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08 May 2019
Issue Six
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Message from
the Principal

Term 2 | Week 2

“No Spring nor Summer beauty hath such grace, as I have seen in one autumnal face.”
John Donne


Welcome back to the new Term and I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year in Orange as we see the vast array of deciduous trees provide blazes of red, yellow gold and orange. With the change of season comes many new and exciting opportunities for us all and it has been fabulous to feel the positive energy and enthusiasm of our students as they return.


I was delighted to receive a great deal of encouraging feedback from staff and members of the community regarding the positive and constructive way our students embraced the various experiences undertaken in Camp Week at the conclusion of last Term.


Camps provide an important opportunity to face challenge, demonstrate responsibility and trust, to show care for others and to build friendships. They are an important part of what we do, where we offer a broad and enriching experience deliberately structured to build character, confidence and friendships, to broaden horizons and take our students out of their comfort zones.


We had 350 cadets on Annual Camp with over 50 staff involved in the operation including those in the field, catering, logistics, medical and liaison staff. Cadet Camp is a huge logistical exercise and all are to be commended for the great success it was. The unit encountered a number of unplanned challenges, all of which were handled superbly.


104 Year 11 students were involved in the Work Experience program where we saw placements from Orange to as far afield as Abu Dhabi. Students were flying planes; on the road with our local member; at News Corp in Sydney; assisting with ‘Orange 360’ and Food Week. Placements were also at Orange and Dubbo Hospitals; various medical and dental practices; with architects; accountants; solicitors and computing and engineering firms – just to name a few.


The Volunteer Community Service Program was a huge success and we received considerable feedback from organisations where our students volunteered their time. Organisations within Orange and in our Boarders’ home communities have praised the way in which our students conducted themselves, represented the School and for the valuable assistance that they have provided to the community.


Highly successful camps and experiences also included the Year 12 Retreat; Year 7 Camp at Lake Burrendong and Music Camp in Katoomba.


Our Cattle Team made its first appearance at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in four years and performed very well winning a number of places in the various categories contested. The team came home with some impressive ribbons that will be presented in an upcoming School Assembly.


Camps and activities take a great deal of organisation and careful management. I wish to express my sincere thanks to staff for their positive and caring approach to the students and for the enthusiastic and constructive way our students engaged in the plethora of experiences available.


Safe use of Technology

I strongly recommend you read our Head of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Serena Lewis’ newsletter article this week titled ‘Technology-Servant Not Master’.


It is vitally important that the device usage of our children is carefully monitored and regulated. Devise usage does contribute to learning but they are simply a tool to facilitate some types of learning.


It is not healthy for your child to be glued to screen or being totally dependent on their device. Gaming and social media can be addictive and have negative social and emotional impact upon your child.


It is crucial as a parent you manage this. Mrs Lewis outlines strategies we have in place for our Boarders and highly recommends you to listen to the ABC podcast of an Interview with David Gillespie titled ‘How the iPhone Rewrote the Teenage Brain’. Mrs Lewis describes it as ‘enlightening but terrifying’.


Staff Movements

I have great pleasure in warmly welcoming some new members of staff to the Kinross Wolaroi community.


Mr Ben Doyle – Mathematics Teacher

Mr Doyle has been a teacher for 15 years in both Australia and the UK. Mr Doyle comes to KWS from Orange Anglican Grammar School where he has been a Mathematics Teacher and the K-12 Sports Coordinator. Prior to that, Mr Doyle was with St Vincent’s College, Potts Point where he held various roles, including Head of House, Head of PDHPE and teacher of Mathematics. He has enjoyed being involved in a variety of co-curricular activities throughout his teaching career.


He has a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) specialising in Mathematics and PDHPE, a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Technology Queensland and a Masters of Education (Honours) from University of New England.


Mrs Anne Brown – School Psychologist – K-12

Mrs Brown is a Registered Psychologist and has worked with children, adolescents and families in a variety of settings, including schools. She comes to us from Oakhill College in Sydney where she has been the Senior Counsellor/Clinical Lead for the past 9 years. Prior to Oakhill College, Mrs Brown spent many years working in the area of Child and Adolescent Mental Health. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and a Master of Psychology from the University of Sydney.


Please join with me to welcome Mr Doyle and Mrs Brown to the KWS Community.


Staff Leave

Mr Paul McRae and Mrs Annie McRae head off to Germany for 6 months of LSL, commencing in Term 2. Mr McRae’s classes will be covered by Mr Eric Morris. Mrs McRae’s classes will be covered by Mrs Jennifer Roberts and Mrs Joanna Lenton.


Mrs Michelle Thompson takes over Mr McRae’s Brown House duties.



A baby girl

Mrs Sophie Fardell has recently given birth to a baby girl – Quinn. Sophie will take two terms of Maternity Leave. Her classes will be covered by Mr Eric Morris and her netball co-curricular will be covered by Mrs Bridie Brideoak. I’m sure you will join me in wishing Sophie, Harry and Poppy all the best as they welcome Quinn into their lives.


Rowing - Henley Royal Regatta

We are delighted that our undefeated Schoolgirl Quad Scull from the 2018/19 rowing season has been seeded and invited to compete at Henley Royal Regatta (HRR) in the UK from July 3-7.

The crew were winners of the School Girls Head of the River and won the State and National Championships. HRR is quintessentially British, and a sporting and social highlight of the British summer calendar. The regatta was established in 1839 and is regarded as the most prestigious rowing regatta in the world, and prized by school, university, club and elite rowers alike.


Our crew will be the first to compete for Kinross Wolaroi School at HRR, and is comprised of Freya Neville (Y10), Isabella Scammell (Y10), Lucy Jenkins (Y11), Bridget Yeomans (Y11), and coxswain Jetta Kennett (Y11). The crew will be competing for the Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup, against other Junior Women’s Quad Sculls from all over the world. The winner of the event in 2018 was a very strong crew from Y Quad Cities in the USA.


The regatta is broadcast live on the HRR YouTube Channel, and you can follow the crew’s progress on the HRR website;



Incredible success was enjoyed by KWS at the Swimming Age Nationals in Adelaide. It was a big week for the KWS team with six swimmers having individual swims and an additional four swimming in relays.

Collette Lyons – 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals at national level!

Personal Best’s recorded by Collette Lyons, Mercede Cornelius-Feltus, Ethan Crisp (even though he was injured), Zac Lewis, Oliver McLaughlin. Elly McMiles missed out on PB’s but swam strongly in her first National event.


The KWS team hit a PB rate of over 65%. Congratulations to Kim Taylor and his assistant coaches Jane Gillham and Jason Crisp.



Archie Dowling, Year 8, was selected in the Australian schools polo team during the holidays and played a test match against NZ . Australia won 4-3.


Dr Andrew Parry 


Message from
the Deputy Principal 

Term 2 | Week 2

I hope everybody has had a wonderful holiday and managed to spend some quality time with family and friends during the Easter holidays. I also hope you managed to find some time to enjoy some chocolate as well!


During the break I came across a post on social media and thought that it would provide a great reminder for our pupils of the skills and behaviours that we want them to develop during their time at KWS. Some of these skills we have focussed on in Year Group meetings, in Wellbeing Periods and through discussions in the classroom and within Boarding houses. In last week’s assembly I shared these behaviours with the School and then unpacked what each of them actually means in our day-to-day lives.

  1. Being on Time
    Being on time shows discipline. It gives a good first impression – as you know we only get one chance to make a first impression.
  2. Work Ethic
    Cutting corners may seem like the easy way out but unfortunately it invariably leads to dead-ends: we have all been there. Doing your work with honesty and dedication will take you to new levels that you had not necessarily appreciated you were capable of achieving. It is not a numbers game as having a strong work ethic is not merely about putting in long hours. It is about standing with strong morals to accomplish something you can be proud of.
  3. Effort
    Give everything when you do something, be it classwork, music practice, sport training, Cadets or prep. You should not regret afterwards that you did not make enough effort to make things happen. I am not asking you to be the best rather be your best.
  4. Body Language
    Your body language speaks volumes about you. I place great importance on this and it is a window on your attitude. We all need to be mindful of our body language and make sure it is saying the message we want to communicate.
  5. Energy
    There can be days in which our energy levels are low, we all have them and nobody is immune to this. There are times when we do not feel motivated and we do not want to get out bed. It is hard when we are confronted with days like this but this is when we need to remind ourselves of our goals and purpose. It is important that we know our "Why" and if we do then it will be easier to stay motivated. Also be mindful of what we put into our bodies to help us with our energy. We need to fill our bodies with the best fuel for our brains and muscles.
  6. Attitude
    A positive attitude can go a long way as it determines the course of your life. When you are negative, you act as a roadblock in the path of your success. Sometimes we have a run of ordinary weeks and at times we feel like we are victims. So what to do? Try to stay upbeat. Stay present and stay in the moment. Allow your mindset to be expansive rather than closed. Enter situations thinking people are good rather than out to get you. You might find yourself happily surprised.
  7. Passion
    The enthusiasm you show when you are passionate about something is easily noticeable and can rub off on others. I want you to be ‘energisers not sappers’ - being passionate about something also gives you the ability to endure the times when things may not be going your way.
  8. Being Teachable / Coachable
    Always be open to learning. You can never know everything. To increase your chances of success, you need to be a continuous learner. This is a growth mindset and if adopted will help you significantly as you move through the School and beyond these gates. Being teachable / coachable also means you have to allow yourself to take instruction and apply it without defiance. Embrace feedback as it is in your best interest and designed to allow you to improve.
  9. Doing Extra
    Doing something extra will not cost you much but it will definitely add a lot to your character and make you stand above the crowd. A few extra minutes will complete the task better. To borrow the Nike strapline ‘just do it’.
  10. Being Prepared
    Always be prepared, formulate a plan before you do something. Being prepared reduces significant amount of possibilities of disappointment. However, sometimes we do not always succeed so we also need to be prepared to learn the lessons from this and reflect on where we may have gone wrong.


All of these skills are absolutely invaluable in life and each will of them boost you towards greater personal happiness and put you well on the road to success. Speaking with some of our Boarding families at the recent Parent / Teacher meetings about conditions on their property they reminded me of the adage that we simply cannot control what life throws at us but we can control how we react to it. So we all need to start making wiser choices. We are not going to metamorphosis instantaneously but small steps every day are so important. It will not only help our pupils achieve success but it will also help to sustain it.


It was wonderful to catch up with families in Dubbo last Friday night and to hear their news, provide some meaningful feedback to me and to also have a laugh: the rain was also most welcome! It was great to see the Winter Sport season get underway last week. The hockey sides are catching up on their games due to the break, I enjoyed seeing the 1st XI soccer secure a hard-earned 1-0 win and then witnessed some exhilarating netball from our senior girls’ teams. The rugby players had a successful trip to Coonabarabran to take on The Armidale School and this was a positive start to the season. Our musicians and dramatists are busy preparing for their productions and I would encourage parents to attend the Camerata Concert on Friday 31st May at 6.30pm in the DPA.


I wish you all the very best for the term ahead and look forward to seeing you over the coming weeks.


Mr James Boyd

Deputy Principal

Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 2 | Week 2

Welcome back for Term 2. Talking to the students many families experienced some wonderful times over the break.


During the holidays the Prep School were represented by 110 students in the ANZAC March in Orange. This was an excellent roll up and the students presentation and behaviour were outstanding. Thank you to the families and staff who were involved.



The final day of Term 1 saw an outstanding participation in the Inter-House Athletics carnival. From the March Past to the very end the students were involved with great enthusiasm, and House spirit being clearly demonstrated. Congratulations to all involved – students, staff and parents for a terrific day to end out the term. Also a special mention to Mrs Barrett for making it all possible.


The students are looking most impressive in their winter uniform and we are aiming to keep it this way. When worn correctly the students look smart. We are currently completing regular checks for uniform neatness and having the correct uniform. Each morning assembly a class is inspected and staff are ensuring students enter classrooms and leave school wearing uniform correctly. We would greatly appreciate your assistance in ensuring the students come to school suitably attired and have all the necessary items, including sports uniform. During Term 2 and 3 if wearing PE clothes, the full school track suit is to be worn. Should frequent indiscretions occur (3 or more in a term) you will be notified.


There have been some enquiries regarding a new school uniform. There will be a review of all our uniforms, school and sport during 2019. Please note there is no change for this year nor next year so if clothing needs to be purchased please do so.


Our Kiss 'n' Go zone after school and after sport is working quite well. To improve it even more could I ask that you remain in the car while waiting for your child. Some parents are leaving the car to walk their child the last 10 or so metres. Now in Term 2 all children are independent enough to put their bags and themselves into the car. Many thanks for your anticipated support.


A number of events are occurring over the next week. Most importantly our Year 3 Mother’s Day breakfast this Friday is a highlight for our students to show mum their work and to say thank you. Happy Mother’s Day to all our mums. I hope you are thoroughly spoilt.


Our WAS Cross Country follows on from the Cross Country yesterday with HICES in two weeks’ time.

Again congratulations to all for yesterday’s Inter-House Cross Country. Some excellent running from students in Kindergarten through to Year 6 at the beautiful PLC grounds. Again our squads look strong for the upcoming carnivals.


NAPLAN testing is set down for next week for our Year 3 and Year 5 students. The less pressure we can place on the students the better they’ll perform. It is an assessment of their understanding of the curriculum, and gives you an indication of their ranking against children across the country. We wish all our students the very best.


At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:

  • Luna Cunningham - Prep School Values
  • Elizabeth Croft - Prep School Values
  • Xavier Zinga - Principal's Award

Enjoy your week.


Mr Rob McLean 

Head of Preparatory School

Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing Term 2 Programs

It is hard to believe that already we are in Week 2, indeed the holidays seem like a distant memory! This term we have number of programs running during Wellbeing time in both the Preparatory and Senior School. Please take the time to chat with your child about what they are doing in Wellbeing, we have some wonderful activities happening


Preparatory School - Peer Support

During the first week of this term, the Year 6 students took part in Peer Support Leadership Training. The Peer Support Program at KWS aims to foster leadership, friendship and school spirit by connecting students within the House system across all year groups. After training, the Year 6 Peer Support Leaders will lead a group of Kindergarten to Year 5 students every Tuesday in Term 2 for Peer Support sessions. They must prepare and lead the groups as they complete the activities, a very daunting task for some of the students!


Below are some photos from the training days and also some comments from the Year 6 students about the training. A big thank you to the Year 6 teachers Mr Hordynsky, Mrs Savage and Mrs Charlton, especially Mrs Charlton who not only trained her Year 6 students but also facilitated the entire two day event.

“I now understand that planning is very important”

“I learnt that you need to involve everyone”

“It helped me understand the importance of developing good communication skills and that eye contact is important when teaching students”

“I learnt how to control a group”

“I understand that I need to an encouraging leader”

“Working together is extremely important”


Senior School

The Wellbeing Programs in the Senior School are already underway. Here is a snapshot of what is happening...

  • Year 7 students will spend the term completing a variety of activities with a focus on developing strong relationships with their Mentor and the broader Mentor Group. By the end of this unit the Year 7 students will feel a sense of family within their Mentor group.
  • Year 8 students have started a unit of work based around the KWS School values of Courage, Respect, Inclusiveness, Resilience and Commitment. Each session will involve a range of individual and group activities as they work through the values that underpin our school.
  • Year 9 students are finishing the Respectful Relationships unit from Term 1. Group feedback will help shape the activities for the later part of this term.
  • Careers is the focus for Year 10 students during Term 2 and all parents and students will have already received the Program Booklet via email. A big thank you to Mrs Jones for her work in this area!
  • Leadership will form the basis for our Year 11 cohort. It was wonderful to see photos from their first activity, which involved making spaghetti and marshmallow towers; team work skills were on display and students had lots of fun. Other sessions will involve public speaking, effective communication, the importance of working as a team and the difficulties that come with responsibility.
  • Year 12 will spend the term working with Mrs Jones and their individual Mentor Teachers on navigating the transition pathway between school and life after school.

Mrs Emma Bylsma

Head of Student Wellbeing

Message from the
Director of Boarding

Term 2 | Week 2

There I was,  standing in the middle of the main drive, watching as a familiar, canary yellow, Ford Falcon disappeared down the drive, around the corner and out the gates, heading off on the long journey home to the small country town of Tumbarumba, in the Snowy Mountains. For a few brief moments, I stood there, willing them to turn around and reappear for one last hurrah but instead, I grabbed my bags, turned and set forth on what was to become a well-trodden path up to the Year 7 dorms. It was my very first day as a boarder and although I was nervous, I was also excited; excited about the unknown adventure which lay ahead and the wonderful opportunities on offer.


I see the same looks of excitement on the faces of the boarders here at KWS and each time I welcome new people through the door I remember my own experience and how difficult but also exciting that challenge can be. If you take the time to read a School’s glossy brochure, it will most likely say that a boarding experience helps foster independence, develop resilience and make friends for life and this is all true. Yet it means so much more. Boarding offers you the opportunity to belong to something special, and here at KWS, a community and history that stretches back to 1886 in the form of Wolaroi Grammar and 1928 in the form of PLC Orange. A community where you can be yourself, where you are encouraged to stretch yourself, safe in the knowledge that there is someone there to pick you up if you fail.


In my first month as Director of Boarding I attended a reunion luncheon in the DPA. I was sat next to an elderly gentleman by the name of Arthur, a spritely young man at the age of 93 who hails from Cootamundra. I told him who I was and how I had come to be here. I returned his question and waited to hear how he would respond. He was thrilled he had the opportunity to tell me a story about his boarding experience here at Wolaroi College back in the 1940s. He spoke stoically about how there had been snow on Mt Canobolas back in 1943 and he had slept on the open verandah of the Wolaroi mansion. The icy cold wind did not discriminate and seemed to find its way through the smallest of openings. I was intrigued. Intrigued so much that I asked him how many years he had been a boarder at Wolaroi. How many years were you a student here? Oh, just the one, he said. One year? Yep, only one. He didn’t give a reason why and I didn’t press him on it as the main course arrived and he got distracted! But it made me think. I walked away that afternoon wondering about just what kind of impact this place had had on him. What ‘special something’ had taken place during that year that would make those 12 months Arthur spent at Wolaroi so formative that at the grand old age of 93 he, the oldest professional wool classer in Australia, would hop in his tiny beat up car and drive the two hours from Cootamundra. It must be just that…. something special.


Boarding Schools are unique places. Comparatively there are few of them. Even fewer regional co-educational boarding schools. In that regard we are quite unique. We have well over 300 boarders from all parts of NSW and some from as far as the UAE. 165 girls and 145 boys. We have 40 boarding staff including Heads of House, Boarding Assistants and Housemothers. They come from all walks of life; teachers, university students, physiotherapists, chemists, dentists, builders as well as our gap year students from Botswana, Germany and South Africa.


In the past 12 months I have thought on what makes this boarding school so special.


Firstly, it's our boarders. They may not think about it often but it’s true. Our boarders are always open and welcoming of newcomers; they are proud of our school. They make people feel at ease. On 1 April this year, we held an Open Day for prospective parents. Many of our students, day and boarding, were involved in touring families around the campus and boarding houses. I was there and saw it first-hand. The impression our students gave as ambassadors of the school and importantly as boarders was exceptional. Parents were incredibly enthused by the way in which our students had looked after them and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.


Secondly, the staff. A successful boarding school has good people at the core. Staff who are dedicated to making the lives of their students the best that they can be. Staff who will go above and beyond when it comes to creating a home away from home. Staff who will stop at nothing to put others first and lead by example. When I look back at my own experience, the people I remember the most are those that treated you as family.


So overall, it is the people. People are what makes this school special and people are what makes our boarding community special. Ask any boarder and they will say their House is the best.


Next week is National Boarding Week and is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all that is good about Boarding. Over the course of the week there will be lunchtime music recitals outside the dining hall, morning teas for boarders and staff, an Instagram competition, a whole boarding community photo opportunity and on Thursday evening an opportunity to be a boarder for an hour.


Whether you are a boarder or not, I hope you can get on board with these wonderful activities and help celebrate our unique and special boarding community. If you’ve always felt, deep down inside that you are really a boarder, then stand up and shout and be proud and get involved!



For those families in and around Dubbo, we will be attending the Dubbo Boarding Expo on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May. Come along and say hi! 


Mr Matt Curran 

Director of Boarding

Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning

Technology – Servant Not Master

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Break. I hope you had an opportunity to spend quality time with your family; talking to each other and enjoying shared meal times as a wonderful social opportunity and time to connect.


I hope that you did not have to wrestle a smartphone or tablet from your child’s clutches.


I hope that you did not have to endure silent mealtimes as your child sulked because you had dared to suggest that it might be nice to spend quality time together chatting or - dare I be so bold to suggest - playing a board game. Perhaps going for a walk?


Technology is a wonderful thing and it has been embraced by business, industry and education. Your child requires a device for school – for educational purposes. However, please be assured, it is simply a tool to facilitate some types of learning. It is not a life force – however much your child seems to suggest it is. It is not healthy and it is certainly not expected that your child should be ‘glued’ to their screen for hours on end.


As parents, you have control over the way in which your child engages with their device at home. You have every right to limit the amount of time that your child spends engaging with their device if you believe they are using it inappropriately and to the exclusion and detriment of family and social time. I have had a number of conversations with parents who have said that they would like to confiscate their child’s school iPad because of the amount of time they are using it to access social media or gaming yet they feel that they cannot because their child tells them that they need it for school and homework.

Please be clear – the school will support you.


If you feel that you need to confiscate your child’s school device and your child explodes into apoplexy, screaming that they need it for an assessment task – even though they have not been using it for that but rather scrolling endlessly through their social media – just inform their teacher that you have confiscated the device temporarily. Your child will have to find another way of completing the task, or they will have to hand the task in late and incur a penalty. This is part of developing ‘Grit’. Our children have to learn to take responsibility. They own their own behaviour and must learn to discipline themselves. That said, we need to help them in that endeavour. We need to have clear rules about when and where our children are able to use their devices.


The school’s new Phone and Smartwatch Policy has been implemented to help support our students with their learning. Phones/smartwatches and devices are a distraction. Many students have recorded that they love the new policy because they found it really difficult to discipline themselves in ignoring the pings, buzzes and vibrations during class. Now they can just get on with class tasks, without disruption.


For our Boarding students in Years 8 – 12, access to phones and laptops/devices is very strictly monitored:

  • Between 3.30 and 5.30 – access to phones and devices.
  • Dinner between 5.30 and 6.30 – no phones are allowed in the Dining Hall. Mealtimes are social times.
  • During Prep Time, phones are locked away in device charging towers. Laptops/iPads may be used if required for study. This is also monitored.
  • Later evening, students have access to their phones so that they are able to call home if they choose.
  • During bedtime, all devices are locked away until the rooms are checked the following day.

This is not punitive – it is necessary and it is appreciated by the students who recognise that they need help to use their devices appropriately.


If you have not had a chance to listen to it already, I would like to guide you towards David Gillespie’s Interview on ABC, ‘How the iPhone Rewrote the Teenage Brain.’ As both a parent and teacher, I found it to be simultaneously enlightening and terrifying.


Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master. It is very easy for us all to be seduced by it. In our endeavour to enhance ‘grit’ and resilience in our children, we need to help them navigate the pitfalls – especially when they do not recognise them as such.


Mrs Serena Lewis 

Head of Teaching and Learning

The Regional
Engagement Enterprise

Cattle Team visit the Royal Easter Show

Our cattle team had a very successful visit to the Royal Easter Show in Sydney during camps week last term. Led ably by Livestock Team Coordinator Mel Meek, the students did brilliantly to win four ribbons across six steers together with a silver medal in the Purebred Steer & Carcase Competition. For a full report please visit Ms Anthony’s Co-curricular section of this newsletter.


This week our cattle team started their preparations for the Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza later in the year. We will shortly take delivery of 10 steers and any students interested in joining should see Mrs Meek at school over the coming week.




Our Kindergarten students have begun their ‘TREE TV’ unit. To begin their unit, Mrs Lewis brought her Year 9 English class down to the prep to teach the students about open and closed questions. Following this Prime 7 News visited the students at school to talk about being a news reporter and how best to interview people (you may have seen us on the Monday night news!) The project continues next week with the students taking home their decorated, home-made microphones and television sets to interview their parents on camera about “why they live in Orange” and why they like living in Orange”. Stay tuned for some videos!



Chemistry of Cars in Year 10

Mr McLennan’s Year 10 Chemistry class had an interesting lesson last week on the ‘Chemistry of Cars'. The students had to apply the reactions they had learnt in class (corrosion, combustion and metal + acid) to the processes that power and move a Tesla, Holden WB and Jaguar XJ6. The Tesla proved to be very popular with the students, especially when it began to dance (YouTube it if you haven’t seen it). A massive thank you to Kate Hook of Ecoluxe transfers, Mr Callaghan and Mr Thomas for kindly bringing in their treasured cars for the students to investigate and explore.


This week our 2019 interns opened for our current Year 10 cohort. There will be eight internships on offer in 2019, with the students working between 0.5 and 1 day a week across the entire of Terms 3 and 4. Interested students must submit a written or videoed application to the TREE Frog page by Monday Week 4.

Mr Tom Riley 

Director of TREE


Senior School
Academic Merit Awards

Academic Merit Awards for Term 1

Academic Effort Points (AEPs) are awarded to students for the effort and learning demonstrated in the classroom. AEPs focus on academic effort rather than achievement of high test scores alone. AEPs have three categories, PROGRESS, ACHIEVEMENT, and EXCELLENCE and points are awarded throughout the year by staff for students in their class.


During Term 1 the following students received Academic Merit Awards and these were presented in House Meetings at the end of the term. Well done to all of these students.


Academic Achievement Awards

Year 7:  Iona Anderson (Dean House)

Year 9:  Ellen Arundell (Gordon House)

Year 10:  Hunter Colbran (Richards House)

Year 12:  Olivia Cathcart (Gordon House)


Academic Progress Awards

Year 7:  William Steventon (Richards)

Year 8:  Georgia Huxtable (Gordon)

Year 9:  Oliver Adams (Gordon)

Year 10:

  • Casey Barnard (Blackman)
  • Jasmine Ramsay (Blackman)
  • Lachlan Ferguson (Brown)
  • Claudia St Clair receives 2 awards (Brown)
  • Brooke Barrett (Dean)
  • Rheyse Reynolds (Dean)
  • Hamish Larkings (Douglas)
  • Lily McFeeters (Douglas)
  • Sam O’Brien (Douglas)
  • Annabelle Strudwick (Douglas)
  • Chelsea Edwards (Richards)
  • Archie Haling (Richards)
  • Will Harborne (Richards)
  • Max Lynch-Maclean (Richards)
  • Bryce Elsegood (Williams)

Mrs Emma Bylsma
Head of Student Wellbeing

Prep Assembly Awards

Merit Awards


  • Week 1:  Tara Webber, Sophia Martin, Phoebe Clinton, Joshua Westcott. 
  • Week 2:  Zali Begg, Mahi Bohra, Angus Boyd, Julian Capanas, Nicos Cassimaty, Sadie Kimmins, Felix Know, Sophia Martin, Winona Wade, Marlon Zielinski.


  • Week 2:  Archer Schaapveld, Olive McLaurin, Dylan Cutter, Joshua Leung, Liam McCormack, Isabella Zhang, Alex Coleman. 


  • Week 2:  Alice Jones, Jack Piggott, Milla O’Toole, Leopold Wade, Benjamin Howe, Anna Kenny, Arden Rowe.


  • Week 1: Jack Caro, Elizabeth Harmer, Daniel Kerdic, William O’Connell, Oscar Pigot, Disha Prasad.


  • Week 1:  Meckenzie Flowers, Ingrid West, Samuel Marvasti.  
  • Week 2: Darcie Marshall x2, Grace Segger x2.


  • Week 2: Cassandra Philippe.


  • Week 1:  Chloe Caro, Benjamin Chambers, Lucas Choi, Aurora Everett, Max Kenny.
  • Week 2:  Alannah Bryan, Maya McFarlane, Chloe Caro, George Nash, Lucas Choi, Elliot Terrey, Eliza Lord, Pixie Harmer, Olivia McBeath.


  • Week 2: Thomas Hansen, Maxwell Horne x2, Thomas O’Connell x2, Keeley O’Toole x2, Chloe Provost, Lenny Shannon, Ava Sutherland x2, Isabella Vangestel x2.


  • Week 2: Audrey Blyth, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Annabel Clinton, Austin Cutter x2, Lily Moe, Ashton Montagliani, William Payne, Georgia Philippe, Eva Smedley, Oscar Zielinski.


  • Week 2: Julia Bligh, Olivia Wilson, Spencer Johnston, Varnikaa Kannan.  


  • Week 1:  Lillian Pearce, Grace Hansen, Isabella Lloyd-George.
  • Week 2: Matilda Fabar, Grace Hansen x4, Isabella Lloyd-George, Daisy Wakem x2, Tessa Wong.


  • Week 1:  Bonnie McPhee x 2, Harriet Stratton.
  • Week 2: Aimee Anders, Timothy Lowther, Charlie Poole, Olivia Searle, Harriet Stratton.


Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners:

  • Week 1:  Joshua Leung, Digby Volkofsky, Zaro Jalal, Vivian Meates, Timothy Lowther, Zac Shannon, Hannah Jones, Maya Bracks, Georgiana Saran, Oscar Pigot.
  • Week 2:  Lachlan Healey, Janagan Kandeepan, George Nash, Matthew Lowther, Harry Price, Meckenzie Flowers, James Jones.

Lovely Greetings:

  • Week 2: Oliver Smith, Lily Moe, Cassandra Philippe, Isabella Pearce, Dominic Segger.

Thinking of Others:  

  • Week 1: Jed Volkofsky.
  • Week 2: Harrison Chapman.

Excellent Behaviour:  

  • Week 1: Felix Knox, Lachlan Hunt. 
  • Week 2:  Benjamin Roper, Sadie Kimmins, Kimberley Williams, Max Kenny, Hugo O’Brien.

School Values: 

  • Week 1:  Hunter Stacpoole.
  • Week 2: Lenny Shannon, Niamh Graham.

Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride:

  • Week 1:  Claire Gordon, Sophia Martin. 
  • Week 2:  Isabella Zhang, Georgia Philippe.


  • Week 1:  Julian Capanas, Harry Oldroyd, Zaro Jalal, James Hulme, Meckenzie Flowers. 
  • Week 2:  Jessica McGreal, Phoebe Clinton, Isabella Vangestel, Ingid West, James Hulme, Zaro Jalal, Vivian Meates.

Initiative in the Classroom:

  • Week 1:  Chloe Caro, Elliot Terrey.

Role Model:

  • Week 1:  Leopold Wade, William Stratton. 
  • Week 2:  Aurora Everett, Max Kenny.

Being Kind:  

  • Week 1:  Stuart Bell, James Proudford-Nalder.  
  • Week 2:  Joshua Westcott, Lily Dwyer, Alexandra Whitehead.

Excellent Behaviour:

  • Week 2:  Saxon Haynes, James Proudford-Nalder.

School Values:

  • Week 1:  Harriett Johnson, Anna Kenny, Harper Purvis, Oscar Pigot, Mya McLachlan, Grace Lowther. Week 2: Grace Hansen, Lachlan Boyd, Issac Marvasti, Mischa Lawson, Elizabeth Croft, Chrysalide Frecklington, Kajan Kandeepan, Lillian Armstrong.

Message from the 
Director of Co-curricular

Camps Week

At the end of last term, all of our students were involved in camps week activities. It was a wonderful week, with some outstanding experiences for our students. Our camps activities were a wonderful way to finish the term, and it was so great to see our students learning and experiencing in a context outside of the classroom.


Year 7 Camp

After a day of activities in Orange including tenpin bowling and a trip to the movies, our Year 7 students headed out to Lake Burrendong for their 4 day camp. Whilst at camp students participated in ropes courses, mountain biking, water skills, and many other team activities including the giant flying fox and water slide. Some students were also lucky enough to be chosen to participate in art classes and music composition sessions as well. It was a wonderful week of bonding and team building for our Year 7 cohort, and from all reports it was an enjoyable week for all. Thank you to our wonderful Year 7 co-ordinator Mrs McCalman for her organisation and running of the camp, and for all of the staff who accompanied the students.


Cadet Camp

Our Year 8 and Year 9 cohort, along with our Cadet rank headed out to Top Valley station to attend their 7 day annual camp. Students participated in a number of activities during their time on camp including, abseiling, water skills, obstacle courses, trekking amongst many other activities. It is an incredible achievement for all of our students and staff to be out in the field for that length of time, and it is was so wonderful to see students wholeheartedly engaging in all tasks and challenges.  A huge thank you to the staff who accompanied the students on Cadet camp, and to Mr Lun for his leadership and organisation of such an incredible camp.


Volunteer Service and Work Experience

Our non-cadet students were engaged in a week of volunteer service and work experience in either their home communities or in the Orange community. There have been some lovely stories shared about the incredible contribution that our students made to the community in this time, and it is great that we can give so meaningfully to these organisations and community groups. Thank you to Mrs Jones, and to Ms Terrey for your work in placing and supervising the students, and to all of the staff who assisted.


Year 12 Retreat

Our Year 12 students who were not involved in Cadet camp or work experience headed out to Ridgecrest camp which overlooks Lake Burrendong for their retreat. Students completed numerous group activities during the week, and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to bond as a year group and reflect on their schooling journey. Thank you to Mr de Bruyn and all of the staff who helped to create such a wonderful atmosphere for the students. 



KWS Cattle Team Represent at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

On Tuesday 9 April, seven students (Hugo Bartlett, Hamish Macdougall, Lachie Ferguson, Frank Poulton, Taylah Hobbs, Caitlin Adam and Alicia Burke) headed to the Sydney Royal Easter Show to represent the KWS Cattle team with our six steers. Over the course of the week, students were required to prepare and maintain the steers each day for judging and viewing by the general public. It was a massive week with everyone working from 4:30am – 9 pm every day.


On Thursday, Taylah competed in the schools parader’s competition where judges look for a combination of preparation, showmanship and presentation. Taylah faced fierce competition competing against 13 – 17 year olds. Despite this she did brilliantly to win 2nd in her class. Congratulations Taylah! Congratulations also to Will Harborne who placed 3rd in his heat of the NSW state parader’s finals. Will is usually part of our cattle team and attended the show representing his family Angus Stud.


Friday was an early start to prepare the steers for their classes. The KWS team were successful with; ‘Ian’ led by Caitlin placing first in his weight class, ‘Nugget’ let by Taylah placing 5th in his class, ‘Garry’ led by Lachie placing 4th in his class and ‘Buster’ led by Hugo placing 5th in his weight class. Friday afternoon saw our nominated school steer ‘Ian’ auctioned by the NSW Young Auctioneer finalists. Hamish and Hugo did a fantastic job of parading Ian through the auction ring and we were lucky enough to receive over $5/kg in the auction.


The steers were loaded for the abattoir on Sunday morning and after spending months preparing these animals this is not always an easy task for the students. KWS was successful in the carcass judging with ‘Nugget’ being awarded 3rd in his class and a Silver Medallion for carcass quality.


Overall this was a very successful week away and all students should be very proud of how they presented themselves and their cattle. A big thank you also goes to our breeders for their support with providing steers for this event. In particular, thank you to; the Nixon family for ‘Moet’, the Millner family for ‘Ian’ and the Hobbs family for both ‘Nugget’ and their invaluable support continuously shown for our cattle team. Thank you to our amazing Livestock team co-ordinator Mel Meek and her husband Taylor for their work with the team.



Ms Heidi Anthony

Director of Co-curricular

Senior School
Performing Arts

Speech and Drama Awards

In the holiday break the International Music Examinations Board held their Graduation in Sydney at the Australian Performing Arts Grammar School in Glebe. Graduands arrived from all over Australia as well as Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Dubai to be awarded their Diplomas in Music, Theatre, Speech and Drama and All the World’s a Stage. Kinross Wolaroi School was well represented by Lucy Kirk (Distinction) , Hugh McIntyre (Honours), Miriam Kwa (Honours). The Graduation was well attended with parents, teachers and friends. It was the culmination of years of hard work and a privilege to share in their excitement as they were awarded their letters.



Kerry-Anne Callaughan
Speech and Drama Teacher

Prep School
Performing Arts

Dates for the Diary

Monday May 27 – Oz Opera Production of By The Light Of The Moon

This is a reimagining of Edward Lear’s poem The Owl and the Pussycat. This musical comedy explores why this odd couple goes to sea in a pea green boat and what they get up to on their voyage. The opera features eight of opera’s most famous arias and duets and involves appearances from other characters such as The Queen of Hearts, Old King Cole and Miss Muffet’s spider. K-6 will be attending this performance.


Friday May 31 – Camerata Concert 6.30pm KWS Chapel

This concert follows the Camerata competition from last term and comprises solo performances from around 12 accomplished instrumentalists from the secondary school. It is a wonderful evening of high quality music which will both entertain and inspire. All welcome.


Thursday June 6 – Prep Performing Arts Concert 5.30pm DPA

This is an 'all-in' concert where every prep student has the opportunity to perform for family and friends in their stage choirs. It is also the first big performance opportunity for a number of students involved in music ensembles and speech and drama.


Friday June 21 - Performing Arts Festival 7pm Orange Civic Theatre

This is the biggest concert of the year for KWS secondary performing arts! This event showcases all the major secondary music ensembles along with a preview from the musical 'Oliver' and perhaps even special appearances from some of our talented prep musicians. It is a wonderful evening of enjoying and celebrating all the hard and creative work of both students and staff, and is appropriate for all ages.


Co-curricular Ensembles

This is a particularly busy term with performances taking place in both the prep and secondary schools. Please ensure that students attend their ensemble rehearsals each week to ensure they are fully prepared for these performances. If students are absent for any reason, please email the ensemble directors directly or via the performing arts office.


AMEB Music Examinations

Early next term tutors will be communicating with parents in regard to students sitting AMEB exams which are due to take place in August. In order to register, tutors will need to have confirmation from parents by Friday May 3 (Week 2). Please keep an eye out for information that will be coming home with your child about these exams. Further information can be obtained from tutors directly.


Mrs Katie Sinclair

Co-ordinator of Preparatory Performing Arts

Information and Communication Technology

Recent PHISHING Fraud

Warning! Recently fraudsters have tried to steal personal information by pretending to be a KWS staff member using an email that appears to be from an official KWS email account. This is known as phishing.


Spear phishing (or Whaling) definition: the fraudulent practice of sending emails ostensibly from a known or trusted sender in order to induce targeted individuals to reveal confidential information; release funds; redirect funds; or take an action that could compromise an individual, group or an organisation.


Some signs that an email you have received is not authentic:

  • No name in salutation .. "Hi,"  rather than "Hi Jane".
  • Some typos and/or punctuation issues.
  • Clumsy language (not quite legit, even though emails sometimes contain typos).
  • Time pressure "Can I have my new banking information sent to you right away for the change."
  • It is from an external non-KWS email address, e.g. is a Canadian email address such as but has the email name of a member of staff; another example might be that the email seems to come from "Dr Andrew Parry" but is actually from "". You can check this by hovering your mouse pointer over the top of the email address (without clicking).
  • The original email was time stamped at an unusual time or date.
  • Unusual signature/disclaimer - the KWS email disclaimer is attached, but not the staff member's email signature. Personal emails do not have the KWS email disclaimer nor do they have a KWS email signature.

To reassure you...

KWS have raised awareness amongst staff about recent email extortion attempts and phishing attacks.  KWS will only acknowledge internal KWS emails as the official email channel for internal KWS matters.  KWS will not change your details unless it is in writing from your nominated email account. Please disregard any email communication pretending to be from a KWS staff member if the email address does not have the correct domain - the official emails end in for staff or for students.


What to do if you receive a phishing email attack:

Mr Darryn Marjoram

Director Information Services, ICT

Senior School Sport News

Rugby: 1st & 2nd XV Camp in Canberra

The 4 day camp to Canberra was a huge success for the 41 players and staff who attended. The opportunity to develop our skills, team cohesion and prepare for the season the ahead was invaluable but the real accomplishment lay in the discussions around being good young men.


The players had the chance to consider and then define the type of people they want to be and whilst their actions will speak louder than words, it has been encouraging to see how they want to be perceived and their willingness to be held accountable for their actions.


KWS 1st & 2nd XV Players aspire to be:

  • Role models
  • Represent ourselves, school and family well
  • Supporters of all KWS rugby teams
  • Learn the laws because that will make us more informed and better players
  • Good sportsmen
  • People who respect themselves and others.

In order to meet these aspirations the boys identified three key values that relate to Training Day, Game Day, Every Day:

  • Respect – ourselves and others
  • Discipline – follow the rules, be on-time and wear our uniform well
  • Positive attitude.

The boys attended an inspirational talk from Michael Jeh. Michael is an ex-professional cricketer and consultant for Rugby AU, he is responsible for the educational programs run by Rugby AU. He spoke to the boys about integrity, the dangers of social media, violence against women, standing-up for what is right and calling out a mate if he is out of line. Michael’s message was powerful, confronting, made perfect sense and challenged the boys to STOP, THINK, RESPECT.


There was not much more we could pack into four days. Playing the curtain raiser before the Brumbies game, training sessions, recovery sessions, team meetings, NRL match - Raiders v EELS, buffet breakfast/lunch/dinner and the games against Cranbrook School were all a part of the experience.


Another highlight of the camp was spending time with some ex-students who currently work at the AIS.

Meredith Bone (Class of 2006) is the Facilities Manager at the AIS and Nigel Bowers (Class of 2011) is a Strength and Conditioning Coach at the AIS.


A big thank you to Mr Callaghan, Mr Smith and Mr Freeman for their passion and commitment towards developing our young men into better people and better KWS Rugby players.


Mr Huon Barrett


Rugby Reports 

KWS 1st XV v The Armidale School 

Result: KWS won 26-0

Report: The KWS 1st XV were looking forward to defending the Coonabarabran Cup against their country rivals TAS. After three difficult encounters at a 1st XV level the boys were ready to register their first win of the season. The game started well and the boys went straight into their patterns, challenging the opposition with wave after wave of attack. Cody Kelso scored the first try after some excellent lead up work. TAS questioned the KWS defence on multiple occasions and the KWS boys passed with flying colours only to send them homeward to think again. Alex Brien finished off an opportunistic try and Preston Simpson added the extras, KWS went to the break leading 14-0.

The second half was more controlled and within 10 minutes Alex Brien’s elusive footwork was on display as he cut back in from the right wing and scored his second try. As Sam Ridley left the field battered and bruised James Wilson added some additional speed and before too long he scored the fourth and final try of the match. As combinations started to form the overall performance of the team was pleasing.

Try Scorers: Cody Kelso, Alex Brien 2, James Wilson.

Conversions: Preston Simpson 2 2 2.

Points3 points Ed Taylor; 2 points Ben Bellamy, Will Smith; 1 Point Alex Brien, Josh Dominello, Digby Cooper.

Mr Huon Barrett


KWS 1st XV v The Kings School (28 May 2019)

Result: TKS 53 - KWS 7

Report: The KWS 1st XV played a trial game against The Kings School on the weekend. This fixture has continued over the past few years and it was great to host Kings. In 2018, Kings were very accommodating in allowing KWS to hold our rugby camp at Parramatta.

The game started with plenty of commitment at the tackle with both sides not taking a backward step. Kings were dominant at the breakdown and tied together a number of phases to score early in the half. Kings also were very good at shifting the ball wide which allowed them to score a number of break out tries.

The KWS men showed persistence and Preston Simpson scored mid-way through the first half with a individual “chip and chase” try. Defensive efforts by William Smith, Ed Taylor, William Leulf, Ben Bellamy and Josh Dominello were impressive. Kings on the day were to strong and it was a valuable lesson for the KWS men about body height and commitment at the breakdown. Final Score TKS 53 KWS 7. The first XV will train hard and revisit a number of skills worked on at the rugby camp over the break for The Armidale School on the weekend as they will be playing for the “Coonabarabran Cup”.

Points: 3 William Smith, 2 Preston Simpson, 1 Sam Ridley.

Mr Liam Callaghan 


KWS 1st XV v St Edmund’s College

Result: Eddies 34 - KWS 15

Report: It was an occasion not to be missed. Playing Eddies at GIO Stadium before the Brumbies vs Lions game. I am sure that the 23 KWS Rugby players who were a part of this fixture will remember it for a lifetime. The powerful Eddies juggernaut were playing their fourth game of the season and were brimming with confidence after convincingly beating St Augustine’s College last week. In the first game of the season for the KWS boys, it was evident that our timing was a little out and the occasion was impacting on our ability to find a rhythm.

At half-time we were down 24-3 but the enthusiasm and courage of the boys to move beyond this deficit, against a significantly larger team, was momentous. The second half was inspiring and it was hard to believe that the boys had only played 30 minutes of football this season as they shifted up a number of gears. Sam Ridley (Vice-Captain) and Will Smith (Captain) crossed the line bringing a great deal of believe that we can compete at this level.

Try Scorers: Sam Ridley, Will Smith.

Penalty and Conversion: Preston Simpson.

Points3 points - Preston Simpson; 2 points - Will Smith, Digby Cooper; 1 point - Sam Ridley, Ed Taylor.

Mr Huon Barrett

KWS 1st XV v Cranbrook

Result: Cranbrook 31 - KWS 19

Report: In the second game of the camp for the 1st XV it was clearly evident that the team dynamics and structures were starting to take shape. The game was both physical and exciting as Cranbrook skipped to an early lead before the shear pace and determination from Preston Simpson saw him cross for our first 5 pointer of the day. At half-time Cranbrook had an impressive lead (24-7) but they had not anticipated the resilience and commitment from the men in blue. Tries to Tom Richardson and Preston closed the gap before Cranbrook crossed for their last try of the game. There were some encouraging signs and three or four opportunities missed. In the end, Cranbrook were deserved winners but it was one hell of a battle.

Try Scorers: Preston Simpson 2, Tom Richardson

Conversions: Preston Simpson 2

Points3 points Preston Simpson; 2 points Will Smith, Sam Ridley; 1 point Ed Taylor, Hugh McIntyre.

Mr Huon Barrett


KWS 2nd XV v Cranbrook

Result: Cranbrook 29 - KWS 14

Report: For the majority of the 2nd XV this was their first match of the season. Cranbrook started well, scoring 3 early tries before Hamish Poole hit back with a 5 pointer. At the break the boys were down 22-5. The KWS boys saved their best for the second half, spending most the half in opposition territory. Hamish Macdougall crossed the line for our second try and the KWS boys, through the boot of Lewis Dunshea, moved to 14. A late try to Cranbrook saw them extend their lead in the final stages of the match. A big thank you to Declan Kelly and Felix Mitchell who played half a game for the boys from the Eastern Suburbs (DK scored the first try for Cranbrook – no love lost there and they were pretty keen to keep him).

Try Scorers: Hamish Poole, Hamish Mcdougall.

Conversions: Lewis Dunshea 2 2.

Points3 points Will Leulf; 2 points Ethan Rutherford, Sterling Taylor; 1 point Declan Kelly.

Mr Huon Barrett


KWS 2nd XV v The Armidale School

Report: The 2nd XV had a good start to the season, with an entertaining game at Coonabarabran. “DK” Kelly led the side ably, with a very high work-rate and lots of involvement. This helped to lift the team to a good win. Defence by Lew and Richo led to plenty of runs from Hugh, Nic and Ethan. The halves pairing of Will Luelf and Lewis Dunshea asked plenty of questions, along with some good game control. The standout performer was James Wilson on the wing, who had a blinder, with aggressive running, tackling and turnovers a plenty, well done James!

Tries: Liam Choi, James Wilson & Ethan Rutherford.

Mr Jason Smith


KWS 16A v The Armidale School

Result: KWS won 39-5

Report: The first 15 minutes was a real tussle with a number of mistakes from both sides keeping it fairly level. The first try came to Ryan Rutherford through some great support play and an interchange of passing. The second try was scored by replacement Archie Lamont and the third by Harry McDougal and we went to the break 15-nil up.

The second half saw us gain some rhythm in our attack and put on another four tries. These tries came off the back of hard work in the middle from Alex Brown, James Kildey, Franco Harding and Oscar Houghton. Our defence held up well after we put ourselves under quite a lot of pressure through silly penalties and mistakes. As the boys said it was a great starting point for the season but there is plenty of room for improvement.

Tries: Jack Weekes 2, Harry McDougal 2, Ryan Rutherford, Archie Lamont, Alex Brown.

Goals: Fletcher Doyle 2)

Points3points: Alex Brown; 2points: Pat Hickman, Fletcher Doyle; 1point: Archie Hailing, Jack Weekes, Jacob Hasen.

Andrew Hillan


KWS 15A v The Armidale School

Result: KWS won 49-0

Report: The 15A started the season positively with a good win over TAS. The team was challenged to adopted a new attack structure and in the first half they executed it very well. 32 points were scored in the first half including a hat trick to Angus Staniforth. The team shifted the ball around and scored some impressive tries out wide and through some incredible offloads and support play. James Fergusen scored a try with his first touch of the ball for KWS and he also finished the game with 3 tries. The second half saw fatigue set in and KWS lost their momentum. They still put in a strong performance but the pace in the game had dropped off. Doug Philipson steered the team around the field exceptionally well and he provided fantastic service to all runners. Charlie Bird provided excellent go forward and he made several line breaks that led to tries.

Tries: 3 Angus Staniforth, 3 James Ferguson, Arnie Tancred, Doug Philipson, Nic Brown

Conversions: Angus Staniforth 2/7 James Thompson 0/1

Points: 3 Doug Philipson, 2 James Ferguson, 1 Charlie Bird

Players Player: James Ferguson

Mr Anthony Begg


Netball Reports

KWS Finches vs Red Backs

Report: Apart from the first quarter where the opposition secured quite a large lead, KWS Finches played a solid game of Netball, and the final score does not really reflect how close the game was in the final third and fourth quarters of play. Defence was tight, with many deflections and from the base line the ball was travelling quickly and accurately down the court to the always ready shooters. Impressive defence by Emily Watt, GD, with quick hands deflecting many passes; tight marking of opposition by Johanna McLaughlin, GK, making it difficult for opposition to make effective leads. Olivia Ferguson, WD, Lily Anderson as C and Charlize Watson as WA ran hard and fast and displayed fantastic centre court play-finding gaps, passing accurately with strength directly down the length of the court leaving opposition in their wake.  Feeding of the ball to the shooters; Jemima Rourke, GS and Caitlin Adam, GA who ducked and weaved tirelessly, working as united front and indicating clearly the pass required to score the goals with accuracy.  Well done girls, quite a good game. Thank you to Charlize Watson and Caitlin Adam from the 14 KWS Asteroids who were able to play up a grade to fill the void with the Finches.

Catherine Small


KWS Junior A vs OAGS                                                                                             

Result: KWS won 17 - 16

Report: What a terrific start to the 2019 Netball season with a cracking game played by the KWS Junior A. It was a nail biter! We matched our opposition in defense and stamina and never gave up. Our GA Evie Hall was an amazing shooter for our team with goals just flicking into the hoop. We shared our roles around during the game. Our defenders held onto their opposition like glue. Lily Robinson had a great game as WD and GD.

Abbey Rolfe and Evie Hall had some fabulous shots with both working extremely hard in the shooting circle. Ava McMillan, Anna Robinson and Kate Dowd absolutely dominated the mid-court action with impressive intercepts.

The girls controlled the ball down the court with strong passes. The point score was evenly matched at half time and then our opposition pulled away to lead by 4 points going into the last quarter. Hannah Richardson (GK) was determined to not let any shots pass her. Audrey Gill excelled in the position of GD and the team rallied to come back in the dying minutes of the game to put 5 matching winning goals in the hoop to win by one. Overall the team did a fabulous job despite their tricky start to the game and having not played together before.

Kate Dowd


KWS Lightning vs OHS Dingo Wombats

Result: KWS won 49-31

Report: KWS Lightning won their Division two years ago by starting off slowly: on Saturday the same girls did exactly the same thing! The team began slowly, then found a gear or two, then three or four and, by the end of the game, had shown their innate style and talent, winning 49-31.

At their best, this team is above brilliance. At their worst, they are just good.

Congratulations to these great athletes: Isabella Adams, Katie Coleman, Maddie Farr, Tupou Favia, Liv Mirrington, Chloe Quigley, Molly Storer and Maddie Triggs.
Chris Oldham


KWS 13 Bulls vs KWS 13A

Result: KWS 13 Bulls lost 24-7

ReportThe 13 Bulls played a very good game on the weekend against the 13A, unfortunately we lost,  24-7.  It was a well-played game with good attack and defence from both sides, but the 13A were too good. We played very well considering some of the girls hadn’t played netball before. A very big shout out to Mrs Jones for coaching the 13 Bulls and to the girls who played. Hopefully we can improve each week and I’m sure it will be a closer contest next time we play them.

Eden Hawker


KWS 3rds vs LS Sparrows

Result: KWS 3rds won 43-37

Report: KWS 3rds played a very exciting game for their first game of the season. The final team was only selected during the week so all girls are to be commended on their commitment and support of each other on the court. Hilary O’Connor was dominant in the shooting circle, Lizzie Kwa was excellent through the centre court and Olivia Hilder drove the ball out of defence well. All girls are to be congratulated on a great start to the season.

Kimberley Jones


KWS Aces vs OHS Dynamics

Result: KWS Aces won 13-11

Report: The KWS Aces had a challenging but enjoyable first game back against OHS Dynamics to win on
13-11. Ellie, Sameeka and Sophie all showed great shooting skills in goals while Ella, Kate,
Annabel and Lila intercepted and passed perfectly together in the center court. Ellen and Ellie
tirelessly worked in defence. Special thanks to Ella, Ellie and Sophie who happily played
continuously throughout the game. There was lots of support and cheers heard from all players.
Excellent work Aces, I’m super excited for the rest of the netball season! Also, a massive thank you
to our coach, Mrs Gavin for the awesome teaching, support and lollies!
Sophia Nelson (Captain)


CIS Swimming

KWS had 20 swimmers selected as part of the ISA team to compete at CIS. The team performed strongly with both Collette Lyons and Oliver McLaughlin progressing through to All Schools swimming. Oliver finished 2nd in the 100 back and 1st in the 50 back and will represent CIS in both events. Collette finished 1st in the 200 individual medley, 2nd 50 freestyle, 1st 200 breaststroke, 2nd 50 fly, 2nd 200 freestyle, 2nd 50 breaststroke, 1st 200 fly, 1st 100 breaststroke and she had already qualified to swim the 400 individual medley. Collette set a new record in the 100 breaststroke and was named Female Swimmer of the meet.


Our relay teams continue to improve every year with a number of them finishing 4th and only just missing out on progressing.

  • The girls all age relay of Helen Suthers, Lottie O’Hehir-Corones, Collette Lyons, Mercede Cornelius-Feltus, Catie Crisp & Zoe Keown finished 4th.
  • The boys all age team of Tommaso Cornelius-Feltus, Angus Ervin, Oscar McLaughlin, Henry Wakem, Sam Archer & Ollie McLaughlin finished 9th.
  • The 15/16yrs girls free and medley team of Catie Crisp, Lauren Lyons, Zara Grout & Mercede Cornelius-Feltus swam well to finish 4th in both the free and medley relays.
  • The boys 15/16yrs team of Ollie McLaughlin, Zac Lewis, Hugh Gillham & Henry Wakem finished 4th in the 4x50 medley and 8th in the 4x50 free relay.
  • The girls 12/14yrs relay team of Collette Lyons, Lottie O’Hehir-Corones, Kyla Brown & Sophie Martin finished 6th in both the free and medley relays.
  • The senior boys relay team of Ben Gillham, Sam Archer, Jack Pengilly & Henry Wakem finished 9th in the 4x50 free relay.

A number of swimmers achieved top 10 finishes:

  • Kyla Brown - 8th 50 Breaststroke, 10th 100 Breaststroke
  • Mercede Cornelius-Feltus - 7th 200 IM, 8th 50 fly, 8th 200 freestyle, 9th 50 breaststroke, 10th 50 backstroke, 7th 100 fly, 8th 100 breaststroke
  • Catie Crisp - 10th 50 freestyle, 9th 100 freestyle
  • Ben Gillham - 3rd 50 breaststroke
  • Sam Archer - 10th 50 backstroke
  • Hugh Gillham - 7th 50 fly, 8th 200 fly
  • Zara Grout - 8th 50 breaststroke
  • Zoe Keown - 7th 50 breaststroke, 8th 100 breaststroke
  • Zac Lewis - 7th 200 freestyle, 5th 50 breaststroke, 9th 200 fly, 8th 100 breaststroke
  • Lauren Lyons - 10th 50 breaststroke, 8th 200 fly
  • Oliver McLaughlin - 4th 50 freestyle, 8th 50 breaststroke, 4th 100 freestyle, 4th 200 backstroke
  • Charlotte O’Hehir-Corones - 10th 200 breaststroke, 10th 50 fly, 6th 50 breaststroke, 8th 100 freestyle, 9th 100 breaststroke.

Thank you to the relay swimmers who travelled to Sydney to help make up teams, to all of our parent supporters especially Mrs Wakem who very kindly drove our relay only swimmers back home.


Best of luck to Oliver and Collette at All Schools.


Jo Keown
KWS Swimming Coordinator


Open and Age Nationals Swimming

The KWS swimmers have had a phenomenal turn of form in the water at the 2019 Hancock Prospecting Australian Age Swimming Championships in Adelaide.


Collette Lyons led the charge at age nationals winning three gold, two silver and two bronze from her seven events, setting personal best times every time she hopped in the water. She won gold in the 200-metre butterfly, 200 breaststroke and in the 400 individual medley, which on top of being a personal best was also a NSW state record. The 200 medley and 100 breaststroke both resulted in silver, while her two freestyle events the 200 and 50, both resulted in bronze medals. 


The rest of the team also performed well, Mercede Cornelius-Feltus - who finished 30th in both the 100 butterfly and 400 individual medley, the latter of which was a personal best, while Zac Lewis racked up four personal best times from his five events, coming 51st in the 200 medley and 28th in the 400 freestyle.


Returning from injury, Ethan Crisp just missed a number of finals but scored 12th position in both the 200 backstroke and in the 800 freestyle, that race a personal-best time. Oliver McLachlan scored two personal bests - one in the 100m freestyle and another while finishing 16th in the 200m backstroke. 

Elly McMiles also swam well in three events before competing alongside Cornelius-Feltus, Kaitlyn Hinrichsen and Lyons in the 4x50m freestyle relay, finishing 10th, while Zoe Browne, Catie Crisp, Kaitlyn Hinrichsen and Hugh Gillham all joined the team to take part in the mixed medley relays.


KWS also had three swimmers at open nationals the week before, with Emily Nobbs picking up two silver medals in 100 and 200 breaststroke and Brandon Fraser silver in the 800 freestyle. Josie Gillham made the final in the 50 free and, incredibly, achieved a Olympic trial qualifying time.


Thanks must go to the coaching team, our parents, grandparents and siblings for their ongoing support of the swimming team.


Jo Keown
KWS Swimming Coordinator


Football Report

KWS 13 v Ex-Services Rangers

Result: KWS lost 3-5

Report: Despite the evidence that Ex Services were more experienced and more fluent in most aspects of team play, they were made to work hard for their win. I was impressed with the attitude and enthusiasm shown by most players, who harried and hassled their opponents, often winning possession for their efforts. I was particularly thrilled with the work done by Thomas and Finn, both of whom were sharp as goalkeepers and then were able to show the way with some robust play on the field. Zach and Logan contributed significantly with their proactive styles. In conclusion, it was a pleasing start to the season.

Mr Matthew Healey


Prep School Sport News

Athletics Carnival Term 1

Congratulations to all the students who competed at the Prep Athletics Carnival on the last day of Term 1. The Carnival was a great day full of colour and excitement! Students were kept busy participating in track events, field events and novelty activities. The second part of the day saw K-2 running their races, with finals and relays generating fierce competition and house rivalry. Well done to Brown House, who won the day with the most overall house points.


The following students broke Carnival records:

  • Senior High Jump: Hugh Payne 1.42m
  • Junior 800m: Ollie Garard 2:49.18
  • 11 Years 200m: Lachlan de Vries 29.50
  • 11 Years Long Jump: Lachlan de Vries 4.07m
  • 8-9 Shot Put: Annabelle Maslin 4.73m

Age Champions 1st, 2nd, 3rd:

  • JUNIOR 8/9 BOYS: Jed Volkofsky, Henry Quigley, Charles Hail,
  • JUNIOR 8/9 GIRLS: Annabelle Maslin, Daisy Dwyer, Sophie Caro,
  • JUNIOR 10 BOYS: Oliver Garard, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Maxwell Horne,
  • JUNIOR 10 GIRLS: Annabel Clinton, Phoebe Paynter, Chloe Provost,
  • 11 YEARS BOYS: Lachlan de Vries, Hayden McKenzie, Charlie Swift,
  • 11 YEARS GIRLS: Emily Caro, Lucinda Reidy, Olive Glover,
  • 12 YEARS BOYS: Hugh Payne, Zac Shannon, Oliver Smith,
  • 12 YEARS GIRLS: Georgia Miller, Isabella Johnston, Daisy Wakem / Lucinda Clinton,

House Points:

Brown, Gordon, McLachlan, Douglas


Prep Cross Country

The Prep School had a wonderful day yesterday at the Cross Country held at PLC. The weather was kind, producing a beautiful sunny day, whilst the course was dry but challenging. It was encouraging to see students trying hard and participating. Congratulations to Gordon House for winning yesterday.

Overall results will be published in the next newsletter, and will be found on FROG.

The following students have been chosen to represent KWS at the WAS & HICES Cross Country. We wish these students all the best for their competition at Orange Anglican School on Friday.


WAS / HICES Team 2019

  • 8/9 YEARS BOYS: Charlie Hail; Xavier Zinga; Henry Quigley; Jed Volkofsky; Sam Commins.
  • 8/9 YEARS GIRLS: Daisy Dwyer; Alexandra Karrasch; Sophie Caro; Alannah Bryan; Harriet Boyd.
  • 10 YEARS BOYS: Ollie Garard; William Karrasch; DrewCarslake; Hamish Searle; Hugo O’Brien.
  • 10 YEARS GIRLS: Bell Clinton; Phoebe Paynter; Chloe Provost; Flossie Jackson-LeCouteur; Georgia Philippe.
  • 11 YEARS BOYS: Spencer Johnston; Hayden McKenzie; Will Garard; Lachie Knight; Lachlan Boyd.
  • 11 YEARS GIRLS: Lucy Reidy; Lexi Wilkin; Poppy O’Hehir-Corones; Ava Healey; Emily Caro.
  • 12 YEARS BOYS: Krishan Kandeepan; Archie Fielding; Dom Segger; Josh De Bruyn; Kajan Kandeepan; Angus Martin.
  • 12 YEARS GIRLS: Pip Martin; Matilda Fabar; Olivia Martin; Tessa Wong; Georgie Miller; Grace Hansen.

Winter Sport

All sports have now commenced and training sessions are underway. Please assist your children by reminding them to pack their correct uniform and equipment for both matches and training. Additionally, all students must be at their matches a minimum of 15 minutes before they play. Please assist your child’s coaches with being on time for pre-game warm up and match play.


Notifications will be pushed out through the app: Team App. Please ensure you are signed up to your child’s sport to ensure you receive the latest information. All the sports on team app are PREP sports, otherwise you will be trying to join the Secondary School.


The Prep Winter Sport bulletin can be found on FROG for additional information.


Mrs Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator

Prep School
Sport Reports


U9 Doves:  

On Saturday the KWS U9 Netball team, the Doves, took flight for our first game together. We played United Firebirds. Unfortunately, they were too strong for us on the day with some great passing and shooting skills.  We worked hard together as a team, however, and as many of us are brand new to netball, we all learnt a lot about the game, about all the positions, and had a lot of fun playing together. I know that everyone in the team will be looking forward to our next match, and I am sure that we are going to get better and better each week.

Harriet Boyd



U10 Bluebirds: 

Under 10 Bluebirds had a fantastic first game and saw some amazing shooting. The final score was 4 goals to three - well done Bluebirds, great start to the season.

Hannah Birmili 


U12 Falcons:

4/5/19 v City Life, loss 20- 0. This was the first game of the netball season. We need to improve our ball handling skills. Falcons defence held but City Life kept coming. The score did not reflect the game. Lessons to build on – passing and catching, getting and keeping the ball. Nancy had her first game and she looked like she had fun. Bridget showed again why she is an amazing centre. Ava and Charlotte proved that height is an advantage, Lilly was awesome and a lot of times always out of breath from running and jumping. Mia’s ball catching has greatly improved. It’s only the beginning of the season with more fun to come. We Falcons work as a Team!

Aimee Anders



U8 Cobras:

The Under 8 Cobra’s had a fabulous start to the season with lots of enthusiastic attacking skills and most importantly excellent sportsmanship. We worked hard on passing the ball to each other on the bigger field and played very well defensively. Thank you to our goalies for the week Sam Marvasti and Harry Oldroyd.
Mrs T O’Brien


U8 Tiapans:  

The Taipans played well for their first game of the season. We held our own for the entire match with great defence and attack skills from all team members. However, CYMS were too good on the day. Well done to Jack, who was our player of the week.

Charlie Haydon

U9 Thunder:

On the weekend we played our first game. We played really well and improved lots in the second half with our passing and dribbling the ball. We scored three goals and were happy with how we played. Well done to Sophie who also played on the other team for the first half because their team was short of players.
Chloe Caro


U10 Roar:

Saturday saw us take the field against Molong Kestrels. We all put in a good effort but it was evident that KWS have started the season with no training or preparation behind us. Well done to the whole team who never stopped trying. Onwards and upwards.
Mr Jim Dunworth


U10 Jets: 

On the weekend we played the Waratahs. It was our first game of the season and it was wonderful to see how everyone played to the best of their abilities. We were able to make clean breaks from the backfield and this allowed us to score and be competitive in the game. Well done to the boys who played in new positions. It was a fantastic team effort.
Mr Mark Whitehead



U11s White:
Endeavour Oval was the place to be last Sunday morning with 30 plus teams involved in the first Walla Gala Day for 2019. The boys played against Forbes (3-3), Parkes (0-8), and Bathurst (2-3). Each game the boys showed improvement skills especially around the ruck area. Some fine tries were scored with the most pleasing aspect being their support of each other. Well done boys and a great start to the year.
Mr Rob McLean

News from around our School

English Faculty News

Zohab Zee Khan, a much-acclaimed Australian slam poet again visited KWS and amazed Year 9 with his poetic and comic talents. Zohab is a fourth-generation Pakistani-Australian who grew up in Yenda, near Griffith. Zohab’s powerful performance poetry tackles issues such as identity politics, racism, sexism, bullying and violence. His work is very thought provoking, and his positive messages of tolerance, love, respect and resilience resonated with the students.



Here is what some students had to say about the performance:

“I enjoyed his show so much. It was funny, amazing and happy. I have never heard such an amazing speaker.”  Taylah

“I really liked Zohab’s ability to talk about his feelings and insecurities openly to a crowd of people.”  Henry


“Everyone was interested in what he was doing the whole way through. No one lost interest; everyone was engaged” Nick


“’Zohab means loser’ is what he was told at a young age. ‘Zohab means warrior’ he said he taught himself to believe, but I believe Zohab means influential LEGEND!”  Liam


“My first impression was that he looked like a typical overseas person…I ended up leaving the Performance Theatre inspired and having a better understanding of poetry slam…Zohab Zee Khan was a really cool and inspiring person.”  Saxon


“…generally when teachers say you have to go to a performance you often expect it to be boring, but this is the best performance I’ve seen.”  Chanel


“The poetry that he spoke was about people being together and being respected no matter their skin tone, religion, gender or look. He talked about techniques such as metaphors and alliteration and it could be seen that he really enjoyed it and he made us really enjoy it.”  Will


“I believe his performance was best suited to my age group, as we are all going through changes and are starting to make our own decisions and opinions on the people and world around us. He also taught us his strategies on dealing with bullying and discrimination.”  Charlotte

Mrs Antonia Suthers 

Career News

National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA)

Applications to study at one of Australia’s leading institution for dramatic arts education and training in 2020 open 1 July – 30 September 2019.


NIDA Open Day Saturday 15th June 9am-4pm.

Register to attend at


Lattitude Global Volunteering (GAP)

Mid-year deadline for applications in 2020 is Friday 14th June. Volunteers who apply before the date are more likely to secure their preferred placement.


University of Wollongong

UOW Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Program

Starting next year, the UOW Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Program will offer UOW students a unique opportunity to study a UOW or UOW College while also developing their football (soccer!) skills with training provided by fully qualified coaches from English Premier League (EPL) club Tottenham Hotspur.


Applications are open now at . Successful students will undertake 16 - 20 hours of football training each week tailored around their academic study and will have opportunities for selection to compete at a local, national and international level.


More information is at If you have any questions not answered at this website, you can lodge a question using this form and they will reply to you individually.


Fee-Free Apprenticeships

Fee-Free Apprenticeships are a great way for students to launch their careers With more than 120 apprenticeship courses on offer, there are bound to be courses that are right for your students. And there’s never been a better time to become an apprentice—training is fee-free, there are great employment outcomes, and they will earn while they learn. Help your students to find their apprenticeship course and to understand how they can become an apprentice at


University of NSW

COOP scholarship applications open on Wednesday 1st May and close on September 30th.
Register online to apply


New for 2020 - UNSW are incorporating a 2 minute "video snapshot" into the Co-op application.  This important addition to the written application and SAP, will give them an opportunity to get to know you more completely, and hopefully will help you express your uniqueness even better than their current application allows.


University of Sydney

Engineering and Information Technologies Year 11 & 12 Information Evening

Join us on Wednesday 5 June to learn everything you need to know about studying engineering, advanced computing, technology or project management with us. Staff, students and industry contacts will be on-hand to answer your questions about the unparalleled choice and flexibility of our degrees. Places are limited, please RSVP


Macquarie University

Information Sessions and Open Day, Macquarie University May-August 2019

We’ll take students through our early entry program, courses, scholarships, pathway options and give them the opportunity to speak one-on-one with course advisers. Parents are encouraged to attend. Year 12 Information Evenings: 1 May and 26 June, Year 10 Subject Selection Evening: 7 May, Open Day: 17 August. Find out more at


Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Academy of Interactive Entertainment's 'Online Experience Day' is on Saturday the 25th of May 2019 at 12pm. If you have ever wanted to study 3D animation, game design or VFX for film online with AIE then our Online Experience Day is an ideal opportunity to find out more! Course overview sessions will be running on the range of online courses in 3D animation, game art, game programming and game design offered by AIE. You will get to participate in workshops, guest speaker talks and much more. Register now for this FREE event by contacting Mark on 


Southern Cross University

Osteopathy at Southern Cross University
Southern Cross University offers the only pathway in NSW and QLD to become an accredited Osteopath. Osteopaths are Allied Health professionals specialising in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Students complete a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (Osteopathic Studies) and Master of Osteopathic Medicine in 4 years of full-time study at our Lismore or Gold Coast campuses. See


STAR Early Entry Program
This year, student registrations for the STAR Early Offer program opens 1 May and closes on 13 September 2019. All undergraduate degree courses are available through STAR Early Offer and this year students will have the ability to change their course preference up until 13 September. More info


Professional Cadetship Australia

2019 Engineering and Technology Cadetships Program 

Work at Cubic Transportation Systems for the duration of their degree. Engineering Cadets may have an Engineering and /or Technology focus.

Can choose to study electrical, mechanical, mechatronic, computer, software or industrial engineering. Alternatively, cadets may undertake a flexible entry engineering degree. It is also possible to study science, computer science or information technology while working at Cubic.  

Combine university study with paid work with Cubic over vacation periods.


Applications for the ETCAD Program are made online to Professional Cadetships Australia.

Applications open: Monday 29 April, 2019

Applications close: Friday 21 June, 2019


More information at:



Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 interested in medicine or dentistry will need to sit the compulsory UCAT when applying for one of the above career choices. On the 12th of May 2019, NIE will be conducting a full day UCAT preparation workshop in Sydney (at the UNSW, Kensington Campus). Tickets are limited. All details are available via


Upcoming Events

University of New England Open Day – Friday 10 May

UCAT - Applications close Friday 17 May

ANU - Direct Application Close Friday 31 May

UAC - Parent Seminar Tuesday 4 June 2019 - KWS

Kinross Wolaroi School Careers Evening - Thursday 20 June 2019


Mrs Kimberley Jones

Year 12 Co-ordinator | Careers Advisor

Upcoming Events

Camerata Concert 

The Performing Arts Faculty warmly invites you to the annual Camerata Concert - a showcase of premier solo performances on a variety of musical instruments by students in Years 7 - 12 on Friday 31 May 2019 from 6.30pm in the KWS Chapel.



Parent Lecture Series:
UAC Presentation

We would like to invite all current parents and students of Years 10, 11 and 12 to attend a Parent Lecture on ATAR and Applying to Uni on Tuesday 4 June 2019, from 6.00pm in the DPA.

Trudy Noller is the Community Engagement Manager at The Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) and will be presenting this lecture on subjects such as ATAR, applying to universities through UAC and how the process all works. 


We encourage you all to come along! Light refreshments will be served. 

Please find attached the invitation. Bookings are to be made via Trybooking:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Victoria Mendl on 02 6392 0485 or


Careers Evening 2019


Parents and
Friends Association 

Welcome back to Term 2!

The Kinross Wolaroi School Parents’ and Friends’ Association (P&F) has been working hard to develop a connected and supportive school community and we have some exciting initiatives to announce, which I have detailed below.


Introducing your new Year Group Representatives

The following people have been appointed to the P&F Committee as Year Group Representatives for 2019/20. Expect to hear from them, as they will be organising one or two casual social events during 2019 for you to get to know your year group parents/carers better. They’ll also be helping the P&F with our other major projects during the year.


Pre-Prep:  Jacqueline Heagney (Russell) & Lindsay Stewart

Kindy:  Jen Curran & Steph McCormack

Year 1:  Sarah Rourke

Year 2:  Leanne Lett

Year 3:  Nikki Bryan

Year 4:  Joc Kimmins, Sandra Jones & Luisa Shannon

Year 5:  Meredith Knight & Sarah Glover

Year 6:  Ali Payne

Year 7:  Rach Goodsir

Year 8:  Michelle Gough & Chrissy Baldwinson 

Year 9:  Merissa Horne

Year 10:  Justine Squire & Marg Aldersey 

Year 11:  Sarah Wakem

Year 12:  Mel Buesnel


If you would also like to be a Year Representative, please feel free to contact us – we’d love to hear from you.


New in 2019: Parent Contact Lists

The P&F are introducing contact lists for parents/carers in each year group to make it easier for you to organise your child’s school life and family friendships.


Emails were sent to all parents on Monday 6 May with a link to opt in with your details.
Please note the following:

  • Your participation on the list is voluntary and does not have anything to do with your usual school communications, which are protected under Privacy legislation.
  • These lists are being coordinated for the P&F by the school’s Engagement Office to protect your privacy.
  • If you would like to participate, make sure you lodge your contact details by the deadline of 15 May.
  • If you do not wish to be included, DO NOT FILL IN THE FORM.

The completed will be sent participating parents from each year group.

The lists will close on 15 May, so please ensure that you have responded before then.


Save the date: 
Michael Carr-Gregg free parent forum

We are excited to announce that the P&F will be hosting a special Parent Forum at our Term 3 meeting on 4 September, which will feature a presentation by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, one of Australia's highest profile psychologists, author of 14 books, broadcaster and a specialist in parenting, children, adolescents and the use of technology for mental health.


He will present on ‘How to raise happy and resilient children and teenagers’ and will cover the latest news from the science of positive psychology, applied to bringing up children and teenagers – information every parent needs to know.


Mark the evening of Wednesday 4 September in your calendar NOW, so that you don’t miss this important event. More details will be provided at the beginning of next term.


P&F meeting next week

The P&F will be holding a meeting next week. We welcome new faces and ideas to build a stronger School community. Please come along to one of the P&F meetings if you would like to be involved.


Date: Wednesday 15 May at 7pm

Location: Boardroom, Wolaroi Mansion


Mr Matt Curran will talk to us about Boarding at the start of the meeting and then we will discuss events and activities for the rest of the year.


Joining in via tele-conference

If parents are unable to attend the meeting, there is still an option to call in via tele-conference and there is a new system to do so. KWS has an external conference call facility where up to 20 external callers may simultaneously participate in a tele-conference call.

  • External callers dial 02 63 92 0498 and enter PIN 2222
  • Internal callers dial xtn 498 and enter PIN 2222

The P&F Executive look forward to seeing you at the meeting. The more the merrier!


Change to meeting dates

Please note that going forward, the P&F Executive has changed the P&F meeting schedule from two meetings per term to one General Meeting and one Executive Meeting per term. Dates for General Meetings for the remainder of the year are as follows:


Term 2:  Week 3 - Wednesday 15 May
Term 3:  Week 7 - Wednesday 4 September
Term 4:  Week 7 - Wednesday 27 November


Meetings are held each term in the Boardroom, Wolaroi Mansion at 7pm. Teleconferencing is available to allow participation for those unable to attend in person.


Best wishes to you and your family for an enjoyable and successful Term 2 on behalf of the P&F Executive and Committee.


Tanya Miller


Kinross Wolaroi School Parents’ and Friends’ Association

Important Notices

Cadet Leadership Camp 2019

The Cadet Leadership Camp, formerly known as “Promotions Camp” will be held from Friday 28 June through to Wednesday 3 July 2019.

Application Forms for the camp are available from Capt (AAC) Yeo and via FROG under Co-Curricular Cadets. Applications are due by 27 May 2019. Cadet Leadership Camp is available for all Cadets from Year 9 through to Year 11.


Mrs Michelle Thompson


Japanese Day in the Canteen

Its meal deal time again in the canteen... We are having a Japanese day on Thursday 6 June! 


It is important to pre-order with FlexiSchools. On offer will be a bento box with 4 options - gluten free alternatives will be available if needed. The cost will be $10 which includes your meal and a drink.


Stephanie Horan 
Canteen Manager


Prep School Photo Day

Prep School photos will be taken on Thursday 9 May in the enclosed undercover area starting from Kindergarten and working in order to Year 6 throughout the day. K-2 classes are scheduled to be completed by recess. All students will be photographed in their class as well as individually in full school winter uniform.


Classes KR, 1C and 4P will need to bring their PE clothes to change into.


Parents will receive a shoot key from the photography company to go online and order only if and what they choose.


Optional Family Photo

If families would like to have a photo of KWS siblings taken together there is an option available but it is not compulsory.


If parents wish to have a sibling photo which can include KWS Secondary students, please pick up an order form from the Prep Office. This can be returned (with the cash payment) up to the morning of photos.


If you only have children in the Prep School, they will be photographed at recess. If there are siblings to be included from our Secondary School these will be taken at lunch time.


Families will be responsible to collect a payment envelope from Prep Office and organise secondary students to be at the Prep School on time from 1pm on Thursday 9th May.


In either scenario for a family photo please make your children aware if they are to have a family photo as time is limited.

Mrs Gail Kennewell


Year 3 Mother’s Day Breakfast

Year 3 will host their mothers for breakfast on Friday 10th May commencing at 7:45 – 8:30am. We hope all the mums can come along for this special morning and see some of the class work also.

Mrs Gail Kennewell


Prep Dates for your diary

  • 9 May – Prep Photo Day
  • 10 May – Year 3 Mother’s Day Breakfast
  • 10 May – WAS Cross Country
  • 10 May – Year 1 Excursion
  • 13 May – CIS Hockey trials
  • 14 – 16 May – NAPLAN
  • 15 May – 2S Assembly
  • 17 May – CIS Netball
  • 22 May – 2E Assembly
  • 23 May – HICES Cross Country
  • 24 May – Rugby 7s Final
  • 27 May – Oz Opera show
  • 28 – 29 May – Year 5 Excursion Sydney
  • 29 – 31 May – Year 6 Excursion Canberra
  • 29 May – 1W Assembly
  • 30 May – Da Vinci Decathlon Final
  • 5 June – 1C Assembly
  • 6 June – Prep Performing Arts Concert
  • 7 June – Pupil Free Day

Mrs Gail Kennewell

KWS Family Newsletter
The view from the top of the Ridgecrest Camp