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04 July 2017
Issue Ten
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Principal's Report

Dear Parents


Learning and Reflection of Growth

As we approach the end of Term 2, I’d like to thank everyone, students, staff and parents for their efforts this term. When we work together we can more fully enhance the learning outcomes for everyone. Reports for Year 7 to 10 have been completed and sent and these provide a valuable source of reflection for student, teacher and parent. These questions are useful to help talk about student learning:

  • Where am I going?

    • What result will I be happy with by the end of this course?

    • What level of effort am I aiming for?

  • Where am I now?

    • How did I go on my Semester 1 Report?

    • Was I happy?

    • Can I improve?

  • What do I do next to move my learning forward?

    • What are my learning goals for Term 3?

    • What do I need to do to improve?


I have been really pleased, as I have read the reports and as I visit the classrooms, to see how the majority of our students are focussed on their learning and working hard to improve every day. We have high standards and there are consequences for students who continue to interrupt the learning.



We are trialling a new program to support our HSC and Preliminary students in their learning. It is called HSC Hub by atomi https://getatomi.com/. This program consists of short videos on specific syllabus points for many subjects. For Year 12 there are videos for 19 subjects and for Year 11 seven subjects. These are being continually added to and developed. Rob and Will from Atomi presented to Year 11 and 12 on Tuesday 20th June and all students and staff have access to the program. This is especially helpful for Year 12 students this holiday break and is a useful tool for them in their revision. Many teachers will be running study sessions these holidays. The library will be open for senior students on Thursday 13th July and Friday 14th July.


Staffing Changes Term 3

We will have a number of changes for Term 3 staffing:

  • Ms Jodi Wadling, Canteen Manager will have her last day on Thursday 29th June. We are moving to a leasing arrangement (see item in 'Information for Parents' ). I’d like to thank Jodi for her work in the Canteen for almost 10 years and wish her all the best for the future.

  • Mrs Heidi Gerberich, Literacy Teacher will be taking Maternity leave from Monday 17th July. Heidi has been an instrumental part of our work in the learning hub with the Leveled Literacy Interventions. She has also focused on enhancing writing across a number of subject areas co-teaching in RE and HSIE. We thank Heidi for her work and wish Heidi and her husband, Hunter all the best as they welcome their first child.

  • Miss Amanda Bell will replace Heidi as Literacy teacher for Term 3 and 4.

  • Mr Michael Wooster has decided to relinquish his role as HSIE Leader of Learning to concentrate on his teaching and implementing innovative practice into the classroom learning.

  • Miss Ellen Newberry was successful in gaining the role as HSIE Leader of Learning and we wish her well as she takes on this important leadership role. Ellen has shown outstanding leadership skills as Year 10 Leader and know she will continue to deepen her learning as a leader in this new role.

  • Miss Melita Roache was successful in gaining the role of Year 10 Leader. Melita is an outstanding leader and we look forward to working with her in a formal leadership role. She has excellent interpersonal skills and know that she will continue to develop her skills in leading Pastoral Academic.

  • Mr Garry Osborne will be taking leave for Term 3 and Mr Steve Kirkaldy will be replacing Garry while he is away. Steve is an experienced teacher who has been completing some relief work at O’Connor this term. We look forward to Steve working with us next term.


Professional Learning Day

The first day of Term 3, Monday 17th July  is a Staff Development Day. The library will be open for senior students for study. This day will continue our focus on learning and the belief that everyone can learn. We will look at ways to support the learning of all, student and teachers. These days are valuable in enhancing the professional capital of all staff and to allow for learning for staff.


Thanks again for a great Term 2.

God Bless

Regina Menz




Assistant Principal's Report

For Parents & Students

A recent OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) report highlights the prevalence of bullying in Australian schools. In particular, the report highlights that it is imperative parents and teachers are aware of any incident of bullying.


Students need to ensure they immediately report any form of bullying to their Pastoral Teacher, Year Leader or Assistant Principal. Any act of bullying is an action repeated more than once. As already mentioned, bullying is something we all must continue to address, particularly with the increasing prevalence of online bullying and the encounters after this.


As a parent, your awareness of online interactions at any time out of school needs frequent monitoring. If you are concerned go to the police and make a report. Provide screenshots of evidence where you are able.

We all want our students to get a great education. The building blocks for a great education begin with a reasonable school attendance record. Students develop good habits by going to school every day – habits that are necessary to succeed after school, whether in the workplace or in further study.


Missing school can have a big impact on students academically and socially. It can affect their work results, and, just as importantly, it can affect their relationships with other students, leading in some cases to social isolation. There is no ‘safe’ number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their educational outcomes. Each missed day is associated with progressively lower achievement in numeracy, writing and reading.


It’s never too late for a student to improve attendance.  Every day counts. Schools are there to help – if your child is having attendance issues, speak to the school about ways to address the problem.


Study tips

  • Study in chunked sessions: Your ability to retain information diminishes after about 25-30 minutes, so break it up into multiple, smaller sessions. Reward yourself with fun activities during your breaks.


  •   Have a dedicated study area: don't study where you do anything else. Don't study in bed, in front of the TV, or, where you play games (even if it's your computer).


  •   Know the difference between recognition and recollection. Recognition requires a trigger for you to remember something and you may not get that trigger on a test. Study actively with focus on recollection. Quiz yourself and don't just glance over highlighted notes.


  •   Take good notes: Find note-taking methods that work for you and expand on them as soon as possible after your class lecture to increase retention and understanding.


  •   Be ready to teach what you've learned: If you can teach it to someone else, you have a solid grasp on the material.


  • Read textbooks effectively: Use the SQ3R method (Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review) to actively retain information. Just reading it is not enough.


It is important for our students to understand that learning is a lifelong challenge, an adventure and a certainty. However as people get older there is a tendency to fall into two predictable categories: they learn to adopt either a growth or fixed mindset. The good thing to remember at this point is that a mindset can be changed!


Many people, as I am sure you are aware, have fixed beliefs about what they can and cannot do such as I am bad at maths or I am not good at sports. These are examples of a fixed mindset. The problem with this attitude is that any learning is blocked and the ability to learn is therefore dismissed.


The great news is that we can change a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Everything a person sets their mind to is an opportunity for challenge and learning. Instead of believing they are not smart at something, people with a growth mindset focus on process and progress, always looking for opportunities to stretch their ability.


Therefore the ability a person has at the time of approaching new learning is the starting point for development and embodies a passion for learning, rather than a hunger for approval. Remember, your parents and teachers are also there to support you in developing a growth mindset.

So, when you are next confronted with something you find difficult, aim to embrace the challenge. Instead of saying “I can’t do that!” say “I haven’t learnt that yet!”




Year 10 students

Please click on the link below for information about university entry requirements  for 2017.




Have a safe & happy holiday.



Simon Fleming

Assistant Principal/ Curriculum Coordinator 


Genevieve Bryant and Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF)

O'Connor was blessed on Monday to have one of the awesome performers at ACYF this year give a free concert. Genevieve Bryant sung the theme song to the ACYF in Adelaide two years ago and performed this song along with a lot of other great songs. Attached is a link to some of her work. Genevieve will be performing at ACYF in Sydney in front of 15000 people. Our year 11 students will be a part of that crowd. ACYF isn't just great music, there are work shops, games, talks and a pilgrimage walk across the Harbour Bridge. Year 11 students are reminded to keep up with the payment schedule for this great opportunity.




Lasallian Youth Gathering (LYG)

Keep in your prayers the 15 students from years 11 and 12 who are on a pilgrimage to LYG in Sydney during the holidays. LYG is gathering of young Lasallians from all over Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. It will be a great opportunity to deepen faith and it includes some service work in Sydney.

Founders Day

Founders Day is Friday June 30 (last day of College this term) and what a great day it is shaping up to be. To celebrate our Ursuline heritage 15 students and 3 Ursuline sisters from St Ursulas Kingsgrove will be visiting the College and participating in the days activities. These include an assembly that highlights the heritage of the Ursuline nuns and the De la Salle brothers. This will be followed by Mass celebrated by Bishop Kennedy. We then enjoy a concert provided by our own talented students. Lastly the traditional mayhem of House Capture the Flag organised by our captains. 

Winter Appeal

Thanks to all those families who donated to the Vinnies Winter Appeal. The Vinnies students here organised a wonderful prayer service to pray for in solidarity the cold and homeless.


Thank you

Damian Roff

R.E Coordinator

College News

Construction Students Taken to Hospital!!

(The headline no Construction teacher ever wants to see)


Far from an emergency it was a well planned and organised educational visit when the eight members of the Year 11 Construction class visited the Armidale Hospital extension recently. Seeing a multi story building under construction in Armidale is rare enough. Getting a guided tour by the site manager of that multi story building is a privilege.


But when that multi story building is a hospital, it is a real treat because the codes and specifications to build a hospital are quite extreme. Construction students, who must complete 70 hours of mandatory work placement, become fairly familiar with domestic or cottage type construction in and around Armidale but seeing a hospital under construction is quite another thing.

The students, who had to have their White Card, wear steel cap boots, hard hats, safety specs and hivis vests were quite amazed at some of the facts and figures they learned about.


Such as the fact that this $60m building is built to withstand a Category 5 earthquake, using 40 to 50mPa strength concrete (more than two times the normal strength), 480 cubic metres of concrete in one floor alone, poured on one day, delivered by seven ready-mix trucks starting at 3.00am and finishing at 4.00pm. Impressive stuff. Well, to builders anyway.


It was quite an insight for the students of the Year 11 Construction class who go out on work placement in Week 1 of Term 3.


And all agreed the best way to be ‘taken to hospital’ was on a school excursion!

Our thanks to Mr Chris Petrov, site manager for Richard Crookes Constructions for his time.


Glen Watson


Z Club News

Z Club have made a slight change to the executive positions for this year. Samantha Archer will take on Presidency and Phoebe Biddle will step into the Vice President role, after Brydie Hawthorne stepped down from her position. We look forward to working with this leadership team. 


Z Club had a special guest at their monthly May meeting. Emma Collins, a student from Armidale High is in the process of setting up a Z club at her school. Emma was able to see how we run our meetings, and touch base with our executive members. This is very exciting news for our town and we look forward to developing greater contact with Emma and her new members as she takes on this venture.


Birthing kit assembly at O'Connor Catholic College on Saturday May 13th. It was a wonderful morning with many helpers including members of Zonta Club, grandparents, parents and students.

We packed 400 and feel pretty competent in this amount. But we would like to push ourselves beyond this comfort zone and double this number next year.


Year 8 R.E

Year 12 student Zahoor Muhammad, better known as 'Honey', visited Mrs Roff's Year 8 RE to continue educating and informing students about Islam. They asked many questions which Honey patiently and thoughtfully answered. We are so fortunate to have Honey as a positive role model, and the students were delighted to hear Honey tell them how accepted he feels as part of our College community. Thank you for everything you do Honey...you are a fine young man with a wonderful future as a peacemaker in our world.


Principal Awards

Year 11 students Grace Toakley, Nick Troon and Sam Frazier were awarded prestigious Principal Awards at assembly. 

These students have all received teacher commendations for their academic efforts and participation in school and community events.
What wonderful student role models we have for our juniors to emulate...keep up the good work and BE involved!

Artist of the Month

Congratulations to Year 9 student Zoe Minehan

and Year 11 student Caitlyn Black

who were awarded Artists of the Month at assembly.

Year 9 Child Studies



Some of the 10TX class with their completed projects for Dress A Girl Around the World project.


SRC Wrap

O’Connor Catholic College’s Student Representative Council has endeavoured to interact with our surrounding school’s student leaders and give back to the school and local community so far for the duration of 2017.

Our first term has required us to participate in the Autumn Festival and later on, Armidale’s ANZAC Day celebrations, attending the dawn service and afternoon ceremony.


In Term 2, the SRC commenced our “Brekky Club” held every Friday morning. Essentially, the money collected assists the SRC in giving back to our community. In 2016 we supported Olive Russell with her ongoing medical condition.


However, our goals in 2017 now consist of providing for Eliza Clark’s trip to East Timor with the United Nations Youth Australia.

Additionally, the SRC also would like to donate money to the Children's Hospital this year as well as providing Olive with another donation. We have also taken fundraiser opportunities such as running the canteen this term and catering at our cross country event.


Recently, an SRC representative from each year sat with members of the school board to discuss changes to the school premises. From this we hope to gain appropriate yet exciting architectural advances which provide a more comfortable and engaging space for students to occupy during breaks and some classes.


Although our efforts as SRC has mostly been to serve the needs of our communities, this year we've expanded our reach towards the student leaders of other local high schools. After school earlier in the term, we invited the SRC members from all Armidale schools for a meeting consisting of introductory games and activities to familiarise ourselves with each other, and of course, an exchange of ideas on how to fundraise and combine the efforts of all Armidale high schools.


We plan to continue this as a tradition every term, accumulating new ideas and inevitably, friendly relations between school communities.


We look forward to the rest of the year and thank each of you for contributing in one way or the other.



Your friendly SRC 

Tonya McQuilty


Hockey Report

We have finished the All Schools trials for Hockey.

Jake McCann and Nathan Czinner participated in a selection camp last week. Nathan was successful in being named in the NSW U16 All Schools team. This team will compete in the Pacific School Games in Adelaide in December.


Lauren Czinner, Talia Constance and Cody McCann participated in the Tri-Series for the Open NSW AllSchools carnival. The girls won the series and the boys finished second. Congratulations to Talia for being named in the Open NSW All Schools Merit team.


Referees Needed

On Wednesday the 16th of August, NSW Touch in conjunction with Inverell Touch Association is running a Primary School Gala Day at Harris Park.


At these days we like to have local high school students do the referee part of the day. It is a great way for high school and primary school students to interact.


The benefits for high schools students and the school:

  • Lunch Provided.
  • Show off the school to potential new students.
  • Show how much the schools care about the community.
  • NSW Touch can proved a referee letter to put in their resumes.

Without help from local high schools these days are not always successful for the sport and certainly not a great experience for all involved. So your help with this matter is very important. And no they don't have to be qualified but if they are its an extra bonus.

If you have any students that can assist on the day please let us know.

Anyone interested please contact Ricky Hetherington.

 [email protected]



Teams from across the diocese played in the Cochrane Cup netball competition Thursday June 22. Our girls played extremely well and showed great sportswomanship. 
All students should be proud of their efforts. Our Year 7/8 OCC 1 team was placed 1st in its division. 
A huge thank you to the coaches/umpires: Ali Billings, Georgia Scott, Mackenzie Mortimer, Sam Archer and Phoebe Biddle. Another big thank you to Mrs Patrick, Mrs Smidt and Miss McQuilty for helping Miss Kreuzen run the day.


O'Connor Athletics 2017

 O'Connor Catholic College Athletics Carnival...

Age champions were announced at assembly and presented with their medallions, although quite a few were away at CCC Cross Country.

The winning house of the carnival was La Salle (aka the green machine) and house captains Aiden O'Keefe and Lauren Czinner proudly displayed the shield. The house point scores were:

La Salle 1598

Ursula 1414

Merici 1007

Benilde 903















Camilla Clydsdale

Sport Coordinator


Information for Parents

What's on !


Netflix Show '13 Reasons Why' Resources for Parents

Dear Parents

A number of you have raised concerns in regards to the Netflix show '13 Reasons Why' and I'm sure a number of students have watched it. It raises the issue of youth suicide and is especially graphic.
I am attaching a number of resources that might help in your discussion with your daughter or son about this show. Please note that we have a Centacare counsellor onsite on Monday and Wednesday at O'Connor if you have any concerns and wish to access support. These following services provide immediate support for distressed young people: Lifeline: 13 11 14 or lifeline.org.au Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800 or kidshelpline.org.auIf you require further support please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Regina Menz


Response and Resources from

Amanda Shaw

Youth Mental Health Project Officer (part time) | Mental Health Services - Hunter New England Local Health District | (Mehi, Peel and Tablelands Sectors) 


Many of you will have heard in recent days about the recently released Netflix show, ‘13 Reasons Why’. The show is the story of a girl who suicides, leaving tapes for her classmates which place the blame on them.
Youth mental health and suicide prevention services worldwide have expressed their concerns about the show, especially the graphic nature of some of the scenes.
Telling young people they shouldn’t watch it may reinforce the idea that suicide shouldn’t be discussed. Instead, it’s important for the adults around them to be ready to talk to them about the content, and about what they should do if they or one of their friends needs help.
MHFA Australia has created two documents to help with this. The first is a list of possible discussion points about the show. It is by no means exhaustive. The second summarises the plot and explains what material may be distressing or even triggering for vulnerable young people.

Please distribute these documents freely to schools, families and elsewhere.



Canteen News

We will be moving to a new arrangement for our Canteen. It will be leased by a private business. The canteen will be open everyday for morning tea and lunch serving a fresh and healthy menu. Students will be able to pre-order lunches through the QKR app. More details in regards to menu and how to order will come soon.

I'd like to thank Jodi Wadling for her work as Canteen Manager. 

I'd also like to thank the Spar Express for providing a lunch service to our students during Term 2.

Uniform Shop

 Uniform Shop Trading Hours

Monday 8am - 12pm   

Wednesday 12pm - 4pm

 Friday 10am - 2pm


Monty Python's 


June 29th - July 15th  - 10 Shows ONLY

A musical "lovingly" ripped off from the motion picture Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Music by John Du Prez and Eric Idle


Knights of Ni, Killer Rabbits,,, rude French Knights! and lots of running away,,, we have them all.

'Spamalot' tells the legendary tale of King Arthur’s quest to find the Holy Grail. Inspired by the classic comedy film, 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail', the musical also diverts a bit from more traditional versions of the legend, with many Monty Python style shenanigans and plenty of laughs.

Tickets online as adms.org.au and Carr's NewsXpress in the Mall
Venue: TAS Hoskins Centre


Year 10 - 12 Parents

A reminder:

You can access two useful & user friendly websites that may help with career options, including university courses & apprenticeship details.

www.jobjump.com.au passwords" yaks

skillsroad.com.au to both register & follow the instructions. They are helpful for both students & parents.


On behalf of Duval High School I would like to extend a warm invitation to you, your  Year 10, 11 and 12 students, their parents and teachers to attend our local Community Careers Festival.


Date and Venue

DATE:                        Wednesday 26th July 2017

TIME:                        4.30pm  -  7.30pm.

VENUE:                     Duval High School


The festival is scheduled to run from 4:30-7:30 in order to provide an opportunity for parents, carers and businesses to attend without disrupting their working day.



The Careers Festival is an engaging event aimed at providing our young people and the community with an opportunity to explore career options and identify future career pathways.


Duval High School will host over 70 representatives from various businesses/industries, training providers, government departments and educational providers to highlight some examples of what is currently available to our students beyond secondary school within our local community.


The Careers Festival will be an interactive event where students’ parents and the community can engage in activities and discuss career opportunities with local businesses in a fun and educational environment.


The Festival aims to provide students with sound career information and knowledge prior to subject selection. Students can use this experience to choose courses that reflect their career planning. The interactive Festival is specifically designed to stimulate student interest and provide an opportunity for us all to celebrate our careers, share knowledge and guide our youth towards a happy and successful life after high school.


Student Engagement

To ensure student engagement and traffic throughout the exhibit hall, a Passport Program has been initiated to encourage students to visit multiple exhibitors and gather as much information as they can so that they can make informed choices about their future.  Each Exhibitor/Stall holder will be issued with an individual stamp. A student must engage with a stall holder and gain relevant information before receiving a stamp that authenticates their interaction. Completed passports will go into a draw to win prizes such as a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, 32 inch TV, iTunes vouchers, movie tickets, gift cards……………..and more.


The more stalls students visit, the more stamps they collect, the more chances they have in WINNING !!!!


We will also be running a video completion on the evening. Students will be encouraged to interview exhibitors and create a one minute careers video documentary.


Food & Entertainment

Throughout the evening there will be live entertainment, Easy As coffee, complimentary sausage sizzle and refreshments, fairy floss, PRIZES and a SPECTACULAR FIREWORKS FINALE!


Information & RSVP

Please visit  www.duvalcareersfestival.com for more information and encourage your students, parents and teachers to register for catering purposes.


Please feel free to email the attached flyer to you school community and share the attached Facebook post to your school Facebook community. I will also be delivering printed invitations within the next week.


As an educational leader, you are very influential in young people’s career decisions. Could you please take the time to encourage your students, parents and carers to attend, and support our local community.


Please click on the YouTube link to view our 2012 / 2014 Video Clip.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz9VYWNkQDA&t=2s


Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support.



Helpful Hints



How can I improve my marks and eliminate careless


1. Understand the formulae and know when and where
to apply it without making mistakes. This needs practice
and more practice! You want your working to become
second nature.
2. Get to know your formulae sheet! Memorisation +
context + practice --> to know what formulae to use and
when to use it. Learn a formulae and test it with a variety
of HSC questions. Try to remember how a formulae is
derived. If you can see the logic behind it, hopefully it
will be easier to understand and remember.
3. Set out your work properly to:
a) avoid making careless and therefore cheap errors
b) give the marker a clear picture of your logic and flow
of your argument. Remember, working gets marks!
c) solve harder problems
4. Simple steps to make your proofs clearer include:
a) Write a series of equations down the page rather than
in a single line. This should ensure enough space for
each equation. NB. = signs go under each other.
b) Explain what the variable you introduce means by either
indicating clearly on a diagram or by writing at the
top of your proof: Let X be the ..
c) Generally explain the steps in your proof. In other
words, talk to your marker, rather than letting them guess
your logic.
d) Practise full papers under exam conditions and aim
to eliminate careless mistakes. This won’t happen if the
first time you do so is in Trials and the second time is in
e) Use the 5 min reading time well. Pick out the questions
you know how to do and do them first. Don’t forget
Yr 11 topics. Approx. 30% of the Trial and HSC will be
from Prelim. topics. (not Ext2)
HSC Helpful Hints: SCIENCES.
This is your opportunity to let the examiners know that you have studied science for 6 years.
1. The key is to be able to understand and effectively
answer HSC style questions. You need to be able
to write clearly, articulately and concisely and not lose
marks for inaccurate, unspecific responses. Eg. if a question
is worth 4 marks give 4 targeted points. Break the
question down even if you only know how to answer part
of the whole question.
2. The syllabus is like the Bible. Know it and live by it
and your dot points.
3. Know your verbs and answer to them. Eg. Discuss requires
you to present benefits and disadvantages. Assess
requires the same + you need to give a judgement.
Explain is the most common verb used.
4. Practise, practise and practise past questions and
papers. Gradually do them under exam conditions to the
time and without notes. This will help you to become
familiar with the format and feel more confident if you
discover a curly question. Multiple choice is traditionally
OCC’s weakest section.
5. You do need to memorise e.g. formulas but you also
need to understand the concepts from the first principles.
Remember, work to understand why and when to apply
a formulae. A formulae sheet is given for Physics and
6. Show as much working as you can to scab as many
marks as possible. EG. Define your variables, use terms
e.g. independent, dependent, controlled, in Physics and
words in Chemistry. Always put units in your final answer
and round to the correct number of significant figures.
7. Practicals, are called First Hand Investigations. Know
them and the principles behind them, including the setup,
the method and the interpretation of results, as well
as, suggestions of how to improve them. Also know the
principles behind each practical in order to explain and
discuss them.
8. The most common 3 questions are: to evaluate the
reliability (repeats), the validity (does it test the aim?),
and the accuracy (equipment) of your results. Sometimes
questions may involve more than one topic from the core
topics, even if the question does not ask for it.



Skillsroad Youth Census

Skillsroad.com.au, Australia’s number one destination for career advice and entry level jobs, has just launched the Skillsroad Youth Census 2017, to collect Australia’s largest body of youth data to understand the current climate of Australia’s youth with regard to careers, wellbeing and stresses.
We are using psychologically grounded tools to assess how youth in Australia is flourishing, how satisfied they are with their lives currently and what they hope to achieve with their life.
We need your help!
We are appealing to you, the Skillsroad teaching community, to help us share the Skillsroad Youth Census 2017 with your students. In return, you will gain access to these unique insights, with expert analysis of youth perceptions. We want Australia’s youth to be heard to help shape the future of careers advice and work readiness education.
The Skillsroad Census is open until the end of June for Australian residents aged 15-24. Skillsroad and this survey, are initiatives of the business chamber movement in Australia.
Skillsroad Youth Census link: www.surveymonkey.com/r/SRYouthCensus2017


Charles Sturt Campus

Just wanted to put in a last reminder regarding the upcoming MyDays at CSU’s Port Macquarie campus.  These days are a brilliant way for students to check out through a workshop a course they might be interested in, what CSU is like as a university and the campus.


I have attached a Student Flyer for each event – possibly entry into your newsletters this week!   Students still have time to register (parents are also welcome to attend with their child).


Monday  3rd July

Health based degrees                    Paramedicine, Physiotherapy, Exercise and Sport Science, Occupational Therapy *, Medical Radiation Science


Tuesday 4th July

All other degrees                             Accounting, Business, Graphic Design, Criminal Justice and Policing, Outdoor Recreation and Ecotourism, Parks, Heritage and Recreation*,

Environmental Science and Management*, Psychology, Social Work, Education(K-12).


*New in 2018


If you think you may have students interested in ANY of the theses courses we would be delighted to see then at the event – especially our new courses, Occupational Therapy, Environmental Science and Management and Parks, Recreation and Heritage.


The event is free and we provide a light morning tea and a lunch.


Student can register their interest on line at www.csu.edu.au/mydays


If you have any questions regarding the events please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Kind Regards,

Bernadette Gammon

Prospective Student Adviser | Division of Marketing and Communications

Charles Sturt University

7 Major Innes Rd

Port Macquarie NSW 2444


Tel: +61 2 6582 9360

Mob: 0407 328 290

Email: [email protected]

Library Request

Returning Books

It is getting towards the end of term and many students still have books borrowed out earlier in the year that need to be returned. Emails have been sent out to students regarding this and the library requests that these matters be resolved. Students with outstanding loans are asked to return the book.  

Students are asked to look carefully in the bedrooms, lockers and school bags to find items.  Please find and return books to avoid inconvenience at the end of the year.  If you think you have returned a book then please come and speak to the library staff.


READING OVER THE HOLIDAYS I encourage all students to continue to read over the holidays. Come and visit us in the Library if you need a new book!



Mrs Glenda Lemon
Careers Adviser/ Librarian


Armidale Eisteddfod

Many O'Connor students performed in a huge variety of music, dance and speech and drama Eisteddfod events in May and June. Both individuals and groups were extremely successful with many placings and highly commended awards received. 


The College would like to thank all students involved for their efforts, as well as to acknowledge the hard work by Miss Roache, Miss Sampson, Mrs Killen and Mrs Roff in preparing the students for their performances.


The O’Connor Choir conducted by Miss Melanie Sampson for receiving second place in their section.


Rianna Feenstra - 2nd place for her HSC composition ‘The Merri-Go-Round’ for solo piano. She has been developing her composition over the past 6 months as part of her major works for Music 2. Rianna also received 1st place for her piano solo 18 years and under.


Simon Di Luzio, Year 10 - 1st place in the Recorder Solo 18 years and under and was awarded places for a number of other performances.


Thomas Frazier, Year 12 - 1st place for his Double Bass Solo 18 years and under of his HSC work ‘Can’t Stop Running’.


Nicholas Troon, Year 11 - 1st Place in Vocal Solo Musical Theatre 18 Years and Under.


Lily Baber, Year 10 - 1st place Wind Solo (Romantic) 18 Years and Under.

The Eisteddfod is now in its final stages with Speech and Drama sections this week and Band Night on Tuesday 6th June, in which the O’Connor Jazz Band and Orchestra will be competing.
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Melita Roache



Chess Report v Farrer

On Thursday the 22nd March the O’Connor Chess team played Farrer in the third round of the regional competition.  Here is a quick commentary on the games


Okay chess off and running

New player Conor Dennehy on board 4 due to a late withdrawal, an injury to Tom Honeysett (he hurt his wrist on a slippery board while playing in the wet).


Conor Dennehy the new gun looks good asserting himself .

Jacob Minehan board 2 likes to live dangerously gets his queen out early.

Elizabeth Lee on board 3 has a messy opening. Is it a ploy?

Cameron Roan on board 1 the iceman playing it cool.


Oh no Cameron Roan a piece down forked by a pawn. His opposite now going for an exchange at every opportunity.


Conor Dennehy loses his rook and is looking nervous in his first game in the big arena.


Elizabeth Lee loses a knight but can exchange for a bishop if she sees it.

She doesn’t, all four boards in trouble early.


Jacob Minehan playing chess like trump plays politics he is building a wall.


Farrer looking strong on all 4 boards the pressure mounts.


Jacob Minehan goes a piece up that work the Russians have put into his game is paying off.


Conor Dennehy back level pegging two pieces down each.  Things are looking up for the team.


Elizabeth Lee 3 pieces down and in trouble can she force a stalemate?


Jacob Minehan moving in for mate, oh no he does not see it and misses the opportunity.


Cameron Roan down to just pawns while his opponent has a bishop and all his pawns.  Cameron will be fighting for an end game, which is not his forte. His opponent promotes pawn to a queen best Cameron can hope for is a stalemate now.

Cameron Roan loses board 1 down, Elizabeth Lee follows quickly board 3 gone as well


Jacob Minehan has his opponent on the ropes but there is an alley of uncertainty.


Conor Dennehy loses his queen. His opponent has the upper hand a queen up.


Death taxes and check mate it was inevitable. Conor Dennehy goes down we lose board 4.


All eyes turn to Jacob Minehan on board 2 our only hope of a win for the season.  We all gather round to watch, its like a documentary on steel ship building.


Jacob Minehan loses his queen but is still in the game.

His opponent is stalling, but Jacob has a plan. He pushes his pawn downtown.

His opponent moves his queen like the shark in Jaws, circling for the kill.

Jacob Minehan strikes, he forces his opponent to take his pawn and it’s a Trojan horse play.  Does his opponent see it?.  Jacob moves his Rook to the end row and like an Australian at the end of good meal at a restaurant calls “Check mate”.

What a game one and a half hours.

Well done to Cameron Roan, Elizabeth Lee, Jacob Minehan and the “ROOKie” Conor Dennehy.


Ian Tonkin

Chess Coordinator





NRMA Traineeship



  • One of Australia’s leading general insurers
  • Join a company where strong relationships are our foundation
  • 12-month Traineeship Full-time | Monday to Friday Location | ARMIDALE


About NRMA

NRMA Insurance is one of Australia’s most iconic and established brands. When you join us, you’re joining a respected and trusted general insurer who has been serving Australian individuals, families and businesses for generations.  NRMA is a part of IAG, the largest general insurance group in Australia and New Zealand, with a growing presence in Asia.


The Role

This is a sales focused role, which requires achievement of business targets. You will need to display a high level of commitment towards customer service and can work as part of a dynamic and driven team.

The role is 12-month Traineeship - full time, Monday – Friday working at the Armidale Service Centre. You will be employed as a Distribitor of NRMA Insurance, by the proprietor of the agency.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Face to face customer service
  • Daily Banking
  • Dealing in Insurance Products, including Business Insurance
  • Meeting set sales targets
  • Cash Handling
  • Meeting training and compliance requirements
  • Community involvement
  • Certificate IV in Business & Sales


These are the skills and experience we’re looking for:

  • High level of customer service and proven experience working in a customer facing role
  • Able to deliver sales results and meet targets
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong business acumen


Culture and Benefits


When you join NRMA Insurance, we will invest in your career development, and you’ll find a workplace culture you will be proud to be part of. In addition to a diverse and inclusive culture, our benefits include 50% staff insurance discounts and free Road Service Membership (conditions apply). We place great value on supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, providing flexibility for our employees and giving back to the community.


How to Apply


To submit your interest in this role, please

Forward resume to: [email protected]   Applications close:  2nd July 2017

Disclaimer: The successful applicant will not be employed by IAG but will be employed by Shormab Pty Ltd trading as NRMA Mid North Coast and not NRMA Insurance. Terms and Conditions apply.


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