of use.


ReachOut is Australia's leading online mental health organisation for young people and their parents. They offer practical support, tools and tips to help young people and their parents get through anything from everyday issues to tough times.

Our school was lucky enough to form a partnership with ReachOut at the start of this year. In March the organisation came to our school for a photoshoot and a ReachOut consultant delivered a Professional Development session to the Wellbeing Team on mental health in rural students. The link below will take you to the updated Reachout website that now features our school.


KidsMatter is a mental health and wellbeing initiative for primary schools and early childhood education. It is a framework that helps staff, parents and carers to work together to create settings that better support children’s social and emotional wellbeing needs. They have some excellent resources on their website and our Preparatory School currently utilises many of these in their day-to-day school activities.

Student Wellbeing Hub

The Student Wellbeing Hub provides information and resources for students, teachers and parents to assist them to create and maintain a safe and welcoming school environment. It is guided by the National Safe Schools Framework, with resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum. The Student Wellbeing Hub has been developed by Education Services Australia for the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.


It is my strong belief that students who feel part of a school community, who enjoy good relations with their teachers and parents, are more likely to perform better academically and be happier with their lives. I hope that you may find some of these resources useful.


Emma Bylsma
Head of Student Wellbeing

Student Academic Services


A reminder to all families with children in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 that NAPLAN tests will be held 15 May to 17 May.

Year 3 and 5 students are to follow the instruction of their teachers and Year 7 & 9 students must go promptly to the DPA at 8.45am. NAPLAN tests should be finished by recess.

Students need to ensure that they bring 2B pencils and sharpener. Year 7 & 9 students need to bring a working calculator on Thursday 17 May as well as blue/black pens for the writing task.

Students who miss the tests between 15 to 17 May will need to sit catch-up tests on Friday. No mobile phones or smart watches that can access the internet will be allowed in the testing rooms.

For more information please refer to the letter sent 12 March 2018 or get in touch with me.

Yooie Choi

Head of Student Academic Services

Career News

Interested in Drama/Productions


Open Day Saturday 16th June 2018

Australian Film Television and Radio School

Open Day Saturday 11th August 2018

HSC and Career Expo

Thursday 31st May – Sunday 3rd June 2018

Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park, Sydney

  • Information and resources for the HSC
  • Information about university, TAFE and training courses
  • Career advice
  • Study advice
  • Employment advice
  • Apprenticeship and traineeship advice
  • International exchange and gap year programs.

For more information:

Western Sydney Careers Expo

Thursday 28th June – Sun 1st July

The Dome, Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park

For more information:

If attending either expo see Mrs Jones for a complimentary entry ticket (limited available).

KWS Careers Expo

Thursday 28th June 2018 in the DPA

Compulsory for Year 10 and 12, strongly recommended for Year 11.

More details to follow.

UAC HSC Subject Information for Year 10 Students

Top 10 Tips for choosing HSC Courses:


UMAT Online Free Session

Following popular demand for the free UMAT session in May last year, Kaplan are running a free UMAT event for aspiring medical school students this year! 

Their free UMAT Live Online event takes place on Saturday 19th May, between 5pm - 6pm AEST, and will offer an easy-to-follow overview of the UMAT in 2018. 

An expert UMAT tutor will run through the sections of the test, sample questions, and key tips to approach the challenges of the test. 

Spaces are limited... Students Register for Free Here 

Gap Year Opportunity 2019


Upcoming Events

Pre-Prep Open Day

Our Pre-Prep Open Day is on this Thursday 3 May at 9.30am.


Prep School Information Evening

An Information Evening for prospective Prep parents will be held on Monday 21 May at 6pm. If you know of a family considering enrolment at Kinross Wolaroi School, please pass on this information.


Careers Evening

Save the date - Thursday 28 June 2018 from 5:30-7:30pm - more details to come.


Meet the Principal

We warmly invite past, present and future KWS families to attend a function to meet the Principal, Dr Andrew Parry and Director of Boarding, Mr Matthew Curran.



Friday 4 May 2018, 6.00pm - 9.00pm

Dubbo Milestone Hotel, 195 Macquarie Street



Saturday 5 May 2018, 6.00pm - 9.00pm

Bourke Bridge Inn, 4 Bogan Street


To attend these functions, please book online using the links above, or refer to our website. For enquiries, please phone Emma on 02 6392 0303.

If you know of any families considering KWS, please feel free to pass this information on to them.

Building Resilient Children

Peer Support Australia is inviting parent in Orange and the Central West to a free information evening, placing them face-to-face with Andrew Fuller, Australia’s leading expert in building resilience and mental wellbeing in children.


Date: Wednesday 2 May 2018 from 7pm–9pm

Location: Orange Ex-Services' Club, 231-243 Anson Street, Orange, NSW 2800


During the evening Andrew will cover:

  • The causes of anxiety, depression and stress in children
  • Methods children and parents can use to approach challenges and conflict
  • Approaches parents can take to build their child’s resilience, friendship skills, and overall happiness.

The evening will end with a Q&A session, giving attendees the chance to raise specific questions and concerns for Andrew to offer his expertise. For more information about this event or to register your attendance, please visit Peer Support Australia's event page.

School Life Updates

Lego Donations Wanted

Year 3 are doing a stem unit of work on Built Environments. We would love any donations of Lego that you are no longer using to assist with our Science unit. If you have any that you would like to donate would you mind sending it into the front office, we would be extremely grateful.

Gemma Seedsman

Flipped Classroom

Time in the Classroom for Higher Order Learning involving the ‘Flipped Learning’ Model.

KWS Science teacher and Head of Richards House, Pete Whiting has been named in the 2018  FLGI 100. The annual Flipped Learning Global Initiative (FLGI) list identifies the top 100 K-12 educators who are driving the adoption of Flipped Learning around the world. Educators from around the globe are represented, including Flipped Learning practitioners from Italy, China, Taiwan, Spain, UAE, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Italy, Korea, Argentina, Iceland, Sweden, India, and the United States.

Pete Whiting completed his Bachelor of Science from University of New England in 2003 and commenced working as a research scientist for CSIRO as a biochemist. He completed a post graduate Bachelor of Education in 2007. As a Targeted Graduate for the NSW DET, he commenced working in Sydney’s south-west. Pete joined the staff of KWS in 2011. Inspired by the Digital Education Revolution student laptops and a book that a colleague had left in the staffroom, Pete started flipping his classroom in 2013. He was awarded the 2014 Principal’s Initiative Award for his work in pioneering the ‘Flipped Classroom’ at KWS.

Pete and KWS Science colleague John Catterson started team teaching under the flipped classroom model in 2015 and began conducting action research into the effectiveness of the Flipped Classroom. Their YouTube channels, “Mr Catterson” “Mr P Whiting” have reached more than 600,000 views with more than 1000 videos between them.

Pete Whiting has presented his research findings at National and International Flipped Learning Conferences, the European Commission (EU) eTwinning conference and will present again in July at CONASTA 67 ( science education conference of the Australian Science Teachers Association).  He has had his work published in Science Education and Flipped Learning Journals.   

Susan Cameron

Club 3:16

Last weekend, Club 3:16 members (22 students from KWS) as well as 13 from Orange Anglican Grammar School joined together for our annual camp in Katoomba. The camp was called KYCK ( which is a conference for teenagers. KYCK is held over 3 consecutive weekends, totalling over 6,200 attendees. The group had an amazing time with great speakers (on 1 Peter), singing and generally having fun getting to know one another. The group is already looking forward to KYCK next year!

Club 3:16 meets every Friday lunch and I look forward to catching up with all our KYCK attendees and others interested in learning more about Jesus.

The meeting room for Term 2 will be in Room 23 (Bennett Building). Bring your lunch and I look forward to seeing you there!

Yooie Choi

Club 3:16 coordinator

Performing Arts Updates

Music Camp

At the end of last term we took students from Orchestra, SWE, Chamber Strings, Chamber Choir and Stage Band to the Blue Mountains for our annual Music camp. It was the first time that we have had complete groups for music camp and it made such an immense difference to what we were able to achieve. Over the three days, students were involved in rehearsals as all groups are working toward their performances at the upcoming Performing Arts Festival in June. It was amazing to see how much each group improved and managed to get through in just a few days. There was plenty of excitement to be had for students during their down time, including a trip to Scenic World and bush walking. The music leaders organised a trivia night, and the traditional talent evening during which many students showcased their entertaining skills. Thank you to the music leaders for all their work in organising such fun and engaging activities, and for mentoring the younger students. Thank you as well to the staff who came along to assist us – Mr Stevens and Mrs Edwards you were amazing, and we really appreciate all you did to help out! And a big thank you to the music staff who made it such a wonderful experience for all involved.


All ensemble rehearsals and lessons have resumed as per normal this week.

Term 2 key dates for your diary

Tuesday 8th May - Summer Cocurricular Assembly

Friday 11th May - Composition Workshop for Elective Music Students

Wednesday 23rd May - Cadet Farewell Parade (Marching Band)

Friday 1st June - Camerata Concert 6.30pm DPA Chapel

Friday 8th June - ZEAL Theatre Performance for Elective Drama Students

Thursday 21st June - Performing Arts Festival 6.30pm OCT

Friday 22nd June - Cadet Dinner (Stage Band and Chamber Strings)

Wednesday 27th June - Elective Drama Night

Heidi Anthony
Head of Performing Arts

Sports Updates

Equestrian News

On Tuesday the 3rd of April, Eloise Oliver and Bridget Yeomans rode as part of Area 4 in the Team showjumping  at Sydney Royal Easter Show.  The Area 4 Team is selected from riders from Bathurst to Broken Hill.

Both girls rode extremely well in the stressful environment of the main stadium at the Easter Show.    Bridget’s first round was clear and Eloise had one pole for 4 faults. In the 2nd round both girls had 2 poles for 8 faults each. It was an extremely technical course and the girls did very well. 

Overall, the Area 4 Team came 3rd.


Jess Shanahan

Basketball News

High School Girls Grand Final
Designing Future Flames Vs KWS Cowgirls 41-12

Despite only a 3 point differential at half-time the Cowgirls were unable to capture the good form of recent weeks. The players were clearly mentally and physically below par after their experiences on cadet camp and they lost their way in the second half of the match. To their credit our opponents played a bustling, assertive style of defence, making it hard for the Cowgirls to develop much fluency of passing and dribbling. It was a shame that we weren’t able to demonstrate the type of form which had allowed us to win the minor premiership. The Cowgirls should be congratulated for their improvement from 2nd last place to a position in the grand final. Well done Ella, Sophia, Lila, Olivia and Annabelle for your efforts in recent weeks and for the contributions of Beth and Lily, up until their untimely exits due to illness and injury. There is always next summer to aim for the ‘gold medal position’.

Matthew Healey

Football News

Women’s 1st XI Football Vs Panorama FC

The first game of the season was an absolute kicker. With an impressive debut from Jackie, Micky, Niamh and Emma, second grade is about to get interesting. Charlotte Simmons was out with a bang (as usual), putting away a lovely shot in the first half. With only nine on the field, Rhianna Simpson shook things up in goals with some amazing blocks and clears. Down 4-1 at half time, the girls threw it up another notch, putting a flawless corner from Charlotte Greet in the back of the net. The girls showed no mercy despite facing a former teammate, and are looking forward to a great season.  

Kate Alderman

CIS Swimming

A team of 20 swimmers headed to SOPAC to compete at the CIS carnival as part of the ISA team. The team achieved exceptional results picking up 3 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze and 26 additional top ten individual finishes, all 7 relays also finished in the top 10.

The top 3 competitors in each event move onto All Schools in May, congratulations to the following swimmers who have progressed, Collette Lyons, Sasha Wilson, Oliver McLaughlin and Mercede Cornelius-Feltus. We had a number of 4th places over the 2 days with those swimmers coming heartbreakingly close to the podium. All 3 relay teams also placed 4th in the Medley event.

Thank you to the parents who travelled to Sydney to support the team.

CIS Team for 2018

 Zoe Keown, Lily Robson, Lucy Scammell, Lara Clarke, Taylah Hobbs, Collette Lyons, Oscar McLaughlin, Josh Chai, Sam Archer, Georgie Geyer, Gabby Shilling, Lauren Lyons, Ben Gillham, Zac Lewis, Oliver McLaughlin, Hugh Gillham, Catherine Crisp (missing from photo Sasha Wilson, Maggie Smith, Tom Geyer.


CIS Results:

  • Collette Lyons - 2nd 50 Free, 2nd 50 Breast, 3rd 50 Fly, 1st 100 Breast, 2nd 200 Breast, 1st 200 Fly, 2nd 200 IM
  • Lucy Scammell - 6th 50 Back, 12th 50 Free
  • Gabby Shilling - 9th 50 Back, 6th 100 Back, 5th 200 Back
  • Georgie Geyer - 11th 50 Breast
  • Lily Robson - 14th 50 Breast
  • Catherine Crisp  - 9th 50 Free, 11th 50 Back, 8th 100 Free, 8th 100 Back
  • Zoe Keown - 4th 50 Breast, 7th 100 Breast, 12th 200 IM
  • Lauren Lyons - 12th 50 Fly, 4th 200 Fly, 7th 100 Fly
  • Maggie Smith - 10th 50 Breast, 11th 100 Free
  • Sasha Wilson - 3rd 100 Free, 4th 50 Free, 4th 50 Back
  • Sam Archer - 9th 50 Back, 11th 50 Fly
  • Josh Chai - 9th 100 Free, 10th 50 Fly
  • Thomas Geyer - 9th 100 Breast
  • Ben Gillham - 5th 50 Breast, 11th 100 Breast, 14th 50 Free
  • Hugh Gillham - 6th 50 Fly, 13th 200 Fly, 7th 100 Fly
  • Zac Lewis - 8th 200 Breast, 7th 50 Breast
  • Oliver McLaughlin - 3rd 50 Free, 2nd 100 Back, 11th 50 Breast, 8th 100 Free, 1st 50 Back
  • Oscar McLaughlin - 12th 100 Back, 6th 50 Back, 7th 200 Back

Relay Results:

  • Boys 15/16 yrs. (Sam, Zac, Hugh, Oliver) 4x50 Medley 4th 4x50 Free 6th
  • Girls  15/16 yrs. (Zoe, Catie, Lauren, Lara) 4x50 Medley 4th 4x50 Free 7th
  • Girls 12/14 yrs. (Georgie, Collette, Lucy, Gabby) 4x50 Medley 4th 4x50 Free 8th
  • Girls All Age (Maggie, Zoe, Catie, Gabby, Collette, Taylah) 6x50 Free 5th

First Grade Hockey Camp


Day 1: The KWS first grade hockey squad travelled to Homebush day 1 of the camp for a personal tour of the New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS). The tour was provided by current Head Coach of the NSWIS Hockey Program and former 3 x Olympic gold medalist for the Hockeyroos Katrina Powell. The girls had the opportunity to see the gym, recovery centre, athlete lounge, heat chambers and performance excellence facilities.Following the tour the students were provided with the opportunity to hear stories from Katrina and also ask questions.At the conclusion of the NSWIS experience the girls were invited to watch the hockey skills session. Here the girls were able to see how the elite train.
Day 2: Day 2 of the camp begun with a scenic walk to the headland of Collaroy. With panoramic ocean views over the horizon, you could not only feel the fresh ocean air but also the positive team vibes building.
Following the walk was the first training session of the season for the first grade team. The session started with team set plays and structures followed by an intensive set of drills. The girls displayed excellent desire to want to learn the new structures and implement them into the session. I was most impressed with the competitive nature and never quit attitude the girls displayed during the drills. To finish the session the ‘triangle of death’ drill was introduced and the girls fell in love with what is a fun, exciting but challenging elimination goal scoring drill.
Laser tag was next on the agenda. It was ‘Team D’ v ‘Team A’ (team defence versus team attack) it was a close battle between the two teams with Team A winning a close 90% of all games. The girls knew how to find their way around the battle field and not only ambush their opponents but also remain clear from the terminator. They played a series of games team versus team, a president protection game and lastly an old school Mexican stand off shooting battle. I think it is fair to say that both coaches and players had an extensive amount of fun.
The day finished on a high with a beautiful rainbow on the ocean horizon whilst the girls completed their 5 minute ‘ice bath’ recovery session in the rock pool.
Day 3:
Day 3 of the camp was game day.
The KWS girls played against PLC in what was a brilliant game of hockey. The KWS girls started the game with an aggressive press and turned the ball over numerous times. It was fantastic to see that what they learnt in one training was implemented into a game so effectively. It was a real credit to the girls and they always looked dangerous and like they were going to win the ball from their pressing intensity.
Phoebe Skene was outstanding in her pressing lines and her ability to move quickly upfront to get ahead of play. A brilliant shot on goal in the last 5 seconds to draw the game, unfortunately hit the post. But what a never say die attitude the team displayed. Jemma Luelf and Sarah Jackson were constantly putting the other team under pressure and winning the ball in the press. Minnie Bragg made some nice turn overs in both the attacking midfield and striker position.
Jemma Barrett used her speed nicely to win 50/50 contests. Her ability to make some nice through balls set up some great attacking play. Ruby Greer always found her self in good pockets of space and was able to create some nice attacking team play.
Pip Mannix managed to play with an exploded finger (prior injury) this was an exceptional effort and she was in all the action making sure it was difficult for the other team. Both Pip and Hannah set up some lovely attacking play and kept the team structure in place. Hannah made some excellent tackles and running efforts to ensure they other team didn’t score.
Emma, Millie and Addie were strong in defence and didn’t let the PLC girls into our circle easily. I was so impressed with the way the girls knew their roles and made sure they did it 100%. This resulted in no field goals scored against us. Emma was fantastic with her one on one defence. Millie was as strong as ever making nice low and strong tackles and Addie showed class in attack with some lovely passes under pressure.
Kim in goals made excellent multiple saves and kept the score line at zero for most the game. As a result of both Kim and the defensive effort from the girls PLC didn’t convert any field play attack, it was only a slick short corner variation that allowed them to go 1-0 up.
For the first hit out of the season both Madie and I were very impressed with what looks like a promising season ahead.
Thank you to all students and their parents who supported the first ever first grade hockey camp and we hope all students enjoyed their experience. It was a camp full of fun, knowledge and new experiences and I hope the team cohesion that was created over the past 3 days will continue into the season.
Photos and videos from the Camp:Photos and videos can be accessed in the gallery section of the Team App.
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