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04 April 2019
Thursday 4 April 2019
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Prayer and Reflection


Forgiving Jesus, we feel great comfort as we come closer to Easter. 

We are comforted in knowing that you have come to forgive us our sins, that you suffered and died for us, and that you offer us resurrection and eternal life. 

We are honoured to be called your disciples.  We have great courage in knowing that we are Christians and can live our lives according to the path you set for us. 

We walk with you as you walk with us.


Our Lady of the Rosary. Pray for us.

St Dominic. Pray for us.

Blessed Edmund Rice. Pray for us.


Easter Message

Jesus’ close followers and personal friends would have held the first Easter as a most sacred moment. It was the anniversary of that wonderful time when they experienced the risen Jesus and his presence among them. Jesus’ death had occurred on the most important of Jewish feasts: the Passover. His resurrection transformed all that Passover had meant to them as Jews. It was an exodus or passage from the old times and the oppression of slavery to spiritual freedom. We understand it now as the passing from slavery to sin and the freedom reconciliation with God brings. Jesus was the Paschal Lamb, slain to achieve this freedom. It was at the Passover meal Jesus celebrated with his friends the night before he died that he requested it be celebrated in this new way in his memory. And this they did faithfully on the weekly anniversary of his resurrection, the first day of the week, Sunday.

The Easter celebrations in the Church are pivotal to our life and faith as Catholics and if for some reason we have lapsed into non-practice and non-attendance, Easter is a very good time to renew our commitment to celebrate the anniversary of Christ’s resurrection and his forgiveness of our sinfulness.   


Year 7 Reconciliation

Year 7 RE classes have taken part in Reconciliation over the past two weeks. We thank Fr Francis and Fr Chris for their insight and conducting these valuable lessons to the students.


Holy Week Whole College Liturgy

We wish to invite parents to our Whole College Liturgy next Thursday 11 April commencing at 11:30am in the College Hall where we celebrate the Stations of the Cross. All are most welcome to attend.


Australian Catholic Youth Festival

McCarthy students have been invited to attend the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) in Perth from 7 - 11 December 2019. The ACYF is a national gathering of Catholic young people established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. It exists to provide young people with opportunities to deepen their relationship with Jesus, be empowered to be disciples in the world today and encounter and celebrate the vitality of the Church in Australia. Mr McManus and I look forward to accompanying the students to Perth.


Parish Mission Event - Bruce Downes, The Catholic Guy

Please see attached an exciting Parish Mission Event to be held at St Nicholas' from 28 - 31 May 2019.

Mrs Cate Allen - Leader of Mission, Spiritual Formation and Religious Education


Principal's Report

Easter Message

As this newsletter forms the final commentary before Holy Week, I take this opportunity to wish all members of the McCarthy faith community a safe, happy and holy Easter. As we have journeyed together in the season of Lent, I trust that the varied personal acts and deeds of sacrifice, almsgiving and prayerful reflections have brought us all into a deeper and closer relationship with our Lord. If you are travelling please be safe and trust that your time together as a family is a treasured and faith filled experience.



Enormous congratulations and thanks to the teaching and support staff for the significant preparations required for the cyclical audit of the College against the NESA registration guidelines. While we await the final written reports, the verbal feedback from the audit team would indicate adequate compliance and positive recommendation on the presented learning and teaching resources. As a 5-year cyclical event the overwhelming amount of resources collated for audit and level of detail required is quite demanding and our staff delivered reliably in all of the designated areas. Well done to all involved!



I extend an open invitation to all students and staff to participate in the local ANZAC services that commemorate 104 years of the ANZAC tradition on Thursday April 25 2019 (nb. last week of the holidays). McCarthy students and staff can attend marches at Tamworth, Manilla, Quirindi and Kootingal. Please check your local guides for updated information.

Kootingal -  7:45am for 8.00am start

Quirindi  - 10:45am for 11:00am start

Manilla -  10:30am for 11:00am start.


In Tamworth we will be ‘stepping off’ at 10:00am from the eastern side of Bourke Street. Please arrive before 9:45am to form up.

All students are to wear Winter Academic Uniform with a McCarthy hat. As the weather can be unpredictable at this time of year it is not compulsory to wear the College jumper with the winter uniform. Let the weather determine that decision. Students can be collected from No 1 Oval at the conclusion of the march. Thank you to everyone who intends to support such an important and memorable day in our nation’s story.

As I am sure your son and daughters have informed you, House Points are on offer for every student who attends any of the four venues as an incentive to encourage even greater attendance than that of previous years.

A special ANZAC Day Mass will also be celebrated at St Nicholas' Church beginning at 8:00am. Please feel welcome to attend.

The Tamworth Dawn Service being held at ANZAC Gates begins at 5:30am.



After much deliberation, and after a significant period of illness, it is with sadness that Mrs Suzanne Perfrement has tended her resignation from her teaching role at the College. As a long-term Creative Arts and Languages teacher, Suzanne brought a high level of cultural spirit and musical performance to both Our Lady of the Rosary College and McCarthy Catholic College that will be sorely missed. We wish her good health and happy times with grandchildren in her retirement.

Congratulations to Mrs Jolene Faint who takes on additional duties as the new ATSI Focus Officer working a focussed day per week to specifically support growth in educational outcomes for ATSI students. Joelene brings great expertise to this important role as she is also in the final months of the completion of a teaching degree. Her main role will be to support the transition of ATSI students from Year 6 into Year 7 as well as the development of Personal Learning Plans for our ATSI students.

In the absence of Mrs Julie Kellahan, who has been on leave for Term 1, I offer great thanks to Mrs Wendy Bowden who taught Julie’s classes on a contract. Wendy’s experience was highly valued by the TAS and RE faculties and by the students in those classes.

Enormous thanks also to Mrs Jenny Ayres, Mrs Pat Macpherson, and Mrs Angela Berton for their generosity and incredible work ethic in keeping the canteen humming along for Term 1 in the absence of Mrs Beano Radebe. Our students really appreciate the special effort every day to prepare such delicious and wholesome food!

Congratulations to teaching staff member Miss Lauren Ryan who married Mr Phillip Windle recently and Mr Shaun Nichols and Miss Wendy Hardes who also celebrate the special sacrament of marriage over the upcoming break. May God bless their respective faith unions and give them long support into the future.


School Social

The first student social for 2019 will be held Wednesday 10 April from 6:30pm - 9:00pm. Compulsory tickets are $5 and will be available next Monday and Tuesday from Year 12 students on the Terrace at Recess and Lunch.


Term 2

Please be notified that Term 1 concludes on Friday 12 April. Term 2 commences on Monday 29 April.


Leadership Team changes Term 2 Weeks 1 to 4

I also write to notify all families of some temporary changes to the College Leadership Team for the first four weeks of Term 2. As myself and Mrs Cate Allen are both taking long service leave, we have some very experienced and generous staff stepping into key leadership positions for, mostly, four weeks. I thank them on your behalf, for their service to the College.

Acting Principal - Mrs Sally Sparke

Acting Assistant Principal - Mrs Raelene Maxworthy

Acting Mission Spiritual Formation and RE - Mrs Kerry Ackhurst (3 weeks)

Acting Leader of Teaching and Learning - Mrs Heather Burke


New Uniform Consultation

We are in the final stages of community consultation regarding potential changes to the McCarthy Catholic College Uniform. Included in this newsletter is a link to the summary sheet displaying all of the potential uniform items. There are also life-size mannequins in the foyer of the Rosary Centre for families to examine the samples provided by our uniform supplier - Lowes. Note especially that we are providing contemporary uniform options for girls that include shorts, slacks and tights to complement a knee length skirt and blouse combination.

This is the final notification seeking written feedback from families by the end of the term please.

Once this final feedback is received we will begin a phase in period of 2 years from 2020. That is, the existing uniform options can be worn throughout 2020 and 2021 prior to the new version being fully implemented in 2022.


Enrolments for Year 7 in 2020 close Monday April 8 2019

McCarthy Catholic College extends an invitation for students seeking enrolment into Year 7 in 2020. The only round of Year 7 applications for this year will close on Monday 8 April. Fully completed application forms and the $100 application fee need to be lodged at the College on or before Monday 8 April. Open Day will be held on Saturday 9 March from 10:00am until 1:00pm.

Please contact the Enrolment Officer, Mrs Jo O'Brien, on 6761 0802 or [email protected] for an application pack and/or more information.


Armidale Diocese System Well-Being Conference

The Catholic Schools' Office will be hosting a whole diocesan System Well-Being Conference for all staff on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 June 2019, following the June Long Weekend on Monday 10 June. Please note the College will be closed on these days.


School Zone Road Safety

Please find attached a brochure from Tamworth Regional Council regarding School Zone Road Safety.


We welcome Lachlan Miller (Year 8) and his family to the McCarthy community.

Mr Geoff McManus - Principal


Assistant Principal - Curriculum


Last Thursday the school participated in a full audit conducted by NESA - the New South Wales Education Standards Authority. As an independent school we are subject to registration guidelines that are regularly monitored. We welcomed personnel from NESA, from the Catholic Schools Office and from other Catholic schools who examined our policies and procedures, our curriculum work, our pastoral care programs and our facilities.  While we have yet to receive the formal feedback, informally the visitors were impressed with our school and with the work done here. Congratulations to all College staff - groundsmen, administration, support and teachers - on the preparation and work presented.



On Monday Year 7 and 9 students participated in Omnibus tests in the hall - a practice for the upcoming online NAPLAN tests. This will be a new NAPLAN experience for Year 7 and Year 9 and the practice test familiarised students with the format and the procedures. NAPLAN tests will be conducted in May.


Stage 4 Information Evening

The last of our Stage Evenings, for Stage 4, was held in the Rosary Centre on Monday evening. Thank you to all the parents who attended and engaged in the evening, which covered all aspects of life at McCarthy Catholic College - spiritual, academic and pastoral.


Interim Reports

Interim Reports will be published in Week 11 for all students in Years 7-11. 


Please note the changed login for the parent portal: Username = parent,  Password = Parent2340!

An email was sent out to all families.

New links have been added to the Online Learning Website including:

  • Chromebooks (BYODD) Information - Parents Login as a Guest.
  • Newspapers (Digital Subscriptions) - Students can login with their Username / Password.

Mrs Sally Sparke - Assistant Principal - Curriculum

Assistant Principal - Pastoral Care

Mistakes are Invaluable in the Learning Process

So often with students the biggest barrier to learning is fear of failure. Mistakes are viewed as evidence of an inability to do something and thus a tactical retreat is made to save face and self-esteem and an opportunity to learn something new is lost. Such a mind-set needs to be challenged and reversed so that everyone is able to learn their best.

We endeavour to create such a culture at this school. Mistakes are seen as steps on the way to learning mastery of an area. They are an essential stage on the journey of learning about or doing something. Each of us learns at different rates and in different ways. As humans there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to our personalities and potentials.


Whilst not being a fan of golf – either playing or viewing – I was considerably impressed by what Jason Day said following his victory in the US PGA in 2015:

"I've seen multiple mental coaches," said Day. "But the biggest thing that prepares you for something like this is the sheer experience of failure.

"Looking at it as a positive and knowing you can learn from anything - that really gets you mentally tough."

"Augusta in 2013 when I had the lead on 16, that was a tough one to finish and get over," said Day, as he recalled bogeying two of the final three holes to fall out of contention at the Masters two years ago.

"But if I didn't have that failure I wouldn't be standing here with this trophy."

Day’s response is a perfect example of the importance of failure in our lives. To grow from failure we need to be self-reflective – look at and consider what we are doing and how we need to do it better. We need support about us, to encourage, help and guide us in our learning. We need experiences of trying to do things – without experience and being tested under challenging conditions it is difficult to discover what we can truly do. And lastly, we need to be resilient, that inner strength that enables us to try again and again and again.


At this time of the term students are completing and receiving assessment tasks.  How they respond to the results will shape the rest of their learning this year. With your daughters and sons, I encourage you to discuss their mistakes and failures in a positive light – what do the mistakes indicate needs to happen next? What resources do I have at my disposal to help me succeed? What specific practice do I need to complete to learn further? What do I need to do differently? Link this way of thinking to other aspects of their life such as learning to drive a car, sport, part-time job, relationships. Discuss your own mistakes and failures and their role in your successes.

I am a big fan of The West Wing. There is a great episode that deals with the breakdown of one of the characters. His mentor tells him this story:


"This guy's walking down the street when he falls in a hole. The walls are so steep he can't get out.

A doctor passes by and the guy shouts up, 'Hey you. Can you help me out?' The doctor writes a prescription, throws it down in the hole and moves on.

Then a priest comes along and the guy shouts up, 'Father, I'm down in this hole can you help me out?' The priest writes out a prayer, throws it down in the hole and moves on.

Then a friend walks by, 'Hey, Joe, it's me can you help me out?' And the friend jumps in the hole. Our guy says, 'Are you stupid? Now we're both down here.' The friend says, 'Yeah, but I've been down here before and I know the way out.'"


Both teachers and parents play a pivotal role in helping show students “the way out” when it comes to embracing, and then learning from failure.


Mr Mick Larkin - Assistant Principal - Pastoral Care


Leader of Student Wellbeing

Many students have been busy completing assessments at this time of the term, and with this in mind it is important to:

1. ensure a balance between school work and commitments out of school eg part time work and social activities

2. get a good night's sleep 

3. keep screen time to a minimum after 9:00pm or earlier - for example,  parents need to negotiate with their child and set consequences if this is not met

4. try to stay healthy and catch up on school work if you are away from school 

5. talk to your teachers if you don't understand the assessment or having difficulty completing the task on time.

Often stress and anxiety can be alleviated by starting a conservation with your class teacher at the end of class, or approaching  the Leader of Student Care (LOSC). This can be done by calling into the College Office at recess or lunch or by email the appropriate LOSC.

Mrs Sharon Stuart - Leader of  Student Wellbeing

Important Dates


5 April:     First Friday Mass

5 April:     Stations of the Cross 5:30pm at St Nics

8 April:     Real Talk Parent Presentation 6:30pm

8 April:     Year 7 2020 Enrolment Applications close

9 April:     Warraymalaya Retreat commences

9 April:     Real Talk Presentation (Year 7)

10 April:   Real Talk Presentation (Year 9)

10 April:   College Social 6:30pm - 9:00pm

10 April:   Day swap with Thursday

11 April:   Day swap with Wednesday

12 April:   Term 1 concludes

19 April:   Good Friday

21 April:   Easter Sunday

22 April:   Easter Monday

25 April:   ANZAC Day Service

29 April:   Term 2 commences

3 May:       First Friday Mass

8 May:       Year 12 Parent/Teacher Interviews 4:00pm

9 May:       Athletics Carnival

10 June:   Long Weekend

11 June:   Pupil Free Day

12 June:   Pupil Free Day


Teaching and Learning

Interim Reports

As the name suggests, Interim Reports are a prelude to the Half-Yearly Reports. They provide a snapshot of student progress in general areas of application, bookwork, co-operation, organisation and punctuality to class. The descriptors, Always, Usually or Needs Improvement indicate to what extent a student is meeting expectations in these areas.

It is recommended that students and their parents take this as an opportunity to discuss learning progress and how they have approached their studies both retrospectively and prospectively.

Interim Reports will be emailed in the last week of the term. Please ensure your details are up to date and notify the College if you do not receive your child’s report.


Study Skills Tip For April: How Students Get Themselves Motivated To Do Academic Work

The following is extracted from ‘Regulation of Motivation: Evaluating an Underemphasized Aspect of Self-Regulated Learning” by C. Wolters. (Educational Psychologist, 2003, 38(4), pp.189-205).

  1. Rewards: Many students set rewards for themselves “I’ll read this section then I can eat this sandwich”. Some students use the opposite, punishments; they create consequences for themselves where they will deprive themselves if they do not do the work.
  2. Self-Praise: Some students find that recognising their progress to themselves and praising themselves for their efforts creates a more positive mental environment and encourages them to keep going. Comments such as “Well done, you’ve solved yet another problem” can help create mental stamina.
  3. Goal-Oriented Self-Talk: Students who think about why they are studying or what possible future outcomes could be from putting in effort can also strengthen the effect of these thoughts by making sub-vocal statements while they are engaged in an academic activity. When faced with an urge to stop working they may focus on the thought of getting better marks, or getting into a particular course at uni or even the satisfaction of learning a new skill or developing self-discipline.
  4. Interest Enhancement: This involves looking for ways to make the task to be completed more interesting or enjoyable. Even making slight modifications to make something less boring or repetitive. One student found that by writing notes in a different style it made the activity more inspiring.
  5. Environmental Structuring:  This is also referred to as resource management and is all about removing temptations and creating an environment that is more conducive to studying. It may even mean studying in a different location such as a local or school library in order to stay focused on the tasks to be completed.
  6. Proximal Goal-Setting:  Breaking larger tasks into smaller more manageable chunks will help students to feel more motivated about what needs to be done. Setting specific and achievable short-term goals with an allocated time-frame can help increase students’ sense of efficacy.
  7. Defensive Pessimism: “I think about how unprepared I am in order to get myself to work harder”. There is mixed research about this approach and the negativity involved. However every student is different and for some students making themselves a bit anxious about what they haven’t done may be necessary to get them to start doing their work.
  8. Emotional Control: Thoughts produce feelings, feelings lead to actions. If we can make our thoughts and feelings more positive, this can lead to more positive actions. When students are feeling unmotivated, strategies such as taking a short amount of time to close their eyes and engage in deep slow breathing, or counting slowly backwards from 10 while thinking positive reassuring thoughts about their abilities to do what has to be done has been found to be beneficial.

Mrs Raelene Maxworthy - Leader of Teaching and Learning


McCarthy Teams Win the Federation Cup Debating Competition

During the term students from McCarthy Catholic College participated in the Federation Cup Debating Competition. The teams have met every Monday afternoon to consider the issues, refine their arguments and develop evidence to counter teams from Calrossy and Farrer.

McCarthy’s outstanding performance last week saw us win the competition and bring home the trophy. The Stage 5 team deserves special mention as they won their section. Speaking powerfully is a skill eagerly sought by employers and it has been fantastic seeing the quality of our students and their efforts rewarded not just with the trophy, but growth in their skills and knowledge.

Well done to all the teams and thanks to the staff who supported them.

Mrs Heather Burke - Leader of Learning - English


Science and Engineering Challenge

On Tuesday, 19 March and Wednesday, 20 March, students from Year 8 to Year 10 represented the College in the Science and Engineering Competition which was held in Tamworth. The students did our College proud, as they worked as a team to solve a variety of problems. In total, there were 8 schools competing against each other with the aim of solving particular problems in the most efficient manner. Projects that the teams had to work on included a bridge, building an earthquake proof tower, making a Mars Rover and building a bionic hand. Our students had a lot of fun and learnt valuable skills such as work as a team and thinking through problems with which they are not familiar.

A big thank you to the following groups: The University of Newcastle, the NSW Office of Chief Scientist and Engineer, Alan and Brenda Coates, Engineers Australia Newcastle Division, Whitehaven Coal, East West Enviroag, Andromeda Industries, Mitchel Hanlon Consulting, Kelly Covey Group Pty Ltd, Mettam Hearne Financial Services, Wests Entertainment Group, Tamworth Regional Council, the Rotary Clubs of Tamworth First Light, Tamworth Sunrise, Manilla and Quirindi. It is their support that makes these days possible.

I also wish to thank Mrs Bryant, Mrs Godden, Ms Hodges and Mr Nichols who prepared, coordinated and accompanied the two teams.  Congratulations to all students who competed.

Mr James Vella - Leader of Learning - Science

Careers News

Year 12

On Wednesday of last week, I gave the first of two talks during Week 10. The first was to all Year 12  students regarding upcoming events, changes this year to University applications and what students can be doing. UAC applications opened last Wednesday 3 April and students will be receiving their UAC PIN and a course book from UAC.

The second talk last Friday was also open to Year 11 and Year 12 students who are unsure of what they would like to do, pursue or study when they leave school. They were shown online and other resources in the Careers Adviser's Office to assist them in finding directions and options that may suit them.

This week all Year 12 students received a copy of the McCarthy Year 12 Careers Booklet  for 2019.  This includes information on a range of topics including University, TAFE, private Colleges, apprenticeships and has samples of resumes for jobs and University scholarships and accommodation applications.  I encourage parents to ask their child, to see the booklet which outlines many things Year 12 students need to know and do during their final year of schooling to prepare for life after the HSC.


UNE Open Day May 10 2019 - Permission Notes

Year 12 students who are considering studying at UNE are urged to collect a note from the Careers Adviser's Office door so they can see first hand what UNE offers in terms of courses, facilities and accommodation by attending the Open Day. This is very important for all students who will be applying for UNE's Direct Application Early Entry scheme to assist them in choosing courses.


$1000 Landcare Bursary 2018

Congratulations to Gabrielle Joice (Year 12 2018) who was awarded the 2018 Tamworth Regional Landcare Association Bursary Award.  This award is worth $1000 and will assist her in her current studies in Bachelor of Biotechnology at the University of Newcastle. 

Well done to Gabby on seeing this listed in the morning notices and taking the time and effort to apply. Her cover letter and resume helped her receive the award and demonstrates how important they are to successful applications. She will be be using the money to help her with purchasing a lab coat and other resources.



Mrs Susan Barrett

Careers Adviser

[email protected]


On Thursday March 20, the Jazz and Concert Band participated in a workshop led by Mr John Morrison. John Morrison is an Australian Jazz drummer and band leader. Each band had the opportunity to workshop some of their current performance pieces, with the Concert Band focusing on How To Train Your Dragon. The Jazz band began with Basin Street Blues and Peter Gunn, before moving onto Benno’s Blues (which John has performed). The Jazz Band were lead through a variety of improvisation exercises and an improvisation game which resulted in each member of the band creating some wonderful pieces of music, while the rest of the band supported them. All of the students enjoyed this opportunity and it has been wonderful to see students “practising” in the way John explained.

If you are interested in joining the Band program at McCarthy Catholic College, please come and see either Ms Swan or Mr McNeill. If you love singing, the College Choir meet every Friday morning at 8:00am in the Rosary.  New members are always welcome.

Ms Donna Swan - Band Coordinator

Languages Day

Languages Day

The food stall was a success again this year with many beautiful dishes from France, Italy and the Philippines. The Photo Booth was upgraded with an amazing ‘human size’ Arc de Triomphe backdrop created and donated by the Lloyd family. Another novelty was the game stall, where you could test your knowledge of French and Italian culture and geography at the ‘spin the wheel’ stall.

The soccer game was a high quality, tight match, ending in a 2 all draw.

These activities raised $694 for Caritas.

Thank you and well done to the many cooks and all of those who contributed in the preparation of the day, or in the donations given.

Well done to Julia, Calvin, Indy and Maeve who lead the Assembly and presented the items in French and English, and to Lauren and Eden who sang a beautiful French song. These students have studied (or are still studying) French in Year 9 and 10, or have taken the French Beginners Course in Year 11. Thank you to Ms Swan and the musicians for performing the National Anthems at Assembly, and to Millie, Ashley, Charlie and Graeme who held the flags during the National Anthems.

Thank you to Year 7 for their artwork representing some Italian and French landmarks. They are displayed on the PAC windows. A special thank you to the library assistants, Mrs Nolan and Mrs Wieland, for the beautiful displays celebrating our College's multicultural identity.

What makes the day so special is the prayer, read in native languages by students who speak a language other than English at home: Cantonese, French, Filippino, Gamilaraay, German, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Maltese, Spanish and Vietnamese. This reflects McCarthy's rich cultural and linguistic diversity.


Here is some feedback from the students:

‘I loved everyone saying the prayer in their language.’ Hallie

‘I really liked the music at Assembly’. Katelin

‘I loved hearing the prayer in other languages.’ Ashley

‘It is a great way for people to connect and learn about other countries.’ Ashlee

‘It was fun to learn about other cultures.’ Gillian

‘The day had different and fun activities such as the food stall, soccer game, photo booth and games like spin the wheel. Everybody enjoyed the day!’

‘The idea of Languages Day is a very helpful and welcoming idea. We have children at McCarthy that are from different countries. Languages Day can make them feel included and welcome.’ Katie

‘I served at the food stall and was amazed to see all the different cultured food. I got to taste a few of them. The food was amazing and the crepes were especially delicious. I think Languages Day unites different cultures and brings the school together as one.’

‘Languages Day was great! There was so much yummy food.  My favourite was the chocolate croissants and the gelato! I also loved making and serving crepes for everyone. Languages Day was so much fun!’

‘I enjoyed it because it gave me a feeling of what France might be like.’

Mrs Oriane Monet - Language teacher

Intervention Workshop

Staying Connected When Emotions Run High

This initiative is delivered by Dr Annemaree Bickerton (Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatrist) and Toni Garretty (Team/Clinical Coordinator) for the Family and Carer Mental Health Program within the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District.

Staying Connected When Emotions Run High is a set of five key strategies empowering others to be a resource to a person in distress, such as an adolescent. 

The aim of the workshop is to empower families with skills, knowledge and hope and invites families to identify their role in the relationship process. This is a free workshop for all parents and carers; details are on the attached flyer. 

Mrs Aimee Cook - College Counsellor

Mrs Aimee Cook



Touch Football Success

On Thursday 21 March, McCarthy Catholic College was represented by one boys' and one girls' team in the Year 9/10 NSW All Schools' Touch Football North-West Championships held at Gipps Street Playing Fields, Tamworth.  It was a great opportunity for the students to test their skills against teams from Qurindi High School, Gunnedah High School and Narrabri High School. The boys' Year 9/10 team started slowly, but improved significantly throughout the day as they developed their skills. Under the coaching of Mr Shaun Nichols, the boys' positional play and team structure improved. The girls' team have played a lot of sport together before, particularly Oztag and League Tag, and they were able to use their skills, fitness and teamwork to win every single game and take the title. A big congratulations to all the girls who, under the astute coaching of Mrs Tanya Laird, were able to execute the right plays at crucial times. A big thank you to Hamish Sparke, Nicholas Taggart and Lochlan Bynge who refereed on the day, and to all the students who played in the right spirit and represented the College with pride and distinction. The girls now have the opportunity to go to Sydney to play in the state-wide championships in Sydney on 14 June. Girls team consisted of: Mackenzie Alderson, Holly Bynge, Skyler Dowden, Macy Gillies, Georgia Horniman, Sienna O’Mally, Chloe Shanley, Georgia Simm, Phoebe Porter, Daisy George and Georgia Goodwin. The boys' team comprised Noah Dunnill, Clint Aitken, Bailey Jameson, Liam Nicholson, Nicholas O’Connor, Charlie Sorensen, Nathaniel Thrift and Zackary Cook.


Diocesan Touch Football

On Friday 29 March, the Diocesan Touch Football trials were held at Inverell. Twenty-nine students from McCarthy Catholic College attended the trials. The boys' Open division was well represented by two teams from McCarthy and one girls' team. All teams were very competitive and the standard of play was very good. The junior teams were able to combine with other schools and the students were given plenty of game time and played very strongly. Many of the senior girls were chosen in the possible v probable’s team. Students who attended the trials included; Jim Zell, Cameron Lane, Thomas Ferguson, Noah Dunnill, Liam Ball, Nathan Summers, Thomas Lange, Charlie Sorensen, Clint Aitken, John Flanagan, Nathaniel Thrift, Ethan Russell, Nicholas O’Connor, Nicholas Taggart, Holly Bynge, Macy Gillies, Mackenzie Alderson, Sienna O’Mally, Abbegale Ryan, Skyler Dowden, Georgia Horniman, Phoebe Porter, Chloe Shanley, Liam Nicholson, James Scott, Benjamin Chick, Wunda Jaffer-Williams, Hamish Sparke and Erin Hansen.

Congratulations to the following students who were chosen in the Armidale Diocesan team who will compete in the NSW CCC Touch Football Championships on Wednesday 10 April at Nelson Bay; Benjamin Chick, Wunda Jaffer-Williams, Erin Hansen, Liam Ball, and Hamish Sparke. Thank you to Mrs Sally Sparke for assisting me on the day with the teams.

Mr Brad Mitchell - Sports Coordinator


On Thursday 28 March, five netball teams attended the TAFE NSW Schools' Netball Cup in Armidale. McCarthy nominated three Year 7 and 8 girls' teams, Years 9 and 10 girls' and a Years 9 and 10 boys' team. Four out of the five teams were successful in going into the next round of the competition. A big thank you to our senior students who umpired on the day and the teachers who coached the teams.

Miss Millie Woolaston



Next term McCarthy Catholic College will be hosting two free Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs in the Gathering Room at the College.  An Expression of Interest has gone out to the students through the Daily College notices. The two programs will be run as follows :

The Gomeroi Gaaynggal High School Program will run Tuesdays from 3:30pm - 4:30pm 

and the Tamworth Local Aboriginal Lands Council Opportunity Hub will run Culture sessions on Wednesdays from 3:30pm - 4:30pm.

There is no cost and further information about the program is included below. Please ignore that both programs are for Term 1 as they will run identically in Term 2.

Students will be supervised by Mrs Jolene Faint and program facilitators.  

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call Mrs Jolene Faint (Aboriginal Focus Officer) at the College on ph: 02 6761 0800. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to connect with culture in a safe and familiar environment.

Mrs Jolene Faint - Aboriginal Focus Officer

McCarthy Parents and Friends Association

McCarthy Parent and Friends Association Meeting

Next meeting of the McCarthy Parents and Friends Association will be at 7:15pm on Tuesday 21 May.  All are most welcome to attend.

Thank you to those parents who assisted with our BBQ on Polling Day, which contributed to our fundraising efforts.


General Information

Clothing Pool

The Clothing Pool can be accessed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 8:00am and 8:30am via the bottom carpark. It can be found at the top of the stairs, to the left (facing Tribe Street).

Hours of Supervision

The playground will be supervised from 8:30am. School hours are 8:45am – 3:00pm. After school, students will be supervised in the bus bay area until the last bus leaves.

Leadership Team 

Principal: Mr Geoff McManus

Assistant Principals: Mrs Sally Sparke and Mr Mick Larkin

Mission, Spiritual Formation and Religious Education Coordinator: Mrs Cate Allen

Leader of Teaching and Learning: Mrs Raelene Maxworthy

Leader of Pedagogy: Mrs Briony Martin

Leader of Student Wellbeing: Mrs Sharon Stuart


The 2019 Pastoral Care team is:

Year 7 Leader of Student Care - Mrs Melissa Bearup

[email protected]   


Year 8 Leader of Student Care - Mr Bernie Williams

[email protected]

Year 9 Leader of Student Care -  Mr Andrew Davy

[email protected]             


Year 10 Leader of Student Care - Mrs Michelle Gale

[email protected]                      

Year 11 Leader of Student Care -  Mrs Fiona O'Neill

[email protected]     

Year 12 Leader of Student Care -  Mr Damian Kenniff

[email protected]         

Change of Details

It is imperative that the office be advised about any change of details from last year, such as change in family situation, address, workplace, email addresses, phone numbers – mobile and landline for home and work.



Easter Message from ADIG


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