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07 March 2019
Issue Five
Dates to Remember
From the Principal and Assistant Principal
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Beaumaris Primary School
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Dates to Remember

Snack Shack

Open Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

(excluding first & last day of each term)

Please place your order on Qkr before 8.45am on Snack Shack days.   Or even better order the night before.

Statements of Intent (SOI)

Every two weeks our teachers produce a fortnightly planner which is referred to as an SOI.  This sets out an intention of what will be taught in the classroom during that period.  These can be accessed on the school website and are displayed on the year level communication boards.


Monday 11

Labour Day: Public Holiday

Tuesday 12

Investiture Assembly for student leaders 9am

Wednesday 13

Fete Meeting 9am Staffroom - All Welcome

Kingston Division Swimming Carnival

Friday 22

Parent Club School Welcome Evening 6pm-8pm

Monday 25 - Wednesday 27

Year 4 Camp Arrabri Lodge

Wednesday 27

Year 6 History Expo 2.45pm

Thursday 28

Individual and class school photos


Sunday 31 

Working Bee 9am to 11.30am


Tuesday 2

Year 5 History Expo: 9am-10am

Uniform Shop open 8.45 to 9.15am

Wednesday 3

Year 3 Design and Technologies Expo 2.45pm

Prep Incursion - Responsible Pet Ownership

Year 6 History Expo 2.45pm

Friday 5

Prep Easter Bonnet Parade 9.45am

Sunday 14

Parent Club Bunnings Mentone Sausage Sizzle


Tuesday 2 

School Tour 2020 Preps - 9.15am to 10.40am sign in at the school office - (see transition flyer for more information about Prep Transition)

Monday 6 

Information Evening Prep 2020 7pm to 8pm Meet in the Prep Learning centre


Monday 5

5H and 6F Parliament House Excursion

Tuesday 6

6C and 6 M Parliament House Excursion


Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18

Year 6 Musical Production


Monday 14

Prep 2020 Parent Session 7pm - 8pm

Wednesday 16

Prep 2020 Transition Session One 9.30-10.30am

Tuesday 29

Prep 2020 Transition Session Two 9.30-10.30am


Thursday 14

Prep 2020 Transition Session Three 9.30-10.30am


Wednesday 18

Prep 2020 Transition Session Four (meet the teacher) 9.30-10.30am

From the Principal and
Assistant Principal

Our amazing new building

Our students were very excited by the arrival of the new building last Thursday and Friday.

Only a little over two months ago, our students were working away in the old building and since then the demolition has been completed, services installed and now a beautiful building has been placed on site.

At this stage it is anticipated handover will be mid Term Two or earlier if the fit-out  stays on track. 

The classes currently located in the relocatables on the oval and the two Year 4 classes in the Susan Arnts Learning Centre will move into the new spaces.

Our teachers had input into the configuration of the floor plan.  School Council approved the funding of the variations requested by the teachers which is has resulted in  a fantastic outcome for the students.

Students and teachers will move into learning spaces that offer the flexibility required to support  21st century learning and teaching.

In total ten classes will occupy the building. Four Year 4 classes, 4H, 4G, 4L and 4J, three Year 3 classes, 3AH, 3R and 3C and three Year 2 classes, 2DP, 2R and 2C.

The flexible learning spaces include teacher preparation spaces, quiet student withdrawal spaces, operable walls to separate learning areas or open up the areas as required, a storage room, storage cupboards, whiteboards, data points, staff toilet facilities and sinks. The building is fully air conditioned. 

Externally there are a number of entry points, decking and wheelchair access ramps.

The exposed dirt area and some landscaping will be reinstated by Modscape as part of the project and the relocatables on the oval will be removed when our students move into the new building.

Very exciting times for our school community!

Student Leaders Investiture
Tuesday March 12th 9.00am

A friendly reminder to all families that all student Captains, Vice Captains and Junior School Councillors will receive their badges at a special whole school assembly next Tuesday morning. Families are invited to attend this very special event.

Student safety and parent parking around the school

For the safety of our students, parents are asked to familiarise themselves with the ‘No Standing’ areas and ‘Kiss & Go’ areas around our school.

‘No Standing’ areas are located to give our students a clear view of the traffic. Parents are asked to please not park in ‘No Standing’ areas as this obstructs the students view of the traffic. It would be a tragedy if a child was hit by a car.  Bayside Council have advised if you are stopped waiting for a space to become free in the 'Kiss & Go' and you are within the no stopping area you will be fined. 

'Kiss n Go!’

As the name says folks, this is the way the system should be working. It has been noted by a number of people who are using the system that it works wonderfully well when people use it the way it was intended. Drivers should not need to get out of their vehicles and if the system is working the way it is designed, you should be there less than a minute. It is not a short term parking area for parents to stop and unpack the car before farewelling their children.  Your cooperation in keeping everything flowing will ensure there isn't a bank up of vehicles in our local streets.  That way everyone will be happy.  Thanks in anticipation.


Mathematics in Years 3-6 
Parent Information session facilitated by Sue Fine
Mathematics Consultant

Parents of students in Year 3-6 are invited to come along to learn about the ways they can support their children at home. The focus will be on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies. Please register your attendance. 


Election of Parent Reps on School Council

Parents are advised that voting closes at the office at 4pm today.

Gratitude and Mindfulness

What are three things that went well for you today?

What are the best things that happened to you today?

Who are you most grateful for and why?

What are you looking forward to most about tomorrow?

Sheryl Skewes                                       Louise Neave

Principal                                                   Assistant Principal

School News

Photo Day Thursday 28 March

Individual and Class photos will take place on Thursday 28 March.  Forms were sent home with your child last week.  If you require a sibling photo, forms are available at the school office and must be presented to the photographer on the day.    Please give this sibling envelope to your eldest child.  When sibling photos are announced during lunchtime, your eldest child will be expected to collect younger family members and hand this envelope to the photographer.  Only one envelope per family is required.  Orders placed after photo day will incur a $30 surcharge.  Includes postage and handling.

MSP Photography 03 5222 6747

Parent Club update

Dear Beaumaris Primary Families, on Wednesday 27th February, Parent Club held their annual AGM with great attendance.  It was fantastic to meet some of the new class reps, and discuss the Parent Club successes of 2018, as well as plans for the year ahead.  As a result of the Parent Club nominations for positions of office, we are delighted to announce that the executive committee for 2019 is as follows:

President - Lisa Grant

Vice President - Lyndl Harrop

Secretary - Tara Bertovic

Treasurer - Mel Jenkins

We are also very excited to be holding our 2019 Fete in October this year, and to have Ness Newell back at the helm driving this year's fete forward.  Ness will also co-ordinate Scholastic book order, and we thank Kari Fraser for continuing with the Entertainment Book Fund-Raising, and Fiona Love for continuing to be Care and Share co-ordinator.  We are still looking for parents to consider roles with Kitchen Garden, Garden Club and Wastesavers.  Please contact the office if interested in these roles.

All the best for a fantastic year from the 2019 Parent Club Committee!

regards,  Lisa Grant

Smoothies and Sandwich Day - Monday 1 April

Put the date in your diary! Orders via Qkr! only. Details will come in the next few weeks.

Many thanks to Charlotte, Abi, Lilly and Annabel from 4G for the great idea and to our Healthy Food Captains, Ruby and Maddie, who will be helping to organise the day! If anyone would like to volunteer to help out please get in touch with the canteen or leave your name and contact details at the office.

Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser

Baker's Delight will generously donate $2 from the sale of each hot cross bun 6-pack purchased to Beaumaris Primary School.

Just say you're from BPS and the staff will stamp a tally sheet.


The offer extends right through Term 1 until Easter and is valid at Baker's Delight on the Concourse and in Highett only.

Baker's Delight hot cross buns are super delicious, fresh and new varieties are out now.


Please start collecting Jars for our home made jams etc stall.  If you know of anyone with fruit trees to help with our jam making please contact us.


A HUGE THANK YOU to all our fabulous parents who have volunteered to be on this year’s Fete committee:

Tara Bertovic, Keely Houghton, Alison Rodham, David Carpenter, Melissa Brown, Marni Hutchison, Lisa Grant, Lyndl Harrop, Carlie Fraser, Lisa Gallagher, Mel Burchall, Renate Hoffman, Georgi Manger, Lisa Murray, Ange Baker, Mel Jenkins, Jodie Crawford, Becky White, Gillian Marshall, Lee Harskamp, Marni Punt & Dani Gratz. If anyone else would like to volunteer, please get in touch. Our next meeting is on Wed 13th March at 9am in the staffroom.  All welcome.


THANK YOU to our first fabulous Platinum sponsor - Peacock Bros. We appreciate your continued support. We have four  levels of sponsorship available. We would LOVE to have as many school families as possible come on board as sponsors so please email me if you’d like a copy of our sponsorship packages. The earlier you come on board the more publicity you get for your business.


We are looking for some fabulous prizes for our raffle. Especially if you have a holiday house, you’d be willing to donate for a weekend? We have previously had four school families generously offer their holiday homes. If you think you have any fabulous prizes please get in touch. In return your business will be printed on our 8000 raffle tickets which will be sold to school families and the wider community. You will also be able to advertise your business on our Fete Facebook page and appear in our Fete newsletters.

Many thanks

Ness Newell,  Fete Convenor

Level Low Downs


The Preps are starting to learn how to listen to and record the different sounds they hear in words. Today, we read the book "How to Catch a Star" by Oliver Jeffers.  It tells the story of a boy who tries a variety of ways to catch a star and thought he never would.  The students brainstormed how they would catch a star and drew a picture to communicate their ideas. They then had a go labelling their drawing by recording the different sounds they hear in words.  We heard some very creative ideas such as "I would stand on the edge of the world and reach for the stars" and "I would put on a space suit with rocket boots and with two lassoes I would pull the star in". 

Year One

Today the Year 1 students had the pleasure of having a special visitor speak to us about International Women’s Day, which takes place on Friday 8th March. Fran Hoy, Vanessa’s (1T) mum, spoke to all of the Year 1 students about the lives of women and girls in the past, present and future. She spoke to the children about Vida Goldstein, the influential suffragette and social reformer, after which the Goldstein electorate is named. Fran also touched upon the present conditions for women and girls, their access to all levels of education, various professional avenues and the multiple different sporting activities girls can participate in. When referencing the future, Fran spoke to the students about the conditions for girls in other countries and the roles that the students may have in the coming years to help support social change. The students participated respectfully in the discussion, asked relevant questions and shared their own experiences. William shared that ‘boy and girls can do anything’ and Winter commented that she ‘plays with boys and girls at playtime’. 

Year Two

This week the Year 2 children are looking forward to an exciting excursion to The Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne, with its amazing range of plant and animal life. The excursion will compliment our Geography learning objectives and be the perfect writing prompt as we reflect on our day.  In Japanese sessions we are learning about the Hinamatsuri Festival (Girls' Day) and the traditions associated with this in Japan.  In Mathematics we formed a human number line and demonstrated that we can order numbers from smallest to largest.

Year Three

The Year 3 students have begun working on their first ERP. They have been filling in their proposal form, working on a design brief and learning how to research using the classroom iPads and laptops. The Term 1 ERP expo is on Wednesday 3rd April at 2.45pm in the Year 3 classroom. All are welcome to attend where you will see the process that the students went through to come to their finished product.


We have begun working on persuasive writing. Students have been working individually and in pairs to create persuasive arguments. We read the book ‘I Wanna Iguana’, where a boy tries to convince their parents to get a pet iguana. Students then wrote arguments on pets that they would like at home, such as a flea, Pugg dog, lion, panda, gorilla, leech and many more.

Year Four

This week in Year 4 has been a little busy but we got through it! Our new classroom arriving on Thursday and Friday last week was very exciting! We enjoyed being able to watch the buildings pass our classrooms windows! This sparked our interest in wanting to build something of our own. We made some structures using MAB blocks which we then wrote a procedure for a partner to attempt. In Mathematics we have begun to unpack our knowledge in 2D shapes and for our Subject Focus we were allocated our ERP groups and have been establishing team norms and collaborating all our ideas! A lot of us are already bringing in recycled materials from home into the classroom to get prepared for the designing stage which is great to see! In Japanese the girls from Year 4 discovered the Hinamatsuri festival (also known as girls’ day) and the traditions associated with this in Japan. They then had the opportunity to dress up for the occasion! We have had a great first half of Term 1 and are looking forward to what the 2nd half of term has in store for us! 

Year Five

The middle of term already, time is flying up in Year 5. This week we delved into narratives. We watched tightening tension scenes (Apollo 13 had us all sitting on the edge of our seats), we reviewed sizzling starts (Aaron Blakey books seemed to be a favourite) and we began writing our own sizzling starts and tightening tension.  Next week we will begin planning and drafting our own narratives.

We started our unit on time this week. We learnt how to read 24 hour time and also how to calculate elapsed time.

To compliment camp and get us ready for the ERP process we also looked at significant events in Australia's past and ordered them on a timeline.

Year Six

We have been working very hard in Year 6 with a very busy schedule. Last week we played our first interschool sport double header against Brighton and Brighton Beach primary schools. It was incredibly hot so we were exhausted in the afternoon but we all had lots of fun. We have another double header tomorrow against Sandringham and Hampton primary schools. Luckily it’s a bit cooler this week. We are very excited about our special Investiture Assembly next Tuesday morning at 9am, where our leadership group will be presented with their badges. We hope you can join us on this special occasion. We have begun work this week on our History ERPs, and we’re all very highly motivated and doing extensive research. Our History ERP Expo has now been pushed back a week and will take place on Wednesday 3rd April 2.45 – 3.45pm.

Community News



School Information

General Office

Office Hours:           8.15am - 4.00pm

Telephone:              03  9589 2619


All visitors to the school are required to report to the office to sign in and out.  A ‘visitor’s badge’ will be issued.

Appointments with teachers must be made via the school email: 



Student absences should be reported to the school before 9.00am via the Compass portal or phoning the school office.   Any unexplained absences will result in parents/guardians receiving an email at 9.30am on the day of non-attendance requesting they update Compass with the reason for non-attendance.



In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you that the school day starts promptly at 9.00am.  If your child is late for any reason, please sign in at the office via the Compass Kiosk and obtain a late pass to be given to the classroom teacher.  

Please ensure that if your child is leaving early that they are signed out on the Compass Kiosk before collecting them from the classroom.



Facebook: Beaumaris Primary School

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Mathematics Consultant information session for Years 3-6 parents Wednesday 13th March.pdf
Mathematics Consultant information session for Years 3-6 parents Wednesday 13th March.pdf
Mathematics Consultant information session for Years 3-6 parents Wednesday 13th March.pdf
Transition Flyer for Prep 2020.pdf