06 February 2020
Issue One

Inspired by the Spirit, we are a strong community supporting and leading learners in a safe and inclusive environment. 

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From the Principal


Welcome to 2020!

Well here we are at the start of another school year! A sincere and warm welcome to all our families. It has been lovely to see all the children returning to school after their break and to hear  their holiday stories. A big WELCOME  to our 16 new families who have joined our community with our new Prep intake. The Preps commenced last Thursday and are settling in extremely well to the routines of school life. Tonight our Prep families have been invited to the oval for an informal Pizza night. This will be an opportunity for our Prep parents and their children to meet with one another at the start of the year in an informal setting.

Along with our new  Prep families we also welcome the Boukouras and Macleod families who have joined our school in various other classes. We hope you enjoy your time here at COHR and feel very welcome in our community.


This year we also welcome the following new staff to our school:

Mrs Jo Cowan - Deputy Principal and Religious  Education Leader

Mrs Clare Inwood– 5/6 Class Teacher

Miss Samantha Cannizzaro – Teaching in 5/6SC and 5/6F

Mrs Daniela Vecchi – Italian Teacher


Today we celebrated our first whole school mass together as a community. We prayed that God would guide us and bless us in this new year of learning. Thank you to those parents who came along to join us.


Our newsletter will continue to be published fortnightly. The newsletter will be distributed via email, FlexiBuzz and via our school website. Any additional information or updates (required between newsletters) will be communicated via FlexiBuzz.


Tomorrow morning, immediately after the bell, we will hold our first Friday morning assembly. Tomorrow we will be presenting our Preps and new students with Welcome Certificates. All parents are welcome to come along.

Building Update

If you have been into school lately you will have noticed the progress being made with our new building. We are getting very close to moving in. At this stage there is every chance we could be moving in as early as next Thursday and Friday. An inspection of the works will take place early next week to determine whether or not we are permitted to move in. Even if we are delayed a few extra days we still wont be far away from moving in.

At this stage it is planned that 5/6I and 5/6C will move into the new rooms upstairs. 3/4S and 3/4D will move into the new library temporarily and 3/4GR will move into Room 113 (downstairs) temporarily. Once these classes have moved out of their existing rooms the builders will commence refurbishing them. This work will be carried out through this term and it is anticipated that the building program will be completed early in Term 2. Once completed the four 3/4 classes will occupy the four newly refurbished classrooms in the top corridor.


We keep the Ramalinga family (Lucas 3/4S) in our prayers following the recent passing of his Grandfather.

School Nursing Program

Samantha Malin, a visiting primary school nurse from the Department of Education and Training, will be attending the school to conduct the Prep health assessments and to see other children as requested by teachers (with parents’ consent). 


The purpose of the visit is to provide children in their first year of primary school with the opportunity to have a health assessment; to link children, families and school communities to services available in the community; and to provide information and advice that promotes health and wellbeing.

The confidential questionnaire will provide important information about your child’s health so the nurse can make an effective assessment. If your child requires further assessment, such as vision, hearing or speech assessments the nurse will see him or her at school.

For parents of Prep students:

  • If you would like your child to participate in the Primary School Nursing Program please indicate this by ticking the YES consent box (page 5), sign and fill out the questionnaire and return the completed student entrant health questionnaire to  school.

  • If you do not wish your child to participate in the Primary School Nurse Program please tick the NO consent box (page 5), sign and return the student entrant health questionnaire to school.

Parents are invited to contact the visiting primary school nurse if there are any issues they wish to discuss. The contact number is 0412 161 470.

Parent Information Evenings

These meetings will be a valuable opportunity to meet class teachers, hear more about class expectations and responsibilities of your children as well as hearing a little about the focus of the year.

Meetings will be held in the hall and commence at times according to the level.


Monday 10th February     Prep Level – 6:30pm Monday 10th February               1/2 Level – 7:30pm


Thursday 13th February  3/4 Level – 6:30pm Thursday 13th February            5/6 Level – 7:30pm


A reminder that we will be using the Flexibuzz app to contact parents regarding upcoming events, reminders and our fortnightly newsletters. Class teachers will also use this app to inform families of classroom notices. The Flexibuzz app can be downloaded onto an android device, iPhone, iPad or a windows phone. WE are hoping that all parents join so that we can improve our communication with you. For those of you who have already downloaded the app, please ensure you have updated your child's new class to receive the relevant information. 

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parents are invited to meet with their child's classroom teacher on either Tuesday 18th or Wednesday 19th February. These interviews are an opportunity for parents to share with their child's teacher relevant information which will assist the teacher to better understand the needs of the child as a learner. Interviews have been allocated in 10 minute time slots.

The following dates and times for these interviews are as follows;

Tuesday 18th Feb 4pm - 7pm

Wednesday 19th Feb 3pm - 5pm (PLEASE NOTE: students will finish at 2:30pm on this day

To book an interview time please make an online booking on

using the code:     bxftw

Classroom Cuisine

Classroom cuisine will again provide our lunch order service on every day except Tuesday.

All orders need to be placed online before 8.30am

School has no access to this service and will not to able to place late orders. For information or to order, please visit https://classroomcuisine

School Hats

A reminder that all children are required to have their school hat for recess, lunch and PE. Please ensure hats are clearly labeled. 

School Banking

School Banking will be every Tuesday morning. Please ensure you have updated your child's class on the banking cover. If you would like to open a school banking account, you just need to go to to register.


Foundation (Prep)                                              

Jill Palermo(Mon-Thur)/Emily Stafford(Fri)Prep PS


Level Two (One/Two)

Kim Goddard                                                           1/2G

Rachael O'Hallaron                                               1/2 O

Emily Leckie                                                             1/2L


Level Three (Three/Four)                                                Sarah Den Elzen                                                      3/4D      Karen Gosling(Mon-Wed)                                    3/4GR

Nicole Russell (Thur/Fri Term 1)

Elise Rimmington (Thurs/Fri Term 2-4)

Kristy Sly                                                                       3/4S

Tanya Ticca                                                                  3/4T


Level Four (Five/Six)

Ilona Cetrola                                                              5/6C

Emily Faella /Sam Cannizzaro(Wed)               5/6F

Clare Inwood                                                             5/6I       

Sarah Counihan/Sam Cannizzaro(Mon)         5/6SC



Karen Wakeling           Resource Centre & ICT (Tues,Thurs,Fri)

Sue Tobin                       PE (Tues,Thurs,Fri)

Jon Bode                        Performing Arts (Tues/Thurs)

Daniela Vecchi              LOTE (Italian) (Tues/Thurs)

Marissa Kilbride           Visual Arts (Wed)

Georgina Torrisi            Digi Tech & Media Arts (Fri)


Learning Diversity

Suzanne Neil


Learning Intervention & Extension

Franca Paduano


Reading Recovery & Intervention

Maria Falla


Learning Support Officer

Lorraine Hill

Isabelle Georgalas

Vicky Kalliontzis

Anna Giannikos

Carolyn Heil

Tim McDonald



Virginia Macdonald (Mon,Thurs,Fri)

Rachel Bernardo (Tues,Wed, Thurs)


Position of Leadership

Franca Paduano      Teaching & Learning Leader

Jill Palermo               Teaching & Learning Leader

Emily Faella               Wellbeing Leader

Franca Paduano        Literacy Leader

Karen Wakeling         ICT Leader

Sarah Counihan        Numeracy Leader

Suzanne Neil              Learning Diversity Leader

Jo Cowan                     Deputy Principal/Religious                                                  Education Leader

Brendan Welsford    Principal

Child Safe Standards

In meeting with Child Safe Standards I would like to remind parents of the need to have a current Working With Children Check if you intend on volunteering here at Christ Our Holy Redeemer.

The Working With Children Check (WWCC) helps protect children from physical and sexual harm.                                                                                   

It does this by screening people’s criminal records and professional conduct and preventing those who pose an unjustifiable risk to children from working with or caring for them. To volunteer at Christ Our Holy Redeemer as a parent helper, a check is required. To apply for the check, please visit the government website and follow the details.

Please ensure you put Christ Our Holy Redeemer as the place where you will be volunteering, as your check details will then be forwarded to the school. The only cost to parents will be the passport photo required for the card. All forms are online. Paper forms are no longer available from the Post Office or schools.

Please complete, print and submit forms at an Australia Post office with your attached photo. The school will be notified via a letter once your check has been verified and granted. If you already have a Working With Children Check and the school does not yet have a copy, please bring your card to the school office so a copy can be made for our records. It is each parent’s responsibility to update their Working with Children Check and notify the school when a new card has been issued.

We greatly appreciate your time and support with school activities.

All parents are required to sign a copy of our Code of Conduct. These forms will be sent home next week. Could you please sign and return to the school.

Medication / Medical forms

All children who had medication at school were sent home with it last year. Please check expiry dates and  return to school along with up to date Asthma / Anaphylaxis plans. A reminder to also update your Caremonkey details.

Financial Assistance Information for Parents

The annual CSEF amount per student will be:

$125 for primary school students

$225 for secondary school students.

How to Apply

Contact the school office to obtain a CSEF application form or download from

For more information about the CSEF visit

Learning Diversity

Learning Diversity

Learning Diversity : Meeting students diverse needs in 2020

Just a reminder about the additional services we provide for students at Christ Our Holy Redeemer. 

We have a Psychologist, Rochel Baker who works here on Tuesdays and Thursdays for student counselling. Counselling is a one on one session in a relaxed, confidential environment catering to a variety of student needs, ranging from anxiety or grief to social skill difficulties and many other needs.

In 2020 we are also in the process of providing access to a parent initiated Occupational Therapy service which will provide support for:

  • Fine, gross and visual motor skills

  • Self care, self regulation and organisation

  • Sensory processing as well as muscle strength

  • Play and social skills interaction

  • Attention and concentration  For contact information regarding costs.

If you are interested in either of these services please contact the school office on

9569 8966 or Suzanne Neil either by phone or email.


Suzanne Neil  - Learning Diversity Leader


Maths News


How can parents of young children help at home?

Research shows that parents play a key role in helping their children learn mathematics concepts involving time, shape, measurement and number. This mathematical knowledge developed before school is predictive of literacy and numeracy achievements in later grades.

One successful approach for strengthening the role of parents in mathematics learning is Let’s Count, implemented by The Smith Family. This builds on parents’ strengths and capabilities as the first mathematics educators of their children.

The Let’s Count longitudinal evaluation findings show that when early years educators encourage parents and families to confidently notice, explore and talk about mathematics in everyday activities, their young children’s learning flourishes.

Indeed, children whose families had taken part in Let’s Count showed greater mathematical skills than those in a comparison group whose families had not participated. For example, they were more successful with correctly making a group of seven (89% versus 63%); continuing patterns (56% versus 34%); and counting collections of 20 objects (58% versus 37%).

These findings, among many others, are a strong endorsement of the power of families helping their children to learn about mathematics in everyday contexts.

What parents can do to promote maths every day

Discussing and exploring mathematics with children requires no special resources. Instead, what is needed is awareness and confidence for parents about how to engage.

However, our research shows that one of the biggest barriers to this is parents’ lack of confidence in leading maths education at home.

Through examining international research, we identified the type of activities that are important for early maths learning which are easy for parents to use. These include:

  1. Comparing objects and describing which is longer, shorter, heavier, or holds less.

  2. Playing with and describing 2D shapes and 3D objects.

  3. Describing where things are positioned, for example, north, outside, behind, opposite.

  4. Describing, copying, and extending patterns found in everyday situations.

  5. Using time-words to describe points in time, events and routines (including days, months, seasons and celebrations).

  6. Comparing and talking about the duration of everyday events and the sequence in which they occur.

  7. Saying number names forward in sequence to ten (and eventually to 20 and beyond).

  8. Using numbers to describe and compare collections.

  9. Using perceptual and conceptual subitising (recognising quantities based on visual patterns), counting and matching to compare the number of items in one collection with another.

  10. Showing different ways to make a total (at first with models and small numbers).

  11. Matching number names, symbols and quantities up to ten.

Games to play using everyday situations

Neuroscience research has provided crucial evidence about the importance of early nurturing and support for learning, brain development, and the development of positive dispositions for learning.

Early brain development or “learning” is all about the quality of children’s sensory and motor experiences within positive and nurturing relationships and environments. This explains why programs such as Let’s Count are successful.

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with activities and games to play that boost children’s mathematics learning, but there are plenty. For example, talk with your children as you prepare meals together. Talk about measuring and comparing ingredients and amounts.

You can play children’s card games and games involving dice, such as Snakes and Ladders, or maps, shapes and money. You can also read stories and notice the mathematics – the sequence of events, and the descriptions of characters and settings.

Although these activities may seem simple and informal, they build on what children notice and question, give families the chance to talk about mathematical ideas and language, and show children that maths is used throughout the day.


Parents are encouraged to provide learning opportunities that are engaging and relevant to their children.

Make it relevant to them

Most importantly, encouraging maths and numeracy in young children relies on making it appealing and relevant to them.

For example, when you take your child for a walk down the street, in the park or on the beach, bring their attention to the objects around them – houses, cars, trees, signs.

Talk about the shapes and sizes of the objects, talk about and look for similarities and differences (for example: let’s find a taller tree or a heavier rock), count the number of cars parked in the street or time how long it takes to reach the next corner.

Discuss the temperature or the speed of your walking pace.

Collect leaves or shells, and make repeating patterns on the sand or grass, or play Mathematical I Spy (I spy with my little eye, something that’s taller than mum).

It is never too soon to begin these activities. Babies who are only weeks old notice differences in shapes and the number of objects in their line of sight.

So, from the earliest of ages, talk with your child about the world around them, being descriptive and using mathematical words. As they grow, build on what they notice about shapes, numbers, and measures. This is how you teach them mathematics.


This article was published on the website The Conversation was written by;

Sivanes Phillipson
Associate Professor in Education and Family Research, Monash University


Ann Gervasoni
Associate Professor in Numeracy, Monash University


Library News

Library News


Welcome to an exciting year for our school library!


New Building & Borrowing

It’s getting closer to the new Library being finished and we’ll be able to go inside it soon. However it will be a home for two 3\4 classrooms before it officially becomes the Library next term.  Due to it becoming a classroom in the short term and having to pack up the existing library, there will be no borrowing happening in Term 1. Classrooms have been provided with extra books for their class library to compensate and the Prep - 2’s have a special ‘book box’ that they will bring home and share with their family.  


Scholastic Book Club

COHR is continuing to offer the Scholastic Book Club to students. Each term, there are two pamphlets that come home advertising children’s books that you can buy. Families can place orders online or complete order form and send to school with exact money in a labelled envelope. This is not compulsory but any orders placed do contribute to rewards for the school. Anna Saraullo will  coordinate this again and Agnes Bermingham has offered her assistance too. Thank you to Anna & Agnes.


Social Media - Cybersafety

Internet / Photo Permissions

Student permission forms for the use of the internet on school devices and taking photos for class activities or use with apps have come home. If these can be read, signed and returned promptly. Prep - 2 will distribute these at their parent information night next week.


Staff online contact

We ask that you use the staff school email address as the main form of online communication with the teachers. The staff use their email account for parent communication, whether it be student absences or general parent notification. Staff check emails before and after school, however keep in mind that during the school day, teaching lessons, playground duty and meetings may mean they don’t get back to their emails to after the school day.  If at anytime you need immediate contact then the office is always available. The message options in the Seesaw and Class Dojo apps are not to be used to contact staff please, as above their school email address is the official online contact.


Social Media

For legal reasons staff are not to be asked to join parents or students friend list on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. This is safe cybersafety protocol for many Victorian schools and staff. It would be appreciated if staff weren’t requested to follow or join your site. Staff have procedures in place if there are family members connected to the school for these requests.


Book Week

In August we celebrate Book Week - this year’s theme is: “Curious Creatures, Wild Minds!


Looking forward to a fabulous 2020!

Mrs Karen Wakeling


Sports News

Dear Parents and Carers


Welcome back to a new and exciting year. I hope you all had a great holiday and were able to spend quality time with your children. A warm welcome to all our new preps and their families and all new families, we know you will love being a part of our school community. I look forward to meeting all of you and working with your wonderful children this year.


Cross Country

On Friday 21st February we will be starting Cross Country training for those who are keen to enter the Cross Country which is on Tuesday May 19th, 10-12pm, this year. Only children who train for this event will be permitted to participate. Children must be 9, 10, 11 or 12 by the 31st December 2020. 9/10 year olds will run 2km and 11/12/13 year olds will run 3km. Training will begin at 8.00am and conclude at 8.30am. The children are asked to bring a healthy snack and drink to have after training. This is very important, as children need brain food to concentrate on their schoolwork.


Swimming Trials

Children from Year 3-6 who are strong swimmers (able to swim over 50m) are able to try-out for our District Swimming trials which are on Thursday 13th Feb from 6.45am - 8.30am.  All the children who got through today, we look forward to seeing you next Thursday.  Races will be freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly in that order. We will start  with 12/ 13 year old children first.  Could you please bring $5 with you on the day which will cover the cost of the pool. 


Inter school Sports

Inter school sport for the 5/6’s starts on Friday 14th February. This term the sports are Basketball, Kanga Cricket, Rounders and Softball -Fully Loaded. Your child will fill in the preference sheets this week. Grade 6's have their first preference and Grade 5's will get their second or third preference depending on the sport chosen.


School Sports Day

Thursday 5th March on our school oval. Get excited! More information to come next week.

So as you can see there is never a dull moment in Sport at COHR, have a great term.


Yours in Sport

Sue Tobin

Fete - Friday 13th November



We are Laura, Sarah & Mariela and we are super excited!


Why you may ask?  Well, it’s not only because the kids are back to school, it’s also because 2020 is a COHR Fete year and we have big plans to make Friday 13th November the best Fete yet!


The COHR Fete is the greatly anticipated event of every second school year, but it will only be as great as the community that gets behind it.  We would therefore like to extend an invitation to the parents of our community to join us for our initial Fete Meeting:


On Monday 16th March at 7pm

In the School Staff Room


We would like to hear from new and existing school families. Any ideas, offers of help or new businesses that can contribute to make this years’ fete a success would be greatly appreciated by the children of our school who look forward to this event all year!



Parents Association News

Parents Association Annual General Meeting

Our Parents Association AGM will be held next Wednesday, 12th February at 7.00pm in the school hall.

All are welcome to attend. We are looking for a Treasurer, Vice Treasurer and Secretary, General Members and Class Representatives.  If you are unable to attend the meeting but wish to apply, please contact the office.


Icy poles

This term icy poles will again be on sale each Friday at lunchtime. Icy poles will be sold for $1. Last week the children were given an icy pole for FREE.

Coffee Cart 

We are looking for some COHR Baristas. If you are interested in helping to run our coffee cart on the last Friday of every month, please contact the office or Anna Perri (President). We will organise a roster and training.




Thursday 6th           Prep Pizza Night

Monday 10th           Prep - Grade 2 Parent Information Night

Wednesday 12th   Parent Association AGM 7pm in the hall

Thursday 13th       Swimming Trials at Oakleigh Recreation Centre 7.00am

                                       Grade 3 - 6 Parent Information Night

Saturday 15th         Reconciliation Commitment Mass

Tuesday 18th           Parent Teacher Interviews 

Wednesday 19th   Parent Teacher Interviews 

Thursday 20th        District Swimming Trials

Tuesday 25th          Shrove Tuesday

Wednesday 26th   Ash Wednesday Mass 11.30am

Friday 28th               School Photos




MARCH 2020

Tuesday 3rd            Open Day 

                                     Monash Waverley Division Swimming

Wednesday 4th     Parents Association Meeting 7.30pm

Thursday 5th         COHR School Sports

Monday 9th             School Closure Day - Labour Day Public Holiday

Wednesday 11th   School Walk-a-thon

Thursday 12th       Reconciliation Family Night at Sacred Heart Primary School

Friday 13th             Combined School Mass and Activities at SH

Wednesday 18th  Reconciliation Reflection Day

Thursday 19th     Grade 5/6 Camp Information Night

Wednesday 25th    Reconciliation Ceremony

Friday 27th               End of Term 1


Community News

CDF Pay Instructions


Oakleigh Dragons Football Club 


Before School Tennis Program 


Girls Football Team




CDFpay New Parent Guide - COHR Oakleigh East.pdf