St John Vianney's Newsletter

18 March 2020
Issue Seven

'St John Vianney's school Community Is Committed To The Victorian Child Safe Standards'

Dates to Remember 
 Principal Post
Harmony Day - Bullying No-Way 2020
Religious Education
Around the School.....
Class of the Week: 3/4HP
Get to know our staff..... Interviews by our Publicity Captains (John and Georgia)
 2020 OPEN DAYS 
Secondary College News
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Community News 
St John Vianney's Catholic Primary School
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Dates to Remember 

Important Dates


Thursday 19th - Open Day Tours  9:15am & 10:15am

CANCELLED  Friday 20th - Parent Helpers Session 9:00am - 9:45am Staffroom  

CANCELLED  Friday 20th - Year 5/6 Summer Sports

CANCELLED  Friday 20th - 3/4 Incursion - Council Talk 10.00am - 11.00am Performing Arts Area

CANCELLED  Saturday 21st - Rite of Acceptance Confirmation Enrolment - 6.00pm  Mass

CANCELLED Sunday 22nd - Rite of Acceptance Confirmation Enrolment - 8.30am, 10am & 5.00pm Masses

CANCELLED  Monday 22nd - Wednesday 25th - Year 3-6 Swimming 

CANCELLED  Friday 27th - Year 3-6 Swimming 

Friday 27th - END OF TERM 1  -  3:15pm FINISH



Tuesday 14th APRIL - Closure Day

Wednesday 15th April - Students return for Term 2. 8:45am

CANCELLED Friday 22nd May - Confirmation


Term Dates

TERM 1 – 30th January – 27th March(NORMAL FINISH 3.15PM) 

TERM 2 – 15th April – 26th June (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

TERM 3 – 13th July – 18th September (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

TERM 4 – 5th October – 16th December (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

Camp Dates 


YEAR 4 CAMP - 2nd - 4th September (SOVEREIGN HILL)


Coronavirus update

 I sent the last Coronavirus update via email to you this afternoon. Please read this carefully.  

As has has been mentioned in past correspondence  our first priority at St John Vianney's is the health and safety of our school community. Be assured we will continue to provide you with the latest information and advice as we receive it from Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CEVN). 


Helping our students through this challenging time

It has been a challenging time for all within our community and I thank you all for your ongoing support and care we have for another.

Cancelling  or postponing many of our 'normal school activities' (see email sent on Monday 16th March) has been necessary to best protect the health of all. 

We are all aware that some people in our school community have heightened levels of concern and anxiety regarding the many impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

These thoughts and feelings are normal and understandable. 

To this end we hope that the information we provide and the actions we take to minimise the  risk,  are helpful to everyone. Of course if anyone would like to chat with me/ leadership about any issues  feel free.


We share with you a child friendly document that some teachers may have used with their classes to assist at this uncertain time. You are welcome to also use it at home as it may assist in having good conversations with your child.

  • Talk to children about the situation, if they feel particularly anxious or stressed. You have a key role in helping your children  feel prepared and safe. 

Thank you for continuing  to work with us in reiterating  the importance of:

  • practising good hand and respiratory hygiene (Washing hands, Covering nose or mouth when you cough and sneeze). 
  • not giving high fives, touching others, shaking hands
  • continuing healthy habits:  drinking water, getting plenty of sleep 

Please be assured we are reminding our students regularly about the importance of good hand and respiratory hygiene.


  • If students are unwell we remind you as usual to keep them at home to get better and avoid passing any illness to others. 
  • When reporting an absence to the school you are required to give the reason for the absence as we need this to be recorded on our database.

School continues to be open as has been directed by the authorities; this is being reviewed constantly. (See today's email update) If you have chosen to keep your child at home please  note that you should engage with your child's learning in the following ways:

  • Continue daily reading. Reading (to, with & by). Discuss characters, main ideas.
  • Write a journal/ engage in various writing pieces/ including hand writing
  • Complete Maths activities using  real life Maths activities including cooking, gardening and mapping 
  • Playing card games and board games
  • Design and complete projects of interest
  • Complete homework that has already been set

The above activities apply for the present time. If the situation of school closures changes we will review and provide appropriate learning activities for students.


As mentioned in the Principal's Post we have been notified that the Sacrament Confirmation in the Archdiocese of Melbourne has been suspended until further notice. 


To everyone -  thank you for your ongoing support; continue to care for your family and be mindful for all within our world who are living in most uncertain and complex time. 

 Principal Post

From the Principal. . . 

Dear Families, 

Our Prep Pizza evening held last week was a fabulous night enjoyed by all! Our students had a fantastic time 'coming to school at night' and entertaining us all with their bucket filler song. 

It was heartening to hear form our parents and hope that they continue to feel connected and important part of the community. More News in our Family Engagement Page!


If you child is away it is imperative that you contact the school no later than 9.30am. You can do this by contacting the school on 03 8543 4444 and leaving a message.

Please ensure you state your child's name, class and reason for their absence.

Coronavirus Update

See Previous Page 


Rite of Enrolment for Confirmation candidates- Weekend Masses 

The Rite of Enrolment for Confirmation Candidates which was to take place at this weekends Masses has been posponed.


We have just been informed that Confirmations “throughout the Archdiocese are to be suspended until further notice, effective immediately."

Enrolment for Preps 2021

If you are a  current family and have a  child beginning Prep in 2021 you should  have received on Friday 6th March via your eldest child an enrolment form to complete.  If not, please ensure that you have picked up an enrolment form from the office.

We would like all current families with a child beginning Prep to  have handed in their enrolment form to the office by this Friday 20th March. 

Having an accurate tally of our  'sibling numbers'  for Prep 2021 assists us in  planning how many Prep positions we have for new families. 

School Closure Day

The School will be closed for students on TUESDAY APRIL 14th (First Day of Term 2). The staff will be working  we prepare for our External Review. The Review will predominantly take place across 4 days in  August/September.  We will keep you updated. 

Open days - Prep 2021

Once again our Open Day tours held yesterday for 2021 were a great success! You would be so proud of your children who so speak so proudly  and demonstrate such good manners when prospective families visit their classroom. Our School and Publicity Captains are excellent on these tours!!  


As parents, you are the greatest advocate for our school.  Don't underestimate the power of your words to prospective families!!  There will be a number of Open Days in terms 1 & 2.


The next Open Day for this term will be  tomorrow: THURSDAY March 19th. (All Dates are displayed on our Open Day Flyer further along in our newsletter.) 




There is also a flyer in the office with all the dates and times for Open Days.


Remember I would be most grateful  if you are able to assist by:

  • promoting our school to your friends and neighbours
  • giving a flyer to a neighbour, or a friend from Kinder or Child Care
  • placing a flyer in your shop or business 

 If you can assist please come to the office and see Miss Leyla tomorrow.

Catholic Church Insurances (CCI)
Student Care

Students are covered for some medical treatment should they have an accident at school or on school endorsed events (camps excursions etc). You can find out further details in the following flyer. 

We strongly encourage all families to subscribe to Ambulance Victoria for a family membership. it costs less than $100 a year. Without membership it may cost considerably more. Do check whether 'ambulance subscription' is covered in your Private Health Fund. 

Please note that all school staff are authorised to ring an ambulance for your child should we judge it to be required. We would ring the ambulance first then the parent.  


Toilets for parents and toddlers

Parents and toddlers are able to use the toilets at the Church which is open (side door) from about 8am - 3pm Parents and toddlers should not use the student toilets. Please come to the office if the Church is not open so we can assist you.

Safety around parking

Another  friendly reminder to all parents and grandparents to take particular  care when dropping off or picking up children. At peak times there are many students, parents, grandparents and toddlers around both the Parish Carpark and at the Back Gate.  It can be quite congested and requires everyone to be extremely watchful and patient. Please be mindful of pedestrian traffic. For the safety of everyone, please be careful and follow the instructions of any school and street signage. Please be  respectful of  the rights of local neighbours when you park in the surrounding streets to drop off or pick up your children. The Council does and will continue to enforce fines on people who are not obeying the law. Fines are significant. 


At Police Road, John our Crossing Supervisor, does an amazing job, getting students and community members across the crossing. Please be particularly careful when approaching the crossing in your car and never drive through the crossing when the Supervisor steps out on to the Road. 


At the Back Gate:

In the mornings, Pedestrian Traffic walking to school down Studley Street on the south side path should cross with teacher supervision at the corner of St John's Way.  (Prams excluded)

Harmony Day - Bullying No-Way 2020

SJV Harmony Day - Bullying No-Way 2020 - Friday 13th March

The colours were vibrant and bright, the costumes and traditional dress looked phenomenal and there was orange everywhere.


It was a great day when we celebrated our SJV Harmony - Bullying No Way Day last Friday, 13th March. The students participated in activities that celebrated and recognised diversity and inclusion in Australia and at St John Vianney’s. They participated in activities that took place during the day and during our Harmony Day Prayer Service. Our activities include an Indian Dance, Aboriginal Games, a session about our culturally diverse classroom and a session about Bullying and the effect on people. 


During our prayer service, the focus was on how wonderful it is to have such a diverse community. This was also evident in the parade at the end of the day where each of SJV's cultures had an opportunity to show their traditional dress and parade in front of the school.



In a time where our community needs to support each other more than any other, our students showed how this can be achieved. To be respectful of others and at the same time proud of our own heritage is something of which we can be very proud.


A big 'well-done' to all the students and staff at SJV for such a fantastic event. 


Claire Russo (Religious Education Leader) and Rudolf Lameijn (Student Wellbeing Leader)

Religious Education


As has been previously mentioned in this newsletter our first concern at St. John Vianney's is the health and well being of our children and their families. Therefore the celebration of Reconciliation   has been temporarily postponed. We will inform families when we have more information as to when the sacrament will be celebrated. 





A message inspired by Matthew 6


You do not need to worry. Do not be afraid.

Worry will not add a single second to your day.

The lillies do not worry. They look up to the sky.

The sparrows do not worry. They spread their wings and fly.

Sometimes there is sunshine. Sometimes there is rain.

Be at peace my little friend, the sun will rise again.

Like lillies you will grow. Like sparrows you will soar.

God loves the earth and animals, and loves you even more.

Undoubtedly we are experiencing some challenging times at the moment. However let us not forget that Our Loving Father loves us all, cares for us and in him we place our faith.

Project Compassion 2020

Project Compassion is Caritas Australia's annual Lenten fundraising and awareness-raising appeal. Millions of Australians come together in solidarity with the world's poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity. Through our generous donations during Project Compassion this year, we will be empowering communities with hope and helping those in great need to shape a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Please continue to donate to this wonderful cause.

As Pope Francis said, “The future does have a name… and its name is hope.”


Have a wonderful week.

Claire Russo

Religious Education Leader

Around the School.....

Congratulations Cyrella!!

Congratulations to Cyrella (5/6N) who  competed in the Primary School  Eastern Metropolitan Region Carnival and was placed 1st in the 50 metres Freestyle and 2nd in the 50 metres Butterfly.   A brilliant achievement!! Cyrella will now compete in the State Championships!



Parent Helpers in Prep, 1 and 2 - cancelled 

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the Parent Helpers due to the current Coronavirus situation. Please stay tuned for the new date in Term 2.


Emma (1/2 Level Leader), Jane (Foundation Level Leader) and Ru (Wellbeing and Family Engagement Leader)

Pizza-with-the-Principal Prep Evening

A big thank you to all the preps and prep parents for joining us in our Pizza-with-the-Principal community conversation last Wednesday night. It was a wonderful night with great attendance. We are currently looking at the feedback and determining what we can do for our community. Keep your eye out for further events in the future. 


Ru (Wellbeing and Family Engagement Leader)

Visual Arts News




The Creative Arts Exhibition which was to be held at the Catholic Leadership Centre has been CANCELLED

I  ask our school community if they are able to help with the collection of some materials for upcoming projects.  If you are able to donate any of the following we would appreciate your kindness.

 Wool           Coloured Buttons          Embroidery Hoops             Cardboard tubes ( not toilet rolls)

Any of these items can be dropped off at the office.

Many Thanks

Paula Perkins

Class of the Week: 3/4HP


We have had a great start to the year in 3/4HP. The students have been hard at work creating wonderful pieces of work. Below we have collected some of our most interesting pieces across various curriculum areas.


This term we have been focusing on the narrative genre. We have investigated different types of narratives and their language features. For this activity students listened to the classic story 'The Three Little Pigs'.  Students then had to modify the story's parts of speech to create a new twist to the story. Here is some of their awesome work.


We have made connections between currciulum areas by linking our visual arts to our Inquiry topic of Identity. In this art piece, students used water colours to paint a portrait of themselves and then surrounded it with words relating to their identity.



After reading the story 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper, the students thought about the important 'ingredients' that are needed when making and developing friendships. Students then created a 'Recipe for Friendship'.



In religion we have been learning about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We investigated its significance in the Catholic journey and explored the different stages of repairing our relationship with God through Confession. 


Get to know our staff.....
Interviews by our Publicity Captains (John and Georgia)

Mrs. Withers - Literacy leader

Hi Mrs. Withers, it is lovely to talk to you. 


Q. What is your favourite subject to teach in class?

A. Anything to do with reading.


Q. When did you start working in schools?

A. In 1984


Q. What is your goal this year? Why?

A. My work goal is to focus more on student data to improve my teaching.


Q. Which subject is most important to you for students to learn? Why?

A. English because it underpins all other areas of learning for students and you need a good knowledge of English to be successful.


Q.What are your hobbies?

A. Reading, going out for dinner, sitting at the beach with a glass of champagne, and talking to people

Mrs Fernon - Student Services Leader

Hi Mrs. Fernon, thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us. 


Q. When did you start working in schools?

A. I started about 30 years ago


Q. What do you want the students to pursue at this school?

A. I want the students to be the best they can possibly be.


Q. What is your goal this year? Why?

A. My goal is to work with teachers in teams to support their students


Q. What are your hobbies?

A. I love walking, yoga, plays/musicals and I love reading.


Q. What is your favourite book or book series?

A. Neil Daniher

 2020 OPEN DAYS 

Open Days 

It is so important that we continue to spread the word about the wonderful SJV Community. 

To that end please tell your friends at Kinder or those in your street or friendship group.

Here is the Open Day Flyer with dates.

Should a prospective Parent not be able to attend the Open Day they can ring the office to make another time for a Tour. 

If you have a shop business  where you are able to display in a window  an OPEN DAY FLYER please come to the Office to pick one up. We would be most appreciative. Another good way of building our partnership! 




We acknowledge the following birthdays from 
Wednesday 18th March- Tuesday 24th March

Happy Birthday! We hope that you enjoy your special day!

- Andy 3/4IM

- Isabelle 1/2LF

- Karolina 5/6R

- Krishay 1/2LF

- Sofia 3/4RH

- Duke 1/2GP

- Charlotte 5/6LS


Secondary College News

Killester College


Open Day Tours


Mazenod Tour Dates


                              Tuck shop 

The tuckshop at SJV is open from Wednesday to Friday only.

You can order a lunch order via CDFpay  or Via a brown paper bag with money in it.

Please note: The cut off time for CDFpay is strictly 9.30am




Program Details

For more information about our programs and fees, you may visit our website If you prefer to speak to us, you can contact our exceptional Customer Care Team that is available to support our families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - except for National Public Holidays. Alternatively, you’re welcome to visit us in service and chat with our qualified Educators about the Camp Australia program at your child’s school.


We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!

From the Team at Camp Australia

                              Coordinator: Brigitte                                                     Phone: 0423 793 662

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Community News 

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St Elizabeth Market Night - CANCELLED! 


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