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11 February 2020
Issue One
Our Vision
Principal's Report
Upper Ferntree Gully Awards
Dates to remember
Out of School Hours Care
        Notices and Reminders
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Our Vision

Our Vision

To be an engaging and inclusive learning community where students are confident, creative, curious and lifelong learners.

Our Values

Respect        Teamwork       Resilience        Integrity


We respect ourselves by valuing who we are and doing our personal best.

We respect others by treating them fairly and in the way we would like to be treated.

We respect our community by being inclusive/friendly to others and taking care of our environment.


We make sure that we contribute.

We make sure that we encourage and give others the opportunity to contribute.

We work together to achieve the best we possibly can.


We accept feedback and use it for improvement.

We bounce back when things just don’t seem to be going right.

We make an effort to make things right again.


We are honest with each other.

We are accountable for the decisions we make.

We own up to our mistakes.

Principal's Report

Start of the Year

We have had an amazing start to the year. The students have come back settled and ready to learn. It is great to see how much they have all grown and to hear about all of their adventures over the holidays. 


We always start term 1 with the setting up of our school expectations. We talk about our values and explicitly teach them across the term and the year. This is an important part of being a School Wide Positive Behaviour School. We look at the best ways to learn, play and have fun together as a school.


This year we are also continuing to reinforce the STOP, WALK and TALK approach to playground incidents. If you don't like what is happening say STOP, WALK away and TALK to a teacher. Ideally students wouldn't have to do this however we know that we can only control our own behaviour and not the behaviour of others.

Ready to Learn

There are a few changes to routines this year and we have been having big talks about what we need to do to be organised and ready to learn.


The music now goes at 8:50am however the actual school day starts at 9am. This is to let student sknow that iyt is time to come in and read. We found the bell at 9 works perfectly as they can stay in their seats and are not distracted by the music.


Students have a few things they need to bring to be ready to learn:

  • Water bottles
  • Brain Food - Fruit or vegetables for 10am
  • Book Bags on a Monday
  • Hats
  • Sunscreen in a roller for face
  • Lunchboxes with nude food and healthy snacks

Teachers have been talking to the students about being independent and doing what they can do and helping out at home to be ready for school and learning.

Family Night

Just a reminder that February the 28th is Family night. We are hoping for good weather as we will be visiting the outdoor cinema and watching 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Please RSVP to the school email address so we can get an idea of numbers as it only holds a certain amount of people.

Bunnings BBQ

Please email the school if you can help out at the Bunnings BBQ on March 29th. Anytime from 8am to 5:30pm and even if its half an hour we'd love the help. This is a great fundraiser for our school. We are eacger to replace the basketball backboards into ones that are more weather resistant.

Multipurpose Room

Our Multipurpose room has had a fabulous refersh. It has been painted and the floor polished to bring it up to a great standard. It looks great and it is wonderful that we were able to receive funds from the Victoria School Building Authority to achieve this long term goal.


A reminder that we hold our whole school assemblies on Mondays at 2:45pm usually in the multipurpose room. If you get the chance please come along.


Our school newsletter will be published each fortnight. Most of our communication is now through COMPASS. The weekly awards will go up on the COMPASS news feed the week before they are presented at assembly.

Have a great week everyone.


Upper Ferntree Gully Awards

Awards are usually handed out at assembly the following Monday after the newsletter is published.

Student of the week

F/1 W  Benji - for showing great resilience during your start to foundation! Keep up the great work!

1/2 D  Connor - for your excellent start to the year! Keep it up!

2/3 C  Elijah - for starting the year with a positive attitude and showing respect to others.

4/5 H  Will Mu - for always being helpful and staying on task.

5/6 P  Charlotte - for settling in nicely to the school year and practicing the school values.

Maths Awards

F/1 W  Xavier - for your excellent concentration while counting small collections! Well done!

1/2 D  Jacob - for trying your best during Maths! You have done a great job!

2/3 C  Flint - for his excellent concentration during Maths sessions last week.

4/5 H  Connor - for being involved in class discussions and having a strong love of Maths.  

5/6 P  Callum - for thinking about your strategies during Maths games.

Writing Awards

F/1 W  Ivy - for your great contributions to class discussions while learning about the letter 'B'.

1/2 D  Benya - for being a fantastic independent writer!

2/3 C  Amalia - for writing meaningful connections to the texts she is reading.

4/5 H Jayden - for writing an amazingly creative narrative.

5/6 P  Alec - for thinking about and doing fantastic planning for a new narrative piece.

Dates to remember



No Foundation students at school


Tuesday 18th

Swimming carnival


Friday 21st

District Swimming 


Wednesday 26th



Friday 28th

Family night - Cameo Belgrave


Monday 2nd

Clean Up Australia Day


Tuesday 3rd

Division Swimming - selected students only


Monday 9th

Labour Day


Thursday 12th

Ride to School Day


Friday 13th

Curriculum Day - no students at school


Tuesday 17th

Whole School Excursion


Wednesday 18th

School Council


Friday 20th

Harmony Day


Monday 23rd

District Tennis


Tuesday 24th

District Tennis


Wednesday 25th

District Tennis


Friday 27th

Last day of Term 1 - 2.30pm finish


Sunday 29th

Bunnings BBQ





Term 1 - Staff return Tuesday 28 January

Grades 1-6 Thursday 30 January

Foundation Friday 31 January TBC * No Wednesdays for first 4 weeks

End Term 1  Friday 27 March  2:30pm finish

Term 2 - Tuesday 14 April - Friday 26 June 13 2:30pm finish

* Easter -  Friday 10 - Monday 13 April

Term  3 - Monday 13 July - Friday 18 September 2:30pm finish

Term 4 - Monday 5 October - Friday 18 December 1:30pm finish

Out of School Hours Care

Program Times                  Full Fee 

Before School Care         $12  

6:45AM – 8:45AM

After School Care             $16                 

3:30PM – 6:15PM


If you need to cancel a booking, please remember to ring the office as soon as possible. If you are interested in our After or Before school care program please speak to the office.


Prompt payments would be appreciated.

Just a reminder that it is a legal requirement that you must sign your children in when dropping them off in the morning and when picking them up.  

        Notices and Reminders

Notices published this week

3-6 Swimming


School Contributions Payments


Outstanding OSHC invoices and payments from 2019

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