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07 February 2019
Issue 2
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2019 Calendar



Thurs 7  Help needed

Fri 8  Kelly, Tracey (12.30)

Wed 13th  Help needed

Thurs 14th Help needed

Fri 15th  Anna, Help needed


Please contact me if you can help at woodendcanteen@gmail.com or mobile 0411 558 557.  Remember its only Wednesday to Friday,  9-12.30pm and your child(ren) receives a free icy pole and the chance to see their carer behind the counter.

Foundation students do not attend Wednesdays for the month of February 2019.

Thurs 07/02

Whole School Family Fun Night - Welcome BBQ

Fri 15/02

District Tennis 13/U

Book Club orders due

Wed  20/02

District Tennis 13/U

Thurs 21/2

Parent Helpers Program - Reading 2-3.30pm (Library)

Wed 27/02

District Tennis 13/U

PFA Meeting  / AGM  - 7.30pm


Wed 06/03

Cobaw Summer Sports 

Friday 08/03

  • PUPIL FREE DAY - no students at school

Mon 11/03

  • Public Holiday - no students at school

Tues 12/03

Divisional Swimming, Bendigo

Fri 14/03

Divisional Volleyball

Thurs 21/03

Regional Swimming, Swan Hill

Mon 25/03

Regional Tennis, Swan Hill

Wed 27/03

PFA Meeting  - 7.30pm

2019 School Dates

Term 1  - 30.01.2019 - 05.04.2019

Term 2  -  23.04.2019 - 28.06.2019

Term 3  -  15.07.2019 - 20.09.2019

Term 4  -  07.10.2019 - 20.12.2019

2019 Pupil Free Days

  • Friday 8th March
  • Thursday 27th June
  • Monday 4th November

2019 Camp Dates

Year 2 - 16-17 October

Year 3 - 18-20 September

Year 4 - 4-6  December 

Year 5 - 27-29 November

Year 6 - 30 April - 3 May

2019 School Photo Day

Monday 29th April 

Dental Screening Services to Children

Sunbury Community Health is offering a FREE dental service to junior students (Foundation to Year 2) at Woodend Primary School on Wednesdays 28th August, 4th, 11th and 18th September, 2019.

There are no out-of-pocket costs for any child.

From the Principal,
Diana Ellis

Our school values​

  • Be a learner
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe

This year we are implementing our new school values across our whole school community. Each value will be unpacked in detail so that students know what each value means and we will be focusing on building school pride and high expectations through the roll out of our new values.

However, in order for this to happen we need the adults to model these values.

Throughout the year this work will be supported by our Berry Street, School Wide Positive Behaviour and Respectful Relationships Initiatives. Each week we will provide information and updates in our newsletter.


You will see our new school values proudly displayed in each classroom and we will be using a positive approach ie rather than saying, ‘do not run in the corridors' we will be saying, ‘please walk in the corridors so that we can be safe’.

We will also explicitly be modelling and teaching the behaviours that we want to see.

School Improvement

As many of you will have noticed, our school continues to improve with our ongoing capital works project. This week they have started to transform our outdoor environment with the development of the gardens, the outdoor amphitheatre and the outdoor learning space around the large oak tree.

Mrs Graham and I have another site meeting with the builders and the department representatives today so we will be updated with the predicted completion date.

We have had many people express their gratitude about having paths to use now instead of the steps that have always presented a challenge.


Welcome barbecues

This week our welcomes barbecues have provided an opportunity to meet parents and put names to faces.  It is also a great opportunity for us to answer questions about our school and communicate messages about the excellent work happening throughout our school. Thank you to the many families that attended the Carlsruhe barbecue and we look forward to catching up with many more families tonight. Again this is an open event to all families.

5.30 -6.00 classrooms will be open for parents to meet teachers and ask questions

6.00 -7.00 Barbecue

7.00 – 8.00 Our Year 5/6 Play Leaders are running games on the oval


Social Media/Computer Information Night

At the Carlsruhe Barbecue we informed parents that there was a planned information night next Monday February 11. For a number of reasons we have had to postpone this until Monday February 17th at 5.00pm.

To improve the level of understanding for students and parents around the safe management of school leased netbooks and social media, we committed to providing information and support.

Whilst we would prefer not to use the word compulsory, students will not be receiving their netbooks this year unless both the child and parents have attended the information session, listened to our expectations and the safety presentation and signed the agreements.

A note will go home tomorrow via COMPASS to parents of all year 4/5/6 students.



Assembly will begin again this Friday in the multi purpose Hall at 3.00 pm.

The purpose of assembly is to acknowledge our first custodians of the land, sing our National Anthem, celebrate achievements and communicate events.

Each week we will present awards that acknowledge student achievements relating to our school values (Awards for Foundation will not begin until full time attendance after February)



At WPS our integration aides continue to excel in providing an outstanding program with intervention provided to over 50 students across every level in the school. Our targeted, explicit programs provide academic, social, behavioural and emotional support. Our programs are tailored to individual needs and disabilities and all of our aides work side by side with the class teacher to plan activities that suit the needs of the students. To further demonstrate the importance of intervention in our school for 'at risk' students, we are developing a complete support room in the classroom next to our French room. This room will full of the teaching resources needed to support the programs and will be a sensory space that is used to help calm students that might escalate.

Our programs this year will continue to focus on trauma informed approaches, Spaides, speech program, fine and gross motor development and academic and social support. We will continue to work with experts in the field including specialists form the Education Department and experts from Sunbury Special School and Autism Connect. If  you have any queries about what we can and do provide, please don’t hesitate to ask.

From the Office

From the Treasurer – WPS School Council

During the latter half of last year we provided information highlighting the importance of the voluntary funds to the overall financial well-being of our school.


In recognition of the financial pressure on families towards the end of the year, School Council decided to separate the voluntary funds from the book purchasing process.


In addition to this it was agreed that for 2019 the Library Fund and Building Fund would be the sole focus of all voluntary contributions. Whilst these are two areas that require financial attention, these funds were adopted because payments to both are tax deductible. The recommended contribution for each fund is $70 however donations of lesser or larger amounts are of course welcome. Receipts will be issued at the beginning of Term 2 for income tax purposes.


School accounts will be issued to ALL families next week, showing all 2019 charges and corresponding payments to date. The $70 charge per student to both the Building & Library Fund is listed, however please remember these two CHARGES ARE NOT COMPULSORY, merely a suggested contribution.


Again, we understand that not everyone is in the position to pay $140 per student per year but ask that you take into consideration the issues highlighted previously.

Provision of Dental Screening Services to Children


Dear Parent/Guardian

Sunbury Community Health is offering a FREE dental service to junior students (Foundation to Year 2) at Woodend Primary School on Wednesdays 28th August, 4th, 11th and 18th September, 2019. There are no out-of-pocket costs for any child.

As part of this program, a dental practitioner will be visiting Woodend Primary School to provide a dental screening and application of fluoride, and discuss developing good dental habits with your child. A report will be provided to your child after the check-up, with information on your child’s screening and whether a further appointment is required.

The main purpose of a screening visit is to identify any major dental issues and also provide your child with familiarity to the dental environment and process. This visit has a preventative focus, as we emphasize good oral hygiene and diet practices.

Please note that our dental screening service does not take the place of a full dental checkup. There may be smaller dental issues that could be missed during screening, as we are not equipped with the full range of dental equipment during our school visits. We encourage all children to have a full dental checkup with us at Sunbury Community Health.


Late in Term 2, dental program application forms will be distributed to all Foundation to Year 2 students at Woodend Primary School. There is no obligation to participate in the abovementioned screening however this service is offered free to interested families.


Dental Screening Queries?

Please contact: Sharon Read, Dental Therapist


Dental Team - Sunbury Community Health


For a full dental checkup and/or further treatment, you can make an appointment at Sunbury Community Health’s dental clinic by telephoning (03) 9744 4455.

Children up to 12 years old can access dental services at Sunbury Community Health:

  • Dependents of concession card holders:                                FREE
  • Dependents of non-concession card holders:                       $33 per course of treatment
  • Eligible under Child Dental Benefits Schedule:                     Medicare Bulk-Billed

Medical Alerts

We have been notified of a case of Impetigo (School Sores) within the School.


Symptoms:  The skin itches & reddens, a collection of blisters forms – commonly around nose & mouth, the blisters pop & weep, the area develops a raised & wet-looking crust, the scab dries & falls off, the skin completely heals after a few days. More severe symptoms: Fever, swollen lymph glands, general malaise feeling.


A child with suspected impetigo needs to be checked by a doctor to be sure that it is impetigo. Sometimes an antibiotic medicine is prescribed.


Exclusion from school until appropriate treatment has commenced, sores must be covered with watertight dressing.


CSEF payment amount

The CSEF is an annual payment to the school to be used towards camps, sports and/or excursion expenses for the benefit of the eligible student.

• Primary school student rate: $125 per year.

• Secondary school student rate: $225 per year.

Application form:
- is available from the school office.



 CSEF eligibility

Below is the criteria used to determine a student’s eligibility for the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF).

Criteria 1 – Eligibility

To be eligible* for the fund, a parent or legal guardian of a student attending a registered Government or non-government Victorian primary or secondary school must:

  1. Be an eligible beneficiary within the meaning of the State Concessions Act 2004, that is, be a holder of Veterans Affairs Gold Card or be an eligible Centrelink Health Care Card (HCC) or Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) holder. For concession card holders CSEF eligibility will be subject to the parent/legal guardian’s concession card being successfully validated with Centrelink on the first day of either term one or term 2, OR
  2. Be a temporary foster parent, and;
  3. Submit an application to the school by the due date.

* A special consideration eligibility category also exists. For more information, see: www.education.vic.gov.au/csef

Parents who receive a Carer Allowance on behalf of a child, or any other benefit or allowance not income tested by Centrelink, are not eligible for the CSEF unless they also comply with one of (a) or (b) above.

Criteria 2 - Be of school age and attend school in Victoria

School is compulsory for all Victorian children aged between six and 17 years of age inclusive.

For the purposes of CSEF, students may be eligible for assistance if they attend a Victorian registered primary or secondary school. Typically, these students are aged between five and 18 years inclusive.

CSEF is not payable to students attending pre-school, kindergarten, home schooled, or TAFE.


Queries relating to CSEF eligibility and payments should be directed to the school.


Some students attending this school will be eligible for a Conveyance Allowance in 2019.

Eligibility Criteria:
The allowance will be paid in two instalments and to be eligible a student must:

  1. Be aged between 5 yrs and 18 yrs;
  2. Live more than 4.8 km by the shortest practicable route from the NEAREST school attended AND live more than 4.8 km from the nearest DEECD funded bus service stop;
  3. Be enrolled at the nearest or next nearest government school.

NB - The distances from home to school are automatically calculated as part of the application process and the DEECD Student Conveyance Allowance System distances will override parent advised figures.


Amount and Payment Method:
The annual amount payable is determined by the mode of transport, the distance travelled from home to school and the number of other students travelling in the same car.

 Application Forms:
 A separate form is to be completed for each student and these are available as an attachment to this newsletter email or from the school office.

Please direct any enquiries re either of these allowances to Sue Turner at the school office.


Many families have already paid for their child’s books and/or levies via QKR. Receipts will be issued via one of your children if donations have been made to one of the tax deductible funds. This receipt is sufficient to claim a tax refund.

Once all these payments have been processed, accounts will be issued to families, probably in the next few weeks. Please note the following:

  • If you would like to make payment on your account prior to the issue of all accounts, please download or use the QKR app (see below for further information) or come to the school office. Payment or part-payment in advance for future expenses (eg. camps & excursions) is welcome;
  • Accounts with a NIL balance will not be issued;
  • If you are experiencing financial difficulties, we encourage you to speak with Diana Ellis or Sue Turner to discuss alternative arrangements;
  • Accounts with outstanding compulsory payments are usually issued once per term.


Next Monday, 4th February, all students will receive an orange coloured document which lists the current personal details held by the school for that child. Please ask your child for this form or look in their bag. PLEASE take the time to check the details listed to ensure they are correct and then either:

  1. Sign the form and return the sheet as it is if all details listed are correct.
  2. Make alterations as necessary and then sign.



** Please DISREGARD the information listed for the distance you live from school. This information is system generated and in some cases is not correct.


NB: In times of emergency or illness, much time is saved if we have correct and current contact details for you and the emergency contacts you have nominated.

STUDENT accident insurance/ambulance cover

As per DET guidelines, it is important that we remind parents that we do not provide personal accident insurance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students who do not have  student accident insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport.

Medical or other expenses will only be covered by the department where it is assessed that the Department was liable for negligent acts or omission of supervision.

Parents are able to take out private Student Cover accident insurance. EBM (Elkington Bishop Molineaux Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd) have a StudentCover policy. Parents can apply online at www.studentcover.com.au .

This company is not specifically endorsed by DET however is offering cover to school families if they so choose.


‘COMPASS’ SCHOOL MANAGER - Compass is the communication system used between the school and home. It allows us to extend our capabilities to communicate and simplify some administration tasks. This product is widely used by schools in the Macedon Ranges area and across Victoria. Compass also allows the school community to communicate and share information in a much more efficient manner than is currently available.


What will Compass do for me?

Some of the features accessible through Compass include the ability to:

  • Provide access to newsletters, school documentation and latest news.
  • Receive excursion and sports activity information & payment options.
  • Download and view your child's progress and semester reports.
  • Synchronise school events to calendars and receive updates and changes to school events.
  • Book Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • Update family contact details.
  • Monitor your child's attendance and enter approvals for absence or lateness.
  • Be notified of any visits to the school sick bay.

IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO ACCESS COMPASS, PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE – we can reset passwords and provide access assistance. It is imperative all parents have Compass access and we suggest you turn on NOTIFICATIONS for this app to alert you to information sent.


QKR – this is the preferred payment method at WPS and is a free app for your smartphone or the QKR program can be downloaded on your computer. Basically it allows you to pay for all non-camp/excursion payments for school including Canteen, Uniform, Parents and Friends activities & more. No more coin searches!

Getting started is easy……. Go to your app store on your phone and look for the following icon. If you are still having trouble, call the school office for assistance.


QKR can be used for the following:

  • Uniform orders
  • Canteen Lunches (no cash orders accepted)
  • School Fees including netbook, bus, voluntary contributions and funds.
  • PFA activities & fundraisers

NB: QKR is not used for excursions and camps where consent AND payment is required.

Newsletters by EMAIL

The first newsletter for the year is distributed in paper format. Thereafter the school newsletter is distributed electronically every week on a Thursday via an email which contains a direct link to the newsletter document. Compass login is not required to read the newsletter from this link.

This is the most important form of communication issued from the school and we ask you to contact the school by phone if you either do not have a valid email address or if you don’t receive the email containing the newsletter link. Email address updates can be made via Compass.

The newsletter is also available from the school website.


 Students needing to be informed of changes to their after school arrangements will be called to the office via the Public Address System at approx 3.25pm. Teachers have been asked to listen to the names called and ensure students required are made aware, especially the younger children. For messages received from parents/guardians after 3.25pm, every effort will be made to locate students and advise them, however this is not always possible. For Prep students for Term 1 only, messages will be phoned through to the class at the next available break or before the home bell.


During class time (bell times listed below) teachers are busy teaching. If you need to make contact with a teacher by phone, please do so during other than class time. eg. - before and after school or recess or lunch breaks. Alternatively, your call can be put through to the teacher’s voicemail where you can leave a message.

START OF SCHOOL       9.00 am

RECESS                             10.40 am – 11.10 am

LUNCH EATEN IN CLASSROOM        12.50 pm – 1.00 pm

LUNCH – PLAY                1.00 pm – 1.50 pm

DISMISSAL                       3.30 pm


Lost property is sorted weekly and named items returned to their owner via the class teacher, therefore the best way to get back lost property is to NAME IT before you wear it! (Name label order forms are available from the uniform shop) As the volume and diversity of lost property at this school is huge, we are unable to retain unnamed items for any length of time. As a result, any unnamed items including school uniform, will be removed from lost property each term and donated appropriately. Lost property is stored in front of the uniform shop. We encourage you to firstly name your property and if it is lost, check the lost property area promptly.


the Uniform Shop is open every Tuesday morning from 8.45am to approx 9.15am and Thursday 3 – 4pm, sometimes later if it is busy. Use the QKR app to order and pay for uniforms if opening hours don’t suit you. Orders will be filled at the next uniform opening day and goods will be sent home with your child.


Students are discouraged from bringing mobile phones to school. If you would like your child to have a mobile phone with them for use before and after school, then the following procedure is to apply:

  1. The named phone is to be given to the Class Teacher who will store it during the day. PLEASE TURN IT OFF FIRST!!
  2. Students may collect their phone from the teacher at home time.

IPODS –are NOT permitted to be brought to school except for specific classroom activities and should be left with the class teacher when not required.


A form titled “ALTERNATIVE FAMILY DETAILS” is available which is specifically for parents of students who do not reside together. By completing this form, address and phone details for both parents are able to be listed on our database.


If you would like a copy of this form to complete or to make further, strictly confidential enquiries, please contact the school office.


If your child is late or absent from school without explanation from parents, an SMS will be sent to Adult A at around 10.15am. Please respond to the SMS promptly. Please note the following:


If your child will be LATE FOR SCHOOL, you must come to the office when you arrive, to sign your child in. Rolls are marked promptly at 9am. If the music has finished and your child is not yet in class, they have probably missed the roll.


If your child will be ABSENT FROM SCHOOL, we ask that you either:

  • (preferred method) Log onto Compass and record the absence
  • phone the school on 5427 2455 and leave a message on the absence voicemail; or
  • send a note to your child’s teacher stating full name, absence dates and reason for absence.

If you need to take your child EARLY FROM SCHOOL we ask that you:

  • send a note to the class teacher on the day of the early withdrawal; then,
  • come to the office to sign your child out and they will be called from class for you.


There may be times when your child is well enough to come to school but may still need to take prescribed medicine (eg. Antibiotics)


In this situation we ask that any medicine be sent to school in a named container including instructions which outline dosage rates and times to be administered. The container is to be handed to the classroom teacher at the beginning of the day and taken home each night.


As the parent of a student at Woodend Primary School, you may be considering volunteering at the school in various ways. The school aims to encourage and maximise participation by members of the school community without compromising the safety and well-being of students. To this end, our school has a policy titled “Criminal Records Check & Working With Children Check” which states, in part, that, “Woodend Primary School requires all volunteers to have a WWC Check”. You will still need to apply for a WWC Check even if you have already had a Police Records Check.


Applications for a WWCC can be made online via https://online.justice.vic.gov.au/wwccu/onlineapplication.doj


If you have other members of your family who wish to volunteer at school, they will also be required to apply for a check.



Payment Methods for School Activities


Senior Unit


The Senior Unit has been busy working out what the new values (Be a Learner, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe) look like in the school. They wrote up what each of the values meant for each area of the school. They discussed how they were going to become role models of the school to demonstrate these values at all times.


Senior Unit Leaders

We have appointed our Senior Unit leaders for 2019. We are very excited by the skills these children will bring to the school and cannot wait for them to start in their roles.


Carlsruhe Annexe


We would like to give a very big thank you to all of the families who supported the Carlsruhe Campus over the summer holidays by; looking after the chickens and veggie gardens, or taking guinea pigs home for a special treat. You did an amazing job!


Welcome to all of the new families for 2019! We look forward to sharing this amazing campus with you and your children.


The atmosphere at the Carlsruhe BBQ evening on Tuesday was fantastic – lots of enthusiasm and creative ideas were shared between staff and parents.


Each of the three classes will spend two thirds of the school year at Carlsruhe and the remaining third at the main campus. Below is a table of the dates and organisation of the rotations.

Rotation Dates

Thank you to those families who have already signed up to take guinea pigs home during the weekends and holidays or to come to Carlsruhe to feed the chickens and look after the veggie gardens. A roster will be going home soon, so if you did not get a chance to sign up, if you could help us to fill any gaps it would be much appreciated.


We plan to start the Thursday Activities program next week, which will run for 6 weeks, from 1:45pm to 2:45pm. We need at least 3 parent helpers each week in order to safely run this program. If you are available to help, please let one of the Carlsruhe teachers know.

Further information about special dates and the areas of study for this term will go out in a separate newsletter later in the week.


Please feel free to contact any of the Year 4 staff if you have any queries and we look forward to meeting you again during the Meet and Greet session next week.


Middle Unit 

Years 1 and 2

A big welcome back to school for Year 1 and 2 students!


This week students have continued to settle into their new classes, learning new routines and making friends.

Year 1 and 2 students will be starting to bring home readers from next Monday the 11th of Feb, with Reading Diaries to record their home reading.

This term our Integrated Studies topic is “Our Place”.  Students have begun by drawing and labelling their favourite place in Woodend. Some favourite places included the park, the library and the pool.

Everyone is looking forward to the Welcome BBQ tonight where parents are invited into classrooms to share in their children’s experiences so far.

Year 3

Welcome back! The Year Threes have had an incredible start to 2019. We have set up our classrooms, caught up with our friends and welcomed some new ones. The Year 3 teachers look forward to catching up with our parents at the Parent / Teacher Meet & Greets next week.


MU6 would like to share some examples of our ‘holiday postcards’ this week. We each wrote a postcard to our class, sharing our holiday adventures. We hope you enjoy them.


Junior Unit


No news this week.

Student Awards
& Achievements

Students of the Week

No news this week.

Artists of the Week

No news this week.




Thurs 7  Help needed

Fri 8  Kelly, Tracey (12.30)

Wed 13th  Help needed

Thurs 14th Help needed

Fri 15th  Anna, Help needed


Please contact me if you can help at woodendcanteen@gmail.com or mobile 0411 558 557.  Remember its only Wednesday to Friday,  9-12.30pm and your child(ren) receives a free icy pole and the chance to see their carer behind the counter.


  • Urgent help needed for next week.  Please contact me ASAP if you can assist.
  • Welcome to my Year 6 volunteers for 2019: 
  1. Wednesdays - Isabella and Katrina. 
  2. Thursdays - Tessa and Lauren.
  3. Fridays - Taiya and Isabelle.
  4. Mornings - Sienna and Georgia.


  • Please ensure your child(ren) have the correct details on Qkr. 
  • When ordering from Qkr, please purchase a lunch bag first, if you're not supplying your own. 
  • NO CASH ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Please see the office staff for help loading Qkr.

PFA News


Parents And Friends - Fundraising Activities for 2019


Term 1

Welcome BBQ - Thurs 7th Feb

Easter Raffle

Bunnings BBQ

Term 2

Mothers Day - Ladies Night Out Dinner - Fri 10th May

Term 3

Trivia Night - 27th July

Father's Day Breakfast - Fri 6th September

Term 4

Carlsruhe Country Fair - Sun 24th November

Christmas Raffle

Danni Findlay


Gardening Group

Woodend Community Children's Garden

Welcome to the first Woodend Primary School Gardening Group update for 2019! 


In September we won a Junior Landcare Grant to help fix the overgrown vegie garden at Woodend.  Sunbury Bunnings and the Woodend Men’s Shed have already provided new raised garden beds, and the lunchtime Children’s Garden Club have covered all the border gardens with newspaper and woodchips.  Next, we need soil to fill the new beds and gravel for the walkways, then the planting can begin.

The Grant, however, does not cover labor.  To overhaul the garden, help is needed. 

Please join Mel and me (there are only 2 of us at this stage) for exciting and fun times at the Woodend Community Children’s Garden. 


WPS Gardening Group Sessions:

Where:   Woodend Community Children’s Garden

When:    2.00-3.30pm Mondays - parent’s gardening session

BYO:       Gardening gloves, sturdy shoes, weather appropriate clothing

Sign in:   Please sign in at the Office before gardening


If we have enough parent helpers, I’ll also resume the popular lunchtime Children’s Garden Club, 12.45-2.00pm Mondays.


If Monday afternoons don’t suit you but you’d like to help out, either by yourself or with your own friends, give me a buzz.  Any help, be it a one-off or a regular event, is much appreciated.  There’s a whiteboard in the garden shed explaining what needs to be done.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Nicole Middleton

Gardening Group Facilitator - 0418 233 366




It’s great to see everyone back and settling in for another fun year of school and borrowing books from the library.  All classes had their first Library session during the week. It was great seeing the new and returning students as well as the preps.  I really look forward to having a wonderful year with everyone.

For those new to the school, each class has a library session each week to borrow both for home and the classroom.  Students can have books for two weeks before needing to return them.  Books can usually be re-borrowed after this time, if needed.  Please encourage your children to make sure they look after library books from school and have them returned on time. The use of Library bags is encouraged!!


Also, during the week, Scholastic Book Club catalogues were handed out.  Orders can be placed and paid for via the Scholastic LOOP system with credit card, without having to send back an order to school.  However we still are happy to have Cash or Cheque payments for orders, but you will need to make sure you return the order form with the cash, in a named envelope.


If you have any questions regarding books or ordering from Book Club, please come and see me in the Library.

  • BOOK CLUB DUE:  Friday 15th February 2019




Susan Machell


Student Banking

8 Deposits - Choose your reward

Remy, Catherine

9 Deposits - Your reward has been ordered

Atticus, Kurtis

10 Deposits - Your reward has been sent home

Start typing your article in here...

Welcome to School Banking

Welcome Lilly, Sharnie and Ethan.

School Banking

  • Wednesday: Hand in books via classroom
  • Thursday: Books processed and returned to the classroom


  • 8  Tokens:  When you have reached 8 deposits, I will send home a Reward Redeem Voucher for you to fill in and send back to the office.
  • 9 Tokens: On the 9th deposit, I process and order your reward.
  • 10 Tokens:  On the 10th deposit, your reward is sent home.

School Banking is also a great fundraiser for our school. Our school receives a Regular Savers Contribution of $5 for every 10 deposits processed per student as well as an Annual Contribution which is based on the number of students who made at least one School Banking deposit in the prior year.


Getting involved in School Banking is easy!

All you need to get involved in the School Banking program is a Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account. You can open an account for your child in one of two ways: 


1. Online

Visit commbank.com.au/schoolbanking and click on the link to open a Youthsaver account.

2. In branch

Visit a Commonwealth Bank branch with identification for yourself and your child, like a driver’s licence and birth certificate.


If your child has an existing Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account they can start banking straight away. They just need to bring their deposit in every week on School Banking day using their Dollarmites deposit wallet.

Enhance the School Banking experience with the CommBank Youth app

The CommBank Youth app provides a hands-on experience, teaching your child to earn, save and spend their money responsibly. With the CommBank Youth app, your child can:

  • Check the balance of their Youthsaver account
  • View School Banking deposits in their transaction history 
  • Track the number of Dollarmites tokens they collect
  • Set up savings goals and track progress
  • Create a list of chores/jobs they can do to earn pocket money.

Get Started:

  1. Download the CommBank Youth app on any iOS 9+ device.
  2. Your child can securely log on to the CommBank Youth app using their NetBank client number. If your child hasn’t got a NetBank client number, you can set this up by visiting your nearest CommBank branch with your driver licence and child's birth certificate.


Term 1 Rewards - NEW

  • New for Term 1 - Snowy Origami set and Scented Stackable Highlighter


Uniform Shop

Lost Property

Lost property is located outside the uniform shop door.  Named items will be returned to the classroom.  Unnamed items will be placed here until end of term, then they are donated to charity.  Please stop by from time to check and see whether any items belong to you.

Name Stamp for clothing

I have a Name Stamp that can be used on uniforms that does not wash off.

This is the website on where to find it.        


Uniform Shop Hours

Normal Uniform Shop opening times are:

Tuesday: 8.45am - 9.15am

Thursday: 3pm - 4pm

Michelle Wearne

Uniform Shop


Local Community


Michael Grose: Parent Insights

Top five strategies to improve your parenting this year

The start of the year is a great time for making changes and improvements to the way you raise kids. But it's difficult to know where to begin.


To assist with the change process we've carefully selected five practical strategies that will have a positive impact if acted upon. We've organised webinars in the first half of the year to assist you to implement each strategy.


1. Switch on your child’s strengths

Most of us have been conditioned to focus on what kids can’t do. There is a better way. The Positive Psychology movement lead by US-based psychologist Dr. Martin Seligman showed that when we can unearth kids’ strengths we are, in effect, unlocking their true potential for success and happiness. Three elements come together to make a strength and parents need to be mindful of all three: performance (being good at something); energy (feeling good doing it); and high use (choosing to do it).


Professor Lea Waters, author of the wonderful new book The Strength Switch and current President of the International Positive Psychology Association will show you how to focus on kids' strengths in her webinar ‘Switching on your child’s strengths‘.


2. Balance kids’ extra-curriculum activities

Alongside social media and news events, being busy is now recognised as a major stressor for many children and young people. The choice of activities to keep kids busy after school hours is mind-boggling.


Having so many options is wonderful but it does place a new set of pressures on parents and kids. The cost of loading kids up with scheduled activities is that many don’t get the chance for free play, or simply ‘vegging out’ on the couch.


Parenting Ideas expert Dr.Jodi Richardson will help you find the right balance of activity for your family in her webinar ‘Balancing extra-curricular activities‘.


3. Focus on friendships

Friendships are an important part of the road to adulthood for a child or young person. Friendships can also be problematic. Not every child is naturally outgoing and makes friends easily. If your child has difficulty forming friendships and is worried by that, then there are many ways to approach this including: encouraging kids to spend one-on-one time with others, making extra-curricular activities fit their interests, and coaching kids to develop friendly behaviours.


The wonderful Sharon Witt will conduct a webinar ‘Teach girls to build each other up‘, focusing on friendship skills especially for parents of girls.


4. Give kids tools to manage anxious moments

Currently we have a childhood anxiety problem. A big one! And it’s mostly undetected as community understanding of anxiety is low. It’s our experience at Parenting Ideas that many parents are anxious and they don’t know it, and many children routinely experience anxiety, which goes unrecognised.


Parenting Ideas founder Michael Grose is conducting a webinar ‘Managing your child’s anxiety‘ to help parents on this challenging but important topic.


5. Develop rights of passage

Community changes have largely eradicated many traditional rights of passage, making it harder for a young person to know when they’ve become an adult.


Fortunately, many families are now creating their own to mark events such as the end of primary school, the move into the teenage years, and mark different stages of adolescence. These traditions are now becoming legitimate rights of passage for young people.


Internationally recognised expert on rites of passage Arne Rubenstein will outline practical ways you can recognise a young person's important life markers in his webinar ‘Creating 21st century rites of passage‘.


Will anything be different this year?

Change and improvement in anything worthwhile generally comes incrementally rather than in one giant leap. We've pointed you in the right parenting to take this year. With our webinars we’ve made it easy to take that vital first step. Have a great parenting year.

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Student Banking

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Thursday: Books processed and returned to the classroom

Uniform Shop

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