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20 March 2020
Issue Four
North Geelong Secondary College
03 5240 5800
130 Separation Street
North Geelong, Victoria, 3215


Key Dates

24 MARCH            Parent Teacher Conferences 7-12


26 MARCH            Athletics Day - Landy Field


27 MARCH            Last Day Term 1

                                 (1:30 PM Finish)

13 APRIL               Easter Monday

14 APRIL               Term 2 Commences

20 APRIL                Year 7 Immunisations

Mr Nicholas Adamou


Grade 6 Parent Information Evening/Open Night Prospective Parents for 2021 

The Parent/Carers/Student Information Evening/Open Night for our 2021 Year 7 intake was held very successfully on Thursday, 12 March, 2020. A large number of parents/carers and prospective students visited the school and experienced the teaching and learning programs that NGSC has to offer.


The Information Evening provided prospective parents/carers/students the opportunity to visit our school, talk to teachers, students and current parents about our community, our close knit family and what it has to offer them in relation to curricular, extra-curricular, individualised and specialised programs.


In my welcoming speech, I spoke about the school’s high expectations from students, staff, parents and the wider community and the fact that the school is a 'School of Choice'. The Victorian Government has made it abundantly clear that parents can choose any school for their children, provided the school has capacity. I also stressed the importance of parents/carers matching the educational needs of their children with the educational programs a school has to offer. We all know, and research informs us, how important the decision in choosing the right Secondary College is to the future success of the child.


Highlights of the evening:

  • Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM program; Nao Robot, Robotics, Drones, Spheros)
  • Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program
  • Scholarship Program
  • STAR Literacy & Numeracy Intervention Program
  • ACE Literacy & Numeracy Intervention Program 
  • Digital Technologies (iPad and BYOD) Programs
  • iLeaders Program
  • Significant Teacher Program
  • Excellence in Sports Program (Football and Soccer)
  • Performing Arts Program/School Productions
  • Instrumental Music Program
  • International student Program
  • EAL Programs
  • VCE, VET and VCAL Programs

It was a pleasure to meet so many new and also current families during this evening. I take this opportunity to thank all our staff and, in particular, our students who have supported this evening, presenting to parents or just by answering parent questions about their experiences and what they have been learning at the school. Our students are great ambassadors to our wider community and I, as their Principal, together with the whole school community are very proud of them.


Students know that I hear them and my goal is to provide the best possible learning opportunities ensuring their future success.

Coronavirus/Covid 19

As you will appreciate the situation is rapidly changing and it is difficult to have all the answers. However, as a school community we will continue to follow all DET guidelines and put all precautionary measures in place to deal with the situation.


We are committed to ensuring the wellbeing of all involved with the College and it is important to note that at this time we have no confirmation of coronavirus within NGSC community. We know, however, that some schools in Melbourne have closed for a period of time and that there have been a small number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Victoria.


I ask for your support, as members of our community, to keep calm and when having conversations with other parents to inform them that the school is exercising all precautions to minimise the likelihood of any outbreak within our community. In the event of an outbreak within our school community or if we receive advice from DET/authorities requiring the school to close the school will notify its community immediately, predominantly though Compass and SMS.


Prevention – advice to students and families

At home:

  • If you feel unwell or have any cold or flu like symptoms do not come to school. Phone your GP.
  • If you or a member of your family test positive to COVID 19 please notify the College immediately on 5240 5800

At school:

  • If you need to cough or sneeze, please do so into your elbow, not your hand.
  • If blowing your nose please use tissues and dispose of them in a bin or toilet after use.
  • Wash your hands regularly using soap and running water for 20 seconds. Dry them with a paper towel or  by using a hand dryer. Put the towel in a bin.
  • Use the sanitizers provided in all school bathrooms 
  • Wash your hands this way before you eat.


  • Tissues are available from reception.
  • All toilet blocks have supplies of soap and sanitizers
  • Do not put any paper other than toilet paper or tissues in a toilet.

Most importantly:

  • Be cautious, exercise common sense and logic. Be alert but not panicked or alarmed.

Additional Information is available  from the Department of Health and Human Services by following this link: ways to reduce your risk of coronavirus_0.pdf

School Council Elections

This year we have had four parent vacancies for a two year appointment (2020 & 2021) and two DE&T employee member vacancies for a two year appointment (2020 & 2021). We also have had one student vacancy for a two year appointment (2020 & 2021).


At the close of the call for nominations in the Parent Category for School Council there were four nominees for the four vacancies. The following parents were therefore, elected for a two year term:

  • Ms Christine Wilson
  • Mr Dirk Heitmann
  • Ms Angene Smith
  • Ms Lyndal Jones

At the close of the call for nominations in the Department of Education & Training DE&T Category of School Council there were two nominees for two vacancies. The following DE&T staff member were, therefore, elected for a two year term:

  • Mr Tim Humphries
  • Mr Joel McDougall   

At the close of the call for nominations in the Student Category of School Council there was one nominee for one vacancy. The following student, therefore, was elected for a two year term:

  • Ms Abby D’Andria

Congratulations to the parents, DE&T staff members and student member who have joined our School Council and thank you to all for showing interest in school governance. Working together makes a huge difference in improved student outcomes and in students’ lives.


On behalf of the school community, I thank the outgoing council members (parents & staff). Their contribution has been paramount to the life of our College Community.  Thank you very much.

2019 Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)

The 2019 AIP is based on the 2017 – 2020 School Strategic Plan.


The annual implementation plan (AIP) describes how the key improvement strategies in the school strategic plan, and other significant projects, will be put into operation during the year and how they will be monitored. It assists schools to:

  • plan and communicate their work for the coming year and how this will lead to achieving their identified goals and targets
  • ensure efficient and effective allocation of resources to complete the work
  • monitor progress and success.

The 2019 AIP is posted on the school’s website.

Annual Report 2019

Annual reporting is an important tool for effective governance within schools and across the Government school system. Reporting to the school community adds value in a number of ways:

  • Keeping the school community informed
  • Contributing to system accountability and meeting legislative requirements
  • Relationship between the planning and annual reporting processes

The Annual Report is prepared by the School Principal and presented to parents and the wider community to inform them of the school's activities and achievements throughout the previous year. The report also provides an opportunity to communicate and publicise the longer term directions for the school. Please take your time to read through and familiarise yourselves with the 2019 Annual Report. A copy will be published on the school’s website.


The Annual Report will be posted on our website asap.

Student Appearance

All students at North Geelong Secondary College are expected to take pride in their personal appearance. Jewellery, make-up, hair colour and style must be discreet as per the school expectations and policies. Earrings must consist only of sleepers or studs in the ears.


It is the school’s preferred position that students do not have facial piercing i.e. any facial piercing other than the ears. However, for students who already have facial piercing they have the following options:

  • the facial piercings are removed during the school day, including to and from school.
  • the facial piercing is discreet and clear plastic
  • a band aid is applied on the piercing during the school day, including to and from school.

Under no circumstances will metal facial piercings be accepted.


Therefore, new facial piercings cannot be obtained during the year due to the healing time required for metal piercings.

Personal Property brought to school

Personal property is often brought to school by students and visitors. This can include mobile phones, electronic games, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises. I wish to remind you that, DET does not hold insurance (excluding the school’s iPad Program) for personal property brought to schools and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property. Students who choose to bring their mobile phones to school must store them safely in their lockers during the school day as per the Department’s ruling.


I wish to discourage students and visitors from bringing any personal property to school, in particular, valuable items and if you choose to do so it is entirely at your own risk. 


Mr Stan Koullas & Ms Sarah Bridges

Acting Assistant Principals

Mr Bradley Headlam & Mr Paul Dawson 

Assistant Principals


The focus for the next two weeks will be on teaching the students the right way to seek assistance in the classroom.


The key behaviour we hope to see on the SWPBS behaviour matrix under the value of Respect is the right of “everyone to learn in a supportive environment”. 


A supportive environment requires all students to exhibit behaviours that allow students to learn and teachers to teach. If students are able to see assistance in a respectful manner then all students in the classroom will not be distracted by inappropriate behaviour.

Seeking assistance in the classroom

  • Put your hand up and endeavour to catch the eye of the teacher
  • If the teacher acknowledges your hand and advises that you are next, then put your hand down
  • Wait patiently for assistance. Try to continue to work out the problem whilst waiting
  • Be specific with your question
  • You may seek help from the person next to you if appropriate
  • Listen attentively as the assistance is given
  • Thank the teacher for their assistance.


It is often the case that school holidays are a time when some young people feel that they can behave in a manner that is less respectful than when they are at school. This can include online bullying. Please keep the communication lines open between you and your children so that any incidents of bullying can be shared and resolved. Here is an excerpt from the kids help line for teens. Follow the link to access more information about bullying and what to do. Also, you can report bullying to the police.


What to do if you’re being bullied?

There’s always something you can do.

Here are some ideas:

  • Keep your distance from the bully
  • Don’t bully them back
  • Tell them what they are doing is not ok
  • Talk to an adult you trust
  • Take time to do something nice for yourself
  • Have someone help you report cyberbullying or assault.


The latest Progress Reports were released last week.  Parents have been encouraged to support their child’s learning by having conversations with them about their Performance Average scores and celebrate their success and also how they can improve areas that need further development. We have found that the discussions around the scores being lower than 2.5 have resulted in a marked improvement for many students. These students will be further monitored and supported by the Student Management Team with Parent/Carer meetings and Student Support Groups implemented. Scores that are consistently below 2.0 may see the student repeat the Year in 2021. We will also celebrate the students who are receiving high Performance Averages and who show marked improvement after the next round of Progress Reports. This will be an opportunity for those students to shine.


Students in the SRC have recently been participating in several leadership development discussions. Last year they worked through the Students’ Attitudes to School Survey and shared their thoughts with staff in a number of different forums. We are pleased to report that this is continuing this year under the leadership of Mr Hill (Student Engagement Learning Specialist). A number of the findings highlighted that there are some areas of improvement required with the Middle Years students but in particular the engagement of girls in Year 8-10. Having identified this as an area to improve, the College has embedded goals in the Annual Implementation Plan that incorporate improving in this area. 


We have enlisted a team of 20 students to participate in a Girls Forum with support from Mrs Durran (Middle School Leader), Mr Hill, Ms Cropp (YLC Assistant), Ms Henry (YLC Assistant), Mr Headlam and Trish, Georgie, Meryl and Tina from the SWC. The plan going forward is to have our students identify a number of objectives for the school, which the staffing team will build into the school program throughout the year.

Part of this program included an empowering self-defence introduction from Amelia and Dave from Art of Defence Australia. The objective being primarily to ensure they had a powerful voice in all discussions whilst learning about being safe, assertively in the wider community. This was a resounding success and in all the discussions following, staff facilitators gathered some fantastic objectives.



Following the self defence program that students participated in this week it occurred to me that I had not only been in education now for 20 years but also it was about 20 years since I had first observed the self-defence classes. Not a great deal has changed but the glaring concern that I noticed this week was that the language had changed slightly. We have gone from “these are the top 5 situations women might encounter” to having the might removed altogether. Having kids of my own and working with hundreds of teenagers each day this was frightening and confronting. To delve into this further it does not take long to come back to the issues around social media with teens. There is an immediate and unfair peer pressure of influence that leads our children in the wrong direction and the end of this pathway is dangerous. It also speeds up the rate at which younger siblings are exposed and this is also concerning as possibly we have not even started the conversation around their boundaries. In the last month I would have talked with a dozen parents and families on the issues and have identified that a consistent approach would support parents. We would like to continue a discussion with parents and would like to shape that discussion with your input. Please contact Mr Headlam for further information on how you could participate. In the meantime compromise with your children to identify boundaries, permit use in visible areas of the house, if you permit use then not at the expense of their sleep, conversations, dinner, homework etc.


New date to be identified and communicated to parents asap.


The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse women’s group has been meeting regularly already this term and recently they started engaging in workshops on how to use Compass and accessing Centrelink. Nestor, Sef and Meryl have been pivotal in the organisation of this group and I would also like to thank Alison Costa and the school catering team for their support in keeping the group well fuelled. Last week we discussed logging into Compass and accessing reports. This week we discussed how to book into Compass Parent-Teacher interviews. Please contact Nestor Estampa or Sef Agahzaman if you would like to know more about CALD meetings.



Please be advised that we are happy to run sessions for parents in need of support with using Compass. If you would like to arrange a session please contact Mr Headlam on phone or through email


This week we have had 500 students from seven local Primary Schools visiting our College and participating in Cooking, Art, PE and STEM activities. They were lead by Year 7 SRC members, former students of their Primary Schools and our dedicated teachers who gave up their time to run the activities.


The NGSC Information Evening was held on Thursday, March 12, with over 350 people in attendance. Families from as far and wide as the Golden Plains, Lara, Anakie and Ceres were present. Our student leaders from the SRC, iLeaders and Excellence in Sport Program represented the College outstandingly, complimenting the amazing work that staff from all learning areas put in.



James Cowan-Clark

Assistant Year 8  Coordinator


It has been a huge start to 2020 and a massive term for the Year 7 and 8 students. Already we have had the Year 7 and 8 School Captain’s chosen and the SRC (Student Representative Council) selected for 2020.


The Year 7 SRC team is Harley-Rose Bramich, Ethan Papazoglou, Billy Diwell, Jacob Thomson, Chad Taylor, Ryan Hasan, Samuel Bolton, Noah Woods, Jacinta Furlong, Phoenix McCleish, Lucy Heitman, Ava McMahon Jones, Ruby Stainthorpe, Thomas Diprose, Gloria Baraka, Angel Psihomanis, Nick Psihomanis, Marli Phillips, Hunter Carmichael and Chelsea Orrock. Congratulations to Ryan Hasan and Jacinta for being selected as the Year Level Captains for 2020.


The Year 8 SRC Team is Declan Stojanovski, Lachie Vanderhoeven, Jana Badr, Seth Mccleish, James Weatherly, Henry Reed, Emily foot, Nivetha Ranjithkumar, James Hose, Elsie Erjavec, Bella Hosking, Brodie Orrock, Ethan Lamont, Hteemoo Yohellaymusaw, Genevieve Sheehan, Emelia Vanoyen, Gavin Bullock-Foran, Nick Muli, Charlotte Williams, Jaida Cunningham and Esther baraka. Congratulations to Jana Badr and James Hose for being selected as the Year Level Captains for 2020.


On a final note, thank you everybody for being understanding of the school and the decisions we have had to make over the last fortnight in regards to camps and excursions. We understand this is a very stressful time for everybody, but we will continue to endeavour to do our best to support your child’s education. In saying this, please be mindful to take home books and learning devices in case we have to move to online learning.


Have a great end to Term 1 and a great holiday break.


Rebecca Durran

Middle Sub-School Manager

Morrisby Online Assessment

This week all Year 9 students have been involved in the Online Morrisby Assessment Survey which has been facilitated by the careers team here at North Geelong Secondary College. All Year 9 students in Government schools will have access to:

  • An online personal career discovery tool that identifies potential suitable careers in a report
  • Analysis of their career assessment report by an accredited career practitioner
  • A follow up one on one career counselling session to discuss the outcomes of their assessment and future options.

If your student was absent during the time their class completed the online assessment there will be opportunities for them to complete this in early Term 2. Please be in contact with the Careers Team if you have any further questions.

Middle Years Girls Forum

20 Year 9 and 10 girls participated in a Middle Years Girls Forum on Thursday, 12 March. These girls had the opportunity to participate in a self-defence session, analyse our engagement data and have a facilitated discussion about issues and solutions in our school and the wider community.




Sarah Bridges

Assistant Principal/Senior Sub School Manager


Our students continue to show leadership and maturity to our school community. At recent sporting events students represented the school with pride and enthusiasm. It is also pleasing to see some students leading and coaching junior teams.  This last week has been a busy time, particularly for VCE and VCAL students who have been completing SACs and working hard to meet outcomes. Well done to all for their continued efforts.


Please keep reading the updates that are being sent during this difficult time and be assured we are following VCAA advice and doing our upmost to support our students.


Tim Humphries


Senior Girls Volleyball

On Friday, 6 March, North Geelong Secondary College entered two teams in the GSSSA Senior Girls Volleyball Competition.


Pool Results:

NGSC “A” def Lara SC

NGSC “A” def Newcomb SC

NGSC “A” def Matthew Flinders GSC

NGSC “B” def by Northern Bay SC

NGSC “B” def Oberon HS


Grand Final:

NGSC “A” def Northern Bay SC to win the GSSSA Senior Girls Volleyball Pennant.


This takes the team through to the Western Metro Region Finals to be held (possibly) in Term 2.



Vera Dudas 

Multicultural Community Liaison Officer


Regretfully, due to essential action by the Educational Department, the second Multicultural Committee Meeting on Monday, 16 March, did not go ahead.  


Hopefully our guest speaker from Centrelink will attend our next meeting which is scheduled for May 4.


I wish you all a safe and restful holiday, until we meet again next Term.

Kellie Phillipps

EAL Coordinator

Last week we said farewell to our most recent Assistant Japanese Language Teacher, Ms Minori Goto. Minori was with us for four weeks and made an invaluable contribution to our classes, improving student engagement and all facets of learning. The feedback from students was very positive. They benefited greatly from Minori’s expertise and friendly manner. Minori has reported that she has arrived safely home to Japan. We thank her for her participation and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.



City of Greater Geelong
Free Program
My Story

Expressions of interest from people with a disability to be submitted by Friday, 27 March, 2020.

Bell Post Hill Football and Netball Club


Women's Swimming Program


Australian Air League
Geelong Squadron is now Enrolling


Is Your Lollipop Person the Sweetest?

Nominations are open now, and close on Friday, 8 May, 2020, go to the School Crossings Victoria website and complete an online nomination.

ATOM Photo Comp
Entries Close 9/4/2020


2020 Table Tennis Junior Sessions Monday Nights


Opportunity for Students and families to become an Aussie Host Family 


Women's Football
Bell Park Dragons


Free Parenting Forum
"The Teen Brain"
18 March, 2020


Little River Country Fair
20 March, 2020


Youth Art Show
3-5 April, 2020


Barwon Health Immunisation Centres and Hours

Hamlyn Heights
Youth Space

How Deep Are Your Pockets?

As the weather improves Barwon Coast and others are seeking your support in helping to protect our sand dunes.  As inviting as it is to run up or play in sand dunes, this damages the dunes, the plants and the animals that live there. Enjoy the coast, and share our shores by staying out of the dunes at all times to ensure the dunes continue to provide us with access to the beach. 



Victorian School of Languages

North Geelong Centre

Located at

North Geelong Secondary College


The Victorian School of Languages is a specialist Government school offering complementary language instruction outside of regular school hours. It enrols students in Years 1 to 12, who are unable to study their language of choice in their mainstream school. Students from all educational sectors (Government, Independent and Catholic) are eligible to enrol.           


The Victorian School of Languages offers quality courses aligned with Government curriculum standards, based on communication skills, that include; speaking, reading, writing and listening. Its VCE Program is fully accredited and can advantage students in the calculation of their University entrance score.  


The school`s Language Program is delivered through face-to-face teaching in over 40 Language Centres situated in government Secondary Schools across the state, and through Distance Education mode.


In North Geelong, classes are held on Saturday mornings between 9:00 am and 12:15 pm at:

North Geelong Secondary College


Languages offered:      

Croatian, Karen, Vietnamese, Dari, Persian, Polish, Macedonian, Bosnian, Turkish and Russian

*New languages may be offered subject to demand*


For enquiries Telephone: 5277 9833


Further details and enrolment are available online at our website:


Discover the World of Languages!                 

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