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07 February 2020
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Important Diary Dates

2020 Term Dates

Term 1:  31 January / 3 February  to 26 March 

Term 2:  15 April to 18 June

Term 3:  14 July to 18 September

Term 4:  5 October to 11 December

Important Diary Dates for 2020

Monday 9 March

Labour Day Holiday


Tuesday 17 March

Parent Teacher Interviews (Prep-Year 12)


Thursday 26 March

Parent Teacher Interviews (Prep-Year 12)

Term 1 ends for students


Friday 27 March

Assessment Day (no students)


Monday 13 April

Easter Monday Holiday


Tuesday 14 April

Professional Learning Day (no students)


Wednesday 15 April

Term 2 commences


Monday 8 June

Queen's Birthday Holiday


Thursday 18 June

Term 2 ends


Friday 19 June

Assessment Day (no students)


Monday 13 July

Professional Learning Day (no students)


Tuesday 14 July

Term 3 commences


Tuesday 4 August

Parent Teacher Interviews (Prep-Year 12)


Thursday 13 August

Parent Teacher Interviews (Prep-Year 12)


Friday 14 August

Assessment Day (no students)


Friday 18 September

Term 3 ends


Monday 5 October

Term 4 commences


Monday 2 November

Mid Term Break


Tuesday 3 November

Melbourne Cup Day Holiday


Friday 20 November

Assessment Day (no students)


Thursday 3 December

Presentation Night


Friday 11 December

Term 4 ends



Principal's Message


                                                       Mrs Josie Crisara

Welcome to 2020

Welcome to the new 2020 school year and in particular to the new families to the College. The anticipation of a new year ahead brings excitement and wonderings for all students. Landscaping works near VCE and behind the Kitchen Garden Centre are currently in progress. The VCE 2 and 3 buildings were given a coat of paint and some refurbishment.  Works are also in progress for preparation for the new Junior School Building commencing with the preparation of some temporary classroom spaces.

Beginning of Year

Staff spent the previous week preparing classrooms and curriculum for the students.  Year 12 students commenced with a Learning Conference, with a focus on setting them up for their final year of schooling.


Information evenings this week and next week will provide parents an opportunity to hear from the Heads of Schools about the expectations for the year.

15 Years Service

We acknowledge and congratulate the following staff who have contributed 15 years of great service to the College. They were presented with badges and their name on the staff Honour Board.  

  • Mrs Anne Adams 
  • Mr Luciano Bernes
  • Mr David Murphy
  • Mr Anthony Politini
  • Mr Peter Sinclair

2019 Student Destinations

The destinations of our students from the class of 2019 have almost been finalised as outlined below - see attachment.


Deputy Principal

                                                        Mr Kim Forward

Myki Cards for Public School Buses

Please ensure that children are using their Myki card correctly and that the card is topped up regularly; it is frustrating to see many students attempting to board their bus without any credit on their cards. Cards should be registered online and topped up regularly; too many children ask for a top up of only $2.

Cybersafety Online Training for Parents

At Parent Information Evenings this week and next week, I have promoted and recommended parents to view some of the Cybersafety training modules from Internet Safe Training; their presenter, Brett Lee, has spoken to our Secondary students during the past few years. There are modules to suit parents of all ages of children, from Prep School to Senior School. I will be emailing parents after each information evening with details of how to log in.

Traffic Safety for Children

Please note the following regarding the safety of children at drop-off and pick-up times:

  • Children must not cross the internal ring road at any point other than the marked pedestrian crossing near the Gym. Please obey the directions of the crossing supervisor, who will use voice or whistle.
  • When using the Gym car park, please hold your children’s hands to prevent them walking in front of cars.
  • Please do not park in the car park opposite Reception for drop-off or pick-up, as children are not permitted to cross the road there.
  • Cars dropping off or picking up in the western parent car park must be parked in the marked bays; do not ask children to exit or enter a car that is not parked properly.
  • Children must not walk across the roadway in the western parent car park to access cars; they should use the footpaths.
  • Please do not attempt to enter the staff car park for drop-off or pick-up; it is not safe for children to cross the road.
  • Parents, please model the correct behavior to the children by abiding by all rules above.

Parents & Friends 


Welcome to the new school year. We have some very exciting events planned for this year.

Movie Night

Our first event is the Movie Night to be held on Friday 13 March. We will be screening 'Aladdin'. The night will start at 7.00pm with the movie to start at 8.00pm.


There will be popcorn to purchase, we will also have the coffee and ice cream vans attending. So, bring your picnic blanket and join us for a night under the stars. Keep your eye out for the flyer.


Community Business Directory 2020 Fundraiser

Many families in the Aitken College community manage or own a business. Each year as a Fundraiser the Parents & Friends Association compile a community Business Directory to provide a way in which we can support local business. The 2020 Business Directory will take effect from the commencement of March for a 12 month period. Aitken College families may purchase a space for $50.00 to promote and advertise their business. You can find the  Business Directory on the College website and in the newsletter. Please support this fundraiser by completing the form below and returning it to the Accounts Office with your payment by 20 March 2020.


Stuck on You Fundraising

Do not forget The Stuck on You Fundraising run all year, so if you  run out of your labels you can order anytime. Go to and go crazy designing  your child's labels. At the same time, you will be helping raise money for  Aiken College. We will earn 20% commission and 5% commission on promotional  items. When you log on to the Stuck on You website enter our fundraising code: AITKEN at the checkout. Happy shopping!


Committee/Volunteers Wanted

We welcome all new parents and invite them to join us, either as a committee member or a volunteer. Even if you only have one hour to give, we appreciate all the help we can get. Please find attached a Parents & Friends Volunteer Form and a College Volunteer Form; use these to express your interest in assisting with various school activities.


First Meeting in 2020

Our first meeting of the year will be held on Tuesday 18 February at 7.30pm in the Chapel and Performing Arts Centre, seminar room (upstairs room P24).

Please Save the Dates!

Mrs Melinda Gallicchio

Vice President - Parents & Friends Association


                                                       Mr David Murphy

Year 12 Student Learning Conference

The year began for Brookhill on Friday 31 January at The Hyatt, Essendon Fields, with the annual Year 12 Student Learning Conference. This year the keynote address was given by Ben Pettingill. Ben is a professional motivational speaker, who draws on his experiences after he suddenly lost his sight aged 16 and delivers powerful messages about personal habits that enable high achievement.


Ben spoke about the concept of Limitless Vision and talked students through the steps to use Limitless Vision to set and achieve goals:

  • Aspire: set an aspirational goal
  • Acquire: gather and obtain resources and skills to achieve your goal
  • Action: take meaningful action

Students also participated in a study skills workshop run by Elevate Education; these are the culmination of the series of workshops undertaken by all Brookhill students throughout Years 10, 11 and 12. They also had seminars with Mrs Vlahopoulos and Ms Caruso on maintaining personal wellbeing during Year 12; and with VCE Coordinator, Mr Salloum, on the academic side of Year 12.


There were also presentations from La Trobe University and Victoria University on their pre-approval entry schemes, courses and programs.


The conference finished off with a formal sit down dinner at which several of Aitken College’s past Year 12 students spoke to the current senior group about their experiences.

Absence from School

If a student is to be absent from school, please phone the Senior School Office on 9333 9107 before 8.30am and leave a message stating the student’s name and reason for their absence. If no message is received, parents will receive a phone call from the Senior School Office regarding their child's absence. If students are to be absent from school due to holidays, parents or guardians must notify the College in writing at least two weeks prior to the absence.

Leaving School Early

Students leaving early must sign out via the automated attendance monitoring terminal in Senior School Reception. They will have to use their student ID when they sign out. When a student signs out in this way, an automated email is sent to parents, detailing the time and reason given. The terminal prints out a slip; which must be lodged at the Senior School Office. If a student is leaving the school early due to illness they must report to Sick Bay.

Sport Uniform

It is not acceptable for a student to wear sport uniform outside PE classes. Sport uniform is not an alternative to regular uniform, except in situations of medical necessity. We will not be accepting notes from parents excusing sport uniform, unless supported by medical evidence. Please note that students cannot wear sport uniform to and from school.


Please support the College with the following non-negotiable points:

  • Exaggerated hair styles, designed to attract attention (For example, shaved at the back and sides) are not permitted.
  • Hair colouring must be uniform and natural looking.
  • Piercings: Students may wear a single stud or sleeper in the ear lobe. Other piercings are not permitted. A student who gets a non-regulation piercing will not be allowed to wear it “while it heals”.

Year 12 Students

Year 12 students are reminded that they are expected to attend Homeroom each morning, even if they have a study class period 1. Year 12 students may sign out early if they have a study class period 5, provided they have lodged the appropriate permission form (signed by parents); these forms are available at the Senior School Office.

Driving to School

Year 12 students with driver licenses may drive to school and park in the Western Staff carpark. To gain permission to do so, students must obtain a Driving to School application form from the Senior School Office, complete this form and lodge a $50.00 deposit with the Accounts Office. Students will be briefed on this procedure in Assembly.



VCAL – the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning – gives students a head start into their careers.


Congratulations to the successful Aitken College VCAL graduates from 2019 who have either entered full time employment, are continuing with their studies or gained an apprenticeship.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme is part of the program for Year 11 and Year 12 VCAL students. The Award is an internationally recognised and valued program that encourages and empowers young people to engage with their community, explore their potential and challenge themselves to achieve personal excellence. The Award provides opportunities for young people to develop into mature, active citizens who will positively contribute towards society.


Congratulations to the Year 12 students who received the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. Congratulations also to the Year 11 and Year 12 students who were awarded their Bronze Award.


Last week, the current Year 12 students attended the Student Learning Conference at the Hyatt Hotel in Essendon Fields, focusing on individual as well as team goals and projects.


Mrs Jenny Lilley

VCAL Coordinator


                                                     Mrs Francis Scuderi


Welcome to the 2020 school year. All students have now commenced school for the year and are adjusting to being back into routine.

Year 7

The Year 7 students are beginning to settle, after feeling nervous for the first couple of days. Most of them will have met all their teachers and are beginning to forge new friendships. A reminder that they will be on camp from Wednesday 19 February to Friday 21 February.



Establishing New Friendships

All students are settling well and while some may have been disappointed that they were not grouped in the same Homeroom as their ‘best friend’, it is all for their benefit. It is important that students try to establish new friendships, regardless of age or year level. As parents, we ask that you encourage your child to meet new people and to, perhaps, let them meet outside of school also. The middle years are quite a complex time and children this age need to be able to interact with people their own age and feel a sense of connectedness. Organising some time with friends is crucial to a child’s development and wellbeing. At the College, students are invited to join a variety of extracurricular activities that are on offer. This is another way to meet new people and form a sense of connectedness. Please do discuss with your child the importance of broadening their friendship circle and joining in with the community.


New PE Uniform Rule

You will have received a letter regarding the new PE uniform rule for 2020. In summary, students are permitted to wear their PE uniform to and from school only on days when they have PE (or have been instructed by myself or an Assistant Head). The student must be in correct PE uniform and parkas can only be worn in Terms 2 and 3, on top of the long sleeve polo top. Track pants are required for Terms 2 and 3. Please refer to the letter attached for a complete list of the rules.


Product Design Classes

Students who are doing Product Design on days they have PE will need to bring in their school shoes for the lesson. They will be unable to work in the work room in sneakers. This is an Occupational Health and Safety requirement.  

Relocation Dunhelen Administration Office

The Dunhelen Administration office has been relocated. It is now in D16. This is the first office after the Chapel and Performing Arts Centre. There is a sign on the window. Please proceed to this office if you need Dunhelen Administration. If you have a meeting at the school, you are still required to sign in at the front office.

2020 Dunhelen Staff

The Dunhelen team for 2020 consists of myself and three Assistant Heads of School, Mr Tassie Eleftheriou (Year 7), Ms Jacquelyne Armstrong (Year 8) and Mr Michael Patchell (Year 9).  We are also very fortunate to have a wonderful group of teachers on the team; Miss Charlotte Beales (7B), Ms Graziella Carta (7C), Mr Christian Inturrisi (7I), Ms Christalla Koukoullides (7K), Mr Mickey Sukiman (7S), Mr Luke Costabile (8C), Ms Merjam Mujkanovic (8M),  Mr Gordon Oreo (8O), Mr Ben Prentice (8P), Ms Sherry Sadler (8S),   Mr Luciano Bernes and Ms Jessica Healey (9B), Mr Ben Lawless (9L)  Ms Rita Preziuso and Mrs Jasmina Stafford (9P), Mrs Jenny Shipp and Mr Brooke Marsom (9J) and Ms Juliana Spaleta and Mrs Elsa Tsalapataris (9S). Feel free to contact your child’s Homeroom teacher if you have any concerns.

Dunhelen Parent Information Evening

A reminder that Thursday 13 February is the Dunhelen Parent Information evening. The night will commence in the Chapel and Performing Arts Centre at 7.30pm. You will then have the opportunity to meet your child’s Homeroom teacher and visit their classroom. I look forward to seeing you. 


As always, I look forward to another positive and productive year.



                             Mrs Leanne Schulz

2020 Primary School Theme



The Primary School staff and I welcome you and your family to the 2020 school year. We look forward to working with you and your child/ren throughout the year. We are also looking forward to getting to know all the new Preps and families.


It was wonderful to see all the students on their first day back at school and hear the excitement when seeing their friends and teachers. A warm welcome is also extended to several new students and families to the College. Likewise, it was lovely to see the Preps and their families come for their allocated interview time with their Prep teacher(s) last week. This is a new initiative to help with Prep transition and seemed to be very successful. If any Prep families have feedback about the process it would be very welcome. When the Preps joined their class on Monday, they seemed excited and eager to begin. A very big thank you to families for preparing your child for school and to the Prep teachers for making the transition seamless.


I extend a warm welcome to all staff. In particular, I welcome:

  • Mrs Rachel Touma who has previously worked at Aitken and now joins us as a Year 3 Homeroom Teacher.
  • Mr Tom Marks, Mr Jamal Abou-Eid, and Miss Brittany James who are new to the College and join us as a Year 5, Year 3 and Year 1 Homeroom Teacher respectively.

A very big thank you to Primary School families for welcoming our new staff as they transition into the Aitken Community. It means a lot when parents introduce themselves and allow the new staff time to get to know everyone and the routines. Thank you for being so supportive, positive and open with your communications. It is very much appreciated!


If you have any concerns or things you may not be sure about, please feel free to contact the Homeroom or Specialist teachers, the Assistant Heads of School, the Deputy Head of School or myself. Our community is based on trust and respectful communications and we value parental input.


The Primary staff are dedicated and committed to the education of children and work hard to provide a challenging and supportive learning environment catering for the needs of all students.  I am very honoured to be part of such a team.

2020 Primary Homerooms

Please find below the list of Primary School Homeroom Teachers and classrooms:

Prep Photos


Primary Photos


Fairview and Cumberland Chapel and Assembly

Fairview Chapel and Assembly are held every Monday from 9.00am to 10.00am and Cumberland Chapel and Assembly are held every Monday from 10.00am to 11.00am.


We always welcome parents, grandparents and friends to these services. All visitors must sign in at the Chapel and Performing Arts Centre foyer. I would like to ensure that any adults in the audience, who may choose to record any part of Chapel and Assembly are not uploading any images on their personal social media platforms. It is crucial our children’s privacy is respected and protected.


Term 1 Chapel and Assembly Schedule


Information Evenings

Thank you to all parents who attended the Cumberland School Information Evening on Thursday 6 February. Fairview School Information Evening is scheduled for Monday 10 February commencing at 7.30pm in the Chapel and Performing Arts Centre.


One of the strong messages at the Information evenings involves empowering children to develop independence and resilience.


Michael Grose, parenting educator, outlines twelve goals to guide parents on the Language for Building Independence:


1. Goal: Independence

“Never regularly do for a child the things a child can do for him or herself” 

2. Goal: Self-help

 “Is this something you can do?”

3. Goal: Contribution

“Have you checked the help roster today?”

4. Goal: Decision-making

 “Which of these two would you prefer?”

5. Goal: Problem-solving

 “How can you make this happen?”

6. Goal: Reliability

“We rely on you to do this?” 

7. Goal: Self-sufficiency

“What can you learn for next time?” 

8. Goal: Emotional intelligence

  “How do you feel about this?”

9. Goal: Accountability

“When you muck up, you make up?”

10. Goal: Restoring relationships

“How will you fix this?”

11. Goal: Integrity

 “You need to do what’s right, not what’s easy.”

12.Goal: Positive risk-taking

 “Let’s find a way to make this happen.”

Building Resilience involves


Open House

Families are invited to attend the Cumberland Open House on Wednesday 12 February from 3.10pm - 4.15pm in the Food Studies Centre. Fruit and cool pops will be provided. Please bring a plate to share.


The Fairview Open House focus is to provide the families, parents and grandparents an opportunity to visit their child’s classroom. We look forward to your attendance. These sessions are scheduled from 2.15pm to 3.00pm on:

  • Year 1 and 2:  Monday 24 February
  •  Prep:  Tuesday 3 March

Allergies and Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is the most severe and sudden form of allergic symptoms. An anaphylactic reaction can be serious and life threatening. We have a number of children with anaphylactic reactions to certain food.


Please keep this in mind when you are preparing your child’s snack and lunch.  The content of your child’s lunch box may cause a severe anaphylactic reaction to one of these children. If you plan to bring birthday treats to school, please speak to the Homeroom teacher before you prepare a treat.



  • Each child is required to have a bottle of water at school.
  • When packing a lunch box, we encourage you to attempt to eliminate the need for any plastic wrappers around food.
  • Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct footwear. This includes: flat black lace up leather shoes or leather pull up boots (Prep only), no buckles or velcro.
  • Your child must bring their hat to school every day. Children without a hat will only be permitted to play in an under-cover area and will not be able to participate in their Physical Education class.
  • It is also advised that your child bring a small tube/bottle of sun block. Please ensure that they have sun block on before they arrive to school.
  • Fairview children are not permitted to visit the canteen before school begins.
  • It is also compulsory that all hair is tied back, at all times. If the hair is at a length, which it can be tied back, it must be tied in a bottle green or navy hair tie or ribbon.
  • Prep and Year 1 children are required to bring a spare change of underwear, socks and trackpants/shorts (blue or green) to school.

Communication with School

Communication between home and school is very important. Your child’s teacher is the first point of contact for classroom and learning related issues. The Assistant Heads of School, the Deputy Head of Primary (Felicity Donohue) and myself are also available to discuss student needs and concerns. The best way to communicate with teachers is via email and an appointment can be made if needed.


In the past, parents in Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 had a communication book listed on the booklist as it was used for relaying messages from parents to teachers and visa/versa. However, teachers have found over the years that generally parents would either email, phone or come and see teachers. Therefore, we have decided to no longer have a communication book. If parents have paid Campion, money will be reimbursed. My apologies for any inconvenience.


Students in Years 2, 3 and 4 have a hard copy diary used to help them with organisation. Years 5 and 6 will use the tools on their iPads, guided by the teachers, as an organisational tool.

Primary School Theme for 2020: No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted

‘How Full is Your Bucket?’

According to this theory, each person has a bucket and a dipper, and with positivity, you fill your bucket and the buckets of others, but with negativity you deplete others’ buckets as well as your own. Each of us has an invisible bucket. When our bucket is full, we feel great. When it's empty, we feel awful. It is important to fill each other’s buckets throughout the day as it makes other people happy as well as ourselves. We can do this simply by just being kind!

Fairview and Cumberland Reflections

The Preps have had a wonderful start to the year. The children have met their teachers and begun their learning in the classroom. This year we will be focusing on the bucket filling concept. We have read the story ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ We have spoken about all the ways we can fill each other’s buckets and be kind in Prep.


Here are a few quotes from the children about their first days at school:


Ashmit ‘I like playing on the playground.’

Dhiya ‘I like helping my friends in Prep R.’

Amelia ‘We learnt the word cat.’

Leo ‘We did some counting.’

Sophia ‘These days have been so much fun.’


Year 1 and 2 have begun looking at ‘bucket filling’ to embrace the Primary School’s theme for this year: No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. We were introduced to bucket filling last year and enjoy creating ways to fill the buckets of others! After brainstorming together, these are some ways we can fill buckets. Smiling at others, playing with different people, using manners, helping someone with their learning, sharing, helping Mum and Dad at home with chores. We look forward to spreading kindness throughout the school and at home.


Some quotes about ‘Filling People’s Buckets’

Nate: ‘by sharing’

Deniz: ‘asking nicely’

Ryan: ‘get something for them’

Logan: ‘listening to Mum and Dad’

Harjas: ‘Caring about Mum and Dad and loving them.’


So far Year 4 has been so much fun! My favourite thing so far has been my teacher. I am really glad that I have Mrs Adams and Ms Monroy because they are sooo much fun and I love my other teachers eg. Mrs Schulz, Mrs McNamara, Miss Pocervina and Mrs Meszaros.



I really loved meeting my new teachers, Mrs Adams and Ms Monroy. They are really good teachers and I am looking forward to a great year.



Year 4 is a really fun class. You get to go to the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program. We can cook and plant. I think I will be happy the rest of the year!



I was very excited about my first Kitchen Garden lesson. It was so much fun planting the sunflowers and we’re still taking care of them (and we’re going to for the rest of the term).



I had lots of fun the first day of the Kitchen Garden. It was interesting to see the garden and cook this year. It’s going to be a fun year of Kitchen Garden.




Moving into Year 5 has been a challenge, like every year, having to leave our old teachers and coming into something new. This year opportunities have opened-up, such as being given the responsibility of having our own school iPad. So far, our teachers have been great and most people have high hopes for the rest of Year 5.



The first week has been great. We have all been given lockers and locks which are a bit tricky but most of us have got the hang of it. We got to design our name tags for our lockers. We have also jumped right into school work for the term. Overall the year has started fantastically!



Year 6 has been fun and challenging so far. Some new things have been lockers, combination locks, and our own iPads. I have also made lots of new friends in Year 6 already. I am looking forward to the rest of the year and years to come.



So far in Year 6 it has been exciting and a little bit hectic. I have had to learn how to open my combination lock and put it back onto my locker. I’m interested in learning new things like the Holocaust and the Australian Federation. I can’t wait to experience and try new things in Year 6.


Parent Helpers Information Session

The College is offering Fairview and Cumberland School parents the opportunity to partake in the Parent Helpers’ Information Session. It will outline the program requirements and how parents can actively be involved in the College life. Parents who do not attend the session cannot assist in the classroom. The session is scheduled for Thursday 27 February, from 6.00pm to 7.00pm in the College Library. Interested participants can email by Monday 24 February.


All are welcome to attend Cumberland Open House next Wednesday from 3.10pm - 4.15pm at the Food Studies Centre. Cool pops and fruit are provided. Please bring a plate to share!


Dear Jesus

We thank you for all your blessings as we begin the new school year.

Bless each one of us as we enter this school bringing our hopes and dreams.

Bless our friendships and families as we belong together as a community.

Bless our learning as we work hard with our teachers.

Bless our family as we share and learn together.

Bless each person who enters our school that they may share in the joy and happiness that comes from You.

In Jesus’ name, we pray.




Welcome to all our Brookhill students and their parents for 2020. We are hoping this year will be healthy, productive and positive for our students, with lots of excellent career research being undertaken.


The Careers Newsletters are written for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 (and their parents) to provide our Aitken community with information about courses and careers and news about activities and events which may assist students with planning a direction post secondary school. We hope items in this newsletter will encourage students to talk about their future plans, assist with them making informed decisions and prompt the undertaking of course and career research.


Although Year 12 is a very busy year, academically and socially, it is important to also make time to look to the future to a time beyond Aitken and for some planning to take place to help dreams come to fruition.  We hope Career News will be useful in this regard.


Later this year, students in Year 10 and Year 11 will make big decisions about the program and subjects they will choose for the following year, and this in turn opens up or shuts down particular pathways. It is important that these decisions and choices are made thoughtfully and after conducting appropriate career research. Again, items in these newsletters may assist with this research.


The Careers Centre is located in room B21. Ms Gibbs and Mrs Borg are available to help students with their career research and to talk about options for the future. Students are welcome to visit us in B21 or telephone us on 9333 9100 or email concerns or queries to are also welcome to get in touch. 


Good luck to all our students for a fulfilling and productive 2020.

Career News 1

Career News Issue 1 is now available and includes information about how Careers staff can be of assistance, getting a Tax File Number, the UCAT, an RMIT University pathways tool, Agriculture degrees in Victoria, the Course Seeker website, studying Health Sciences, a new Bachelor of Humanities, Innovation and Technology at La Trobe, Animation and Gaming courses and much more.

Contact Details

The Careers office is staffed most days except when we are at meetings or professional development seminars. Please contact us on 9333 9100 or email:


Mrs Clare Borg & Ms Rae Gibbs

Careers Counsellors

Environmental Programs

Environment and Agriculture in 2020

This is the start to an exciting year for the Environmental Studies Faculty. We have more Environment classes running than ever before which highlights the growing enthusiasm our students have for Environment and Agriculture subjects offered at Aitken College.


The Year 9 Agriculture & Environmental Studies class, delivered by Mr Dwayne Ganci, focuses on the Chicken and Egg industry in Australia, as well as Aboriginal relationships with the land, the impact of European settlement and local revegetation efforts. The practical and engaging curriculum will provide a foundation of knowledge for students to later choose if they would like to continue studying Agriculture and/or Environmental Studies into Senior School.


Mr Chris Reid will be teaching both the Year 10 Agriculture class (Semester 1) and Environmental Studies class (Semester 2). The practical components of each of these subjects make-up the majority of students’ time, providing a hands-on and holistic learning experience for all. As part of the curriculum, students will participate in activities such as Cows Create Careers where they look after new-born calves for a unit of study. They will also implement whole-college environmental action plans to make positive and long lasting impacts at Aitken.


We are thrilled to be running the VCE Environmental Science subject in 2020. Ms Graziella Carta is the VCE Environmental Science teacher this year and already has some great ideas for how to maintain a practical atmosphere amongst the rigors of VCAA requirements.


I also want to highlight the amazing work done by Aitken’s Environmental Programs Assistant, Mr Glenn Hudson. Each of the Environmental Studies subjects mentioned above, and every environment activity, market stall, revegetation effort, agriculture program, and sustainability initiative in general is powered by Glenn’s dedication and expertise. Every time you drive into the College and appreciate the view of the Barn, produce gardens and paddocks, please know that Glenn has been a pivotal factor in making Environmental Programs at Aitken what it is today.


The year ahead will be full of challenges and change for the growing Faculty of Environment Studies, but we are excited to face things head on and generate lots of positive momentum for 2020!


Ms Cristy Herron

Head of Environmental Programs


Performing Arts

College Musical

On Wednesday night almost 60 students gathered to hear all about this year’s College Musical, 'The Addams Family'. Auditions are being held next  week with rehearsals starting on 24 February. Rehearsals will be on Monday and Wednesday afternoon. The production opens on Friday 24 July and tickets will go on sale at the end of Term 2.

College Middle School Play

Plans are also underway for this year’s Middle School production, 'The Jungle Book'. This production will be Directed by Ms Jacky Armstrong with all of the production details being handled by the Year 10 Theatrecraft class. An information session is being held this Monday  for students from Years 7 - 9 who are interested. The Jungle Book will open on 14 May and feature some wonderful mask and puppetry work to help create the animal characters required.


We are also seeking access to some scaffolding to be used as the basis of the set. If anyone has contacts of where we can access scaffolding cheaply or less, please get in touch with Ms Armstrong

Instrumental Music Lessons

There are now no more places available for Term 1 lessons which will commence on Monday. Students who are enrolled would have received a timetable via email last week.


If your child has missed out on Term 1 but is interested in taking lessons from the start of Term 2, you are encouraged to get an application form completed as soon as possible to ensure a place in the schedule. Details and enrolment forms are available at


Please get in touch with Ms Beth Thomson via email if you have further questions.

Ensemble Music Groups

Students who are undertaking lessons are expected to sign up for an ensemble group. Involvement in ensembles enhances student learning and further develops skills in many different ways. Even if students are not undertaking lessons, they are welcome to join an ensemble group.


Performing Arts Captains’ Concert

Our major performance opportunity is The Performing Arts Captains’ Concert which will be held on Wednesday, March 25. This is one of only two concerts where students get to present their own creativity in all of the areas of the Performing Arts.


This year’s Captains, Max H, Filipe F and Anthony R, have begun the planning and will soon be seeking items from students. If necessary, auditions will be conducted by the end of February, so get planning and rehearsing your ideas. Please keep an eye on student daily bulletins for sign up.


The Captains’ Concert raises money for a selected charity each year. A decision on what charity will be made shortly.


Mr Michael Cooper

Director of Performing Arts

Visual Arts

Welcome Back

A huge welcome back to all students, staff and parents. May 2020 be a kind and productive one for all.


Having taken leave last year in Term 4, I am excited to be back and already busy making plans for activities that will engage our students both in and beyond the classroom. The Visual Art faculty team look forward to nurturing each child in their care to ensure growth is measurable and meaningful. I am starting the year short and sweet word wise, focusing more on showcasing the wonderful work that was completed in Term 4; work that did not make the Windmill. Enjoy.



Mrs Linda Camilleri

Head of Faculty Visual Arts

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) Term 1 2020 Applications

The Victorian Government has established a Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) to provide payments to eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions. Families holding a valid means-tested concession card, Centrelink Health Care Card / Pension Concession Card or Veterans Affairs Gold Card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply. An amount of $125.00 per year will be paid for eligible Primary school students, with $225.00 per year paid for eligible Secondary school students. Payments will go directly to the school account and be tied to the student. If you have not applied for 2020 application forms may be obtained from the College or downloaded from:  and must be lodged at the school by Friday 19 June 2020.  Eligibility criteria apply. For more details please refer to 


Mr Petar Gajic

Finance Manager

College Activities

Kids ROC Twilight Picnic

Just to let you know we will be having our first KidsROC event on Tuesday 18 February from 5.00pm to 7.00pm outside the Food Studies Centre building. There will be a fun bubble competition, so bring along your best bubble machines to see who can make the most bubbles.

Miss Jessica Healey

Youth Chaplain

Volunteers Needed - Kitchen Garden Program Year 4A Parents

During Term 1 we are seeking volunteers for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. A current Working with Children card is required. For further information, please refer to the attached flyer.

Mrs Emma Lowe

Kitchen Garden Program Coordinator

Community Activities

Junior Rugby Touch 7s

All ages, any skill level...come and give it a go! Games start from 6.00pm during 10 February - 23 March, 2020 at Highgate Recreation Reserve in Craigieburn. Season fee: $60.00. To register go to: Any questions contact AJ Russell on 0401 415 888 or email:


Refer to the attached flyer for further information.


Business Directory

Mortgage Choice

A free service to find the best mortgage to suit you. We also provide an extensive Financial Planning Service for your needs.

Contact details: Chris Howitt

Address: PO Box 2139, Greenvale 3059

Telephone: 9333 4370

Mobile: 0401 334 599




The Gut Detective

I offer naturopathic consultations by appointment only, utilising my extensive pharmacist and herbalist knowledge. I treat conditions such as thyroid disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, auto-immune disorders, migraines, weight issues, fatigue, allergies, skin conditions, chronic pain, fertility issues, infections, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, stress related issues and more. BOOK ONLINE at:

Contact details: Alida Deligeorges

Address: Unit 1 / 6 Hotham Road, Niddrie 3042

Telephone: 1800 962 020


Hany Amin Maths Tutor

Is Maths too hard? Do you need help with your Maths homework? Would you like someone to extend your mathematical knowledge? Do you need help setting a strong mathematical foundation for VCE? Just give me a call and through my passion, experience and teaching techniques you will achieve great results.

Contact details: Hany Amin

Address: 2 Perugia Ave, Greenvale 3059

Mobile: 0420 660 611



Lincoln Cleaning

All domestic and commercial cleaning. Specialising in carpet and rug steam cleaning, window washing, driveways and patios. Please contact us for a free quote.

Contact details: Eileen or Lupco Arsovski

Mobile: 0412 119 168 or 0404 799 780


Hire A Hubby Greenvale

All handyman works - painting, plaster repairs, door and window repairs, maintenance and renovations, prep for sale, gates and pool fencing, welding. We also have an electrician and a plumber.

Contact details:  Richard Robinson

Mobile: 0414 825 127




Inspire Physio Care

Physiotherapy for children and adults for any musculoskeletal injuries. Education about posture, aches and pains. Advice on sports related injuries. Allied Services - Dietician / Podiatry / Diabetes / Exercise / Physiology.

Contact details:  Tara Kosuri

Address: Shop G12, 1 Greenvale Drive, Greenvale Shopping Centre, Greenvale 3059

Telephone: 9333 6846




CB Clothing Co.

Wholesale Clothing - 100% Australian Cotton Garments of exceptional quality - T/shirts, Hoodies, Polos, Muscle Tanks - for men, women and children. Huge range of colours and sizes. Great for fundraisers and sporting events. Call for more information.

Contact details: Lauren

Address: 26A Ovata Drive, Tullamarine

Telephone: 9335 6606

Mobile: 0407 582 082




The Dance Room

At 'The Dance Room' we love to Dance! If your child loves to dance, then we have the perfect class for them. Our aim and passion is to introduce children to the joy of dance through a friendly but structured environment; and to help children develop co-ordination, rhythm, strength and confidence. Book your free lesson today!

Contact details: Marnie Nelson

Telephone: 9077 0097

Mobile: 0418 883 608



Mathematics Pointt

Mathematics Tuition - Is your child scoring low in Maths or needs a push to be accelerated? Contact Mathematics Pointt, a results oriented Maths tuition for Grade 6 and onwards. Classes available face-to-face and online.

Contact details: Ujjwal Gulati

Address: 10 Northleigh Avenue, Craigieburn

Mobile: 0449 095 574



Urban Tech Design

Residential concept design and development. Pre-contract quality assessments for new home plans. Design, advice and reviews for proposed development  marketing material.

Contact details: Ian Pumpa

Mobile: 0408 061 672




Business Directory Form








Kelly Club Newsletter

Please click below for the full version of the Kelly Club newsletter


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