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11 April 2019
Volume 32 Issue 6
From the Principal
Around the school
Community events
Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School
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Preparations for Easter seem to have gone on for so long! Hot cross buns were in the supermarket not long after Christmas finished, Easter eggs also seem to be around just as long. One of the major decisions over the last few weeks for some is what hot cross bun to buy: plain, with fruit, with fru chocs, with white chocolate....


At school we have also been talking about Easter for a while - but in the context of what it means for Christians. The Easter story is the pinnacle of the Christian faith; it is the continuation of the story which began with Jesus’ birth at Christmas, his subsequent ministry on earth, ending with his death and resurrection over Easter. It is through the death and resurrection of Christ that we now have the gift of eternal life. 


It is this wonderful Easter message, that Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead, that we have the privilege to share with the school community. We do this in our daily conversations, through worship, through our actions, by modeling Christ to others.


I am looking forward to that Easter chocolate, the hot cross buns and the family get togethers that will occur. But with these Easter traditions, I will also be spending time worshipping and reflecting on the importance of Christ’s sacrifice for me. 


May you have a blessed Easter.


May the celebration of resurrected

life bring new hope to your being. 

May the victory over earthly death

turn your eyes to the promises of heaven.

May the empty tomb help you to 

leave your sorrows at the foot of the cross.

So that God’s hope, promises and 

forgiveness reign in your life forever. 





From the Principal

Dear all,


While it has been a long and hot term it certainly doesn’t seem that long ago that we started the new school year - time does move quickly! The students and staff have worked hard this term and the holidays will be enjoyed by all.


The highlight of the last week has been our annual Sports Day. There are many people who make the day successful; staff, volunteers, P. & F – everyone’s help is acknowledged and you are thanked for it. The students’ behaviour was terrific and the support and encouragement which they gave each other is certainly reflective of the school values. Congratulations to Grenfell for winning the day – their first win in five years.


Next term we look forward to the completion of the building programme, school disco / movie night, school reports and Family Education night (focussing on relationships / sex education etc). We will also introduce a special celebration for Mothers Day.


Thank you for your support throughout this term and I pray that you will have a restful and relaxing Autumn break. School resumes on Monday 29th April with opening worship at 8:50 am.





Well-being at GGLPS

It is essential that all students in the school feel safe and know that they belong to a supportive and caring environment. Well-being in a broad sense to us incorporates behaviour management, programs to support students socially and emotionally and the development of strategies to act responsibly and aid learning. You are encouraged to discuss these ideas and strategies with your children to reinforce what is happening at school.

"Be the boss of your brain!"

“Be the boss of your brain!” This saying is used by our teachers in a way to help students understand that they are in control of what they think, feel, say and do. We remind our students that when they are learning that they are the boss of their brain and what they do impacts their learning and that of others in the class.


Neuro Education is behind this approach which supports our students to be responsible for who they are and how they feel and act. We help our students to understand this approach so that they can help themselves and learn how to manage their emotions and behaviours. We want our students to learn and be in the green zone as this is the best way to learn. In the green zone students are engaged, listening, asking questions and inquiring into their learning. If we are not in the green zone our brains are not entirely supporting our learning. Students sometimes operate in the blue, yellow, orange or even the red zone and when they do, we as teachers help support our students to take control and move back into the green zone. If a student is really finding it difficult and in the red zone the teacher will then become the boss of the student’s brain. The teacher makes decisions for that student as they are finding it too difficult to operate in our community in a way they should be.


Helping our students understand this helps them to be involved with how they feel and helps them understand what they need to do when they are not in the green zone.


We teach our students the importance of breathing and self-regulating so they can stay in the green zone and ultimately make the right decisions (A choices) with their learning.


Tim Kriewaldt

Deputy Principal


Primary Years Program at GGLPS

GGLPS teaches the Australian curriculum using the Primary Years Program (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate as a framework to impart this. There are many different aspects to the Teaching and Learning program of the school and these are some of the rich learning experiences in which the students are involved.

How Home Inquiry helps students learning

As part of home inquiry, teachers often ask students to discuss a question or area of learning. As parents discuss questions and what the class is learning, they can make connections with the child about what this means in the context of their family. Being in a family setting allows for more discussion with individual children who are better able to share their understandings in the smaller family setting. Conversations with parents, siblings and others outside of school, can allow students to explore in depth. They can ask and re-ask questions until they truly understand. They can have the time to process their thinking at their pace because of the smaller family group.


An example of how this works can be seen in the Year 3/4 cluster where students are inquiring into ‘Organisations and services are set up to support the community’. For home inquiry, families are asked to take note and discuss the services and organisations in communities that they visit over the holidays. These conversations during a family day out, can be a learning experience similar to a school excursion. Children can apply what they have learnt in the classroom and connect to new understandings. Imagine the rich conversations that will take place back at school that will help the whole class better understand communities and their needs. Visits to grandparents and friends can enable conversations about the organisations they belong to and the benefits these organisations give to the community. We value real world learning and so do children.


In a lot of traditional ‘homework’ students are asked to practise skills learnt at home. While this has a time and place, we hope that as parents, you understand that the experiences and conversations with your family impact greatly on your child’s understanding in the class. You were your child’s first teachers as they learnt to walk and talk. They continue to learn so much from, and with you. May the holidays be a time to not only rest, but a time to talk to your child about their understanding of the world and all that it offers.


Every Blessing!


Jayne Zadow

PYP Coordinator

Around the school

Sports Day 2019

Congratulations to all our students that participated in our annual Sports Day which was held last Friday.


Our day was opened with some displays of creative energy in the form of three very vibrant cheers led by our three house teams and their leaders.

Our school community then witnessed some fierce competition by many students in their teams and individual athletic events.


Our highly awaited relays took place, including a revival of our parent v staff v student relay where teachers unexpectedly emerged as the winners (needless to say... this was important considering we had another week left of school).  Our traditional year 5/6 STAR relay kept the whole school community enthralled, especially with a close finish. Sunnybrook came out on top, followed closely by Grenfell and finally Richardson.


Great sportsmanship, extraordinary participation and enthusiasm was demonstrated by our students. Our Grenfell team had slightly wider smiles as they emerged as eventual winners.


A big thank you to all our volunteers who helped make the day possible. We appreciate the team effort.


Sports Day photos can be found in the gallery.


Adele McCusker

PE Teacher

Sport shoes

Thank you to the large number of families that have bought white or black sport shoes for their children. As you are aware all students changeover from coloured sport shoes is to occur by the start of next term.


Students now have the option to wear either predominantly white shoes or plain black with their sport uniform.

Kiss n drop

A few reminders about the kiss and drop zone and road around the school.

  • At all times, morning and afternoon, move forward
  • This is a drop off / pick up zone only. If you need longer to secure children, organise bags etc. you are expected to park. It is important that the traffic continues to move freely.
  • Please be aware of everything around you - cars, children, adults.
  • Observe the speed limit of 5 kph at all times.

As has been stated many times, staff are on this duty until 3:30 so children can be collected any time between the end of school and then.

Morning arrival

Under normal circumstances when being dropped at school students should not be here before 8:30. We do have a large number of students whose siblings catch Endeavour buses and these students are here before the nominated time – we are mindful of that and provide supervision. This year, however, there is a large number of these students and for the reason of safety and supervision early arriving students are now expected to remain in the courtyard and are not allowed to wander around the school. Early arriving students who do not have a parent present and who do not have Endeavour siblings are expected to be booked into GGOSH who provide a before school supervisory service. 


A big congratulations to our Under 12 Golden Grove Thunder basketball team for winning their semi final game against NWDC storm 23-19.

Our Under 12 boys will be playing in the Grand Final this week at 2:30pm at the Golden Grove Recreation Centre.  It would be wonderful to see you there to support our boys.

Well done on a fantastic team achievement! Go the Thunder……

Disco and Movie Night - Fri 10th May

Disco Night - for Foundation to year 4 from 6:00pm-7:30pm in the Worship Centre - come for a fun night and be treated like a pop star. Drink and a packet of chips to be provided at the end of the disco. 

Movie Night - Jumanji 2  for years 4-6 from 6:00pm-7:30pm

In the Admin Building - Popcorn/Chips and a Drink will be provided while watching the movie.  Bring a pillow and rug to get comfy.  Movie will start at 6:00pm sharp as it runs for just under 2hrs.

Registration is essential and can be made through the website.

Employment opportunity - Cleaner position

Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School has employment available for a casual cleaner.

The position is for a minimum 6 hours a week during school terms and hours will vary during school holiday periods.

If you are interested in this position please contact the Business Manager Graeme Hoklas on 8282 6000 or email [email protected]  

Dental forms due Friday am
12th April 

If you would like your child/children to have a dental check by the school dentist, please return your form by Friday morning (12th April).  Checks will take place on May 2nd and 3rd.

Enrolments for 2020 and beyond

We are aware that there may be siblings who are due to start school in 2020/21 but as yet no application form has been submitted.


If you have a sibling or know of anyone who has a child due to start school in 2020/21, please contact the office for an application form.


Please note all siblings require individual enrolment forms.

Mother's Day Stall

A variety of beautiful gifts can be purchased for $5 per gift - please register and pay for the amount of gifts you require via the Qkr! app or  place money in an envelope including your child/children's name, class and number of gifts and hand to front office by COB 3rd May 2019.


onAIR - Asthma Australia

Welcome to Asthma Australia’s onAIR.

We are pleased to welcome the first update to the Australian Asthma Handbook by the National Asthma Council Australia.

The Australian Asthma Handbook sets the best practice guidelines for primary healthcare professionals to diagnose and manage asthma.

This update is a step towards achieving a more comprehensive model of care for 2.7 million Australians with asthma. In particular, we strongly welcome the shift towards a more patient-centred approach.

To assist people with asthma and their carers, we have put together a useful guide outlining what the updated guidelines may mean for you.


Michele Goldman
Chief Executive Officer

View the onAIR email in a web browser


Awards week 10


Awards week 11


Sports Day




Kiwanis Terrific Kids award



Congratulations to Lilly Kumela and Emily Schultz who participated in the SAPSASA swimming carnival at state level.  Lilly raced in the 50 metre freestyle, butterfly and relay and beat her PB's.  Lilly came 3rd in freestyle for her age group and helped her team come second overall.  Emily came 5th in her race and smashed her previous PB.  Well done girls!


Year 2 excursion to Hope Valley Lutheran Homes


School netball

Our school is pleased to announce that we have established two wonderful netball teams this year. Currently we have a 7 and Under Team as well as a 9 and Under called the Lutheran Lightnings. Both teams have had a wonderful start to the season, with the U7’s learning the rules of the game and how to pass and shoot goals, and our U9’s winning two out of three games played so far. Wonderful effort by both teams. We are always looking for new players to come along and learn an amazing sport, as well as experiencing team comradery and sportsmanship. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn and desire to have lots of fun.




Term 2 

Week 1
Monday 29th April - Opening chapel at 8:50am - all welcome!


Week 2
Monday 6th May – P & F meeting in the admin building at 7:00pm – all welcome
Wednesday 8th May – Year 1 Celebration of Learning
Friday 10th May – P & F Movie and Disco Night


Week 3
Wednesday 15th May – Principal Tour 9:00am-10:00am


Week 4
Wednesday 22nd May – National Simultaneous Story Time


Week 5
Wednesday 29th May – MOT Breakfast at 8:00am


Week 6


Week 7
Monday 10th June – Queen’s birthday public holiday


Week 8
Monday 17th June – P & F meeting in the admin building at 7:00pm – all welcome


Week 9
Friday 28th June – Closing chapel at 2:30pm

Community events

Improve your English at Mawson Lakes English Circle


Stations of the Cross


GGLPS Women's Circle

Bring a meal to share in our pot luck dinner! Get to know other mums in our school community, share a meal and enjoy a relaxing night in good company.

RSVP is essential and capped at 30.  To RSVP, please register through eventbrite or type into your browser.

Houghton Districts Football Club


Athletics Holiday Development Clinic




Healthy Living Expo

Australian Refugee Association


Golden Grove Rec Centre upcoming programs 

Legend 36ers April Holiday Clinic:

Thursday 18th April for boys and girls aged 6-14 years.

9:30am – 3:00pm at Golden Grove Recreation Centre.

$140 pp Includes:

  • Legend 36ers Merchandise
  • Adelaide 36ers Poster
  • Coaching from Adelaide 36ers players

Erin Bell Netball Clinic:

Tuesday 16th April, 6-12 years, full day skills clinic.

9:00am - 3:00pm at Golden Grove Recreation Centre.


For more information open the PDF.


Protecting children from covert online marketing - free seminar


State Soccer enrolments for term 2 - open

For children from 2 years old until year 8 students.




Centacare parenting courses available

Centacare offer a number of parenting courses such as post-separation parenting course, how to talk so kids will listen, what to do when kids push your buttons, circle of security parenting, creating competent children and developing resilience.  You can find more information by downloading the links below.



Church times

Church this Sunday is in the Worship Centre at Golden Grove Lutheran Church at 9:30am. 


During worship time children are invited to join in the Bible Song Program led by the Children's Ministry Coordinator.


Worship is followed by tea/coffee and fellowship.


6.30pm Salt Factory prayer healing service. You are welcome to come for a light meal at 5.45pm (gold coin donation).


It would be great to have your company.

Cafe Connect

Café Connect: The new church café is open!! Quite a few people have already had the opportunity to be able to use this service. The café is open every day from 8:00am - 11:00am. From all accounts (and first hand experience) the product is terrific..



mainly music


Easter Services at GGLC


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