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28 June 2017
Issue Six
Important Dates & Calendar   
From the Principal Class Team
Excursion Consent & Payments on Compass 
House Report
Year 10 Health & Wellbeing Activities
Year 9 Advance Solar Buddy
Year 12 French Workshop
Meet our 2017 Sub School Coordinators 
Junior School Report
Middle School Report  
Senior School Report  
From the General Office
Extra Curricular Activities - What's on around SASC in 2017
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Important Dates & Calendar   

Thursday 29 June

  • Year 11 into 12 Pre-Course Counselling Assignments
  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Year 7 Boys Badminton
  • 08:55AM - 10:35AM DOXA University Discovery Program (Duplicate)
  • 11:00AM - 12:40PM DOXA University Discovery Program

Friday 30 June

  • Year 11 into 12 Pre-Course Counselling Assignments
  • Assemblies Years 7-10
  • Term 2 Ends - Early dismissal 2.20
  • Semester 1 reports available on Compass 4pm

Monday 17 July

  • Term 3 begins
  • Year 7-9 Start Semester 2
  • Year 9 into Year 10 pre course counselling
  • Year 10 Work Experience

Tuesday 18 July

  • Year 9 into Year 10 pre course counselling
  • Year 10 Work Experience

Wednesday 19 July

  • Year 9 into Year 10 pre course counselling
  • Year 10 Work Experience

Thursday 20 July

  • Year 9 into Year 10 pre course counselling
  • Year 10 Work Experience
  • High Resolves 
    Period 1/2 - 8A 8B 8C 8D
    Period 3/4 - 8I 8J 8K 8L 
    Period 5/6 - 8E 8F 8G 8H

Friday 21 July

  • Year 9 into Year 10 pre course counselling
  • Year 10 Work Experience
  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM VCAL Y12 Immigration museum excursion

Monday 24 July

  • Year 9 into 10 Pre Course Counselling
  • Year 10 Work Experience

Tuesday 25 July

  • Year 9 into 10 Pre Course Counselling
  • Year 10 Work Experience
  • 09:00AM - 05:00PM Year 11 & 12 Alliance Berthe Mouchette Speaking Interview
  • 10:35AM - 03:10PM Goals Program Session 2

Wednesday 26 July

  • Year 9 into 10 Pre Course Counselling
  • Year 10 Work Experience

Thursday 27 July

  • Year 9 into 10 Pre Course Counselling
  • Year 10 Work Experience
  • 08:55AM - 10:35AM YR 7, 8, 9, 11 & 12 Australian Mathematics Competition

Friday 28 July

  • Year 9 into 10 Pre Course Counselling
  • Year 10 Work Experience All day
  • Curriculum Day - Student Free Day

Monday 31 July

  • Year 9 into 10 Pre Course Counselling

Tuesday 1 August

  • Year 9 into Year 10 Pre-Course Counselling
  • Year 11 into Year 12 Course Counselling Day
  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Senior Girls Badminton - WMR Finals
  • 08:55AM - 10:35AM YR 10 Australian Mathematics Competition

Wednesday 2 August

  • Year 9 into Year 10 Pre-Course Counselling
  • 08:00AM - 03:30PM Immunisation
  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Intermediate Girls Badminton - WMR Finals
  • 08:35AM - 03:30PM Work Inspirations 2 AUGUST

Thursday 3 August

  • Year 9 into Year 10 Pre-Course Counselling
  • Year 10 into Year 11 Course Counselling Day

Friday 4 August

  • Year 9 into Year 10 Pre-Course Counselling
  • 08:35AM - 03:30PM Work Inspirations

From the Principal Class Team

Dear Parents/Guardians

The end of Term 2 is fast approaching. It has been a very busy last couple of weeks at the College. Exams, semester tests, assessments and reports have kept staff and students very busy. Reports are now being finalised, and will be available on Compass by the end of the week. I encourage all parents and guardians to read through the reports, and discuss with your children how they have gone, and what they can do in Term 3 to improve. Regardless of how good the report is, there are always things which can be improved.


We would like to wish all of our students a relaxing and safe break. Use the time to recharge, and be ready to come back in Term 3 ready to achieve your best!

Year 12 Exams

Our Year 12 students have worked very hard to get through the end of Semester 1 . They  completed their  General Achievement Test (GAT) on Wednesday 14th June and also their practice English Exam on Friday 16th June.

Both exams were 3 hours long  and compulsory for Year 12 VCE students. There was a full turn out to both exam sessions and our external supervisors were impressed by the behaviour and efforts of our students  during the exam period.  We wish them all the best as they begin the final leg of their VCE studies next semester.

MAC 2017 : The Wizard of Oz

There is an air of excitement in the college as  our actors, dancers, singers and musicians prepare for this year’s MAC production.  Under the direction of Ms Janet McKenzie, musical direction of Mr James Orchard and artistic direction of Mr Nick D ‘Aglas,  over 100 students have been busy rehearsing, designing, and constructing to bring us this year’s  production of  “The Wizard of Oz”.  The MAC team led by producer Ms Chloe Marie, will be rehearsing and making final preparations during the school holiday. 

MAC has been a part of St Albans Secondary College for over 40 years, and a wonderful showcase for the talents of our students and staff.

We warmly invite all members of our community to join us for a performance of  “The Wizard of Oz” from 8-10 August at 7.30pm in the Performing Arts Centre. Tickets  will be available from the start of Term 3 from the general office.

Cultural Evening

On  Wednesday 21st June  our staff ,students and parent community celebrated the cultural diversity at the college. The happy, friendly and engaging atmosphere was enhanced by the range of activities  including food stalls from the different cultural groups, boomerang decoration under the watchful eye of our local Koorie contact, origami, a local Pizza Van and of course stunning cultural dance presentations in the Performing Arts Centre..


It was great to see so many community members here embracing diversity and  celebrating this inclusive event.   Congratulations to  the wellbeing team, staff and the Year 12 VCAL students who organised the evening . It was a huge success and will surely become a popular annual event at our school.


Acting Principal - Mr Craig Jennings


Assistant Principal - Mr Ian Crocker


Assistant Principal - Ms Losh Pillay


Acting Assistant Principal - Mr Mario Orsini

Excursion Consent & Payments on Compass 

Did you know that you can now Consent & make a Payment on Compass for your child’s excursion

Dear Parents / Guardians


Your child will be attending excursions / events throughout the year.  Log into Compass on the Parent Portal via the schools website for each excursion to approve the consent and make a payment (if applicable) online by the due dates. 


This will save your child time lining up at the general office.


Compass Pay will greatly assist parents with approval and payment requirements, and will also assist the office staff and teachers by reducing the paperwork and finance components. Parents will be able to easily access their child’s activities, keep the school up to date with important information, and complete the permission & payment process.


Compass Pay is available to you through the Parent Portal which you can access via the schools’ website with your individual username and password at


To provide the consent/payment required, parents click on the notification which will appear on the home screen under “My News”.  This will take you to the Events page, where you can see all events that require consent/payment, and those that you have already consented to/paid for.


Parents have the option of completing the consent/payment online, or of printing the consent form and handing it in to the office with payment.

By clicking the "Process Now (Online)" option, parents will be prompted to enter information regarding emergency contact details, as well as any relevant medical information.


Full instructions for using this module are illustrated below.  You can also access the Instruction Booklet on Compass under the School Documentation Tab and click on Parents Information.

Should you require any assistance, please contact the General Office on 9366 2555.


You can also click on the link below to view more information on COMPASS.


House Report





On Tuesday 13th, all year 10 students took part in our first ever Year 10 Bocce competition. The competition started in the morning with individual houses practicing in their own spaces. In the afternoon, the elimination rounds saw 20 finalists become 5. In session 6, all the houses came together in the Performing Arts, and pitted their best 5 against each other to gain a place in the finale.

In the end, Buttrose house were victorious taking out first and second place with Freeman picking up third position and Irwin with fourth.

Congratulations to all the year 10 students who all played with enthusiasm and sportsmanship. A big thank you to the teachers who helped and gave up their time. These student champions will face off against our staff champions in a few weeks for our Staff vs Student Bocce Super championship. All competitors have earnt valuable points for their house. Well done everyone!


Congratulations again to the winners:

1st place gold medalist : Trish Le- Buttrose

2nd place silver medalist : Adisu Bayew – Buttrose

3rd place Bronze medalist : Bob Zhang – Freeman

4th place : Delina Duong  - Rosewall

5th place : Thanh Pham – Irwin


Thanks Piera Biondi & Eli Goldbaum



Year 10 Health & Wellbeing Activities

The year 10's were involved in health and wellbeing activities on the 14th and 15th of June run by the Wellbeing team. We started the program with guest speaker Sonya Carass who presented a fun and informative session about safe partying. This was followed by respectful relationships classes, and an afternoon of African drumming. 


The second day of activities included a sexual health update by a visiting Health Promotion Nurse, a session focusing on mindfulness, with a Zumba lesson and BBQ to finish off the program. A lot of fun was had by all. 


Nicole Thompson

Student Wellbeing Coordinator



Year 9 Advance
Solar Buddy

Shining a light for energy poverty

According to the UN Foundation 18% of the world’s population has no access to electricity and a further 15% only has access to unreliable and inconsistent electricity. With this in mind, our Year 9 Advance class sought to make a difference and help light up the lives of those affected.


We purchased 21 BrightBeam Solar Buddy kits with the funds raised from the Earth Hour event held at St Albans Secondary College in March. The Solar Buddy torches were assembled by the students and will be distributed by Australian Aid to Ethiopia. Each Solar Buddy provides one hour of light output for each hour it is exposed to the sun. Their water resistant, strong, LED power makes them a unique modular design suitable for diverse conditions.


The Year 9 Advance students really enjoyed building the torches, whilst being educated about energy poverty, renewable energy and global citizenship.


To the St Albans Secondary College community - thank you for your generous Earth Hour donations to aid global energy poverty.


To quote,

“Illuminating futures, one light, one child and one community at time”



Year 12 French Workshop

Our year 12 French learners came to school bright and early on Saturday morning, the 3rd of June. These students spent part of their weekend participating in the second of two language intensive workshops in Nindethana with teachers Ms Salton and Ms Mackintosh.


The focus was the general conversation aspect of their end of year external examination, where they will be speaking with assessors about the themes of school and home life, family and friends, and interests and aspirations.


Over noodles and cups of tea students learned about how the oral exam will unfold, and what to expect on the day, as well as a number of invaluable tips and tricks for what assessors are looking for, and how to boost confidence, memory and spoken language skills prior to the exam.


This was followed by students working together, note-making, and developing content related to each of the exam themes, as well as participating in mock assessments. Working as a group allowed students to listen to each other’s approaches to similar questions, and to reflect on all performances and discuss how to develop them.

Meet our 2017
Sub School Coordinators 

 Junior School

Ms Lauren Honeycombe

Sub School Leader

7J, 8K, 8L

Ms Marlene Cassar

Assistant Sub School Leader

7H, 8A, 8J

Mr Louie Turner

Sub School Coordinator

7B, 7E, 8B, 8E

Ms Ashwini Mana Mohan

Sub School Coordinator

7D, 7F, 8D, 8F

Mr Louie Traianou

Sub School Coordinator

7A, 7I, 8H, 8I


Mr Owen McIntyre

Sub School Coordinator

7C, 7G, 8C, 8G

Ms Louise Ferguson

Sub School Assistant

Middle School

Ms Becky Annetts

Sub School Leader

9F, 10C, 10E

Ms Shona Cowell

Assistant Sub School Leader

9C, 9D, 10D

Mr Simon Lynch

Sub School Coordinator

9A, 9B, 9I, 10F

Mr Sean Ryan

Sub School Coordinator

9E, 9H, 10A 

Mr Brendan McFarland

Sub School Coordinator

9G, 9J, 10B

Ms Lynda Vo

Sub School Assistant











Senior School

Ms Stav Bekiaris

Sub School Leader

11D, 12D, V1A

Ms Anna Woods

Assistant Sub School Leader

11A , 12A , V2A

Mr Robert Krysinski

Sub School Coordinator

11B, 12B

Ms Laura Gough

Sub School Coordinator

11E, 12E, V1B

Ms Anna Langley

Sub School Coordinator

11C, 12C, V2B

Ms Rosemary Bambery

Sub School Assistant















Junior School Report

Students have earned a well- deserved break for the end of their first Semester.

They have been busy completing work for assessments in preparation for their reports.

Reports will be available the end of this term on Compass.  Next term will provide a few very interesting programs for the junior’s to attend and Year 8 Class Camps will commence.

We wish everyone a nice restful semester break.



Walk It Out Program
contributed by Owen McIntyre


Since the beginning of the year a selection of year 7 and 8 students from St. Albans Secondary College have participated in the Walk it Out program. ‘Walk it Out’ is a mentoring program that is designed to support Pasifika students in their school learning environment by using the strength of the Pasifika Cultures to build character and help make positive choices within differing environments and towards their career choices and dreams.


Our students have embraced the program, which has introduced them to the idea of a school community. The sessions often involve a summary of how the week has been, followed by some goal setting both short and long term. This includes both academic and extra-curricular goals that any of the students may be aiming for. One great example is the desire of many of our students to undertake further study through University or TAFE. The sessions help to break down these long-term goals into easier, achievable short term goals thus providing stepping stones for our students to follow.

Another aspect of the sessions has been to explore the student’s background to see common links in family trees, the meaning of a student’s name, from what region a family resides or what customs this heritage brings with it. The students have grown to really value the sessions and have shown an increased maturity and connectedness to the school since the commencement of the year.


We thank the mentors Lusa, Joseva, Lotu and Taua for helping with the organisation and the weekly running of the sessions. Without their tremendous support the sessions would not run. We will continue to run these sessions through semester 2 and we look forward to the continued student involvement in this program.

Thanks to George  F from 8C who made a valuable contribution to this article.


State Library Victoria

Next term the Year 7 students will be attending the State Library to participate in the Research Launchpad Program.  We are very privileged to be participating in this Program.

Research Launch Pad is a free full-day excursion at State Library Victoria for Year 7 students from eligible schools in greater Melbourne.


In this interactive program, students will:

  • go on a guided tour, getting to know the Library and discovering its amazing historic spaces, including the iconic domed reading room
  • be introduced to special collection items, choosing one to explore in-depth
  • go on a research quest in pairs, asking exploratory questions and capturing their journey in photos along the way
  • create and share their research journey via a digital narrative using Animoto, an easy-to-use video-creation platform


Digital Thumb Print

All year 7 and Year 8 classes will participate in a workshop about online presence and safety in August.  Digital Thumbprint seeks to develop savvy, proactive members of Australia’s online community, now and in the future.



We require attendance of 90% in order to pass subjects.

If your child is absent we require either a note signed by the parent or guardian explaining the reason for the absence. The note needs to include your child’s name, their class and the date of the absence. If your child has attended a doctor or dentist please ask for a medical certificate as that will not count as an absence.

You may also ring a leave a message explaining your child’s absence. The phone call or note need to be brought to the coordinator on the day the student returns to school.



Now that winter has approached please ensure your child has a jumper and or wet weather jacket. Only white or black scarves are permitted. Please don’t leave shoes outside overnight and your child’s name should be written on all articles of clothing.  Hoodies, canvas shoes and coloured t-shirts are not permitted. Please ensure all clothing is labelled.




  1. Go to a local bike track and go bike riding or rollerblading. A great way to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine and exercise.
  2. Have a movie afternoon great for a rainy day. Rent a couple of good movies, make some popcorn and snuggle up with blankets and enjoy the movies.
  3. Cook some special treats or family favourites
  4. Smile! Get the camera out and take some photos, download them on the computer and create a slide show.
  5. Do some Gardening or make a herb garden pot, they are fantastic and useful too
  6. Write and create a play or short story, see who is great at drama, acting and writing.
  7.  Play board games Monopoly, Scrabble, Hungry Hippos, and more if there are a few of you have a tournament.
  8. Do a Jigsaw, set up a special area and let everyone help - the harder the better.
  9. Lots of Local Libraries hold story-telling/writing workshops during school holidays, and then you  can borrow some new books to read
  10. Have Fun!



Happy Holidays from the Junior School Team


Lauren Honeycombe

Junior School Sub School Leader

Middle School Report  

Over the last few weeks, students in both Year 9 and Year 10 have completed their end of semester tests and exams.  This can be a stressful time for students, especially as it often involves some disruptions to their usual timetables.  All of the students deserve huge congratulations for their behaviour during their exams.  There was very good attendance at all the Year 10 exams, and the students arrived on time and prepared to do their best.


On Tuesday 13th June, Year 10 students competed in an inter-house bocce competition.  The rules were explained to the students before they were divided into two groups and the challenge commenced.  All the students had a really good time, many finding a new talent and skill over the course of the competition.  

Congratulations to Trish Le of 10B who was the eventual winner.  Trish will go on to challenge Ms Mackintosh who was the victor in the staff bocce competition.  Good luck Trish!


The following day, Year 10s were visited by a guest speaker who spoke to the students about being safe during social situations, the laws related to alcohol consumption, driving and private parties, and where to go for support and guidance.  In the afternoon, they took part in a workshop run by a group of African drummers, with a number of students showing their musical talents.


To end Semester One for Year 10 students, a double period of zumba was organised for Thursday 15th June, followed by a BBQ lunch and sports games and activities in the afternoon.  All students were encouraged to take part in the activities, and there were some very interesting dance moves on display.  The lunch helped recharge some energy, and the afternoon saw some great inter-house competition in athletic events and skills games.


A huge thank you to Nicole Thompson and the Well Being team for their organisation of the days, Ms Piera Biondi for running the bocce competitions, and Mr Brendan McFarland and his VET Sport and Rec class for organising and supervising the sports activities.


Year 9 Activities

The ABCN Goals program continued in the CBD on Wednesday 14th June, with the students beginning their goal-setting journey with their mentors.  We hope they enjoy this opportunity and that their experiences are helpful in preparing for the challenges of Year 10 in 2018.


Year 10

Semester Two will begin for Year 10 on Monday 19th June, with changes to students’ electives, and in some cases, their English and Maths teachers.  With work experience taking place in the first two weeks of Term Three, it is vital that students settle into their new classes quickly and maximize their learning opportunities over the last few weeks of term.



Finally, a reminder to students and parents about school uniform now that the colder weather has arrived.  Students are not permitted to wear non-school uniform jumpers, fleeces, or hoodies under their school jackets; a school uniform jumper must be worn.  Hats must not be worn inside the school building, and scarves must be the school black or white scarf only.  The uniform shop is open on Mondays and Thursdays from 12.15-1.15 should students wish to purchase a school scarf or other items of uniform.  Thank you for your support in ensuring our students are dressed smartly for school each day.


The Middle School team wishes all students and their parents and guardians a well-earned rest for the upcoming holidays.

Senior School Report  

Semester Two started on Tuesday 13th June and VCE students are now doing a Unit 2 or Unit 4 study. VCAL students are working at meeting their competencies.


The Unit One exam results for Year 11 students are an indicator about a student’s readiness for a Unit 3/4 study, so now is a good time to start speaking to your child about pathway choices beyond Year 11.  A number of students have already changed into a new Unit 2 study. 


Your child’s report will be available on Compass from Friday 30th  June.


On Wednesday the 28th June, we will host our special yearly event, the Year 11 assembly to celebrate “100 days of VCE/VCAL success”. This is always an exciting event, with speakers including our alumni students providing helpful advice sharing their successes. Students will also be receiving awards for their contribution to the school as well as academic achievements and theere will be afternoon tea provided.


On Tuesday 1st August, there will be no formal classes for Year 11 students as they will be choosing their Year 12 subjects. They will only be required to attend school for an appointment with a course counselor.  It is vital that students choose their subject carefully once they receive their booklets and are realistic about their choices. Once they start in Year 12, it will almost be impossible to change a subject or unit of study.


The GAT (General Achievement Test) was on Wednesday 14th June 2016. There were about 250 students who sat the GAT in school’s gymnasium.

 On Friday 16th June, all Year 12 VCE students did their first ‘Practice Exam’ for English/EAL/English Language.  This is going to be marked by external assessors.  The school has put hours of work and resources into organising this for students to benefit from and get the most out of it. We do this early on in the year as this is the most crucial time for all Year 12 students to start putting in extra time and effort to their studies to get the most out their final year at school. 


The VCAL students are still working with our community and are thoroughly enjoying their work and the responsibilities they have been given.  They are continuing their work at the Sunshine Hospital, Chase, Scope and the Smith Family.   

Some groups of Year 12 VCAL students have organised an excursion to the Immigration Museum and one to the Melbourne Zoo. They did all the planning for it as part of the PDS requirement.


CHASE Program

The Year 11 VCAL students completed the Education Phase of their Chase program and will begin the next step with the action phase.

The Action or Project component enables students to implement their knowledge and skills into projects that will improve health in their school or within their community. These projects may include implementing healthy foods in the canteen, petitioning to local council members about improving bike paths or developing lunchtime running groups. The students may also develop projects that incorporate into already existing school groups. The projects will be facilitated by the mentors and driven by the students.




Year 11 VCAL will also be involved in a certificated course on Financial Literacy supported by the Smith Family during their numeracy classes.

The Smith Family has taken selected activities from the MoneyMinded resource and developed our Financial Literacy Course consisting of five 2 hour sessions. Completion of all 6 elements of this course allows you to gain the qualification of FNS10110 Certificate I in Financial Services.

This Course will show you how to:

  • Set financial goals
  • Create a budget
  • Look at Needs vs Wants
  • Develop a savings plan
  • Recognise scams
  • Better understand credit, debt and debt traps
  • Find assistance if you are in too much debt
  • Understand taxation
  • Understand the basics about superannuation
  • Understand the role of regulators such as the ACCC and ASIC and how they can help you.


A facilitator with nationally accredited training qualifications will deliver the course.  Students will receive a certificate at the end of the sessions if they complete all modules



Again, we would like to thank parents who contact us when their child is absent for any reason. This is of great assistance to the Year Level Coordinators, as we call home regularly if there are any unexplained absences. The Case Management process continues to monitor closely the attendance, achievement and individual needs of all our students. Please contact us on 9366 2555 if you have any queries or concerns about your child. 



From the General Office

General Office Hours 

8.15am to 4.15pm        

College Expectations 

Some important expectations are outlined below.

Attendance, Uniform, Punctuality  

We greatly appreciate the support we receive from parents to make sure that your child attends school regularly & punctually, is in full uniform, and is well prepared for all classes with books and equipment.

Being prepared for classes  

It is expected that students have the required books & equipment for each subject, as well as a student diary to record homework & assignments.

If you need any assistance with ordering books, please contact the General Office.


Students must have a minimum of 90% attendance in all classes at each year level.


Full uniform must be worn to and from school, at school and on all school excursions, including interschool sports.




Monday - 12.15pm to 1.15pm

Thursday - 12.15pm to 1.15pm


Purchasing uniform for your students is also available online.  Please log into our website at

and cick on the Uniform tab.


Please note:

  • Only the 3 approved styles of school shoes are to be worn
  • PE / Sports shoes must be lace up runners with non-marking soles
  • Facial piercings are not to be worn at school
  • Make-up is to be kept to a minimum.


Is expected at the start of each day & for all classes.  Any student who is late more than 4 times will have a Friday detention from 3.20pm to 5.20pm. 


The consequences for lateness to school are as follows:


1st Late

Coordinator Warning.


2nd Late

After School Detention:  

3.15pm -  3.45pm.  

Sub Schools to contact home.


3rd Late

After School Detention:  

3.15pm -  3.45pm.  

Sub Schools to contact home  – advise that next late will be a Friday Night Detention.


4th Late

Friday Night Detention:  

3.20pm -  5.20pm.  

Students that complete their Friday Night Detention have their next late treated as a 3rd LATE.  A subsequent LATE means a second     Friday Night Detention & student is placed on a ‘Blue Sheet’.


Blue Sheet

Student is on a ‘Blue Sheet’ for 2 weeks. Coordinator meets Parent/Guardian to explain the Blue Sheet process.


Unsatisfactory Blue Sheet

Parent interview with SSL & PCO. 

Strategies discussed – possible suspension.



Extra Curricular Activities - What's on around SASC in 2017

Before School


Wednesday & Friday 

Breakfast Club

8.15am - 8.45am

Free Breakfast served in D3









Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo

Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day
In the gym with Mr Lakovski


SEAL Keyboard Orchestra

In Performing Arts with

Ms Sungmongkol


Debating Team

In F9 with Mr Rowland



Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo



Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day

In the gym with Mr Lakovski


Makers Club

In the Library


SEAL Keyboard

In Performing Arts with Ms Sungmongkol



SASC Dance Crew In Performing Arts with

Ms De Silva


Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo



Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day

In the gym with Mr Lakovski


Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo



Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day

In the gym with Mr Lakovski


Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo



Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day

In the gym with Mr Lakovski


Drawing Club

In G3 with Mr Nishioka

After School



Library open from 8.00am until 4.30pm


Library open from 8.00am until 4.30pm


Lux Divas

In Performing Arts with Ms Sungmongkol


Library open from 8.00am until 4.30pm


Library open from 8.00am until 4.30pm


The After School Study Program

3.15pm until 4.30pm in the Library with Ms Woods


Library open from 8.00am until 3.30pm


July School Holidays Show Bags

Looking for something to do these holidays?


Brimbank Youth Services has Show Bags for young people aged 12 to 17 years who live, work or study in the Brimbank Municipality.


What’s in the Show Bag?

• Double pass to Sunshine Leisure Centre

• Double pass to Three Sixty Trampoline Park with the choice of 30min on the Virtual Reality game or 60min trampolining

• Double pass to AMF Watergardens with the choice of bowling or laser tag


*There are no other costs involved at the venue when the voucher is presented.  


These Show Bags are available for $15 or $4 for Centrelink Concession Card Holders and can be purchased from the following venues, from June 30, until sold out:


Visy Cares Hub

80B Harvester Rd, Sunshine

Deer Park Library

4 Neale Road, Deer Park


Sydenham Library

Watergardens Town Centre

1 Station Street, Taylors Lakes


St Albans Libraries

71A Alfrieda Street, St Albans


If you would like information on other activities being held over the school holiday period please go to and click on What On In The West.

Information will be available from June 28.


Individual Needs

The Individual Needs Department at St Albans Secondary College are excited to advise parents, students and the wider community of a new website, packed full of great resources, information and ideas. 


Developed by the University of Canberra, in collaboration with all state and territory education authorities, the website is a general resource for students and their families about the rights, and support that schools can provide individuals, highlighting information such as: 

  • The Disability Standards for Education 2005 are law and they apply to education providers in Australia.
  • The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) protects people with a disability from discrimination.
  • Students with allergies or chronic illness are protected by the DDA. 

To find out more, visit and bookmark the site for future use.


Should you have wish to discuss any of the content and how it impacts on your child at SACS, please do not hesitate to discuss with our Individual Needs Coordinator, Hannah Morton on 9947 3622. 


Ms Susan White

Individual Needs Administration Assistant

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