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08 February 2019
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Principal's Post 

From the Principal

Welcome back! 


Classes commenced last week and it has been a busy and productive start of the year for all year levels. Our College assembly this week highlighted our student leaders and the directions, major events and opportunities at the College for this year. A special welcome is extended to our 292 Year 7 students and their families.

I have been delighted to catch up with so many students and staff after the long holiday, and I hope you’ve had a fruitful and an enjoyable summer. Everyone appears rested and ready to launch into the school year again.


This year I hope our students increase their levels of agency for their own learning. Active learning and taking initiative are the keys to learning wisely. If you have a good cause, if you can see beyond test scores and find the spark and the joy innate to the act of learning, then learning will become much more interesting and much easier.  


Outside the classroom, get to know what’s happening around you, at both Ringwood and more broadly in the community.  Read extensively, watch the news, download useful apps that can help you. Be curious. Broaden your horizons by actively seeking better knowledge. No matter what your interests are, be it sustainability, music, performing, sport, philosophy, or dance, there is so much on offer. There are so many extra-curricular activities you can participate in and different things you can do — academic or non-academic, competitions, community services, sports, music, visual art, performing arts, cultural activities, and the list goes on.

Engage in different activities.  Develop your interests.  Explore your talents.  Unearth your potentials.  Stretch your limits. Do something, so that you won’t regret not having tried and grown, when you look back on your year in 2019.


Our College Production for 2019, “Spamalot” has been announced and auditions will commence shortly. By the time that you have read this newsletter we will also have concluded The House Swimming Carnival at Ringwood’s Aquanation too.


Staffing in 2019

As is always the case at the beginning of a new school year there are a number of new and returning teachers and we particularly welcome them:

  • Ms Vanessa Phan – Maths and Science
  • Ms Sophia Rovira - Maths
  • Mr Chris Taylor - Maths and Science
  • Mr Josh Mitchell- PE and Health
  • Mr Shaun Butson -  Maths and PE
  • Ms Tessa Henley – Foods and Science
  • Mrs Sarah Catton- English,  Ms Elise Gardiner – PE and Health and Ms Gaynor Borlase - Dance and Performing Arts, are all returning from leave in 2019


There are also changes in our structure for 2019 with each weekday being broken into 5 teaching periods of 60 minutes. There are no changes to the start and finish times with classes commencing each morning at 8.50am and the end of the day being at 3.15pm.


Building Works

Planning for the next stage of our building program is progressing well with the Senior School centre design plans now really taking shape. We are on track to be ready for tender by the commencement of term 2 and a construction start around the end of term 2 this year.


Student travel to and from Ringwood Secondary College

I request that all students ensure respectful and appropriate behaviour especially when travelling on public transport.


There are always concerns about student safety and I ask all students to cross busy roads at appropriate locations. There are two supervised crossings on Bedford Road as well as a signalised intersection at Great Ryrie Street that should be utilised. In addition, travelling in small groups is often a good idea and areas like Ringwood Lake are best avoided when travelling alone. In addition, students riding to and from school must wear their safety helmets.


Parents who drive students should be aware of the speed and parking restrictions near the school, as these are regularly enforced. Often it is easier to drop students nearby and allow them to walk a few hundred metres – its good exercise too! The car park at the front of the library should not be used as a drop off point at any time immediately before or after school.


Student safety matter

Students must not bring drinks in glass bottles to the College. If there is an accident they potentially can cause serious injury and broken glass makes areas in the yard unsafe. There are lots of suitable alternatives that can be utilised. Your cooperation is appreciated.


College Council Elections 2019

Nominations are now open for three parent vacancies on our college council. If you are an enthusiastic parent interested in getting more involved and having a say in what our college is doing, or know someone who is, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for people who are committed to improving the educational outcomes for all our students.


Effective councils have a broad range of experience, skills and expertise. Face-to-face and online training is also available to help councillors develop the skills and knowledge for the job. Parents find their involvement satisfying and may also find that their children feel a greater sense of belonging.

If you would like to find out more information, please give me a call at the College. Nominations will close on Thursday February 21, 2019 and forms are available from school reception or via email from Karen Carden.  [email protected]


Michael Phillips




Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

Welcome to 2019!


The beginning of the year brings new possibilities and opportunities and in 2019 there are both of these for students and staff at Ringwood Secondary College. As we settle into the new structure of the day with five 60 minute periods, we reflect on how to make every minute of each period matter. The teaching and learning environment is a precious space for learning and developing our knowledge and skills and through an evidenced based pedagogical structure, the integrity of the learning environment is elevated. Our GANAG learning schema offers students the opportunity to learn at an elevated level- connecting to prior knowledge, thinking deeply about new information, applying what is learnt to real life experiences. Our staff continue to be professionally developed in delivering this model of instruction so that there is consistency of practice across the whole college.


In addition, students are becoming increasingly aware that the behaviours they display in the learning environment are an integral part of their success as learners. Their active participation in learning experiences, their independence and responsibility for their own learning journey and their ability to collaborate effectively with a wide group of people is fostered through the Learning Behaviour model that was adopted last year. The importance of the Learning Behaviours is being communicated to students and will be measured at the end of the term through the progress reports.


As a teaching Assistant Principal, I am always keen to hear from my students about their experience of my class. While the college has a formal structure to gauge student feedback of staff performance later in the year, there is nothing quite like the informal feedback we receive during or after a lesson which enables the development of a greater rapport with students and engages us in considering alternative ways of delivering our lessons. The feedback that I have received from my Year 7 class about their primary school language learning is a little disheartening. Their honest appraisal of their language experiences, both positive and negative, has given me a terrific platform from which to launch my lessons. I know they love a teacher with passion and energy, someone who makes them think, makes language learning relevant and engaging and who is interested in their progress. A terrific platform indeed!


The Debutante Ball rehearsals have begun. It is fantastic to watch Year 11 students transforming into graceful dancers by the second rehearsal. The Debutante Ball is not far away, March 2nd at The Grand on Cathies.


From a safety point of view, we ask that parents obey the signs on the pillars in front of the college and not park in the Administration office car park. The designated parking spaces in front of the office are not for drops offs, pick ups or student deliveries. The disabled parking space is only to be used if you have a disabled car park sticker. It is vital that all members of the community obey these rules. In addition, please observe the No Standing sign in Rosewarne Lane for drop offs and pick ups.

Finally, students are encouraged to wear hats and be sun smart during the day. Wearing hats in House colours is a smart way to protect our faces.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

From Mr Barut

Welcome back to all our students for the start of the 2019 school year. I also extend greetings to all our parents and all our partners that make up this magnificent Ringwood Secondary College community.


Certainly, I can only envisage the night before where there would have been great excitement and a few nerves about the start of the school year. We were delighted to welcome our newest cohort into the school, the Year Seven class of 2019, all the way to our Year 12 class of 2019.


I would like to congratulate all our students for the terrific start, where the main focus has been settling into classes with their teachers. It is imperative that to continue this excellent start, students must attend all their lessons and get to school every day. Of course, if there are extenuating circumstances, we ask that parents approve any absence on Compass.


The Year 7s have settled into their classes and are developing positive relationships with all their teachers, notwithstanding familiarity with the entire operations of a secondary school college. Their confidence grows every day.


Congratulations to Mrs Menz and the entire Senior School team for organising and supervising the study symposium at Box Hill TAFE in Lilydale. A fantastic undertaking that set the tone for the Year 12 cohort. Thank you to the teachers that offered their time to run Positive Education sessions and study skill tips.


The other Sub Schools have all come back refreshed, enthusiastic and ready to achieve their personal best and engage fully in the programs that Ringwood Secondary College has to offer.


The Heads of Sub Schools, the House Co-ordinators and I are all committed to delivering the best possible support for all our students and we ask for your support in building a partnership together. Interactions for all of us have to respectful and solution focused. To that end, allow me to introduce this year’s team:


Head of Sub School Years 7 and 8 – Ms Anna Urbano

Frazer – Ms Marissa Lee

Freeman – Ms Jess Friend

Mabo – Ms Kim Watson

Jackman – Mrs Faith Tucker


Head of Sub School Years 9 and 10 – Mr Matthew Tucker

Frazer – Ms Krissi Friedli

Freeman – Ms Beatrice Dauguet

Mabo – Mrs Jacqui Godfrey

Jackman – Mr Peter Vlahos


Head of Sub School Years 11 and 12 – Mrs Cathy Menz

Frazer – Ms Caitlin May

Freeman – Ms Emma Lim

Mabo – Mr Matt Saunders

Jackman – Ms Lucy Moore


Please read this newsletter carefully to familiarise yourself with the best contact that can help you with any issues that may arise with your son or daughter. In case you are not familiar with the new college structure, each student is aligned to a House, thus, they are also aligned to a  co-ordinator who is in the same House.


Parents and carers, we ask that you log onto Compass to connect with the work that your son/daughter is doing under Learning Tasks so that the learning journey becomes a shared responsibility. Also, at times, Compass notices that are relevant to a specific year level will be posted, that may require parental action.


Before I sign off, a reminder to all students that photo day is the 19th of February. EVERY student must have their photo taken.


We look forward to a sensational 2019. Again, welcome.


James Barut

Assistant Principal

From Mrs Allison

With the ’Plus 10 Schools’ project developing and gaining momentum, the first day in Term 1, was a collective professional learning day for 22 Maroondah Schools. The ‘Live It” day was held at the Melbourne Convention Centre with the focus on creating a positive collective and collaborative event. Chris Helder was the keynote speaker who focused on positive relationships and ‘Useful Belief’. Chris is a best-selling author and keynote speaker on mastering the power of mindsets, genuine communication and influence. Author of ‘Useful Belief’, ‘Cut the Noise’ and The Ultimate Book of Influence’ Chris talked about achieving results with less guilt. In the afternoon, each school had the opportunity to come together to welcome new staff and outline the year ahead.


This week’s whole school assembly, focussed on celebrating leadership, success, teamwork, collaboration and support for the College. Our Year 12 Prefects, together with our Lead Teachers, encouraged all students to participate in House Sports and activities, Performing Arts events and Philanthropic work with a focus on working positively, to be the best person they can be whilst aiming for a productive, optimistic year ahead.


Many important events are coming up in the next few weeks such as the House Swimming Sports this Friday, followed by our Leadership training next Thursday, February 14th. Our student leaders from Years 7-12 will attend their leadership training at EV’s, in Croydon. The morning training will commence with a ‘Plus 10 Schools’ collaborative event for Year 7 students, together with Maroondah City Council, Heathmont College, Melba College, Norwood Secondary College and Ringwood Secondary College (RSC). RSC students in Years 8-11 will be trained, later in the day, by the Maroondah Youth Services team culminating with our College Prefects also attending to co facilitate team building exercises. This will be a great opportunity for all students to support the leadership teams with a focus on positive relationships. I would like to extend my gratitude to Karly Horton (RSC Lead Teacher for Leadership, House and Community Engagement), Maroondah Youth Services and Maroondah secondary colleges staff, for organising and coordinating this unified event.


In the Performing Arts, domain World Tour rehearsals are in full swing, held each Tuesday afternoon, organised by Karl McNamara the Director of Performing Arts. Both students and staff are looking forward to travelling overseas and performing in a variety of countries at the end of Term 1. The annual musical production ‘Spamalot’, commences soon, with auditions beginning in the next week.


Positive Education focus

Character Strength: Leadership

Wellbeing Fitness Challenge: Looking Forward

Wellbeing Reflection Activity: Active Constructive Responding


With the increase in the use of electronic devices, there has been a significant decline in face to face conversations over the last decade with students’ skills in interpreting and sending appropriate body language messages reduced. This can lead to a key social-emotional resilience skill, showing empathy, being adversely affected. Consequently, the building of high quality relationships suffers. Showing empathy has been the social glue that has enabled communities to thrive and flourish for centuries.

To develop students’ self-awareness of how to overcome this they need learn how to use active constructive responding in the face to face conversations they have.


Active Constructive Response: Enthusiastic support, genuine interest

It is the only proven way of listening and responding which builds relationships. With key elements in positive psychology and education being positive relationships and positive emotions, it is important that we encourage young people to enthusiastically encourage others to share their stories and asking them to tell you more by doing this. The end result is that it fills both parties with uplifting spirals of positive emotions. 


Other ways of listening and responding which have an adverse effect on relationships include: 

passive constructive: such as listening respectfully, but without any interest, energy or enthusiasm; passive destructive: showing little interest in listening to them to learn their story, active destructive: dismissing their story with disrespectful body language and changing the subject. 


What you can do to nurture your relationships

Practice Active Constructive responding.

When people share something with you about which they’re excited, help them savour that moment – even if only briefly, and even if you don’t care about the event as much as they do. Cultivate a sense of genuine interest and curiosity. Some things you can say or ask:

  • I’m so happy for you!  I want to hear all the details.
  • Tell me more!
  • What is the most exciting part of this for you?

The challenge is to look forward and to aim to have five positives for every one negative 


I wish you a very positive year ahead. Remember ‘your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more’.


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal



From the Office

Therapy Dog News

We are pleased to welcome a new therapy dog to our school in 2019.  Emmi will be joining Europa in supporting student and staff wellbeing. 


Emmi is 12 weeks old and will spend time learning from Europa before eventually completing her therapy dog certification.


These dogs love to work with all of you, but to do so it is important that they stay as healthy as possible.  To help with this, we cannot stress enough how important it is that all rubbish and food scraps are placed into the bins.


Emmi and Europa look forward to visiting you in classes, attending whole school events and helping with immunisations and exams.


Throughout the year, look out for fundraisers to support this program.

After School Maths Help

During 2019, Maths staff are providing after school Maths help for all students requiring additional assistance in completing their classwork or homework.


It is free of charge and will run from 3:20 pm – 4:20 pm in rooms 402/403 every Tuesday commencing Tuesday 12th February. No bookings are required; just turn up.


Please contact Janette Bennie (Head of Mathematics) on 9870 2002 if you require further information.

School Crossing Information Pack – 2019

Maroondah City Council is pleased to provide the enclosed information on school crossings and road safety, which can be copied for your students and families, or may be included in your school newsletter.


Vicroads provides a range of useful resources to support schools in promoting traffic safety and education.


To view a variety of educational and promotional materials for early childhood, primary students and secondary students as well as ‘safe to schools’ strategies.


Please visit –


If you have concerns regarding school crossings near your school, please contact me on the numbers listed below. Concerns may include - nonattendance of School Crossing Supervisors, operating hours of a crossing, change to school dismissal times/days.


Advanced notification of any Curriculum days/pupil free days to the office by phone or email is greatly appreciated to ensure proficient rostering of Supervisors.

Kerrylee Burke
School Crossing Coordinator


Bounce in 2019

This is a really exciting time for the Bounce Program at Ringwood Secondary College as we move into a 5 period day where Bounce is taught in a regular 60 minute period!


All members of the College community play a vital role in the pastoral care of our students. We aim to provide an environment where each student feels valued and connected and learns the skills needed to become resilient, productive and community minded individuals. 

The 'BOUNCE' program is based on the principles of positive psychology and is the explicit teaching of positive mental health skills. Students participate in enriched sessions that focus on values and enhancing the tools they have to promote positive mental and physical wellbeing. The program aims to provide proactive, practical and positive mental health strategies for all students. Help seeking, peer support and self-help behaviours are encouraged. The key to the success of this program lies in the positive relationships between teacher and students.


Yearly Focus areas –

Year 7 – Positive Relationships

Year 8 – Learning to Learn

Year 9 – Brain Science and Neuroplasticity

Year 10 – Positive Health and Positive Behaviours

Year 11 – Life Skills

Year 12 – Life Skills and Mentoring


These skills are taught through the practice of:

EMOTIONAL LITERACY – the ability to identify and label the emotion as it is being experienced can help to regulate negative emotion leading to a help seeking mind-set and better conflict resolution.

EMPATHY – recognising and reading the emotions of others to enhance relationships and communication. Looking for the needs of others and listening to others perspective, leading to kindness and positive relationships.

GRATITUDE – looking for an appreciating the things we have, rather than the things we don’t. Expressing and receiving gratitude is a great strategy for positive mental health.

MINDFULNESS – being completely present in the moment, having the ability to block out negative thoughts and manage self-talk.  This is also important in the management of stress and anxiety. Students are encouraged to practice mindfulness outside of school at home and to find a ‘flow’ activity to help manage stress and regulate emotion.


In TERM 1, students will be focussing on:

Year 7 - (Positive Relationships) – Character Strengths and Emotional Literacy

Year 8 - (Learning To Learn) – Emotional Literacy

Year 9 – Emotional Literacy

Year 11 – Surviving VCE

Year 12 – Study Skills


Year 12 – Mentor Program:

Students in Year 12 work will have an Assembly each fortnight. This will run for 30 mins. The other 30 mins is allocated to a mentoring session whereby students check in with their Bounce mentor. There is an online academic tracking and goal setting tool for students to utilise as well as a wellbeing booklet for students to complete each week. This is a great tool to enable students to manage their time, wellbeing and studies independently.


In 2018, an Art competition was opened to invite all students to create a mural in collaboration with local artist Kathy Heyward to illustrate the themes of Bounce (Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness and Emotional Literacy), as well as our school value of ‘Respect’. Students from each year level contributed and the Art Club painted the design with Kathy. The final result is now on display on the external wall of the library and is a bright and colourful addition to our school!



What a busy time January has proven to be for developments at the College! It’s always a great time to get things done in the absence of staff and students, although access to tradies is problematic over the January period. A brief summary of works completed:

  • Gymnasium Project-The gym floor looks amazing. It was totally stripped back, repaired and new lines painted including up to date key markings. Finally, 3 coats of sports urethane were applied. This complements last year’s work involving installation crash mats, LED lights, switchboard replacement, and new glass backboards.
  • Front fence-finally completed after many years of planning! This Australian made fence greatly improves security for the school community and let’s face it-first impressions matter. 
  • Stumping of Woodwork rooms-Approximately 176 stumps were replaced under the two woodwork rooms. The very old stumps were badly rotted and floors in the two rooms were unacceptably uneven.
  • Painting-Rooms 700 and 702 received a lick of paint as did the new junior school. We are working determinedly at keeping the new building looking great.
  • Carpet-Several areas were replaced including Room 702, Auto kitchenette and Auto office area
  • Emergency lighting/Exit signs/Fire Hydrants/Extinguishers-all tested and replaced where required
  • Test and Tagging-Several areas were completed
  • Paintings and poetry attached to walls
  • Gardening galore!

Finally, a reminder to contact the office if you are interested in joining the Facilities Committee for 2019. We meet once per term and enjoy making a difference to the learning environment at Ringwood Secondary College.


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

RSC Work Futures EXPO 2019 

The Work Futures committee has started this year following on from where we paused last year.

At the end of 2018 we had resolved much of the planning work and over the holidays some aspects have been further refined and we are now ready to put that planning into practice, setting out the details and work schedule for this inaugural event for RSC on Wednesday 19th June 2019.


At our first meeting for 2019 we set out the steps to complete this initiative.  Our committee increased by two members during 2018.  These two people were Assistant Principals at this college and their background knowledge has helped in putting things in place by defining tasks where we will seek assistance from School Leader groups.  These tasks involve designing and presenting documentation and advance advertising for the Expo 2019 in an attractive way for our guests and visitors on that evening.


Our industry presenters represent all seven job clusters.  Job clusters are the focus of this expo to show students and parents that jobs in these clusters can provide opportunities where skills gained in one job can be ‘transportable’ to other jobs within a cluster.  The research group, the Foundation for Young Australians (fya) sets out examples of how employees who have added to their knowledge base by learning news skills in a job, can find employment opportunities in other clusters where these same skills can be applied and additional skills specific to the new job can be learned.  This broadening of skills knowledge can lead to greater job opportunities, and for those who like challenges, greater job satisfaction to ensure employment into the future.


The evening promises to be of great value to those who attend and I urge both parents of students and students who will be leaving school in the near future to take advantage of this opportunity and talk with these people about any jobs that may be of interest to them.


I am sure you will be impressed by our keynote speakers at our Expo 2019 who will share their stories of how they have achieved the knowledge and skills that have given them the recognition for the work they do and why we have chosen them to talk to you.  There will be two opportunities to hear them during the evening.


For further details contact the school or the convenor, Barry Ring, at [email protected]


Junior School

Welcome to 2019!

Hello and welcome to the start of what we know will be an exciting year for our Junior School students, staff and parents.

Last week we happily greeted over 290 brand new Year 7 students embarking on their high school journey. On their first day, the Year 7s had full run of the school, as our Year 12s were offsite and our Year 8-11 students enjoyed an extra day of holidays.

This enabled them to focus on meeting new friends, finding their way around the school and getting to know their teachers and classmates. The students participated in a variety of activities, including ‘Getting to Know You’ games, a timetable tour, locker distribution and lock practice and creating their own converse shoe design.

After a late start on their second day, Year 7s undertook a music aptitude test, completed some iPad training, enjoyed a House Trivia completion and ended the week with a whole year level House Games competition on the oval. As you can see from the photos they made a great start to 2019.

We also welcomed back our Year 8 students returning for their second year at RSC. It was so lovely to see how much they had grown over the Summer and we look forward to another productive year with this amazing cohort.

Your child has been allocated to one of our four Houses;

Frazer, Freeman, Jackman or Mabo.

Should you need to talk to someone urgently about your child’s academic progress or wellbeing concerns, please email your child’s House Coordinator:


Marissa Lee [email protected]


Jessica Friend [email protected]


Faith Tucker: [email protected]


Kim Watson [email protected]


Please note that there will be an opportunity to speak with your child’s classroom teachers at the upcoming Parent Teacher Interviews which will be held on Thursday 4th April.


As it is the beginning of a new year it is worth reminding parents and students of the expectations surrounding uniform for RSC students.


In Term 1, students should be wearing either the College dress or tailored charcoal shorts/pants and a white shirt with College logo. All students must be wearing white ankle socks and black, leather lace-up or buckled shoes that can be polished. Please be mindful that if a student would like to wear a t-shirt under their shirt, it must be plain white (with no logos) and must not be visible at the hemline.


We have noticed a tendency for students to wear socks with branding, such as the Nike tick or Globe written on them. The uniform policy clearly states ‘plain white socks’ so these branded socks are not considered uniform. We ask that parents please provide only plain white socks for their child.


Facial piercings are not allowed and students will be asked to remove these. The only exception is a discrete, transparent, plastic nose retainer. We encourage students to wear the school uniform hat when outdoors which can be purchased through PSW.


Thanks, in advance to parents and students for their support of our uniform policy.



Around the School

Music Department

Welcome back to all RSC musicians and thank you to all Stage Bands, Senior Choir and Senior Vocal Ensemble for starting the year off with their day camps in preparation for Generations in Jazz held at Mt Gambier early next term.

All rehearsals have commenced for the year, this week and it has been great to see so many enthusiastic and positive musicians around the PAC.

Year Seven tryouts are well under way and we invite all year sevens to consider taking up an instrument.


Learning a musical instrument is a wonderful skill for any child but did you know that research shows how learning music can help your child in SO MANY OTHER WAYS:


. Improved reasoning capacity and problem-solving skills

. Improved maths and language performance

. Better memory

. Greater social and team skills

As mentioned at the Year 7 Information Night, last term, learning music is great for the brain. Every part of the brain in used when playing a musical instrument and the improvements occur from the very beginning.


If you require further evidence please check out the ABC TV series “Don’t Stop the Music” via the following link:


The series shows the powerful impact learning a musical instrument has on academic ability and social skills. One of the most disadvantaged primary schools in Perth took part in a 7 month long instrumental music program which culminated in a performance at Perth Concert Hall. Amongst the amazing results, in so many areas, their Naplan scores went from the lowest in the state to above average for those students who elected to continue learning a musical instrument.



Learning music can make a difference for your child!


With this in mind all year 7 students and parents are invited to RSC Music’s Recruitment Night, Wednesday 20 February, 7.00pm in the College Hall, proceeding to the 500’s for tryouts at 7.30pm. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to join our vibrant and exciting music program here at Ringwood.


Any year 8 to 12 students who wish to join the program, please come and see us in the PAC office as soon as possible. It’s never too late to start learning a musical instrument or join one of our many ensembles.


Our Music Association needs your help!

The Music Association is looking for new members in 2019.  It really is a great way to become part of your child’s journey through the music program, to meet other parents and to find out a little more about what happens behind the scenes at the college. 


The Music Association is a parent group, which actively supports the Music Program by assisting with front of house at concerts; serving suppers, and fundraising to purchase much needed instruments (the ones that are too expensive for families to buy) and equipment.  They have a longstanding place in the history of the college and want to ensure that they remain viable long into the future. The committee meets approximately twice per term on a Monday evening. Their final “meeting” for the year is a social dinner in late November or early December.


Please feel free to call the Music Association’s President Trudy Brewster on

0425 806 460 or send an email to  [email protected]  if you would like to find out more about the RSC Music Association.


The RSC Music Association would love to hear from you.

Janine Pero

Director of Music


Middle School

Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to the start of what will be another busy and exciting year for Middle School students at RSC. It certainly appears that our staff and students have all enjoyed a restful break and we are looking forward to seeing motivated students achieve their personal bests in 2019!


There have been some minor changes to the Middle School team since last year. We would like to introduce ourselves and look forward to supporting you and your child in their endeavours:


Middle School Assistant Principal: James Barut


Middle School Leader: Matthew Tucker


Middle School Coordinators

This year the college have implemented House Coordinators as apposed the previous model where there were Year Level Coordinators. 

The Middle School House Coordinators for 2018 are:

  • Krissi Friedli – Frazer House
  • Beatrice Dauguet – Freeman House
  • Peter Vlahos – Jackman House
  • Jacqui Godfrey – Mabo House


As it is the beginning of a new year it is worth reminding parents of the expectations surrounding the summer uniform for RSC students. Students should be wearing either the college dress or tailored charcoal shorts and a white shirt with college logo. All students must be wearing plain white socks and black, leather lace-up or buckled shoes that can be polished. 


Thanks to parents for their continued support with our uniform policy and also to the many students who continue to respect our college dress code. 

For any further information regarding uniform please see the below link:


Year 9 Camp

All Year 9 students will be heading off to the Phillip Island Adventure Resort on Monday 18th March for a three-day adventure camp. Medical and dietary requirement forms have been handed out to students. Please make sure that the medical forms are returned to the Middle School Office by Monday 18th of February. If your child is unable to attend for some reason please inform the relevant House Coordinator.


Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 classes have started well and students are working hard to ensure that they achieve their very best. We ask that students, who have not yet arranged their placement for work experience later in the year, please do so as soon as possible. All work experience forms and information can be found via the ‘RSC Careers’ link on the Ringwood Secondary College Portal. 

If you have any questions please contact Sharlene Hetherington via email: [email protected]


Matt Tucker

Middle School Leader

Careers News

Read up on all the upcoming Careers news within the College.



News from Wellbeing

Counselling services provided at low/no cost  are provided on campus at Ringwood Secondary College by a community organization previously named Family Mediation Centre now Better Place Australia.

Please look at the website link to see the vast range of services they provide .You have the option of self referring and having appointments at their offices in Ringwood or via our student wellbeing team to access on campus appointments.

EACH Group

Please see attached our group programs for 2019.  EACH Youth and Family are running a variety of programs commencing in Term 1 Including the Your Voice program, dedicated to personal development and narrative training and public speaking, Peaceful Kids program for children based on mindfulness and positive psychology and Shine, for women aged 14-17 with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

If you have questions or queries please contact our Youth and Family Reception on 9871 1802 or alternatively you can email our team at [email protected].


Art Therapy is back at headspace Knox in 2019! Arts and Minds is a Therapeutic Arts Program for young people aged 15-25 running from Tuesday 26th of Feb to Tuesday 2nd of April.

It is a closed therapeutic group so interested young people will be assessed for suitability and ideally have capacity to attend the entirety of the program. Any questions can be directed to me at [email protected] so flick me an email to discuss further and assess suitability. Spots are limited.


Year 10 Leadership Opportunity

It is that time of year again, we are looking for the 2019 SWAT leadership participants. This program sees representatives from all secondary schools both  government and independent working together in this Maroondah  City Council youth leadership program.

We are looking for 2-4 (the more the merrier!) students from year 10 who  would benefit from this leadership opportunity and would be able to commit to Summit, Retreat and wellbeing project. They don't have to have a leadership title, in fact we encourage you to apply if you haven’t  yet been given a leadership role at  school this could be where you flourish.

Let's begin with some key dates;


April 1st - cut-off date for student nominations.


May 2nd - SWAT Summit (full day at Aquinas College)


May 13th - 15th - SWAT Retreat (2 night camp in Balnarring)


October 19th - Presentation evening (Aquinas College)


Attached  you will find some information for the students as well as more detailed information for parents/guardians of those selected.  I've also included the link for the enrolment form to be completed by the parents/guardians selected by the college at the end of term 1.


So if you are interested please let me know in the wellbeing house over the next couple of weeks so I can arrange for you to meet with the organises and ask questions about the program.



Ms Sharlene (Charlie) Hetherington

Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Community Notices

Kilsyth Netball Club

Kilsyth East Netball Club is looking for new players to join us from the ages of 6 to 18+.

We would be greatly appreciative if you were able to include either of the attached in your next newsletter. 


Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Jade Hutchinson

KENC Secretary

RSC News
Careers News.pdf
school crossing rules.pdf
Vicroads Safe to School brochure_1.jpg
Vicroads Safe to School brochure_2.jpg
Vicroads Safe to School brochure_1.jpg
Vicroads Safe to School brochure_2.jpg
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EACH YFS Group Programs 2019.pdf
YFS Grand Parenting Flyer draft 2019 (002).pdf
YFS Treehouse Flyer term 1 2019.pdf
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SWAT 2019 information for parents or guardians.pdf
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