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03 May 2019
Issue Six
Principal's Report
Year Prep - Year 2 Assistant Principal's Report
Year 3 - Year 5 Assistant Principal's Report
Year 6 Assistant Principal's Report
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Parking Restrictions Around the School
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Principal's Report


Pakenham Springs Primary School acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the land on which the School stands.

Welcome back to Term 2. 

I hope you all enjoyed a restful school holiday and Easter break and an unusual start to the term with two public holidays in week 1. 


On Friday all our staff participated in Cultural Understanding and Safety Training and also completed some work towards our whole school review.  2019 is our 'review' year as we complete our strategic plan and set new goals for the next 3 years at Pakenham Springs. This is a great opportunity to reflect on our achievements and plan to continue to strengthen and improve our school. 

Some of you may have seen our school mentioned in the Herald Sun over the holidays.  Pakenham Springs made the media for our exceptionally high growth in reading in the 2018 NAPLAN results. This is great news and acknowledgement as we head into the 2019 NAPLAN testing.   During weeks 4 and 5 students in Year 3 and Year 5 will participate in the National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN).  


These tests are a great way to track how we as a school are travelling and inform our future priorities.  Classroom teachers are preparing the students in the lead up to give them the skills to undertake the tests.  This will hopefully relieve any uncertainty some children encounter and set them up to do their best – especially if it is the first time that they have encountered the tests.  It is important to remember that the NAPLAN assessments are a measure of the skills developed over a student's time at school, not just in the weeks leading up to the tests.  Tests will be administered by the grade teachers in normal classrooms. 

Parent Teacher Interviews

As you will be aware, Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on Tuesday 7th May.  We have had a great response to our booking system in Compass.  If you haven't booked a time, please do so on Compass as soon as possible or phone the school office if you are having difficulties making a booking on-line.


Thank you to our Community team who organised the Pakenham Springs Primary School float in the local Yakkerboo  Festival.   This was a great opportunity for some of our students to get involved in this community event.  The students represented our school and did our school proud. 

An event like this can only be done with staff going above and beyond and giving up their time.  We are so lucky to have teachers who are more than willing to do this to provide opportunities for our students. 

Don't Miss Out!!

Please make sure you keep an eye on the 'Upcoming Events' page of the newsletter for all the important dates, including Parent Teacher Interviews, Camps and our final Curriculum Day for 2019.

Kerryn Baillie


Year Prep - Year 2
Assistant Principal's Report

Junior School News

Welcome to Term Two!


With two Public Holidays and a Curriculum Day last week, it has been a funny old start to the term, but a very settled one nonetheless. It has been wonderful to get around and spend some time in classrooms, talking to students about their holiday break and observing the learning that is taking place. Students appear to have returned, well-rested and ready for another exciting term of learning.


Our Prep students have hit the ground running this term, and learned all about the letters 'r' and 'y'. Be sure to ask your Prep children about these letters and the sounds that they make.  In Numeracy, students have been learning about how to sort objects into groups based on different features such as shape, size and colour.  Our whole school Writing focus has shifted this term to narrative writing, and as such, the Preps have been learning all about a basic narrative by drawing a fictional picture and writing a sentence that matches. 


Year One students have been learning all about how to tell the time, on digital and analogue clocks. In Year One, the expectation is that students can read o'clock and half-past times.  Students have been learning all about the features of analogue clocks, what the different hands mean and practicing to draw and make different times with clocks.  Some students have shown that they are ready to learn about more complex times such as quarter-to and quarter-past which has been great to see.  Make sure you talk about time at home, on both digital and analogue clocks, so that the students can discuss and demonstrate their learning.  It has also been great to see the Year One students use their understanding of what a narrative text is, developed last year in Prep, to hit the ground running and start producing some wonderfully imaginative narratives.


In Year Two, students have been exploring the features of narrative texts during Reading sessions, to prepare them for narrative writing during Writing sessions.  Students have been practicing skills such as making predictions based on different text features and using different strategies to infer the meaning of unknown words that they read.  This has really supported them in their narrative writing, having already read so many strong examples, and it is exciting to read some of the stories that are currently being planned and drafted.


I look forward to seeing plenty of families in attendance at our Parent-Teacher interviews on Tuesday, May 7th and I would encourage all parents to make a booking if you have not done so already.  


Until next time, take care!



Danny Forster 

Assistant Principal in Junior School


Year 3 - Year 5
Assistant Principal's Report

Middle School News

Welcome back from our Easter break and into Term 2 learning.  I love Term 2.


Firstly, the students of Pakenham Springs have explored and agreed upon the classroom and playtime expectations.  Classroom routines have been established and teachers and students have learnt so much about each other.  All of these small things amount to a positive learning environment that supports strong learning outcomes for all of our students.


Secondly, Term 2 is also the term that the Attitudes to School Survey takes place.   Some information has already been shared about this in the last newsletter.  This important survey gives our students their voice in how they feel about their school,  with the purpose of making our school the very best school.


And thirdly, Term 2 is the state wide NAPLAN assessment term.  Our teachers have been exposing the students to the expected style of questions and assessment in a calm manner to ensure all students will perform to their personal best.  Here at Pakenham Springs, we already use Essential Assessment and Matific, so students are quite accustomed to online learning and assessment.  I believe it will be a smooth process and I look forward to reviewing our school wide results when these are released.


Whilst the weather may be getting a little cool, life at ‘The Springs’ is looking bright!

Heres to yet another fantastic fortnight ahead.


Kindest Regards

Jane King

Assistant Principal in Middle School

Year 6
Assistant Principal's Report

Welcome back to Term 2! 

We’ve hit the ground running already in what is a super busy term!  Last week we began by reviewing our school values, discussing what Respect, Responsibility and Resilience look like in all areas of our school.  I am so pleased that our Year 6 students take this one step further, and think about what these Values look like outside in our local community.

I was fortunate enough to join a number of our senior students down at the Pakenham Dawn Service on ANZAC day last Thursday.  The maturity and reflective attitude shown by these students when paying their respects to those who have fought for our country made me so proud to be a part of the school of which they represent.  Thank you to all students, and their parents, who joined us on the day.

Term 2 is the beginning of our Year 6 Secondary School transition process.  Parents will have received their enrolment preference forms and now have the huge task of deciding which school is the best fit for their child.  When looking at secondary schools, I always say to go on tours, ask questions and speak to current students and families of schools you are thinking about.  No question is too small or too silly – ask away!  If there is something you are not sure of regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact me via Compass or the school office.

Currently, in our classrooms, you will see the beginnings of our narrative writing unit.  I love the imagination and sophisticated language that comes from our senior students during this particular writing style!  In Numeracy, Integers is a big focus.  Understanding negative and positive integers, how they are used in real life and then how to compare, order and manipulate them through adding and subtracting will be explored over the coming week.  Our Readers Workshop model is a huge hit in the Year 6 area, with students enjoying the freedom to choose ‘good fit’ books to extend their reading skills.  Hearing students ask ‘can I read now?’ and ‘when is it time for our Reader’s Workshop?’ is music to my ears!  I congratulate all of our Senior School teachers in maximising student engagement in reading this year.


Have a great week!

Renee Cotterell

Assistant Principal 

Upcoming Events

Term 1:

The following events are scheduled for the next few weeks.  Make sure you are aware of the ones which are applicable to you:


Tuesday 7th May:

  • Parent Teacher Interviews - 3.30pm - 8.00pm

Thursday 9th May:

  • Mother's Day Stall

Friday 10th May:

  • District Cross Country
  • Springers Awards - 2.30pm Staffroom
  • 2nd chance Mother's Day Stall

Sunday 12th May:

Mothers Day


Tuesday 14th May:

  • School Council Meeting
  • NAPLAN begins

Friday 17th May:

  • Senior Interschool School Sport - Away Vs Beaconhills College

Thursday 23rd May:

  • Year 1 Chemistry Chaos incursion

Friday 24th May:

  • Senior Interschool School Sport - Home Vs Pakenham Hills
  • Springers Awards - 2.30pm Staffroom




Tuesday 23rd April 2019 - Students return

Thursday 25th April 2019 (ANZAC Day Public Holiday)

Friday 26th April 2019 - Curriculum Day - no students attend on this day

Tuesday 7th May - Parent Teacher Interviews

Monday 10th June 2019 - Queens Birthday Public Holiday

Friday 28th June 2019 - End of Term 2

(Students dismissed at 2.30pm)



Monday 15th July 2019 - Curriculum Day - no students attend on this day

Tuesday 16th July 2019 - Students return

Wednesday 28th August - Friday 30th August Year 4 Phillip Island Camp

Friday 20th September - End of Term 3

(Students dismissed at 2.30pm)



Monday 7th October 2019 - Students return

Tuesday 5th November 2019 - Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday

Monday 11th November -Friday 15th November - Year 6 Canberra Tour

Friday 20th December 2019 - End of Term 3

(Students dismissed at 1.30pm)




Notices recently published:

The following notices have been distributed over the last fortnight.  If you missed them copies are available from Compass or the school’s website 


Some new resources have been added to the school website, check them out by clicking here

Junior School:

Year 1 Chemistry Chaos - Incursion - Thursday 23rd May 2019


Middle School:

NAPLAN information - Year 3


Senior School:

NAPLAN information - Year 5

Secondary School 2020 information


Whole School:

Term 2 Calendar

Parent Teacher Interviews

Mothers Day Stall

Yearly Fundraising Calendar

Parking Safety concerns




The Education Department will continue to offer CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund) for families who are entitled to a Health Care or Pension Card.

If you hold a current Health Care or Pension Card and would like to apply for CSEF please see the ladies in the office.

Please note these funds can ONLY be used for School Camps, Sports or Excursions.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Contact the school office to obtain a CSEF application form or download from


If you applied for the CSEF at your child’s school in 2018, you do not need to complete an application form in 2019 unless there has been a change in your family circumstances.

You only need to complete an application form if any of the following changes have occurred:

  • New student enrolments;  your child has started or changed schools in 2019 or you did not apply in 2018.
  • Changed family circumstances; such as a change of custody, change of name, concession card number, or new siblings commencing at the school in 2019.

Check with the school office if you are unsure.


Applications for 2019 CSEF funding close on Friday 28th June.





School Wide Positive Behaviour


Community News

Get Active Cardinia


Parking Restrictions
Around the School


The parking and traffic regulations are enforced around the school. 







The indented parking in this street is restricted to

two minutes only.


This means you can park and get out of your car to walk your child into the school (if it takes no longer than two minutes), but if possible to maximise turn over it would be great if it was used as a ‘stop and drop’ zone.



The indented parking in this street is restricted to

ten minutes only.

This means you can park and get out of your car to walk your child into the school.


The indented parking in this street is restricted to not restricted.

This means you can park here longer term.


Parents driving children to or collecting children from school are asked not to park in the school's car park.  The Department does not provide on-site parking for parents.  The on-site car park is restricted to staff, handicapped parking, official school visitor use and allocated parking for the kindergarten and maternity centre users.  It should be noted that the number of spaces for kindergarten and maternity centre users is limited to 21.  These spaces are clearly marked.  If these spaces are full then other spaces in the car park cannot be used as these are allocated for staff. 


Complex legal and insurance issues arise if parents park in incorrect car parking spaces should an accident occur.  To avoid these issues parents are strongly advised to follow these parking restrictions.  If all the kindergarten and maternity centre allocated car parks are full, the only other option is to park in the street.


The car park and car park entrance is not a public entrance to the school.   Please do not use this entrance as a pedestrian entrance to the school as this presents safety issues for our students.


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