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19 March 2020
Issue Four

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Home learning: New Challenges, New Opportunities
  Compass- Are You Connected?
Parents & Friends Community
LOTE Mandarin 
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Home learning: New Challenges, New Opportunities

Home learning: New Challenges, New Opportunities

Like many schools, Brighton Primary is starting to put plans in place for ‘home learning’. For most of us, this is a first! As educators, we will be learning as we go and are likely to make some mistakes along the way. We are looking at this as both a new challenge as well as a new opportunity. Whilst we will continue to be guided by the DET we are also thinking of ways to be proactive now so that we ensure learning for students continues in the event of a school closure. 


What is home learning?


Globally, many schools have already been closed for extended periods of time. You may have heard this referred to as: home learning, digital learning, remote learning, distance learning or e-learning. 


Regardless of the terminology, the essence of home learning is: The experience students will have when school remains in session however when students are unable to physically attend school because of campus closure. Our teachers are considering how we can deliver instruction that allows students to continue to learn. 


What might be some of the guiding principles? 


The internet is currently buzzing with many resources shared about home learning. One of the key messages from schools already in this scenario is to keep it simple. We want families and students to feel supported. 


We are mindful that students in grade Prep are very different to students in grade 6. We will need to differentiate the learning based on the capabilities of the students and it will look different for different students and grade levels.


Initially, we expect to be sharing a suite of learning experiences in different curriculum areas. These will be completed at a time convenient to individual students and families. This is known as ‘Asynchronous’ learning. 


What tools might we use to deliver the learning?


We currently have access to a range of digital tools to share information with parents and students. Our aim to continue with familiar platforms for both the parents and students. Some of these may include: 

  • Compass

  • Snapshots via iNewsletter

  • Google Classroom for senior students

  • Mathletics

  • Essential Assessment

  • Epic (Reading)

The DET has indicated they are developing a learning platform and resources that may also be available to support home learning. 


How often will there be communication between school and home? 


This will depend on the duration of the closure. It will also likely change and evolve as the situation develops. 


What might be some challenges?


Nothing can replace face-to-face teaching and learning and the relationships teachers have with students within the classroom learning environment. Depending on the length of closure we will look to explore the possibilities around maintaining the social connections associated with learning. 


Feedback is a key aspect of learning. The logistics around receiving learning engagements back from students will be a challenge. Initially, teachers may provide answer sheets where appropriate or checklists and ask parents to be involved in providing feedback. Students may also self-assess depending on the learning engagement. 


Will all the learning be online or digital? 


Learning tasks will be shared digitally. However, students may be asked to write in notebooks to balance screen time. Not all households have printers so if a worksheet is shared this may be viewed on the screen and completed on paper or in a workbook. There may also be a combination of digital and paper-based tasks, e.g. students watching a short video then answering some questions. Additionally, there may be some other tasks that involve students completing ‘hands-on’ activities, e.g. reading, writing, problem-solving, measuring, drawing, speaking, etc. 


What will teachers be doing during the day? 


Teachers will continue to be learning focussed. They will use this opportunity to work on our current school goal of strengthening reading. They will use digital tools to have online team meetings. Teachers will be analysing assessment data collected during Term 1 and continue to plan across a range of curriculum areas. 


We trust that you can understand the complexity of this situation and we look forward to embracing the challenges and opportunities that a home learning scenario may present should the need arise. 


This week, grade levels are re-launching their snapshots. These come in fortnightly cycles and will use the same program as the newsletter. You will receive a Compass feed with the link to each snapshot. 


The links are also below for your easy reference:

Click on grade level to view fortnightly snapshot

Grade Prep   Grade 1 Grade 2
Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
Grade 6 Specialists  


Kind Regards

Steve, Joel and Sonya. 



FUN FRESH FOODS -  Canteen & Lunch Orders Still Available

The Fun Fresh Foods team would like to reassure all of our loyal customers that during these unsettling times it’s business as usual!!  We are still here Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Recess and Lunch Orders & over the counter  sales.  
All staff are following strict health & hygiene standards required to ensure the highest level of food safety. Our pantry is stocked and we’re ready to serve fun, fresh and seasonal foods for your children to enjoy.


School Assemblies & Fun Lunch Event Postponed 

In line with advice from the Chief Health Officer, we will not be holding our school assemblies until further notice.  End of term Fun Lunch has been postponed. Payments made for sausages will be credited to the next Fun Lunch event.  Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedentd time.

Assembly Performer 6th March

Thank you Mikayla W. 4A for a wonderful performance on the keyboard.

School Banking Important Notice

Due to the rapidly developing situation with coronavirus, School Banking has been temporarily paused from 20 March 2020 until the start of Term 2.

Please do not bring your deposit book with your weekly banking into school & we will notify you when banking will recommence.


The school would like to thank Wei Wei and her team of volunteers for their dedication in running this program for BPS families during the term.  Please keep watch in the newsletter to be informed of when school banking will recommence. 

  Compass- Are You Connected?

Please check you are able to log onto your Compass account.

To the BPS community,

In the event of school closures, families are able to keep abreast of what is happening with their children's school by receiving Brighton Primary School's latest updates generated by the Compass School Management System.

We strongly encourage all parents to take the time now to ensure that your Compass password is current and you are able to log on using your chosen device.  

  • Each family has a family Compass user id which is made up of 3 letters and 4 digits.  e.g. JOH0001 and linked to Parent A.
    • Split families- each parent has their own separate Compass user ID and password to log in to Compass.  It is important that both parents regularly log in to Compass to keep abreast of information relating to their child 
  • Forgotten your password?
    • Passwords - If you have forgotten your password you can reset your password through the login screen on your desktop clicking on the "Cannot access your account" link.  Alternatively, on both android and iOS devices clicking 'Forgotten my password' will direct you through the same steps.

If you cannot remember your school user-id please email


Parents & Friends Community

Dear BPS parents & friends,


In a world where something is being cancelled everywhere you look, I’m pleased to report that the BPS annual Easter Raffle is going ahead and tickets are on sale now for $5 on Qkr! The raffle will be drawn (regardless of whether school is open or closed) on the last day of Term 1 - Friday 27 March. Winners will be notified about how to collect their prizes.


Thanks to the very generous support of Sam and Nadene at Brighton Chocolates (334 Bay Street) and Scott Bull’s DreamCity (, we have a great prize pool…


Easter Raffle – Buy your tickets now!  

Buy $5 tickets on Qkr! by 4PM on Wednesday 26 March.

Drawn Friday 27 March.

First prize: 1 kilo box of 96 French bonbon chocolates – ‘Assortment Ville de Paris’. Milk and dark chocolates with hazelnut, almond, or coffee fillings. Includes a beautiful, frame-worthy keepsake print of painting of a Parisian street scene. Value: $125. Donated by Brighton Chocolates. PLUS A family pass to DreamCity. Value: $78. Donated by Scott Bull. Total prize value: $203.

Second prize: Large, 775-gram chocolate bunny – Rohan brand, made in France.  Value: $65. Donated by Brighton Chocolates.

Third prize: Hamper containing 1 white chocolate and 1 milk chocolate bunny, Rohan assorted chocolate eggs, Rocky Road, and Astir praline chocolates. Value: $55. Donated by Brighton Chocolates.


Parents & Friends Lunch – Postponed

The BPS Parents & Friends Lunch – Friday 20 March 2020, 12-2:30PM at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club, has been postponed. We hope to run the event later in 2020.


Support a BPS student business

We had planned to have a ‘Happy Little Marketplace’ at the Parents & Friends Lunch and several BPS students had been preparing stock for their stall. Ellis Benson and Jack Beaumont, from Grade 2, now have lots of The Bees Bums Bees Wrap Wax Kits available for sale. They contain everything needed to make bees wax wraps including fabric, pure bees wax, application brush, greaseproof paper and instructions. A great school-holiday activity for the kids! To make a purchase, contact Caroline (Jack’s mum) on 0405304340 or Shelly (Ellis’s mum) on 0424239300.


“Brighton Bites” Cookbook – on sale on Qkr!

The amazing cookbook, featuring contributions from many BPS students, parents and friends, is still on sale on Qkr! and available for pick up from the School reception. Compiled with families in mind, the book features simple recipes kids will love to make and eat, as well as more advanced dishes to stretch an advanced cook and delight adventurous tastebuds.

Danielle Johnston on behalf of the PFC committee.



LOTE Mandarin 

News from Mandarin - 

Grade 5 has had a taste of the Chinese language this term. We explored where the language is spoken and recognised the cultural differences between China and Australia. At the start of the term, students learnt about the Chinese Lion Dance and its cultural significance, as well as basic greetings. In the last two weeks, students learnt how to count from 1-10, and figured out how the number system works in Mandarin, allowing them to use their knowledge to count up to 99!


Grade 6 students continued to expand their knowledge in new words phrases, and learn about various cultural aspects of China. In term 1, students learnt to use a Chinese calligraphy brush and ink to write characters and practiced the correct way of using chopsticks. They are also beginning to introduce themselves by their age, grade and family members.




On 11th March at Carnegie outdoor pool the following students were representing BPS and Seaside District at the Division Swimming Carnival:


For our grade 4 students this was their first opportunity to compete at this level whilst some of our grade 6 students were competing for the last time in a primary school swimming event.

The students were seeded on their qualifying times and were often in lanes 3 and 4 as the fastest entrants to their events and at this level they are not only competing against the state schools but the private sector as well.

Many thanks again to our incredible support crew of parents who all stayed to support the team and cheer them home.

At the end of the carnival we have 6 students progressing to the Regional level at MSAC on the 26th March with one more hurdle to overcome before qualification to the State Championships.

Good luck to:


Sophia G, Phoebe K, Phoebe S, Feicity S: 4 x 50m freestyle relay,

Lachlan K: Freestyle and backstroke,

Ewan W: Freestyle and backstroke.



Karen Pain



District Swimming - 4th March

Earlier this month, our 27 strong district swimming team had the privilege of competing at MSAC outdoor pool and follow in the wake of some of the sports elite.

The competition was really strong across the 8 seaside schools and our students did BPS proud with their skill, determination and sportsmanship shown to their fellow competitors.

What was most pleasing was that the students who had learnt in December last year that they had made the team had clearly embraced the challenge, practised over the holidays and in a number of cases improved their personal best times by up to three seconds!

It was great to see so many parents and to hear our team cheer each other home. Thank-you so much to our swim guru Lucy, Pip, Carolyn and Amanda.

Our swim captains, Emily and Elic showed the type of leadership and high standards expected of our grade 6 students and supported the grade 4 swimmers to get the most out of this wonderful experience.

At the end of the carnival we came away as second place finishers and we have 12 students progressing as event winners to the next round at Carnegie Pool next Wednesday and we wish them the very best of luck:



News from the Health Centre



‘Coronavirus: a guide for parents’ a special report presented by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Child and Adolescent Psychologist can be found here. 

PYP Learner Profile Certificates

Assembly PYP Learner Profile Certificate Recipients - 6 March 



TeamKids Holiday Program

Due to the current COVID-19 health concerns, TeamKids has seen a large decrease in bookings across a number of our Holiday Program venues. As parents commence work from home precautions and some of our schools have announced closures during the holiday period, we are currently reviewing our bookings and commencing a final marketing push this week to alert families that we are still open and operating an altered program to reduce the risk to children and staff while at TeamKids.


Currently, Brighton is averaging 4.7 bookings per day across the two week school holiday program, and as such we are reviewing operating the program during this period. We are closely monitoring bookings and will make a final decision on whether the program will operate on Monday 23rd of March, giving families ample notice of a decision to close, should that be the required action. 


We thank the Brighton Primary School community for their support and understanding during this unprecedented time and will endeavor to keep you updated via Compass as soon as any operational decisions are made.


Warm Regards


2021 Future Prep Parent Information Sessions


Photo: Karen Gittins

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